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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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housing complex in san josee acuations.. and firefighters watching for hot spots at a senior housing complex in san jose. the major damage the evacuations and the injuries. i'm sorry that a cloud hangs over what should be a very special day. >> and the questions hanging over san francisco's new sheriff, as he makes his first high profile appearance today. and you may want to give yourself a little extra time if your morning commute takes through fremont. we're following this accident on southbound 880. we will have all of the details coming up. more sunshine coming our way today. under high pressure. but there is a chance of rain in the forecast. we will talk about that coming up. good morning, everyone. it is monday, january 9. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat.
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>> i'm grace lee. it is 6:00 a.m. and we're following some developing news out of san jose. there were more than a dozen seniors who are forced out of their homes this morning. >> and fire destroying four units at a senior housing center. lisa washington tells us another person just taken to the hospital with injuries as well. she joins us with more. lisa, good morning. >> good morning to you, frank, that's right. we're told a fifth person was taken to a local hospital and that person had burns to his or her feet and we don't know if it is a male or female. as you said there were four units damaged by the fire. also some smoke and water damage. i will move out of the way so you can see the firefighters still here on the scene and they are packing up now. for several hours, they were fighting the fire and working to put out the hot spots but now packing up and preparing to leave the scene here. this is a senior assisted living facility in san jose, mayfair golden manor, when firefighters arrived they could see the flames shooting from the roof.
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as we said, in all, four units were damaged by fire. others with smoke and water. nine people lived in those four units that were damaged by the fire. so w-a total of 16 people -- with a total of 16 people who lived in the apartment building. the red cross will be assisting all of them with finding a place to live. now, the fire captain says it is still too early to tell what may have caused this fire. but the investigators are already here. >> thankfully are there are only four units damaged. the fire wall construction prevented the fire from spreading into the other four units and the aggressive work of our department. >> reporter: we know that several streets in the area are still blocked. after the firefighters are on the scene. parts of mckey road, and alexander. and there were nine engine trucks that came to this scene to fight the fire. and more than 50 firefighters and as you can see, several of them are still here on the scene. and though they are packing up, as the fire is out. frank and grace? >> lisa washington with the very latest. thank you. 6:02 now.
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a brazen ar nist is on the loose in novato and this morning investigators are looking into three new fires set overnight. officers say as many as 20 fires were set throughout the city saturday night within a six-hour span. the work of the fires burned this pg&e power pole, as well as a fence. and the authorities are especially concerned because we have had so little rain this season. and police have stepped up patrols and they are increasing surveillance. 6:03 now. three pipeline safety bills are being introduced today. they stem from the deadly blast in san bruno about a year and a half ago. one bill from assemblyman jerry hill would require the state puc to implement federal ntsb recommendations. another would force the puc to consider utility safety records, and setting gas rates and the third would require the puc to set up a whistle blower protection program. there is a cloud of controversy for san francisco's new sheriff and allegations of
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domestic violence have kept coming up. and there is a high profile appearance this morning. gil diaz has more it looks like we have lost gil's signal. we are having technical issues there. we will check in with him with the story, in just a few minutes. >> frozen picture there. sorry about that. there is a protest at the federal building over the closure of one of san francisco's oldest medical marijuana dispensaries. the market street cooperative has been open for more than 10 years. and it is caving to pressure from the feds. the justice department has been warning california property owners that their buildings could be seized if renters dispense cannabis near schools and parks. the state permits dispensaries to sell marijuana for medical use. today a panel looking for a panel for graduation rates, several reforms, among the suggestions to the statewide board of governors, design
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statewide tests to determine competence in math and english and require first year students to start remedial work immediately. the goal is to improve the rates of graduation. and transfers to other universities. and live in the flesh. not frozen, we have elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> hello. >> let's go. we will go out to fremont. we're still following this accident. we understand the investigators are working to clear the accident on the right shoulder and in the meantime two lanes are blocked. one lane is open. it is a free flow from the city to fremont. and southbound 880 before alvarado boulevard. watch out for that. and all right, this accident, or actually it was a car fire, on the guadalupe parkway, southbound 87 around the capital expressway exit, that is now gone out of lanes and that's why you see the question mark there on the screen. so no longer really any problems in the south bay. including coming out of downtown san jose. 280 looking good as well as 101 and no issues there any longer. back outside. a live look at the nimitz. time saver traffic showing us a
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live look at 880 passing the coliseum. and northbound and southbound 880 free and clear between hayward and downtown oakland. that is traffic. and there is a chance of rain, right? >> just a slight chance of some showers in the bay area. not today. it is looking good today. still a cold start out there. as we've got some temperatures running below freezing right now. napa valley at 31 degrees. and 31 in fairfield. and 30 in santa rosa. and 30s and 40s in and around the bay, too. still by the afternoon, we're expecting mostly sunny skies. the average temperatures are usually running in the 50s a the this time of the year but not today. and we're going to be running well above the average and a good 6-10 degrees above the average. a high of 62 in san francisco. and 67 in san jose. and 66 degrees in santa rosa. and just when might we see some raindrops. we will talk about that in a few minutes, guys, back to you. 6:06. a former u.s. marine convicted of spying in iran. the harsh sentence just handed down. also ahead. >> the g.o.p. candidates make their final push before the new hampshire primary. i'm susan mcginnis, in
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manchester. that story, coming up. and one year after the tucson massacre. what congress woman gabrielle giffords has done for the first time.
