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tv   The Early Show  CBS  January 4, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> five years later. thanks for watching cbs 5. "early edition" coming up next. >> here's a live look outside. goo good morning. mitt romney is celebrating a narrow victory in the iowa caucuses, winning by just eight votes in the first contest to pick a republican presidential nominee. >> thank you so much for all your help. on to new hampshire. >> we'll speak with the former massachusetts governor about his big win. >> romney's not the only winner in iowa. rick santorum's impressive second place finish brings new life into his shoestring campaign. >> game on. [ cheers and applause ] >> we'll see if he's got what it takes to go the distance. >> disappointing finishes by rick perry and michele bachmann have them reassessing their campaigns. full iowa caucus results early
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this wednesday morning, january 4, 2012. this wednesday morning, january 4, 2012. vi captioning funded by cbs and from manchester, new hampshire, good morning. >> we're broadcasting live from new hampshire this morning because it's the next step in the race for the republican nomination. it's 5 degrees outside and, boy, if there was ever an example of why every vote counts last night was it. >> absolutely. now the focus shifts to new hampshire, the state where some candidates come today. after the exciting results from last night's iowa caucus, it may be a state too far. this morning we are talking about last night's iowa caucus results. >> that's right. they were amazing. mitt romney and rick santorum were in a dead heat for most of the night but after midnight romney was declared the winner. it was the closest race in the
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history of the iowa caucuses. 122,255 iowans voted last night. romney finished just eight votes ahead of santorum. eight votes. texas congressman ron paul came in third with 21%. >> last time a gop race was this close was 1980 when george herbert walker bush edged reagan by just over 2,000 votes. bill whittaker tracked the iowa returns through the night and joins us this morning. good morning, bill. >> good morning. this race was so tight it wasn't even decided until 2:30 this morning. they just don't get any closer or more dramatic than this. >> game on. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a late surge by former pennsylvania senator rick santorum pushed him from near obscurity to near victory, thanks to passionate support of social conservatives. >> i have survived the challenges, so far, by the daily grace that comes from god.
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>> reporter: in a nailbiter of a caucus fight, mitt romney squeaked to victory. the former massachusetts governor, at first indifferent to iowa, made a big and ultimately successful final push. >> we're going to change the white house and get america back on track. >> reporter: libertarian leaning texas congressman ron paul finished third. >> the movement is going to continue. we are going to keep scoring just as we have tonight. >> reporter: while the top three saw their fortunes rise in the final days, former gop house leader newt gingrich saw his plummet, a reversal he blamed on a barrage of negative ads by romney supporters. last night his concession speech was a call to arms. >> i do reserve the right to tell the truth. if the truth seems negative that may be more of a comment on his record than it is on politics. >> reporter: now the focus shifts to new hampshire where gingrich is rolling out a stinging ad in the largest paper calling romney a timid
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massachusetts moderate. romney, who vacations in new hampshire enjoys a double digit lead in recent polls. here, he meets a new challenger, john huntsman, the former utah governor bypassed iowa, holding 150 campaign events in new hampshire instead. to the new arrivals with their iowa results, he offered this greeting. >> it was the welcome to new hampshire nobody cares. >> reporter: two of the major contenders won't be going to new hampshire. michele bachmann who finished seventh in iowa is headed straight to campaign in south carolina. texas governor rick perry, who came in sixth -- >> i have decided to return to texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there is a path forward for myself and this race. >> reporter: now, today mitt romney gets another boost. arizona senator john mccain, the gop presidential candidate in
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2008 comes here to new hampshire to give his endorsement to mitt romney. >> and that's big because mccain said he might not endorse anybody this time around. >> it was a very close night. >> thank you so much. joining us now from des moines, iowa, governor mitt romney. governor, i'm thinking with the margin of victory that if just a few of your supporters decided to watch college basketball and eat chicken wings last night we would be talking about a second place finish for you. a little bit too close for comfort on the margin of victory? >> pretty narrow, i must admit. i really think iowa is a big boost for rick santorum, for ron paul, for myself. we all ended up in a stronger position this morning. i think we're all pretty happy. >> i'm wondering. just one number by way of comparison. six years you have spent in iowa. i think you ended up with 66 more votes this time than in
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2008. can you explain this challenge you had in iowa about getting more traction this go-round? >> oh, i'm pleased. we have a seven-person field this time and three people in a virtual dead heat. mathematically it's hard to get a higher percent but i'm pleased we had a good strong showing here. a few weeks ago i was well behind in the polls here. so to come up with a strong finish is something that's very encouraging. we have new hampshire next and after that to south carolina and florida. it will be a long road. >> governor romney, your runner-up rick santorum wasted no time sending a letter to supporters calling you, a, quote, bland, boring career politician. when you get to new hampshire there is a full page ad in the manchester union leader from newt gingrich comparing the two of you saying the choice is between a bold reagan conservative and you. is this payback for the $3
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million in negative ads the outside groups affiliated with you ran in iowa? >> you know, i've got broad shoulders. i know that when you get in a campaign there is a big target on you. it's obviously a small target compared to what's going to come from the democratic national committee and barack obama. they have already begun attacking me. i'm not too worried about that. let the attacks come. i think the american people are going to focus on whether or not i have the skills to lead the country and to create jobs again. i'm proud of the record i have. i'm happy to defend my record and contrast it with the other people coming after me, particularly president obama. >> so let's talk about your record a little bit. yesterday, so much of the back and forth had to do with newt gingrich calling you a liar. that sort of obscured what was a legitimate question embedded in what he was talking about. i want to read to you something he said. let's separate the name-calling for a second. talking about you he said, here is a massachusetts moderate who
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has tax-paid abortions in romneycare, puts planned parenthood in romneycare, appoints liberal judges to appease democrats and wants the rest of us to believe somehow he's a conservative. setting aside the name-calling, can you respond specifically to what he was raising by way of legitimate questions? >> well, he's got his facts wrong. i'm sure we'll get a chance during the debates, but people will rattle off a list of supposed sins and get a chance to go through them one by one. i think the people of new hampshire know well what i faced when i was governor of massachusetts. they understand i balanced the budget every one of my four years. we put in place a rainy day fund over $2 billion. we helped our schools stay at number one in the nation, implemented a program of english immersion in schools, got our state police to enforce immigration laws. we're proud of the conservative
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record. but we'll get a chance to talk about it in the months ahead. >> which of the facts specifically were wrong? >> well, for instance the health care bill doesn't mention planned parenthood in any way. it doesn't mention abortion. the decision with regard to abortion funding was a decision by the court, not by the legislature or me as the governor. we'll talk about those things, i'm sure, as we proceed during the debates. >> let's look ahead for a second. >> you're leading by 30 points in new hampshire, very friendly territory for you. so friendly you're thinking of going to south carolina to campaign there instead. in south carolina it's a rockier road. you came in fourth there four years ago struggling with christian conservatives. what's going to be different this time around? all of your opponents will try to stop your momentum in south carolina. >> i'm really pleased that we get momentum that starts here. in new hampshire, i hope i'm able to do well.
