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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we start with some developing news in san francisco about a massive power outage. pg&e says at least 7,000 customers in the western addition laurel heights area are without power right now. crews got the call around 10:00 this morning. apparently, a third party digging into a line caused the outage. power is expected to be restored in the next hour. a centuries old tourist attraction at san francisco's golden gate park is now a little smaller after a tragic accident just one month after their arrival, one of the park's newest bison calves has died. anne makovec is live in san francisco to explain the unlikely source that spooked this animal. >> reporter: the cause of death is still being determined. they are going to perform a necropsy on this animal today, which is the animal form of an autopsy. but a baby bison died hours after it was treated for an injury it sustained after it ran into a fence being scared by a little dog that got into
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this pen. this man saw it unfold yesterday morning. he says two small dogs were off leash heading into the dog park when they darted into the bison pad okay with paddock with a hole in the fence. >> it's assumed coyotes have dug several holes and the dogs just squirted under there and they were small. >> they started running around where the buffalo were. so the buffalo went wild and they were running around and one of them injured itself on the side of the -- i don't know what it was, the side of this rack over here. >> reporter: and then he saw the buffalo's bloody injury. >> it would have been like right here. like right here. and it was probably the size of maybe like this. >> reporter: this is video posted on youtube from the arrival of seven young bison to golden gate park last month. people who frequent the area
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say they always stuck together until one was injured. >> this one buffalo came back into its pen over here and was by itself waiting and then the zoo people showed up. >> reporter: witnesses say it was the dog's walker that called 911 after the dogs ignored her commands to exit the paddock and it took a half hour for help to arrive. >> it was very disconcerting, you know, i think we all try to be really good with our dogs and keep them on leash. it's scary. >> reporter: that dog walker was cited for failure to use a leash and animal disturbance. we are awaiting the final results of the necropsy to find how the bison died because it was treated by the san francisco zoo yesterday morning. they let it back with the herd, thought it was going to be okay. and then it died around 5:00 last night. >> anne, any word if they might change their policy? you see the hole in the first and you think maybe if they had, you know, watched it a
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little more? >> reporter: yeah. of course, the monday morning quarterbacking is going to be going on for a long time, not only that factor but should the bison even be here? should they be in this small fenced-in area? i'm saying small relatively speaking. it's not tiny per se. but i know there's going to be a lot of animal rights activists say they should not be here in captivity at all. so there's going to be talk about that. but the bison have been here for decades and this is the first incident of this kind that we've seen. >> life in san francisco, thank you, anne makovec. a dozen members of "occupy oakland" were arrested this morning after protesting at frank ogawa plaza. officers moved in late wednesday night dismantling a teepee a symbol of their movement that had been put up in front of city hall. the city initially allowed the structure but under certain conditions that they say have been violated. protestors will meet later this afternoon to plan their next move. about a half hour the east
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palo alto city council could put a legal hold on facebook's new headquarters. the council is considering suing the menlo park-based company over congestion and some housing issues. facebook staff is expected to triple to nearly 6,000 people in the coming years. and that man that was hiding from police on the side of telegraph hill for more than 24 hours apparently slid away in the night. around 10:00 last night, a neighbor said he saw a man, a male, sliding down the hill towards an open fence and then he just simply walked out. san francisco police responded to the area to search for him but were unable to locate the suspect. a sudden spike in crime in south san francisco has police frustrated. determined thieves are after one very specific item. gil diaz tells us about that hot commodity that car owners are having a tough time holding onto. >> reporter: that's right. good afternoon. between december 18 and the 30th, 19 catalytic converters have been stolen in south san
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francisco. yeah, all of them toyotas, leaving many toyota owners having to spend thousands of dollars just to replace them. if you ever wondered what a car sounded like without its catalytic converter, it sounds like the pit in a nascar race. south san francisco police are racing against time to solve why 19 catalytic converters have been stolen in 12 days, all of them toyotas. >> that's significantly higher than i have seen before. in the past we have had them taken from time to time but never this number in that short a time. >> reporter: police theorize thieves are selling them in the black market. city toyota in daly city thinks they are scrapping them for the precious metals. >> probably they are taking it for the metal that's inside it, which is platinum. >> reporter: the toyota trucks are the hardest hit because their underside is high enough from the ground. someone can easily crawl under it. this is one of the destroyed trucks being prepared today. >> here's a cut-out one that's