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back to the earlier story, san francisco sheriff making his first public appearance on the job today, amid controversy over a domestic violence investigation that is ongoing. gil diaz is live once again in dispran -- san francisco with more on that story. >> reporter: hi, frank. good morning. sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to attend a two-day conference here at the university of san francisco. it is the first public appearance since being sworn in as sheriff. now he was sworn in yesterday. he took center stage. with his wife there at the first theater. and there is controversy surrounding this couple. police investigating whether mirkarimi abused his wife on new years eve. their neighbor contacted police about the incident. and the sheriff denies the charges. and spoke about the issue yesterday. >> i am sorry that a cloud hangs over what should be a very special day. for iliana, me, and the entire -- and my entire family, and
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all of you who worked so hard. they and you deserve better. you mow what? clouds break and the possibilities shine through. [ applause ] >> reporter: agnos swore him in, replacing a san francisco superior court judge who bowed out because she didn't want to have a conflict of interest in case his case should end up in her court. back to you. >> gil diaz live for us in san francisco. an iranian court has sentenced an american man to death after convicting him of working for the c.i.a. iran state radio reported the verdict and the sentence today. the 28-year-old defendant from arizona is a former military translator. his father, a professor at michigan says his son was visiting relatives in iran when he was arrested. the u.s. state department has
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demanded his release. diplomats are confirming reports that iran has begun uranium enrichment. and they say the process is producing material that can be quickly upgraded for use in the nuclear weapon. the production is reported to be deep under ground and defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. will not allow iran to make weapons. gabrielle giffords part of a commemoration ceremony one year after a shooting spree that killed six others and injured her. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> giffords is still recovering from a head wound. it is not clear yet if she will be able to run for re-election later this year. the accused shooter jared loughner is being treated for mental illness at a prison facility now in missouri. >> she looks great. >> she does. it is amazing how far she has come along in just a year. 6:12 now. we've got great seats at the
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new 49ers stadium in santa clara but you better bring a lot of money. >> the hefty price for a first class view. and there is one man to beat right now in new hampshire. we've got a live report on the latest attacks against the g.o.p. front runners in tomorrow's primary.
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listening in on mitt romney live in new hampshire. it appears he is still the man to beat as republicans prepare
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for tomorrow's presidential primary, the first in the nation. in new hampshire, four of the six candidates will be campaigning today. in the city of nashua. a city of 90,000. and hilting other cities as well. manchester, concord, salem, and the lot. and susan mcginnis joins us from manchester where it is the last day of campaigning, always a busy time, and the last push. susan? >> reporter: yes, good morning, frank and grace. this is down to the wire now. the final day. the final push. to grab those voters, under way here in new hampshire. like you said, all of the cities are in the southern part of the state. that's where the candidates who are here are concentrating their efforts. these are regions known for having town hall meetings in actual town halls. we actually expect the attacks on mitt romney to continue. but really, that is even though these other candidates, his rivals, are really vying now for second place. >> let's hear a cheer. >> reporter: mitt romney is not let anything stand in his way of winning in new hampshire. he called on supporters sunday
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to drown out protesters, trying to crash his rally. >> we're happy to have you guys etch press your views. next time try to do it with more courtesy. >> reporter: he is heading into the primary on top but not stopping his rivals from piling on the attacks. >> could we drop a little bit of the buyous baloney. >> reporter: the second of two back-to-back bee dates this weekend -- debates this weekend. >> if your record is so great why didn't you run for re- election in massachusetts? >> reporter: polls show romney has dropped slightly in recent day, leaving the other candidates hoping to gain from his losses. >> they say that this state loves an underdog. ladies and gentlemen, here is your underdog. >> reporter: john huntsman supporters jammed the coffee shop to see him sunday. after spending weeks in new hampshire, he has jumped to third place. behind ron paul. >> i have such a strange new idea. it is obeying the constitution. >> reporter: but rick santorum is actually making a push for
