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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a challenging situation this morning for bay area commuters in a big way. >> check out the live picture the golden gate bridge shrouded in fog. there's poor visibility on several bridges here in the bay area. what's it like on the bay bridge right now? let's check in with gil diaz. he is at the toll plaza with the conditions and a couple of tips for drives. good morning -- for drivers. good morning. >> reporter: there is fog here at the bay bridge, as well. so be careful crossing any bridge in the bay area because it seems like there's a fog advisory for every, single bridge in the area. right behind me this is what it looks like at the bay bridge. one of our staff writers said she was crossing the bridge this morning on the way to work and realized that everyone was driving the speed limit. hopefully that's still the case. the golden gate bridge got the first fog advisory just after midnight. during the 1:00 hour, both the bay bridge and the san mateo bridges got fog advisories.
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the latest advisories applied at the 4:00 hour for the carquinez bridge, martinez- benicia an richmond/san rafael bridge. so please be very careful. slow down and give yourself extra time to get to your final destination but to tell us more about other traffic conditions in our area, let's go to elizabeth in the studio. >> we're watching our traffic cameras and they continue to get just shrouded in the thick fog and it's not budging since we have gone on the air at 4:30. there are 10 official fog advisories issued by chp between midnight and 4:15 this morning all still in effect mainly for the bridges. just bridge in the area is under a dense fog advisory except the dumbarton bridge. word of a stall on the golden gate bridge. we are trying to figure out where it is, sounds like it's just north of the bridge on northbound 101ful but when conditions are this foggy, obviously it can be dangerous to have a stall in lanes like that so watch out for that. we'll let you know if there are
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any other problems. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge where fog is making it hard to see cars. but on the right side you can see a few taillights, the commute direction of westbound 92. we haven't seen too many incidents in the last hour or so, so quiet on the roads. drivers are obeying the rules of the road and going the speed limit as gil said. so overall, not too many problems but again watch out for the fog. more dense fog advisories not just on bridges but portions of pacifica, daly city, highway 35 at hickey boulevard, chp issued one there as well as stretches through pacifica, highway 1 between manor drive and 280. much more on this including a check of mass transit. let's check in with lawrence to see what these -- when these weather conditions will clear. >> we are starting to see some of it clear out already around the bay area. this past hour we couldn't show you this live camera shot but now it's mixing out at the bay bridge. we are in for a great day ahead. but watch out for patchy, dense
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fog early on. delays at sfo to 36 minutes right now. temperatures in the 40s and 50s now. clear at santa rosa at 41 and clear at concord. this afternoon 60s in the south bay, 60s in the east bay as well. inside the bay temperatures running up into the 60s. should be a great weekend. we'll have more on that coming up in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news at san jose state university. police are alerting students there in the joe west dorms to lock their doors. according to the university's twitter page, a male in his 20s in black clothing entered a room and groped a victim. the man was last seen on the third floor of the dorms at the joe west dorms. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story and bring you updates as we get them. a developing story. deadly gunfire in a peaceful east bay neighborhood overnight. anne makovec over in berkeley where there are bullet holes all over an apartment. i understand you guys got inside that apartment, as well. anne? >> reporter: we have a rare
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look inside of the crime scene but let me lay out the outside for you right now. police just released the crime scene. they finished their investigation here but we are told by a neighbor that the person killed worked at the barbershop across emerson in berkeley and around 7:00 last night, he was going to the apartment next door to hang out with friend and somebody opened fire. inside the apartment a lot of bullets landed breaking windows. bullet holes in the wall. this is apparently the inside of the apartment. there's a lot of bullet holes on the outside of the apartment, as well. it happened around 7:00. when police get here they found a man who was shot and he died at the hospital. here at the crime scene, police fond a lot of worried neighbors who came out and gave them some information.
