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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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thursday, january 26th. i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm grace lee. time is 6-- sheriff ross mirkarimi will have a new lawyer with him when he goes to court today. anne makovec explains the san francisco sherifff is fighting to be reunited with his family. "..." you can pull sound from matier's 6pm pkg. it's pasted on the
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wrongful death suit.
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45- year- old charles hill was shot and killed at bart's civic center station in san franicsco
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july third. officials say he had threatened officers with a knife and a bottle before he was shot. "the contra costa times" reports hill's brother is suing the transit agency for unspecified damages. oakland police want help finding 36-year- old remon mcdaniel. they think he's the gunman .. responsible for the city's first homicide of 2012. mcdaniel is accused of killing 19- year- old isaac white in east oakland on january 4th. police say members of the community helped identify mcdaniel as the suspect. they also say he may have changed his hair since the murder. oakland jobs and programs on the line as city leaders deal with a big blow to the budget. and last night, protesters shouted down any talk about cutting jobs. gil diaz outside city hall with the budget debate. "even, some of the unions here, tonight, your parent unions agreed to elimination of redevelopment..(not ture, did not). oone group has been pitted against another.. (not true...)" "we want to help the city find solutions that work, but we still need information and time to figure out how to do this best for everyone." oakland -- city leaders are proposing laying off far fewer employees than anticipated, and
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iran says he is ready to have talks with world powers about his country's nuclear program iran is facing tougher sanctions in an effort to get it to scale back its nuclear program. mahmoud ahmadinejad ("ah-muh-dee'-neh-zhahd") says sanctions will not force iran to give in to western demands. a united nations nuclear angecy team is expected to visit iran this weekend. we're now learning that three bodies have been pulled from the rubble of two buildings, several stories high, that came crashing down in brazil. it happened last night in rio de janeiro. search and rescue is still on-going. witnesses heard a loud explosion before the collapse, which could have been caused by a natural gas leak. the city's mayor says
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the buildings collapsed due to structural damages. time is 5: traffic getting busy along highway's elizabeth with your time saver traffic. the time is 6: new controversy over pipeline safety. the surprising figure leading the investigation.
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and.. rescued, by the navy seals. the special reunion today for the american hostage in somalia. ""i would never be disrespectful in that manner." " plus: tension on the tarmac. arizona's governor defends her confrontation with president obama. the american, rescued by an elite navy seal team from her sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing.
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her way home. jessica buchanan and her danish colleague, both aid workers, were captured by somali pirates back in october. "seal team 6," the same special navy operation unit that killed osama bin laden, freed the hostages yesterday. president obama called jessica's family to give them the good news. her father tells c-b-s news jessica is doing ok. republican presidential candidates will take center stage in their final debate in florida tonight before the primary. right now, newt gingrich is drumming up support with voters. here's a live look out of mount dora, florida. gingrich is supposed to give a short speech, followed by questions.
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tonight's debate is expected to be a two man battle between mitt romney and gingrich. they're using their time on the campaign to take swipes at the president and his tax plans. arizona's governor ended up in a heated exchange with the up in a heated exchange with the president on the tarmac. at one point, brewer pointed her finger at the president. apparently, the president expressed his disappointment with her book. later - brewer skipped a phoenix event with the president. she later told tv news stations that she would never be disrespectful, and that the president walked away in the middle of their conversation. the time: 6-- the cost, keeps ballooning. now there's a new turn in the debate over high speed rail. plus.. i-phones, apps, and apple
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mania. c-net's kara tsuboi has a preview of what's new, and hot at this year's macworld. weather ad libs
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into the san bruno pipeline explosion has a new lead, with close ties to the california public utilities commission. commission president michael peevey appointed himself to be in charge of the investigation. he has led the agency since 20-03. federal and state reviews faulted the commission's oversight in the past. pg&e could face millions in fines for violating safety rules tied to the 2010 blast. voters could decide the fate of california's high- speed rail project. the secretary of state approved an initiative for signature gathering to begin on a voter referendum. it would eliminate the 98 billion dollar project to connect passengers from san francisco to los angeles. more than 800- thousand signatures need to be submitted by june 21st to qualify for the state ballot.
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apple fans get ready.