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new hampshire, and the first southern primary. >> just wait until january 21. and you will find out where we're going to get our win. right here. >> reporter: he is already rallying supporters in south carolina. now, newt gingrich is trying to show some confidence on the new show, the new cbs this morning, and he said he expects to do well up here in new hampshire tomorrow, and to be able to campaign effectively, in south carolina. so we will see. frank and grace? >> we have south carolina coming up next after new hampshire. and then florida, and i guess some new numbers out on florida, it has mitt looking pretty good down there as well, right? >> it does, yes. this is just released. and now the florida primary is three weeks away but already we have mitt romney holding a double digit lead. we will see if he can hold it for that long or if he can maintain that kind of a spread. 36% of voters going for mitt romney. although it does say that 54% of voters there could change their mind. there is really still, to this day, a large number of voters that are undecided. >> we will see if it happens
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again in new hampshire with the squeaker. thanks, susan. and there is much more on the new hampshire primary, coming up at 7:00. on the debut of cbs this morning. >> charley rose will be joined by bob schieffer for a full analysis, all coming up. and in the meantime, we have elizabeth and traffic. >> and we have big problems or what could be big problems in berkeley. a jackknifed big rig. the accident was just reported within the last 10 minutes or so. and it is in the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 before university avenue and it is going against the commute but with this jackknifed rig, there may have been some material that flew into the westbound lanes. we're just hearing that westbound 80 traffic is completely stopped. at central avenue. in richmond. so again, this is affecting the westbound and the eastbound lanes. of interstate 80 coming down the east shore freeway. what has happened, it sounds like a big rig jackknifed and a toyota pick-up truck that somehow got wedged underneath the rig. we're hearing from chp that the driver of that pick-up truck is
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reportedly out of the vehicle. and is fine. no serious injuries. but this accident was just reported a little after 6:00 this morning. and again at last check, westbound 80 traffic is completely stopped at central avenue. they can completely clear the freeway. and so we have launched chopper 5. so we will send them in to check out what is going on and the jackknifed rig is recorded in the eastbound lanes of 80 at university. and elsewhere we're following this problem in fremont. southbound 880 at alvarado boulevard, we still have a couple of lanes blocked and you can see all of the slowing on the sensors, jammed solid from at least hayward and it sounds like there is a new accident in the backup. and right before whipple. so you saw that question mark there. actually just turn, live on the screen, that means they just cleared that accident over at alvarado boulevard. to the right shoulder. but unfortunately, we got another one in the backup. over at whipple. it is still slow in those southbound lanes from hayward through union city and all the way down into fremont. and a quick check of the bay bridge, where they have not
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turned the metering lights on yet no major delays so far, heading into san francisco. and that is your time saver traffic. let's go to lawrence who says there is possibly rain in the forecast. >> a bright spot around the bay area today and lots of sunshine coming our way and a cold start to the morning and headed out the door. and chilly temperatures overnight. well down into the 30s. in some of the valleys. some places below freezing right now. and 40s elsewhere. but by the afternoon, sunshine, going to take over and the temperatures are running above the average, a lot of 50s showing up again and upper 60s in some of the warmer spots and the high pressure is holding on for one more day, and it will bring with it more sunshine but you have this system off the coastline, and that could very well break off and see all of it move on through and some more clouds on tuesday and at least a slight chance of some showers. temperatures are going to work out like this. plan on highs, 67 degrees in san jose. and 65 in livermore and 64 at oakland. and 62 degrees in san francisco. and the next couple of days, you will see some changes, at least a slight chance of showers on tuesday, not very impressed but the most impressive thing in quite some time. wednesday and thursday, high pressure starts to build in and the temperatures running above
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average into the weekend. >> very slight chance. slight. >> the best we've seen in quite a while. not much. >> if you don't use your graphics in six months, they disappear. that's what i'm thinking. >> that's why we had to sneak that one in there. >> we knew something was going on. we're on to you, lawrence. >> thanks, lawrence. 6:22. get them while they're hot. the hefty price you will see if you want to buy a seat at the 49ers new stadium. the dutchess of cambridge is turning the big 30. and the one thing that could make her even more popular in britain. seems hard to believe.
