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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> reporter: none of this or the state's $13 billion deficit seemed to faze the governor. >> the year 2012 presents plenty of opportunity and if we work together we can stimulate jobs, build renewable energy, reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, launch the nation's only high-speed rail system, reach agreement on a plan to fix the delta, improve our schools, reform of our pensions and make sure that prison realignment is, -- is working. >> reporter: and he made a real push for high-speed rail despite its $100 billion price tag. >> those who think california is in decline will shrink back from such a strenuous undertaking. i understand the feeling but i don't share it. >> reporter: the governor also called for less testing of school students in california saying they take up too much time and don't really help. >> i believe it's time to reduce the number of tests and get the results that teachers, principals and superintendents in weeks not months. we're on the move, on the mend. let's get it done. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> reporter: and to emphasize that no sooner had he ended his speech than he went to southern california to sell his plan to the parents and taxpayers down there. >> for kids who don't test well it's great. but does he have a plan for evaluating progress? >> reporter: he says fewer tests and instead what he is thinking of doing is actually sending people, inspectors, into the classrooms, sit down, observe and evaluate what you're seeing and how the teachers are doing and let's write those up and use that as a judge as well as the testing for the kids. so more schooling and more observation. so there we have it. we'll see where it goes next. >> all right. thank you. thousands of oakland city employees today learned that this could be their last month on the job. nearly 2500 pink slips were sent out. that's almost half the city's entire full-time and part-time workforce all part of the city's effort to save $30 million annually.
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the city council is going to decide on the 31st of the month how many of those people will actually be laid off. tonight we're hearing more from the wife of san francisco's sheriff about accusations that he abused her. eliana lopez spoke with a venezuelan radio show about the attack. joe vazquez on what she says is the real reason her husband was charged with domestic abuse. >> reporter: she is calling it political persecution and speaking out against her neighbor, who called police because she said eliana lopez came running to her crying showing her a bruise. now she reached out to an international audience to say that's not what happened and if the she says her neighbor doesn't know what she's talking about. reporter: she's not saying what exactly did happen. but eliana lopez the sheriff's wife insists she is definitely not the victim of domestic abuse.
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[ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the former tv star from venezuela called in to a popular news source in her home country and told the interviewer that her husband's legal troubles are a, quote, political persecution. she also questioned the integrity of her neighbor, ivory madison. she is the attorney who lives next door. eliana wonders aloud whether madison has a political axe to grind. quote, we must find out her motives and who is back her. -- and who is backing her. she waited four days to report this? we want to know who she talked to in those four days that convinced her to call police." [ applause ] >> reporter: according to court documents, eliana lopez showed up at madison's house crying and showed her neighbor her right arm which had bruises. madison also told police that lopez was upset because her husband had cussed at her and threatened to take their son away from her. both mirkarimi and lopez so far refused to talk to investigators but lopez told venezuelan media that her husband is being
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attacked by so- called money interests here because of his progressive views about reforming prisons and also because he is the son of immigrants. she says she has nothing but respect for her husband and in a cultural reference to american bias, she told her hometown listeners she is not being taken advantage of. quote, it's not like i'm the little indian girl being victimized by the gringo." sheriff ross mirkarimi is scheduled for his first court appearance on thursday at 2:30 and his attorney will likely file a request for a gag order. there is also still a stay-away order and the attorney says he is going to ask that the judge lift that because right now, mirkarimi is not allowed anywhere near his wife. dana, i reached out to eliana lopez, no response yet but we would really like to hear what she has to say. clearly, she spent some time talking on the phone down there in venezuela and had a lot to say about this. >> and what about the neighbor, the woman who took this video?
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any word from her? >> reporter: no. and she said a lot to investigators, but she has kept an iron lid on it here. we have tried to talk to her today and a man with a child answered her door today and said no, we don't want anything to do with reporters. >> thank you, joe vazquez. an innocent bystander is dead after a police chase stemming from an attempted burglary. this began after 10:00 in newark with reports of an attempted home break-in and ended with the deadly crash a mile away. ann notarangelo says how police tried to prevent this type of tragedy. >> reporter: the crash happened at 10 a.m. and only in the last half hour did they start to remove the vehicles involved. they are gradually reopen mowry avenue. this all started with reports of a home burglary on mistflower avenue. a neighbor called police reporting he had seen three people break down a door and enter a home.