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this is the first murder in berkeley of the year. police gathered clues but they're looking for more information. >> sometimes it's the little details that get to the truth of an investigation or small things reveal themselves to be the big thing that solves a crime. we encourage them to call. >> now, police say it looks like the man who was shot was targeted for some reason but no word on a motive and the neighbor i spoke with said that he knows the man who was killed that he was a very nice guy. he had worked at that barbershop for a number of years and didn't have any enemies as far as he knew. he also said that he was a single father. so again that investigation continues. back to you guys. "occupy oakland" vowing to return to action over the weekend. "occupy oakland" supporters flooding the rafters at oakland city hall wednesday night protesting redevelopment cuts and now they plan to take over
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an undisclosed vacant city in the building. in a letter to mayor quan, they threaten if ee investigated again they will not only block -- if they are ee investigated again, they will not only block oakland airport, they will "occupy" city hall and shut down ports. no visitation rights. san francisco sheriff still cannot see his family this morning. a judge refused to lift the protective order keeping ross mirkarimi from his wife and 2- year-old son. she did say that the sheriff can petition family court for visitation rights. >> incredibly disappointed to say the least. this has been enormously crushing the fact that i haven't been able to see my family, be with my wife or be with my son. this is disproportionately cruel. >> the order was put in place while mirkarimi awaits trial for domestic abuse charges. strangers rush to help when a boat with three pool on board capsizes in the waters off the
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san francisco coast. the coast guard says the boston whaler flipped in high surf off ocean beach around 5:30 last night. people onshore tried to help before emergency crews finally got there. a jogger noticed a woman signalling for assistance on the shoreline. he ran over and saw people dragging someone out of the ocean. after emergency crews finally arrived, three boaters rush to the hospital two suffering from hypothermia. one now in critical condition. 6:07. first linda, now more embarrassment for the president. >> the latest green company going belly up after solyndra. >> also ahead, that's inexcusable. >> the gloves come off in the final florida showdown. how things got tense. >> students accused of trying to bomb their school. the elaborate plot that allegedly hatched involving a plane coming up.
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construction.. has collapsed. investigate news out of cincinnati, ohio. a building unconstruction
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collapsed. these are live pictures. we have local reports saying at least 11 people have been injured. they were constructing a casino at the time. crews were pouring concrete on the second floor. and it just gave way. we'll continue to follow the story as it develops. a casino in cincinnati, ohio big problems there. a a plot to bomb a school assembly in utah is foiled. police arrested two teens this week. investigators say school administrators alerted them when they discovered maps and information about the school's security system. the teens' plan also included using a plane and computer flight simulation programs to prepare for their getaway. a showdown if the final florida debate. mitt romney and newt gingrich are locked in a dead heat in the polls battling it out once again last night. >> is he still the most anti- immigrant candidate? >> i think of the four of us, yes. >> go ahead, governor. >> that's inexcusable. and actually senator marco rubio came to my defense and said that ad was inexcusable
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and inflammatory and inappropriate. >> gloves are off now. the winners of florida's tuesday primary will get the biggest prize yet, 50 delegates from the nation's largest swing state. 6:12. are you in the market to buy an island? the bargain price on the bay area landmark. >> a lovely spot. pricy. >> wipeout! at the winter games. yikes. how a snowmobiler made an amazing comeback after that mighty scary crash. look at it all coming up. want to get up to that snow and enjoy? we have a lot of it up there now. heading up there? here's our snow report for today: >> this weekend should be great. we'll have more on your weather coming up.