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"club" seats at the new 49es stadium in santa clara go on sa back now at 6:24. season ticket packages for club seats at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara, they go on the block today. and fans will have to pay two bills. one for their seats. one for their season tickets. the most expensive seats are smack dab on the a yard line, costing $80,000 on the 50-yard line, to buy the seats plus $3700 a year per seat. after that. for the ticket. price for the least expensive seats have yet to be determined. starting today, cyclists and pedestrians will have to share a sidewalk across the golden gate bridge, that's because the west west -- sidewalk normally reserved for cyclists will be closed for construction on an adjoining trial. so all will have to use the east sidewalk through the end of march. so slow down and pay attention. >> share. >> yes. big time. prince williams' bride the
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dutchess of cambridge is celebrating a big milestone today. the big 30. >> no big birthday bash is planned but getting a lot of attention. this was her at a movie premiere last night. spielberg's war horse. and the young royals were bigger celebrities than any of the actors. it is eight months since the royal weddings and royal watchers say kate middleton has become one of the most popular royals. >> he has it wrong. in that regard, i think the royal family in particularly the queen will be delighted with how she has played it so far. she has really been a natural royal. she is very comfortable in the role, very comfortable by william's side. >> the only thing missing is a royal heir. >> some royal watchers believe the couple is waiting until after the queen's diamond jubilee, celebrating 60 years on the throne, happening later this year. >> what is the name of the address? >> a tempelee london dress. >> whenever she wears something, it gets sold out. >> there you go. check your medicine
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cabinets coming up. the pill mix-up prompting a major prescription recall. a string of fires in the nort bay that has everyone on high alert. five senior citizens are being treated at local hospitals after an overnight fire in san jose. coming up, we will show you some home video of the first flames. january 9th. i'm frank san francisco's sheriff ross mirkarimi making the first public appearance today. since being sworn in. he has been making headlines recently not only because he is the new sheriff, but now he is being accused of domestic abuse. those details coming up.
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mallicoat. good morning, time to get back to work. it is monday, everybody. january 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is tough, i know. not the way to start off the week. a major crash in berkeley involving a truck and a big rig. >> let's take a look with elizabeth and find out what is going on. >> i just reported it shortly after 6:00 this morning. the jackknifed rig, is in the eastbound lanes of interstate 80. we understand everything is within the last couple of minutes, just been cleared to the center divide. but check out the backup. and actually westbound and eastbound 80 that is slow right now. we understand chopper 5 is about five minutes out. from the scene. so we will bring you live pictures coming up very shortly. in the meantime, let's get an
6:31 am
update on the forecast. the monday back to work forecast. >> back to work and very chilly outside in some parts of the bay area. freezing temperatures if you're headed out right now, especially in the valleys. 28 degrees right now in santa rosa. and 32 and freezing in concord. 34 in live livermore and rather mild and 47 degrees in san francisco and we will talk about the rest of the weather for today and a chance of rain in the forecast coming up. >> lawrence, thank you. developing news in san jose this morning, a fire tears through a senior housing center there. >> at least five people are hurt and more than a dozen have been forced out of their homes. lisa washington just got some new video from a neighbor and she joins us now. good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you, grace. and frank. and yes, the last of the fire ladder trucks just left the scene here. but we were able to get some home video from one of the neighbors who saw that fire. as it happened. take a look at this. you can see the flames just shooting from the roof and billowing there. from this apartment building. as you said, five people were taken to local hospitals and one person complained of burns to the feet.
