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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, everyone. tuesday, january 10. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. a little bit before 6:00 a.m. and we begin with a first presidential primary of 2012. now well under way in new hampshire. the polls suggest that john huntsman may be on the rise in the state but mitt romney is still the overwhelming favorite. >> practically lived there the last couple of months. susan mcginnis joins us from manchester, as most polling places have been open now for about three hours or so. susan, good morning. >> hi, good morning, guys. yes, this place has been open about three hours an elementary school in manchester, what we noticed so far since the polls opened up at 6:00 a.m. eastern time is very, very low voter turn swrowt. particularly among young people. a lot of folks are pinning this on the fact that it is a one party primary but also in that one party, all of the choices so far to them are unsatisfying. at the stroke of midnight, nine residents in the tiny town of dicksville notch, cast the first ballot in the nation's
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first primary. mitt romney, the odds-on favorite in new hampshire, tied for first place with former utah governor john huntsman, each getting two votes. huntsman already seemed like he was in celebration mode at a packed rally last night. >> ladies and gentlemen, can you feel a little bit of momentum in the air? [ cheering ] >> reporter: but romney wants to be the one holding the victory party tonight. >> let's take it to the next state after new hampshire, giving me the boost i need i hope. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor is still dealing with the fallout of this comment he made on mondayly. >> like being able to fire people that provide services to me. >> reporter: at the time he was talking about letting people change their health insurance. the candidates will be stopping by several polling places today to squeeze in some last-minute campaigning but it appears some have already conceded the top spot. >> you cannot compete with romney if you are totally positive and he is running $$3.5 million of attack ads. >> second place would be a dream come true. >> reporter: rick santorum is hoping to gain enough momentum
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to propel him to south carolina. last night a crowd of aniy protesters shouted at him as he left an event. ron paul ran into his own mob on monday. he could barely make it through a press of cameras as he tried to greet voters. so romney is showing some confidence. he is not even holding any public events today. but here is what is waiting for him in south carolina. a gingrich supported group called winning our future is going to put out $3.4 million in advertising. so the south carolina primary guys should be interesting. >> susan, i know romney is a lock tonight. but is the gap kind of getting a little bit smaller between him and some of the other candidates? >> yes, outside of new hampshire, if you look at it from a national basis, romney is certainly going to squeeze, it looks like he whip will sweep new hampshire. we have a mu cbs news poll out that gives him 19% support while the others are close behind with gingrich at 15 and
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santorum at 14 and paul at 10 and 15% of the polls are unsatisfied with all of the choices. >> that should be a lively day. susan mcginnis, live in manchester, thank you. another live report in our next half hour, and you can always find the latest campaign information on 2012, updates right at our web site, cbs- 6:03 now. we have developing news out of the east bay this morning. the search is on for a hit-and- run driver who struck and killed a man while crossing the street. gil diaz is in oakland to explain that the driver stopped and checked on the man and chose to take off. gil? >> reporter: hi, grace. good morning. the victim's friends can't believe that driver would be so callous as to run him over and then leave him for dead in the the middle of that street. it happened around 11:15. they think their friend was crossing east on bancroft. and since then, they set up a memorial right here near that very same spot. they have identified their friend as benjamin green. they say he was in his late
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50s, to early 60s. now, police say the driver was in a dark-colored gmc or chefy type of van. the driver who is also a man, get this, pulled over at a nearby gas station, and walks over to where benjamin green was and checked out his condition. the driver went back to his van and took off. and clearly, benjamin's friends are upset this morning. >> i'm numb. i am very numb. i was the first person, not on the scene but out here burning candles and cleaning up the glass. i live at the corner house. right there on the corner. and i have several kids, a couple of kids, and you know, 17, 18, and there is just so much violence. you get sick and tired of it. >> benjamin green was rushed to highland hospital where he was pronounced dead. as for that driver, police are looking for a man in his late 30s to early 40s. that's all the description that they could gather.
