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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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work down in mountain view. the macive explosion and outage near microsoft. >> the search is on for a man who attacked two women in the sunset district. how one victim ran for help. a south bay check, so far great out of downtown san jose and on all your major freeways in san jose. coming up, we'll take a look at mass transit. time to get ready for the weekend. lots of sunshine coming our way today, some above-normal temperatures but major changes over the weekend. more on that in a moment. good morning. it's friday the 13th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6 a.m. we begin with a developing story out of silicon valley. that's where the power finally is back on this morning. >> power lines were knocked down and there was a brush fire. gil diaz reports. reporter: hi, frank. good morning. everything seems to be okay. initially when those downed power lines affected customers,
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it affected more than 370 people including workers at the microsoft campus. pg&e crews are still here at mountain view on la avenita very close to the microsoft campus as you can see still here. they are busy inspecting power lines and cleaning up some of the downed power lines that sparked that brush fire. they are just above the stevens creek trail. that's why the trail is closed until further notice. the whole ordeal began just before 9:30 last night. people reporting that they could hear explosions and see flames near the microsoft campus. by the time the first firefighters arrived, they could see several downed high voltage power lines and some of those lines did spark a brush fire that eventually scorched about two acres. a resident who happened to be here near the fire and who happens to be shooting this video for us told us more of what the fire looked like. >> the flame was about 20 stories high --story, 20, maybe 40 feet high. i got about 30 feet close to the fire and didn't feel much heat so it wasn't too extreme but it was intense. >> reporter: despite that intense incident.
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no buildings were destroyed. the microsoft campus is okay. the nearby mobile home park is okay. no firefighters were hurt. but one resident from that mobile home park was sent to the hospital. that person had inhaled too much smoke. as of this morning, frank and grace, the cause of the downed power lines is still unknown. >> thank you, gil diaz. another developing story we are afollowing the brutal attack of two women in san francisco. anne makovec joins us live now with how they made their desperate dash for help. one of them. anne. reporter: good morning. one of them did even though she was badly injured in the attack. and her dash to a nearby restaurant really may have saved both of these women's lives. this morning, they are both badly injured. they are in a local hospital. the suspect is still on the loose. here's some footage from the scene last night here on 20th
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avenue. it's 20th avenue and noriega in the sunset district. police say one of the women was delivering food to this home on 20th avenue around 9:20 last night when she came upon a brutal attack. someone was beating a woman in her 70s, possibly stabbing her, as well. and then the attacker turned on the woman making the delivery. she ran back to the restaurant she had come from. they called police. but the attacker or attackers ran off. both of the women were taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. >> blunt-force trauma and lacerations on the victims that seems to be confined to the head area. >> reporter: police say there was a language barrier when they were trying to talk to the victims in this case. they spoke only mandarin and cantonese. that was one of the difficulties they had with their investigation. back live at the scene, there is a light on here at the home that was the scene of the
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crime. but there are a lot of questions remaining this morning, even though police have cleared this scene. what was the motive in this attack? no suspects or -- description rather of the suspect either, or even we don't even know what he was using in this attack. we have heard maybe he was beating these women with a hammer. but police have not confirmed that, frank. >> anne makovec life for us in san francisco. thank you. a source from our political insider phil matier says san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is likely to be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. our exclusive poll finds that if mirkarimi is charged with that crime, most san franciscans think he should step aside. 46% say he should resign. 34% say he should take a leave of absence. and only 17% say he should remain in office if he is charged. san francisco city hall meanwhile was the scene of a rally yesterday calling for mirkarimi to step down over the allegations that he roughed up