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san jose state university is warning of a groper on campus. the man apparently attacked a in today's top stories, san jose state university is warning there is a groper on campus. the man apparently attacked a victim in a joe west dorm this morning. now, all students are advised to lock their doors. no suspects in berkeley's first murder of the year. police believe that the man killed in an apartment on shattuck avenue last night was specifically targeted. several neighbors reported hearing a lot of gunshots in that area. and today city leaders in oakland will unveil a budget
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cutting proposal that could save some jobs and delay layoffs. around 80 people could still lose their jobs because of a loss of redevelopment funding. 6:16. it's a case similar to solyndra right here in the bay area. a green company that got a government grant now filing for bankruptcy protection because of competition from overseas. electric carmaker -- battery maker rather ener1 received an energy department grant worth $118 million in 2009. and a year ago, vice president joe biden visited the company's new battery plant in indiana. how about some traffic now with elizabeth? >> thanks, guys. well, i don't have to say much because you can see what's going on on the roads. it is foggy all across the bay area. we have been talking about it all morning. there are dense fog advisories in effect for most bridges in the bay area. within the last five minutes we have had a couple of different incidents come into the newsroom. an accident and a stall both reported on northbound 101 near mill valley. looks like it's somewhere near highway 1 so watch out for that. the accident is already cleared
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to the right shoulder but we're not seeing any delays and again in the commute direction, southbound 101 if you are heading towards the golden gate bridge, good through the waldo grade. fog is our big story. you can see it everywhere you go this morning. we have a reporter gil diaz live at the bay bridge this morning. and it's all socked in at the bay bridge toll plaza. now, another incident just coming in is a stall reported on the incline. sounds like it is blocking one lane. with the fog it's more dangerous. it's blocking one lane of the incline heading towards treasure island. metering lights are off but we are seeing some relatively big delays for this time of the morning anyway in cash and -- just cash lanes. fastrak gets by okay. it's difficult to tell because the fog is thick but looks like it's inching closer to the parking lot. "timesaver traffic" showing us this live traffic camera of the san mateo bridge. what you can see of it anyway. so far your drive time is not
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impacted and no incidents across the san mateo bridge. and maybe you can make out a few taillights out of hayward towards foster city. we'll have much more traffic coming up. in the meantime, when are it clear? we are hoping for sunshine, lawrence. >> many of the valleys clearing out and earlier today we couldn't see the bridge but now looking outside we can see the bridge now just some low clouds right down near the surface and that's even starting to break up. so really thin layer but through the morning this is going to be long gone. out the door some patchy, dense fog this morning. quarter mile visibility into oakland but that's already lifting. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. temperatures soaring into the upper 60s inland. windy over the hills. strong gusts already. those offshore winds will continue to blow throughout the day today and into tomorrow as high pressure builds in very nicely to start out the weekend. that means it's a great beginning to the weekend outside as we are going to see plenty of sunshine coming our way just windy at times especially over the mountaintops but some very mild temperatures down below.
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looks like the fog and low clouds will r going to move out and by the middle of the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. nice and warm in many spots especially in the south bay. those temperatures going to jump all the way up to 67 degrees today in san jose. 67 in morgan hill. about 65 in redwood city. east bay temperatures up into the 60s in most spots. north bay some down slope winds into santa rosa should warm temperatures well into the 60s. next couple of days, looks like a fantastic weekend. high pressure building in very nicely. that sends those temperatures way up towards saturday. cooling off a bit on sunday with more of a sea breeze. slight chance of a couple of sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge late sunday night into monday morning but nothing major as far as rain is concerned next five to seven days. >> big plans for the weekend? >> yes. >> karnopolus! >> maybe you might want to move. >> looking for an empty island to buy in the bay area?
