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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  January 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. on top with target's on their back. the harsh attack that changed between republican presidential hopefuls. demonstrators in oakland tonight. >> you have been spreading lies and rumors for a year. >> put up your hand when you are done. >> some say not a bargain at all. the fight over financing in santa clara. who says they are getting a raw deal? >> good evening, i'm annette. the republican presidential candidates tonight held their first debate in new hampshire since the iowa caucuses. and the attention focused on those who finished on top in iowa. mitt romney with a substantial lead. danielle. >> reporter: ann, mitt romney had the confidence of a winner tonight and he let the others on the stage go back and forth
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with the attacks as he just stood by and watched. with just three days to go until the primary, the other candidates did little to hurt his lead. >> the gop candidates showed up ready to spar. this time rick santorum got center stage and took more fire. >> you're a big spender. you're a big government conservative. >> you vote against everything. i don't vote against everything. >> while santorum and ron paul went head to head over the debt, sparks flew when a veteran and newt gingrich clashed over sending americans to war. >> i personally resent the kind of comments he routinely makes without accurate information. when i was drafting, i was married and had two kids and i went. >> front runner, mitt romney worked to stay above the fray. >> i don't want to be critical. >> and defended attacks on his business record. >> it always pains you, if you have to be in a situation of
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downsizing a business in order to try and make it more successful. >> this is the 14th time the gop candidates have shared its stage. several have seen poll numbers dramatically rise and fall based on previous debate performances. >> john huntsman is running out of time to make an impression. the former ambassador to romney. >> he doesn't quite understand this situation. what he is calling for would lead to a trade war. >> running last in new hampshire, rick perry stayed on the sidelines. >> i am the only outsider. >> the candidates will go another round sunday morning for one more debate before tuesday's primary. >> and perry has spent little time in new hampshire leading up to the primary focusing his attention on south carolina. >> danielle, another debate so
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soon, i'm sure there are some people wondering why. should we expect to hear more of the same? >> it will be interesting to see what the candidates have to say just a few hours from now. i'm imagining that after this debate, everyone is going back and figuring out what they said, how the crowd reacted to their answers to the questions and hopefully they'll get it together and tomorrow we'll probably see people coming out again, attacking romney, attacking santorum. they are the leaders in this race right now along with paul and again, huntsman and gingrich are fighting for their life. they need a good showing so they can go into south carolina strong, ann. >> thank you for the update. it was a cat and mouse game in oakland. several people were arrested, including a person armed with exclusives. nearly 100 people gathered around 8:00 tonight at the corner of 14th and broadway to what it seemed like a protest against the oakland pd.
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they taunted officers for an hour before marching to the police headquarters. officers kept blocking streets. there are reports of vandalism and a local van news was defaced. six people were taken into custody, including a woman who had a stick of dynamite. >> it's hard to say, but any time a protester who is showing hostile acts towards the police and they are armed with a quarter stick of dynamite, that's always a concern. not only for officers, but public safety as well. >> the protest is fizzling out. officers are keeping a close eye on the group. >> well he was found overnight in a parking lot and tonight we still don't know who was responsible for a six-year-old boy. a passer by found him wandering at 3:30 this morning outside a bank at the oakland san leandro border. the good samaritan called police and stayed with the child until police arrived.
