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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 10, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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fully expecting a victory celebration tonight. new hampshire is a race for second place. ron paul is second but newt gingrich, rick santorum, jon huntsman tried to chip away at the lead. rick perry has already moved to south carolina. exit polls giving some hint about what new hampshire voters find important, the economy the top concern. let's get the latest on new hampshire. we go to a special report with scott pelley and cbs news. the polls. >> just closed here in new hampshire. and cbs news projects mitt romney has won the first republican primary in the nation.
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33% told us what they are looking for in a candidate is the ability to defeat president obama and of those voters, 60% said they went for romney. so romney wins in new hampshire, huntsman and paul battling for second. next week south carolina where polls show romney ahead. stay with us for more from new hampshire. i'm scott pelley. cbs news, manchester. and as scott said, the big news out of new hampshire as expected, mitt romney projected to win the granite state way sizable percentage of the vote. next stop south carolina for the republican candidates. rick perry is already there. the rest are expected to join him by this time tomorrow. south carolina very different battlegrounds than new hampshire. the state's evangelical growth will be crucial to the winner's success. 70% of republican voters in south carolina say they want a president who shares their religious beliefs. the primary there is set for january 21.
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for the latest results, log on to our website, click on news and politics. other news tonight, the battle over california's high- speed rail project is pitting a political heavyweight against state assembly members. now an attempt to consolidate the proposed transit agency with caltrans is drawing heavy criticism. mark sayre reports from sacramento. >> reporter: allen, no sooner did senator dianne feinstein back governor brown's plan to restructure the state's high- speed rail authority than a group of lawmakers here in sacramento have come out about a bill to try to derail the project. reporter: opponents of high- speed rail rolled out the lemons against calling for an end to the entire project. >> in addition, the original price tag has tripled. operating costs are being ignored. and we are relying on a problematic ridership study. >> reporter: supporters of the plan, which would eventually link the bay area and sacramento with los angeles and
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anaheim, say high-speed rail would relieve congestion, help transform california's economy, and create much-needed jobs. but an assemblyman from hanford, which would be in the first phase of construction, says he doesn't see it. >> this project is cost the state a lot of money and in my area with crime, wedcasion, with all these different cuts that are affecting us directly this is a drain on the economy. this is a drain on our priorities. >> reporter: governor brown proposed putting the california high speed authority into a transportation agency along with caltrans, a move which senator dianne feinstein says she supports. in a letter to the governor, the senator says, failing to resolve problems with the rail plan would potentially jeopardize $3.5 billion in federal funding. but opponents don't buy it. >> the problem that i fear is that it will be buried in caltrans and continue down the same train wreck path. >> reporter: now, just last week, a state panel recommended that the state not issue the bonds needed to go forward with
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the construction. but the high-speed rail authority says at this point it is planning to move forward with existing plans to get this project under way in the central valley. that first section we have been hearing so much about, groundbreaking, they are hoping in fall of this year just a few months from now. back to you. >> thank you, mark sayre in sacramento. federal transit authorities appear to be in favor of extending bart into santa clara valley. the u.s. department of transportation recommends more than $900 million in federal aid be set aside for the transit agency over the next decade. that is the entire amount bart had been looking for. a line from fremont to milpitas and the berryessa area could open in 2016. bay area professional sports were shaken up today as the raiders fired their head coach. hue jackson learned this morning he would not return to coach the silver and black next season. it's the first major move by the team's new general manager,