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his wife ileana lopez. the incident came to light because a neighbor who took pictures of the bruise on her arm eventually called the police. lopez had talked with the neighbor about having an argument with her husband on new year's eve. >> ross mirkarimi should step aside until the investigation is completed. >> they love each other. they care about each other very much. and they're very deeply worried about this because it does not reflect their relationship. >> lopez spent a few minutes standing behind the speakers before going into city hall. you see her there behind the woman with the gray hair with the glasses on. a spokesman says she was there to visit her husband. new this morning, personal information may have been compromised for tens of thousands of local community college students. the "chronicle" reports city college of san francisco was hit by a rash of computer viruses. those viruses are believed to be linked to criminal networks in russia, china and other countries. it's global. and it may have been in the school system for more than 10
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years. the college is required by state law to notify potential victims and is now in the process of identifying those people. 6:05. it is friday the 13th. i wonder if that's causing some bugaboos in the traffic world. >> it's almost the exact opposite. it's been super quiet this morning. not much going on out there. so if you do have to head to work on this friday, so far you should have no major problems out there. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights and no delay at all even in the cash lanes. fastrak users get by okay. incline not showing slower speeds. most of our overnight roadwork wrapped up so i can't tell you about that. on westbound 92 is everything is smooth. 14 minutes is that drive time out of hayward heading towards the other side of the bridge. and here's your east bay drive time for your more popular routes. i'm having a hard time finding any drove time that shows any slowing. everything is in the green so far so great start to our friday morning commute. that is traffic. for an update on your friday and weekend forecast, here's
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lawrence. >> i'm having a hard time finding anything wrong with the weather today. we have another gorgeous day coming our way. temperatures maybe a lull chilly this morning but that's about the worst of it. skies clear outside right now over the bay. it is cold and it is freezing in parts of the north bay and even in parts of the east bay now. 32 degrees in concord. 29 in santa rosa. and 39 degrees in san jose. this afternoon, though, high pressure continues to sit overhead meaning we are going to see lots of sunshine and temperatures running well above average for this time of year. almost 70 degrees in mountain view today. about 69 in santa rosa. and 68 in san jose. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 6:07. the secretary of defense calls it barbaric. how a marine video scandal could affect peace talks with the taliban. >> it all started with a bank robbery and ended with a wild chase in san jose. how one man on the way to lunch took down the suspect. medics drop a human heart on live television. the mistake that nearly ruined a life-saving operation.
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closed parts of two major two suspected bank robbers are in custody after a big ordeal that closed parts of two
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major san jose freeways. this all started yesterday morning in the city's blossom valley area. police say one suspect displayed something that looked like a bomb while robbing a bank of america on snell avenue. the getaway driver crashed into a minivan on highway 85 at the highway 87 interchange. but the head of a local security company happened to be driving by. he was going to lunch. steve brown held him down until police took over. >> i was a well trained citizen who responded and i just thank god no one was hurt. >> the other suspect fled on foot but was caught. the gunderson high school went on lockdown until the campus was determined to be safe. 85 was closed in both directions as police used a robot it check the suspect car for explosives. a suspicious device was detonated but turned out not to be a bomb. both the obama administration and the taliban say they are ready to try peace
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talks even after controversial video showed up online this week. the video was apparently shot months ago and appears to show for you states marines desecrating the bodies of possible taliban fighters. a top marine general promised an investigation. the naval criminal investigation service already interviewed two of the marines based in north carolina at the time. some clumsy medics in mexico city are at the center of a media storm. >> looks like a laurel and hardy thing here after they dropped a human heart in the middle of a transport ready to be transplanted. mexico state tv followed the organ delivery in mexico city where it was needed for a transplant. two medics rushing off the helicopter pad tipped over the cooler containing the heart. they picked it up and put it back into the cooler. mexican newspapers say though the operation was a success. >> can't even tell why they
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tripped. it's flat ground, although i have done that myself i will admit but my goodness, come on, trained professionals. >> all they have to do is get that safely in. >> tape it closed? this is a big operation. >> what a story the guy will have to tell. now where my heart was? on the tarmac! 6:13. touching tribute to a cbs legend. the special farewell to andy rooney from a lot of his colleagues coming up. >> you will want to hear that. caltrain fares also going up for some riders. why it all depends on how you pay.