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i'm going to keep on talking about my record as a conservative governor and my vision to get the economy going again. of the people in the race, i'm the only person who's spent over 25% of their life in the private sector, competing with businesses around the world. i understand how jobs come and how they go. if we want to have a nominee who can post up against barack obama with a record of job creation and a record of having worked in the private sector, you know, i think i start off with the strongest resumé for that purpose. >> right, but nancy's question is about south carolina. it points up what has been historically a little bit of a difficult situation for you, especially with conservative christian evangelicals. you have to make it right with them in the south. south carolina is the first real test for that. what do you anticipate? >> well, you know, i'm pleased that as i look at the record of south carolina that they have selected people of differing backgrounds. i don't think people choose a candidate based upon his or her
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religion primarily. i'm sure there will be some who will find that a major issue. but i expect to get good support in south carolina. and recognize, of course, i would like to win south carolina. i would like to win all the states, but i know this is going to be a long road. i hope to get delegates in the early stages and amass the number i need to get the 1150 total. i think at this stage having, for instance, relative to the other guys in the race i have organized a national campaign team. we have funding that we have drawn from different states. i've got the capacity, i think, to take the campaign to tampa. that's something other folks in this race are going to find more difficult to do. >> governor romney, thank you for joining us. congratulations again on your victory. one for the record books. we look forward to seeing you in new hampshire. >> thanks, nancy and jim. good to be with you. >> obviously the close results in iowa are going to impact strategy for the gop candidates as they head into the next
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week's primary here in new hampshire. >> we're going to check in in des moines iowa with john dickerson with the latest from the rick santorum camp. janua jan crawford and wyatt andrews who has been tracking ron paul. john, it looks like the evangelicals came out according to the entrance poll. 57% of voters identified themselves as evangelical. they must have been the key to santorum's close second. 33% of them said they voted for him. >> reporter: one of the questions of the caucus was would the evangelical voters come out like they did in 2008. they did. and as you were asking governor romney, they will play a big role in south carolina. santorum won with conservatives. those who pick true conservativism as the number one issue they voted on picked santorum by a big margin. mitt romney got only 1%.
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that's what soantorum is paying attention to now, saying he's the true conservative. >> let's bring in jan crawford now. the romney campaign must be feeling comfortable given the strong polling in new hampshire. is the attention now on south carolina? >> right now they are focused on the fact that they won south carolina, something no one would have predicted. just a month or two ago because they kept expectations so low here. the mood in the romney camp now is extremely positive. they think they are in good position. they are going to be spending time in south carolina this week to get that campaign under way. so i think the way they are thinking now is that this is going better than expected. they are going into new hampshire with the commanding lead. they are going down to south carolina on thursday. then go back to new hampshire over the weekend. they have a long-term strategy
7:14 am
and they are putting it into place now. >> let's go to wyatt andrews with ron paul who did well in iowa. he's second here in new hampshire. it's a distant second, wyatt. can he replicate his performance in iowa, here or anywhere else? >> reporter: that's very, very unclear, nancy. last night he got a devoted campaign organization to turn out. an organization driven largely by young people in iowa that it turns out are very afraid of the national deficit. ron paul has the strongest message saying he'll tackle the national deficit. there is a big difference between the 21% last night and the 16% where he's polling in new hampshire. he's not a typical politician. that's probably his problem. he's not a typical republican. if you cut all foreign aid that cuts aid to israel. religious conservatives don't like that.
7:15 am
if you withdraw all u.s. forces, main stream republicans don't want that. he does leave iowa claiming the third spot. he has the money and organization to go forward in the republican primaries on this different message. >> one quick one back to john dickerson. as people try to get their arms around what happened in iowa, is rick santorum, mike huckabee in 2012 or is this race now a longer extended campaign? >> well, he's sort of a little huckabee. e he got a lot of support from evangelicals and conservatives. but in a way this was also part of the anti-mitt romney feeling that we have seen as republicans have cycled through the republican candidates. rick santorum worked very hard in iowa. you can't take that from him. he was lucky. his timing was great and he was the last man standing in terms of the nonmitt romney candidates. >> john, jan, wyatt, thanks to
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♪ welcome back to and welcome back to "the early show." i'm jim axelrod with nancy. in manchester, new hampshire. i felt like yesterday was opening day. >> that's right. finally real results to talk about. who would have guessed? only eight votes. not eight points, but eight votes would have separated the two leaders in iowa right now, we go to new york, debbye turner bell with the check of the rest of the morning's headlines. >> good morning, nancy, jim, and all of you. i know it's cold there. and a blast of cold air sending shivers across much of florida this morning. citrus farmers up all night spraying water on their crops. we hope this coating of ice will act as insulation against the
7:20 am
cold. some places reporting temperatures in the low 20s. they hope to lift a hard freeze warning in the state. police say the suspect in the string of firebomb attacks told him he was motivated by revenge. ray lengend arrested yesterday. he confessed to five firebombings on new year's day, including a
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partly cloudy skies this morning around the bay area, plenty of low clouds and dense fog. by the afternoon, yeah, sunny skies just about everywhere you go. 67 degrees today in santa rosa, 67 in mountain view and about 65 in san jose. next couple of days, we'll notice some changes, cooler temperatures on the way, a few more clouds on thursday and friday. warming up though as we head in toward the weekend. and coming up, the differences between new hampshire and iowa in choosing the next republican presidential candidate. >> the contrast could be night and day when it comes to religion and in turnout. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. hello? pretty sure? consider this yor wake-up call. everybody has a price guarantee. but only sears guarantees the best price on all top 10 brands, because only sears carries them all.
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middle good morning. it's 7:25. let's get you caught up on some of the bay area headlines on this wednesday. a manhunt that began in the mill of the night over in west san jose now and now investigators are going over the suspects' car. the man apparently ran into an apartment complex after deputies pulled him over for a traffic infraction a minor one a little after 1 a.m. several hours later he was found hiding near a shed along with stolen property in his vehicle. san francisco police are waiting for a burglary suspect to come off telegraph hill. a very steep hill. 90 degrees. it's height near coit tower. the man went down the cliff about 6:00 last night when an apartment manager tried to catch him. he apparently or allegedly might have been burglarizing some apartments. he turned down offers for help
7:26 am
to get help. a company named a new -- yahoo named a new ceo, scott thompson the president of paypal. yahoo has been without a permanent ceo since they fired their last one in past september. thompson takes over at yahoo on monday. we'll have your traffic and weather coming right up.
