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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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it's just a single day before the iowa ca good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is just a single day now before those ever-important iowa caucuses. >> indeed republican candidates for president are making closing arguments right now,
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trying to appeal to the large number of voters who are still undecided in iowa. danielle nottingham joins us from des moines on the final and very crucial day of campaigning. danielle? >> reporter: well, frank, the latest des moines register poll says voters believe mitt romney will most likely win in november. but he has to go through iowa first. >> my middle son josh. >> reporter: mitt romney brought his family to a rally in davenport to launch a final push before tomorrow's caucuses. >> get out and vote and vote and vote. get your friends to go to the caucuses. >> reporter: polls show the former massachusetts governor leading the tight race in iowa. right behind him, texas congressman ron paul. he is back campaigning after spending the weekend at home. ron paul, ron paul! >> reporter: and packed crowds continue to follow rick santorum. turning the former pennsylvania senator into a contend ner the last few days. >> let america know what you as
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iowa who have done your work, you believe is in the best interest of this country. >> reporter: romney is positioning himself as the candidate who has the best chance to beat president obama. while santorum and paul fight to show they have support beyond their base. coming in first, second, or third place here in iowa is considered a strong showing. and helps propel a candidate forward. but a poor finish usually signals the end of the road. michele bachmann is vowing to fight on, no matter what happened. >> we bought our tickets to go to south carolina. so we're going on. we will be on the plane to head to south carolina. >> polls say they're splitting the large evangelical block with santorum. texas governor rick perry and former house speaker newt gingrich. 41% of likely caucus goers say they're still undecided or could change their mind. making this a critical day on the campaign trail. >> michele bachmann launched her only tv ad leading up to the caucuses today.
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it is called iron lady. and it plays off her strength of character and her iowa roots. now, combined, the candidates have packed their schedules today with more than 20 events. around the state. live in des moines iowa, danielle nottingham, now back to you, frank. >> stay warm out there, danielle. thank you very much. >> all right. well, today, authorities in los angeles are questioning a man that they are calling a person of interest. this is for dozens of suspicious car fires, including 12 early this morning. and most of those fires have been in carports with some spreading to nearby apartments. edward lawrence joins frus los angeles with an up-- us from los angeles with an update. >> reporter: the los angeles police chief went a step further saying he is very confident that they have their man. i'm standing in front of one of the latest fires that happened early this morning. it destroyed four cars. then spread to the apartment building above. and now there is actually a news conference going on right now, talking about this very incident. and the person that police have detained, in connection with
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these arsons. the only good news with all of this is that there were no injuries in any of the arsons. firefighters battle a wall of flames. shooting from cars in west hollywood. a dozen car fires broke out in the los angeles area overnight. that brings the number of suspicious fires to 55. before dawn, los angeles county sheriff's deputies took a man into custody for questioning. >> that person is being interrogated. there have been no fires since we detained this individual. >> reporter: a los angeles city councilman says the man matches the description of a person of interest in a security video released sunday night. commander mike moriariti says the man is shown coming from an underground parking garage minutes after the fire was set under the car. >> he has a pony tail. he appears to have a receding hairline. >> reporter: the commander says witnesses also described the same man leaving the scene of other fires. this morning, police towed away a minivan from this location in
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west hollywood. and the dark minivan had canadian license plates and may long to the man in -- belong to the man in custody. >> the fire destroyed dozens of cars along the los angeles area but detectives are not confirming how the fire started. >> but witnesses say investigators are examining what appears to be devices placed under the front of some cars. juan lopez found a similar device under his. >> when they come in over here, there is a container under here. >> like many of the other cars, his was parked under a carport connected to an apartment building. >> reporter: the los angeles mayor says he is quote very encouraged by the detainment of this person. we're getting more information, as we speak here. the news conference from arson investigators. reporting live in west hollywood, edward lawrence, cbs 5. >> the press conference is going on right now but do we think there is only one person involved, because there are what, 55 fires? >> reporter: at this point, the only video that was released had only one person in it.