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in the headlines around the bay area on this friday the 13th, crews still on the scene of a fire that got close to a microsoft building. it started after an explosion knocked down some power lines. electricity is back on but power lines are still on the ground. hundreds of oakland city employees can expect pink slips in the mail next week. more than 200 layoffs are expected because the state is cutting money for redevelopment projects. and caltrain will hold a public meeting next month to discuss a plan to raise fares for people who pay by cash. the cost would go up 25 cents for each of the transit system zones and would not apply to people who pay with the clipper card. santa clara county has decided not to renovate its jails. county jails throughout the state will have to accommodate extra inmates instead to be transferred from state prisons. this is all part of governor
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brown's deficit reduction plan. 20 counties have already applied for grants to renovate their jails. santa clara county decided against it because it would cost more it staff and operate the newly configured jails. the county also has about 1,000 empty jail beds. elizabeth. >> elizabeth is this. >> sorry. >> go right ahead. >> let's talk traffic. it's really quiet out there. we're searching for anything to talk about that might be impacting your morning commute but there really is just nothing out there. so i guess it's great news if you are about to head out on this friday, heading to work. here's live look at the golden gate bridge where you can see with yourself that everything is -- with your own eyes that everything is flowing nicely in both directions. travel times in the green. no slowing. they are all up to speed on the westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze, 19 minutes good to go there out of the altamont pass, nimitz, also bart is running all trains on time. so we just checked in with them. all mass transit is pretty much off to a great start this
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morning. a quick look at the south bay out of downtown san jose, northbound traffic on 280, you are cruising all the way towards cupertino. westbound 4 had one earlier accident approaching willow pass. likely not even any more activity on the shoulder but here's few brake lights coming out of antioch but again, even better than normal because we usually see a couple of red traffic sensors by this time of the morning. that's traffic. for an update on your weekend forecast, let's go to lawrence. >> today one of the those gorgeous days. high pressure overhead lots of sunshine, a cool start to the day though. temperatures starting out in the 30s and 40s in most spots. by the afternoon, getting near 70 degrees today as we once again are going to see some above-normal temperatures outside courtesy of high pressure sitting overhead as it's been doing the better part of the winter already. but there are some signs that we are going to begin to see some changes and those changes are coming as early as this weekend. this low developing in the gulf of alaska will bring cooler air
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into the bay area. no rain yet but that may change toward the middle of next week. still if you plan to head around the state sunshine a good travel day 65 degrees in redding, 63 in sacramento, 50s in the high country. around the bay temperatures soaring this afternoon into the 60s. wouldn't be surprised to see 70s outside. 66 in fremont. 66 in half moon bay. a lot of 60s showing up into the east bay as well and plenty of 60s inside the bay. the next couple of days we are going to see some changes in the works cooling off a little bit on saturday. much cooler partly cloudy skies as we head in toward sunday and then by the latter part of the next week, yup, we're talking about the possibility of not only rain but opening up the door it a series of storms -- >> not the storm door. >> the storm door may be opening! >> oh, no, not the storm door! i remember the storm door. >> wide open! >> it's been a while since you opened it. it may be a little scary. >> it is winters, now. >> doesn't feel like it. >> storm door. family, friends and
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colleagues remember the unique life that was andy rooney. they gathered in new york to talk about the late "60 minutes" commentator who died in november at the age of 92. >> my father flew in bombers over germany and walked among the dead at normandy. he met king george the stutterer. he was tent mates with ernie people. he knew earns hemingway and thought he was a jerk. >> he was one of the last living public personages of a great generation. it's a voice that is slowly falling silent and that's a loss not just for us but everyone. >> he was talking about the fact that he knew so many amazing people including ernest hemingway and he got a big laugh when my dad said he was a jerk. >> he told it like it was. i don't like this guy and i'm going to tell you why. >> he is a jerk!
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that's what makes him so unique. you can really sense the emotion what he they talk about their friend and colleague and obviously, so missed by all of them. >> i knew his daughter. emily is a big uppety up in boston television. she is a lot like her dad. no nonsense. kind of tell it like it is. all that good stuff. it is 6:21. coming up, some down home southern food and a taste around the world. liam has his top picks for foodies this weekend. >> and is logging off facebook ke to happiness? that and more coming up.
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a new study says, blame facebook. are you feeling bitter about your life? a new study says blame facebook. researchers say that the more time you spend on the social networking site, the more likely that you will believe your friends are happier than you are. [ laughter ] >> plus the friends you haven't really met in real life are not your real friends. >> hello? >> they are clogging up your feed with happy updates and photos and also giving off the false vibes that their lives are better than yours. >> don't get caught up in that. >> now i'm very sad. [ laughter ] >> what a bummer. >> like, are you feeling bitter? like wow. one thing that makes us all happy especially this gal right here is food! >> yeah, southern food, too.
