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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> tonight the search continues. divers look for missing passengers in the capsized cruise ship while investigators examine the role of the captain, allen pizzey is on the scene. >> in south carolina, the tea party cannot agree on a candidate. bill whitaker is tracking the republican campaign. deportation debate, a white house plan to change the rules gets pushback from the agents charged with enforcing them. whit johnson has details. and looking beyond profit, elaine quijano shows us so-called benefit corporations at work trying to make money and a difference. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, we begin tonight with the wreck of the costa concordia and the investigation, why did it run aground near the small island of giglio off the italian coast. in a statement tonight the ship's owner costa cruises says, quote, "preliminary indications are that there may have been significant human error on the part of the ship's master." it's a possibility italian prosecutors are actively pursuing. allen pizzey has more on the inquirery and the search. >> reporter: divers working in the icy gloom of the partially sunk cruise liner found the bodies of two elderly men both in their life jackets. the find raises the confirmed death toll to five and leaves 15 people still missing, two of whom are americans. early today an italian crewmen who had been trap add board his leg broken was lifted off by helicopter. earlier tonight korean honeymooners were freed unharmed from their cabin.
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rescuers are still carrying out the dangerous job of checking corridors and cabins choked with debris. the weather is cold and hope of finding anyone alive is slim. sniffer dogs are being brought in to check under cabin doors that can only be opened with a swipe card. looking for bodies. they'll have to work fast, what was once a floating pleasure palace is listing badly and could still slip into deeper water. the liner was heading north when it struck rocks. within 15 minutes the captain turned to port, left, south towards the island of giglio and less than half an hour later ran his ship aground close to shore. it was the smartest thing he did, according to an italian coast guard spokesman. >> reporter: amateur video shows the confusion that ensues as the ship hit and began to take on water.
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divers recovered the black box which will tell investigators everything that was going on at the time of the accident. including conversations on the bridge, positions and course. the captain claims the rocks which tore open the hull of his ship were not marked on a nautical charts he was using. that defense will be tested in court as he faces charges of multiple manslaughter. the coast guard insists that every rock and reef along this well used coast is on official charts. allen pizzey, cbs news, giglio. >> glor: there were developments in syria today where the u.n. says the assad regime has killed more than 5,000 protestors since last march. today u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon demanded a halt. >> today i say again, to president assad of syria, stop the violence, stop killing your own people. >> glor: while president assad did not respond directly to moon's comments, he did issue a blanket amnesty to all protestors today which included the immediate release of some of
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them. the regime invited elizabeth palmer to one of the jails as the release took place. >> reporter: no one was more surprised than the prisoners. when did they tell you to get changed into your clothes and come? >> ten minutes. >> ten minutes ago? >> yeah, just ten minutes. >> reporter: late sunday afternoon arab league observers and the media were summoned to damascus central prison to witness the mass release. can you explain how you chose the prisoners that were to be released tonight. >> ( translated ): they're the men who were arrested, explains cornell el ghajari for demonstrating in protest last march. >> reporter: meanwhile down the haul guards gave the prisoners a briefing, they didn't want to us film. moments later the men were officially put on show. dazed, scared and unsure how much to say with prison guards all around. >> reporter: what's this?
