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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. about four more rounds went off and then the cop showed up and told me to go back in the store. >> gunfire sends people running and shuts down part of a freeway. the s.w.a.t. situation after a san francisco building. >> the car of the future could be created right in the silicon valley. how ford is taking a big step right here in the bay area. >> we have a new accident just record in stay. traffic -- reported in san jose. traffic is already stacking up behind it. we'll tell you about that and the foggy commute across the golden gate bridge in just minutes. >> more clouds in the bay area, we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up next. good morning, everybody. it's friday, january 6. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6 a.m. we begin with a neighborhood that had to duck for cover. this after someone shot out rounds from a rooftop. >> a scary scene. police have the suspected shooters in jail this morning and anne makovec is in san
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francisco where the shooting stopped traffic on highway 101 for a while. anne, good morning. >> good morning. very dramatic night here in san francisco soma district. two men have been arrested. all the streets were clear this morning. they were jumping from rooftop to rooftop on the corner of ninth and bryant. it all started at around 11:00 last night. and here are some pictures of the suspects climbing down a fire escape at around 1:15 this morning. police and s.w.a.t. teams moved in after reports of gunfire and then officers came and they heard more shots with their own ears. they closed down several streets in the area as well as north 101 the central freeway from octavia to eastbound 80. officers staked out the building, guns drawn, for about two hours as people in nearby buildings nervously waited. >> there were a lot of rounds going off in succession so there was like five to six rounds going off at a time. >> the people that were
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detained were the individuals that were seen climbing on the roof, jumping from building to building that came down the fire escape to the street. >> reporter: firefighters even joined in the effort to take the gunman down bringing a ladder truck to help police clear the building. back out here live now on bryant street, you can see several storefronts we have a trader joe's, bed, bath & beyond and then the entrance to the freeway right over here. so you can tell this is a very busy area of the city. luckily, this happened late at night. it started at around 11:00. so there weren't that many people around. but enough to get quite a scare. frank and grace. >> close call. thank you, anne. police are investigating san jose's first homicide of the year. a man shot last night off alexander avenue a residential street on the city's east side. the victim rushed to regional medical center where he died. so far no suspects and no motive. a neighbor told cbs 5 she heard more than one gunshot and then a car sped away.
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only on cbs 5 this morning, the victim of a marin county shootout is speaking about the frightening ordeal. 90-year-old jay leone said the intruder broke into his house on wednesday in greenbrae holding him at gunpoint. leone was able to convince the man to let him go to the bathroom. apparently, he had a gun hidden in the bathroom but before he could fire, the intruder shot him in the face. >> after he shot me i looked him straight in the eye. he said don't kill me, i got a daughter. i said, you [ bleep ]. pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. even though three shots hit the intruder, he got leone's gun, wrestled it away and put it to leone's head and pulled the trigger. but leone had already fired all the bullets and the burglar just got out of the house and ran away. both men are now recovering in the hospital this morning. the nation's unemployment rate has not been this low in
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nearly three years. last month the jobless rate fell to 8.5%. it was the fourth consecutive decline. the economy added 200,000 jobs in december. it was 8.6% in november after seven months at 9% or higher. ford motor company it is planning to open a research center in silicon valley in the next news months. that's where we find -- in the next few months. that's where we find gil diaz in palo alto where the company is going to set up shop. >> reporter: we are outside gm in palo alto. gm and ford are fierce rivals. according to ford the company will be moving into the silicon valley within the next couple of months. the company won't say where and how big the lab will be, just having fewer than 50 people. some of them will be recruited locally. some of them will be transferred from ford's headquarters in dearborn, michigan. ford will investigate new
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technology looking into integrating personal devices in the cars as well as looking into safety systems that that warn drivers when they are approaching another car. now, here's a statement from a ford executive. "silicon valley recommends a deep and dynamic technology neighborhood and is far from dearborn. our new lab will allow us to scout new technologies and partners in their own environment." now, ford is following the footsteps of not only general motors but also bmw and renault- nissan. back to you. >> thank you. this is the place to be. it is 6:05. and let's get a look at your traffic and weather. >> elizabeth is not in position. she has been on vacation too long. >> we'll do a little vamping and, ladies and gentlemen -- elizabeth wenger! [ laughter ] >> okay. in position. i know. all right. let's go out towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no problem. no metering lights yet at the bay bridge so we are still cruising. overall no big issues except