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the big show with their latest and the greatest software and devices kicks off in san francisco today. kara tsuboi from c-net is here to give us a preview of the convention. thank you for joining us this morning kara. q1: kara, things are new at the convention this year, starting with the name, why the change in the
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q2: what's new we ll see with the iphones at the show? such as real time traffic updates. q3: tell me about the film festival. q4: does macworld matter to users and developers since apple stopped going three years ago. you can follow kara on twitter..@cnet kara kara tsuboi.. with cnet. thanks. it's 6: a piece of kids artwork.. trashed in the south bay. the reward to catch the vandals. a shocking find at a southern california gas station. the happy ending for a puppy, found dumped in the trash. there's a reward to catch a south bay va in distance ]
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somebody vandalized a mural at welch park in san jose. it happened monday night or tuesday morning. children and volunteers painted the mural to promote peace. supervisor dave cortese ("cor-tess-e") is offering one thousand dollars to catch the culprit. taco bell is famous for it's "fourth meal." and now the fast-food chain is introducing the "first meal." today, the mexican-style restaurant introduced a breakfast menu at several of it's chains in ten western states, including california. the chain is hoping the breakfast burrito will be a hit. it comes stuffed with eggs or sausage, bacon or steak.
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and good news for grease lovers. a new study finds frying food in olive or sunflower oil is healthier for your heart. researchers in spain found eating foods fried in those oils is not linked to heart disease or premature death. it's 6-- cleaner cars in california. the growing hype about tesla's "model x." and a 49er.. hitting the books. why a star safety is heading to san jose state today. reporter ad libs reporter ad libs good morning. it's thursday,
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and i'm grace lee. time is 6-- for the second time this week, san francisco's sheriff is
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heading to court. he's asking for permission to go home...after a court ordered him to stay away from his wife and son. anne makovec is in san francisco, where ross mirkarimi has a new lawyer. "he won't be thrown out as sheriff - - -it's too complicated - the mayor would have to have a trial before the board of supervisors -." you can pull sound from matier's 6pm pkg. it's pasted on the continue today in a high-profile murder trial in san francisco.
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andrew bologna broke down in tears yesterday... as he testified against the alleged gunman... who shot and killed his father and two brothers. bologna said he saw edwin ramos open fire on his father's car as they drove home from a family outing in 2008. prosecutors allege the suspected ms-13 gang member mistook them for rival gangsters. two men are charged with beating a u-c berkeley student during christmas break. 18- year- old grant richman was attacked outside a friend's home in san diego last month. doctors didn't expect him to survive. but "the san diego union- tribune" reports he's now in rehab, and improving. the suspects are charged with the attack on richman, and a number of other people the same night. a pre-school in northern california is back open today after a health scare. "pomo early connection" in lake county was shutdown on monday after a child was diagnosed with meningitis. 61 other kids and teachers were given anti-biotics as a pre-caution. health officials spent the past
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few days dis-infecting the school. the city of oakland is scrambling to come up with a plan to deal with a huge hit to its budget. that as protesters crash a meeting on the budget cuts. gil diaz is outside city hall with the debate. sot: barbara parker/oakland city attorney i think this is an opportunity for the council to hear the proposal, to ask questions, and the plan is that
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starting to back up at the bay bridge toll's elizabeth with your time saver traffic. the american, rescued by an elite navy seal team from her captors in somalia, has landed
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from her captors in somalia, has landed in italy, on her way home. 32-year old jessica buchanan and her danish colleague, both aid workers, were captured by somali pirates back in october. "seal team 6," the same special navy operation unit that killed osama bin laden, freed the hostages yesterday. buchanan's friends and professors in pennsylvania are ecstatic and relieved. "it was about two, 2:30 this morning. i was checking my computer, just - i'd been up and just briefly looked at it and saw this note, and i go, 'wow, i can't believe it . president obama called jessica's family yesterday to give them the family yesterday to give
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them the good news. her father tells c-b-s news jessica is doing ok and what the seals did, makes him proud to be an american. be an american. today, president obama will continue plugging the economic proposals laid out in his state of the union. he'll visit nevada and colorado to highlight american energy. his meet-and- greet in arizona turned tense yesterday. reporters on scene say both the president and arizona's governor kept interrupting each other. at one point, governor jan brewer pointed her finger at the president. this may have started after the president expressed his disappointment with her book. live pictures of newt gingrich at a tea party rally in mount dora florida republican presidential candidates will take center stage in their final debate in florida tonight before the primary. it's expected to be
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a two man battle between mitt romney and newt gingrich. they're using their time on the campaign to take swipes at the president, criticizing his tax ideas. c-n-n anchor wolf blitzer will moderate the debate with the remaining four candidates. a scathing new profile on apple is highlighting the harsh working conditions in china. the new york times reports this morning that workers have been plagued by long hours, unsafe working conditions and even physical punishments. the profile also details that dozens have been injured and a handful killed in explosions and other accidents at the plants. apple declined to comment on the article. on the heals of california's renewed push for zero-emission vehicles.... tesla announces its latest electric vehicle called "the model x." k-c-b-s radio's matt bigler joins us live on the phone with the details of this so- called "cross- over vehicle." matt? "..."