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he gave a description of the suspects and the vehicle. police got to the house as the suspects were leaving then pursued the charcoal colored chevy malibu. >> one of our suspects attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver failed to yield and drove quickly out of the area. estimated speeds were approximately 80 miles an hour. a short and let me emphasize a short pursuit ensued and then because of this suspect's reckless erratic driving the officer called off the pursuit. >> reporter: a mile and a half later a man driving westbound on mowry was hit by the suspect vehicle. he died at the scene. he has yet to be identified. >> make it clear our officer was not pursuing the vehicle when the collision occurred. >> reporter: the suspect vehicle flipped over. one suspect is in surgery for head trauma. the other two fled on foot. suspect watts was found near the crash scene and police say
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suspect collier was found hiding in a nearby junkyard. the three 20-year-olds have an extensive record. watkins hasn't been arrested because he is still in surgery for his injuries suffered in the car crash. it's your own clear what charges the three suspects will face. clearly they will be charged with the home burglary for evading arrest and there will be some charges although they are not clear yet related to this fatal collision. in newark, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. two women attacked with a hammer and knife during a home invasion in san francisco's sunset neighborhood almost a week ago are improving. police say the 76-year-old and 56-year-old women have been upgraded from critical to stable condition. the attacker, however, still on the loose. he is described as a cantonese- speaking asian man who drove off in a beige sedan with triangular taillights. the lampless internet blackout in the history of the -- the largest internet blackout in the history of the
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web is under way tonight. several big ones have gone dark to protest laws they say will limit free speech. len ramirez reports, the protests are already having an effect in washington. len. >> reporter: that's right, dana. here at company headquarters, you can see there's nothing in the way of the google logo here. but if you within the on the website, you would notice that the google logo has been blacked out including other websites such as wikipedia. it's all part of this protest that's right now affecting millions of internet users. the research goes on at san jose state university but one of the key tools was missing. vikki smith tried to log on to wikipedia but only got a glimpse of what she was looking for. >> i could see a little flash of it, i got excited, hey, business as usual and then to show me this screen gave me a feeling of what it would be like if it was this way all the time. >> reporter: these students were also among the millions of people caught up in wikipedia's protest. >> it means i'm going to have to do more work tomorrow
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instead of today. >> reporter: wikipedia and thousands of other websites went to black in protest over two internet piracy bills in congress known as sopa in the house and pipa in the senate. google also joined the protest but only blacked out the google logo on its site. the bills are supposed to help content producers from having their work stolen and distributed online. but critics say the laws are too broad and would do more harm than good. >> it's like trying to drop a nuclear bomb on somebody because they are shoplifting. it was way overkill. >> reporter: he says the internet companies are afraid the bills would jeopardize free speech and the open internet as we know it and the protests from silicon valley seems to be working. several previous bill backers are pulling away. >> the pressure was already on the act before this happened. but this made it even more visible so even the few supporters left are probably running screaming away from it at this time so they don't get hit by the fallout. >> reporter: the bills are also losing some of their key
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sponsors including marco rubio the republican in florida in the senate. he was a sponsor of the bill. he is now backing away from it. it is unlikely that this bill will be revived this year. it may come back sometime next year with some big changes because right now, with the election year, maybe a lot of people don't want to be associated with it. next year might be a different story if there are some changes. >> a hot potato right now. >> reporter: and a torpedo if you are looking to get re- elected. >> all right. len ramirez, thank you. a tiny bay area dog snatched from his yard is back with his owner tonight. 8 months after he went missing, toto the 12-year-old yorkky. his owner says someone returned the dog but he had been abused. his left eye and some teeth are missing. the san francisco spca is trying to raise $5,000 to help care for toto. his owner says hayward police
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refused to take a police report. >> they said that because i didn't report him stolen, that there was nothing they could do because i didn't have any suspects. >> hayward police tell cbs 5 because toto's owner lives in unincorporated alameda county, the case would fall to the sheriff's department. you have to go back to december 12 and december 15, the last time we have had measurable precipitation right here in the bay area. and look at that live high-def doppler radar. no rain yet. but it's right there to the north of us. we'll track when you can expect all that right here with the pinpoint forecast. he did things that would not be considered good medical care. >> a prison doctor on probation for neglecting patients. so why is he still collecting a six-figure salary that you are paying for? not in their backyard. a group of bay area neighbors take on one of the world's most
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famous filmmakers. how they are striking back at george lucas' plans to expand his empire. cannot my mind off things because i was in so much pain. >> their son was born during the 49ers big win over the saints. how these die-hard fans turned the experience into free tickets for this weekend's game.