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they arranged for child protective services to get involved. the boy is safe and unhurt. >> we have a child involved. child protective services takes the primary lead with the investigation and through that, we'll be determined if there was criminal negligence or if this was an accident. a simple mistake, something happened. >> police have notified the boy's parents or guardians. he will remain with cps while the investigation continues. san francisco police say a name of the person arrested in the mission. they say the man in the surveillance video is 32-year- old frederick. he is facing charges from a series of assaults that happened between june and december of last year. the charges against him include attempted murder. assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and battery. detectives say they have dna evidence. >> oakland police are trying to figure out what happened to a woman found dead at home this
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morning. the body of a 37-year-old was found just after 2:00 this morning in her home. the woman has not been identified yet and a cause of death has not been released. tomorrow marks one year since the gunman opened fire at a arizona grocery store. six people were killed, six others were killed. including a congresswoman. it's been a long year of healing. ben tracy with how one woman is coping with a tragedy that took the life of her nine-year-old friend. >> i wish i could pick you up and carry you down, but i can't. >> susie has every reason not to once again bond with children. on january 8, susie took her neighbor's daughter, nine-year- old christina taylor green to meet their congresswoman, gabrielle giffords. shortly after they arrived, the first of 31 shots rang out. >> congresswoman giffords slid
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down. >> we first talked to her last year. just after she got out of the hospital. she was shot three times. her pain was still raw. >> i remember lying on the ground holding christina's hand and looking at her. telling her to stay with me and not to do this alone. sweety, i love you, and stay here and christina, christina. sorry. christina died, but her memory lives on. it lives on today in tucson at this walk held in her honor, in the playground christina's parents had built nearby. and her corneas donated so two other children can now see. >> when we heard that, we knew it was the best decision in the world. and you know, i know christina would be proud to have helped somebody. >> after losing her young friend, susie needed help too. >> one of the things that made me saddest when i was in the
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hospital was the fear that my friends with children would think that i was toxic and that they would be afraid to let their kids be with me. >> then last february, a local school asked her to judge a contest. in which kids take pictures expressing their hopes for america. >> my hope for america, help homeless people. >> i like this one. >> susie quickly learned she was far from toxic. >> okay, where are you supposed to be? >> she's been coming back to that same school nearly every week. >> right there. gorgeous. >> boosting her spirits and giving back. >> christina is gone, but all of these wonderful little faces are right here for me and it reminds me that there's joy and love in the world that life goes on. >> sunday morning at 10:11, bells will ring all over tucson marking the exact moment the
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shooting began. on sunday evening, congresswoman giffords will attend a candle light vigil here in tucson. >> high finance, high fashion. and allegedly not something to be taken lightly. excerpts from a book showing a different side of the first lady. it's bad for your weight, it's bad for your cholesterol and now we're hearing it gets worse. physical damage done to your brain thanks to fast food? >> yet another lovely weekend around the bay here, looks like we will be clear and breezy. winds down through tomorrow as we continue this high and dry pattern into if not through next week. your complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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and gracious. behind that exterior is a powe first lady michelle obama is gracious. behind that exterior is a powerful woman. karen brown on a new book that illustrates michelle obama's determination and what pitted her against some of the most powerful men in washington. >> i'm the first lady, i get to do a lot of cool things. go. all right. >> the first lady passed nutrition and exercise, but behind the scenes -- >> she really owns the room
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when she walks in. >> michelle obama is exercising her power. washington insider, sally quinn. >> first ladies always protect their husbands. >> in a new book, "new york times" reporter jody cantor says the first lady clashed with top aides. the president told the former chief of staff his wife was displeased with the handling. emanuel was indignant. >> i'm sure that michelle obama was probably deeply offended by rahm emanuel's style. >> cantor writes, mrs. obama's reported comments to carla that living in the white house was hell created problems for former press secretary, robert gibbs. when he learned she was upset with his efforts at damage control, he cursed the first lady to staffers. >> well, i mean, that's shocking. first of all, it's really