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missing. over here at the other side they started cutting on the front part and then i don't know they left it. >> reporter: one of the neighborhoods hit, the brentwood area. bernadette owns a toyota tacoma and couldn't believe the news. >> oh, my god! no, i -- well, well that makes sense if they are doing it for that reason. they are hard up base there's no jobs. >> reporter: police are warning toyota owners to be vigilant in president-electing their cars. >> certainly if you have an opportunity to garage your vehicle, garage your vehicle. and then do some research on the internet because there are some security features that are available. >> you can try and buy special clamps to clamp it down, but they are going to find a way around it. >> reporter: and we checked several websites for the price of platinum. you can easily get at least $1,400 for an ounce of platinum. reporting from south san francisco, gil diaz, cbs 5. president obama slashes hundreds of billions of dollars
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in defense spending. how it will shape our defense policy in coming years. coming up. and republican presidential candidates sharpen their attacks. how they are hoping to win over voters in the granite state. >> october 13th, thursday, 2011... >> after months in hiding, casey anthony surfaces with a new look. the new video that just appeared on youtube supposedly without her permission. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. well, we have some changes for today. still a lot of sunshine in most spots. some fog at the coast. will we see any rain? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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concerns about europe. that's
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overshadowing positive news about jobs in the u-s. americans filed for stocks are flat on renewed concerns about europe that's overshadowing positive news about jobs here in the united states. fewer americans filed for unemployment benefit last week. that's according to the labor department. applications fell by 15,000 to 3 72,000. today republican presidential hopefuls hit the ground running in new hampshire just ahead of the campaign's next big contest. rick santorum is looking to keep his momentum going after a strong showing in iowa. his campaign claims that they received millions in new donations yesterday. but the new gop front-runner mitt romney made the boldest move of all taking on the president directly. >> you know, he said he wanted to create green jobs. i don't think we understood he wants to give jobs to the people who gave him the green. >> how many people have come in here as the favorite in new hampshire and have been upset? new hampshire people are very, very independent. >> romney now leads his closest competitor ron paul by 23 points in the polls.
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his campaign is expecting a big win in new hampshire. today the president appeared at the pentagon to announce hey nearly half a trillion dollars in defense budget cuts over the next decade. the cost saving measure takes effect as american forces have left iraq and begin to withdraw from afghanistan, as well. the president vowed that despite a more streamlined fighting force, the u.s. will remain a global military power. after months in hiding since she was released, casey anthony has been spotted on youtube. this is the first the world has heard from her since she was acquitted of murdering her daughter last july. in a recording you can see anthony has changed her look. her hair is shorter and lighter. >> how much things have changed since july and how many things haven't changed. >> anthony's attorney cheney mason released the following statement about the video
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recordings. "casey has maintained notes and memoirs for her personal counseling. she did not upload or release this to youtube. she doesn't know how the video got on youtube. she did not authorize it. therefore, it had to be obtained illegally." coming up, a nautical adventure for bay area kids and it's all free. >> i can actually say that i know how to sail it. >> the other lessons an east bay boat captain hopes kids will pick up during their sailing expeditions on the bay. >> talk about a poor parking job. how this car ended up on top of somebody's roof. high pressure now headed east. we are seeing some clouds moving in along the coastline. do we have a chance of seeing any rain around here? we'll talk about that coming up.
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car...on a roof! police in fresno say the the man behind lawrence karnow had a long morning. >> hey! [ laughter ] >> that is -- >> that is a car on a roof! [ laughter ] >> fresno police say the man behind the wheel of the stolen car was speeding, lost control went airborne and that's where she landed. officers called in a crane to get the car down. no one inside the building was hurt. but when last checked, we heard the driver ran away next boxer shorts. a little explaining to do there. [ laughter ] >> good thing lawrence is having his dukes of hazzard moment. >> that would be okay. it gets hot out there but it was about 36 degrees. >> a little chilly.
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>> a little liquid courage behind that, i think. [ laughter ] high pressure in the bay area headed eastward. looks like it's weakening somewhat. we have a cold front that's sliding into the state going to bring us clouds outside and we are seeing more of an onshore push right now. that means low clouds and fog gathering along the coastline. this afternoon, patchy fog continuing out at the beaches. hazy sunshine inside the bay. mostly sunny in the valleys and some of those temperatures again up in the mid-60s and running well above the average for this time of year. tonight we'll probably see some more low clouds and fog and some of that will sneak inside the bay. some of that patchy fog in the interior valleys. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s but looking good over the bay right now. dead of winter, beautiful in the bay area right now. 61 in concord. 54 degrees in oakland. 60 in livermore. and 53 degrees in san francisco. still, the high pressure system sliding to the east is going to change up just a bit as -- well, we have a couple of systems off the coastline really kind of wrapping up, looking impressive. most of that energy is heading north. the waves are making their way toward the coastline expecting to build tonight.