7:27 am
good morning from the traffic center. let's head straight to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is stacked
7:28 am
unfortunately. metering lights are on, backed up to the maze at this point. 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. elsewhere, stalled vehicle as you work your way towards the dumbarton bridge. that may slow you down. but overall, no foggy spots this morning. live look at the san mateo bridge. looks like it's getting busy, 19 minutes now to go between 880 and 101. and that earlier accident north 101 at de la cruz cleared to the right shoulder. but the damage is done. traffic is backed up at least for a couple of miles. that's your ride. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> the weather looking great. lots of sunshine coming our way today, just partly cloudy skies to start out the day but looking good so far. mount vaca cam clear there except for the high clouds there in the distance. i think as we head toward the afternoon, these temperatures running way above average. 65 degrees in san jose, about 67 in mountain view, 67 some down slope winds into santa rosa and about 62 degrees in san francisco. we will likely cool things down as early as tomorrow. some partly cloudy skies in our bay area but as we head into friday, not bad. this weekend looks great. sunshine coming our way. d to t.
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new hampshire holds the first primary of the 2012 campaign next tuesday and the primary looks more interesting than ever after mitt romney and rick santorum finished eight votes apart with ron paul not far behind in iowa last night. the candidates face a different challenge connecting with voters here than they did in iowa. >> correspondent karen brown is here with that part of the story. what is the big difference between these two states? >> the caucuses and this primary aren't just apples and oranges. truly, they are granite cliffs and corn fields. that is how different they are.
7:31 am
a key camp about half of the voters last night said they were very conservative. here in the last election, only 20% described themselves that way. for republicans in new hampshire, it's about being a fiscal conserve with small business owners leading that charge. >> thank you for being with us. >> reporter: fritz is not running for office. business down 10% at his historic hotel in jackson, new hampshire, he is making sure. >> the original floor from 1869. >> reporter: his place doesn't become history. >> this is everything i have. >> reporter: koppel is a new england moderate republican and shares one thing with his conservative counterparts in iowa. >> this election is all about the economy. >> reporter: but don't think the white steeple church outside means they have much more in common. university of new hampshire pollster andy smith. >> iowa republicans, for example, are dominated by evangelical churches, home
7:32 am
school organizations. new hampshire, according to one study by gallup is the second least religious state in the country. >> reporter: the kind of top that played in iowa. >> this is a great country and i trust in god. >> reporter: may not play here. >> christmas is my game, you know? like if the economy does well, i do well. >> reporter: the state's low, 5.2 unemployment rate is almost as picturesque as the state. small businesses are keeping people employed. as a small business owner, how frustrated are you? >> well, i immediately ripped all my hair off my head. >> reporter: how important are small business owners in this election? >> i'm first to say that new hampshire essentially has no large businesses. small businesses dominate in new hampshire economy. >> reporter: iowa, in contrast, leans toward agribusiness and
7:33 am
smaller pool of voters. >> 538 total votes. >> reporter: the caucus are republican only. in new hampshire, independents like concord deli owner peter also participates. he is a swing voter who seen firsthand consumer confidence drop to its lowest level in two years. why do you think your business is down 20%? >> they are bringing their own lunch and cutting back. when they do come in, they get a half a sandwich instead of a whole sandwich. >> reporter: and that is because of the uncertainty, you think? >> i think it's uncertainty, yeah, sure. >> reporter: in the last election, he made headlines with president obama. so you sit rye here. you took a picket with the president? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you had it up in your restaurant. you took it down. why? >> hope and change hasn't translated into anything for my business and, i'm sure, for a lot of small businesses. >> reporter: why is it the government's responsibility to fix it for you? >> it's not their responsibility
7:34 am
to fix my business, but it's the government's responsibility to set a mood that it's okay to go out and spend money again. >> reporter: 4 out of 10 new hampshire independents consistently vote democrat but like sylvester, a growing number are switching allegiance. >> for the first time in my life i'm going to vote republican. >> reporter: do you feel a little bit like a turncoat? >> not at all. i feel like a patriot. maybe it will wake up some people in washington. >> reporter: and unlike in the iowa caucuses where 6% of the eligible voters turned out, here, the candidates have a lot more voters to convince. >> we observe have turnouts higher than some states have in their jen election for president. we are seen that republican interest is higher this year than in 2008. >> i do think the republicans have a good chance to be back in the white house. >> reporter: and that is also lit a political fire in koppel. so your concern for your
7:35 am
country, as well as your business, has you superfocused on politics right now? >> exactly. glued to the tv. >> reporter: and, of course, we will be glued here in new hampshire. one thing to keep in mind is this whole idea that 40% of the voters here are independents is a bit of a misnomer. in fact, 30% of them always vote republican. 40% vote democrat and one thing to really keep in mind is the fact that according to professor smith, about 10% of those who usually vote democrat are now planning on voting republican, so something to keep an eye on. >> wow. i think there is no better sign of how different these two states are, iowa and new hampshire in the fact that no nonincumbent republican has ever won both of them. >> it's just completely different. the social issues are the focus in iowa. the economy is the number one issue everywhere, but social issues are key in iowa. here, it's the fiscal issues. you can watch as the candidates will start to really change their message here.
7:36 am
>> fascinating. karen brown, thank you so much. appreciate it. we will be right back. >> you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ [ mother-in-law ] who doesn't decorate for the holidays? let's open presents! mr. cranky pants didn't want to wear the sweater i laid out for him. honestly, would you wear this? where's the game? -is the game on yet? -what are you all doing here? it's the holidays hun. [ aunt ] let's eat! no, it's not! it's oscar mayer carving board ham. [ female announcer ] slow cooked and carved just right. it's holiday ham, without all the holiday drama. i wore my stretchy pants... for nothing.
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welcome back to a special edition of "the early show." i'm nancy cordes, along with jim axelrod here in manchester, new hampshire. >> before the latest on next week's primary, we want to go to new york and check in with debbie durner bell. the suspect in the los angeles arson suspect is in custody. lee cowan has this report. >> reporter: the day before some 53 arson fires wreaked havoc across los angeles, the man police say is their prime suspect, 24-year-old harry burkhart went on a tirade in this federal courthouse. sources say he was upset his mother dorothee had been arrested in a warrant out of germany. >> he entered the courtroom and made quite a disturbance. a lot of cursing in english and words i won't repeat here. >> reporter: court documents
7:40 am
indicate his mother is held on 19 counts of fraud and may well be extradited out of the u.s. if burkhart's motive was rehabilitation for his mother's arrest, investigators aren't saying. >> i'm not going to get into any of the details of the statements he made. >> reporter: both here in the country illegally say officials. records say his mother was running a massage service and a federal agent remembered burkhart's outburst in court when he saw the release of the arson suspect. investigators say a lot more charge
7:41 am
up next, a conversation with republican jon huntsman who did not campaign in iowa. >> what about his chances here in new hampshire? we're going to talk about that when we come back on "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] fashion or food, it's all about taste.