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for that one accident we continue to follow northbound 101 right there at oakland road in san jose. so we'll have more on that coming up. in the meantime, let's go towards the east bay in orinda. about 10:30 last night there was a car this struck a power pole and so it called a power outage to about 600 customers in the area. moraga way is closed in both directions for a couple of blocks so sounds like pg&e crews are out there now and will be there until about 4:00 this afternoon. so once again this is that other accident we're following in san jose northbound 101 at oakland road. now, sounds like there are likely lanes blocked and traffic is slow behind that scene. all right. that is traffic. for an update on your forecast, lawrence is ready to go. no problems. >> thanks for joining us today, elizabeth. >> no problem. if you are traveling around the bay area a few more clouds outside this morning as we're seeing patchy dense fog in the valleys. visibilities down to three- quarters of a mile in fairfield and other reports of patchy fog
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as the sea breeze kicks in. cooler temperatures around the bay area for today. chilly in spots. freezing as you make your way into santa rosa at 30 degrees right now. 38 in san jose and 48 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon fog gives way except at the beaches, probably patchy fog keeping the temperatures into the 50s. inside the bay hazy sunshine, temperatures up into the 60s. the weekend looks very nice as offshore winds likely to kick in that means we are going to see much warmer temperatures over the weekend cooling down next monday and tuesday. >> i hear 70s. >> i was thinking troublemaker elizabeth. >> that's true. 6:07. kids are bearing the brunt of california's budget problems. >> they are. the new warning about billions of dollars in cuts to education and how voters can stop it. and a win by eight votes or was it? the new challenge to the iowa caucus results and how this could impact the gop race.
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cuts to education, could grow. this morning some good and bad news for california's budget. cuts to education could grow. the governor's new budget plan projects about a $9 billion deficit for the upcoming fiscal
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year. it's lower than the $26 billion hole predicted. it depends on voters approving the income and sales tax hikes. if they don't, public education would automatically be cut nearly $5 billion. we are just four days away from the new hampshire primary. let's take a live look at one of the candidates. jon huntsman is at a rally speaking in concord new hampshire. he is addressing a young crowd today. it's the new england college convention, hoping to gather votes and rally some votes. he just received a very big endorsement today from the "boston globe" which also happens to be his rival mitt romney's home state. meantime there are some questions about mitt romney's eight votes squeaker in iowa over rick santorum in the caucuses. a man says the state republican party made a mistake in report, the votes from his washington wells caucus site. he noticed the mistake the next day when he check the results on the iowa gop website. he says the website showed 22 votes for romney in his
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precinct when there were actually just 2. >> when mitt romney won iowa by 8 votes, and i have a 20-vote discrepancy here, this is huge! >> state party officials have no comment. they say it's going to take weeks just to certify the results because it was so close. in the end, though, iowa's total vote has no direct bearing on the number of delegates that each candidate gets. >> i know. when you're talking 10, 15, it really doesn't matter. 6:12. new man in charge for the raiders. the former player now tapped to take over the gm role. >> a whale of a tale. the rare sighting causing some big excitement in hawaii. >> it's dry for a while but they are making snow in the high country. partly cloudy skies at heavenly, 21 lifts open. northstar partly cloudy, 17 lifts open there. and if your plan ahead sugar bowl looking good partly cloudy skies, five lifts open. more on your weather coming up
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san francisco police think they have the two men who fired shots f market building in the headlines, san francisco police, it's believed they have the two men who fired shots from a south of market building last night. no one was hurt but police had to stop traffic on the freeway and the streets and move people out of the area until the suspects came down from the roof. a 5-year-old boy was shot and killed on friday and will be laid to rest today. the funeral is at saint elizabeth's church. he was shot last week. giselle esteban from union city is supposed to enter a murder plea this morning. she is accused of killing nursing student michelle le in may apparently in a fit of jealousy over a man. let's check in with