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so yup, there is a high surf advisory going into effect tonight until noon on friday. that's when we see some of those westerly swells about 13 to 16 feet. maybe about 17.5 at mavericks. so how about those temperatures? 66 degrees in morgan hill, 61 harold. east bay temperatures in the 60s. 61 hayward. inside the bay 50s and 60s, cooler at the coast with the patchy fog. no rain in sight next couple of days, couple of clouds, great weekend, lots of sunshine moving in. high pressure taking over with the offshore winds, looks like we'll cool off toward the middle of.-- we'll cool off toward the middle of the week. boreal snow report, they are making snow. the roads are clear. partly cloudy skies, and then they are school up there. sugar bowl, five lifts open, heavenly making snow with 21 lifts open if you are headed in that direction. >> you can ski in shorts. >> boxers. >> just like the guy with the car on the roof. >> maybe that's what he was
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doing. >> or you can go sailing. >> not a bad idea. >> it's a segue. there is nothing like being out on a sailboat on the san francisco bay on a beautiful day like today. >> that's right. as sharon chin reports this week's jefferson award winner is treating kids to a sailing adventure with a lesson. >> all of a sudden the boat moved so if you not holding on, you could lose your balance and fall down. >> reporter: captain richard gillette is leading a san francisco bay adventure. >> roger that. >> roger that! >> reporter: this is no ordinary sailboat ride. captain richard and his all- volunteer crew take children on free tips 60 to 100 tames a year. >> cast off! >> reporter: to teach them to care for the bay. many of the passengers come from the berkeley boosters police activities league for a life changing journey. >> we put them in a brand-new totally new environment for them. so that takes you know -- opens up their eyes opens up their world, their perspective.
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keep coming... >> reporter: often the explorers are at risk, disadvantaged, suffering from illnesses. joshua pearl brought his daughter with leukemia. >> she has never been able to go sailing on the bay so it made her really happy. >> reporter: students like this 13-year-old ana hernandez learn new skills. >> i can actually say that i know how to sail and how to manage a sailboat. yeah. so it's pretty cool. >> reporter: for captain richard, a former professional photographer, deciding to lead the volunteer expeditions was easy. >> my whole childhood was on boats and i know what that can mean to a child to get out there, the adventure, you know, getting the love for the sea and the marine life. >> reporter: he spent more than a dozen years sailing similar journeys with thousands of kids for the pegasys project in berkeley. now he is launching his own nonprofit, spirit of the sea. a representative of the berkeley boosters police activities league says he makes a difference. >> he really relates to the kids well.
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he has great stories to share with them. he has so many years of experience on the water. he's just very passionate about it and the kids get that. >> reporter: right now, he takes between 12 to 14 kids on one of these trips but coming soon, he will be able to take many more kids on a much bigger boat. captain richard is purchasing the ocean watch, a 64-foot cutter that recently circled the american continents. the larger vessel would allow longer tripshalf moon bay and monterey bay with as many as 40 kids. >> i getwatch kids smile. i get, you know, every one of these kids are like family to me. >> reporter: so for sailing free expeditions with thousands of bay area children, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to richard gillette. sharon chin, cbs 5.
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market. he is usually hanging out in new york, but we have tony tantillo not only live, he is not in the studio, but he is out in the field at the farmer's market. checking it all out. hey, tony. >> reporter: i tell you, guys, this is a beautiful place on a day like today in san francisco, this kind of weather, this kind of food, look how busy they are here. all the vendors and -- it's absolutely incredible. and the food is fantastic.
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we're at meats 4505 and kent is going crazy. >> we have sweet potato chili fries with house made chili. hot dogs, sweet and spicy with cheese we get next door. namu here we have lamb sausage. we handled make our own spice blend and make this with lamb, popped with a little lemon olive oil and cilantro. >> and the cheeseburger here at the end. >> this is our 100% grass-fed dry-aged cheeseburger. we make our own buns. >> i tell you, you go right back to that grill. the guy is sweating back here going crazy. and i get to try all this. but listen, i went to italy. when i came back i did a whole piece of thing on naples. this lady here and her wood- burning oven, tell me about it. give your name and the oven, your pizza is fantastic.
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>> my name is naomi and our company is pizza polatana and we imported a neopolitan oven from naples and we try and use market ingredients from other local vendors here though build our pizzas and craft artisanal pies. >> congratulations! you hit the pizza perfect napolitan style. enjoying it all morning long. the ferry plaza farmer's market has been here for years and keeps getting better and better. i'm going to do some produce tips. have some pizza. spend the afternoon. >> life is good for you, tony. really good. >> somebody has to do this, guys. somebody has to do this. i might bring something back too. >> maybe? you better! [ laughter ] >> how is it? >> incredible. absolutely incredible. >> all right. >> feel like i'm in naples. ciao! >> san francisco is not all that bad. >> no kidding. beautiful out there.
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on a day like today? >> i think i'm a little hungry too. >> get out and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. >> i saw you eyeing some of that food. >> that hot dog! >> the best thing, too! i want a dog. >> i want the burger. that's it for us, folks. go out and enjoy. we'll be in the high 60s. >> going to be gorgeous. >> super. >> when is the rain coming? >> the middle of the month! [ laughter ] it will be back. >> you heard it straight from lawrence karnow. >> caption colorado, llc
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