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look at san francisco bay. red rock island located just south of the richmond/san rafael bridge, it's beautiful. it's a peaceful place. it can serve as a vacation spot or perhaps a setting for a dream house. a retired businessman who owned the island for 40 years is selling it. price tag, $9 million. >> it's a little steep. 8.9 maybe i could do it but 9 is out of the range. >> it would be about 5 million i might jump in. 6:20 now. a cup a day keeps the doctor away. new health benefits from drinking a certain type of tea. >> plus skating past present and future on the ice the world class competition in the bay area that's going on this weekend. ,,,, [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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extreme sports. take a look at wha it's a fine line between incredible and dangerous in extreme sports. take a look at what happened at the winter x games at aspen, colorado last night. that was not part of the plan. 22-year-old colton moore lost the handle of his snowmobile in the middle of the 120-foot jump. during the crash he twisted around somehow and landed on his back instead of his head. he went on to win gold and walked away from it. for decades the south bay has well, some of the country's best figure skaters are on display in the bay area down in san jose. for decades the south bay has really been a hotbed for world class figure skating. brian boitano, peggy fleming,
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depp buy thomas, rudy galindo and kristi yamaguchi olympic medalists on hand for the figure skating championships. former champions say the south bay breeds great skaters. >> there's something in the water here for a lot of different industries and athletes. >> just imagine that i'm skating at my hometown where there's nobody there and just myself. >> that's the future right there. 12-year-old karen chen from fremont. and with all these moves, she managed to win a gold medal this week, beautiful stuff. >> the winter games are a couple of years away, right? we have summer games coming up that. little girl will be all of 14 then. she may be there. she is incredible. some black tea could help lower your blood pressure. >> that's according to a study in the archives of internal medicine. it found that people who drank three cups of black tea a day were able to lower the blood pressure when compared to those
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who drank a placebo. >> experts say black tea is not a substitute for blood pressure medicine but, you know, it might help a little. as for the coffee we drink? not a chance. >> not helping. a piece of san francisco food history finds a new home. and firefighters facing off in a hot cookoff. "eye on the bay" host and foodiechap liam mayclem dirk up your weekend ideas -- dishing up your weekend ideas. >> reporter: first up on the food filled list a piece of san francisco's famous food history is back. there it is, original joe's open for diners in a new spot on union street in san francisco. a lot of history here. first opened in 1937. 75 years ago. but it closed due to a fire. the new spot with a tony bennett room right there and this is what it's all about. it is the joe's special a scramble with ground beef, spinach and onions. there you have it, the original joe red booze the famous boots. it's a hotspot now open for business in san francisco's
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north beach. another historic spot reopened this week, sweetwater music hall in mill valley a venue for 30 years. it's been saved by local music makers and including bob weir from the grateful dead. the new venue serving up good music and great eats. all right. finally, i will be at laffite in san francisco on the embarcadero for a blazing hot contest that's saturday from noon until 2:30, a charity cookoff for the california firefighters foundation. top chefs and firefighters will battle for the foodiechap trophy. see you there. that is your food-filled liam mayclem's list. there you have it. enjoy the rest of your weekend. cheers. >> i'll be at sweetwater tonight. the outlaws are playing. are you familiar with them? >> no. [ laughter ] >> southern rock band. they're the best. 6:26 now. coming hot to trot. the bizarre police chase that happened modesto. >> and the resurgence of
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"occupy oakland." the strong signs the movement is roaring back. after berkeley's first murder of the year, we got an inside look at the crime scene. the suspects still on the loose. the latest live from the scene coming up. we are starting out with patchy, dense fog around the bay area this morning but starting to clear out some of our skies. what about today and the weekend? we will talk about that next.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. a very busy friday morning, january 27. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:30. we're following some developing news out of the south bay. police at san jose state university are warning students to lock their doors because of a groper on the loose there. the suspect last spotted on the third floor of joe west hall. this is a map of the campus. you can see the hall identified by the initials jwh. it's in the lower left hand corner of the screen there. the suspect described as a male in his 20s and black clothes. he reportedly entered a dorm early this morning and attacked a victim there. we have a crew en route and we'll bring you the latest details as soon as we get them. a man gunned down in the east bay. neighbors were surprised when they say they hard a lot of gunshots. anne makovec is in berkeley this morning. police let her into the apartment where the shooting took place. that doesn't happen very often, anne. >> reporter: no. it really doesn't. it wasn't the police that let us n it was the man that lives