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elizabeth for traffic. >> towards the golden gate bridge, chp this morning issued a dense fog advisory. >> you can see why. thick fog at the span. chp telling us the visibility is down to a mile or less so be extra careful. it is our only fog advisory this morning. some cameras are difficult to see. westbound 580 going to see some areas of visibility being an issue there, as well. we have only had one accident since we have been on the air at 4:30 this morning. anything blocking lanes. this one northbound 101 at oakland road is already cleared to the right shoulder. so all lanes are once again open. it's a little slow in that area because it's typically slow on northbound 101 heading into san jose anyway but 280 coming out of downtown that looks great all the way towards cupertino even though we are getting busier. more headlights on 280 towards cupertino out of downtown. we have a few more brake lights out of antioch, as well. some speeds under 25 miles per hour. it's slow in the westbound
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lanes and then even sluggish closer towards pittsburg. then speeds improve towards the concord area. back out live, we can show you this live look at the nimitz, 880 so far you're cruising in either direction past the coliseum towards downtown. it's only 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. southbound 880 is fine all the way down towards hayward and they have not turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge so typically this is around the time they turn them on. usually we see some kind of delay at least in the cash lanes but so far nothing. it's been a great commute so far into san francisco and all the approaches are fine, as well. off to a great start for bart,'s, muni, caltrain and ferries. so avenue al we can call it "friday light." -- so overall we can call it "friday light." here's lawrence with the weather. >> we'll have a lot of sunshine over the weekend. patchy fog in the napa valley. reports of visibilities down to a quarter mile and some freezing temperatures too. we have a weak system sliding
6:18 am
in toward the bay area, most of the energy again up to the north. but we are going to see a few clouds from the system and a little more moisture in the atmosphere today. temperatures are going to be coming down. patchy fog out there this morning. the weekend looks fantastic. sunshine and some warm temperatures, a little breezy over the mountaintops. but the offshore winds going to kick in so we'll have nice weather. hazy over the bay. couple of patches of fog there too. temperatures right now 43 in concord. 43 livermore. 48 in san francisco. and a chilly 38 degrees in san jose at this hour. if you plan to travel around the state, not bad. no rain to worry about. it will be dry into the central valley and lots of sunshine by the afternoon. low 60s in toward fresno. 59 degrees in the monterey bay and a lot of 50s up in the high country. this ridge trying to build in. weak waves rotating in ahead of it. over the weekend offshore winds to the bay area. and some very nice weather. all right, surf is picking up at the coast. high surf advisory until 6 p.m. some swells gathering 13 to about 16 feet. so stay away from the rocks.
6:19 am
dangerous for today. it looks like temperatures this afternoon as high as 46 degrees in morgan hill. 57 and cool with fog into pacifica. 60s into the east bay and as you get inside the bay hazy sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s in san francisco, low 60s into oakland and 63 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, looking great if you have some plans. another gorgeous weekend. offshore winds will be kicking in. that's going to send the temperatures well into the 60s. looks like we'll start to cool off about monday or so with some clouds moving in on tuesday but no rain in sight. >> how's the weekend looking. fantastic! >> two for fantastic, two for great and i hit them both. >> he had 3. >> i had 2. >> i win. >> i have to buy her coffee now. work on that will you, pal? [ laughter ] 6:19 now. lawrence is going to love this. so are raider fans. the oakland raiders may have a new man in charge of the the team has tapped reggie mckenzie as the new gm according to
6:20 am
espn. he was in town interviewing. he has worked in the personnel department for the packers forenearly 20 years. he could begin his duties with the raiders only if the packers agree since he is under contract with green bay who won a couple of super bowls under him. mckenzie was a tenth round draft pick of the l.a. raiders in 1985. open ceremony for mavericks is today in half moon bay. it's a great weekend for it. who surfers will hold a prayer circle in the ocean. they might even surf the mavericks but the contest isn't until the waves get big enough and the surfers get 24 hours notice to get down to half moon bay. a rare sight in hawaii has tourists and locals pretty excited. >> some humpback whales surfaced yesterday in the middle of honolulu harbor. they popped up alongside some
6:21 am
tugboats. the last time they showed up in the harbor wars in the 1990s. now is the peak of humpback whale season october through march. >> doesn't happen very often? >> no. they are usually way offshore. apparently they came into the harbor and went right back out. >> you said the harbor is not so clean? >> they have all the cargo ships coming and going. tasty new options for you foodies. "eye on the bay's" liam mayclem has the scoop on two hot new restaurants in the bay area. >> is your memory foggy? why our brain power may be slowing down earlier than we thought. all coming up. stay with us.
