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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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crime scene. four new fires this morning in >> a fire ripped through several builds in san francisco why crews are treating this as a crime scene. >> four new fires this morning in los angeles. a new security video police hope to lead to a suspect. good morning everyone. everyone is off today. it's january 2nd. it is the holiday. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it's been a long time since i seen you guys. >> happy new year to you. >> it's been a new year since we seen you. welcome back and happy new
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year. here is a live look at the bay. just a few cars out there on the road. a lot of folks took the day off. >> we got a lot of clouds out there this afternoon. partly cloudy skies, temperatures will be up in the 50s and 60s. as we look toward the next few day, we will see dry and much warmer. partly cloudy and little cooler on thursday and drying out towards the next weekend. that maybe conservative, we can see temperatures top 70s in some spots. >> looking pretty good lawrence. investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire that drove nearly a dozen people out of their homes in san francisco. >> one person is live with us.
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>> reporter: good morning, not a good way to start the new year. one fire crew right here standing by at the corner of the intersection. that is where the fire started. of course the fire crews are here to make sure the fire doesn't start up again. the fire erupted around 8:10 last night. it began in the back park of one of the building. it caused significant damage, about 100 firefighters came to the rescue. the fire chief says the crews made it more difficult because the homes were attached. 10 people out of their homes this morning including the landlord who lived in the building. >> it's a 2 unit building and it quickly spread to the building. if you look at the front of the building to the right, both sustained significant damage. >> reporter: one person rushed to the medical center trying to
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determine how that person got hurt. another person treated at the scene for shortness of breath. the fire was under control just after 9:00 and this morning, the cause is still under investigation. the fire chief says it was lucky -- they were lucky it wasn't windy when the fire began last night. back to you guys. gil, thanks. >> at least one person was hurt in a crash in berkeley. two cars collided around 1:00 a.m. one hit a bank building at a university. there's no word on the patient who was taken away in an ambulance. some developing news out of los angeles, police have detained a man for questioning in connection with a string of arson fires. earlier there were four more fires bringing the total now to 40 since thursday alone. police are not saying the man
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being questioned is the same man in the surveillance video. those images show a man in his 20s, dressed in black walking with a limp. there's a $60,000 reward for any information that would lead to an arrest. >> because of the commonlity and the mode of ignition, we believe it's the same individual. >> in every case the vehicles set on fire were parked in carport allowing flames to spread quick. all of the fires have occurred in the hollywood area. so far nobody has been hurt. starting today, the city of almeida have more places are smokers cannot light up. they include dining and recreation areas, service areas, like bus stops and atms and shopping centers. this ban also applies to
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commercial area sidewalks and 20 feet where smoking is prohibited. as many 20 homes in the east area is experiencing no water pressure today. the break has been capped. the only customers without water are the refinery and the c&h sugar factory. it is the last full day of campaigning for the gop candidates before tomorrow's big caucus in iowa. susan mcginnis is in the hawk eye state. >> reporter: mitt romney got wrap in iowa at the expense of president obama. >> the gap between his promises and his performance is the largest i've seen well since the kardashian wedding and the promise 'til death due we part. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor is trying hard to hang on to his
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lead. the latest des moines register poll shows romney ahead with 24% but ron paul is right on his tail with 22. >> i'm essentially tied for first place. >> reporter: with 15%, rick santorum comes in third but he's hoping a last minute surge will propel him to victory. has a packed coffee shop in iowa sunday, he urged voters to choose him and send a shock wave across the nation. >> lead this country. don't defer, lead. >> reporter: more than 40% of caucusgoers here in iowa are still undecided and that has many candidates shutting down the competition. newt gingrich says he'll stay in the race. michele bachmann and rick perry are hoping for a miracle after sinking to the bottom of the polls. >> when you breathe your breath of life. >> reporter: both attended
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church on sunday to appeal to evangelical voters. susan mcginnis , cbs news. dozens of citizens were escorted out of the washington of mount rainier. the iraqi war veteran is accused of killing park ranger margaret anderson when she tried to make a traffic stop yesterday. barnes is also wanted far shooting. four people at a party. a cessna lost radio contact. since 9/11 that is considered suspicious. it sent f-16 fighters to the plane and determined its intent. >> that intent could be