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"eye on the bay" host and foodie tech liam mayclem got some tasty ideas for us, global gourmet cuisine to southern comfort food. >> reporter: good morning, pleasure seekers. san francisco's moscone center is the place to be from monday for three days of fancy food. this global gourmet gathering of purveyors showcases the creme de la creme of all things terribly tasty. yours truly will be there monday from noon with mia's booth. more food at pecan restaurant in oakland. a taste of the south right here. the chef brings southern heart to every, single dish includes dishes like that. the potato skins with cheese. oh, my word. the mac and cheese, yes, please. the fried green tomatoes, oh. the bar and the communal table are without a doubt the best seats in the house at pican. i highly recommend it.
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and for two weeks from monday, you can dine about town at your favorite restaurant, discounted prices, a two course lunch 17.95, dinner three courses 34.95. they had a kickoff party raising money for meals on wheels but this is an awesome two-week foodie affair. participating restaurants are aplenty including 1300 fillmore, foreign cinema, marleau, and many, many more. all right. here's one more look at your list. there it is. don't forget to follow me on twitter. twitter/liammayclem. enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> he has a good gig. >> makes it sound so tasty. >> he eats, he travels and he gets to go to all the great shows here in san francisco. >> and socializes. >> line me up. coming up, a cookie controversy. one girl scout's outrage after somebody accepted a boy into their group. >> and ratepayers ripped off by pg&e. how the utility placed bonuses over safety in a report.
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what happens when several high voltage power lines go down? it causes chaos. a brush fire and a power outage close to a world famous company. those details coming up. and two women attacked, beaten and stabbed. the suspect still on the loose. the latest coming up.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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good morning, everyone. happy friday the 13th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6:29. we begin with some developing news. this is out of mountain view. pg&e crews are on scene trying to figure out what happened to trigger a brush fire near the microsoft campus. gil diaz is down in mountain view where the power was restored just a couple of hours ago and he joins us now with an update. gil. >> reporter: good morning. when that power outage happened, it took out the power at nearby microsoft company but as you can see that some of the windows, the power is fully restored. now, pg&e crews are still here at the scene. they are keeping close watch of the downed power lines above the trees. a utility worker just told me minutes ago that about 1,000 feet of those high voltage wires had collapsed. this happened around 9:30 last night. 911 dispatchers got frantic
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calls from residents saying they could hear explosions and flames especially near the microsoft campus. by the time the first fire crews arrived they saw several downed power lines and some of those lines even sparked a small brush fire. the fire eventually scorched about two acres and that resident who shot this for us told us what he witnessed. >> the flames were 20 stories --i'm sorry, 20, 40 feet high. i got about 30 feet close to the fire, didn't feel much heat so it wasn't too extreme but it was still pretty intense. >> reporter: the power lines when they within the down affected more than 370 customers left in the dark. but since then, the power has been restoredto all of them around 1:00. there's some yellow tape right there in front of the trees. it is blocking the entrance of stevens creek trail. the trail is closed until further notice. the cause of the downed power line is still under investigation. back to you. >> gil, what's the time frame
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to get the wires back up? >> reporter: there were more crews out here from pg&e earlier. i think that they are coming back but i think they are trying to get it cleared by about 8 a.m. back to you. >> in short order. gil diaz in mountain view, thank you. there is a manhunt for the suspect who attacked two women in san francisco brutally. anne makovec is in the sunset district with the latest on their conditions. >> reporter: good morning. they are badly injured. both of the women that were injured in this attack and they are both at the hospital. one of them ran to a nearby restaurant to get help. police say a woman was delivering food to this home on 20th avenue and came upon a brutal attack. someone was beating a woman in her 70s, possibly stabbing her, as well. then the attacker turned on the woman making the delivery.