6:32 am
and the person who shares that home video with us told us that one of the friend was also taken to the hospital and minor burns to his hand. and again, four units were damaged by the fire. some more units were damaged with smoke and water. and a a fire chief says the fire started at 1:45 this morning. a senior assistant living facility in san jose. it is called mayfair golden manor. it is here near mckey and castle avenue. in the city of san jose. when the firefighters arrived as you can see from the home video, you can see the flames and in all, four units were damaged by fire. but others have smoke and water damage. and there were a total of 16 people who lived in the apartment. and the red cross is assisting them. the fire captain says it is far too early to tell what may have caused the fire. but the investigators are already beginning their investigation to determine the nature of this fire. several streets in the area were blocked earlier this morning. parts of mckey road and
6:33 am
alexander as the firefighters worked to put that fire out. it was a three alarm fire. and we know that at least nine engine trucks were here. and more than 50 firefighters were on the scene. of course, they were here for several hours. putting that fire out. and then looking for the hot spots. we know that the flames were out by 3:00 a.m. of course, even though the fire is still out, there is much more work to be done. as the firefighters investigate to find the cause of this fire. and the red cross will be assisting those who have been displaced. frank and grace? >> amazing that anyone can survive that. thank you, lisa. it is 6:33 now. this morning, there are extra patrols in marin county, where an arsonist had set a number of fires there. as many as 20 were set throughout novato saturday night. all within six hours of one another. kcbs radio holly quan tells us there were three more fires overnight and joins on the telephone with more. holly? >> reporter: not a lot to go on. we hope to get more from a novato police spokesman about 30 minutes from now but they
6:34 am
are looking for one, maybe two people who may be setting the fires. the fact that as many as two dozen small fires were set over the last two days is disconcerting given the unusually dry weather and the potential for fire danger. the string began late saturday night when fires were set at the intersections. as well as on a hilltop. one fire was confined to a dumpster outside a hotel. and the others were brush fires. and one pg&e pole was burned. all of the fires were set within walking distance. and six hours of each other. last night, three more fires were reportedly set in the area at breckwood boulevard and sequoia glenn lane. and novato police have stemmed up patrols -- stepped up patrols and surveillance. >> thanks, holly. 6:34 now. and three bills are being announced this morning and they are in response to the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. one bill from assemblyman jerly hill would require the state
6:35 am
puc to implement federal ntsb recommendations. another would force the puc to consider a utility safety record when they set gas prices. and the third would require the puc to set a whistle blower protection program. san francisco's new sheriff is under a cloud of controversy as he begins his term in office today. gil diaz is in san francisco where the sheriff is set to attend a high profile event this morning. gil? >> reporter: sheriff ross mirkarimi today will be making his first public appearance since being sworn in. he is expected to attend a two- day conference happening right here at the university of san francisco. he was sworn in yesterday. and mirkarimi has been making headlines a lot. not only because he is the new sheriff, but also because he is accused of beating up his wife on new years eve. their neighbor called police about the incident. she said mirkarimi's wife had a bruise on her upper right arm. mirkarimi denies the charges. his wife also saying the incident is taken completely
6:36 am
out of context. despite the dark cloud looming above them, the mirkarimis were all smiles at the swearing in. >> i want to begin by introducing my family again, i know that they've been introduced before, but they mean so much to me, please acknowledge my wife, iliana and my son theo. [ applause ] >> the san francisco district attorney will decide whether to file domestic charges this week. if mirkarimi is charged and found guilty of a felony, he will have to step down as sheriff. back to you, frank. >> all right, gil, thanks. occupy protesters say they plan to hold weekly demonstrations in oakland protesting the way they have been handled by police over the last several months. six people were arrested over the weekend. as some protesters started a bonfire, threw bottles at officers. near 7th and washington street. police say one protester was carrying a quarter stick of
6:37 am
dynamite. the afghan military is trying to determine whether a man who opened fire on a group of americans was really a soldier. the gunman dressed in army -- in an army uniform killed an american soldier and wounded another yesterday. the gunman was also killed. there have been similar attacks before. some by afghan soldiers who turned on nato troops. and others by insurgents who were just dressed in afghan uniforms. 6:37. we get a big rig stuck, out on i-80 i guess. and it is causing quite the backup. elizabeth? >> we're looking at half hour delays right now. let's go to chopper 5. they just got to the scene. so we have a slight location change. we were telling you it was going against the commute. well, we can see from chopper 5 overhead that it is actually in the westbound lanes of interstate 80. so they have cleared it out in. off to the shoulder. off the center divide. so everything is now out of lanes. which is the good news. but for a while they had to completely halt traffic. this is in berkeley. westbound 80. right before the university avenue exit. so it is pretty slow from what we can tell.
6:38 am
even beyond richmond. and i just checked the drive time, and like i said, it is about a half hour delay right now. in those westbound lanes. so this is the commute direction as chopper 5 zooms out. you can see, yes, just how bad that backup is. it often gets busy this time of the morning. it will be extra slow this morning. so this accident happened just after 6:00. and it sounds like it was actually more of a box truck. a big box truck. that jackknifed. and a toyota pick-up truck for a while was stuck underneath that truck. and the driver of that vehicle did get out. and reportedly okay. from chp. but unfortunately, it did cause these traffic jams, the mess right now. it will take a while for this to clear even though it is out of the lanes. we will show you the long line of red sensors on the maps. meaning the speeds are under 25 miles an hour. westbound 80 is the new location there at university avenue. and all of the activity again is out of lanes off to the right shoulder. there is a look at that drive time down the east shore freeway. up to 44 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. without any delay, it usually is about 18 minutes.