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you had to act fast. tickets sold out within 3 hours of going if you wanted tickets to sunday's nfc championship game you had to act fast. tickets sold out within 3 hours of going on sale this morning. now online reseller stubhub reports that some prime seats are going, are you sitting down, $20,000. but there is one die-hard 49ers fan who won't have to worry
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about prices. as christin ayers shows us, he will be at the game thanks to an amazing tweet. >> reporter: vince and his wife will never forget where they were when they saw the catch. the play last weekend that led the 49ers into the play-offs. >> the catch is made by vernon davis for a 9ers touchdown! >> we were watching it, you know, while i'm in labor. it kept my mind off things because i was in so much pain that it was like a good focal point for me. so it was awesome. >> reporter: the two were supposed to be at the game. they had tickets. >> great seats. i had lower reserve box. everything was great and it just so happened that michelle came home from the doctor and said, things are picking up. >> reporter: their son vincenzo giovanni came into the world over cheers for an nfc championship. that wasn't end. michelle heard about a twitter contest tickets to sunday's game for a fan with the best reason why he should attend. >> i encouraged him to tweet. >> reporter: and tweet he did sending this message to 49ers ceo jed york.
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my first child was born during saturday's game. the doctor let us watch the game during labor. york announced the winner yesterday. the prize, four tickets to the big game. michelle will stay home with vincenzo. >> i'm letting him go and take his friends. and he owes me big time. >> yeah. >> reporter: vince says as a new dad it may be his last game for a while. but when he is ready to return to the stadium, it's likely his son will be with him. >> now i have a commonality with him and hey, we should get season tickets. >> absolutely. >> reporter: he also has a new family of twitter followers all clamoring to follow him on twitter. christin ayers, cbs 5. and the bet is on! tonight, we know what is at stake in the traditional mayor's bet for sunday's game. if the 9ers win, new york mayor
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michael bloomberg will rename 49th street in manhattan 49ers street. >> wow. >> that's huge! he will also and a dozen new york bagels to san francisco. now, if the giants win, mayor lee will outfit a cable car in blue and red for a day. that's also huge. and he will send some sourdough bread to the big apple. >> we'll need more than a dozen bagels. you could call this turf wars. filmmaker george lucas has a big project planned for marin county's lucas valley area home of skywalker ranch. but many residents are giving it two thumbs down. john ramos on why they're striking back. reporter: lucas valley in marin county is not named after famed "star wars" director george lucas. but it may as well be. he built skywalker ranch here, a commercial development that is headquarters for many of of his movies. >> when lucas first moved into the area they say that he was treated almost like some kind
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of a deity but for the folks in the neighborhood they are beginning to wonder if it's a little less deity and a little more darth vader because directly behind these homes lucas wants to build a huge neukom plex. basically -- new complex, basically a movie studio. two large indoor sound stages each the size of a department store and one large outdoor stage. there will be offices, residence units and private restaurant and a wine tasting room and large wine storage cave built into the hillside. neighbors fear what this could do to their rural lifestyle. >> it may turn into a winery. we may have sort of an amusement park. it could morph into many different things. >> jobs justifies almost anything these days. >> reporter: the county's planning department says this is an important project for the area but those fears are unfounded. they say the project is consistent with the master plan for the area and any problems it causes for the neighborhood would have to be addressed by
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the developer. they say none of the facilities would be open to the public and a maximum occupancy of 350 people would be in effect. but those who oppose the project see this as a david versus goliath fight. >> are you worried your voice isn't going to be heard because the opposing voice is george lucas? >> yes. yes. yes absolutely. >> we are regular everyday people and he is a celebrity -- a beloved celebrity. >> i don't have any objection to a person being rich and famous and doing well and george lucas has done a lot of good things for the county. i think that this is a particularly bad choice. >> reporter: there is a neighborhood meeting tonight to discuss the issue and the proposal could be sent to the planning commission for a vote next month. in marin county, john ramos, cbs 5. lucas films said, it's surprised at the opposition since the plan has been publicly vetted and discussed
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and unanimously approved by the marin county board of supervisors. southwest planes get a makeover. what passengers will have to sacrifice to add an extra row of seats. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,