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he attacked her. she ran back to the restaurant she had come from around the corner. they called police but the attacker or attackers ran off. >> we don't know what led to this assault. it's under investigation. we don't know the --we haven't confirmed the race of the suspect at this time. >> reporter: both of the women who were injured were taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. police also say they had a little bit of a language barrier issue with these women. they spoke mandarin and cantonese. it took them a while to figure out what happened. it sounds like they are still not clear. either that or they are just not telling us right now. they won't give us a description of the suspects nor the weapon that was used. we have heard it was some sort of hammer type object as far as the beating goes. then also a knife. but police haven't confirmed
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that. >> anne, do police believe the suspects are still in the area? >> reporter: who knows? at this point they haven't even given out a description. but it certainly is concerning because it appears that, you know, one of the women that was attacked, the suspect or suspects did not know that person. that person was just here delivering food. so if that person is still on the loose, which he appears to be, that is dangerous. >> watch out. all right. anne makovec live in the sunset district, thank you. in the meantime, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is likely to be charged today with misdemeanor domestic violence according to political insider phil matier's sources. our exclusive poll finds that if he is charged with a crime, a lot of san franciscans believe he should step aside. 46% believe he should resign if that happens. 34% say he should take a leave of absence. only 17% say he should remain in office if charged. and dozens of anti-domestic violence advocates rallied at
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city hall calling for am i correct america mirkarimi to step down. a neighbor spoke to the wife on new year's eve and took pictures of a bruise on lopez's arm and called police. hundreds of oakland city workers are on notice today. they could be losing their jobs. next week pink slips will go out to more than 200 workers because of a $30 million cutback in state redevelopment fund the city used to pay their salaries. employees with seniority could later be transferred to other departments of the layoffs will only make up for part of the funding loss. the city froze hiring and will ask every department to slash its budget by 5%. a popular group of races is being moved out of the plaza in downtown oakland that was the site of "occupy" protests for the past couple of years races in the oakland running festival have started and finished at
6:36 am
frank ogawa plaza. now the company that runs it is moving the march 25 event to snow park along lake merritt not far away. it says it wants to avoid threats to public safety and they need for room anyway. it's friday the 13th and traffic has been super easy so far. >> yeah. elizabeth is just relaxing. >> i know. we're just kicking back, reading a book while you guys are busy doing the news. it's been quiet, not a lot going on, on the roads. haven't seen this few incidents since over the holidays. great news if you are heading off to work. 280 out of downtown san jose, we had one incident not causing any delay at all but coming into san jose, northbound 101 by the 280/680 interchange where it always starts to get busy around this time of the morning. there is an accident there off to the right shoulder. no delay at all heading into san jose. so again, that is where that one incident that we're following is. chp sounds like they are on the scene but again, no delay to traffic. at the bay bridge they have not
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turned on the metering lights so you are good to go now heading into san francisco. and all your approaches are moving fine, as well. we'll let you know when it starts to get busier and when they turn on the metering lights. in the meantime, let's check your forecast with lawrence. >> very quiet and the weather looking good outside today lots of sunshine coming our way chilly out the door again this morning but clear skies. how about this live shot? beautiful over the bay right now. the sun coming up on what looks like another spectacular day outside. still freezing right now in consumer report at 32. 29 and chilly in santa rosa and 48 degrees in san francisco. i think by the afternoon, normally these temperatures running into the 50s today in the upper 60s almost 70 degrees in parts of the south bay. east bay temperatures running up into the 60s, as well. plenty of sunshine throughout. and looks like it will be sunny and bright in the central bay and looks like it's going to at least hold on to the first part of the weekend but the second half expecting major changes. more on that coming up. >> thank you. 6:37. we have some sharp accusations against pacific gas and
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electric this morning. it is accused of giving money to its executives and shareholders instead of increasing safety. that's according to two state- ordered reports on the san bruno pipeline explosion, that killed eight people. the "chronicle" reports pg&e diverted more than $100 million meant for gas safety and operations. some of that money was for executive bonuses. one of the reports says that the utility gave low priority to pipeline safety. caltrain is considering raising fares. i know, again. but only for passengers who pay by cash. the proposal would increase the cash fare by 25 cents for each of the system's six zones. so a one-way trip from san francisco to san jose would go from 12.75 to 14.25. fares would not go up for those who use the clipper card which is used by several local transit agencies. caltrain will hold a public meeting on the matter next month. republican mitt romney still appears to be the man to beat with the south carolina primary now just eight days