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something as simple a pilot accidentally turning off their radio or having the wrong frequency. >> the fighters likely flew along side. the plane landed in oakland and met with airport staff. >> that would be a little scary. you figure out your radio frequency pretty quickly. no big deal here. how about a little traffic and weather? >> not too bad this morning. we're hoping it will stay light on the roadways through the holiday today. you want to look out for changes to mass transit. but there remains a regular schedule. the cal train will be on weekend schedules but on time for regular time this morning. parking is in effect today. if you're heading into san francisco, don't forget to feed
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the meters. not a lot of construction this morning due to the holiday. very quiet on the roadways. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. looking good into san francisco. we do have an accident at the alameda but it is over to the right shoulder. some yellow on your screen. that's a look at traffic, here is lawrence with the forecast. >> we got changes now and the weekend was fantastic outside. lot of sunshine but the clouds beginning to move on shore. we will see cooler temperatures around the bay area. you see doppler radar trying to pick up rain on the coastline. we are going to stay dry on this monday and probably for the foreseeable future. temperatures now, you got 31 degrees and chilly. it is 39 in oakland, 45 in san
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francisco. high pressure will try to build in as early as this afternoon. still our clouds are moving across the skies and sunshine in between. 62degrees in san jose and 62 degrees in liver more. next couple days, we will see warmer temperatures. some of those numbers expect to move well into the upper 62s. thursday another weak system into the bay area. looks like warm up and dry things out as we head towards next weekend. >> what's his name again? >> think it's lawrence. a teenage girl hit in the head at a sharks game. the only thing she wants after suffering a concussion. the road parade gets under way today. the major distractions
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year-old boy in oakland. . >> a $25,000 is now being offered to help catch a gunman who shot and killed a 5-year- old boy in oakland. gabriel martinez junior was shot. he was the third child to die in oakland. a family expect a visit from san jose police today. officers will tell 16-year-old magee what he learned about the injury she learned last tuesday sharks game. she officered a concussion when she was hit on the head by a woman behind her. she says she wants the woman to explain what happened and to apologize. another fan hurt, a teenage raider fan is recovering in the hospital after falling from the
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bleachers during the game. he leaned too far over the rail. witnesses say he was trying to get players attention as they were making their way off the field. he was fully conscious and moving after the fall. he apparently manage to yell, go raiders. the tournament of rose parade will soon get under way in southern california. anti-wall street protest vow to make mayor presence known there. the occupy movement plan to be in pasadena complete with banners and drums and the security has been heightened. as for the official parade floats, they are getting final touches. it is the 122nd year of the extravaganza. >> when the parade comes, the flowers are fresh. >> about 700,000 spectators are
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expected to line the 5.5-mile watch. the clydesdale horses will not be a part of the festivities. anheuser withdrew because a change in marketing strategy. >> that's not right. the parade is always the preshow of college football. in the silicon valley many fans eyes will be on another big bowl game today. the cardinals will take on oklahoma state. it's a bcs bowl. it's a big deal. the fun kicks off at 5:30 pacific time. i'm a cal grad and i don't root for stanford very often. i will make an exception. good luck to the cardinals. >> we'll see it happens. banana fan returns to the san francisco zoo. >> plus foul language from
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apple series. the question prompting the gadget to use a curse word. strangers becoming friends on facebook. how one woman gave another person the gift of life. >> record breaking temperatures over the weekend. we will crank up that heat once again. we will talk about that coming up. 3q
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missile... during a drill in international waters, just south of the country. two more . the . >> iran navy says it has tested surface of missiles. the official new agency says the missile is an upgraded version of one that has been in service before. an earlier version had a range of 124 miles. it could be used to counter u.s. navel presence. trial resumes today for former dictator hosni mubarak. the trial has been on hiatus for about 3 months.
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the 83-year-old mubarak is being treated in a hospital. he could face execution. the monkey kidnapped from the san francisco zoo is recovering. his name is banana sam. police continue to investigate the case. the man said he found the monkey in the park. monkey was stolen last week by someone who cut holes in the monkey exclosure. >> it's not legal in california to have any primate of the pet. >> banana sam is in a quarantine right now until initials make sure he's ready to be back in public. must have been a long couple days.
