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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. new information in the domestic violence case against sheriff mirkarimi. what his wife said on video that explains why the da charged him. it's an internet blackout. why a battle between silicon valley tech and hollywood is prompting some websites to go dark. >> record cold temperatures again tonight. here's roberto with what we can expect. >> record low temperatures and we will end this day on a frosty note as well. good evening, everybody. outside right now, look at the tower all dressed up and currently at pioneer park atop telegraph hill, 43 degrees. otherwise mid 30s now in santa rosa. it will not be as cold tonight as it was last night. nevertheless, we have a freeze
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warning in effect for the santa clara valley, which had a record low of 29-degrees last night. otherwise in the city of san jose, it will be freezing, 20 to 30s east of the bay, pinpoint now when the rain will arrive and that is coming up in this broadcast. >> all right, thanks roberta. we are learning more about what led san francisco prosecutors to charge the sheriff with battering his wife. linda yee tonight on the disturbing details spelled out in the court documents. including some powerful words from the couple's two-year-old son. >> i really don't have anything to say. sorry. [ applause ]
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all right, we are going to come back to that story in just a little bit. but in the meantime, tonight a 14-year-old boy who oakland police say sexually assaulted two women is in custody. police say the suspect turned himself into alameda county juvenile hall this morning. they say both attacks happened within a half mile of each other. and in a rare move, investigators released the suspect's name because they considered him armed and dangerous. >> we strongly believe that if we did not put this information out in the interest of public safety, he would not have turned himself in. >> since he is now in custody, we are no longer identifying him because of his age. police have not determined whether the suspect actually used a gun in those attacks. well it's a commonly held belief that in a disaster at sea, the captain goes down with
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his ship. but recently released recordings reveal the captain of a capsized italian cruise liner fled well before some of the passengers got off. elizabeth cook tonight explains the consequences he could face. >> the furious exchange between the coast guard and the captain schettino made it clear. with 100 people on board, you abandon the ship, expletive. schettino grossly under estimates the count and can't give a precise answer. the coast guard captain asked, my rescue officer is at the stern. go. there are already bodies, schettino. schettino replies with, how many dead bodies are there? the coast guard captain fires back, i don't know. i know of one. i've heard of one. you are the one to tell me how many there are. >> when a vessel capsizes like
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that, you need to imagine the fact that every hall way is on its side and every passage way that goes from port becomes like an elevator shaft. >> an expert in law and is the cofounder of the usf journal. the captain's actions are reckless and potentially criminal is not legally obligated to give his life for his passengers. >> he doesn't need to go down with the ship, but he certainly should be in command of the situation. he should not be leaving the vessel. >> if there are women and children on board. the law doesn't specify certain groups should be led off the ship first. it was the captain's job to make sure the most vulnerable passengers were accounted for. >> if he's not doing that, that would be a dereliction of his duties under maritime law. >> so far, 11 people are confirmed dead and 23 are still
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missing. it could have been much worse. >> we may be very fortunate that the loss of life is as low as it is, given the actions of the captain and the severity of the casualty of the vessel. >> schettino is under house arrest and faces charges of causing a ship wreck. they are blowing holes in the side of the vessel so divers can search for survivors. >> elizabeth cook, thank you very much. we want to go to linda yee's story about what led san francisco prosecutors tay charge his wife. >> this is unbelievable. this is completely wrong. >> this is lopez standing beside her husband denying charges. san francisco sheriff physically abused her. but now, court documents and a police investigation reveal a
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marriage unraveling and a fight on new year's eve that left lopez bruised and crying. mirkarimi's arrest warrant affidavit spells out the explosive details and how lopez was afraid mirkarimi would take their two-year-old son from her. she sought comfort from a neighbor. she lives three doors away. she told police that on january 1, mirkarimi's wife came to her residence in tears and said mirkarimi grabbed her right arm causing it to bruise. madison took pictures of those injuries. in mirkarimi's arrest warrant affidavit, richard danielle said he and his partner reviewed the video and saw lopez pointing to her bruises, telling madison, this happened yesterday. two times in 2011, and this is the second time this is happening. the inspector wrote the victim, lopez, explained why she was letting the neighbor take the
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picture, saying i'm going to use this just in case he wants to take theo away from me because he says he is very powerful and can do it. madison told police the fight happened when the couple and his son were driving to a restaurant. lopez asked mirkarimi if they could visit her family in venezuela. that's when he went crazy, screaming. you're trying to take him away from me. mirkarimi then turned the car around saying, you don't deserve to eat. the fight continued after they got home and involved pushing, pulling, and grabbing. police inspectors talked to a second neighbor who claimed he had been physically abusive last march and that she can sometimes hear mumbling and fighting. the second neighbor said lopez said her son saw what happened on new year's eve, saying daddy made booboo on mommy's arm. >> they both have denied any
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physical abuse ever happen. mirkarimi's attorney said he is aware of arguing, but it was simply arguing. and attorney bob wagner is not happy this affidavit was made public. he said he now has no choice but to ask for a gag order because he says, quote, we keep getting ambushed from this thing. >> linda yee with that update. thank you linda. a big shakeup in silicon valley. jerry yang is parting ways with his own company. the company said today that yang is stepping down from yahoo's board. no reason was given, but the move launched a lot of speculation about yahoo's future. >> i would be surprised if there isn't an announcement soon, within a week or two, about yahoo being acquired or some sort of majority stake deal. it's hard to imagine leaving yahoo while the story was independent. >> yang helped find yahoo!.