6:39 am
give or take a minute or two. and the good news though, the bay bridge toll plaza is free and clear this morning. into san francisco. and in fact, they have not turned the metering lights on yet. we will let you know when that changes. in the meantime, an update on the forecast with lawrence. >> cold start around the bay. freezing temperatures in the bay, and down in the 20s in the santa rosa area and cold patchy frost this morning and 31 in napa and 31 in fairfield and 34 degrees in livermore. and we are going to see some sunshine and as we do, that is going to warm the temperatures up very nicely. and 67 the expected high this afternoon in san jose and 66 in santa clara, and it looks like the east bay temperatures are warming up well into the 60s by the afternoon as well. as you get inside the bay, sunshine, and some very nice weather. 62 in san francisco. and there is a chance of rain on the way. we will tell you when coming up in a couple of minutes. >> look for that. thanks, lawrence. 6:39. a san jose assemblyman wants to use a $500 tax credit to get more middle class students to enroll at csu, uc, and california community colleges. the chronicle reports that uc
6:40 am
undergrand enrollments increased recently for all income brackets except one. and those from families making 99 to $149,000. it declined by 9%. assemblyman jim bell wants to give that group a tax break in order to reverse that trend. make or break time in new hampshire. now the final pitch, g.o.p. presidential hopefuls are giving before the nation's first primary tomorrow. and take a look at this. a bungee jump goes horribly wrong. when the cord snaps. how the woman managed to survive this fall into a crocodile-infested river. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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presidential candidates are making their final pitches o voters just a day fi maybe or break time in new hampshire, the republican presidential candidates are making their final pitches to voters, just a day ahead of the nation's primary and the second contest in the presidential race. iowa caucuses last week. mitt romney has a double digit lead in the polls and he leads all republican candidates nationwide. in the cbs news poll, just released this morning, 19% of g.o.p. primary voters supporting romney. he is ahead of newt gingrich, rick santorum, and ron paul. 6:43. major backup on the freeway. >> we are talking about interstate 80 through berkeley, a jackknifed big rig 45 minutes or so ago. and a live look from chopper 5. more of a box truck, it looks like, and you can see that everything, where all of that flashing lights are on the side of the screen, that's where it is now out of lanes and off to the shoulder.
6:44 am
unfortunately, we are left with a pretty good sized backup in the westbound lanes of interstate 80. the early morning accident happened around university but the backups extend all the way to richmond. even though all lanes are open, it is going to take a while for this one to completely clear. at least get some of these backups a little bit diminished. it is busy along this stretch anyway but we're looking at about a half hour or so delay. an extra delay to the start of the morning commute. the drive time is about 45 minutes in those westbound lanes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and unfortunately, there were no -- fortunately, there were no serious injuries with the early morning accident. even though for a while a pick- up truck was wedged under the box truck when the accident first happened. elsewhere to the maps, live sensors coming down westbound 80. pretty slow speeds as you can see, 14 miles per hour, even though it is out of lanes. and at the bay bridge, it looks like all of that traffic is being held up on the east shore freeway. so it is not getting to the bay bridge. in fact, we have not even turned the metering lights on. you can see there is pretty
6:45 am
much no delay at all approaching the pay gates. we will let you know during the traffic cut-ins during "the early show" if that changes. right now, an easy commute headed into san francisco. an accident, at this accident, southbound 880 at whipple road. all lanes are completely reopened. for a while traffic is slow through hayward. in fact still seeing slow lanes on some of the sensors in the southbound lanes. again all lanes are open but still maybe activity to the right shoulder. chp is on the scene for a while. elsewhere, we will take you outside and a lot of the time saver traffic cameras and westbound 237, silicon valley commute. so far looks okay. it is starting to get a little bit busy. this is usually the time of the morning that we start to see a few more brake lights across that stretch. and out of millipitas and headed to san jose. and the san mateo bridge, this looks great. 14 minutes in either direction, across the span. and this is traffic headed out toward the high rise. all right, that is a check of traffic. for an update on the traffic conditions on monday morning, here is lawrence. >> very cold in some parts of the bay area. show you the shot.
6:46 am
chopper 5 out and about, a full moon out there right now. looking good. skies nice and clear. no fog to worry about. of course, we saw nary a cloud over the weekend. with beautiful temperatures. record-breaking temperatures. probably not record breakers today but above normal as we head in toward the afternoon and we're expecting mostly sunny skies. but it is very cold in parts of the bay area, this morning. some of the temperatures dropping off and 30s and 40s and upper 20s in the santa rosa area this morning and as we head toward the afternoon, moving well into the 60s in many spots under mostly sunny skies. and high pressure holding on, and it looks like one more day but we have this off the coastline. it isn't much but the system falls apart as it approaches the bay area and one piece of energy in our direction. there is a chance we could see some showers coming our way. definitely more clouds on the way and cooler temperatures for tomorrow. around the state, mid-60s in monterey bay. and around our bay, looking good. as we will see plenty of sunshine. a high of 67 in morgan hill. 66 in redwood city. and you will see plenty of 60s in the east bay too. and mid 60s in livermore.