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if anyone has any more information about that driver, about what happened here, please contact the police. grace? >> live in oakland, gil diaz, thank you. 6:05. the latest escapee from almeda county's santa rita jail was not on the run for very long. and dublin police captured 57- year-old jose franko, seven hours after he escaped. he was found riding a bicycle in dublin last night. franko was being returned to the jail from a court appearance yesterday. when he was somehow able to slip away. they're still trying to figure out exactly how it all happened. there has been no sign of any new arsons overnight in novato. police tell us at least 55 fires have been set since saturday. and all of the fires have been located in open spaces near neighborhoods. and so far, only a fence and a pg&e poll were damaged. police are still considering bringing in extra help if it is needed. 6:05. time for a little time saver traffic. and elizabeth, a busy woman this morning. >> yes, we were following the one problem along the
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peninsula. that is now clear. first, i want to take you out to the east bay. we're just getting word of the new problem, in lafayette. and this is in the commute direction. westbound 24, around oak hill road, that is la it sounds like -- is what it sounds like, a jeep overturned and four or five other cars are also involved. this could be an injury crash. very likely in fact. so it is already slow in the area. and we understand the right lane and the shoulder are blocked. and traffic is stacking up. so we will continue to bring you more details there. and in the meantime, yes, we mentioned that earlier accident in san mateo county, cms and caltrans have turned off their warning signs. for a while you could see it across the san mateo bridge in the upper right side of the screen and all lanes are open and both directions of highway 92 at interstate 280 after a head-on crash caused minor injuries. that is traffic. for your forecast, here is lawrence. >> we are expecting more clouds to make their way into the bay area. right now we're starting off with a couple of patches of fog but there is a storm system coming in our direction and there it is, you can see some clouds making their way through the northern part of the state
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right now beginning to encroach in the bay area and the core of the low is still spinning off the coastline and unfortunately going to continue to travel in that direction and not much in the way of rain in the bay area. spls to -- sprinkles to the coastline. freezing in the napa valley. 34 degrees in livermore. and 37 degrees in san jose. and by the afternoon, we're expecting some partly cloudy skies. temperatures will be cooler today. plan on some 50s out toward the coastline. most 60s around the bay. and many of the valleys. and it look like we will keep things dry and warmer the next couple of days. more sunshine wednesday and thursday and pride -- friday. and dry the next five to seven days including the weekend. >> thanks, lawrence. 6:07. first it was a stolen monkey and now the latest security breach at the san francisco zoo. plus -- >> it is a project that cost more than $2 billion. how much the federal government is expected to pay, as bart extends to the south bay.
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and the crooks liked it so much they kept coming back. how craigslist criminals are using one bay area neighborhood to rip people off. that and much more when grace and i come back.
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today there is likely to be a major progress on extending bart down into the santa clara valley. >> local transportation officials are expecting a green light from the fed. lisa washington is in fremont with what we can expect and when. and it is not going to be too much longer, is it, lisa? >> not too much longer. especially grace, if you consider that the idea of extending bart to the south bay is a political conversation that dates all the way back to the eisenhower administration. but today, though, the department of transportation is expected to recommend to congress that they give their approval to the tune of $900 million. now the first leg of the extension to the south bay, includes two stations, one in millipitas, near the great mall, and a second east of highway 101, off berryessa, when will it happen and how much will it cost? take a look at the numbers.
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the department of transportation is recommending that the federal government set aside $900 million. that amount by the way is the full amount that local leaders asked for, for members of congress. that first 130 million would be in next year's budget. the total cost for the 10-mile extension is $2.3 billion. and now, once those documents are signed, and the vpa will begin collecting a one eighth cent sales that. that voters approved. that will happen in july to cover the cost of operating the trains and the bart line could be opened in 2016. that is two years earlier than first projected. some more goods news for our economy. 5500 jobs could be created. as a result of the construction to get this project under way. grace and frank? >> live in fremont, thank you, lisa. it is 6:12 now. a bay area cul-de-sac becomes a hot spot for a craigslist criminal. we've got that for you. and a viral video you need to see. two 3-year-old girls, didn't even flinch, when he comes face
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to face with one very big cat. >> that is a big kitty.
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oakland police are trying to find t back now at 6:15. a look at some of the top stories on tuesday. a dark colored van hit a man at 73rd and bancroft avenue and then drove away. pg&e crews in san jose are
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working to restore power after an suv shared a power pole -- sheared a power pole in half. nearly a hundred customers are still in the dark including a nearby school. power is expected to be fully restored by noontime today. and today, the ntsb will hold a hearing on safety and air shows. this follows that horrific accident last september, in reno, when a pilot and 10 spectators died at the national championship air races in reno. all right. we are following this crash, now, in lafayette. westbound 24. it is really getting backed up. they shut down three lanes of traffic. and this sounds like before you get to westbound 24 here, and very slow, it looks like it is backing up toward the 680 int change to walnut creek. be aware. they just decided to shut down the three lanes of traffic. four or five cars involved. one is overturned. it sounds like a jeep cherokee. this may take a while to clear. once you get past lafayette, speeds improve closer to the caldecott tunnel.