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he took a lot of criticism in 2008 when he blocked a takeover attempt by microsoft. tonight, several major websites are offline. not because of technical problems, but they are protesting two laws. sayer shows us those between o silicon valley and hollywood. >> this is what wikipeed yay looks like right now. it's a web protest designed to cause attention to two bills which will trample free speech rights. >> i am supporting the black out. jay says there's a lot at stake to stop on rine brief si act. both bills are aimed at helping hollywood and others. >> i think this act is going
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to hurt because it's trying to break the internet and sort of stop the desemination of what to be out there. >> if passed, the bills would give content creators new powers to stop websites. the legislation is supported by the cbs corporation, parent of cnet and cbs 5. >> require u.s. internet service providers to prevend these pirate web sites only existed. >> read it is another sight going dark and craigslist and google will be posting on their home beiges, but will remain -- >> it's the law. you go to jail for anything else, show them the website for breaking the law. >> 24 hour protest won't make much of a difference. >> it's uneffective and i
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think it frustrates the users of those websites. >> the bills were expected to be voted on in committees in the house and the senate. but it now appears those votes will be delayed. in san jose, cbs 5. a new attack against alzheimer's disease. the government's battle plan for finding a cure. >> california cracks down on the biggest energy suckers. the vampire chargers in my home that are bleeding you. >> it's taken more than 60 years to honor his heroism.
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get it and you're in. treatment. it' medical advisers came together in washington to emphasize the need for alzheimer's treatment. it's a growing epidemic that is expected to cost more than a trillion dollars in the decades to come. >> dr. john shows us one woman's battle with that debilitating disease. >> carol daily is 68 years old
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and suffering from advanced alzheimer's. her husband, mike, is a retired new york city cop working at a local library. every day he brings carol to work because he can't leave her alone. >> she doesn't have the ability anymore to function independently. she has to depend on me. >> when we first met mike and carol in 2008, she was starting an experimental drug. >> let me ask you a question. how old are you? >> 65. yeah. >> when we visited her nearly two years later, it was clear the therapy had failed. >> how old are you? >> how old am i? 80. no. i don't know. >> and this afternoon. >> how old are you? >> i don't know. >> the cruel fact is, alzheimer's patients don't get
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better. at today's meeting in washington, government advisers tried to set guidelines. but the plan doesn't include any funding. dr. joshua of ucla studied the impact of alzheimer's in california. >> this will grow in the next twenty years and now is the time to act. not when it's even worse than it is now. >> the daily's have been married for 48 years. he is frustrated by the lack of progress, but isn't ready to let go. >> i can't lose him. i pray to god that she goes before me. >> a top priority will be arming doctors with tools to recognize symptoms early. the idea is to go after prevention like with heart disease. if you wait until someone had five heart attacks, it may be
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way too late. if you give these medications early, maybe some of the drugs that seem to be ineffective will end up helping patients now. dr. john, cbs news, new york. >> where there are gadgets, there are always electric charges. the california energy commission voted last week pho approve new efficiency standards for 170 million charging systems. so-called vampire chargers can waste up to 60% of the electricity. the regulations are expected to save more than $300 million annually. residential and commercial electricity bills. >> the amount of energy that the city of san jose uses in a year. the capacity of that is a medium sized power plant. >> the lick tronics -- the
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changes begin to take effect next year and will include commercial equipment cheacialgs by 2017. >> it took more than six decades, but a menlo park war hero is getting the recognition he deserves. he helped save an entire ship of sailors, he's veer chewablely no one. >> in the naval battles of the second world war, there were many acts of heroism. but what he did wasn't recognized until today. clark is now 95 years old. he lived the first half of his life in a nation where racism was written into the rules. at and in the u.s. navy. >> in 1936, a black man could be nothing but a servant for