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in the apartment. he let us in. he was friends with the man shot and killed. he's obviously beside himself. this happened right outside his door and a lot of bullets landed inside his apartment. i want to show you the outside of the scene first. there is a barbershop across the corner on emerson street in berkeley where the victim lived according to this neighbor. he was coming upstairs in the apartment to visit his neighbor and that's where the shots rang out. take a look at this video. this is from inside this apartment. you can see bullet holes some marked with numbers as evidence by police. the windows were broken and he and his girlfriend were inside of the house when started hearing these gunshots. and again, his friend was outside and that's where he was shot and killed. this happened just before 7:00 last night. and this is that corner of shattuck and emerson here in berkeley. when police got here, they found this man who had been shot several times and he died later at the hospital. police found a lot of worried
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neighbors. this is berkeley's first murder of the year and people around here are not used to this kind of violence. >> this victim was the focus of someone's attention. this was not a drive-by. this was not a random shooting. >> as you heard her mention, they think that this man who was killed was targeted for some reasonable. they don't have any word on a motive and a very vague suspect description right now. the neighbor i spoke with has no idea why anyone would try to kill his friend. he said he was well known in the area because he had worked at that barbershop for a number of years, that he was a single father and also by the way, that neighbor has identified the man who has shown us his picture but we're not showing that at this point until police officially release his name and photo. we just want to make sure that his family has been identified as this investigation continues. >> thank you, anne makovec live in berkeley. a plot to bomb a school assembly in utah has been
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foiled. police arrested two teens this week. investigators say school administrators alerted them when they discovered maps and information about the school's security system. the teen's plan also included using a plane and computer flight simulation programs to prepare for their getaway. and we are continuing to follow developing news out of cincinnati, ohio. we have live pictures from the news station out there that is covering this story. now we have learned that at least 13 people have been injured from a partial collapse of a casino uninvestigation -- i'm sorry, under construction. all of them are minor injuries. it's not clear what caused the collapse but crews were pouring concrete on the second floor when it gave way. let check in with elizabeth for a look at our roads. >> we are going right towards the dublin interchange. we could actually see this shot. it is clear as a bell this morning and traffic is moving up to speed. drive time is 61 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin
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interchange. not too bad. overall "friday light" on the roads. we have some areas of clearing obviously. we can see this traffic shot. i'm excited. it's the little things in life. bay bridge toll plaza thick fog this morning. chp issued a fog advisory for the bay bridge and just about every bridge across the bay area this morning. dense fog advisory, an issue on the morning commute. there was a stall at the incline. at last check they were working to clear that. when you have a stall and the conditions are still foggy like this, makes it extra dangerous. right now the metering lights are on so it is stacking up beyond the west grand overcrossing. it's a little difficult for us to tell how far the backups are. maybe 10- or 15-minute wait. it's going to be slow up the incline, as well. the golden gate bridge once again a fog advisory a dense fog advisory in effect across the span there. were a couple of earlier incidents reported a stall and
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then an accident in mill valley. looks like everything is gone on north- and southbound 101 so nice ride all the way through the waldo grade. now, these are a couple of other areas where we have these dense fog advisories in effect issued by chp. highway 35 at hickey boulevard portions of daly city pacifica, high fog advisory for highway one between manor drive and 280. slowing, antioch, westbound 4 sluggish from hillcrest towards loveridge and starting to get slow through pittsburg and into bay point. we'll have more traffic coming up including a check of mass transit. in the meantime, here's lawrence with your forecast. >> that fog is wafting about the bay area right now. seriously outside right now that fog right down on the surface. see the bay bridge if the background. top of the tower there at 526 feet so just a thin layer of fog down below. already beginning to break up. as we head throughout the morning that's going to be long gone and plenty of sunshine coming our way. clear skies into santa rosa right now.
