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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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double-digit lead over his closest competitor, ron paul. he is projected the winner. romney was right when he called the victory historic. he is the first nonincouple bent ever to sweep the early contests in both new hampshire and iowa. we'll have a live report coming up. the fbi joined the investigation into arson at one of the state's largest beef processors. the fire ripped through a fleet of trucks at the harris ranch feed lot in coalinga. len ramirez has more on the group claiming responsibility. reporter: from above the sprawling harris farms feed lot off highway 5, chopper 5 spotted several company semi trucks completely burned and melted down. in all, 14 trucks used for transporting cattle were atotal loss in a case investigate quickly ruled arson. >> we haven't released anything on why we believe it's arson
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but there are several factors. >> reporter: animal rights group claimed responsibility detailing how they usee kerosene on the ropes between each trucks. >> this communique talks about how they are against injustices and the horrors of factory farming, against the exploitation of nonhuman beings. it's more than just an act of arson. >> reporter: a feed lot is the last stop for beef cattle before the slaughterhouse here at the harris ranch. at any given time there are tens of thousands of head of cattle that are eating and fattening up. the ranch was back to full operations today but security was stepped up even at the harris ranch restaurant miles from the feed lot. >> we don't really want anybody out here taking pictures. >> reporter: folks in nearby coalinga called it a waste.
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>> it's a hell of a way to make a point. >> they don't need to do stuff like that to show us what's happening. we already know. >> reporter: this ranch owner john harris said, of the group claiming responsibility, quote, they are clearly a terrorist group intent on stopping american agriculture from producing the world's safest food supply. harris said he is confident they will be brought to justice meantime the fbi now assisting the fresno county sheriff in the investigation. len ramirez, cbs 5. in novato a $15,000 reward is being offered to catch a serial arsonist in that city. at least 55 fires have been intentionally set since saturday. however, there were no new reports of any damage overnight. the fires were all set in open spaces and so far, only a fence and pg&e pole have been damaged. tonight the city of san francisco will have to make a big decision about a jack-in- the-box restaurant. it's the same restaurant where police say an early-morning fight led to the hit-and-run of
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a firefighter. joe vazquez on why the restaurant may have to tell its customers, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. >> reporter: they have been 24 hours but 6:0now on room 400 city hall, the entertainment commission will be meeting and they are going to entertain the possibility that they are going to have to tell this jack in the box on geary they are going to cut their hours. hold the jumbo jack at least overnight. that's the message from one community activist in san francisco's richmond district. >> in a week's time we gathered 1500 signatures from neighbors, residents and businesses. >> reporter: and david lee claims they all want one thing, to deny the jack-in-the-box on geary the ability to get a new permit that allows them to stay open from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. >> they have been closed since december 5 because they lack the permit and now they are trying to get reopened again. neighbors have had enough. >> reporter: as one of the few
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24-hour establishments in richmond, it gets crowded and sometimes rowdy. an early-morning argument on thanksgiving escalated once the men got outside. police say the man in the white t-shirt followed a california state firefighter in his car and ran over him in a nearby gas station. bar tal, a marine and veteran of the war in iraq, is still in the hospital with severe head injuries. >> i don't think they should shut it down. i mean, if they know there's gang activity or something going on, the police should police it rather than shut the restaurant down. >> reporter: city officials later discovered they had been operating for two years without the proper paperwork to stay open for 24 hours even though it was open 24 for years. jack-in-the-box says it was an honest mistake that the chain sold a restaurants to a franchisee who didn't realize he had to reapply after the sale. tonight the entertainment commission will decide whether to accept jack-in-the-box's new application to keep open overnight. >> i don't think that hamburgers and french fries are
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bad inherently and it's not will that. it's about how you manage your operation. >> reporter: a jack-in-the-box representative told me that they have been working with the neighbors for months. they have implemented new security. they say the violence happened a block away at a gas station parking lot. so they are concerned. they believe there's unfair treatment. so they want to stay open 24 hours. >> i don't, you mentioned the firefighter is still in the hospital. is there a long-term prognosis? >> not looking good. his mom was on facebook and commented that there's a support page for him and is hoping for recovery. we would like it speak with them at some point. it's a slow recovery. >> thank you. a man walking on railroad tracks in fairfield was struck and killed by an amtrak train this afternoon. it happened in an industrial