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reggie mckenzie. >> this decision centered around my wanting to bring my own guy in. >> the raiders finished with eight wins, eight losses this season but failed to make the play-offs for the ninth straight year. the time now begins its search for its sixth head coach in 10 seasons. prosecutors today began building their case against the suspected serial killer accused of murdering four northern california women. ann notarangelo outside the marin county court, where the preliminary hearing is under way. ann. >> reporter: allen, joseph naso is accused of killing four women in the 1970s and 1990s. he is acting as his own attorney and he seems a bit unclear about courtroom procedure. these are pictures from a previous hearing involving naso. today the judge allowed him to be unshackled and also gave him a pen and legal pad so he can take notes during this preliminary hearing. the prosecutor started with naso's probation officer out of nevada. naso was on probation after a
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larceny conviction. the probation officer searched naso's home last april shortly before he was arrested and said he found a list. the list identified 10 females and gave geographic locations like healdsburg, mendocino county and other areas. the four victims naso is charged with killing were found in four of those areas. the prosecutor found photos of women in unnatural poses, some nude, some asleep, some uncan, some unresponsive. later he thought some were dead. naso called this his list of girlfriends. the d.a.'s office has yet to decide if this is a death penalty case. initially, the preliminary hearing was supposed to take a week but from what we saw, it might take longer. naso as his own attorney can cross-examine witnesses and is all over the place. today he was asking the
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probation officer about his childhood when he was 10 and 11. that's unacceptable and the judge had to explain to mr. naso what he can and can't say, and it slows things down. >> thank you. other bay area headlines, power is back on for about 1700 pg&e customers in san jose. that's after a driver crashed into a high voltage power line pole about 8:00 last night on camden avenue. the collision sheared the pole in half, knocked power lines on the sidewalk and the road. the driver we are told was not hurt. most customers were without power though until 11 a.m. some schools closed for the date. a hit-and-run in oakland, a driver got out, looked at the victim and then drove away. the pedestrian was killed at 37rd and bancroft last night. police are searching for the driver and the van which is a dark colored chevy or gmc.
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nevada fire and police departments are offering a $15,000 reward to catch the arsonist to started at least 50 fires in that city since saturday. there are no new reports of damage overnight, which is good news, but all the fires burned in open spaces right near neighborhoods. well, it was thought to be a long-term effect of smoking pot. while lighting up might not be as bad as originally thought. how an episode of judge judy sparked this woman to hit her husband with his hammer. >> i'm going to be in the history books, an olympiaian. >> a woman who grew up in a tough bay area neighborhood is going into olympic history. the "associated press" declared mitt romney the winner. the first republican to win both the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary. we'll have the latest for you on that as we continue this evening.
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answered tough questions from the national transportation safety board in the wake of last today airshow executives answered some tough questions from the national transportation safety board in the wake of last year's deadly crash at the reno air races. it was september 16, ten spectators and the pilot of a world war ii era plane died when the plane crashed. today the ntsb vowed to make airshows safer. >> we want to make sure that the limitation of humans and machines are respected and when it comes to spectators and crowds, they are protected. >> there have been 75 deadly airshow accidents in the last 25 years. a redwood city metal recycler that drew a fine from the environmental protection agency five years ago is facing new pollution charges. the epa has issued a notice of violation to sims metal management. the company, which is located
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at the port of redwood city, is charged with polluting san francisco bay with lead and mercury, pcbs, copper and z. zinc. it sends scrap metal overseas. it could face fines up to $37,000 a day until it cleans everything up. in 2007 it was fined for a fire that sent toxic smoke over silicon valley. a woman says she attacked her husband with a hammer because he was watching judge judy. police in florida arrested 62- year-old janette knowles. she told them she was so mad the show was on tv she hit her husband twice on the head. now he is going to be okay but it is unclear why the show made the woman so upset. for that you can be the judge. marijuana or cigarettes? which is worse for you? the surprising results of a new ucsf study.
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>> a bay area boxer with dreams of the olympics. what makes rocky's fight to the top so inspiring. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. definitely get out that extra blanket tonight. and you can burn tonight but you can't tomorrow. the full "spare the air" report as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5.