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passengers seem to be getting less and less on flights these days. consumerwatch, juli from less leg room to less overhead space passengers zonal to be getting less and less on flights these days. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us a major airline will soon be putting the squeeze on its passengers. >> reporter: so southwest airlines has unveiled a new ecofriendly upgrade for the fleet that also allows the airline to add an extra six seats and that has some frequent flyers a little concerned. >> i don't think the seats recline enough to begin with. >> reporter: passengers are frustrated the airline will soon be shaving off an inch from the recline and pitch of their seats but others are
6:23 pm
still trying to figure out what it means. the pitch is the distance between a point on your seat and the same point on the seat in front of you and the recline is how far you can lean back. on southwest not much. virgin america seats have a 32" pitch and a 2 to 5" recline. and jetblue has a 34" pitch with a 4" recline. compare this to southwest's new seat which now has a pitch of just 31" and recline of just 2. some say southwest is sacrificing comfort for economy and some aren't concerned. >> short flights doesn't make a difference. >> reporter: southwest says it's not sacrificing comfort as the new design offers more personal space so passengers won't feel the need to recline. the airline says seats will provide more shin and leg clearance, lumbar support and
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more room for carry-ons. it boasts recyclable carpet, tray tables and arm rests and by shaving off 600 pounds the plane is more ecofriendly. now, the new design will roll out in march for the boeing 737 through 700 jets. but those larger long haul planes will keep the current seat pitch which of course is 32." for more information on the pitch, the leg room and the seat specs for your next flight find a link to seat guru at >> what did you say? it won't recline as much but it will feel -- >> reporter: southwest says it will feel roomier so you won't want to recline. >> oh, right... >> i'll be the judge of that. >> when i'm eating all that great food. [ laughter ] >> cuisine. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much, julie. room for an umbrella on board? ? >> hm. >> absolutely. in fact, this is a night to go ahead and take a look where did you leave that umbrella? the last time you had to use it was on december 12 and 15. live high-def doppler radar no measurable precipitation as of yet. in fact we have mostly cloudy skies after highs today 52 to
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58. we have tumbled into the 40s. once the sun did set it's cooling off rapidly, calm winds. temperatures tonight 35 in the tri-valley to 46 in san francisco with the cloud cover so obviously not as cold tonight as it has been. see all those cars? all these cars tomorrow night will have their windshield wipers on at this time because the rain will be arriving throughout most of the bay area by midday. in the the morning commute all the precipitation north of the golden gate bridge, gradually sagging to the south. it's got a lot of dry air mass to bust through and then once the rain does start, we're inundated with precipitation through friday with the heaviest rain upstream for friday into saturday. so tomorrow's daytime highs, pretty much between 55 and about 60 degrees. a little cooler towards the delta. a pair of 5s in pacifica.
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winds will increase with the approaching system tomorrow by the evening commute out of the south 10 to 20 miles per hour. rain should taper off by the 49ers game and dana and allen, we'll talk more about that next time around. >> thank you. the captain says he did not abandon ship. but wait until you hear his explanation of how he ended up in a lifeboat. >> he was a case of incompetence. >> a prison doctor with a bad track record making more money than the governor. why is he still able to collect a six-figure salary even though he is on probation. go to college without paying anything up front. the bold plan to fix the ucs and how supporters say the state would actually make money from it. i want winners. i want people that want to win! >> and mike singletary is gone but his impact is still being felt. one 49er player credits him for his success. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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ozzy... yeah? do you have a secret fantasy? yes. i'd like to fly to new york for a colonoscopy. enter the cbs cares colonoscopy sweepstakes. you could be our lucky winner! visit cbs at 6:30: rough weather has forced rescue crews to suspend their search of the wrec our top story at 6:30, rough weather has forced rescue crews to suspend their search of the wrecked italian cruise
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liner. 11 people are confirmed dead and 21 still missing. as anna matranga reports, the captain says it's not his fault. >> reporter: hopes of finding survivors is fading. crews suspended their search ar the costa concordia shifted in rough seas wednesday. rescue teams say it's very difficult to maneuver through the murky water inside the wrecked cruise ship. >> you can see your hand in front of your mask, nothing more. >> reporter: they have been searching the cabins of the missing passengers and crewmembers. >> the possibility to find the survivor now are very, very, very, very low. >> reporter: family members are starting to arrive on giglio looking for their loved ones. kevin from india, his brother worked as a waiter on the ship. >> i hope they are safe somewhere on the island somewhere around. >> reporter: the ship's captain