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part of fairfield. witnesses say the man had his back to the train. the engineer honked the horn but couldn't stop. the 21-year-old victim was dragged under the train and died at the scene. headphones were found on the tracks. california senator dianne feinstein is weighing in on how to save california's high-speed rail project. her idea comes as a group of state lawmakers says it is time to pull the plug. mark sayre has both sides of the high-speed rail battle. reporter: opponents of high- speed rail rolled out the lemons against calling for an end to the entire project. >> in addition, the original price tag has tripled. operating costs are being ignored. and we are relying on a problematic ridership study. >> reporter: supporters of the plan, which would eventually link the bay area and sacramento with los angeles and anaheim, say high-speed rail would relieve congestion, help transform california's economy, and create much-needed jobs. but an assemblyman from hanford, which would be in the first phase of construction, says he doesn't see it.
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>> this project is cost the state a lot of money and in my area with crime, wedcasion, with all these different cuts that are affecting us directly this is a drain on the economy. this is a drain on our priorities. >> reporter: governor brown proposed putting the california high speed authority into a transportation agency along with caltrans, a move which senator dianne feinstein says she supports. in a letter to the governor, the senator says, failing to resolve problems with the rail plan would potentially jeopardize $3.5 billion in federal funding. but opponents don't buy it. >> the problem that i fear is that it will be buried in caltrans and continue down the same train wreck path. >> we're very encouraged by the letter. >> reporter: lance simmons with the high-speed rail authority says his agency welcomes the change and see it is as a way to increase overall transportation coordination statewide.
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>> we think it's a fantastic opportunities for us to use resources of the larger agency and, you know, part of what we're always hearing is how we need to staff up. >> reporter: just last week, a state panel recommended that funds for the project not be authorized but the state high- speed rail commission says at this point, it is moving forward with plans to break ground in the fall of this year. reporting from sacramento, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. it appears bart will be getting everything it asked for from the federal government as it extends south to silicon valley. the u.s. department of transportation is recommending more than $900 million in federal aid be set aside for the transit agency over the next 10 years. a new line from fremont to milpitas in the berryessa area could open in 2016. this afternoon, the san francisco planning commission held a meeting with local business leaders to try to keep the 49ers in san francisco. however, mayor ed lee wasn't
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among those invited to today's events. the group is trying to generate preliminary funding for a 70,000-seat retractable roof stadium at hunters point. oakland police say that a driver involved in a deadly hit- and-run stopped his van, got out, looked at the victim before getting back in the van and driving off. the pedestrian was killed at 73rd and bancroft last night. police are searching for the driver and the van, which is described as a dark colored chevy or gmc. shocked in the act. why an airport passenger was tased over lost luggage at a california airport. a bay area recycling company ordered to clean up its act. the toxins it's accused of dumping into our water. >> ready for a nap now? you look sleepy. >> a new trick to get your child to sleep. the bay area dad who invented it shows off why it works.
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began laying out their case against a suspected serial killer accused of murdering four
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northern california wome in marin county today, prosecutors began laying out their case against the suspected serial killer accused of murdering four northern california women. ann notarangelo is outside the courthouse where the preliminary hearing is under way. >> reporter: joseph naso is acting as his own attorney against the allegations that he murdered four women in the 1970s and 1990s. these are pictures from a previous hearing involving naso. today the judge allowed him to be unshackled and also gave him a pen and legal pad so he can take notes during this preliminary hearing. the prosecutor started with naso's probation officer out of nevada. naso was on probation after a larceny conviction. the probation officer searched naso's home last april shortly before he was arrested and said he found a list. the list identified 10 females and gave geographic locations like healdsburg, mendocino county and other areas. the four victims naso is charged with killing were found in four of those areas.