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county supervisors said today marin county's new smoking ban will not include marijuana. county supervisors said today they are going to make revisions to an ordinance that outlaws smoking in unincorporated area apartments. they want to make it clear they say that the ban only applies to tobacco products not marijuana. the law is supposed to take effect today, by the way. the more you smoke tobacco, the worse it is for your lungs. emphysema, copd, lung cancer. but what about smoking marijuana? dr. kim mulvihill with surprising results from the latest local research. >> reporter: when you weigh the risks and benefits of smoking marijuana, a new stud in the journal of the american medical association says one thing you don't have to worry about is lasting damagelung function. reporter: smoke a cigarette and you inhale a host of chemicals. smoke a joint and you do the same. >> marijuana smoke is very similar in many ways to tobacco
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smoke. >> reporter: so scientists expected the two would be equally harmful. >> i was surprised at these findings. >> reporter: dr. mark pletcher and colleagues analyzed smoke exposure and lung function over 20 years. >> inhale real big. >> reporter: they measured lung volume. >> one more. >> reporter: how much air you can breathe out after you breathe in all the way. they found the greater the tobacco use, the greater the harm. but not so with marijuana. >> i suspect that there is a similar type of damage occurring in the lungs. but the fact is that that effect is essentially negligible for most marijuana smokers because they just don't have that level of exposure to smoke. they only smoke a joint every, you know, week or so instead of 20 cigarettes a day. >> reporter: in fact, the marijuana smokers in the study scored higher than the nonsmokers. fletcher suspects they may just
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be better test-taker. >> what we think may be going on is that the way people smoke marijuana is very deep inhalation. it's almost like training for the pulmonary function test itself. >> reporter: he is quick to add that scoring better on the test is not a reason to start spot. >> marijuana has an effect on the lungs, more cough, more phlegm production and sort of irritated symptoms like that. >> reporter: now, the researchers say up to moderate levels of marijuana use, that's the amount a person would smoke if they had a joint a day for seven years. that's not associated with a loss of lung volume. but with heavy use, it looks like there is a decline in lung function. they urge caution and moderation. >> and again, this was the effect of the smoke in your respiratory system? >> reporter: your lungs, specifically what they were look at. >> thank you. well, a very small tax could have a big impact on saving lives and money when it
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comes to obesity. a new study that includes data from ucsf predicts a one-cent per ounce tax on soda and sugary drinks would prevent 26,000 deaths in the next decade and save an estimated $17 billion a year in healthcare costs because on average, each american drinks roughly 45 gallons of sugary beverages every year. some more than others, some less. a bay area boxer who grew up in a very tough neighborhood has come a long way. could make it all the way to the olympics. patrick sedillo shows us it's not just the nickname of rocky that makes the boxer so special. this type boxer that puts in hard work all day, you know, knows how to commit to the ring and knows how to do that. >> reporter: on this cold dark january evening, when most people are heading home, raquel miller is heading to the gym. >> i was talking to a friend, and when we came back i started
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putting in the work to get there. >> reporter: this is the women's world boxing championships in china where she has a good shot at qualifying for the 2012 olympics. she starts training in spokane next month. but she already started. >> a typical day, i'm up at 6:00, running at work from 8:30 to 5:00. here from 5:30 until about 7:30. i go and i grab some food and then go to "24 hour fitness." >> reporter: her record nine out of 11 and she remembers the first win. >> it was a special moment. to have your hand raised in victory, everything paid off. >> reporter: a san francisco native she grew up on the tough streets of the bayview where she often had to defends herself. had he grandmother died in jonestown, guyian yeah, in 1978, shot because she wouldn't bring the poison. she keeps her picture on her desk. >> i wasn't alive so i never got to meet her. >> a woman that worked as hard as she do, make it easier for me. >> reporter: her shots are punishing. she is planning on making
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pugilistic history one way or the other. >> i'm going to a world class athlete, in the history books, an olympian. >> reporter: an olympian? possibly. as for making history, she already is. >> i'm ready and i'm pushing. >> reporter: in san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. >> what do you think? you want to go a few rounds with raquel? >> no, she's way too tough for me. >> me, either. >> maybe a little arm-wrestle? >> i saw her arms, i don't know. >> i did, too. >> guns! >> one or one as far as the weather forecast something concerned, it looks like we finally have a little bit of rain at the end of the tunnel. we'll get to that, but right now, good evening, it's our live cbs 5 camera look out at mount diablo. today's high temperature there 64 degrees. we had highs that banked between 58 in hayward and 71 in gilroy. it's currently in the upper 50s in san jose and in santa clara.