6:31 pm
schettino was released from jail and is under house arrest at his home near naples. italian media report that during a three-hour hearing, the captain told investigators he didn't leave his ship but that he trip and fell into a lifeboat when the cruise liner started to tip over. francesco schettino faces charges of causing shipwreck, manslaughter and abandoning ship. >> he has done what he has done. he will pay for his wrongdoings. he will pay for his wrong decisions. >> reporter: dutch salvage crews are moving equipment into place to remove 500,000 gallons of fuel from the ship. extracting the fuel could take as long as four weeks. in giglio, italy, anna matranga, cbs 5. a bit of ashake-up in south carolina heading into saturday's presidential primary. a new cnn poll shows mitt romney still holds a double- digit lead but newt gingrich has catapulted into second after a strong performance in
6:32 pm
monday's debate. susan mcginnis begins shows us it may be too little too late. >> reporter: mitt romney had reason to smile as he rallied supporters at a south carolina college. a new cbs/new york times poll shows romney pulling ahead of the competition among republican primary voters nationwide. >> if there's ever been a time the nation needs a real leader who knows how to turn things around it's now. >> reporter: with just three days until south carolina's primary, the other candidates are running out of time to catch the front-runner. they are taking jabs at the multimillionaire's admission that he pays an income tax 15% much lower than most americans. >> we are going to name our flat tax the mitt romney 15% flat tax. >> reporter: the other republican candidates also argue mitt romney is too moderate to beat president obama and as they try to win over conservative voters, they are attacking each other. newt gingrich insists he has the best chance of beating of romney and says it would be helpful if rick santorum and
6:33 pm
rick perry dropped out. >> if conservatives come together, we beat romney decisively. if conservatives are split he might squeak through with a plurality. >> reporter: but santorum says he has a better shot than the former house speaker. >> the arrogance of speecher gingrich to suggest that i don't have the experience to run a campaign to win a national campaign, i finished tied for first in iowa. he finished fourth! >> reporter: rick perry says he is not going anywhere either. they meet again thursday for a final debate before the south carolina primaries. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington, d.c. well, talk about putting your foot in your mouth or maybe in this case your football. vice president joe biden mixed up teams in san francisco. he proclaimed the giants are going all the way. he quickly clarified that well, he was thinking san francisco giants. but he meant to say the 49ers
6:34 pm
who face the new york giants in the nfc championship on sunday. well, he is one of the highest paid state employees in california. a prison doctor with a bad track record. he is on probation for neglecting patients. but he is still collecting a six-figure paycheck and you're paying for it. how could this happen? sam shane is on the money. >> reporter: inside these prison walls is a doctor accused of gross negligence. >> he was a case of incompetence. >> reporter: medical board accused dr. richard tan of repeated negligent acts. >> he did things that would not be considered good medical care. >> reporter: in 2004, one of tan's patients died in the emergency room just three hours after leaving his care according to the accusations. the medical board also criticized tan for his treatment of two other inmates at solano prison in vacaville,
6:35 pm
both of them subsequently died. but dr. tan did not lose his license. >> it takes several years for the medical board to take any action. >> reporter: she works for the federally appointed medical receiver. her office placed dr. tan under medical review with close supervision in 2006 well before the medical board ever took action. >> it would be nice if things moved more swiftly. >> reporter: last month the medical board placed dr. tan on five years' probation. he is prohibited from supervising physician assistants on the job yet he is one of the highest paid employees in california. state records show that tan made $277,000 in 2010. that's $104,000 more than what governor brown makes. >> this is absurd! this is absolutely absurd. >> reporter: crime victim advocates say they are frustrated with the medical board. she wonders why the board can suspend the medical license for michael jackson's doctor, but not dr. tan. >> they are supposed to be the
6:36 pm
watchdogs. >> reporter: so why didn't the medical board take tougher action against dr. tan? >> they felt that with some retraining and some help, he could again become a viable practicing doctor. >> reporter: so dr. tan is back at the prison where he must be closely monitored for the next three years while collecting a six-figure paycheck. >> that was sam shane reporting. now, sam asked dr. tan for an interview to tell his side of the story but he did not respond. the ahead of the uc system says he will consider a bold student-backed plan to abolish tuition. a student group called fix uc presented the idea at today's regents meeting at uc- riverside. here's how it would work. under the plan, students would pay no up front tuition at all. instead, they would commit to paying back 5% of their annual salary for 20 years after they