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but you will notice that drive time up to 27 minutes now. on westbound 24, between 680 and the macarthur maze. elsewhere, just seeing a little bit of slow traffic out of the altamont pass. and everything else is moving up to speed. at the bay bridge toll plaza, so far no metering lights. they're just a slight delay. it looks like. not too bad yet. south track users are still getting by okay. fine up the incline. usually when incline traffic starts to get a little more of a bottleneck, that's when we likely see the metering lights turned on shored-- shortly thereafter. to the south bay, no major incidents, out of south san jose, looking good. 101 to san jose, so far looks good. and one more look at the east bay. we threw up the big warriors sign. warriors take on miami tonight at 7:30. big game. could cause extra traffic this evening. for right now, a little busier in the northbound and southbound lanes. past the coliseum. a little harder to tell with the northbound traffic but only a 15 minute drive between 238 and the macarthur maze headed
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to downtown oakland. ha is a -- that is a check of the time saver traffic. >> a slight chance of sprinkles to the coastline. i think the rest of the bay area is seeing passing clouds. a few clouds out there right now. patchy fog. and some high clouds beginning to encroach the bay area. temperatures still on the chilly side. in the 30s and the 40s. by the afternoon. and we will notice some cooler temperatures but only partly cloudy skies and really mostly dry around the bay area. for today and unfortunately, just can't get the raindrops to get going here in the bay area. this system off the coastline, it is going to pull apart. and kind of shearing apart. the low will start to stretch down, and move to the south and we will see more clouds outside today. and the temperatures will begin to cool off a bit. there is a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles out to the coast. the computer models seeing it pretty nicely. the core of the low swings to the south and tracks the clouds with it and the skies begin to clear out as we head to the latter part of the night and that means we are going to keep things fairly dry. so with that in mind, we are going to see a decent day outside. and the temperatures will be noticeably cooler and plan on
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62 degrees in san jose and 61 in palo alto. and 67 degrees in pacifica. east bay numbers up in the 60s headed in that direction. and we've got some 50s and a few 60s inside the bay. and it looks like another near miss for the most part. and some partly cloudy skies for today. and by tomorrow, we are going to start to see some improved weather. more sunshine on the way. and some much better conditions, it looks like, as high pressure takes over and it looks like we will keep things dry over the weekend. >> dry, dry, dry. >> i wish we could get some rain. but unfortunately, nothing coming. >> you promised a little. >> i tried to bring some here. >> the best effort. >> thanks. 6:19, berkeley city clerk deanna desane died after falling down a flight of stairs. and her husband found the 37- year-old mother just before 2:00 a.m. on saturday. and investigators tell the oakland tribune that it was an accident. she was appointed berkeley city clerk in may of 2009 and leaves behind an infant daughter. well, at least three people have been robbed in vallejo.
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after responding to ads on craigslist. here is how the police say the scheme works. the thieves list the car for sale on craigslist. and tell the potential buyer to come to a private home, and be sure and bring some cash. the would-be customer is then roughed up and robbed but the people who live at that home had no idea it is now being used as a set-up for a robbery. >> when i came out in my bathrobe, this elderly gentleman was lying right there. >> the most recent robbery was friday night. all of them happened on neptune court. another security breach at the san francisco zoo. >> this comes on the heels, just a couple of weeks of the theft and return of the squirrel monkey banana sam. and security guards caught three men in the zoo late on sunday night. they told the guards they had jumped a back gate. two trespassers have been arrested and one was cited. another zoo story. this one is involving a very tough toddler. >> we watched this before we
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went on the air and we're like you got to be kidding me. a brave 3-year-old comes face to face with a male lion. this is at a zoo in new zealand. now take a look. the whole encounter was captured of course on tape. yikes. they posted it on youtube. and this morning, it has almost 63,000 hits. that is sophia walker as she appears to be unphased. the lion's name is malik. and he pawed at the glass. he wanted something. zoo keepers say the glass is resin bonded and very safe. but what we couldn't believe is the little girl just sitting there going look, mommy, a big kitty. >> i want to pet it. >> the lion due keeper when she grows up. >> they didn't run toward her. >> they were separated luckily. unbelievable. >> initially that would scare the pants off me. >> scares me just watching. word of twinkie trouble. and starbucks trying to beat the competition by showing the lighter side. a new trick to get babies
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to fall asleep. the bay area dad who invented it. he will show it off. and show how it works. it is an app by the way. coming up. style like a fashionista. save like a maxxinista. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you.