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>> he is focusing on new hampshire. i know you want to talk about next week, but we have to start a look back and getting your impressions on what happened in iowa yesterday. >> happy to do that. but i have to tell you that the one take out of iowa really is extraordinary ambiguity. no sense of a leader coming out of iowa. kind after jumbled up three-way tie. i say this speaks directly to exactly the lay of the land, not just in iowa but here in new hampshire as well. it's people don't want to be told for whom to vote. they want the candidates to earn their vote with a message that speaks to reform, that speaks to change and a new generation of leadership. who would have guessed rick santorum, toodling around in his pickup truck, would have gone from nowhere to practically winning the caucus? and i say new hampshire is going to result in the same thing and this nation will follow suit. >> you said last night when you were speaking to your fellow candidates, welcome to new hampshire. nobody cares what happened in iowa, which would be convenient if it were true but do you
7:46 am
really think it's true? >> i think it's absolutely the case. i've been around 150 public event in this state and i have to say the good people of the granite state don't want to be told for whom to vote. they want the candidates to come in. they want to learn their heart and soul and what is in their head and be able to understand their vision for a better america and then do their diligence and stare down the ballot box and say i have to make a decision. i have to decide who can be the president of the united states of america? and that will drive their thinking. >> the story is the process, so far, the republican process, nominating process has been you have this guy, mitt romney who is sort of accepted front-runner and everybody else circles in for a dance. bachmann had a dance and perry and gingrich have had a dance. how come you haven't had a dance yet? >> we are about to start one here in new hampshire. >> let's take a look where things stand in new hampshire according to the latest suffolk
7:47 am
university poll you're polling in third place and mitt romney with 41% and ron paul ahead of you by six points. romney hat wind in his back coming out of iowa. how do you make up that kind of ground in a week? >> polls go up and down. i was ahead of rick santorum in an iowa poll about a week ago. five or six percent. he was at 5%. look how quickly these things change. it's because you'll have the citizens of this great state will begin to coalesce around a candidate who they have heard from and seen who they trust to deliver a message that is going to deal with this nation's economic deficit and deal with our trust deficit. those are the two most compelling issues of our time. we have taken our history as a public servant out there, told the people of this great state what we are prepared to do to get this country moving again and i like our chances. we have gone from zero to now third place in this race and i like our position going forward. >> governor, sketch out a narrative for me in which your
7:48 am
candidacy catches some fire. what do you have to do in new hampshire? because then the next thing you have to do it go to south carolina where you can't be very well positioned. tell me how it works. >> i love the highly am bigus field. you say romney got a quarter of the vote coming out of iowa. look at how much blue sky there is for the rest of the field. this is a wide open race still. i say we just have to beat market expectations in new hampshire. the market will set a certain expectation for us. i have to wake up on the 11th and see we have beat the market expectation and we move on to south carolina where we have supporters like the current attorney general, alan wilson and the carroll campbell family and family of hen ri mcmaster, the former attorney general who just lost the governorship and they are part of our team down there and we are ready to come and we need to come out of new hampshire with a head of steam and we will get that this week. >> if you don't come out of new hampshire first or second, what then? do you drop out? >> that's not an option. losing isn't an option!
7:49 am
we are going to stay focused on success and let it play out and let the people make their choice as they do in this great country and live with whatever the consequences are, knowing we have done our best. >> got it. governor jon huntsman, thank you for joining us in manchester this morning. >> thank you. newt gingrich came in fourth in iowa and already on the attack here in new hampshire. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: one fabric softener has that special snuggly softness your family loves. >> hi, i'm snuggle. snuggly softness that feels so good. look, i get towels fluffy... [giggles] blankets cuddly... and clothes stay fresh... [sniffs] for 14 days, with my snuggle fresh release scent droplets. and i cost less than the leading brand. let's make the world a softer place. let's snuggle. ♪
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republican presidential candidate michele bachmann is set to good morning. it's 7:55. i'm grace lee. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann is set to hold a news conference in iowa in just a few minutes from now. there follows her dismal sixth place showing in the caucuses in the hawkeye state. she indicated she planned to continue her run for the white house last night, but this morning she cancelled a campaign trip to south carolina and her campaign is known to be low on money. we'll bring you an update when we have more. and locally a manhunt that began in the middle of the night is now over in san jose. it began around 1:00 a.m. on the city's west side when sheriff's deputies pulled the man over for a small traffic violation. the man then fled and ran into an apartment complex just off moorpark avenue. the suspect was eventually
7:56 am
found hiding near a shed. deputies say that he had stolen property inside his car. we'll have an update of your traffic and weather on this wednesday coming up. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪
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okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. traffic is easing up a bit at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a stalled vehicle blocking lanes but you can see the tow crews moving it out of the road as we speak. some slight delays but overall very quiet approaching the pay gates. metering lights still remain on. toward the san mateo bridge
7:58 am
this morning, you're in luck. it's busy. extra volume but okay speeds. 15 minutes to go between 880 and 101. checking the south bay northbound side of 280 to downtown san jose, some sluggish speeds there but overall no accidents. that earlier wreck we had on north 101 near de la cruz is gone. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> looking good right now, gianna. patchy fog yesterday was very thick but that's long gone. offshore winds, high pressure overhead, beautiful over the city of san francisco and it looks like well, it is going to heat up very nicely. temperatures now in the 30s and 50s. this afternoon almost 70 in some spots. 67 in mountain view and santa rosa, 62 in san francisco and 64 in oakland. over the next couple of days, a sea breeze will kick in bringing with it a few more clouds and some cooler temperatures.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. well, it just may be the end of the line for michele bachmann after a disappointing sixth place showing in the iowa caucuses last night, the congresswoman from minnesota is scheduled to give a news conference any minute now from des moines. we received word she canceled a campaign trip to south carolina which will hold its primary on january 21st. she would be first one out of the race for the gop nomination after the iowa caucuses. welcome back to the special edition of "the early show" this wednesday morning. i'm nancy cordes. >> i'm jim axelrod. we're joined by patrick griffin, senior fellow and political
8:01 am
analyst and daunte scallis of the university of new hampshire. good morning to you both. thank you, both, for being here. what do we make of the news here that we may have the first casualty of the republican nominating process with michele bachmann? >> my sense is this is probably the second casualty. i think we saw first one initially in rick perry last night. my sense is governor perry will go back to texas, reassess things and be there just in time for hunting season. i don't think rick perry continues. as for michele bachmann, there was never much for her here in new hampshire. if she was going to hunt anywhere it was iowa. this is not surprising. >> what happened to her? she won the ames straw poll in august, which was a big victory for her. how did she go from those heights to 5% in the iowa caucuses last night? >> i think one thing was she wasn't able to capitalize on the opportunity she had with the iowa straw polls. she wasn't ready to build the organization and disappointingly she wasn't able to raise the
8:02 am
money. she was a prolific fund-raiser as a congresswoman, but not running for president, i think donors kind of spoke with their wallets about her readiness to be president. >> while she is -- or wasn't necessarily going to be much of a presence here in new hampshire, does her withdrawal or perry's suspension of his campaign affect the balance here in new hampshire in any particular way, patrick? >> i think it does, jim. i think what you're going to see now is social conservatives now coalesce around two candidates, gingrich or santorum. the smaller the field, the sort of less the choices. they're both vying for the anti-romney vote. ron paul has a floor and ceiling in new hampshire, i think. those are dedicated voters. but really we're going to see gingrich and santorum duke this out to be the alternative, conservative alternative to governor romney. the union leader in manchester is with newt gingrich. that's an important conservative endorsement and they will remind people who they're with. rick santorum is about to come