6:37 pm
enter the workforce. they say it could triple revenue. >> 10 years down the line the uc would see more money than it does now. >> the uc president praised the plan as a constructive idea. he says he has already directed his number crunchers to consider it. mashed potatoes i can hardly wait. >> her recipes are known for butter and mayo. now celebrity chef paula deen admits that she has diabetes. why she is being criticized for making money off her medication.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
now he's slamming celebrity chef paula deen again.. for profiting she was once called the most dangerous person to america. now he is slamming celebrity chef paula deen again for profiting from diabetes medication. this week she admitted she has had type 2 diabetes for three
6:40 pm
years. she is partnering with a pharmaceutical company to promote its medication. dr. kim mulvihill says drugs are not the only way to deal with diabetes. reporter: at the hard knocks cafe in san francisco, fried chicken is king. there is macaroni salad and a side of yams. it's lip smacking good the kind of southern comfort food that chef paula deen is known for but with dean's announcement that she has type 2 dints, many are blaming her cooking -- type two diabetes, many are blaming her cooking. with type two diabetes, the body doesn't respond properly to insulin. studies show most people with diabetes develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years unless they change their ways. number one, lose weight. extra fat tissue makes your body resistant to insulin. how much is enough? losing just 10 to 15 pounds makes a big difference. number 2, be active. exercise makes your muscle cells more sensitive to insulin. 30 minutes five times a week.
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number 3, eat well. >> bottom line is, we're killing ourselves. >> reporter: ucsf endocrinologist dr. robert lustig says we have to fix our nutrition. >> we're all pumped full of extra insulin because of our current dietary habits as i explained earlier. that increases your food intake and decreases your exercise all at the same time. >> reporter: his advice? eat real food low in sugar and high in fiber. >> if you eat a high fiber diet, then the carbohydrate doesn't matter and actually the sugar doesn't matter, either because the fiber is reducing the rate of absorption, reducing the ability of that carbohydrate to generate an insulin response, thereby keeping you healthy. >> reporter: bottom line? there's room for special treats as long as you eat all those fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.
6:42 pm
dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. did you hear the rumor about gossip? it might actually be good for you. now, that's according to a new study from uc-berkeley. researchers found spreading the word about untrustworthy people overnetting about or venting about something stressful is good for the heart. it's definitely coming and i'll tell you definitely weather which commute it will affect. the rain and the pinpoint forecast up next.
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the impact on loved ones. sharon chin on how this week's s one of the most devastating effects of addiction has to be the impact on loved ones. sharon on how this week's jefferson award winner is guiding 23578 list out of darkness . >> which one is the one that's not really thinking clearly? >> reporter: she helps people heal from the pain of addiction. her support groups aren't for substance abusers but for those who love them of the. >> a lot of times they have hope for the addict, alcoholic, their loved ones.
6:46 pm
they don't have hope for themselves. >> reporter: carol founded the adapt foundation in 2009 when her husband reverted back to alcoholism and she found there was no support for families like clear there is nothing out there to help these people deal with the trauma of just loving will -- with just loving somebody who is an addict, alcoholic. get some balance. >> reporter: she hosted the first group in her dining room. today she facilitates groups for about 30 people three times a week around san mateo county. she helps them overcome guilt and shame. >> there is nothing you did that caused your loved one to do what they're doing. there is nothing you can do to stop your loved one from doing that. when they get to that point of acceptance, then they can get to the point of just loving that loved one. >> reporter: jan canu says carol taught her to set boundaries with her daughter alycia a former meth addict. >> parents feel like they have
6:47 pm
to fix. they have to help. they have to make things right. here, you learn you can't do that. it's totally out of our hands. >> reporter: alicia says her mother's boundaries forced her to take responsibility for her own actions. >> she has to remain focused on taking care of herself. but you know, it helps me to stay sober because i can be proud of who i am and how i'm interacting. >> reporter: as stephanie moore's daughter recovered from a crystal meth addiction she turned to carol's lessons on tough love. >> she knows what it takes to help these people and she knows what it takes to get through it. >> reporter: many parents say her personal experience, psychology background and marriage and family counseling training help them real build healthy family lives but carol won't take the credit. >> i'm not anyone special. i'm just somebody who has gone