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t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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welcome back. 6:24. there is a new study that is throwing doubt on nicotine replacement therapy as a tool to help people quit smoking. researchers at harvard found that nicotine patches and nicotine gum are not effective, even when they're combined with counseling. their findings indicate that smokers have the same rate of success when they just quit on
6:25 am
their own. the company known for its dark roasted coffee is going blond. starbucks hopes to bring in new customers with the lighter brew. its research found that 40% of coffee drinkers in the u.s. prefer a lighter roasted coffee. starbucks is hoping that the new blend will compete with other places like mcdonald's and dunkin' donuts and i know you're interested, frank, dunkin' donuts is expanding. >> i would drive a thousand miles for a dunkin' donuts coffee. it is nice to see that star bucks is going blond. >> maybe we will see more light coffees. >> from coffee to twinkies. wonder bread, a lot of people like this stuff. >> sure does. >> but trouble for the favorite childhood treats and hostess brands, "the wall street journal" says they could file for bankruptcy as soon as this week. the company is facing high labor costs and rising prices for ingredients such as sugar and flour. and a lot of people are food conscious now. and this would be the second significant court restructuring for hostess. and it is amazing what you can invent when have you
6:26 am
screaming babies on your hands. a san carlos man is trying to make some money off of his solution. >> matthew created a phone application to help babies sleep. white noise am beence features high resolution photo, and up to 68 different sounds. >> the jarring moment when the sound first comes on and you play it and you hit the end and you hear that little whoosh and it wasn't smooth and what i tend to do i tend to move the quieter parts to the beginning of the sound so it doesn't too much and you don't notice it as much. >> the noise makers can be hit and miss with babies. but it is just two bucks a pop and he said it might be worth a try. so you can download that on your i-pad or your i-phone. >> it may be worth a try for us as we go to bed so early. a lit while noise ambience. 6:26. the fast food restaurant at the center of controversy and why neighbors say it serves upping in but trouble. and voters getting their say in the new hampshire
6:27 am
primary and why presidential hopefuls have conceded the top spot. oakland police need your help this morning, and nabbing the driver who struck and killed a pedestrian. we will show you where it happened coming up. it is a major hurdle for a bart extension to the south bay. hear how much the federal government is pledging. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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hi, everybody. good morning. it is tuesday, january 10. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. a little bit before 6:30. already very busy on the roads. now we got a problem in the east bay. >> let's go over to elizabeth and find out what is going on. >> good morning, guys. we're talking lafayette. in the commute direction, westbound 24, there is an overturned injury accident involving four or five cars. you can see the backup on the traffic sensors. the traffic is stacking up towards walnut creek. in those westbound lanes. they've got three of the right lanes blocked off to traffic. that's why things are backing up so quickly. we just put in a phone call to chp to see when they will reopen lanes. we will let you know as soon as they get back to us on that. so in the meantime, let's go to lawrence and searching for sprinkles this morning. >> we have clouds rolling into the bay area today bringing with it at least a slight chance of some sprinkles toward the coastline and that is about it. and otherwise, we are going to stay dry. we will talk about that and the rest of the forecast coming up.
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>> right, lawrence, thanks. the big day has arrived for the republicans still in the presidential hunt. >> most polls in new hampshire have been hope for 3 1/2 hours and susan mcginnis has the latest from manchester including early results. this is from dicksville notch and we're talking about six votes here. >> reporter: hi, good morning, frank and grace. we're here at the elementary school in manchester and what we're noticing mostly in the 3 1/2 hours since the voting began is a very vo loet -- very low voter turnout. romney is expected to win the state. and there is very little get out the vote effort here. there are some ron paul supporters outside. but really that is about it and maybe that is because he is expected to appear here at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. at the stroke of midnight, nine residents in the tiny town of dicksville notch cast the first ballot in the nation's first primary. mitt romney the odds-on favorite in new hampshire, tied
6:32 am
for first place, with former utah governor john huntsman, each getting two votes. huntsman was already seeming to be in a celebration mode at a packed rally last night. >> ladies and gentlemen, can you feel the momentum in the air? [ cheering ] >> reporter: romney is holding the victory party tonight. >> and let's take it to the next state of new hampshire and giving me the boost i immediate. >> i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. >> reporter: at the time he was talking about letting people change their health insurance. the candidates will be stopping by several polling places today to squeeze in last-minute campaigning. it appears some have already conceded the top spot. >> you cannot compete with romney if are you totally positive and he is running $3.5 million of attack ads. >> second place would be a dream come true. >> reporter: rick santorum is hoping to gain enough momentum
