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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 20, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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negotiate the safe release of that young girl when the suspect opened fire. police investigators huddled up in front of the san jose apartment just minutes after the deadly shootout. officers had tracked down kidnapping suspect tri truong le to the complex and found him holding the 11-year-old girl inside. >> as they approached, the suspect appeared in a window with the victim. he was holding the victim as a hostage armed with a handgun. the suspect opened fire on the officers as they approached the apartment, fired several rounds from inside the apartment. >> reporter: police say a specially trained hostage rescue team entered the apartment from the other side. >> the suspect opened fire on the officers inside of the apartment and one of our merge officers, our s.w.a.t. team, took a shot at the suspect and actually hit him and the suspect has been pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the girl wasn't hit by gunfire, police said, but was rushed to the hospital where she was reunited with her family. is she safe? >> yes.
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>> reporter: is the girl safe? >> yes. >> reporter: at the home on taffey court where it began this morning, family were in a rush but relieved. police say le burst into the home at 1 a.m., firing shots and kidnapping the 11-year-old girl and driving away in a minivan. a statewide amber alert was issued. police had an apartment on surveillance and spotted suspect at 1 a.m. neighbors at the scene say a nearby school was placed on code blue lockdown while officers made their move. >> they were hiding behind the apartments like you could say taking cover, guns drawn. but that's their job, they have to protect and serve. >> reporter: officers did protect one life while taking another. this is the first officer involved fatal shooting this year. last year there were four. police are saying little bit
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relationship between the suspect and victim but we have been told by relatives that the suspect was at the house looking for the girl's mother not finding the mother there, he took the girl instead. that's unconfirmed at this time. but it is one of the things that relatives have been telling us. this is where the girl used to live and it might be a place where this potential family unit once lived. >> thank you. san francisco police unveiled their plan to control crowds at 49ers game on sunday. spots will be using decoy to spots rowdy fans. juliette goodrich reports. reporter: it is certainly a decoy. take a look at this. it's going to actually be a giants fan that is an undercover police officer
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dressed as a giants fan all in the name of security to keep the peace. but today was about the spirit of things. we're outside city hall where officials unfurled the 49er flag to keep the spirit going come sunday. >> get your gear up, pull out the lucky clothes because 49er fever is right here in san francisco. >> reporter: 70,000 fans expected to fill candlestick this sunday for the bay area's first nfc championship in 15 years. >> we're going to beat them rain, shine or earthquake. lights out and everything, we proved that. >> reporter: last week there were 20 arrests and many people ejected. >> we all want to make it safe. the whole city will be safe. >> reporter: 49ers owner jed york filled a full-page ad in
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the "chronicle" today asking fans to show good sportsmanship at the stick. he also said wear red, get loud. >> cheer us on and definitely be respectful. >> reporter: last week's nail biting win had many 49ers fan cheering. >> whoo! >> reporter: but security cameras and undercover police officers will be in place to catch any abusive fans this weekend. >> we're just going to add one more twist to it that littered about candlestick park on sunday will be san francisco police officers on duty dressed as new york giants fans. so treat them right. >> reporter: already, the pre- game smack talk has begun. >> we spanked them in november. and the saints spanked them in november. so they feel they got the upper hand they want to come over and prove something. ain't gonna happen. >> reporter: as for ticket sales -- liz, a lot of them are
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sold out. be care of counterfeits online. if you want to get the ticket might be high-priced but go to nfl ticket exchange. we're also hearing that some of the halftime festivities, train local bay area musician will be performing. >> all eyes will be on san francisco this weekend. juliette, thanks. ♪ [ music ] >> as juliette mentioned, a little pre-game entertainment before kickoff. local band train will perform at candlestick park. much more on the big game still ahead including a live report from the only 9ers hangout in new york city. >> 18 people have been arrested so far during today's "occupy" protest in san francisco. that includes one person who apparently grabbed a police officer's baton. demonstrators blocked entrances to banks to protest corporate greed. mark sayre at justin herman plaza, where another march is
