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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. one person shot, two stabbed near a san jose restaurant. the investigation into how it all started. mitt romney cruises to victory in new hampshire. i'm susan mcginnis, a look ahead to south carolina coming up. good morning. it's january 11. good to have you with us. this might be a fun show today. >> you think so. >> i feel it too. >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. still early. we could totally mess it up. >> doesn't take long. >> trying to bring down the pressure. [ laughter ] >> understand for the whole 2.5 hours! >> stay tuned for the whole 2.5
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hours! >> lower the expectations. don't promise tomorrow. like that. outside right now, our time- saver traffic cameras, this is a live look at the golden gate bridge, obviously early and quiet on the roads. we have a little overnight roadwork so we'll break that down later on in the show. in the meantime, it was cold this morning. >> that is an excellent observation, elizabeth. it is cold now. 28 degrees in the napa valley. 32 fairfield. 33 santa rosa. but it is clear as a bell and i'll tell you what, this is going to be some kind of hump day around the bay area. you're going to be surprised at just how warm these temperatures get coming up. >> 70? >> possibly. i will say that. >> thank you. we start with serious news of a person was shot and two were stabbed early this morning in san jose. now, it happened at the creeksidebar and grill on west
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alma avenue just before 2 a.m. police say that they heard shots and rushed to the scene. this is a live look at what's going on right now. they say there were three victims shot or stabbed and they were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions at this hour. no suspect information. we have a reporter on the way to this crime scene as you can see. police still trying to figure out what happened at this san jose scene. 4:32 now. it is two for two for mitt romney after winning the new hampshire republican primary and it was over quickly. he was declared the winner of the nation's first primary shortly after polls closed last night a little after 7:00. romney nearly doubled the vote of second place finisher ron paul. jon huntsman a close third. as susan mcginnis reports, all six contenders are now looking ahead to south carolina. reporter: mitt romney hopes to continue his winning streak down south. >> we made history! >> whoo! >> reporter: he will head to
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south carolina today after scoring another victory last night in the new hampshire primary. the former massachusetts governor briefly soaked up the win before launching a blistering attack on president obama. >> this president has enacted job-killing regulations. i'll eliminate them. he lost our aaa credit rating. i'll restore it. he passed obamacare, i'll repeal it. >> reporter: romney now leads the polls in south carolina but faces a tougher conservative crowd there. >> he certainly had a clear-cut victory but we're nibbling at his heels. >> reporter: second place finisher ron paul played off attacks from his crit yikes they are telling the truth because we are dangerous to the status quo of this country! >> reporter: after spending weeks campaigning here in new hampshire, jon huntsman came in third. like the rest of the candidates, he is promising to take the fight to south carolina. >> third place is a ticket to ride, ladies and gentlemen! >> just the fact that he is moving forward to south carolina is going to cause people to take another look at
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him. >> reporter: after disappointing finishes, newt gingrich and rick perry are counting on south carolina's -- conflict base to give them a boost. >> we can win this race. >> yeah! >> reporter: rick perry, who skipped new hampshire, has been concentrating on drumming up support in south carolina. he says last night's results show the race for a romney alternative is still wide open. susan mcginnis, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. 4:34 now. oakland police are investigating their second homicide of the year. it happened at the 6100 block of foothill boulevard around 9:00 last night. a man was found shot lying in the street. he died at the scene. no suspects this morning. san jose police want to hear from parents who think a jailed teacher may have molestinged their child. 35-year-old craig richard chandler is under arrest charged with aggravated sexual assault against a child.