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stupid. they don't understand that she's the wife. and that she has the power. >> the book revealed the evolution of michelle obama from the harvard educated mom that felt everyone is waiting for a black woman to make a mistake to a formable first lady. >> i think she is now getting her sea legs. >> it's about giving you a voice with decision makers. >> the book says mrs. obama has found her voice. >> it's about getting something done. >> and is all in with helping her husband get reelected. karen brown, cbs news, new york. michael jackson fans are suing the singer's doctor for emotional distress. the lawyer representing about 100 fans says it's similar to lose ago childhood friend. jackson's doctor, conrad murray was found guilty in november of involuntary manslaughter. each fan suing for emotional damage in france could legally
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win up to $13,000, but they are only asking for a symbolic one euro in damages. shedding the pounds for the new year is possible, but keeping it off, another story. and researchers may know why. a study in mice shows eating high fat foods causes damage to an area of the brain that regulates weight as the brain tried to fix the problem, it caused scarring. there was also a loss of cells that play a critical role in fat control. researchers believe that could be a hard time keeping weight off. meteorologist is joining us now. it's been a lovely saturday so far. let's see how sunday is shaping up. >> another gorgeous weekend as we continue this dry and mild pattern. right on through the week. possibly next week as well. as high pressure prevails across the bay. clear and breezy in the north and east bay hills. that will keep the fog to a
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minimum. that will come down through the morning hours, leaving us slightly warmer here across the region tomorrow, as we continue this dry and mild pattern. high pressure is in control across the west. we do have a red flag warning up for the sierra slopes as again, we'll see gusts northeast winds, gusting to 60 and very low relative humidity. normally we are talking about ski reports this time of year instead of red flag warnings, but what a difference a year makes. after last year's record snowfall and rain fall amounts, we're looking dry. temperatures quite love will i across the day today. upper 60s to low 70s. santa rosa, oakland, and mountain view hitting 70 today. probably see some more 70s out there tomorrow. as the winds settle down, we'll continue to warm under mostly sunny skies. the overnight lows should remain above the freezing mark. in the north bay valleys and mid to upper 30s as well as the
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east bay. we'll look for mid to low 40s. a few upper 30s. cooler yet tomorrow night as winds settle down. we'll see patchy frost forming. high pressure is the weather feature to note and it will keep us high and dry here through the week. clear and breezy tonight with an offshore flow, which will weaken into tomorrow morning and into the beginning of the week. gradually cooling temperatures down as we'll see by midweek. a few clouds moving into the area, but not until tuesday. just a tail end of a weak front brings some clouds to the region and that's about it. not looking for much in the way of moisture out of that. that will keep us dry through the end of the week. with temperatures peeking out in the upper 60s. mid to low 60s at the beach and then we'll look for a cooling trend through the end of the week and into the weekend. as you can see, we remain dry for the forseeable future. temperatures peeking tomorrow, and cooling into midweek as again, a few weak fronts head
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in our direction and there's a long shot of showers showing up, maybe by sunday. which will be a go ahead thing. >> you said long shot. >> way long. >> the 49ers have reached a deal with great america over parking. that's the end of one for-year battle. now it's time for another fight. shocked at the new stadiums increasing price tag. why they say the city misled them. >> debbie, you have been spreading lies and rumors for a year. >> you put up your hand so i can answer. >> should santa clara help build a $1 billion stadium for the 49ers on land near the great america theme park. the city council just passed the financing plan, including an $850 million bank loan. >> we're not nay sayers. we want what's right and fiscally responsible for the city of santa clara.
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>> the group santa clara plays fair is collecting signatures for a referendum, saying it's not the same plan voters passed, supporting the stadium in 2010. >> now that we have a contract, it doesn't match what we were told, so we need to look under the covers and have the chance to vote on what it has become. >> reaction to the petition at this farmer's market was mixed. >> most of my friends and their friends are for the stadium. >> dozens signed their names. >> why did you decide to sign it? >> because i trust these people here. >> the reality is a lot of the information is misinformation. it's the same misinformation they were giving before the election. and i'm sure after this, all this comes to pass, it will be something they continue to say. >> in fact, the city isn't sure a referendum on this vote is legal. >> we are still researching it. until the attorney comes out with a conclusive recommendation, i will be reluctant to say anything.
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>> the california elections code, i don't know if we have the right city attorney. who is he working for? us or the 49ers? >> santa clara will be collecting signatures around the area for the next couple of weeks. their goal is 6,000 signatures by january 17. in santa clara, cbs 5. kim is here and now we know who the niners will play next. >> vernon davis said it was going to be the saints. of course he was right. i'm sure they are game planning for them. needed quadruple overtime and the 49ers defense is about to face their toughest test of the season. sports is next.