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brain can start to slow down in middle age. are you feeling a little forgetful? this may be why. some new findings indicate that the human brain can start to slow down in middle age. researchers found that the brain's capacity for memory, reasoning and comprehension can begin to decline as early as age 45. [ laughter ] >> or perhaps earlier. [ laughter ] >> the capacity for reading -- no, joking. the journal tracks thousands of people over a 10-year period and found between the ages of 45 and 49 the 3.6% drop in mental reasoning. >> you have a ways to go. but you're well on the way, grace. >> i don't even know why that happened. i swear it only happens to me. >> it's always numbers. one of the best things about the bay area, there's always a new restaurant to give a try. >> let's talk about food! [ laughter ] >> we have "eye on the bay"
6:25 am
host liam mayclem showing us the dining scene. >> reporter: greetings, pleasure seekers. yes, food in mind and two hotspots in san francisco serving up posh nosh in settings. the ritz-carlton dining room is no more. a brand-new dining destination is in its place. parallel 37, serving up delicious food. it's french, japanese and, of course, your all american right there, those pork sliders wow. the bar or communal table the best seats in the house and the bar bites from 5 bucks are tasty. parallel 37 at the ritz-carlton in san francisco. park tavern the other new kid on the block in washington square north beach chef. the chef and owner have delivered on their promise to bring back the happy vibes and the great food left behind by mooses. the menu is eclectic.
6:26 am
check that out. delved eggs with smoked bacon on top. mmm! also, the salads, ceviche, so much dishes, so flavorful, colorful. park tavern a hip hotspot in san francisco. not to be missed. and you can see more of those tasty spots plus let me tell you, dine about town it returns to the bay area next weekend. set dinners your favorite restaurants for 34.95 and proceeds go to meals on wheels. a quick recap. there you have it. a couple of my favorite spots right there, parallel 37, park tavern at dine about town. don't forget. more on my twitter feed. enjoy the rest of your weekend. i'm liam mayclem, cheers. >> you have you have eye on that delved egg and bacon. he is about to take one of
6:27 am
san francisco's top positions. why the newly elected sheriff is at the center of a police investigation. and the ride is about to get nicer for the silicon valley transit riders. the plush makeover coming to vta buses coming up. two men arrested accused of shooting a gun while jumping from rooftop to rooftop in san francisco. tell you how this all ended coming up. the fierce competition among carmakers heats up in the silicon valley. gm's main rival moving into town. we'll tell how it is coming up.
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and i'm grac happy friday, everybody. it's january the 6th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we made it! >> we did. >> it's friday. >> elizabeth just coming into work today. [ laughter ] >> one day. >> i'm working tomorrow. thank you. a little extra. >> you should be.
6:31 am
[ laughter ] >> yeah. nice to have a few days off. i think a lot of people may have today off. traffic is lighter today even though it is friday. we often see lighter traffic. no metering lights and no delay at the bay bridge. we'll show you where it is getting busy on the roads coming up. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> more patchy, dense fog around the bay area today. we have a couple of systems across the ridge but by this weekend looking good. we'll have full details on your weekend forecast coming up. police are holding two suspects after a tense s.w.a.t. situation in the soma neighborhood overnight. >> gunfire closed a freeway and several surface streets in the area during their search. anne makovec reports on what the suspects were doing on a rooftop. >> reporter: police are still trying to figure out why they were shooting this gun jumping from rooftop to rooftop here in soma. all is clear here right now.