6:33 am
to prohell him to south carolina. last night a crowd of angry protest ers shouted at him as he left an event. ron paul ran into his own mob on monday. he could barely make it through a press of cameras as he tried to greet voters. so romney is expected to win pretty easily here. here is what is waiting for him at the next primary though in south carolina. right after this primary is over. $3.4million in ads. supported by a pro-gingrich group. so frank and grace, so much for gin -- gingrich taying positive. >> the tone today is set for the rest of the nation, right? >> what we see in new hampshire, right? it will give romney certainly a big leg up if he wins new hampshire and he won iowa and the momentum is very strong and he will be a tough one to beat in south carolina. >> we shall see. right now clearly romney is the favorite tonight. susan mcginnis, as always, thank you very much. >> thank you. and you can find the latest
6:34 am
campaign 2012 updates on our web site. just go to 6:33 now. right now, the search is on for a driver who struck and killed a man crossing a street near the eastmont mall. gill diaz is on the scene to tell us what the driver did before he sped off. gil, good morning. >> reporter: hi, frank. good morning. friends of the victim tell us that his name was benjamin green. in his late 50s, early 60s. this happened around 11:15 last night. they tell us that green was crossing this very cross walk. east on bancroft. when he was struck. and since that zen -- accident, frank, his friends have set up a memorial near that very same spot. police say the driver was in a dark-colored gmc or chevy type of van. and after the accident, believe it or not, the driver who is also a man, and parked and went over to the spot where benjamin was, and he saw benjamin's condition, and the driver walked back to his van, and then took off.
6:35 am
benjamin was rushed to highland hospital. where he was pronounced dead. so now, investigators this morning want that driver to come back. >> please turn yourself in. there are some things we can talk about. we would like to get your side of the story. and do that as soon as you can, it will make things easier on everybody. >> reporter: and that driver is described to be between late 30s, and early 40s. and if anyone has any more information about what happened last night, please contact the police. back to you, frank. >> gil diaz, live for us in oakland this morning. an east bay burglary suspect is back in jail after seven hours of freedom. doubling police returned 57- year-old jose franko to the santa rita jail. he was found riding a bicycle in dublin last night. franko managed to slip away though yesterday. when he was being returned to jail from a court appearance. they don't know exactly how he was able to do that either.
6:36 am
this morning, police in novato are tracking a serial arsonist. and at least 55 fires have been set since saturday. all of the fires have been located in open spaces, near neighborhoods, though, and so far, only a fence and a pg&e pole were damaged. police are considering now bringing in extra help from the state if they need it. today, a multle murder suspect appears in court in san rafael. 78-year-old joseph naseo is charged with murdering four women between 1997 and 1994. he has represented him and pleaded not guilty and could get the death penalty if convicted. and prosecutors will present their case at the preliminary hearing today. invest easers found a list of 10 women -- investigators found a list of 10 women at his home including four victims. 6:36. if you're getting ready to commute from the east bay, walnut creek area. have we got news for you. elizabeth, take it away. >> z you were talking to me -- as were you talking to me, my producer told me in my ear, all
6:37 am
lanes have reopened. in the last couple of minutes, westbound 24 in lafayette. a multi vehicle crash. one of the cars overturned. for a while they had three right lanes blocked off to traffic. you can see it is pretty stacked up in the area. all the way to 680 and walnut creek. but again, that right there, three lanes blocked, that is just updated. all lanes reopened to traffic. and are you heading out of lafayette and headed to orinda. let's check the drive time. i was going to tell you bart would be a good option but hopefully traffic will recover shortly. this is the drive time across the stretch. westbound 24 from walnut creek to the macarthur maze is 31 minutes. obviously in the red. is going to still be a slow ride. what is not a slow right is the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm not sure ha what is going on the last couple of days but usually they turn the metering lights by 6:20 or so. and so far no delay heading into san francisco. that is traffic. let's go over to lawrence and a check of the forecast. >> all right, elizabeth, we are
6:38 am
looking pretty good, and clouds making our way across the skies right now. another chilly start to the day. in some of the north bay valleys. especially 30 degrees in santa rosa. and 33 in napa. and 32 degrees in fairfield. patchy fog showing up in some of the valleys too. as we head throughout the day today, a weak system sliding through and bring with it partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. 62 degrees in san jose and 62 in santa clara and as you look toward the east bay, concord checking in at 61 degrees. and 62 in livermore and 63 in pleasant ton and 61 in oakland. and about 58 degrees in hayward. a few more clouds making their way across our skies, a slight chance of some sprinkles, out toward the coastline. guys, back to you. >> thanks, lawrence. 6:38 now. the owner of a jack in the box says san francisco's richmond district is trying to get permission to stay open 24 hours a day. and now the restaurant has been closing early since thanksgiving night. and that's when a nearby attack drew attention to its late night hours. and the chronicle reports the owner thought he had permission to be open at all hours.
