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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  January 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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about there. with half the . good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. we are just about there, with half the super bowl already decided, we're waiting to see who will face the patriots in indianapolis. right now, giants are up 17-14 in the fourth quarter. christin ayers hit candlestick early, where tailgaters with and without tickets were ready well before game time. >> reporter: that's correct, ann. here are the numbers. down by a field goal, so niners down by 3 right now. 70,000 fans at the stick, 25% inside and outside of the stadium, very clear 49er fever is in full effect. fire up the grill. break out the blanket. >> whew, it's cold out here
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today! niners! >> reporter: and whip up a drink with crore gas-powered blender. for these fans-- >> so what, it's just water, it dries off! >> reporter: a little rain only stokes niners fever. >> we come for rain, sleet, snow, no matter what we come up with the championship game! >> reporter: not everyone had tickets. deanna ramirez came for the experience. >> i decided to jump in the car this morning and be part of the crowd, be part of this historic moment. >> reporter: a one-man tailgate living out a childhood dream. >> it's been a long time coming. glad to be here. >> reporter: then there are those who made the journey from the land of giants. >> flew all the way out from the east coast and we're here for the game! gotham city all the way! we love you, san francisco, but you're going home today! >> reporter: police say it's possible they will need extra protection. there are 25% more cops
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patrolling today. >> we have san francisco police in giants fan attire. we want the giants fans to have a good time, although we do want them to leave very, very disappointed later this afternoon or this evening. >> reporter: if you ask a niners fan, that's exactly what will happen. >> 34-0 niners! that's the prediction! >> 30-0 niners! >> giants 26-21. >> reporter: and the game is turning out to be a lot tighter and a lot lower scoring than some of those fans estimated. ann, in there, the atmosphere is electric. niners fans, very hopeful that they will prevail in the end. again, a 3-point lead by the giants right now. keeping hope alive out here. >> we've got our fingers crossed. niners fans and giants fans are spending the day at their respective bars. don knapp checked in with both and he's at green sports bar in san francisco. hi, don. >> reporter: as you know, it's been kind of a football doubleheader today, with both
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those games, the ravens and the patriots first, and now the niners and the giants. if you were watching the games at the sports bars, you were drinking a lot of beer. an hour and a half before game time, new york giants fans are lined up outside ace's bar on sutter. inside, the mood is already intense, as the fans borrow a local cheer. >> let's go, niners! >> reporter: pity this one lonely niner fan in this new york crowd. [ crowd cheering ] >> reporter: remember, this is an hour and a half before the game. these are fans an hour and a half before the game on green sports bar. outside, laura smith and derek metzger were looking in.
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she's a patriots fan, he's for the niners. they started out at 9:00 for the ravens game. >> we were there all day, went to rex for a drink or two, and now we have to find someplace to watch the niners, but every place is packed, so we may just go home. >> reporter: at kickoff, the excitement was uncontrollable, even for those who weren't paying attention. and the game is in sight. will they be cheering them or crying in their beer? we'll let you know. >> thank you, don. we'll have complete coverage of the game, whether the niners win or lose, and reaction from the fans tonight at 10:00, on the cw and at 11:00 right here on cbs 5. well, three people were hurt in three separate shootings in oakland overnight. the first shooting happened around 7:00 last night on the 2200 block of east 15th street. the victim was hospitalized, with nonlife threatening injuries. there were two more shootings within minutes of each other around 2:00 this morning. one was on the 3000 block of
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high street. the other at fairfax and bancroft avenues. both victims are hospitalized, in stable condition. and gunfire at a sweet 16 party in the east bay. six teenagers were hit. the shooting happened on the 5000 block of willmont court, just after 10:30 last night. anne mackovic with the warning neighbors say they heard before the shooting. >> i think what happened was it was just a party that got out of control. >> reporter: renee souza lives two doors down from the scene of a mass shooting last night, an event that started as a 16-year-old girl's birthday party. she came home at around 10:30 to find dozens of teenagers near her yard. >> we actually heard, 5 minutes, it's going down, 5 minutes, it's going down! we went into our house and no sooner did we go in, there were shots fired. >> reporter: police think three to four young men did the shooting in this garage. most of the six people hit were teenagers. the most badly injured, a 13-year-old boy and 21-year-old
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woman, both from antioch. the woman was shot in the abdomen. >> it was pretty chaotic. we had to call for mutual aide in order to contain the scene and to interview witnesses and also to take care of victims. >> we just saw everyone running and screaming and it was just total chaos. >> reporter: not what she expected when she got this flyer yesterday from the family throwing the party, warning of it. >> and it actually says right here, just wanted you to know in case you were wondering about the extra activity. well, we didn't know the extra activity was going to include gunfire at the end of it! >> reporter: this is an upscale cul-de-sac. this neighbor just moved here from san leandro. >> i thought it was a nice place, away from a lot of drama. but it's crazy. they should pay for what they have done. you can't go around shooting people and thinking it's going to be okay. >> we're just hoping they don't come back and retaliate or whatever that was all about. >> reporter: in antioch, anne mackovic, cbs 5. more than a year since she
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survived being shot in the face, gabrielle giffords is making a change. why she says it's time for her to leave congress. the penn state community lost a member of the family today. joe paterno died this morning. the legacy he built before it was mired in scandal. in the cbs 5 weather center, we've seen showers all day long, but the main part of the storm is about to come in. we're talking gusty winds and heavy rain. we'll tell you about it, next.