6:39 am
away. most of the opponents have failed to qualify for the ballot in at least one of the upcoming primaries and in some other states their campaigns have failed to file full slates of delegates. the only one to avoid such problems is ron paul who finished in the top three in both iowa and new hampshire. candidates continue though to flood the south carolina airwaves with a lot of negative campaign ads and they are appearing at a lot of campaign events in the state. >> we are going to see the change we're looking for and it's not barack obama. i believe it's going to be mitt romney. >> i have been a very consistent conservative. >> most of the polls are now showing that romney has a very slight lead in the palmetto state. right now, rick perry drumming up some support. he is in south carolina. here's a live look from hilton head. it's a diner. he's chatting with some of the folks in there. he is holding a meet and greet with supporters. he was practically a no show in new hampshire, with less than
6:40 am
1% of the vote. if he don't do well in south carolina, chances are he will likely drop out after this primary. we shall see. eight days away. >> trying to play the "southern card." there may be one more candidate. steven colbert on the comedy central show last night said he was launching a run for president in his home state of south carolina. he said he plans to form an exploratory committee for the nation's top job. apparently the stunt is part of his effort to expose the absurdity of u.s. election laws. funny guy. a boycott of girl scout cookies is prompting a debate on whether the organization should include transgendered kids. a video from a california group called honest girl scouts was posted online and in that video it urges people not to buy the cookies because of a colorado troop which accepted a 7-year- old boy as a member. >> i ask all fellow girl scouts who want a true all-girl
6:41 am
experience not to sell any cookies. >> other youtube videos have surfaced in the meantime in support of accepting transgendered scouts. girl scouts of colorado released this statement saying, quote, if a child identifies as a girl and the child's family presents her as a girl, girl scouts of colorado welcome her as a girl scou coming up, apple's announcement that caused some chinese customers to get mad. >> play-off fever is in the air. phil matier is going to be coming up with a look at this and whether the lights will stay on. >> security and all that kind of stuff. all coming up with phil matier. when we come back. so stay right there.
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a new accident on city streets in oakland. it's a car versus pedestrian. we get to that. first a live look at traffic near the dublin interchange. westbound and eastbound 580 starting to get busy but your drive time is not bad 20 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. so let's get right to the maps update you on this accident just reported about 15 minutes ago. and chp sounds like just arrived on scene. car versus pedestrian is all we know at this point. but again, likely injuries that
6:45 am
was at 98th and east. city streets in oakland, as you can see it is east of the nimitz freeway. 98th and edes. travel 880 through oakland, so far everything is good. nice and quiet in all lanes towards downtown. and it looks great heading southbound as well all the way down into hayward. so far no delay to traffic all the way towards highway 92. at 6:36 this morning they just turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge so we may see a few more brake lights here approaching the pay gates. right now though you're pretty much good to go. if you want to beat the rush head out right now because it is quiet now heading into san francisco. that is your "timesaver traffic." for an update on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> thank you. we are looking good so far, a lot of sunshine come our way today. it is a chilly start to the day in some parts of the bay area especially in the north bay valleys some of the temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 40s elsewhere. clear and chilly.
6:46 am
by the afternoon, what a day. gorgeous sunshine, temperatures soaring near 70 degrees in some of the warmest spots this afternoon. 60s inside the bay and out at the coast. high pressure bringing you plenty of sunshine probably into the first part of the weekend but after that things change rapidly. this low drops in from the gulf of alaska. temperatures going down on sunday. breezy too. temperatures in the central valley lots of 60s, great travel weather in high country with 50s. bay temperatures into the 60s by the afternoon almost 70 into san jose. east bay temperatures also up into the 60s in most parts of the bay area. and then as we get inside the bay, looking good, plenty of sunshine coming our way and some very nice weather. next couple of days we will notice cooling temperatures into saturday. return to normal weather on sunday. but as we get into the latter part of next week we have raindrops out there. i think that storm door is going to be swinging open, guys, for the first time in quite some time. almost the first time this winter. >> you and your storm door.