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he is charged with killing several women in the various areas. the probation officer also said he found photos of women in recall natural poses, partially or fully nude, some asleep, some unconscious, and some unresponsive. later he thought some were dead. naso called this his list of girlfriends. the d.a.'s office has yet to decide if this is a death penalty case. naso isn't familiar with courtroom procedure so it's possible the preliminary hearing will last longer than the estimated week. >> thank you, ann notarangelo in marin counties. sheriff's deputies used a stun gun on a traveler at sacramento international airport when he refused to allow his bags to be x-rayed. the man was in the baggage claim area when he realized he had left something on the plane. he was told to get a pass from the airline to get back to the gate which he did. but when he got to security, he
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was told his bags would have to be rescreened. sheriff's deputies say he refused and got into a scuffle with them, so they subdued him with a stun gun. >> that's part of society today. you know? they can have something in there that shouldn't be in there. if you go by the rules, or the hell with you. >> the man was taken to the hospital as a precaution and he now faces criminal charges. a redwood city metal recycler that was fined by the environmental protection agency five years ago is facing new pollution charges tonight. as john ramos reports, an epa inspection found the company is dumping toxic materials into the bay. >> were you surprised by what you found? >> yes. >> reporter: luis does inspections to enforce the clean water act. but what he found in april at the sims metal recycling plant in redwood city was anything but clean. >> my immediate concern was for the stuff that had not landed on those platforms but actually
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had landed in the water. >> reporter: sims metal management sets adjacent to redwood creek a direct inlet into the bay. the company shreds cars into scrap metal for shipment to other countries such as china. it's loaded on a ship with a conveyor belt. >> that belt was functioning in such a way that metals and pcbs, mercury, copper, lead, were ending up going directly into the san francisco bay. >> reporter: for example, pcbs, a cancer-causing substance, was found to be at levels 10,000 times the normal concentration. so the epa issued an enforcement order requiring sims to clean up the area and submit a plan within 90 days to stop it from happening again. sims declined to comments on camera but says, "the company is already working with epa, steps are currently being taken to control any debris from the company's ship loading operations." >> they know they are not allowed to have things go into
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the bay? >> i haven't asked them specifically but i think they understand. >> reporter: they understand it now? >> they understand it now. >> reporter: the epa says it's too soon to talk about what fines or penalties might abscessed but hope it will be a deterrent to other company to be sure everyone is careful about what they're dumping into the bay n redwood city, john ramos, cbs 5. all right, roberta gonzales. i washed my car. >> dana king, you did not! [ laughter ] >> so in going to rain? >> seriously, you only washed it twice last year? >> right. >> we finally have rain in the forecast. it's true! we'll get to that. but right now, let's get to this, a live cbs 5 weather camera across the calm bay waters. at the oakland airport it was 62 degrees. 67 in the city. we banked between 56 degrees at the coolest location today in
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hayward to 71 degrees in gilroy. pristine conditions. visibility pristine although a little hazy. temperatures now in the low it mid-50s. we have crystal clear skies. we'll have cooler air in place. we'll wake up to a frosty start tomorrow. it will be a "spare the air" day on wednesday. the possibility of rain, yes, is in the forecast next wednesday. "spare the air..." particulate matter in the atmosphere north bay and also around the santa clara valley, that he where you will see the hayes. never a good thing to see the air that you breathe. we need a storm to wash out the atmosphere. we have them lining up over the pacific ocean. warmer through the weekend. tonight in the 30s and 40s. it will get below freezing
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inland. tomorrow's highs up to 66 degrees for the outside number. then high pressure in command, offshore flow through sunday, increasing cloud cover tuesday. more on the wednesday storm next time around. >> thank you. well, it could be a up in chapter in san francisco's parking wars. in an effort to crack down on abuse, there's talk about making disabled drivers pay to use metered spaces. don ford on the heated reaction. >> reporter: finding a legal parking space in san francisco isn't easy. and when you do find an open meter, it's going to cost you. unless you have a disabled parking placard. they allow you to park all day for free. san francisco may be considering a change. even if you have a placard, you would still have to feed the meter. >> anything in san francisco if it involves parking is a hot