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about to begin. mark. >> reporter: allen, this will mark a full day of "occupy" activity in the city. one of the key messages here the tents here in justin herman plaza herm may be gone but the "occupy" movement is alive and well. wells fargo, you can't hide! we can see your greed inside! >> reporter: "occupy" protestors confronted san francisco police and at times shut down the intersection of california and montgomery streets. protestors also chained several doors to one of wells fargo bank's main corporate offices saying they are trying to send a clear message. >> that's part of the 99%. we want what's fair. wells fargo hasn't been acting fairly. they have been foreclosing on people. >> reporter: but police did have to move in saying the chains put people working inside the building in danger because some fire exits were being blocked. >> we asked the demonstrators to clear those areas and they didn't. >> reporter: this protestor said his tablet camera was damaged during the scuffle with police. >> threw me back to the ground, pulled the camera into him and
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stomped on it a couple of times and then kicked it out into the street for me to get it. >> we are the 99%! and we're too big to fail ♪ >> reporter: "occupy" protestors rallied outside the federal appeals court at 7th and mission streets calling for constitutional changes so that corporations can no longer spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns. and a flash mob descended in the plaza at 555 california street as a means of protest through performancee art. screaming ] >> reporter: now, for its part, wells fargo bank says its main priority wad protecting the employees and its customers here at its offices in the city. the company also says it is a responsible corporate citizen and last year foreclosed on fewer than 2% of delinquent loans of owner-occupied homes.
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so the bank very much responding to today's public "occupy" efforts here. >> mark, this is done after tonight? >> reporter: that's hard to say. it's flexible. we are not aware of anything past tonight but there is no saying there is not something in the works but no tents. >> thank you. round 2 of the rain is here and it's really starting to pick up. roberta gonzales is check hi- def doppler but first, let's go to lisa washington. >> reporter: we are getting the much-needed rain finally and wind gusts, as well. it might not be pleasant and many people might complain but wual knew that sooner or later it would come. >> this rain is ridiculous. >> reporter: for some people the rain is an inconvenience. >> we've changed three times today because it was so wet. >> reporter: but after weeks of dry weather, rain is what the bay area needs.
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overflowing gutters and downspouts, marsha erwin welcomes the wet weather. >> i'm happy! we need the rain. the garden needs the rain. this is my new raincoat and i have been waiting two months to wear it. >> reporter: old or new, raincoats, rain boots and umbrellas are the dress code of the day. for matt fryer of roof rx leak repair, raindrops keep him busy. >> i look the rain. >> reporter: you like it because -- >> good for business. >> reporter: we found matt preparing to inspect a leaky roof at a marin county restaurant. >> we're busy with calls from a week ago that we're starting today. >> reporter: today and throughout the weekend matt will be busy as the later-than- expected winter rain makes its way across the bay area. and we are at vista point just on the north side of the golden gate bridge. you can see the traffic there moving slower but still steady. also, steady, the number of
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visitors and people who are coming here to get those scenic views although with the wind and the rain, not so picturesque right now. elizabeth? >> all right. lisa washington, thank you. roberta gonzales is standing by and hi-def doppler is chugging along. >> extremely busy this evening because storm 2 is definitely here and it is making an impact on the evening commute. good evening, everybody. let's go ahead and take a like right now. this is our high-def doppler radar. starting off with the north bay, right now we are seeing some cells. you see those areas of yellow? those reflect moderate to heavy downpours. that cell just blasted through vallejo making tracks towards fairfield. we also have some copious precipitation now right there around the sunol grade making tracks out of san jose for your evening commute. the south bay kind of dry right now but look at the santa cruz mountains. this is storm number2. we'll tally up the numbers and have the totals for you straight ahead plus the 49ers forecast. allen, elizabeth. >> more to come. thank you. to track the storm anytime check out live streaming hi-def
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doppler on rooting against the red and gold? our mike sugerman is in enemy territory tonight. a live report from new york city! >> i'm appalled that you would begin a presidential debate with a topic like that. >> why newt gingrich got so fired up. >> and a look back at the life of etta james.