6:39 am
tonight the city commission considers his new all night request. today, the fed are expected to clear the way for money to extend bart into the santa clara valley. that means trains could be running south of fremont as soon as 2016. lisa washington is in fremont with more on what could be a very pricey project. lisa? >> good morning to you, grace. that's right. for those bart passengers at the fremont station, their only option is to go north. at one point, the idea of extending bart to the south bay was just too expensive. that's what federal officials said. but that is no longer the case. today, the department of transportation is expected to recommend that congress set aside $900 million to make an extension to the south bay a reality. and thousands of silicon valley workers live in the east bay. and an extension to san jose would be a major convenience for them. the first leg of the project includes two stations, and one in millipitas, near the great mall, and a second east of
6:40 am
highway 101, off bar reessa and we talked to a bart passenger and because the trains don't go to the south bay just yet, you have to start the day at 4:00 a.m. >> my thoughts are, it would be great. because i ride transit taking two transit rides, to the bart, one to the bart and one to mountain view. where as i can just get on bart when i get here and go to san jose. we need light rails to work. so it is easier. >> perfect. >> here are the numbers. concerning this project. the department of transportation is recommending that the federal government set aside $900 million. that amount by the way is the full amount that local leaders ask for congress to approve. and the first $130 million would be in next year's project. and the total cost for this 10- mile extension is $2.3 billion. once all of the documents are signed, bpa will begin collecting a voter approved one agent cent sales tax starting
6:41 am
in july to cover the cost of operating the trains and bart could be open in 2016. once congress gets the recommendation, they will have 60 days to review it and members of congress say that is just a formality. grace? >> we all know a 4:00 a.m. start time is no picnic, lisa. >> no it is not. >> thank you. >> i will vouch for that. it is 6:41. if you like gadgets, you got to be in las vegas right now. >> our first look at some of the world ' s hottest products. we will have a live report. some of them might be familiar to you. the consumer electronics show in las vegas coming up. mr. cool yer. and the markets opened a few minutes ago. taking a quick peek at the early numbers. so far, it looks like tuesday is going to be a good day. find out more with jason brooks when we come back. stay right there.
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good morning. a bizarre morning. unusual traffic conditions and busy traffic conditions. a lot of the freeways are seeing lighter traffic patterns than normal. the right-hand side of the screen, the commute direction, a 13-minute drive time right now. check ute the bay bridge. they have not turned the metering lights on. i'm not sure what is going on it. is really light-headed into san francisco. if you do want to beat the possible rush later on, still no metering lights. so there is no delay behind the pay gates. it may be because of an earlier accident in lafayette. there is still a bottleneck right now. maybe that is why there are not
6:45 am
as many drivers. headed to the macarthur maze in san francisco. all lanes are back open. in the last 15 minutes or so. they were able to open the three right lanes they closed off at westbound 24. and this is a keen of a multivehicle crash, overturn, injuries there, and all three lanes are open to traffic once again. it is still pretty backed up though all the way up to 680. and walnut creek. and so we will let you know once we see some speeds improve. because you will notice that drive time, still up to 33 minutes now. and westbound 24. from 680. out toward 580 and the macarthur maze. and elsewhere, take you out to the silicon valley ride. westbound 237 and we're starting to see a few brake lights and had is usually around the time of the morning where we start to see this. a little bit. not too bad. the drive time is looking pretty good. 237, 880 to 101. a seven-minute drive time there. and if you want to beat that rush there in lafayette through walnut creek, again it should dissipate very slowly but bart is running system wide on time.