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matt bigler, k- c-b-s radio. thanks. a 49er is heading back to the
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classroom. safety donte whitner will start attending san jose state today. you may remember this hit he laid out on pierre thomas of the saints. whitner tweeted that he plans on finishing his degree in consumer affairs.. which he began at ohio state. he also wants to find a fraternity. time is 6: they accidentally shot a cannonball into an east bay home. this morning... the bizarre request from the show "mythbusters." and netflix.. on the rebound. the surprise turn-around.. for
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the troubled company. and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the early numbers: (adlib conditions) coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs/money watch reporter jason brooks. frightening moments.. caught on
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you know what's exciting, graduation. when i look up into my student's faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor, i am committed to making a difference in peoples lives and i am a phoenix. was rescued from a trash can. a gas station worker heard him crying at the bottom of the can.
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a vet checked out the dog, who's believed to be a few weeks old. he has all of his shots and he's ready to be adopted. neighbors are also upset that someone would abandon the puppy like that. and police say gas station cameras didn't catch the human who dumped him. new jobless claims climb again, after recent declines.
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after recent declines.
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here now is jason brooks with kcbs and cbs moneywatch dot com. lots happeningâ about we go with jobless claims, netflix earns, and jc penney instituting a permanent 40% sale jason brooks from kcbs and cbs moneywatch dot com. thanks.
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moneywatch dot com. thanks. do you have a large aircraft lying around? if so, mythbusters would like to borrow it. you remember the folks who accidentally shot a cannonball at a dublin home, while shooting an episode of their t-v series. one of hosts tweeted that they're looking for a 200 seat plane for a couple of days to use in the bay area. he adds quote, "we won't blow it up". it's not clear what they re doing: maybe they're trying to see if a plane can fit under the golden gate bridge. at the box office this weekend, the worst place for a plane crash. and the next big thing for movies - an i-phone film festival. eye on the bay's liam mayclem explains. good morning!
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movie: the grey vo (take video from server) cg open road films cg opens friday script _ _ liam to write in am======= * * * * * * * * * * & around a group of rough neck oil rig workers who get stranded in the outer alaskan mountains when their plane goes down in a storm. the few who survive are left to brave the elements - biting winds and a pack of wolves at their heels,. into the fray they go for the fight of their lives. director & writer joe carnahan ( narc / smokin aces) brings his best work to the big screen here. definitely a film for the guys but it's poetic & beautifully paced. and neesen is brilliant. the grey opens friday. ===
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macworld the 28th mac world at moscone center in sf where mac heads mingle to check out accessories and apps. and mac friendly products. mac world starts today and continues through saturday. a locally produced movie shot entirely on a smart phone has it's bay area premiere in san francisco tonight. "olive" is a family- friendly, pg-rated movie about a young girl (played by ruby alexander) who visits three troubled adults and, without speaking, transforms their lives. 8pm at the metreon theatre mac world attendees can see olive the movie for the very first time. it was co-directed by a voice and face we know - hooman from the sara and vinnie movie show on alice @97.3 . congrats
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hooman." the feast of the olives is held this weekend at ramakins in sonoma - continueing the three month season of the olive!!! movie the grey macworld where geeks gather olive the smartphone movie olive season oficially starts == i will return tomorrow for my foodie friday liam's list follow me on twitter for more weekend events. liam mayclem... host of eye on the bay. thanks.
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time is 6:xx coming up: a shakeup for the defense team.. representing san francisco's sheriff. his new lawyer... plus, the key witnesses set to take the stand. ross mirkarimi wants to go home.
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wants to go home to his wife and son. the san francisco sheriff goes to court this afternoon to try to get permission from the judge. anne makovec with the latest on this high profile case. anne makovec in san francisco ... thanks. another budget proposal may save
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oakland jobs and programs from budget cuts. protesters crashed last night's special city council meeting. they got so loud...that council president larry ried had to call for recess. the city administrator will update the council tomorrow about a proposal to hold on to 7-point-5 million dollars. the current proposal consolidates departments and cuts some programs, adding up to 81 lay-offs. time is 6-- here's elizabeth with your time saver traffic.
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we all remember the fumble that cost the 49ers the n-f-c championship game.
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if you think kyle williams took the loss hard, check out this kid. "...who's got it better than us? nobody." ((ad lib)) thanks for watching c-b-s 5


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