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republican presidential race. tomorrow, they fight to win the south caro four candidates left in the republican presidential race and tomorrow they fight to win the south carolina primary. alex smith explains it's still anybody's race. >> reporter: with fewer candidates but more conflicts, south carolina's primary predictions are as cloudy as the weather. >> i love this country. i love you for being out here in the rain. let's go out there and win. >> reporter: mitt romney came
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here a front-runner. now he is downplaying expectations of a win as polls show a slipping lead. >> the fact is that right now looks like it's neck and neck. that's a good spot to be in. >> reporter: romney is facing questions about his tax rate e estimates he pays about 15% tax on his income. many americans who earn less than romney pay a higher percentage in tax. opponents are asking, why he hasn't released his returns. >> when they're completed this year in april i'll release the returns. >> reporter: before the debate, newt gingrich released his returns showing a 31% rate. but he played defense about his ex-wife's allegations that he wanted an "open marriage." >> i am appalled that would you begin a presidential debate with a topic like that. >> reporter: gingrich says the allegations are false. he has risen in the polls in recent days. rick santorum says it's a three- man contest where character
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matters. >> i'll let people make that decision. i'm not going to make it for them. >> we want less government, we want more freedom. >> reporter: ron paul is the final candidate who have survived iowa and new hampshire vowing like the others to continue to the next battleground whatever south carolina decides. dozens of homes torched, thousands evacuated. tonight why reno faces a threat bigger than this wildfire. i'm mike sugerman in new york city! >> yeah! >> go 9ers! >> am i really in new york city? >> go 9ers! >> you wouldn't know is it!
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10-thousand people have been s blamed that wildfire in reno has now destroyed 26 homes. 10,000 people had been evacuated and it's blamed for at least one death. the fire broke out yesterday and torched more than 6 square miles. high winds fanned the flames. >> it just came from nowhere and then just was barreling around our house. >> that fire is about 50% contained and with rain in the forecast, firefighters worry that charred land will get flooded. in the sierra, the first big snow of the season is here. the snow certainly being welcomed by the skiers, snowboarders, the business owners. those stores, restaurants and hotel are trying to make up for lost time and more nfc as people hit the slopes.
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>> hopefully there is more where that came from. roberta has been tracking the storm. >> storm 2 is impacting the commute with heavy downpours and gusty winds. with our "eye on the storm" we're calling on our live high- def doppler radar. most of the precipitation as far as the heavy pockets. rain is moving into the northern portion of the bay area. we are going to go ahead and zoom in on a couple of spots here. take a look right now over the san rafael area where we're peck that up yellow area. that's a pocket of heavy rain that's making tracks towards richmond, as well. zooming in you see that yellow cell that left bolinas. that's a pocket of heavy rain. rain showers heading toward san jose a dry slot but you will get rain copious rain reported around the santa cruz mountains. at the golden gate bridge we
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have some areas of fog to report. very mild temperatures for the storm with the cooler air mass thus the fog. saturday mod ran rain around the bay area. that's because the rain stops during the afternoon house of representatives. by sunday the first system moves in. it's picking up faster. in the next 24 hours 3" of rain in the north bay and santa cruz mountains and heavy precipitation along the coastal mountains, nearly 2" to the east of the bay. rain, fog, windy conditions, winds up to 30 to 40 miles per hour dialing back after midnight. showers taper off on saturday. third storm on sunday. here we go.