6:47 am
low 60s as you make your way into fairfield. and as you get out toward the coastline today and plenty of sunshine and a little cooler and highs in the 50s and 60s. and looking out over the next couple of days, changes coming and clouds on the way. a slight chance for some showers as we look toward tomorrow and then dry, dry, dry again. as we see high pressure building in, and warmer temperatures, above normal as we head in toward next weekend. >> excited to see the rain cloud up there. >> haven't been able to do that for quite some time. for about a month. >> is it really going to warm? >> probably not. [ laughter ] >> just checking. >> thanks, lawrence. 6:47 now. the market is now starting its full week of trading for the new year. >> and here now is jason brooks, kcbs, cbs money watch .com, to talk all about it. good morning. >> good morning, frank and grace. didn't have a sunny response to the december jobs report on friday. even hoe it came in much better than expected with a gain of 200,000 jobs in the months, the unemployment rate falling to 8.5%. a lackluster session. the dow giving up some points.
6:48 am
and the euro falling to a year and a half low against the dollar. and the bond market in italy and spain is coming up. we kick off the earnings season and the aluminum maker al coa, the fourth quarter is not expected to go as well and the data shows that companies in the s&p 500 are looking for an aggregate gain of a profit of about 11.5% in the fourth quarter. compared to a 16% gain in the third quarter. the consumer electronics show also kicks off in las vegas. and pretty interesting set from the consumer electronics association. the global device spending this year will pass $1 billion for the first time and hit 993 billion, in 2011. most of that from developing nations. and in north america we only saw 5% in device spending last year and western europe only coming up with 2%. and stocks are fairly flat at the open this morning. right now, the dow is up just by a fraction. and nasdaq is gaping one point
6:49 am
and the s&p -- gaining one point and the s&p is down just slightly. >> i would call that a slow start. >> yes. >> really nothing jumping out at this point to direct the market in either direction. we're waiting for that to happen. >> a good start for all of us, a slow start for monday. and jason brooks, have a good monday. >> you too. were 49. if you have some headache -- 6:49. if you have headache medicine or caffeine pills, check the label. drug maker novartis is recalling some of them. the problem is the bottles could contain stray pills from other medications. and so here are the pills in question. ex he is drin, no-doz, bufferin and gas-x with expiration dates of december 20, 2014 or earlier and don't take the medication in case you're allergic tore it or it doesn't mix well with other prescriptions. if you have any of those listed here, throw them out. an australian woman had a terrifying bungee cord mishap. and she did planning to live to tell about it. >> -- manage to live to tell about it.
6:50 am
>> erin langworthy's cord snapped 60 feet above the water during a new years adventure over an african river. check out the drop. the leg still tied when she hit the water and the 22-year-old said she had to dive down several times to free her feet from the ropes. and hit mighty strong rapids as well. >> and it went black and i felt like i was slapped all over. >> take a look. she spent a week recovering in a south african hospital. she should be okay. but my guess is, she just took her last jump. >> you would think. >> i would hope. and an exciting day here for us at cbs. right after our show, the new cbs this morning debuts with charley rose and gail king and erika hill. >> and kind of like the first day of school, charley. how did it go? >> it is about the first day of school. and also enormously satisfying to be doing live television, and be seen around the world and have all of the resources of cbs news here. and by the way, frank, i agree with you. that is probably her last jump.
6:51 am
[ laughter ] >> coming up this morning, we will talk to newt gingrich about his strategies to provoke a surprise surge in new hampshire. our own scott pelley is here with more on the "60 minutes" investigation on stel cell fraud. and melissa etheridge and we are in studio 57. we will see you at 7:00 on cbs this morning. >> charley, did you get any sleep last night? is it hard the first name, going i got to get up at this hour? >> you know what? surprisingly, i slept like a baby. i went to bed about 10:00. and i cried all night. >> very good. well, we look forward to watching, that is coming up at 7:00. and all the best of luck to you, gail and of course, erika as well. >> indeed. thank you. >> thanks, charley. >> 6:51 now. and coming up, we have a raging fire, it ripped through a senior housing center in san jose. >> the evacuations, the damage and what happens next for all of the victims. coming up.