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potato. what we're trying to do is to make sure whatever we put forward can work for as many people as possible. >> reporter: the agency hasn't formally made the request yet. however, on this single block, one car after another had placards. not a single meter had anything on it, except one. amy mueller is recovering from foot surgery and has a disabled placard. >> even though i have a handicapped black around, i still pay the meter. >> reporter: the number of disabled placards in the city has jumps 142% to over 50,000 today. >> people do misuse them. they obtain them fraudulently. >> reporter: some folks think charging placards at meters isn't the answer. >> the city is just cruel. i don't think there's enough spaces. >> it's sad. i think the handicapped people need all the breaks they can get. >> reporter: ultimately, any changes to the handicapped parking rules will have to be
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handled in sacramento because those regulations are governed by state law. in san francisco, don ford, cbs 5. thin is in. the hottest new gadgets at the consumer electronics show. >> and a high-tech trickget children to sleep, in two minutes. ,,,,
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electronics companies from all over the world rolling out the latest tech toys. this is a consumer electronics show in las vegas. this year, thin is in. super thin laptops called ultrabooks weigh about 2 pounds and booted up in seconds with hours of battery life. tvs doing more with less a one- stop hub for your music, gaming, all things internet. and new organic l.e.d. displays feature the thinnest screens and apparently the
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business picture quality yet. cool stuff you can't get your baby to sleep. thanks to one south bay dad, there's an app for that. >> kiet do with a man who is now making tens of thousands of off his pursuit for a little beauty rest. >> ready for a nap now? you look sleepiy. >> reporter: it's bedtime and the 14-month-old twin girls are sick and congested and they are not going down without a fight. >> a blankie? [ crying ] >> reporter: and yes, there's an app for that. [ sound of water ] >> reporter: it's called white noise ambience and the creator is the twins' dad. he launched the app last week after weeks of tears and fussing at bedtime. with the app running, they shut the door, cross their fingers. [ screaming ] [ crying ] >> reporter: there are tons of noise apps out there but this one features high res photos and up to 68 sounds and counting, common and exotic,
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that he edited himself to major sure they loop smoothly. >> there is a jarring moment when the first sound comes on you play it and when it comes to the end you hear the whoosh and it wasn't smooth. what i tend to do is move the quieter parts to the beginning of the sound so that, you know, it doesn't sound -- you don't knots it as much. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill says often times babies fall asleep faster when it's not quiet. >> some believe these monotonous repetitive sounds, white noise, may remind a baby of sounds he heard in the womb. >> reporter: half an hour later, the 33-year-old dad checks the girls and it worked. nifield admits noisemakers can be hit or miss with babies but for exhausted new parents ready to try anything, it's a $2 app and buy a chance for some peace and quiet. kiet do, cbs 5. the votes are in, mitt romney two for two. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> why romney is make history
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with the win and the battle for second place. it's a plan to overhaul oakland's virtually abandoned army base. oakland residents say they support it. so why did they storm city hall today? the answer coming up. more monkey business at the san francisco zoo. how three intruders broke in this time.
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historic victory in new hampshire, firml you know, tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we go back to work. >> yeah! mitt romney cruises to an historic victory in new hampshire clearly establishing himself as the man to beat for the republican presidential election. let's take a look at the latest numbers. we are at 40% of precincts reporting. romney has a comfortable lead. the granite state always expected to be a solid foothold for romney. ron paul poised to finish a solid second. danielle nottingham in new hampshire where the candidates are starting to look ahead. danielle. >> reporter: good evening, and mitt romney is now heading south after a big win near new hampshire tonight. mitt romney claimed victory just 25 minutes after the polls closed in new hampshire. >> thank you, new hampshire!