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giffords was shot in the face a year ago in a mass shoot . congresswoman gabrielle giffords is leaving congress to focus on her recovery. giffords was shot in the face a year ago in a mass shooting in tucson. six other people were killed. giffords attended a memorial service two weeks ago, marking the first anniversary of that shooting. giffords has undergone intensive rehabilitation ever since the shooting and says that must continue to be her focus. >> i have more work to do on my recovery, so to do what is best
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for arizona, i will step down this week. >> giffords is expected to attend the president's state of the union address tuesday before she steps down. arizona's governor will set a special election to fill out the rest of giffords' term. well, he was the winningest coach in ncaa division i history. less than three months after being fired for failing to report sex abuse allegations to the police, joe paterno died this morning. manuel gallegos shows us the tributes from the penn state community. >> reporter: fans left flowers, lit candles, and said good-bye to the man known as joe pa. joe paterno died sunday, 65 days after being diagnosed with lung cancer. >> hearts go out to his family. >> reporter: the family issued a statement, saying he died as he lived. he fought hard until the end, stayed positive, thought only of others, and constantly reminded everyone of how blessed his life had been. penn state fired the hall of fame coach in the middle of his
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46th season, amid the scandal surrounding jerry sandusky, his former assistant coach. sandusky has been charged with 52 counts of child molestation. sandusky issued a statement sunday, saying nobody will be able to take away the memories we all shared of a great man. his family and all the wonderful people who were part of his life. paterno won 409 games, more than any other division i football coach, but fans here at penn state are remembering him for his accomplishments off the field as well. >> people will remember what a great man he was and how much he did for this university. not just the football program, but the entire university. >> he was a coach that just stood for more than just football. >> reporter: more than 250 of the players paterno coached went on to the nfl. but even students who were not athletes looked up to him. >> he was like a father figure honestly, a role model. >> reporter: paterno is survived by his wife, sue, five children, and 17 grandchildren. his family says his loss leaves a void that will never be
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filled. manuel gallegos, cbs news, state college, pennsylvania.
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. awaiting the end of the game, less than 5 minutes to go, these are live pictures, where people are watching the niners game in san francisco. the score right now, tied at 17-17 in the fourth quarter. the winner, of course, will face the patriots at the super bowl in indianapolis february 5. the wet weather didn't keep people off of the streets today. n]♪ >> the city's chinatown held its new year's bazaar, the two-day celebration to welcome the year of the dragon. according to the chinese zodiac, that's a reason to be optimistic.
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>> we can do much better than last year. hopefully in the dragon year, we're hopeful. >> we could use optimism. local businesses sold a variety of traditional flowers and gifts. the new year begins tomorrow with the arrival of the new moon. san francisco's chinatown will hold its new year's festival and parade february 11. all right, you see right there, eye on the storm. it's raining throughout the bay area, but it's about to get a little worse. meteorologist lawrence carnahan joins us now. >> happy chinese new year! perfect for the year of the dragon! we're starting to see things getting going, showers on and off for the better part of the day. the storm will likely intensify into the next few hours. the main core of the system just sitting off the coastline. looks like we've got plenty more rain to come. in fact, it will be heavy at times overnight tonight. we'll see winds whipping up around the bay area, especially near the coastline. looking at high-def doppler
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radar, rain over the santa cruz mountains, getting uplift, creating showers right now. mostly scattered showers, nothing heavy just yet. livermore looking at a couple of rain drops in oakland, richard monde area. along the peninsula, another band of moisture moving onshore toward pacifica. most of that is just light. heavier amounts of rain, though, beginning to show up on the north bay. now, this will continue to increase throughout the night tonight and we'll see significant rains. wind advisories go up along the coastline in san francisco, san mateo county coast, also into the mountains, and now the east bay hills. we're expecting sustained winds 20 to 30 miles per hour, gusting between 40 to 50 miles per hour, likely going to see some trees come down, maybe power outages overnight tonight. beautiful shot for you, yeah, coit tower lit up with the colors of the 49ers tonight. cloudy and a bit wet outside. here's the system diving into the bay area. high pressure moving out of town. lots of snow for the sierra
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nevada. winter storm warnings going up. tonight for us, rain and wind, breezy inside the bay. temperatures in the 40s tomorrow. starting out with rain early on in the morning. temperatures only in the 50s, but i think sun breaks toward the afternoon. system off the coastline will dive in, enhancing the rainfall overnight tonight. computer models showing heavier amounts of rainfall toward late tonight, early tomorrow morning. then the clouds part just a bit toward the afternoon. we should begin to dry out somewhat. still, rainfall totals going to be impressive overnight tonight. numbers running 1-plus inches, maybe 2, maybe 3 inches in parts of the north bay. looks like we could expect temperatures on the mild side for tomorrow. highs only in the 50s. next couple of days, we are going to see things settle down, but temperatures soaring well into the 60s, almost 70 degrees towards the middle of the week. this is it for the rain. after that, we are drying things out. time for sports now. thanks, lawrence. it is championship sunday in the nfl. patriots hosted the ravens and it went down to the wire.