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san francisco is sporting 58. average high 56. we saw high today of 62 degrees. tonight a lot of cold air mass, filtering in. end result frosty conditions in our inland areas. tomorrow hazy, with a "spare the air" day on wednesday, possible storm next wednesday. we have particulate mar in the matter unhealthy a "spare the air" day. we need a good washing, a storm system to clean out the atmosphere. we are anywhere between 26 and 33% of normal for this time of the year. check it out and compare it to this time last year. in fact, as far as snow is concerned, we're 13% in tahoe from where we were last year at this time. weak disturbance passing the bay area today. you would never know it except for a few clouds drifting
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through. another area of low pressure over the pacific. high pressure filling in bringing warmer temperatures before these systems begin to change our winter weather pattern a week from today. here's the hope and we'll keep our fingers crossed. tonight overnight 30 degrees in santa rosa, 28 penngrove, 38 san jose, temperatures in the 40s around the central bay. tomorrow's highs 65 in portions, 64 san ramon, 56 in morgan hill. temperatures uniform from 61 to 66, no breeze so hazy conditions. there we have it. we have a few clouds on sunday into the holiday. and cooler temperatures by tuesday. after that, we're talking rain moving back into the bay area as long as things don't change. right now, computer models complete agreement that we should have a storm by wednesday into thursday. >> they agree. who is to argue? >> i'm backing off this one. >> thank you. it has been a chaotic transition for thousands of
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customers. why pharmacies are flooded with former walgreens customers. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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a new drug s millions of people across the country are scrambling to find a new drugstore. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains the tough transition now facing former walgreens customers in the bay area. reporter: >> when it was time for me to pick up my prescription, i went to the window and a woman grabbed me saying i was cutting in line. >> reporter: he says he couldn't really blame her. everyone at the safeway pharmacy was frustrated by the chaos caused from thousands of walgreens customers being forced to switch pharmacies because the nation's largest drugstore chain no longer accepts the nation's largest prescription insurance manager. >> the line grew longer and longer and longer, and there were a lot of disgruntled people. >> reporter: safeway is not alone. you will find signs like this outside almost every pharmacy these days welcoming express scripts customers from walgreens but it hasn't been a warm welcome in
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cities like san francisco where walgreens has four times as many stores as the other pharmacy chain and some pharmacists are saying that's not the only reason they are overwhelmed. a pharmacist says walgreens is promising to transfer prescriptions in under an hour but sometimes it takes up to three days. she questions whether or not that's intentional. >> the pharmacy at walgreens wasn't that helpful. it's sad to walk away from that and coming into my experience into safeway and you kind of wonder is this how it's going to be? >> reporter: so were you pretty loyal walgreens customer? >> absolutely. >> reporter: are you surprised that other pharmacists are now making accusations that they are purposely delaying transferring prescriptions over. >> no, because they're losing business and customers. >> reporter: walgreens denies it saying, "we want to make this process as smooth as possible to help our patients. after all, they may have the option in the future to use walgreens pharmacies."
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in the meantime the other pharmacies are giving customers a little advice. >> they did inform me that they are busy accepting walgreens transfers and to allow an extra day and which i did. >> reporter: walgreens won't disclose how many customers it's loss but says it's actually added staffhelp with transferring those prescriptions. both cvs and safeway say they are starting to see the wait times decrease but for faster service fill your prescriptions in advance or ask your doctor to write a new prescription for the new pharmacy. >> don't wait until the last minute. >> give yourself three days. it may take some time. the latest returns from the new hampshire primary, with 13% of the precincts now reporting, mitt romney is maintaining a sizable lead over his closest competitor ron paul. we have live pictures of mitt romney taking to the podium at his headquarters in manchester. let's go ahead and take a quick listen. >> grandchildren..., the granite state moment we have just enjoyed is one we will always remember and i have my
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five sons behind me and our daughters in law and grandkids somewhere around here. they are right behind us. it's great to have family here. now, tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we go back to work. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ] >> we do remember... >> getting to work means on to south carolina and florida. much more on the cbs evening news on the new hampshire primary right after the newscast. we'll be right back.
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