6:52 am
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clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. through a senior cen 6:54. more than a dozen people are homeless after a fire ripped through a senior center in san jose overnight. and a neighbor caught the flames on camera. it is unbelievable video. and lisa washington is here to share that, and more, with us. lisa, good morning.
6:55 am
>> reporter: good morning to you again, frank and we will get to the home video in just a moment but first i should tell you that one of the fire trucks has returned to the scene here. and last time, they were all leaving but since one has returned. a firefighter has told me for fire watch, they will stay here for a few hours to make sure that all of the flames and the hot spots have been put out. let's go to the home video so you can see what frank was talking about. we were able to get that from one of the neighbors here. the fire started just before 2:00. and you can see those huge flames on one side of the building. a fire captain says it was a fire wall that kept the fire contained to just four units. now, some other units have smoke and water damage. but just four units have the fire damage. five people are being treated at local hospitals. for minor burns and other medical injuries. and there were a total of 16 people who lived in the entire apartment building. and of course, all of them will not be able to come back here for several days, in fact probably for quite longer than that. and the red cross is assisting them with finding a place to
6:56 am
live. and meanwhile, the firefighters are working to determine the cause of this fire. frank and grace? >> okay, lisa, thank you so much. lisa washington live in san jose. 6:56. three pipeline safety bills are being introduced today. this in the wake of the deadly blast in san bruno. one bill from assemblyman jerry hill would require the state puc to implement federal ntsb recommendations. another would force the puc to consider a utility's safety record when they set gas rates and a third requires the puc to set up a whistle blower protection program. an iranian court has convicted an american man of working for the c.i.a. and has sentenced him to death. iran state radio reported the verdict and sentence today. the 28-year-old defendant from arizona is a former military translator. his fath area professor at michigan says his son was visiting relatives in iran when he was arrested. the u.s. state department in the meantime has demanded his release. it is 6:56. and if you are about to commute
6:57 am
westbound on highway 80 around the berkeley area, not looking good. >> you might want to wait a little bit. >> he is on it. >> unfortunately, it is causing pretty good sized backups during the east shore freeway. westbound 80, a jackknifed big rig around 6:00 and no serious injuries. the rig is completely out of the lanes. it was more of a box truck than a big rig but it was a bigger box truck. so westbound 80 over at university avenue, you can see that long line of red sensors, and unfortunately it is still jammed up in the area. and all the way back to richmond and they have to halt traffic and it is taking a while for that to completely recover. and in the meantime, the drive time is now 48 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. if there were no problems, and there were no delays, it should be about 18 minutes. so obviously there is a big commute there. not good. for if are you commuting to richmond, berkeley and all the way to emeryville. it looks pretty bad. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:58 am
they turned the metering lights on a half hour later than typical. and all of the traffic was held up on the east shore freeway. fortunately no big delays yet headed to san francisco. it looks okay up the incline and a little sluggish and beat the rush at the bay bridge and head out right now. elsewhere, 880 the time saver traffic showing us a live look at the nimitz and everything is nice and smooth, from hayward, all the way up into downtown oakland and that is about a 16- minute drive time or so in the northbound lanes and southbound looks pretty good as well. and mass transit continues to be on time for bart, ace, muni, cal train and ferries. that is traffic. so lawrence, what do you have? >> what can i do for you? >> you should do weather. >> rain? possibility? >> there is a slight chance. >> a slight chance. >> but not today. >> there is a chance. >> there is a chance. there is always a chance. today there is no chance though. we have some sunshine coming our way. cold temperatures to begin with. breezy right now, fairfield 32. and 33 in santa rosa and napa.
6:59 am
and 30s and 40s around the bay, by the afternoon, beautiful sunny day though. sunshine going to crank the temperatures up. and well above the average, the high of 68 degrees in mountain view and about 67 degrees in san jose. and 66 degrees in santa rosa and 62 and sunny in san francisco. and so yes, today, dry tomorrow, there you go elizabeth. there is your chance of showers. with just a slight chance as we will see a weak system slide through and really falling apart. it will bring with it some clouds and college -- cooler temperatures. maybe a couple of raindrops. and warming up toward next weekend. >> looking good. looking at the weekend. >> well, beyonce is a mama today. >> what did i say? >> beyonce. >> well, that was close. >> the singer gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend. and the baby's name is reportedly blue ivy carter. so the dad, jay-z, his real name is shawn carter and reports are saying that beyonce had a scheduled c-section at a new york city hospital and on high alert for several weeks and rihanna and


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