8:03 am
under the white hot scrutiny of what it is like to suddenly be in the mud in the campaign overnight. >> this must not be great news for mitt romney because he really enjoyed watching all of these social conservatives basically battle one another for the social conservative vote instead of going after him, but if some of those people start to drop out of the race, then the conservative vote starts to coalesce around one person. >> yeah. the party was going to be over for mitt romney sooner or later. sooner or later, all these conservatives were going to stop firing at each other in this circular squad and start going after mitt romney. in order to be the nominee, he's got to be the nominee of the entire party, including the socially conservative wing of the party. it is about time that he faces that. >> i also mentioned the white house was sort of rooting for continued and sustained chaos for as long as they could get it. so seeing the field shrink, seeing now the sort of winnowing of the republican party probably isn't what the white house was looking for either. >> no, you saw last night spin
8:04 am
from the white house that was this is inconclusive, governor romney underperformed where his vote totals were in iowa, in the last presidential, but that's silly. this is a different race, a different time, a different field. the fact of the matter is i think there is still a sense of something bigger here than just republicans infighting. my sense is there is something more at stake. there is a sense among republicans that beating barack obama is their number one concern and that still gives romney for now a little bit -- a little bit, a lot of a sense of inevitability. i think that where he is in the polls now, it is going to be very, very hard to take that away. good ground game, strong organization, lots of money. in the republican party, we like established brands. we like people who have been here before, in order to win the masters, you've got to lose the masters. romney has done it before. >> last night's nominating contest had so much drama, more
8:05 am
than we have seen in practically any race in recent history. to give us a rundown of everything that happened is cbs' bill whitaker. >> game on. >> reporter: a late surge by former pennsylvania senator rick santorum pushed him from near an security to near victory, thanks to the passionate support of social conservatives. >> i've survived the challenge so far by the daily grace that comes from god. >> reporter: in a nail biter of a caucus night, mitt romney quarterback issed to victory in the iowa caucuses. the former massachusetts governor at first indifferent to iowa made a big and ultimately skwefl final push. >> we're going to change the white house and get america back on track. >> reporter: libertarian leaning ron paul finished third. >> this movement is going to continue and we are going to keep scoring, just as we have tonight. >> reporter: now the focus shifts to new hampshire, where gingrich is rolling out a stinging ad in the largest paper calling romney a timid
8:06 am
massachusetts moderate. romney, who vacations in new hampshire, enjoys a double digit lead in recent polls. here, he meets a new challenge, jon huntsman. the former utah governor bypassed iowa holding 150 campaign events in new hampshire instead. to the new arrivals with their iowa results, he offered this greeting. >> it would be welcome to new hampshire, nobody cares. >> reporter: romney is heavily favored here. as that gingrich newspaper ad indicates, expect a bitter battle here in new hampshire. >> of course, bill, there is another shake-up coming which is that john mccain, who won the republican nomination in 2008, this was his turn around state, new hampshire. he is expected to endorse mitt romney today, right? >> politics makes strange bedfellows. they were bitter rivals and today they embrace. >> with bill whitaker, let's ask you, throw it back to daunte and patrick. i want to talk about what we can see from this point out for the
8:07 am
next week or so here in new hampshire. and rather unhappy newt gingrich left iowa last night and is going to be landing in new hampshire. how is that going to interface with the tone of what we can expect here in the next couple of days? >> what we have seen from newt gingrich, he's just been flum oxed by mitt romney and ron paul in iowa. he was riding high a month ago. and paul and romney combine really cut him down to size in iowa and they just didn't know what to do about it. he said, i'm going to stay positive, then he would talk about how much money mitt's super pac was spending against him. they never figured out what to do. and now it may be too little too late for gingrich to do much more than go after romney. it is unclear who is listening anymore to newt gingrich. >> does he stay with mr. nice guy or does he sort of revert back to regular old newt? >> i think we're going to see dr. jekyll and mr. newt. this is a new game now. newt gingrich, the sort of newt
8:08 am
2.0 that we saw up through iowa, it was a different newt gingrich. he was calm. he was gentle. he was sort of not the newt gingrich we know. and not the newt gingrich that makes real good copy. clearly, that was, as was observed last night, that is first concession speech i've ever seen where he's sort of gone for the romney jugular the way he did last night. the newspaper ad this morning in the union leader sets the tone. i think newt gingrich is going to come out swinging and i think we're going to see a very, very different race here. >> he congratulated santorum and ron paul by name. but he didn't even mention mitt
8:09 am
thank you so much. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. congressman. but first this is the "early show" on cbs. but, first, this is "the early show" on cbs. as a software designer, i try to take the complexity out of doing your taxes. we put it in a language you can understand. simple questions like "did you get married?" makes it a little bit more conversational for the customer, easier to answer in the way that they might talk to an actual human. and all turbotax calculations are guaranteed accurate.
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8:13 am
there in august. her hopes were high back then. but the campaign seemed to fall through as the months went on. as we wait for her to come to the podium, let's talk to our political advisers here. and dante scala, i'll start with you. what do you think it was that caused her to falter? did she not have the money? was it that social conservatives ended up taking a shine to other candidates? >> a primary campaign is about three things, it is about money, it is about message, and it is about momentum. bachmann had momentum coming out of that iowa straw poll back in august. but then rick perry stepped all over that and became the front-runner and she stalled. and then that led to other problems. there was a message problem all along with michele bachmann. she's great at it on the attack. great on the attack against obama or against, say, mitt romney or newt gingrich. but never seemed to have a positive message for why she should be the nominee of her party. and then that led to money
8:14 am
problems. >> everybody who is a political insider forgets you can move around in january. let's listen to michele bachmann now. >> sorry. we thought that was live. that was -- that was actually papologize.earlier. but one thing that was striking about michele bachmann also was that she never really got any support from her colleagues on capitol hill. i think she had one endorsement from all of her peers on capitol hil. so it seemed like she was sort of out there alone in a way. >> michele bachmann is a -- is a movement candidate without a movement. essentially, you know, this is someone who is a bit of a fire brand, she will finish today, go back to washington and be john boehner's worst nightmare for a few more weeks. this is a person who is not necessarily someone i think republicans ever took serious as potentially being their nominee. republicans want to beat barack
8:15 am
obama this time. dante talked about the three ms. there is another one. the media. >> the one question we put this morning earlier to jon huntsman when he stopped by was that everybody in this process at one point or another seemed to get a dance. so mitt romney seems to -- every once in a while someone will circle back as a rival. we saw it with rick perry, we saw it with gingrich. the first person we saw it with was michele bachmann. moving forward and what will happen in new hampshire, is jon huntsman going to get a dance here over the next couple of days? >> he needed last night for mitt romney to have a very bad night, finish third, finish fourth and open a spot for huntsman to present himself as a credible alternative to mitt romney. really they're aiming for the same sort of voters, moderate republicans, so-called center right republicans, but romney is not going anywhere. a win, even by eight votes is a
8:16 am
win in iowa. and coming to new hampshire, this is his backyard. >> why hasn't huntsman caught on in new hampshire? you would think he's got the profile that new hampshire voters would like. you know, not overly conservative. he's moderate like a lot of voters here define themselves as -- what is it about him that has led everyone else to have a turn except him? >> there is an old saying in advertising and politics, you can have great advertising and great organization and great signs, great buttons, a resume candidate, which is clearly what jon huntsman is, he's a very talented fellow, very smart guy, but when the dog don't eat the dog food, there is something wrong with the recipe. i think fundamentally jon huntsman was never able to make a case that really differentiated him. the other problem is voters here in new hampshire and iowa understand the difference between the book tour and a campaign. the one state wonder strategy has never worked. it won't work this time. and it didn't work for him. >> we have to leave it there. thank you. we'll be back in a moment.