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this is storm number 2 racing into the bay area. four to six feet in tahoe. the next system is picking up speed so it looks like it will arrive during the afternoon on sunday. we'll keep moving the snow into the forecast in the high sierra through monday. tomorrow anywhere between 54 and 58 degrees. it looks like we are in and out of the rain through the weekend. chance of lingering showers on monday. dry tuesday through friday. this is what many people have been waiting for, that 49ers forecast. it now looks as if that storm picking up speed should be rainy across the golden gate bridge at 2 p.m. slicing into candlestick around game time. i have been saying all week prepare for the rain and hope for the best. we thought it was going to move in toward the tail end of the game but, you know, timing is of the essence and it looks like if there is enough wind support with the system, it's
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going to rain during the game, bottom line it's going to rain. >> don't tell the giants. keep it a secret. >> come prepared. go giants. >> you didn't. >> i didn't. >> go 9ers. [ laughter ] >> well, speaking of the 49ers, it should be clear to people arriving at sfo that they are in 9ers territory. here's what the international terminal looks like. the airport lit up in red and gold lights for the 9ers now less than 2 days away from the nfc championship game kickoff. mike sugerman is behind enemy lines tonight in new york city. how's it going? >> you know, it was going great and you can tell roberta it's about 28 degrees outside and about to snow. but i'm in the belly of the beast in new york city. look at me, mom, i'm in new york city! but would you never know because this area here about 5,000 square feet has been annexed by the bay area. this could be the bay area's
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10th county in new york city! the bar in new york is more berkeley than brooklyn, more soma than soho. >> it's intense. everybody here is die-hard. >> reporter: mets or rangers? fa-get about it! this is the really east bay. >> there really isn't another bar in new york that does the san francisco bay area. i think one or two popped up since we've been popular. >> reporter: brian stapleton doesn't sound like i spent a lot of time in san francisco city schools because he did. he is a new york city firefighter who welcomes bay area fans and started to show up a few years ago and it's grown from there. and yeah, it's taken off. this was the 2010 world series and it should be much the same sunday. they will be served by bartenders like brett an aspiring actress originally from santa rosa. she came to watch the baseball giants play and eventually got hired. >> it's amazing. i meet people that i grew up
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around the corner from daily. i feel like i'm home. i meet people i know constantly. >> reporter: you get to know them better after a berry bomb. >> an orange showed da with a yeager meister shoved in. >> reporter: a few may be going down easily during the nfc championship game. here's mario with his new haircut and here is the famed berry bomb. i can't tell you that i'm going to do it. but i just wanted to show it to you. i don't think i can handle one of these or i'd be wearing this hat. oh, i am wearing this hat. how did that happen? [ laughter ] >> welcome to new york city! >> they are lucky to have you, mike. >> all right. >> be careful out there. >> man, pace yourself, mike, pace yourself. >> hold that live shot for about 30 seconds. because when we go back -- can we go back to that right now? i bet the glass is going to be empty.
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>> is it empty? >> no. >> okay. >> sorry. >> give mike credit. very good journalist. dennis, update? they're practicing in the rain? >> time to get down to brass tax and i you this the question above the rain is probably health of the football teams both of them. i have some good news. 49er kentucky returner and receiver ted ginn was the only player who didn't practice but is listed as questionable. he could still make it. 49ers practiced today final time with the microphones present. giants will arrive in the bay area tomorrow. some of the players on the team are holdovers from new york's super bowl run four years ago. 49ers cornerback carlos rogers didn't think that is a huge advantage for new york. >> yeah. to me, it doesn't. some guys may say different. i think like i said at the end of the day it's football. you going to make a play because you got more experience? you can get beat the same.
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the packers have more experience. they lost. they are home right now. >> the other thing guys, people point to the fact that the giants have already lost to the 49ers earlier this year but the same was true with the giants and packers. the packers had beaten the giants in the regular season and new york won. >> throw that out. >> at the end of my minute, basically we know nothing. >> can we go to sugerman again? >> dennis and company, 7:00 cbs 5 tonight, special live edition of "49er preview." we'll be right back.
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"at last, my love has come along" 73-year-old the world of music has lost a timeless voice. ♪ at last... ♪ 73-year-old etta james died from complications from leukemia in southern california. born in los angeles, james was discovered singing on a san francisco street cornerback in the 1950s. she is survived by her husband
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and two sons. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bankrupt, and i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. bankrupt and tossing millions of dollars worth of stuff into a dumpster. why solyndra is destroying valuable assets. an exclusive cbs 5 investigation. and it's something we all learned in kindergarten. but one bay area man has taken it


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