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white officers. >> in may 1945, he was on the destroyer when it came under attack by jap meze pilots. he was on fire fighting duty with seven others. >> first plane hit and wiped out all of these guys. all of the seven men. >> injured and alone, he put out every fire, keeping the ship afloat as it was hit by six. >> what gave you the courage to stay on the deck? i don't think it was courage. toy nonet know what it was. the the day after battle, dlark, i want to thank you for saving my ship. but they didn't put my name in the battle report. >> why couldn't they put that in the report? >> because i was a black man. >> clark says it was saved by
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a black steward. two years ago, a local congresswoman took up his cause and today 66 years later, he was finally awaded a metal for distinguished service in combat. he says it belongs to all those sailors whose bravery went unrecognized. >> i'm going to mention about those men that went down on all the ships. >> though this man did not thrive see america change. john blackstone, cbs news, mountain view.
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how cold was it last night? we had a record low of 29 degrees in san jose. 28 at the airport in oakland. 34 at the museum in oakland. and we keep reminding people to make sure you take care of your pets. the pipes and also your plants because we have another freeze warning in effect tonight. you see the red highlighted area on your map?
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we want to stay with the doggy longer. the red highlighted area on your map is where we do focus in tonight on some of the coldest temperatures. morgan hill and gilroy dropping down 27, 28 degrees. otherwise not as frigid as last night. due to increasing cloud cover. temperatures, sub freezing, however, throughout the trivalley and to the north. freezing in san jose. bottom line is, it will be a frosty start tomorrow. late day, and then once the sun goes away tomorrow, we're not going to see it until next thursday. this is the first area of low pressure producing rain showers throughout the pacific northwest and snow. a foot expected in seattle over the next 24 hours. yes, a foot. we are going be in and out of the rain all the way through the weekend. you can see the leading edge moving into the north bay. not even making it past the golden gate bridge until about
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thursday. thursday morning commute. rain fall totals will stack up to an inch in santa rosa. the wetter systems on tap for the weekend. the extended forecast calls for a bigger storm coming in after tomorrow's temperatures in the 50s. there you have the heavier rain on friday night through saturday. rain should taper off by the sunday football game and dennis has all your sports highlights after this. ,,,,
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vernon davis in the tim tebow i wouldn't put the 49ers tight end vernon davis in the tim tebow category, but vernon looked to the skies above. the 49ers home field advantage this sunday. >> i pray for the giants win. i pray they are a good team. >> giants defensive back was asked about those comments on the radio today. apparently he and the rest of the team are content with looking at the road. >> i can always risk hope because they want to get a home game. and you know, be careful what they ask for.
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because their wish. >> be able -- as opposed to new orleans. we have a good chance at winning that game. >> this is bulletin board material. look at the box score. made two of the ten shots against the cavaliers. probably figure the warriors loss. injury added to insult. popped in the chops. the warriors bench stepped up. watch clay thompson. the owner was on my show saying this guy would be the rookie of the year. they made all three three pointers he attempted tonight. 14 off the bench. and david lee was a go to guy. 14 of his 29 in the 4th quarter, including a stretch of seven straight. their second in a row. san jose for the sharks. san jose down with under 10 to go. knocks the rebound pass.
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game time. it stayed tied in overtime and went to a shootout when they clinched it with a back hand. third game all season went trailing after two periods. we're going to stop the top five with the cardinals championship trip to the white house. >> world series. >> worry about giving my wife a bat if i mess up. >> i'll take my bat. >> all quiet in the white house tonight. penguins beat the hurricanes. a beautiful diving ball. he beat dennis in four sets. spurs before the half. let it go, and the heat win big. thanks for that beauty. number one. >> half court, full court shot.
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. we'll be back right after this. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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