6:46 am
ace, muni, cal train, the ferries, looking good. and kcbs, news and weather traffic information at 106.9 f.m. once you hit the road. ha is -- that is your time saver traffic. >> lawrence is monitoring the sprinkle situation this morning and very busy. >> yes. this is about as good as it has been for quite some time folks. but we're seeing a couple more clouds ploting in the skies. patchy fog in the valleys. quiet over the bay. not too many clouds there. more clouds filtering into the skies throughout the day today. temperatures still on the chilly side. 30s and 40s out there right now. especially in the north bay valleys. seeing some cold temperatures out there. but by the afternoon we're looking at partly cloudy skies. some cooler temperatures. and yes, a slight chance of some sprinkles out toward the coastline. and here is that area of low pressure that we've been watching here. hoping to bring some showers to the bay area but looks like the core of the low will stay far enough off the coastline, to keep most of the rain away. so we will see a few clouds. a few slight sprinkles out to
6:47 am
the beaches and it will push to the south. the temperatures for today, down a few degrees. 58 degrees for san rafael. and about 62 for a lie in san jose and about 57 degrees in pacifica. but then we head the other direction. as early as tomorrow as high pressure begins to build in and the temperatures warming up on really wednesday, thursday and friday. and cooling off slightly in toward the week. >> here he comes uh-oh. the sprinkle situation. >> we have a sprinkle situation. >> have we been monitoring that? >> i have been monitoring very closely. i can't find any yet. [ laughter ] >> thanks, lawrence. 6:47 right now. we have the first report of the earnings season. it is out. >> we do. and jason brooks is here from kcbs. cbs money watch .com to talk about it. jason, good morning. >> good morning, frank and grace. good word from aluminum maker alcoa. traditionally the first big company to report its earnings for the fourth quarter. over any quarter for that matter. they turned out to be better than expected. and alcoa is expecting stronger demand this year. this is not just good news for aluminum makers like alcoa but
6:48 am
a host of other companies, and the large industrial companies, and mining companies out there. and that is certainly going to give the stock market a bit of a lift. now heading from large industrial giants, to much smaller companies, small business optimism rose in december for the fourth straight month. according to the national federation of independent business. and now sales continue to be a sore point. it remains fairly weak. 23% said that they saw weak sales in the fourth quarter. and they saw much stronger optimism for earnings potential and for sales going forward. over the next six months. and getting some help from consumers. the federal reserve is reporting that consumer borrowing in november was up $20.4 billion. and that was the biggest increase in 10 years. and credit card spending up $5.5 billion. and the most in over 3.5 years. and consumers played such a big role in the economy. and that is a good sign for many businesses out there. and let's see how stocks are doing right now. dow is up 86 points.
6:49 am
with alcoa shares leading the way. up 1.5%. and nasdaq is gaining 29%. and frank and grace, the s&p right now is up by 11%. off to a decent start. >> we like good news. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thanks. 6:49 now. it is day two. find out what is coming up on "cbs this morning" and erika hill joins us from new york live and you survived day one and look very nice on day two. >> thank you, frank. i appreciate it. we're back pour more. because we can't get enough. we're hoping everybody else feels the same way too about "crbs this morning" and a new hampshire polling location this morning and the political troops are assembled on the ground. we will give you the latest on what is happening in the granite state for the first in the nation primary. and check in with our very own bob schieffer about not only what is happening there and reactions and mitt romney's comment about firing people. and something you will see only on cbs this morning. the parents of a florida college student who died after a horrific hazing incident, they will describe what
6:50 am
happened, and who they think is to blame and why they think the hazing for their son was so brutal. plus, on a lighter note, how about a little mark wahlberg for you on your tuesday morning? >> oh, yes. >> and grace, that one is just for you. >> thanks, erika. i like it. i like it a lot. >> any time. >> all right. "the early show" coming up at 7:00. >> we will see you in a couple of minutes. >> thanks, guys. thousands of new -- gadgets being shown off in las vegas right now. >> brian cooley, c-net editor, left san francisco to check it all out. good morning to you, brian. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. hi, frank, hi, grace. the largest electronic show every year and a lot of folks are familiar with this and it goes on for acres, 2800 companies or so are here and we see what is going to be really mainstream. and a little cutting edge. for the year ahead. this isn't a show about futurism and what is going to
6:51 am
happening in 20 years. this is about real world stuff. and i think one of the biggest things i'm seeing is what is happening with smart phone technology. we're seeing what i call the basket of fours. we're seeing 4g phones become just about universal. and that's that new faster network that a lot of phones run on and four inch and larger screens. in fact, i spotted a phone here from samsung called the galaxy note 5.3-inch, which for a phone, it is far and away the biggest ever made. it is like a mini tablet but actually a phone. and we've also got android 4.0, as kind of the buzz topic operating system on phones here. at this ces. and the last of my fours, is smart phone for everyone. because we are also seeing a new class of less expensive smartphones, which i think is key to get shall woe say the other 50% of cell phone users to carry a smartphone. >> what about tvs? i think that is the big buzz out there and get rid of your