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41. 43 in concord. clear skies there, too. 50 degrees some fog continuing into the oakland area. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine no fog to speak of well into the 60s in the south bay, 60s in much of the east bay as well. and as you get inside the bay, we'll find plenty of sunshine, some very nice weather coming our way. temperatures running well above the average. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you. "occupy oakland" is vowing a return after weeks of staying pretty quiet. "occupy" supporters may remember this week flooding the rafters at the oakland city hall wednesday night to protest proposed redevelopment cuts if the budget. occupiers who kept a scant presence at frank ogawa plaza for weeks, no tents, a few people have been there, now they are promising a weekend of action calling for protestors to take over an undisclosed vacant building. >> we're human beings out here and we're still "occupy oakland" and we're here to stay. >> basically, we're going to
6:37 am
move in and "occupy" a property. >> in a letter sent to jean quan the mayor, "occupiers" threatened that if they are evicted again, they will block the oakland airport, occupy city hall and shut down the oakland ports, as well. it got testy in the final gop debate in florida. mitt romney and newt gingrich who running neck and neck in the polls really battled it out last night. >> is he still the most anti- immigrant candidate? >> i think of the four of us, yes. >> go ahead, governor. >> that's simply inexcusable. that's inexcusable and actually senator marco rubio came to my defense and said that ad was inexcusable, inflammatory and inappropriate. >> the winner of florida's tuesday primary will get the biggest prize yet, 50 delegates from the nation's largest swing state. does this remind you of solyndra? another green company that got a government grant went bankrupt. electric car battery maker ener1 says competition has hurt its business. it received an energy department grant in 2009 and a
6:38 am
year ago as you can see vice president joe biden visited the company's new battery plant in indiana. major automakers are apparently on board with clear air car rules expected to be approved today for california. the state air resources board will vote in los angeles. it would require that 15% of new cars and trucks sold in the state by 2025 run on electricity, hydrogen or other low smog sources. it would also require a 75% reduction in emissions from gas and diesel vehicles. several carmakers have expressed support for the new rules. 6:38. we have more now on that developing news out of the south bay. police at san jose state university are now warning students there to lock their doors because a groper may be on the loose. kcbs radio's matt bigler is on the scene and joins us by telephone with more on the suspect who apparently entered a dorm room this morning. matt what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, frank. i can tell you we're now on campus and there are at least
6:39 am
three san jose police state patrol cars parked outside the dorm where this happened this morning. this is the joe west dormitory. joe west. it's one of the several high- rise dorms on campus. about 3:30 this morning, the female student in the dorm called police to report she had been groped. she was not raped. she was not hospitalized after this. but they did report that she was groped by a suspect who entered her room. now, police are look for that suspect. the description of the person is vague. he is only described as a young hispanic man. police are obviously interviewing witnesses and they have asked all students on campus, all students, not just joe west dorm to lock their doors this morning. these the precaution that's presumably gone out by text message and email. again, a female student reported that she had been groped this morning on the san jose state campus in her dorm room and san jose state police are investigate. that's the latest. back to you guys. >> matt, do they have any idea
6:40 am
if this person may have been a student himself? >> reporter: unknown. again the description of the suspect is very vague only that he is a young hispanic person. it's not known if that person is the student. >> thank you. it is 6:40. san francisco sheriff ordered to stay away from his family once again. our phil matier will give his take on the future of ross mirkarimi coming up. >> and a pursuit after pony, police trying to catch this small horse. >> a check of the markets, looks like that. a lot of red. what's it all mean? check in with jason brooks to crunch the numbers and more when we come back.