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>> can you imagine the spectators of the banana sam. let's head over to the roadways now. not doing so badly. we do have ongoing construction because of the holidays. just a few cars out there on the roadways. south of there, we do have this accident south at 80 at the alameda. you can see that's completely cleared out of the roadway. traffic still moving along. give yourself some, extra time. no delays along 880 and 237 either. the rest of the day, the area continues to be problem free, bay bridge no major snags now. if you headed up the incline traffic, it's clear all the way upper deck in san francisco. no construction on the lower
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deck today. things should move along nicely. golden gate bridge still very quiet this morning. we yet to see a car cross the bridge. very quiet as you work your way out of san francisco. san mateo bridge heading toward foster city, very light traffic this morning. no traffic to report on the bridge. no delays coming out of foster city as you head towards hayward. some of the travel time, northbound 101 from 92 to the 80 split in san francisco and you're northbound 80 no delays. also east 92 looks good. no major delays to report there either. mass transit, bars on the regular schedule today. the cal train also on a weekend schedule. that's traffic, lawrence says
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it will be chilly today. >> we will cool down the temperatures around the bay area. we have some record breaking temperatures over the weekend and now the clouds beginning to move back on shore. the cold front swinging in our direction. most of this energy is going to run up north. that means we are going to stay dry and we got the cooler temperatures and couple clouds outside for today. if you plan on heading out the next couple days, we're going to see much improved weather. high pressure will start to build in warmer days. no rain in seek just yet and that's -- sight just yet. some of the air quality going to suffer especially in the santa clara valley. if you travel across the state, you will find some fog. 50s and 60s in the high country. 68degrees in fresno. that means all that the energy
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will run over top of the ridge. we're going to stay dry for the first part of the new year. another system out here and otherwise, it looks like that ridge starts to camp out again and temperature will start to heat up. 61 in san mateo, 57 degrees in san francisco and 51 in hayward. numbers up in the 50s and few 60s. as you get inside the bay, you will find 50s and 60s as well. next couple days, we will head in a couple direction. temperatures heat up in record levels. upper 60s as we look towards tuesday. looks like we stay dry the next 7 days, probably for the next couple weeks. pretty unusual. >> i was going to say, that's strange isn't it?
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>> it's very strange. well below the average rainfall. >> good to have you back. a little surprise for a little kid in england who tried out a apple series device. the 12-year-old reportedly asked the system, how many people are there in the world. the response was shut the blank up. store managers believe that phrase was for the users name. that will wake you up. people share a lot of things on facebook. >> there's one washington state woman, she gave a man a gift of life. ally carr donated her kidney to a man on facebook.
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she quoted, my husband needed a new kidney. she gave him her kidney. >> i wanted to do something meaningful and if i can get that to them, i think that everyone should consider it. >> she's given advantage to have a normal life. now we get to plan on taking a honeymoon, have children. >> doctors say that dan will be on anti-rejection medication for the rest of his life. for now, he is healthy. what an amazing story they have. >> i've done stories on that where healthy people give up their kidneys. what more can you say. >> oakland raiders are out of the playoffs. >> mark and i were text each other. raiders unable to stop san diego. had a big game and 3 touchdowns and in the second quarter,
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richard goodman returned a kickoff for a touchdown. the final blow was 43-yard touchdown pass and malcolm in the fourth quarter. chargers played spoilers. raiders are all done. the 49ers are in the biweek in the playoffs. this was close than it should have been. they will host the divisional playoff game either the 14th and 15th of january. if the niners and packers win that both weekend, they will face one another in green bay for a shot at going to the super bowl. somehow green bay gets knocked off, guess to gets to host that championship game? the 49ers. lawrence, i need help over
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here. it's celebrity week for the price is right. >> host drew cary will say come on down. they include the rappers, snoop dogs as well as chris dougherty. the celebrities will play with other contestants. you can see that show right here on cbs 5. thousands of people have low pressure water today. >> dozens of people in los angeles just overnight. now we have a break in the case. >> nearly dozen people are without a home this morning after a fire ruined their place. we'll have video of this
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spectacular fire. we'll tell you why fire crews are still at the scene. >> a big scare in the area, why fighter jets had to escorted a plane bound for oakland. that's much more when we come back. ♪
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