6:32 am
police believe they have both suspects in custody and all the roads are clear. but it was going on at ninth and brian. they were shooting from several of those rooftops as they jumped around. this all started at around 11:00 last night. and here are some pictures of the suspects climbing down a fire escape at around 1:15 this morning. finally surrendering. police and s.w.a.t. teams moved in after reports of gunfire and officers heard more shots when they closed down several streets in the area as well as north 101 the central freeway from octavia to eastbound 80. officers staked out the buildings, guns drawn, for about two hours as people in nearby buildings nervously waited. >> i just walked out and shot were fired. i heard about three shots. and then kept walking a little further, heard about four more rounds go off and then the cop shows up and told me to go back inside the store. >> reporter: firefighters even joined in the efforts to take the gunmen down bringing a
6:33 am
ladder truck to help police clear the building. again, they believe the entire area is safe now which is good news because this area here in soma gets very busy. you can see the freeway exit over there and there are several businesses in the area, as well. it really is shocking that nobody was injured after all of these shots were fired. we are not sure about the exact number of shots fired but several according to police and witnesses. back to you guys. >> thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. san jose police are looking into the city's first homicide of the year. a man was shot last night off alexander avenue. this is the residential street on the east side. the victim was rushed to regional medical center where he died. so far, there are no suspects as well as no clear motive. investigators say that the shooting may be gang-related. and only on cbs 5 an amazing story of a marin county shootout from the victim's perspective. 90-year-old jay leone said that the intruder broke into his
6:34 am
house on wednesday and was holding him at gunpoint. leone was able to convince the man to let him go to the bathroom, where he had a gun hidden. but before he could fire, the intruder shot him in the face. >> after he shot me i looked him straight in the eye. he said, don't kill me, don't kill me. he says i got a daughter. i said, you [ bleep ]. pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. >> the intruder was hit three times but it wasn't over yet. the intruder got leone's gun, put it to his head and pulled the trigger but all the bullets had already been fired. the burglar ran out. both men are recovering in the hospital this morning. >> world war ii vet there. san francisco police are investigating the sheriff-elect for possible domestic violence. the examiner reports a neighbor reported seeing an incident between ross mirkarimi and his wife but a campaign spokesman said the statement from the
6:35 am
wife saying mirkarimi has never been abusive to her. he is to be sworn in as sheriff this weekend. silicon valley the next motor city? could be. ford is following several other carmakers looking to tap the knowledge and innovation of bay area high-tech firms. gil diaz in palo alto with more on the lab that ford is about to open. gil, good morning. >> reporter: hi, frank. good morning. well, we're outside general motors' research lab. they have one here so does bmw and renault-nissan and now ford wants to be the latest carmaker to set up shop in the silicon valley. ford is being tight-lipped as to the location and size of the lab but a spokesman says it's what you would expect from a startup. so less than 50 workers. ford plans to open its lab sometime during the 1st quarter of this year. the lab will experiment on the newest automotive technology which includes tracking weather and road conditions. even though ford made the announcement today, ford's ceo
6:36 am
expected to talk about it in detail next week in las vegas during the annual consumer electronics show. car industry experts say that the reason car companies are setting up labs here is to be closer to stanford. the college has a program that studies the future of the automobile. back to you. >> thank you. gil diaz live in palo alto. 6:36 now. hundreds of homes are in the dark in orinda this morning after a car hit a power pole. now, this outage began around 10:30 last night. since then, power has been off for nearly 600 customers. pg&e says it hopes to restore power by 4:00 this afternoon. in the meantime, a stretch of moraga way is likely to be closed most of the day as crews work to replace the pole. so this could have an effect on traffic. >> that's a main thoroughfare from moraga to orinda to get on 24 to come to san francisco. with more on traffic, let's kick it over to elizabeth find out what's going on. >> all things traffic.
6:37 am
that's right. let's head out to orinda. close to 4:00 when pg&e will hopefully get that stretch of moraga way reopened. it's both directions of moraga way closerd to a couple of blocks. again they are hoping to reopen it for the evening commute. here's a live look outside . chp early this morning issued a dense fog advisory for the span. visibility is an issued. they said earlier it was down it about a mile or less. elsewhere, we are starting to get busy through antioch. speeds under 25 miles an hour. still "friday light" at the bay bridge. lawrence has the forecast. >> a little gray in some parts of the bay area now. visibility down to a quarter mile into fairfield.