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today, officers are searching for his owner. you have to see this. there is a wild pony that led modesto police on a chase. the officer is searching for owners. a lot of veteran officers say this first-ever pony rescue they have ever had. they tried to corral the little guy but he just kept running away. finally ate some hay, snagged an apple on a tree. they gave him fresh oats. the oaths had not arrived at that time. looks a little jittery there. now in an animal shelter in an owner is finally found. >> i like his spirit. >> looks a little nervous on edge. let's go out towards the bay bridge toll plaza. they finally went in and
6:44 am
cleared that stall. it was on the incline so we're worried it could cause another accident because obviously as you can see from this "timesaver traffic" camera the fog is really thick this morning. there is still that dense fog advisory in effect for the bay bridge. in fact, just about every bridge in the bay area is under that dense fog advisory. every bridge except for the dumbarton bridge. metering lights turned on at 6:15 once a stall was reported. that is clear now by the way. it is slow from the incline all the way towards the "s" curve. that thick dense fog is reported on the oakland and the san francisco side of the span. macworld 2012 going on south of market. so there are street closures around there. howard is closed between 3rd and 4th. there may be some muni delays
6:45 am
across that stretch, as well. once again, fog has been the big story this morning. it's really -- you can see it in all of our cameras. some are clear but it looks like our bridges are socked in. so there is a dense fog advisory in effect across the golden gate bridge and some other areas not on our bridges. chp issued one for stretches of highway 35 near hickey boulevard and stretches of highway 1 through pacifica. more traffic coming up. >> the fog will clear out over san francisco now. yeah, we're look good. but there is some patchy dense fog showing up outside. visibility down to a quarter mile so be careful. through the morning, that is all going to disappear most of the dense fog is confined to the bay and patchy fog at the coast. partly cloudy and clear skies showing up in the valleys. clear skies plenty of sunshine temperatures soaring well above the average.
6:46 am
just a bit windy over some of the mountaintops. offshore wind is kick in. clearing up nicely outside with mild temperatures into the afternoon. a lot of 60s common. 64 degrees in sacramento, 60 in fresno. 43 lake tahoe. locally we have temperatures well into the 60s by the latter part of the day. 67 in san jose. and about 67 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days for the weekend, first part looks great. temperatures well above average. cooling slightly on sunday. slight chance of sprinkles late sunday night and into monday. mainly north of the golden gate bridge. that's a look at weather. back to you guys. twitter has advanced technology now so that it can now censor messages on a country-by-country basis. the censorship tool ensures that individual tweets remain available to as many people as possible. in other words, a tweet with content that breaks a law in one country can taken down there and still be seen elsewhere in the world where
6:47 am
it's legal. in economic news, the nation's economic growth sped up at the end of last year. >> but the growth for the year was pretty weak. here's jason brooks with kcbs and to crunch the numbers and tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: the good news was that the 4th quarter was the best of the year but unfortunately, pretty anemic year overall. gdp coming in at 2.8% of the 4th quarter. a little less than expected. mainly contributing to that consumer spending was up 2% and business is really padding inventory. inventory spending was up $56 billion compared to a decline of $2 billion in the prior quarter. now, overall growth for the year was up 1.7%. you know that, compares to 3% growth in 2010. the federal reserve earlier this week predicting that we'll see the economy grow between a range of 2.2 and 2.7% this year. it's hard to imagine that a company can make $5 billion in a quarter and still disappoint wall street but such is the
6:48 am
case with chevron. san ramon based company posted solid profit of over $5 billion. revenue of $58 billion. but missed expectations on both numbers including by almost $13 billion. the revenue side really hurt on its refining margins. the company was hit with higher crude prices, didn't pass them along to consumers. so it lost $204 million in that particular area. on the tech side of earnings, juniper networks issuing a weaker forecast for the current quarter because of lower demand coming from u.s. phone companies. its stock hit hard because of that. let's look at wall street. right now mixed but the dow losing 37 points. nasdaq is up by 3. s&p down by 1. chevron shares down 2.5% an juniper is down by 9%. >> it's friday. >> thank you san francisco leaders continue to ponder what to do with sheriff ross mirkarimi accused of domestic violence and morning accusations are
6:49 am
flying at last night's republican presidential debate. we have cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former mayor willie brown to weigh in on these issues. good morning. >> good morning. all right. it is the talk of the town and the bay area and this week i was even getting calls from places like los angeles asking abou ross mirkarimi our sheriff facing charges of domestic violence plus the soap opera circus surrounding it including his wife having press conferences with venezuelan radio stations saying it's all a political conspiracy. my question is, mayor ed lee as the top guy in the city, should he ask ross mirkarimi to step aside? >> no. i don't think that he needs to ask ross to step aside. i think he needs to await the unfolding of all the activities surrounding ross all the facts and every day it gets more complicated for ross. and believe me, phil, it's really going to get complicated when the lady with black hair dressed in red shows up. >> who's that?