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over the saints??? new orles how big was it for the 49ers to get the number two seed over the saints? new orleans is undefeated at home and averaged 41 points per game at the superdome. matthew stafford and the lions offense is capable of winning a shootout. second quarter, stafford fires a strike to calvin johnson. a huge night for megaton. 12 catches for 21 yards and two touchdowns. detroit led 14-10 at the half. drew brees and the saints offense got on track in the third quarter. he hits henderson for the go ahead touchdown. then brees throws the quick pass to tight end, jimmy graham to make it 24-14. fourth quarter, saints up 41- 21. throws it deep to a wide open robert, brees finishes with 466
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yards passing and all the saints gain an nfl playoff record, 626 yards. new orleans marchs on with a 45- 28 win. the saints will now have to leave the dome and head out west to take on the 49ers next saturday at candle stick. the winner moves on to the nfc championship game. in the afc, the texasans were making their post season debut and the bengals were looking for their first playoff win since 1990. legendary oilers coach in the house. cincinnati up 7-0. foster gets to the outside and turns the corner for his first of two touchdowns. he went with that cool haircut. and in the first half, tied at 10. andy picked off by j.j. watt and he returns it for 6. a rough day for the bengals as he gets sacked four times and threw three interceptions. they have a rookie quarterback.
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he hits a wide open, andre johnson for the touchdown. yates threw for 159 yards. the upset, no turnovers. houston is moving on. they beat the bengals 31-10. the texasans will travel to baltimore for the divisional round. the ravens win the afc north and were a perfect 8-0 at home during the regular season. high school football, the u.s. army all american bowl, barry sanders looks a lot like his old man. i have a feeling we might be seeing more of that in the next four years. >> where are you going to play your college football? >> spend my next two years in college playing at the farm. >> at the farm. so he has chosen. >> stanford chose oklahoma state. also huge day for cal. they landed top safety, thompson, from sacramento, defensive lineman, and wide
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receiver, jordan payton. warrors guard is returning them charlotte to have his ankle re-examined by the doctor who performs the surgery on him last summer. warriors back at home. montae ellis knocked down a career high, 16 free throws. 37 seconds left, al jefferson hits the jumper to tie it at 87. the jazz would take the lead on a free throw. final chance for golden state, but plays great defense on monte. utah wins 88-87. the warriors lose their eighth straight. college hoops, certainly got their money's worth. stanford down 3 in the third. overtime, anthony brown hits it to tie it and send the game to a fourth overtime. freshman guard looks like he could have played all night. he scored 7 of his 24 points in the final five minutes. last chance for oregon state, but roberto is off the mark and
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the cardinals celebrate. they beat the beavers 103-101 in quadruple overtime to improve to 3-1. rick making their first trip since byu joined the west coast con frerns. the cougars didn't show hospitality. 6-6 downtown. who needs dimmer? 81-56. santa clara visiting the kennel. the broncos led them 31-30 in the second half, but from there, it was all bulldogs. they go on an 18-0 run. gary bell jr. finishes in transition. he outscores santa clara in the second half and wins big. 8 #-60. still to come, the sharks look to remain unbeaten in the new year and continue their climb up to standings in the western conference. more sports is next.
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winning streak they've taken over sole poss the sharks are unbeaten in 2012 and thanks to that three- game winning streak, they are taking over sole possession of first in the pacific division. the puck is being dropped at the tank tonight. the sharks hosting the capitals. third period, san jose up 2-1. changes that with his fifth goal of the season. but the sharks answered back before he was done celebrating. 16 seconds later, it's thornton
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to marlowe. the sharks go on to beat the caps 5-2 for their fourth straight win. in women's, beat oregon state 67-60. led the cardinal with 33-16 and cal brew out oregon 90-67. jennifer brandon had 17 points and 19 rebounds for the bears. and finally, it's not a wrap. that's a kentucky freshman hitting from half court in front of over 24,000 fans to win $10,000. we'll be right back.
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