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tonight we made history! >> reporter: romney is two for two after winning the iowa caucuses last week. cbs news now projects ron paul will take second place. paul's campaign focused on constitutional law and personal liberties, which played well in moderate new hampshire. huntsman spent more time in the state than any other candidate and enjoyed a late third. >> when was the last time you heard surge associated with huntsman? >> reporter: no surprise for mitt romney tonight but he will have a tougher fight in south carolina. rick santorum and newt gingrich did not farewell in new hampshire but are poised for better results in the more conservative south. voters are also looking ahead to the general election. exit polls in new hampshire show the most important issue is the economy. six in ten say it's the top issue. even though jon huntsman finished in third tonight, he says he is still heading to south carolina. all of the candidates plan to
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campaign there tomorrow. live in manchester, new hampshire, danielle nottingham. now back to you, allen. >> danielle, is it clearly defined where romney's support is coming from, which bloc of voters it is? is it the ultraconservatives or moderates? >> reporter: the moderates and conservatives helped him win tonight. also, voters who are looking for a candidate who could beat president obama. that was most important to the voters that supported mitt romney. >> his making history with this win, winning iowa and new hampshire back to back, never been done before, how much stock should voters put in that from here on out? >> reporter: well, it's something that has never happened with a republican who was not an incumbent and this big win in new hampshire will give him a lot ofsoo momentum. it's a huge win and he will
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continue to attack president obama. >> i know voters the polling said their number one concern was the economy and then next was who can beat obama. so did voters seem to feel they got what they were looking for here? >> reporter: they were satisfied. more than 60% of the voters in new hampshire were satisfied with their candidates according to exit polls so they like mitt romney. and they see comfortable with him going forward. >> thank you, danielle nottingham in manchester, new hampshire. thank you so much. just how accurate is new hampshire in predicting what happens come november? consider. this the past three presidents, barack obama, george w. bush, bill clinton, all came in second in their respective primaries. clinton had actually been expected to fare much worse given the early scandals in his campaign. his firm second place finish led him to proclaim himself the comeback kid.
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remember that? the next battle is south carolina. the primary there is january 21. after that, it is florida on january 30 1. by this time tomorrow, though, all the gop candidates are expected to be in south carolina pushing hard. one is already there trying to win over evangelical voters. >> i understood as a young 14- year-old as i gave my life to jesus christ that that was going to be a central part of who i am. >> rick perry making an appearance at a church in columbia. 70% of republican voters in south carolina say they want a president who shares their religious beliefs. and the majority are evangelical christians. the latest numbers from south carolina suggest that mitt romney could go three for three pull off another win with newt gingrich and rick santorum fighting for second but still of course anyone's game. 41% of voters say they might support someone else. we'll have the latest
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election news tonight on cbs 5 at 11:00 and always on here in california, new research shows that the governor's plan to raise taxes will not bring in as much money as he says it would. the governor says his proposal to temporarily hike income taxes on the highest earners would raise almost $7 billion annually over five years. but the legislative analyst's office puts that number closer to $5 billion. researchers say it is very difficult to predict the income of your opinion ever earners. the city of oakland needs jobs and today it had planned on discussing a project that could create thousands of them. that plan revolves around what to do with the oakland army base which sits right next to the bay. christin ayers on the proposal and why today's meeting never happened. christin. >> reporter: dana, the oakland residents i spoke to told me that they largely supported