6:38 am
a few more clouds on this friday. but we are looking good sailing into the weekend. we have this system sliding through today helping to cool down the temperatures a bit as we are going to see more of a sea breeze. fog this morning into concord, 43 degrees. 28 and fog showing up in santa rosa. 48 in san francisco and 38 degrees in san jose. by the afternoon, most of that fog is long gone. 60s inside the bay and also the valleys. at the coastline patchy fog and temperatures in the 50s. weekend wonderful, high pressure overhead, offshore winds blowing, temperatures into the 60s getting near 70 degrees as we head in toward sunday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. silicon valley is the innovation capital of the world and starting next week it's getting a state-of-the-art transit bus. mike colgan joins us live on the phone with details of the vta's new express line buses. mike take it away. >> reporter: good morning. the eye-catching red and black hybrid buses are designed to
6:39 am
attract commuters who work in high-tech. >> it's got wi-fi on it. there are individual reading lights at each seat, high-back seats with cushions much higher sort of level of amenity than you find in a regular bus. >> reporter: the general manager michael burn says the 20 new buses will initially be used on seven of their longer lines. >> dedicated to express lines both existing express lines and the new line that we are introducing which will go from east san jose, the eastridge area, up to fremont bart. >> reporter: the new express buses will also go into service which will go on service on monday, also be used on the 121 line which runs from gilroy to mountain view. with the economy starting to come back, vta says more commuters are filling the seats. overall, bus ridership is up 3.5%. and they are hoping these plush new express buses will attract a new class of riders to mass transit. life in san jose, mike colgan for cbs 5. >> commuting in style. thank you, mike. coming up on monday, "the
6:40 am
early show" is getting a huge makeover. we have been chatting with the new anchors of the show "cbs this morning." that's the new title. charlie rose, gayle king and of course erica hill. >> they are all big fans. bay area and gayle king went to school here. >> i'm a bear, 1972. i went to menlo atherton high. my daughter went to stanford. so i have been to the bay area many, many, many times. >> she has the bases covered. i went to duke. she a son or daughter who went to duke. i went to university of maryland. >> the maryland part doesn't count. >> she was just throwing out every school she had been to or affiliated. >> erica met her husband here worked in the city. check the new crew this monday morning at 7:00 right after us here on cbs 5. >> a lot of personality there. >> absolutely. 6:40. the monthly jobs report is
6:41 am
taking investors by surprise. the new milestone for the nation's unemployment rate. >> plus a new district attorney for san francisco. what does it mean for the city? our phil matier and our willie brown are going to break it all down coming up. and the market opened about 11 minutes ago. let's check the numbers. wow. i think those numbers are wrong. we are going to double-check those and get back to you. it's down 38. i was going to say, we would have record on that if that were true. sorry about the mistake. we'll straighten it out with jason brooks when we come back.
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good morning. i was tolls we could see traffic in our 580/680 camera in the dublin interchange. traffic is westbound 580 traffic. visibility is still an issue closer towards the dublin interchange but you drive time is still between 15 and 20 minutes coming out of the altamont pass towards dublin. so eastbound traffic on 580 that is moving just fine this morning. elsewhere, at the bay bridge, they finally turned the metering lights on. so now we have slight delays just in some of the fastrak lanes. otherwise we also have this dense fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. we have seen some of the fog clear a little bit at least just from the view of our camera. but earlier chp issued a dense fog advisory for the span.
6:45 am
watch out for that. elsewhere, 880 the nimitz is fine. it is getting busy especially in the southbound lanes heading towards hayward past the coliseum. should be still about a 15- minute drive time or so give or take. these are the northbound lanes a little difficult to see those taillights but it looks okay all the way towards downtown oakland and the macarthur maze. so your other bridges i mentioned a very light traffic day over at the bay bridge. they finally turned the metering lights on. san mateo bridge has been problem-free all morning. that's the commute direction, westbound 92. so you can see it is getting busy towards the high-rise and heading in the other direction, eastbound 92 so far that is just fine. now we had an earlier accident northbound 101 at oakland road in san jose. that is now completely gone. so 280 looks great heading out of downtown san jose. we'll have much more traffic coming up. in the meantime, let's check your weather conditions. here's lawrence with more. >> time to finalize the weekend plans. looking good around the bay area. we have a couple of patches of fog early on this morning some thick in some of the valleys so watch out for that but he think as we head through the day we are going to see more sunshine
6:46 am