8:17 am
this is "the early show" on cbs. in the polls here? this the "early show" on cbs. we'll be right back. ls here? this is "the early show" on cbs. you really went all out on the decorations, huh?! yeah, but i'm so slow taking them down after all the fatty holiday food. but that's normal. what do you mean that's normal? it doesn't have to be. to me, normal, means feeling good inside. not slow. try some activia. activia helps with occasional irregularity, when eaten 3 times a day. keep a video diary and let me know about your new normal. love your new normal or it's free. that's why there's crest pro-health clinical gum protection. it helps eliminate plaque at the gum line, helping prevent gingivitis. it's even clinically proven to help reverse it in just 4 weeks. crest pro-health clinical gum protection.
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8:19 am
at&t. welcome back. here is the big question now. with mitt romney winning the iowa caucuses by just a razor-thin margin who has the momentum coming into next week's primary in new hampshire? >> joining us is major garrett. >> great to be with you. >> any difference between mitt romney winning by eight votes or winning by 8,000 votes? >> well, certainly. 8,000 votes would have been a big deal for mitt romney. he underperformed a little bit from what he did four years ago, getting precisely six votes less than time than he did it four years ago. though, he spent much less money. mitt romney arrives in new hampshire just fine. he has a to deal with rick santorum. now the latest in the long list of the alternatives. romney had a skilve way to deal with perry and knocked him out
8:20 am
and plan to get rid of newt gingrich. he has made him much less of a factor and now focus his attention on rick santorum. if you look at his past records dealing with challenges you have believe the romney campaign will have a plan and execute it against rick santorum to maintain his front-runner status. >> rick perry says he is going back to texas to reassess the campaign. do we take it to mean he is dropping out the next couple of days? >> pick perry is reassessing because he vastly underperformed in iowa and he knows he cannot credibly tell those who wrote early checks for his campaign he has a plan or formulation or a strategy to win. when you underperform that spectacularly the reassessment is your bridge to withdrawing. >> let's go back to rick santorum for a minute, if we can, major. is this morning the high point of rick santorum's campaign or is it along the lines of what we saw with mike huckabee four years ago or is he going to be able to sustain this a little bit longer? >> well, rick santorum will
8:21 am
raise money now. he has some organization in new hampshire. although the poll status there is very low but he'll close the gap because he'll get free media now continuously until the new hampshire primary. what he can't do is buy television money because he doesn't have the money an the tv slots are already purchased and no longer i vable. what rick perry can do to help rick santorum if he is so inclined pull out now and open the slots that his super pact opened up on his behalf and open it up so rick santorum. if that happens some areas that santorum can buy. without it, he'll have to do it on free media which means who cover him on the campaign trail, he will not have the ability to buy tv time because it's already purchased. >> major, you cover capitol hill a lot and we're speaking about santorum. he has gotten barely any support from his former peers.
8:22 am
if you look at the numbers of the former and current members of congress running for office. newt gingrich has only got eight endorsements from members of congress and ron paul, three, michele bachmann one, and rick santorum, zero. is this a matter of familiarity breeding contempt? why don't they have more support from the people who know them best? >> a couple of reasons. endorsements carry much less value than they used to, number one. number two, washington is not a popular place so not a great thing if you're a republican saying i'm going to confront the system to have those within the system along your side. those are two factors that have very important. for rick santorum the answer is simpler than that. nobody thought he had a chance until a week ago until rick santorum. the endorsement game doesn't carry the value it used to. politicians now operate as their own wholly-owned campaigns and own political corporations, if you will and bringing more into the mix is sometimes more trouble than it's worth. >> got it. major garrett from washington, d.c., thanks so much.
8:23 am
>> my pleasure. >> we will be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
8:24 am
8:25 am
the g-o-p presidential race. live pictures from iowa right now. a good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines, an update on the gop presidential race. live pictures from iowa right now, an advisor to michele bachmann says the minnesota congresswoman is now ending her bid for the republican nomination. that's after coming in a very disappointing last place in the iowa caucuses. jobs news will update this story -- cbs news will update this story on air and online in the next few minutes. an overnight manhunt in san jose ends with a man in custody. this is new video of the search. the manhunt started after a driver refused to pull over for a traffic stop around 1:00 this morning. several hours later, officers found him near a shed hiding. they also found stolen property in his car. he is under arrest. and state lawmakers are due back in sacramento today. the biggest task is dealing
8:26 am
with the state's ongoing budget deficit. they will be waiting for governor brown's plan to deal with the $13 billion shortfall over the next year and a half. work to be done there. we'll have an update on your traffic and weather coming right up. style like a fashionista.
8:27 am
save like a maxxinista. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. good morning. san mateo bridge traffic moving well in both directions. eased up a bit, 14 minutes now between 880 and 101. we do have some troubles though along 101 and on surface
8:28 am
streets. menlo park, willow road at 84 reports of a truck fire possibly blocking the roadway, lots of crews there on scene. you can see 101 really slow and go on the southbound side as well as northbound. so give yourself some extra time as you work your way along the peninsula. not bad though at the bay bridge toll plaza. that earlier stall out of lanes. metering lights on. that's a look at traffic. here's lawrence. >> what a great day weather- wise. lots of sunshine out there now, just a couple of patches of fog in the valleys. but looking good to the beaches there over the golden gate, clear skies right now. a little chilly though. 30s and 40s around the bay area. this afternoon, running well above the average, as high as 65 degrees in san jose, 67 mountain view, 67 in santa rosa. over the next couple of days, we are going to see some cooler temperatures on the way as we head to thursday and friday. but not much. and then looking toward the weekend, high pressure builds in likely going to see some offshore wins blowing in warming up over the weekend, cooler monday and tuesday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
i'm deeply grateful to our entire campaign team here in iowa and south carolina and everywhere. i have no regrets, none whatsoever. we never compromised our principles and we can leave this race knowing that we ran it with upmost integrity. we made it a very important contribution to this race. so i sincerely thank my wonderful husband of 33 years, marcus bachmann, my family, our children, lucas, harrison, elisa, caroline, sophia, my mother jeannie, my stepfather ray, my beloved brothers who are here, gary, paul, scott, also my brother david and george. i'm so grateful to them, our 23 foster children. they along with the lord's provision of his incomparable faithfulness have been my strength throughout the campaign.