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overhaul of the army base but they said they are worried they will miss out on jobs and came to city hall to make sure the city knows it. >> reporter: dozens of oakland residents armed with thousands of signatures stormed city hall to ask a councilmember why a crucial meeting was cancelled at the last minute. >> i apologize. >> reporter: the meeting was supposed to be about oakland's deserted army base a wasteland of rundown barracks but it's planned to be a working waterfront that would manage cargo from the port of oakland and create thousands of jobs. >> it's time to see a transition of us moving forward in the city. >> reporter: these oakland residents don't want to lose out on the jobs. >> pro logic has not stated their intent to bring good jobs to the citizens and residents of oakland. >> unemployment is higher in oakland. >> reporter: it's 16.5% in
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oakland, to be exact and blacks, 25% of oakland's population, make up only 4% of construction workers contracted by the city. >> creating good jobs is what this project is about. >> reporter: phil managing partner of california commercial investments says he has the numbers to prove it. they show the project would generate nearly 10,000 jobs per development fa phase, 6,000 temporary construction jobs and 4,000 permanent positions many in oakland. >> oakland will be the first priority. >> reporter: this city council member said the working waterfront will happen no matter what but it's her job it make sure oakland residents sling dirt and fill offices when the time comes. we are to take something that was part of the destruction of the world will now be part of the construction. world. >> reporter: developers say those jobs numbers are projections based on how much is ultimately spent on this project. that meeting scheduled will be
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rescheduled for two weeks from today. >> thank you, christin ayers. three men caught trespassing over the san francisco zoo over the weekend are identified by police. two of the trespassers, both local homeless men, were arrested after climbing the fence to a secure parking lot at the back of the zoo. the third was a washington resident who was cited and released. all three are not believed to be connected to the theft of a squirrel monkey there late last month. turned away from their pharmacy, now a new problem. >> i went to the window and a woman said i was cutting in line. >> why a lot of people are having trouble buying their meds. >> it's a challenge to think of something new. >> you could call it the ultimate green transportation. how two bay area men are turning wood into bikes. ,,,,
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records show apple gave its c- e-o nearly 400- million dollars in stock options, when he took over for steve jobs. though cook can when tim cook became ceo, he got nearly $400 million in stock options when he took over for steve jobs at apple. although cook cannot sell any of them until 2016. he also got a $100,000 bump in salary to $900,000 a year. the stock and salary combined make cook the highest paid ceo in the u.s. for 2011. 10 million people in the country are scrambling to find a new drugstore. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains the tough transition now facing former walgreens customers. >> when it was time for me to pick up my prescription, i went to the window and a woman grabbed me saying i was cutting in line. >> reporter: he says he couldn't really blame her. everyone at the safeway pharmacy was frustrated by the chaos caused from thousands of walgreens customers being forced to switch pharmacies because the nation's largest drugstore chain
6:40 pm
no longer accepts the nation's largest prescription insurance manager. >> the line grew longer and longer and longer, and there were a lot of disgruntled people. >> reporter: safeway is not alone. you will find signs like this outside almost every pharmacy these days welcoming express scripts customers from walgreens but it hasn't been a warm welcome in cities like san francisco where walgreens has four times as many stores as the other pharmacy chain and some pharmacists are saying that's not the only reason they are overwhelmed. while she wouldn't speak on camera, a cvs pharmacist says walgreens is promising to transfer prescriptions in under an hour but in reality it often takes anywhere from one to three days. she questions whether or not that's intentional. >> the pharmacy at walgreens was impeccable. it's sad to walk away from that and coming into my experience into safeway and you kind of wonder is this how it's going to be? >> reporter: so were you pretty loyal walgreens customer? >> absolutely. >> reporter: are you surprised that other pharmacists are now making accusations that they are purposely delaying transferring prescriptions over.