and really things setting up very nicely for the weekend. a lot of sunshine coming our way. just a little breezy around the bay area, some cooler temperatures next week. outside now chilly in spots especially in some of the valleys at this hour. you have some fog and 28 degrees in santa rosa. 38 in san jose. 48 san francisco. 43 in livermore valley. high pressure looks like it's breaking down a bit. that's allowing for a couple of these disturbances to roll over the top. that means some cooler air for us today. temperatures going to come down but toward the weekend, that ridge builds in and those temperatures are going to heat up. we have some big swells moving in along the coast today. 13 to 16-footers at the beaches so really stay off the rocks. going to be dangerous. temperatures going tow great though inside the bay talking 60s there. 50s with patchy fog out at the coast. a lot of 60s in the valleys. and as you get inside the bay hazy sunshine, 62 in san leandro, and about 60 degrees in san rafael. next couple of days, got plans for the weekend, looking good. no rain in sight. warm temperatures above normal some of those numbers heading
6:47 am
near 70 towards sunday. cooling off next monday and tuesday with a few more clouds. [ laughter ] >> are you going to tell the viewers what your he doing this weekend? >> whatever i want! ism free this weekend. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> what does that entail? >> whatever i want to do. pizza, whatever. >> beverages ? >> beverages. >> nothing says weekend like pizza. 6:47 now. and there were new jobs, a lot of them, and it sent the unemployment rate down in december. good news. here now it talk about it is jason brooks with kcbs and happy friday. >> reporter: good morning. certainly a nice way to end the week with some decent news on the job market. labor department reporting a gain of 200,000 jobs in the month with the unemployment rate dropping from 8.6 to 8.5%. those are better-than-expected numbers. the gain doubled what we saw the month before in november. that was about 50,000 more than what economists were looking for. private sector making up the
6:48 am
bulk of the job gains with 212,000. government at the state, federal and municipal levels cutting 12,000 jobs in the process. number of sectors doing fairly well. manufacturing, warehouse and transportation, retail, health industries adding solid gains. the stock market is constrained by europe worries. borrowing costs rose in italy and france. the euro once again is falling, about 16 month low against the dollar when the dollar tends to go up stocks tend to go down. and we got warnings on slower i.t. spending globally by gartner yesterday and that's primarily because of europe and a downgrade for google because of slowing online ad spending in europe. so how europe goes definitely affects u.s. companies putting a crimp in hiring. look at the numbers right now. the dow is dropping by 51 points. got the nasdaq down by 5. s&p
6:49 am
right now grace and frank, is lower by 4 points. >> i thought those numbers might go up. >> we have been getting good news on the job market. the trend is the right direction but so many concerns with europe. it's still early-morning in the day. things -- it's still early in the day. things could certainly change. >> thank you jason brooks with kcbs and >> of a great weekend. a lot of people looking at the looming primary in new hampshire after the squeaker in iowa. several candidates remain in the republican race for president. closer to home, san francisco's first elected hispanic district attorney was sworn in this weekend? cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former mayor willie brown on that and much more. they join us. good morning. >> good morning. actually, gascon was last night. the mayor's ceremony is sunday. and guess who is emcee of both. >> well, as a matter of fact, george's what kind of a
6:50 am
floating arrangement on the emcee. i had diane. >> dianne feinstein. she had three minutes. >> newsom had three minutes. 20 minutes later diane got called. >> so newsom was his usual self. >> no, shorter. >> and saved he was going to be shorter than he normally would be. but he was good. >> but gascon is the first latino district attorney. we have our first asian mayor coming in. it's quite a shift here in san francisco. >> quite a shift and in gascon's place, it's even more diverse than that. he was also the first police chief to become district attorney. that is a very unusual step. ordinarily you don't ever have that kind of a relationship between the prosecutor and the person who arrests people. >> what do you think the next step is? >> i think last night -- that production, phil, was a stair- step to mayorship. he had the gay men's chorus close with i left my heart in
6:51 am
san francisco. he had somebody from speak out. >> so you think george gascon's next move would be mayor of san francisco? >> absolutely. >> i bet attorney general? >> no. i think it's mayor of san francisco. i suspect that he is -- he will await the opportunity and besides kamala harris doesn't leave for a few years. >> on sunday you're going to emcee along with senator dianne feinstein ed lee's inauguration. >> that is correct. >> is that why they call you a power broker or is it just because you're available? >> just because i'm available. available and i can, you know, be programmed. i can be programmed. you have no idea how important that is when you're emcee. your emcee can screw up, mispronounce the names, miss the timing, don't understand the sensitivity of the crowd... i been doing that so many years that that's how i am. >> frank, grace, have either of
6:52 am
you emceed events? i have done it. he is right. all of a sudden somebody hands you a list of names and you have no idea how some are pronounced. >> he was like a standup comedian out there. i was impressed. >> i was just with a crowd of friendly folks. >> he actually does crack -- if he can't pronounce half the names, he stops the list and starts making jokes. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> that's the way to handle it. >> yeah. when you don't know the names, you have to fake it. >> you're in a situation where you know every politician is going to be dull. contrast yourself and you will be the only one quoted. >> leave with you that. we are going to be back on sunday? >> absolutely. >> back to you guys. >> all that and no primary chatter, huh? okay. we'll save that for next week. >> enjoy your coffee. >> hard to squeak it into 2.5 minutes there. it is 6:52. an overnight standoff with s.w.a.t. and san francisco pd.