8:32 am
i look forward to the next capitaller in god's plan. he has one for each of us, you know. if we will only cooperate with him. he has always had something greater around the corner, far beyond what any of us have ever thought or imagined. i have been blessed to live a wonderful life. i am grateful to have been a part of this presidential campaign... about his
8:33 am
8:34 am
predecesor mitt romney. >> it's a win last night for the tea party agenda. that was really the big winner. i mean, the candidates in many respects are either changeable because they are all offering exactly the same plan and that is a plan that says that everybody in america is on his or her own and that is a very, very different plan than the president has offered and the democratic party stands for. >> how can you say it was a win for the tea party when mitt romney, according to to even the people who voted last night, is not the most conservative person in the field? >> well, it's really hard. let me first say that mitt romney has always been a gentleman to me personally. but he has occupied just about every position available in politics in the course of this campaign and a lot of his -- a lot of his rhetoric these days is very much aligned with the tea party. >> but you have a situation now, governor, where every republican -- we just had a tea
8:35 am
party congressman in here. newt gingrich said yesterday, better to elect a liar than to reelect president obama. every candidate is focused on defeating president obama. so what are you seeing coming out of iowa that is going to shape white house strategy in pushing back against this forceful attack against the president? >> well, jim, i think that is an important observation. in fact, the focus of the national republican party on defeatng this president is not just an election season interest. that's been an interest since the president first took office. even at a time when we needed to come together to address critical problems facing the american people. the difference between this president and modern national republican party is that this president really does believe we are all in this together. and he is focused on how we relieve the suffering of so many of the people here in this country. there is a view out there
8:36 am
offered by the hard right of the republican party which dominates the national party today, that everybody is on his or her own. the president believes that we share in the responsibility for ourselves, our community, and our country. and that's a very, very different offering than what has been offered by the republican american people will get to choose come november. >> but, again, governor, the candidate who looks like he is emerging, at least now has a 27-point advantage here in new hampshire, is not somebody from the hard right of the republican party. so, again, let me ask you how president obama is going to run a campaign with still high unemployment, a campaign that looks more and more like it's going to turn entirely on economics? >> well, you can say that mitt romney isn't from the hard right of the republican party and in the past he hasn't been. but listen to what he is saying today and very much aligned with them. he took, you should know, a very hands-off approach to the economy when he was governor of massachusetts. and we were growing jobs at number 47th out of 50 states.
8:37 am
we take a very different approach today and we're growing jobs faster than most other states. we are at number 6 today. he took a very hands-off approach to education. but, today, we take a very hands-on approach to education and there's more reform going on in our schools than almost any other place else in the country and our students are number one in the nation on student achievement. so, you know, there is more to these labels which i think jim and nancy, you both agree, are a little oversimplified, than just saying where they are on a political spectrum. it's what he has actually done that reflects what he believes in. you distinguish that from president obama who has, after decades of trying, extended health care security to every man, woman, and child in the country, who has invested in our infrastructure and invested in closing the achievement gap, the way of winning the future, a strategy we have seen proven here in massachusetts and in the past in our history in america has proven to be a winning
8:38 am
strategy, and that is the choice facing the american people. >> governor, we don't have that much time left. would you agree that governor romney comes out of iowa strengthened? a couple of months he wasn't expected to do that well there. he came in first. he is now poised to pull off who is not an incumbent has ever done before which is win iowa and new hampshire. >> he might. i wish him well. not too well. but i wish him well. as i say, he has always been a gentleman to me and he is a great campaigner. he will present well. he has a beautiful family. but i think that at the end of the day, the voters who will vote in the general election are going to see a very different choice in philosophy about what direction the country should take. and it's the direction about whether we are, as i say, a country and united in moving forward or whether we say to everybody they are on their own. i favor the united approach that president obama has offered. >> massachusetts governor deval patrick, we will leave it there.
8:39 am
thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. now let's go back to new york to debbye turner bell for the rest of this morning's headlines. >> good morning. the man suspected of setting more than 50 fires in the los angeles area is being arraigned today on one count of arson. authorities believe harry burkhart's alleged arson spree was triggered by his mother's legal troubles. she faces deportation to her native germany and appeared in federal court yesterday. dorothee burkehart was and aware her son was in jail. she says the following. >> the judge assured her that her son is not missing, has not disappeared i believe was the world the judge used. >> dorothee burkhart is charged
8:40 am
with 19 counts of fraud in germany. >> police say a suspect in a string of new year's fire bomb attacks in new york says he was out for revenge. ray lengend was charged yesterday with a hate crime and police say he confessed for five fire bombings. one target was a muslim cultural center. no one was injured in any of the attacks. a california group calling for higher taxes on millionaires is making kim kardashian its poster child. it says kardashian made $12 million last year, but just paid 1 percentage point more in taxes
8:41 am
we're going to be right back with a look at new
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iowa was the first state to vote on the republican presidential candidates but next year new hampshire holds the first primary election. >> folks in the granite state are proud to have that distinction. correspondent karen brown is more wmore on that. >> it is sort of their identity here being first in the nation. this is a small state. there is only 1.3 million people in this state and being first in the nation not only puts it on the map, but it is good for business. the primary season brings in over $300 million. not the biggest money maker. nascar events bring in 100 million more than that. the attention this state gets from the national spotlight is priceless. and a big reason they relish being first in the nation. >> how seriously do you take your politics? >> very seriously. i think everybody in new hampshire does because they know they are the first and it will make a difference in the way
8:45 am
that the country goes. >> reporter: new hampshire voters like sculpting the political landscape. >> we are proud of setting the direction the country goes in. >> reporter: behind the scenes, the state is seizing on that free advertising. >> it is awesome to be here in new hampshire. >> reporter: to sell itself. >> as far as we're concerned, in terms of business environment, place to live, we are first in the nation. >> reporter: not just the first primary? >> no. >> reporter: first in the nation has become new hampshire's brand. and a crucial tool for economic developer chris way to aggressively recruit businesses. you're luring them in with coffee table books? >> i'm luring them in with whatever is at my disposable. we are touted as the most livable state in the nation.