6:41 pm
>> no, because they're losing business and customers. >> reporter: walgreens denies it saying, "we want to make this process as smooth as possible to help our patients. after all, they may have the option in the future to use walgreens pharmacies." in the meantime the other pharmacies are giving customers a little advice. >> they did inform me that they are busy accepting walgreens transfers and to allow an extra day and which i did. >> reporter: walgreens won't disclose how many customers it's loss but says it's actually added staffhelp with transferring those prescriptions. both cvs and safeway say they are starting to see the wait times decrease but for faster service fill your prescriptions in advance or ask your doctor to write a new prescription for the new pharmacy. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. definitely a chill in the air tonight. good evening, everyone, from the cbs 5 weather center. it's okay to burn tonight, but
6:42 pm
not so much tomorrow. it is a "spare the air" day. we'll pinpoint the areas adversely affected with your pinpoint forecast but first, hey, kim, you haven't been too busy today or anything, have you? >> not at all! another shake-up in alameda. the raiders fire hue jackson. why he was let go and we'll hear from the new man -- the new man calling the shots, coming up in sports.
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closer look at a south bay compan okay, now that we have greener cars on the road, is it possible to have a greener bicycle? tonight a closer look at a south bay company proving that recycling is where the rubber meets the road. but what's being recycled and how it's being used may surprise you. bikes are made out of all sorts of high-tech materials but now you can have a bike made from mostly recycled wood. bill holloway owner of master works wood and design says he got tired of seeing good wood go to waste as landfill and mulch. >> it was kind of a challenge to think of something new to make. we were down here talking one day and the idea just came up to try and make a wooden bike. >> reporter: he and partner mario hernandez made their first prototype bike out of plywood. >> right there.
6:46 pm
>> 9 bikes later it went from this to this. >> yes. that's what this bike is, is made out of this. >> reporter: those are old grapes stakes someone was tossing into the trash. you look at this and what do you think? >> i thought bike when i seen them of the. >> reporter: there is no design work done on a computer. there are very few machines in the shop. nearly everything is done by hand. most of the wood comes from local arborists called to remove a tree for one reason or another. >> it was an old tree. getting ready to take its last couplebl down the road. >> reporter: now a bike made from black walnut is mario's pride and joy. >> i'm a big raider fan and i wanted to a dark pirate bike. i wanted it to look mean and when we saw it down the street we were like oh, no, get away from that guy really backed up a little. >> reporter: the bike may be mean but the idea -- >> you want to take it on its maiden voyage? >> reporter: -- is totally green. >> bikes are green and you may
6:47 pm
one out of wood and you're getting somewhere. >> i know his name isn't spelled mario but that's what everybody calls him. starting price for most of the bikes about $5,000 which bill says just controversy their labor and materials but they want -- which bill says just covers their labor and materials but they want to sell a few. i know it's going to be a frosty start to our wednesday morning but i'm going to be out there on my bike. hope to see you out there, too. it's going to be dry in the bay area but we have rain at the end of the tunnel. first things first. wow, it's our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge where we have cloud-free skies, air temperature tumbling into the 50s after reaching all the way to 71 in gilroy today. here's a look at the golden gate bridge and north of the golden gate bridge is where we'll see some of the temperatures dipping into the upper 20s overnight. tomorrow, it is a "spare the air" day with hazy sunshine. the next possible storm rolling
6:48 pm
this way looks like on wednesday. all the computer models are in agreement at this particular time. also in agreement, that we have pm, particulate matter in the air in the area. it is a "spare the air" day for 24 hours no burning allowed. precipitation of normal stats 26 to 32% of where we should be. so we certainly welcome any kind of precipitation. only 13% of where we should be as far as snowfall is concerned in tahoe, as well. a weak disturbance in the northern half of the state left us cloud-free. this area of high pressure is going to rebound producing an offshore flow warmer temperatures. up and down the state of california, it is cloud-free. 60's in the central valley, 47 on the north and south shore. tonight 28 in santa rosa, mid- 30s from alum rock to the
6:49 pm
almaden valley. around freezing in concord. low 40s in mountain view and brisbane. tomorrow's highs 61 to 66 degrees from the peninsula through the santa clara valley. flat winds. mid-60s in brentwood, discovery bay, tracy. 66 in santa rosa through penngrove. mid-60s in berkeley. the extended forecast does call for an offshore flow to continue all the way through friday so it's a pretty benign weather pattern through saturday. then we begin to invite some clouds into the forecast as we trend towards the holiday on monday. on tuesday, we have partly cloudy skies and then it looks like we'll see that chance of rain moving back into the forecast on wings. that is your pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back.