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he is held without bail this morning. he has been a teacher at willie elementary school school in east san jose for nine years. his most recent assignment teaching a second and third grade combination class. >> i never would have thought that he would be a person to take advantage of a child. never would have thought that. >> san jose police say that the alleged assault happened between all and october of last year and they are not saying whether the victim attended whaley elementary school. it is 4:35 now. there is a strong chance the newly sworn sheriff of san francisco will be charged with a misdemeanor. prosecutors told the "san francisco chronicle" they are convinced domestic violence allegations against ross mirkarimi are real. he is accused of grabbing his wife's arm on new year's eve with enough force to cause a bruise. witnesses reported the incident
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but his wife says she has no complaint against her husband. this morning, there is new evidence to suggest that natalie wood was murdered. the investigation was reopened after sources came forward with new information. but investigators are still ruling her death accidental at this time. wood died in 1981 while boating off catalina island with her husband robert wagner and actor christopher walken. a federal suit is challenging california's law against openly carrying a firearm in public places. governor brown has been served with federal summons to explain why the state's ban is constitutional. that ban was enacted in 1967. there is a new law that bans openly carrying an unloaded handgun in public. the suit was filed by the head of "california right to carry. ." $15,000 is being offered to catch a serial arsonist in
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novato. 55 fires were set in open spaces ranging in size from a dinner plate to quarter acre. flames have come as close as 10 feet to homes. no injuries. firefighters in san francisco cleaning up a couple of fires you have. first near 11th and howard. that was about 8:30 last night. crews got that under control quickly. nobody was hurt. no word on the cause. just two hours later another fire broke out in the city, this one a two-alarm fire in chinatown. people in the area had to be evacuated but there were no injuries there either. the cause is still under investigation. getting to work from the north bay could soon cost more for commuters. the ferry service is looking to hike prices to generate more revenue and gil diaz is over at larkspur now with more. >> reporter: they are managed by the highway district. this district for the past five
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years has been seeing a shortfall now totaling $87 million. so one proposal the district is considering, renting out 160 parking spaces at its larkspur lot to commuters at $65 a month. by doing that, the district would generate an extra $125,000 a year. another proposal, increasing fares every year for the next five years for passengers who use their clipper card. so here's the fare increase. the proposals, one way travel from larkspur to san francisco would go from 5.70 to $6 each way. from sausalito to san francisco, it would go up from 4.85 to $5. now, those increased prices reflect a 5% increase. it would generate an extra $2 million a year. this is a live look here at the ferry here at the larkspur lot. the trick finance committee
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will vote on these two proposals tomorrow. if approved prices could go up on july 1. >> sign of the times. thank you, gil diaz live in larkspur. 4:44. let's check the roads on this wednesday. >> yeah. >> what day are we on now? that's right. >> but lawrence reminded us earlier it is hump day. there you go. all right. here's live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so eastbound 80, there is some roadwork heading towards oakland on the lower deck [ laughter ] on the lower deck of the bridge, westbound 80 no roadwork this morning. everything is quite the all the way into san francisco. roadwork on the antioch bridge one-way traffic control right now could cause a delay. we are seeing a few brake lights westbound 4 through antioch then things improve through pittsburg into concord. elsewhere dumbarton bridge roadwork on both directions of 84 crossing the span.
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san mateo bridge moving fine and 280 still looks good coming out of downtown san jose. by the way, mass transit is on time on schedule. that is a check of traffic. for an update on your weather forecast, including possible 70s, is that right -- >> is it hump day? >> i hate that term. >> i like it. [ laughter ] >> do you? >> i do. outside around the bay area today, lots of clear skies right now. it is cold out there as we speak and it looks like it is going to stay clear all day long. fantastic day weather-wise with spring-like temperatures. chilly start 33 santa rosa, 36 concord, 47 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon, yeah, we may not quite get to 70 degrees but it's going to be close. 67 degrees and beautiful in santa rosa, 67 mountain view, 65 in san jose. the nice weather going to stick around over the next few days, plenty of sunshine above-normal temperatures almost 10 degrees above average over the next couple of days but then over
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the weekend we see changes. guys, we could be looking at a major change in the weather pattern next week. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> major change, huh? >> i'd be excited about that one. >> a little less sunshine perhaps? >> perhaps! >> okay. very good. it is 4:41 now. a passenger caged at a california -- tased at a california argument. the argument about his lost luggage. he was tased i think several times. >> first the head coach is fired, now another announcement about the oakland raiders. >> i was in shock at first. >> a driver cheats death on a highway. how a metal bar came smashing right through his windshield. talk about that and more coming up.
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has filed for bankruptcy. high labor costs was a big reason why chapter this just in. twinkie maker hostess brands has filed for bankruptcy. high labor costs was a big reason why they filed for chapter 11 reorganization.