6:48 pm
through it. >> this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to carol kahm. sharon chin, cbs 5. wednesday january 18, one of the first e-mails i saw today was from mark saying, hey r oh, where's your high-def doppler radar? mark since you asked for it, sweeps up from mount umunum to our own personal radar site at mount vaca. no precipitation yet. but it's coming. today high was 53 in san francisco down from the average high of 56. currently 40ss across the board. overnight not as cold as it has been. next rain tomorrow, 34 days
6:49 pm
later. boy, snowfall by monday? a series of storms heading this way providing rain and snow north of the bay area. a huge plume of moisture banking up against the pacific northwest spreading rain showers now in crescent city and also all the way to that washington canadian border. by tomorrow morning's commute it's dry. this time tomorrow, windy gusts up to 40 and then what happens, leading into friday. so from thursday through friday take a look at the rainfall anticipated totals of over 2"
6:50 pm
expected in santa rosa and more rain on-again, off-again throughout the weekend. tomorrow's temperatures 50s up to 60. more moderate rainfall will taper off over the weekend should end by the 49ers game on sunday at 3:30. plan for rain and it should end. dennis o'donnell has all the 49ers highlights and news coming up after this. ,,,,,,
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manning was placed on the injury report for the first time this season, although the ailment isn't expected to keep him out of sunday' eli manning was placed on the injury report for the first time this season. the ailment isn't expected to keep him out of the championship game. he left practice after experiencing an upset stomach. the giants hope it's just a 24- hour setback but he is missing critical practice time. delaney walker is back on the practice field. walker broke his jaw on christmas eve against the seahawks when the defenders nailed his helmet less face.
6:54 pm
walker is sidelined ever since. he has yet to be cleared by doctors on sunday. if cleared he will play some football. the 49ers new star could say the same thing about his football career, life is like a box of chocolates. here's kim coyle with more. >> i want winners! >> reporter: three seasons later vernon davis is exactly what mike singletary wanted. touchdown 49ers. >> reporter: no one ever questioned the talent of vernon davis since he was drafted by the 49ers in 2006. it was his attitude that was always it biggest concern. >> reporter: vernon was the diva tight end more concerned about his own numbers and
6:55 pm
having the spotlight on himself. >> i guess i just strolled through the locker room and walked through with my chin up and, you know, like yeah, look at me, look at me. ha ha. >> reporter: but everything changed in october of 2008 when singletary famously sent vernon to the locker room in the middle of the game because he was tired of his selfish antics. >> when i said get off the field i meant take your helmet with you. >> cannot win with him, cannot coach with him, can't do it. >> i was looking to him like he is crazy. how can you send your first- round draft pick to the locker room? but i understood the reason why. i was hurting the team. penalties and missed assignments, things like that. >> reporter: vernon's 49er and maybe nfl career was at a crossroads. but instead of sulking, he responded to the tough love and bounced back with a pro bowl season in 2009. >> i do remember him saying
6:56 pm
that vernon, until you put the team first, then you will start to take off. >> reporter: now vernon is the team's biggest playmaker and the guy opposing defense focuses on the most. yet you haven't heard a peep from vernon about his numbers being down. instead, he has become one of the more well-rounded tight ends in football. >> well, that 4th quarter was epic and really will go down in history with those two guys and i encourage everybody to go back and look at the long frank gore run too which set him up for the field goal earlier and it was vernon that just had a classic, classic block on that may. >> reporter: and after saturday's performance, there's a new defining image for vernon's career. the big hug he shared with jim harbaugh as tears of joy were pouring down his face following his game winning touchdown. >> it was us against history. so say to myself, all those things. and we managed to pull it off.
6:57 pm
a very emotional game, like a roller coaster. >> who got it better than us? >> nobody!! >> and preparations already under way at the stick. crews are repainting the lines. you heard roberta's weathercast. they are going to have to do it over and over unless they cover the field. so... did you have a bad day today? well, you' not the only one. so did marcos baghdatis at australian open. (ad lib) [ smashes four raquets ] >> four raquets in all. i'm going to tell viewers at home that dana king once did that with four of these in a commercial break when her tape didn't come on. >> that's too much bad luck. you know i didn't do that.
6:58 pm
that's 28 years bad luck! [ laughter ]
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