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what happened? it happened in prison, he told us, but i don't want to talk about it here. >> reporter: in the crowd, arab league observers did their best to document evidence of abuse and to collect phone numbers for follow-up. these men are going to walk free. but the opposition says there is no telling how many more hundreds, maybe thousands will remain in the regime's secret jails because there are simply no documentation to show that they were ever arrested in the first place. undaunted syrian opposition groups rallied again today in several cities and towns. making sure, where they could, that the arab league observers got the message. president assad may think his amnesty will appease international critics and the syrian opposition, but it's not likely. we don't want to fight our country, says this young man before he's even out the door. all we're asking for is our freedom. but it's not freedom from jail he's talking about. several of these suddenly ex-
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prisoners told us off camera they plan to rejoin the anti- government protests just as soon as they could. but tonight first and foremost, there's the pleasure of reunions as sweet as it is unexpected. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, damascus. >> glor: at least one arab leader is supporting the deployment of troops to syria to end the violence. at emir of the persian gulf nation of qatar calls on his fellow nations to act. that interview is with bob simon on tonight's "60 minutes." >> would you be in favor of arab nations intervening in syria? >> i think for such a situation, to stop the killing, we have some-- some troops should go to stop the killing. activists are rallying around the ideas of deficit reduction and reduced taxes
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but finding one specific candidate is more difficult. bill whitaker is in myrtle beach, bill, good evening. >> jeff, if members of the south carolina tea party are united on anything, it's their desire to defeat president obama in november. ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪. >> at their convention in myrtle beach today movement stalled when senator jim demint said south carolina is where the march to retake the white house begins. >> but this could be our last chance to turn things around in my mind. >> reporter: but these most conservative activists in this very conservative state are divided on just how to take on the president. >> i talked to tea party people all over the state and they are supporting all the candidates. they are pretty divided and i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: social conservatives are flocking to rick santorum, fiscal, to begin rich, libertarians to ron paul and pragmatists to mitt romney. the general election battle cry might be anybody but obama but
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with the gop primary less than a week away a growing group of tea parties are saying anybody but romney. >> that is why i am here, to stop mitt romney? >> michael george is pumping more than $2 million to support newt gingrich with his strong american now political action committee. he says mitt romney needs the tea party to win. >> if he can't energize, he is the author of romney-care he may win this republican nomination by dividing the conservative vote but will not win the general election. >> reporter: tea party activists and congressional candidate rene culler says the desire to defeat president obama trumps all division. >> i think we all need to get behind the republican candidate that is elected as the nominee and support him. >> reporter: there might not be a lot of passion for mitt romney but south carolina tea partiers want to unseat president obama
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so badly that love romney or not, if he is the nominee, you can bet they will support him. jeff? >> glor: bill whitaker, thank you. we are joined by national political reporter for real clear politics. scott, good evening to you, bill just talked about the fractured tea party vote in south carolina. the same case you have seen nationwide as well? opinions yeah, i mean not only in south carolina, i can't remember the last time any presidential candidate has used the words tea party at an event i have attended in new hampshire, iowa and in south carolina it is really remarkable because in the 2010 midterm collections, of course, they could not get enough of talking about how they were pro tea party, how they embodied the movement. it is not that the ideals of the movement are gone from the discussion but almost never hear the candidates talking about the tea party any more. >> and because there is a failure to coalesce on any one candidate it is more continuing good news for mitt romney, is it not? >> yeah, i mean i think there is a lot of conservatives here in south carolina who are wrapping
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their minds around the idea that mitt romney is likely to be the nominee. he has a really good shot at winning here. i talked to a voter yesterday who say big newt gingrich supporter who said i hope newt gets it, if he doesn't i am 110% behind the nominee. mitt romney has a much easier time winning people over here four years after his first presidential campaign. they are used to hismt will never be the southern back slapping politician. but people here are really coming around to mitt romney, i think. there is a lot of transplants from the north that have moved into south carolina it is a more diverse state way more diverse electorate and he is looking in good shape. >> scott cohnroy has been on the campaign trail since day one. we will look for more of your reports. scott, thank you. >> later here tonight, corporations that don't put profits first. a debate over who should be deported. and how much identification should be required to vote. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. use campbell's cream of chicken soup to make easy enchiladas,
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photo i.d. to vote. but it's not without controversy. the justice department has stepped in to block south carolina's law saying it could keep some voters away. >> it wasn't directed at minorities. it was directed at the process. >> reporter: republican state senator larry martin sponsored south carolina's photo i.d. law, he says to protect the integrity of elections. >> i don't think you wait until there is a problem before you act. >> reporter: his stated goal, stopping voter fraud. >> i know we didn't intend for that to be discriminatory. >> reporter: but attorney general eric holder says it is discriminatory. because black voters in south carolina are 20% more likely than white voters to lack a driver's license or state photo i.d. card. 73-year-old junior glover is one of them. he's voted for decades but he doesn't have a birth certificate which is required to get the new i.d.
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>> reporter: critics say the i.d. law is a solution in search of a problem. >> voter fraud in south carolina is a rare instance. it is not rampant. >> reporter: conway bellangio has run elections in greenville county for 20 years. >> this is the voter registration list that is used. >> reporter: he says a typo or clerical error on a voting record is sometimes misconstrued as fraud. >> the election process in south carolina at least appears to be, you know, extremely clean over the entire state. >> reporter: but state motor vehicles director kevin shwedo points out 37,000 dead people are still on the state's voter registration list. and then he discovered this: >> at least 956 individuals voted after they were dead or more realistically, people voted using their name and or credentials. >> reporter: shwedo can't say where or when the potential
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voter impersonation may have occurred. he's passed the information along to state investigators. and for now the state's photo i.d. law won't apply in next week's presidential primary. it's on hold pending he justice departments review. >> i certainly do not want it to be an impediment to anybody that wishes to vote. we are just want to make sure that these people are who they say they are. >> glor: attorney general holder is expected to address this controversy at a rally in south carolina tomorrow. relief is in sight tonight for the people in iced in nome alaska a russian oil tanker is now moored just offshore and getting ready to unload much needed fuel oil to the isolated town of 3,400 people. a u.s. icebreaker cleared the arduous path through the ice, two to three feet thick to get there.