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this marks the second significant court restructuring for hostess, which is you arrivedly held company. the company is will -- which is a privately held company. the company is struggling with rising prices for ingredients such as sugar and flour. investigators are hoping to have some more answers this morning as to why a man refused to let his bags be x-rayed at the sacramento airport. it happened yesterday afternoon. the man was already in baggage claim when he realized he left a bag on the plane after getting it back refusing to let security rescreen the bag. he got into a scuffle and started to run. he was subdued with a stun gun several times, he is facing criminal charges. major league baseball owners are gathering for the winter meeting today. the as proposed move to san jose isn't on the agenda. the san francisco giants are trying to block the move. the giants don't want to give
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up territorial rights to san jose. those rights could be revoked with approval from the commissioner and team owners. oakland raiders owner mark davis says his team needs a new stadium. there have been talks about a possible move back to los angeles. he also said there have been discussions about possibly sharing the 49ers' future stadium in santa clara. davis spoke publicly yesterday for the first time since taking over the team from his late father, al davis. they need a new stadium and they need a new head coach this morning. hue jackson was fired yesterday. it was the first major move by the team's new general manager, reggie mckenzie. >> this decision centered around my wanting to bring my own guy in. >> raiders finished with 8 wins, 8 losses this past season, failed to make the play- offs for the ninth straight year. they just had to beat san diego
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in the final game. the team looking for its sixth head coach in 10 years. ceo michael williams plans to resign from fannie mae mortgage giant. he was appointed ceo after the government was seized by the government in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis. fannie mae is still struggling to get its finances in order. its most recent financial report showed a net quarterly lost of more than $5 billion. its government bailout reached more than $112 billion. hundreds of jobs are going to be up for grabs this week in a bay area city. target needs about 200 people for its new store in fremont. the company will hold a three- day job fair starting tomorrow at its newark location. the new fremont store on pacific commons boulevard is slated to open in march. at the consumer electronics show in las vegas everyone is looking at the tvs and thin is
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in apparently. tvs less than .3" deep, wow, that is thin, are causing all the buzz at the show. samsung and sony are just a few of the companies following the thin trend. the idea is to make them light enough to be moved from room to room of the. >> like whoa, just like mind blowing. like i want that. >> absolutely amazing. i have never seen anything like this. i love it. >> it's like whoa. [ laughter ] >> that says it all right there. exactly when the thin tvs will hit stores unclear at this point. but you can start seeing some of the high resolution crystal l.e.d. screen tvs in stores by summer. >> brian cooley said something about those tvs being so thin they looked like they would break. >> especially if they're like 50", whoops, start to wobble. i still have some of the big fat tvs. >> i don't mind fat. 4:47. >> due for a change. taking over the streets again? it's the revival of "occupy wall street." >> plus, squeezing a little more out of your wallet.
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why the price of orange juice is going up. >> oh, my god. ah! >> a surprise homecoming for a military family. how two daughters also surprised their mother. it is clear and cold around the bay area right now going to be a spectacular afternoon but there are changes on the way. we'll have more on that next.
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but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. [ explosion ] think that's cool? so does a 7-year-old california boy right there. he set off that huge explosion in ohio just as it was planned. the make-a-wish foundation helped cancer patient max from fresno county push the button to demolish a former conagra plant including a 14-story building. you see it right there. even better, max is declared cancer-free to live out his dreams. >> that's quite a dream to want to do that, too. >> i get it, though. >> always fun.