6:50 pm
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introduce the raiders new general manager... hours later he was told to clean out his hue jackson woke up this morning thinking he was going to be a press conference to introduce the raiders new general manager. hours later he was told to clean out his office. >> i texted reggie that my father used to say, the greatness of the raiders is in its future. reggie, the future is now.
6:53 pm
ladies and gentlemen, reggie mckenzie. >> reporter: for the first time in franchise history, someone other than al davis is calling the shots. his son mark has given the power to new general manager reggie mckenzie and his first order of business, fire hue jackson who nearly predicted this last week. >> i'm not going to get caught up in who we hire and who we bring in. i know how that works, they hire a gm, he wants to bring in his head coach. hey, if that's what mark decides to do, that's his right. i don't think that that's the case. but that is his right. >> this decision centered around my wanting to bring my own guy in. >> we ended up 8-8. we didn't make the play-offs. injuries were a key part of that. but that's not where we want to be. >> reporter: the raiders ranked 29th in yards allowed during the regular season and set nfl
6:54 pm
records for penalties. jackson reached his boiling point after being eliminated from the play-offs. >> this is a joke. >> reporter: mark stayed in his father's shadow until his death. he leaned on advice from john madden when deciding to hire mckenzie. >> we're doing it in a different way because i don't know what my dad knew. he knew talent and all these things and it's a big void to fill. >> reporter: all football decisions will now run through mckenzie who was a linebacker with the raiders in the mid 1980s. in 1994, he joined the packers and was a part of the front office for the last 18 years. >> reggie is doing the hiring but what would you like to see in a head coach? >> i'm not going to comment. i don't want to piss him off his first day. [ laughter ] >> what were the reasons you took this job? >> the better question is, what reasons you wouldn't take this job. i mean, i would be here you
6:55 pm
know -- y'all won't eat dinner tonight all the reasons i have to take this jobs. guys, this is where i came from. i'm back home now. >> so where do the raiders go from here? two packers assistants are reportedly the top candidates to replace jackson. former raider and linebackers coach winston moss and safeties coach darren perry. both worked with mckenzie in green bay. sean payton got a chance to respond to reports that jim harbaugh didn't return his call. in the game they got sacked six times. he said they blitzed more because a missed phone call is false. >> i read the report when it was written or on the radio and it's crazy. we blitz a lot to begin with so the idea that all of a sudden hey we're going to blitz more because someone didn't make a phone call is foolish. basketball's latest version
6:56 pm
of showtime comes to the bay area tonight when the warriors host the heat or the heatles. ten games in the season, lebron and company are the overwhelming favorites to win the championship. dwyane wade is hampered by a foot injury and is a game-time decision. he and wright were teammates for six years in miami of the wright struggled out of the gate shooting just 32%. wade has more advice. >> shoot more. not against us but against the other team. he didn't get enough shots. so when you're a shooter and you get one shot everyone 15 minutes, you're out of rhythm. just shoot more. >> the steelers got t bowed in member fit so they paid up on a friendly major he made with the mayor. he had to don a tim tebow jersey and strike a pose otherwise known as t bowing. >> dennis made a bet with new
6:57 pm
orleans. 8 have to send them clam showed and he will have send them coffee and beignets from new orleans. >> let us know when that package is coming. >> thank you. recapping the top story tonight, mitt romney holding on to a lead just as solid as granite in the new hampshire primary. cbs news projected him the winner within minutes of the polls closing and with a little more than half the votes counted, he is poised to cruise to a double-digit win over his closest competitor which is ron paul with 23%. stay with us, we'll have up dates throughout the night. >> we'll see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc
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