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the arson investigators are not saying whether it is one or many people. however, the police chief did come out this morning that he feels quote very confident we have our guy. >> let's hope so. live in los angeles, edward lawrence, thank you. 10 people are homeless after a three alarm fire whipped through several buildings in san jose haight ash bri. and gil diaz joins us with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. arson investigators came out here last night. they have not officially announced the cause of the fire but a few minutes ago the san francisco fire department crews out here tore down the windows outside because they were burned and they were being ruined. and this morning residents have been through all of the homes all morning salvaging what is left. they say it could have been worse if it weren't for fire crews coming within five minutes. >> my daughter ran to the bathroom. and said mom, mom, you have to get out of the shower, turn off the water now. >> that is because there is a
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fire that erupted next door. it started after 8:00 last night. nancy kenyan who lived on this block for more than 30 years feared her house might be history. with flames shooting up 20 feet into the sky. and embers floating everywhere. >> you could see it from where we were. the flames just lept over to the next hour. >> reporter: other quick- thinking neighbors tried to save their own homes. >> we and some of the other neighbors got out the houses and started watering our roofs. >> reporter: by the fime the first fire crews arrived, there were two buildings already up in flames. >> there was fire on all floors in both buildings two. floors of fire here. two floors there. and up in the attic. >> reporter: what caused the fire is still a big mystery. the assistant fire chief tells us it started in this hallway. >> somewhere towards the back to the rear, and there is a big open area in there. >> reporter: 10 people were left homeless including this woman who came back this morning to check the damages. she was too distraught to talk about her ordeal. >> and all 10 residents stayed
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with friends and relatives thanks to american red cross's help. and a fire crew sweeping the broken glass that they just broke from up above. one neighbor says that he is hearing that perhaps an oxygen tank may have been the cause of that fire. we asked the assistant fire chief about that. he says that he heard one of the aren'ts does use a oxygen tank but he doesn't believe oxygen in itself may cause a fire. frank? >> gil, are the homes a total loss? or are they going to be able to salvage them. >> reporter: they're not considering it a total loss but they're saying there is considerable damage. especially up in the second floors. you can see there are blackened windows up there. the front looks good they say, but the back looks really bad. so it is not a total loss, but they will have to do some fixing up on these three homes. frank? >> judging from the flames, it looked like the bulk of the fire was behind as well. gil diaz, live for us in san francisco, thanks. an overnight crash in berkeley sendses one person to the hospital. two cars collided around 1:00 a.m. and one of them hit a bank building at university and san
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pablo avenues. we drove by the bank this morning and showed the damage is pretty minor to the building. no word on the condition of the person that was taken away in an ambulance. and there is now a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in a shooting death of a 5-year-old boy in oakland. gabrielle martinez jr. was at the family's taco truck in east oakland fright night when shot. gabrielle is the third child killed in oakland since august. investigators are questioning the pilot of a plane that was intercepted on the way to the oakland airport. the cessna lost radio contact yesterday from santa monica to oklahoma's general aviation north field and since 9/11 that is considereds is suspicious. so norad sent two f16 fighters to determine its intent. it landed in oakland and met by sheriff's deputies and airport staff. with the turn of the new year, a ban on single use plastic shopping bags now in effect in san jose, the ban applies to about 5,000
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retailers. much more than just the grocery stores, too. some retailers are giving away free reusable bags yesterday. other stores offered reduced prices on reusable bags, or other incentives. and starting today, the city of almeda has more places where smokers can't light up. under a new ordinance smoking is now banned in all outdoor public places and they include just about everything, dining, recreation areas, bus stops, atms and shopping malls. the san francisco zoo has the stolen squirrel monkey back but it may be a while before it is back in the exhibit. someone cut the enclosure fence and then returned over the weekend after a man claimed he found the monkey at a nearby park and coaxed him into a backpack. and there is a question about the story since monkeys are hard to catch. and while authorities investigate, banana sam is in quarantine. >> he is still in a period of observation. and it takes a little time to determine whether or not he needs to be exposed to
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something that might make him sick down the line. we're still observing him at the moment and he is doing very well. >> the entire squirrel monkey exhibit is closed while the zoo shores up security around that enclosure. coming up, banish the clutter in the new year. the three steps you can take to clean up your personal files. plus, a peaceful situation or more sinister? the latest concern over iran's nuclear program. the major development in the park shooter. and why washington police say the search may be over. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. a weak cold front sliding through the bay area. a lot of clouds. not much in the way of rain. and record-breaking temperatures coming our way. we will talk about that coming up.
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police in washington state
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believe that they have found the body of a gunman suspected of murdering a ranger at mount ranier national park. 24-year-old benjamin barnes was an iraq war veteran. he may have been suffering from post stroamic stress and allegedly shot and killed a ranger yesterday, when she strid to stop him from entering -- tried to stop him from entering the park. >> came out and opened fire on her and put multiple round inside of her car and she doesn't have a chance. >> this morning, a search team found the body believed to be barnes, face down in deep snow. police say hours before the fatal shooting, barnes wounded four people at a house party near seattle. he may have headed into the wilderness to try and hide out after the earlier shootings. iran claims it has successfully tested a long range missile in the strategic strait of hormuzz. it is part of the mounting criticism over the nuclear program. the strait of hormuzz is the passageway for one sixth of the world's oil supply.