8:46 am
we want them to know that government is accessible, that we are somewhat different. >> reporter: and no state income tax. >> a very favorable tax climate. >> reporter: bill skelley knows the lure of new hampshire. his medical retooling company used to be in massachusetts. so you're sitting on a plane. >> yes. >> reporter: and -- >> talking to a gentleman across the aisle. >> reporter: about your frustration? >> about our business, the frustration. not being approved in massachusetts to expand a building i owned. >> he was talking about his business and complaining. >> reporter: you're eavesdropping basically? >> no. i'm always independence teresteg to other people. i talked to him about possibly relocating to new hampshire. >> reporter: you said? >> love to. hadn't thought about it but what can you tell me? he said i'm the governor and if you give me your business card, we'd like to follow up. >> when i got back to new hampshire i asked people from our economic development office to contact him. >> i had 20, 30 e-mails of
8:47 am
different spaces in new hampshire. >> reporter: a negotiator wouldn't let go. >> we narrowed it down to this place and he said, let me negotiate a better price for you. i said wow! >> reporter: skelley medical of new hampshire is now growing with clients worldwide. so you're like the recruiter in chief? >> i try to be. i try to be an ambassador for new hampshire. >> reporter: keeping their first in the nation title is so important, it's a state law that new hampshire's primary must be held before any others. >> it just gives them a sense of new hampshire. >> reporter: canoeing. >> you can see all of our tourism and you can see our business environment, our universities. so it really gives companies a sense of what the quality of life is like in new hampshire. >> reporter: and new hampshire has seen first in the nation pay off. its unemployment rate is a low 5.2%. exports here are at an all-time high and it's see ago more modern manufacturing sector continuing to grow. as the candidates change their message and really focus on the
8:48 am
fiscal issues, when they come here and say, wow, look at that low unemployment rate. wow, look at how business friendly you are. that is unsolicited advertising just can't buy. >> the governor is not talking about when he likes to stay in touch with small business folks? >> i literally gives them his cell phone number. if somebody is thinking about moving here he gives them an open line. >> politicking in new hampshire. >> exactly. >> karen brown, thanks for being with us. joining us now with a look at the importance of next week's primary is dante scala, associate prefer of political science at the university of new hampshire. give us the lay of the land right now. >> mitt romney is first in new hampshire all year long and he never stopped campaigning in this state since his narrow loss four years ago and almost eight years of work have been building to this moment where he steps forward as the national
8:49 am
front-runner. >> who, besides romney, has the organization to compete here in new hampshire? ron paul had maybe the strongest organization of anyone in iowa. what does he have here? what does huntsman have here? can they put on a serious challenge? >> ron paul also has been campaigning for years in new hampshire. and he has a strong organization. he's broadened his base of the vote and polling about twice as well as he was four years ago in the primary. so he is poised perhaps to take second place in new hampshire which is a bit of a surprise, given all of the candidates that have come and gone this year. >> i suppose everybody now wants to know about rick santorum since he is the big story coming out of iowa but he comes to new hampshire with not much by way of organization or a lot of money to spend. so what are the next couple of days look like for him? >> yeah. he has considerable up side in the state. he hasn't spent much time on the air but has spent a lot of on the ground visiting the state. his national campaign manager is an old new hampshire hand who impose back to the days of pat
8:50 am
buchanan. they know the state well and make the most out of the momentum and the free media they will earn this week. >> how does a social conservatism in santorum do in new hampshire? you see others skipping the state altogether and newt gingrich has seen his numbers drop significantly the past couple of weeks. >> i think a good baseline for rick santorum is how mike hu huckabee did four years ago. he won iowa and came to new hampshire and won 10% of the vote. i think that is a floor for rick santorum. i think he can finish ahead of gingrich and maybe huntsman. >> he said iowa didn't matter, it all comes down to new hampshire said jon huntsman. >> he is no longer the story in new hampshire. rick santorum the new face and mitt romney had good time last
8:51 am
night. no one has won iowa and new hampshire not reagan, not bush, not mccain. the romney will take eight-point victory and sell it. >> three tickets coming out of iowa to get to new hampshire, how many tickets are there out of new hampshire to get to south carolina? >> i think three. i think you see rick santorum, ron paul and mitt romney, if they finish in the top three, i think those are your three candidates going to south carolina and maybe beyond. >> how significant is is it that the former nominee, john mccain, is expected to endorse mitt romney here in new hampshire today? he won new hampshire four years ago. >> yeah. there was no love lost between those two back in 2008. so it's significant, but mitt romney's campaign is -- it's not about momentum, it's about maintaining what he has had all year but it does take some shine off of jon huntsman who has been trying to run this maverick john mccain-like campaign here. >> it does seem like, you know,
8:52 am
gingrich and perhaps a couple of other candidates, maybe perry, might end up throwing their support around santorum, now that he is gaining steam, and start hitting romney sh who is not accustomed to that. >> that will be a real test. i remember four years ago in debates leading up to the primary, romney took it from all sides and didn't get the best of that exchange. he's a much better campaigner, a much better debater. he's had lots of practice in new hampshire. so you can expect him to give as good as he gets. >> do you ever feel like you live your entire life in one week? >> yeah, pretty much! >> quite a week here in new hampshire. >> absolutely. >> dante scala, appreciate you being with us. quite a start to the season, huh? >> we will back from manchester thursday and friday and continue talking about politics. >> that's right, our favorite topic. thanks for being here, everybody. your local news is next. see you tomorrow.
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the overnight wa a burglary suspect good morning. it's 8:55. i'm grace lee. the overnight waiting game with the burglary suspect on telegraph hill continues this morning. san francisco police say they are leaving two officers on scene to monitor the cliff where the man spent the night. so far, he has turned down offers for help in getting down the hill. a new ceo takes over the search engine company yahoo hang on monday. the sunnyvale firm announced today that scott thompson has been named to the post. he is the president of ebay's paypal division. and in just about 90 minutes from now, demolition is set to begin on a depression era bay area jail. san francisco county jail number 3 is actually in the city of san bruno, not in san francisco. a lawsuit was filed in the 1990s claiming unsafe conditions at the jail. a settlement of that suit forced san francisco to build a
8:56 am
new jail nearby. we'll have your traffic and weather coming right up.
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good morning. starting off with an accident along the eastshore freeway westbound at carlson was blocking languages. it's pushed to the right shoulder. but there is a significant backup just behind that wreck so plan ahead. not bad approaching the bay
8:58 am
bridge toll plaza. traffic light at the pay gates. metering lights are on. 880 busy into the maze. southbound not too bad as you head towards hayward. also along 880 near washington, there is an accident on the on- ramp there involving a motorcycle and again a closer look at the bay bridge leave you with a bright no. that's traffic. here's lawrence. chilly temperatures around the bay area. 30s and 50s at this hour but we are looking at sunshine and it's going to be that way all day long now. and it looks like toward the afternoon, these temperatures running well above the average as high as 67 degrees today in santa rosa. 64 in oakland. 62 and sunny in san francisco. and about 67 degrees in mountain view. so gorgeous weather today. temperatures running a good 10 to 12 degrees above the average. then we notice some changes as early as tomorrow. high pressure going to break down somewhat. we'll see more of a sea breeze kicking in likely seeing more clouds come our way too. it looks like the temperatures cool down through friday but boy, this weekend looks fantastic. ridge builds in temperatures warming up.
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