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sterling moore went from the raiders practice squad to one of the heroes in the afc championship game, and the fans are pumped up watching the niners-giants game. it's coming down to the wire, 17-17 in the fourth. stick around. sports is next.
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t the age of . just a couple of months after being fired from penn state, joe paterno died from complications from lung cancer at the age of 85. he was major college football's
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winningest coach. in 46 seasons, paterno won a record 409 games at penn state, but he was fired after the child sex scandal involving a former assistant coach. while lung cancer is the cause of death, paterno's long-time peer bobby bowden said he may have died of heartbreak. paterno is still remembered fondly in happy valley. >> his expectations on me were more than i thought that i had in myself. for me to walk on at penn state and get drafted in the second round of the nfl draft, just told me that, you know, he pulled out of me something i didn't think i had. >> he'll be remembered for the great things that he's done, him and his family and his wife. i would like to think that's what we're going to try to remember him by. i saw the candlelight vigil last night. thought that was a nice touch. >> joe paterno, 1926-2012. >> penn state's basketball team with a moment of silence before their game at indiana.
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hoosiers up late in this one. pushing and shoving at the end of the game, ugly way for the game to end. indiana wins 73-54. afc championship game at baltimore at new england. ravens win and we're halfway to a harbaugh super bowl. right to the second quarter, tied at 3-3, they call him the law firm, ben jarvis ellis, 10-3 in favor of the home team. later in the second, joe flacco had all day to flow. he rolled out and fired a strike, hit it right here. the patriots would get another field goal and lead 13-10 at the half. third quarter now, pats now up 16-10. flacco looking and hitting tory smith. he broke the tackle, then breaks it up the sideline. not going to catch him. flacco silenced the critics with 306 yards and 2 touchdowns on the day. fourth quarter, baltimore 20-16.
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brady decides to keep it himself and dove in to put new england back on top. brady all fired up, but that was his only touchdown against a tough ravens d. final minute now, baltimore down 23-20. flacco looks like he has the game-winning score, but sterling moore, who began the year on the raiders practice squad breaks it up, knocks it right down. that was the game. so on comes billy cundiff for the chipper for overtime. oh, no. patriots survive, headed back to the super bowl for the fifth time during the belichick-brady era. >> i sucked pretty bad today, but our defense saved us. and we're going to try to go out and do a better job in a couple of weeks. >> sure as heck wouldn't want to replace him with anyone, so i would say he did a fairly good job. we'll keep him around. >> will you be able to watch the super bowl in two weeks, or are you done? >> i never watch the super bowl. if i ain't playing in it, it don't matter to me. no matter who wins, i lose.
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i'll be somewhere with my babies playing daddy. now get to put the daddy hat on. pga in la quinta, 23 under par, even with wilson. the bogey on 17 would not do him good. on 18, wilson right here standing over the 10-footer, yes, he'll take it. wilson gets his fifth career pga tour win. basketball, cal coach wondering why the bears tipped off at the same time the niners did. maybe she wanted to watch the game. game tied against washington state. and brandon fights off the defenders, gets her shot to fall. bears win 60-55. and finally to tennis, kim clijsters badly sprained her left ankle, rolled right over it. but defending australian open champ gets treatment and she would come right back. she's tough and rallies from a set down, fighting off four match points for the win in
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three sets. clijsters advances to the quarterfinals. last update on the niner game, everyone is glued to that. 17-17, and a little under 2 minutes in this one and the niners obviously hoping to get this one. we know whoever wins this game, they will be playing the patriots. >> except we have a producer of this newscast who is a giants fan. >> oh! >> you didn't know? >> i didn't know. >> breaking news. >> wow! >> she's hard core. >> face is painted! let me ask you this about the ravens-patriots game. that was closer than i expected. was i the only one? >> no, it was supposed to be pretty close. >> really? >> yeah. all four teams that were left, now only two left, three left basically, but any one of those teams could get the job done. so i knew that game was going to be close and i think most people knew this one would be. and it s can't get any closer when it's tied at just under 2 minutes. >> and has the weather played a
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part? >> it wasn't like torrential downpours and winds, so seems okay. >> perfect football weather. >> for die-hard fans. all niners. it's a nail-biter, the score tied at 17-17 with less than 2 minutes in the nfc championship. we will have complete coverage of the game, from inside candlestick park. plus, fan reaction in the bay area, and from giants fans with our mike sugarman. he's in new york, all that tonight at 10:00 on the cw and here at 11:00. that's going to do it for eyewitness news at 6:30. your latest news and weather on one more time, go niners! >> i know that guy!
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