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tehran has threatened to close it as retaliation from new economic sanctions from the west. coming up, perfect timing. why the twin sisters will never share a birthday it. is an annual tradition that keeps growing. a look at some of the best and biggest floats in this year's rose parade, coming up. it is a new year. and what better way to start it than to clear out all of that financial clutter? we're at cbs money watch .com and we will show you how. plenty of clouds around the bay area. cooler temperatures for today. you might be surprised how warm it gets. as early as tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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so i'm thinking we should change his name to mr. sunshine. >> that's probably a good idea. due get 70 degrees in -- you don't get 70 degrees in january in northern california unless he is your weather man. >> that's right. i think we will get closer to that in the next couple of days. >> you have to deliver now. >> we could use the rainfall but we're not getting it right now. a weak cold front making its way through the bay area today. a lot of clouds outside right now. but not much in the way of rain. most of that continues to just pass on by to the north of us. we stay high and dry and that's the way it will be over the next few days, and until that front continues to move on through and the backside, we will see a little more sunshine this afternoon. and partly cloudy sky, and the temperatures in the 50s, to some mid-60s in some of the warmest parts of the bay area. tonight, likely to see a couple of patches of fog making a return, especially in the valleys. some of that dense fog will show up there inland. 30s and 40s for overnight lows. outside, leftover moisture from the cold front sliding on
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through and the temperatures not that bad but we will start to see sunshine by the afternoon and start to pop quite a bit. 55 degrees in concord. and 53 degrees in santa rosa. and 53 in san jose. and we've got a spare the air day for today as the air quality is suffering somewhat from the system moving through. the high pressure overhead, i think that may be a concern more in the coming days. temperatures in the 60s in the central valley. and 50s and 60s in the high country. and the high pressure holding the storms at bay, to the north. high and dry. another weak storm system moves through. then the ridge really begins to build in for tomorrow. that's when the temperatures begin to soar. numbers around the bay area. morgan hill, 65 and 61 in san mateo. and 61 in hayward, east bay, the temperatures popping up in the 50s and also the 60s. and you get inside the bay, we will see partly cloudy skies this afternoon. and those temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. next couple of days, we are going to warm the temperatures up. 60s, to near 70 degrees. as we head in toward tuesday and wednesday.
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becoming partly cloudy, on thursday. and then it looks like more sunshine and dry, right into the weekend. i will tell you what, the long range computer models the next couple of weeks, unusually dry and no rain in sight. >> this could be a problem. >> hopefully the pattern changes. >> we have heavenly valley is saying what? >> that's right. >> thanks, lawrence. well, today, wall street is celebrating the new year with a holiday. like most of you out there. trading for 2012 will begin tomorrow morning after mixed results last year, on friday, american markets closed the year on a down note and the dow lost 69. but for the year, it was up 5 1/2%. the nasdaq dropped 8 points in the final session. and ended the year down nearly 2%. begin 2012 on the right foot. by digging out from all of the clutter that is accumulated in the last year. simi das from cbs money watch has strategies how to streamline and organize your financial life. >> reporter: out with the old. in with the new. get a fresh start to the year
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by cleaning up your clutter. not surprisingly, 80% of papers filed are never referenced again. clutter also impacts productivity. it is estimated that workers spend nearly 50% of their time looking for information. here are some tips on how to pear down your financial paperwork. first, know what to toss. shred bank and credit card statements that are over a year old. get rid of receipts once the warranty has expired. and throw away old 401k statements as new ones arrive. you want to hold on to life insurance policies, tax returns, less than seven years old, and of course, any marriage or birth certificates. next, cut down on the amount of paper that comes into your house. one way to do that, opt out of credit card solicitations. 888-5-opt-out. finally, streamline your accounts. if you have a brokerage account, multiple savings accounts, old 401k accounts, or cds, it will be very difficult to keep track of it all.
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instead try spreading your investments over two to three institutions at the most. and don't forget, now is a good time to update the beneficiaries on your life insurance, 401k, or your ira account. digging out from all of the clut ser one sure way to get 2012 started on the right foot. for cbs news, i'm simi das, for cbs money watch .com. and tens of thousands of people lining the streets of pasadena this morning for the 123rd tournament of roses parade. the annual new years event held today because the holiday of course fell on a sunday. the colorful parade features dozens of flowered covered floats along with marching bands and equestrian units. along with all of the pageantry came a little bit of protests. thousands of occupy wall street demonstrators marched at the end of the parade to spread their message against corporate greed. you see them there. they were given permission to follow the last official parade float with the police escort. although there are not a lot of people are watching there. >> at least they doesn't disturb the parade.
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>> they came in and everything went smoothly. >> successful. some proud parents welcomed twin girls into the new world in the new year. >> the one thing these sisters will never have to share.
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unusual distinction. today's tip of the day will be with nectarines. peaches, plums, cherries. the chilean fruit is in the market. the nectarines started a little while ago. now they're getting a little bit better. in a couple of weeks, they will be better and a little sweeter
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and less expensive but if you want nectarines for the holidays or now, you have to get them. let's talk about selection or storage or don't bother. when you buy them, make sure they're red like this. all the way around. this time of the year, do not compromise. the redder, the better. a slight give to the touch. just slight. not too much. and free from any shriveling and skin whatsoever. when you bring them home, here is the key. store them on the counter. but don't store them on the counter for too long. two to three days at the most. when they have a nice give to them, that's when they're ready to enjoy. chilean nectarines, in the market. they're coming from the country of chile. and say chilean nectarines, they're not the variety. but from the country. they're good if you select them right. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer and remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. if you don't select them right, they will taste like a -- lemon. newborn twins have a distinction.
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they were born before and after the new year. they were born at tampa general hospital and one was the last baby in 2011 and the other the first of 2012 in tampa. and the parents assumed both would be born in the same year because they were supposed to arrive january 26. but they came a little early. >> they have separate birthday parties. >> that's right. >> one gets to drive the car first. >> that's right. >> there is a lot of conflict in that family then. >> a tax writeoff, too. only one. not two. >> true. >> happy new year. enjou your monday. >> happy new year, folks.
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