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illegal immigration case. the goal is to change the way people are deported but as whit johnson reports a fight for the union representing immigration agents is slowing the process leaving many families in limbo. >> reporter: just before christmas, immigration agent picked up jorge and his wife maria elainea for an old deportation order. >> i'm not a criminal. i just-- people tried to, trying to give a better life to my family. >> reporter: jorge, a 41-year- old electrician who came to the u.s. from guatemala 22 years ago was released, his wife was deported, back to mexico, her home country. the couple has three children, all american citizens. diego is ten years old. >> but i miss my mom. and... and i just basically thought about her all day, all night.
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>> reporter: jorge's case is under review and he too may be deported. but soon because of a new policy handed down by the obama administration, families like the girons may avoid separation. director of i.c.e.-- immigration and customs enforcement-- john morton. >> if are you having to decide between putting someone who has lived in this country for a very, very long time or somebody that's committed a crime, start with the person that has committed a crime. >> reporter: morton wrote in a june memo that agents will have to prioritize each case considering things like a person's length of presence in the u.s., military service, and criminal history. but some of the fiercest criticism has come from within ice's ranks. >> it's obviously a blatant waste of officer resources. >> reporter: chris crane, president of the national ice counsel, the union representing thousands of agents told a house subcommittee in october that the new directives order ice agents
6:22 pm
to not enforce the law. he added in a statement to cbs news that the policy is operationally next to impossible. others is have called it amnesty. aren't you essentially letting some people off the hook? >> we're not. these people remain subject to removal. >> reporter: despite the blow- back, morton says the policy is moving forward. and hopes to reach an agreement with the union by the end of january so it can be fully implemented. caught in the middle are families like the girons, unsure about whether this change in enforcement could keep them together. >> i love this country. because all i have is right here, and i want to say here. >> reporter: the obama administration has deported over 1.6 million people more than any other president. director morton says that number likely won't change. but who stays and who goes will. whit johnson, cbs news, the white house. head, b is for bcorporation, companies looking for more than profit that story is next
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the champ turns 70. >> happy birthday dear mohammed ♪ ♪. >> last night he was welcomed home in louisville, kentucky by friends and family. his birthday is tuesday. tomorrow the nation marks the birthday of dr. martin luther king, jr.. it is a federal holiday dedicated to service and the community. that is not usually the mission of private corporations. but as elaine quijano tells us, that's changing. >> reporter: neil glumen thal-- blul enall that and gave see iting a more than just profit, their eyewear company sells glass on-line for only $95. and for every pair sold, they donate another to someone in need in the developing world. >> people don't have access to glasses. and it impedes their ability to learn to work. you can imagine a farmer that can't separate seeds to plant or a tailor that can't thread a needle. >> to protect their mission these entrepreneurs plan to register as a benefit corporation. unlike traditional companies
6:27 pm
which are required to maximize shareholder profits, bcorp.s can more freely divert profits to their community and the environment. >> i really wanted to create an organization that had a positive impact in the world and got us excited about wake up and going to work every day. >> seven states now recognize benefit corporations which are required to report annually on their social and environmental performance. >> i love this color. >> yvon chouinard is the founder of patagonia. after 40 years in business, this month he registered as a benefit corporation. >> you could say that profit is not the primary reason for the corporation. that the primary reason is to do some good with the money. >> patagonia made 500 million dollars in revenue last year. and as always, gave away 1% of its sales to environmental causes. chouinard believes bcorp.s status will protect his vision regardless of who
6:28 pm
might bid for the company in the future. >> i've seen very few successful acquisitions of companies. by successful, i mean that they've kept the values of the original owners. >> it never gets old seeing somebody put on a pair of glasses for the first time. >> in a second year warby parker has sold $100,000 pairs of glasses and given away $100,000. >> there are nearly 500 certified benefit corporations in the u.s. with 135 joining their vision of the future last year. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. >> that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs, "60 minutes." i'm jeff galore, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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has to s removing the new she last week, it was a clout. this week, there are charges. what the mayor has to say about possibly removing ross mirkarimi. and when you can get tickets for the next 9er game. cbs5 "eyewitness news" is next.


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