6:52 am
laptop and do everything with your big screen tv now, i guess, right? >> a lot of interesting technology around television. we have been talking for a while on the show about connected television. that's just about universal now. you won't find any televisions that don't have internet streaming built in. but the new stuff has to do with what is called e-led. organic led display. it has been around in the labs for a while. and this year i'm seeing 55- inch production televisions, they won't be cheap for a couple of years and they're so thin, you're afraid you break them if you pick them up. the reason they make them, very little power and outstanding picture and they might make plasma look bad and allows you to do centering things with the design. >> brian cooley, a lot of school stuff. thanks for joining us from -- cool stuff. thanks from las vegas today. >> thank you. a meeting today aimed at getting the 49 49ers to stay here in san francisco. the planning commission mike antonini is meeting with business leaders and discuss
6:53 am
how they can fund plim preliminary work for a stadium at hunter's point where a texas company wants to build a 70,000 seat stadium with a retractible roof. and mayor ed lee was not one of those invited to the meeting but i'm sure the may we're love to keep the 49ers here, obviously. 6:53. coming up, a rare opportunity for some bay area college students. >> why they are traveling to cuba. and what they hope to bring home. when grace and i come right back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
illed a man back now at 6:56. right now, oakland police are looking for a driver who killed a man with his van, got out, looked at the victim, and then just took off. last night, a man was struck and killed while crossing the street at 73rd and bancroft avenues. witnesses say the driver who hit him stopped and looked at the victim but then just got back in his van and drove off. witnesses say the victim was hit by a dark-colored chevy or a gmc type van. utility crews are still trying to restore power in san jose's cambrian area after an suv sheared a power pole right in half. the accident happened last night near union and basskim avenues. nearly 100 homes and businesses losing power. including a nearby school. power is expected to be fully
6:57 am
restored by noontime today. and of course, a very big day for republicans in new hampshire. they're now voting in this year's first presidential primary. and most parts of the granite state, polling places have been open for about four hours now. and we're looking at a live picture of a campaign bus. we believe it may be the bus of newt gingrich. but we're not sure just yet. and the votes though have been counted in a tiny town of dicksville notch where ballots are traditionally cast at midnight. here is what we know. mitt romney and john huntsman tied for first but that is with two votes each. still early. >> a little early to call. and a group from san jose state university are flying to cuba this morning, we caught up with the journalism students just before taking off. 32 student, faculty and guest professors are on the 12-day trip. they will come home with interviews and video to produce stories about cuba. i'm sure they will have a lot of stories to tell. >> i think a lot of journalists would like to go to cuba. >> i would like to go to cuba. >> absolutely. >> are you still busy? >> is this a big vacation week for folks? >> i don't know.
6:58 am
sloppy driving. >> maybe the weekend. >> look at the bay bridge. it is really -- there is no metering lights yet. really no delay heading into san francisco. and there is really no reason that i can think of. can you think of any reason why? there is a bottleneck possibly in lafayette, but yes, it is pretty quiet. >> the new hampshire primaries. people sleeping in a little bit. we don't know. if you want to beat the rush, now is a good time to go with no metering lights on the bay bridge. lafayette, all lanes are back open on westbound 24. for a while, the lanes were closed because of an accident there. right around closer toward the bart station. but it is still slow. about a 25 minute commute. between 680 and the macarthur maze. not too bad this morning at the bay bridge. and silicon valley ride, westbound 237, a few break lights leaving millipitas to san jose. that camera is right near the 880/237 interchange. out of downtown san jose, a little more busy, a few more cars headed to cupertino.
6:59 am
that is traffic. here is lawrence with a check of the forecast. >> clouds in the area. patchy fog in the valley. 33 in napa. 32 and freezing in fairfield and 39 degrees in san jose. and this afternoon, some partly cloudy skies. weak storm system off the coastline. but i think unfortunately, that is where it is going to stay for the most part. a slight chance of some sprinkles out toward the coastline. and yes, we have a sprinkle situation out toward the beaches today. but otherwise, looks like for the most part, staying dry. >> so when i got dressed this morning, i put a little crimson tide red on. >> a little attitude, too, huh? >> well, you didn't go to alabama. you went to ucla. >> i grew up there. >> alabama rolled over lsu last night winning 21-0. just one td in the game. the rest came off field goals. the first shutout in the 14- year history of the bcs. the victory is giving alabama the second title in three years. and nick saban, the third bcs title. no one has ever done that. and i k


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