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>> we all do. they're fun to watch. a look at life inside the white house. gayle king interviewed first lady michelle obama on "cbs this morning." she addressed some of the rumors that she and former chief of staff rahm emanuel clashed. >> you think he is going to come up and say cross words to the first lady? no. and we're friends. >> do you remain so to this day? >> absolutely. he was just at our home for the holidays. >> you can watch more of the interview on "cbs this morning" at 7:00 right after the "early edition." new york has removed barricades around zuccotti park the site of the original "occupy wall street" protest. about 300 protestors promptly began filling the park again yesterday, the day before civil rights groups filed a complaint claiming the barricades interfere with the public's use
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of the park. the park is privately owned but open to the public. a california driver was almost killed by a projectile on highway 99. marcus says he was driving around 65 miles an hour in bakersfield yesterday when a metal pipe crashed through his windshield. the steering wheel blocked the pipe from hitting him directly. >> i was in shock after -- all i could stare at after my car stopped was the bottom of the pipe. >> no kidding. almost inhaled. so scary. he was treated for minor injuries. the chp says that the pipe may have been kicked up by a truck or fallen off of one. but can you imagine? >> leaning a little more to the right? forget about it. >> steak in the heart. >> my first job was in eureka and going up 101, the logging trucks, i always thought that payload was going to land on my
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little honda civic. >> it's scary. we see different incidents all the time on chp reports about different pieces on the road. you always think, how do these things end up there, like couches and cabinets. so you never know. for right now though i got to say it is very quiet. hardly anything going on at all. pleasanton westbound and eastbound 580 near the dublin interchange, everything is quiet. headlights westbound towards 680, a time-saver traffic camera. light between the altamont pass and 680 and the dublin interchange, about 15 minutes. so a lot of green on a lot of our sensors not much going on on the roads. there is a little bit of one- way traffic control near the antioch bridge wrapping up shortly but some areas of roadwork but most of it should be wrapping up by about 5:00 or possibly 5:30. all right. here's a live look at 880, the
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nimitz through oakland. that should be about 15 minutes between 238 and the maze so northbound and southbound look good between hayward and the downtown oakland commute. to the south bay out of downtown san jose quiet, just a couple of headlights as usual. that's traffic, for an update on your forecast, let's go to lawrence. >> springtime continuing in the bay area. lots of sunshine around the bay area today, again the temperatures going to be running well above average. it is a chilly start outside right now. 30s and 40s but nice and clear as the offshore winds kicked in overnight and blowing to the coast. that is going to make for a gorgeous afternoon outside. these numbers heading into the upper 60s by the afternoon. sunny and mild just about everywhere you go. the ridge continues to build overhead and sticking around. over the last couple of days we have seen this low south bringing us clouds but it's gone and cleared out.
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it's "spare the air" day. 64 and sunshine in sacramento. 63 fresno. 64 ukiah. 61 monterey bay. around our bay looking good. 65 degrees in san jose. 63 in fremont. plenty of sunshine in redwood city today at 64 degrees. east bay in the 60s into pleasanton and livermore, about 64 pleasant hill and 65 degrees in the napa valley. inside the bay going to find gorgeous weather temperatures in the 60s so this is going to be a spring-like day as temperatures are 10 degrees above average. it's looking nice through thursday and friday with offshore winds blowing. we are looking good but toward the weekend those winds switch directions. we'll probably pick up more clouds, cooler temperatures and guys, get this, getting a hint that we may be headed to a pattern change toward next week. not ready to put rain in there
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yet but we may. >> you just did that yesterday. >> didn't work out so well but next week a better chance for a whole pattern change so we'll see what happens. >> i don't know about that. >> exciting, huh? >> thank you. you may have to pay more for orange juice. 25% of florida's orange grove had more frost damage than expected last week so now forecasters are predict more cold weather on the way. orange juice futures traded at the highest level since 1977. if futures remain high, orange juice prices could go up. a military mother surprises her daughters by returning home early from afghanistan. little did she know, though, that there were more surprises waiting for her. the captain has been gone since june and her twin daughters thought they were going to be skypeing with their mother but instead, they got real live hugs. this was yesterday in maryland.
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>> oh, my god! [ screaming ] the fun didn't at there. it turns out jackson's entire >> i was like i'm home. my daughters are here, i get to see them and hug them i get to kiss them. that's all i was thinking about. >> my mom knows, i hate surprises like because i get really shaken up and everything -- i'm stil shaking. >> it means a lot. >> you guys are mean, you tricked up, she said. jackson's entire family flew down for the homecoming. the biggest surprise kiis arranged the reunion and gave the jackson daughters two $20,000 college scholarships. >> looks like a fast-food place a little bit but you know, a lot of times people are stunned. oh, hi. it's kind of nice to see them go oh, my god! jump into their arms. >> sweet. >> great stuff. 4:57. a new chapter in san
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francisco's parking wars. the harsh crackdown on a certain group of drivers coming up. and mitt romney goes two for two. the chances a presidential hopeful can continue his winning streak into south carolina. and three people were injured in a spate of violence overnight in san jose. the latest live from the scene coming up next. taking the ferry from the north bay to san francisco can cost you more pretty pennies. the district that manages the forry service considering a couple of proposals, one of them increasing fares on the ferries. that story coming up.
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