6:47 am
>> can't wait. >> he has had his hand on the handle. >> i have been trying to push it open. 6:46. the new iphone may be a little too popular in china. >> i guess so. here now to talk about that, jason brooks with kcbs and >> we have always known that apple products are popular in china but apparently a little overboard in the response to the iphone 4s. apple stores in beijing and shanghai, outside the store in beijing people who waited all night in the cold, the doors didn't open on time so the crowd got unruly tossing eggs and got into fist fights. apple decided it was not going to debut the phone today in shanghai and beijing. instead they will make the phone just available now to chinese consumers online. the stock market is tough so far. getting word that the u.s. trade deficit in november widened to its largest amount
6:48 am
in five months up 10.4%. we had the second straight month of drops in exports down almost 1% while imports rose to an all-time high. exports hit hard by the european debt crisis. europeans not importing american goods. one-fifth of all u.s. exports go to europe. stock market falling on concerns over europe this morning. reuters says standard & poor's may downgrade several european countries. also jpmorgan chase reported very disappointing earnings for the 4th quarter. that is hitting the financial sector. the dow is lower by 100. nasdaq down 16. s&p down 9. >> friday the 13th. >> reporter: maybe apple should have rethought the day it was debuting the phone over there. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> thank you. hey, it is game on san francisco. the 49ers returning to the play- offs tomorrow. >> it is a big weekend of football. with a look ahead to game day,
6:49 am
cbs 5 political insider phil matier with police chief greg suhr and former mayor willie brown. >> hey, guys. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. okay. all right. >> you got to be there. >> reporter: are you going to be there saturday? >> i'll be there saturday. >> reporter: are you going to be there saturday? >> i hope so. >> reporter: by the way, chief, where were you last time when the lights went out at candlestick? >> i was in the south end zone. >> reporter: so were you on the field? >> yes. >> reporter: what was your first i am thought when the lights went out? >> i was very excited at how the fireworks were going to be when they did the introduction. >> reporter: there was no fireworks. the lights just stayed out. >> the lights just staid out. >> reporter: when it dawned on you that the stadium had gone dark, what was your reaction? >> that i hoped that they came back on again. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so this week, everybody's eyes are on candlestick and it's not about the lights this time. do you know that homeland security has been out there all week? what's the national homeland security doing out there at candlestick all week? >> i mean, obviously, it's a national if not worldwide
6:50 am
event? so there will be so many dignitaries, obviously the nfl wants this as well as the san francisco police department and the 49ers for it to be as safe as possible. >> reporter: we have had some problems and not at candlestick this year and not just with the lights going out. we also had a little thing called rumbles in the stands during the exhibition game. so we have had problems sometimes with tailgaters. >> we're treating this as our rivalry game package. so we have 25% more staffing. the nfl's brought in people. the 49ers have brought in extra people. and then all those extra safety precautions that we identified after that preseason raider game, left tailgating at the front end, everybody in or everybody out of the parking lot after kickoff and then no tailgating after the game. that will still apply. no drinking in line. if you are going to have a good time before the game, have it in the parking lot. >> reporter: what do you think?