6:53 am
the mystery of two men jumping from building to building shooting that and much more when grace and come back. stay with us. sweetheart. we need to talk.
6:54 am
i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t.
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south of market neighborhood overnight. anne makovec is in san francisco, where police have a gunfire closed streets in the south of market neighborhood overnight. anne makovec is in san francisco, where police have a couple of suspects this
6:56 am
morning. but they still have some questions. anne. >> reporter: that's right. but the streets are all clear this morning. that's the good news here in soma but we had two men jumping from rooftop to rooftop over there on the corner of ninth and bryant shooting off at least one gun. it started around 11:00 last night. and here are some pictures of the suspects climbing down a fire escape at around 1:15 this morning. police and s.w.a.t. teams moved in after reports of gunfire. officers then heard more shots. they closed down several streets in the area as well as the central freeway, north 101 from octavia to eastbound 80. officers staked out the building, guns drawn, for two hours as people in nearby buildings nervously waited and firefighters even joined in the efforts to take the gunman down bringing a ladder truck to help police clear the building. back out here live now, you can see a very busy area. we have a freeway off-ramp and several stores in the area, bed, bath & beyond and trader joe's. so this all happened late
6:57 am
enough at night that there weren't people around or as many people around that would be affected. we are still waiting to find out more about the suspects and why they were shooting guns. grace and frank. >> very busy area. thank you, anne makovec live in san francisco. >> hundreds of people have no electricity in orinda this morning after a car hit a power pole. the outage began around 10:30 was night. since then power has been off for nearly 600 customers. pg&e hopes to have power restored but it will take a while, about 4:00 this afternoon. a stretch of moraga way likely to be closed most of the day. so that could mess up the commute if you are coming from moraga as crews work to replace that pole. gop candidates making their pitch in new hampshire today ahead of tuesday's primary. here's a live look at rick santorum holding a town hall meeting in keene, new hampshire. it's entitled faith, family and freedom. he lost by 8 votes to mitt romney in the iowa caucus. mr. romney in south carolina because he has such a big lead in new hampshire he is stumping
6:58 am
for votes down there right now. >> we are here, kids. >> yeah. >> friday! >> about time. >> outstanding. >> and i think a lot of people are take today off. >> yeah? >> want to see proof? >> except you. >> except me. i'm here. and you guys are here, too. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights had he finally turned them on later -- they finally turned them on, later than usual. not too much come commuting into san francisco and not a way behind the pay gates. so elsewhere we still have this dense fog advisory at the golden gate bridge issued this morning by chp. elsewhere, chopper 5 is taking the day off so we are going to go flying to do a little videogame chopper 5 action. it's okay all the way through westbound 580 over the altamont pass all the way towards the dublin interchange. still about a 14-minute drive time in those westbound lanes. so that is traffic. let's check in with lawrence. when is the fog going to lift? >> that's the big question. i think in the next couple of hours we'll see that dissipate except at the coast. you will see more fog continuing at the beaches,
6:59 am
today. 50s for highs there but inside the bay a lot of 60s showing up, mid-60s in the warmest spots but what a weekend it's going to be. lots of sunshine coming our way, gorgeous weather, offshore winds are going to be blowing over the tops of the mountains. a little breezy there. but should be a great weekend. those temperatures heating up near 70 in the afternoon on sunday. >> breezy, huh? >> very. >> do we get one fantastic? >> it should be totally fantastic this weekend. i hope you enjoy it. have a great weekend. >> thanks, lawrence. you know, sometimes divorce can produce some weird things this may be true for tiger woods' ex-wife. >> weird? figure this. elin got $100 million from her divorce. tmz said she paid $12 million for this lovely home in north palm beach, florida, and then she did this. bulldozers in, plow it all down. the property had six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and now it's just a big pile of dirt. >> i know. kind of amazing, huh? actually the writer pointed


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