6:51 am
>> i think that they ought to provide a space for prayer for those who want to tebow. they will need it because the saints are here, they are equipped. the lord is looking out for the saints. we need somebody to look out for the niners. >> are you predicting that the saints are going do win? >> , no, i'm not predict be the saints are going to win. >> did he just predict that the saints are going to win? is he giving us a political answer. >> he is making me nervous. >> prayer doesn't necessarily mean you are giving up. i been using prayer for a long time. period. some days you pray more than others because you need help more than others. this is one of hopes to times we need all the help we can get. that drew brees is an evil person. >> what do you think? >> i have been a 49er faithful so we have our own share of divine intervention. we have a quarterback with the fire in his belly and a chip on his shoulder and i'll take him this game at home against the saints. >> it's very simple, chief. if the 49ers play the way they
6:52 am
played against pittsburgh, and if the saints play the way pittsburgh played, we win. >> i'll take it. >> question: what are you more worried about, the game or the fans' reaction to it on the streets of san francisco one way or the other after? >> i think that we're happy to be in the play-offs regardless. i think you're going to have a celebratory crowd all around san francisco and hopefully it's a happy crowd after the game. but i think either way, we're a responsible town and good times are going to be had by all on saturday. >> reporter: what was the toughest game you guys ever had out there? >> i'm going to go frankly to the pittsburgh game several years ago on monday night when 3rd street was torn up and the 9ers had them beat by halftime. >> reporter: frank has a question. >> ask the chief if he is glad the game is in the afternoon as opposed to the night? is that helpful. >> we can trust the sun more than electricity. >> well, you know, i tell you what i was listening to john madden yesterday. i wish there was a little bit
6:53 am
of a soggier field slower track but i think the daytime is going to play well for the 9ers as fast as our defense. >> does it play well for you as far as security? >> yeah, broad daylight works for the police all day long. >> and also, chief, you have to know that in the interests of the environment and protecting the turf, the 49ers have been watering the lawn for weeks. >> final question, point spread on this? >> point spread is going to be about 3 at kickoff. >> 9ers by 3. >> police chief, 9ers by 3. back to you. >> phil is getting them in trouble. thanks. our play-off coverage starts tonight by the way. dennis o'donnell and kim coyle our sports team hosting "49er preview" a special day and time so tune in tonight at 7 p.m. right here on cbs 5. and coming up, a microsoft building threatened by a huge fire. >> the dangerous string of events that left hundreds without power overnight. coming up.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
this morning in silicon valley. this after an explosion knocked down pow the power finally back on this morning in the silicon valley, this after an explosion knocked down some power lines that started a big brush fire, as well. gil diaz is in mountain view
6:57 am
where the flames got close to a microsoft building but everything seems to be okay, gil. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, frank. yeah, it was pretty intense especially as it happened next to the microsoft campus but pg&e crews are still here this morning trying to take those downed lines away. but also to figure out how it happened in the first place. it all began just before 9:30 last night. by the time the first fire crews arrived at the scene, those lines sparked the brush fire that eventually scorched two acres. a resident who happened to be nearby says that those flames are shooting up into the sky at least 20 feet. more than 370 customers were left in the dark, as well. but by 1:00 this morning, the power was fully restored and back on. now, the fire did not damage any homes or the microsoft campus but a nearby resident from the mobile home park had to be treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation. back to you. >> okay, gil diaz live for us down in mountain view, thanks. in the meantime, two women are in the hospital with life-
6:58 am
threatening injuries. they were attacked in a home in san francisco's sunset district at 20th avenue and noriega street. one victim lived there. the other happened to be delivering food from a nearby restaurant. police are still looking for the suspect as well as information and the motive. incredible video of an unusual plane crash. so a suspected drunken pilot lands upside-down in a tree in wisconsin held up by a couple of limbs. witnesses say that the pilot climbed out, takes a look around and decides to take a nap in a neighbor's barn. >> of course. >> before telling anyone what happened. he was taken to the hospital but only had minor injuries. police say they got a couple of questions for the guy. [ laughter ] >> you think? >> hey you. >> sleeping in the barn, get out here and answer some questions. >> and drinking in a plane as the pilot is this. >> allegedly, yes. >> oh. >> of course walking down the tree and hanging out. that's crazy. >> pretty crazy. >> how are you doing?
6:59 am
>> i'm okay. >> easy day. >> until now. we have sounds like a bad accident on city streets it is a car versus pedestrian. so we're not sure how badly this person was injured. but it is on city streets in oakland at 98th and edes. so stay tuned during our traffic cutins during -- what is it called now? >> "cbs this morning." >> "cbs this morning." >> shame on you. >> i know. i should know that. all right. so yeah, we'll continue to keep you updated. in the meantime, the metering lights have been on now at the bay bridge since just after 6:30. they turned them on at 6:36 but no delays so far heading into san francisco. hard wrap. lawrence, take away. >> sunshine around the bay area today. temperatures soaring this afternoon near 70 degrees in some of the hotspots outside looking good into the weekend at least the first part but cooling off on sunday. maybe some showers late in the week. and yes, there's a big game this weekend. the 49ers and the saints mostly sunny skies if you are heading out there.


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