6:50 am
>> gloria allred. >> you think she is going to be around this? >> i -- she has never missed a play-off. [ laughter ] >> can't argue with that. but ross has himself into some hot water there. let's move on a bit to the national front. this gingrich, romney rumble is giving reality tv shows a run for the money. >> it's so delightful for those of us who are democrats. it puts on display the best and brightest on the republican side and clearly that's very dim in terms of any potential. believe me, i think barack obama is actually the sponsor of this confrontation. >> if you were barack obama which of those two would you want to go up against? >> it wouldn't matter. >> yes, it would. >> no. it would not matter. it would not matter. were i barack obama, i would prefer, you know, the stick figure. i would prefer romney. i would prefer the guy who can't think. i would prefer the guy who can't act or react.
6:51 am
i would prefer the guy -- >> what about newt? >> newt's a different deal. newt is -- has a ton of liabilities but newt's incredibly bright incredibly clever and has a dedicated following. romney does not have a dedicated following. >> i think newt has a personality. i want to ask frank a question because he worked in boston for years. and that was romney's stomping ground. now, listen, my question is this. is mitt romney always this stiff? does he have a private personality? >> you put me on the spot here. well, you know, mitt is kind of like a -- you know, i hate to say it but like a car salesman. he's very smooth, very nice, but... >> perfectly dressed. >> always dressed impeccably. but i think sometimes he doesn't come off very sincere. that's the biggest problem because people will listen to him, he's smart. he did some nice things for the commonwealth of massachusetts. but when you talk to him you feel he is not all there. >> that's the same thing we had
6:52 am
here with the former governor of gray davis and some politicians that just basically they can't go through the glass. my question to you, mayor brown, you're one of the most visible and watched and listened to politicians in america. how do you fake sincerity? >> phil. [ laughter ] >> i do not look like the guy that should fire you. [ laughter ] >> how do you do it? how do they do it? >> you really do have to master the ability to communicate your true views and your true feelings. and when you're able to do that, then you can convey to the public exactly what the public would like to see in an elected official whether it's in you or not. >> there it is. >> wouldn't you like a politician that just spoke the truth? >> all the time. >> i would be out of business. >> you would. [ laughter ] >> let's not go there. >> so would willie. >> okay, guys. phil matier and mayor willie
6:53 am
brown, you guys are the best. thanks so much. 6:52. we have a student attacked at san jose state university. we'll have the latest on that story. >> plus a brazen killing that marks berkeley's first homicide of 2012. we'll go inside the crime scene with a live report when we come back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
university. right now
6:56 am
officers are at s.. they're looki we're following a developing story at san jose state university. right now officers are at the campus dorms. they are looking for a man that they say entered a room and groped a female student. this happened around 3:30 this morning on the third floor of the joe west dorms. police have sent out e-mails, text and tweets warning students in the dorms that they need to lock their doors. berkeley police are trying to catch a killer. anne makovec just got inside the apartment where the shooting took place. >> reporter: first let me set the scene here. i'm on emerson street in berkeley and that's a barbershop across the street. that is where the victim's friend says that he worked and that last night around 7:00 he walked up those stairs of the nearby apartment to go and visit his friend and that's when shots rang out. here are some of the pictures from inside that apartment. several bullet holes, broken windows. those bullet holes marked by police as evidence in this case
6:57 am
because the shooter is still on the loose. when police got there, they found this man outside the apartment. he had been shot several times and died at the hospital. police believe the man was targeted for some reason but no word on motive. they are still looking for a lot more information this morning. so anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious police ask that you please call them immediately. this is berkeley's first murder of the year. compare that to last year, 2011, there was only one homicide in all, in the year. back to you. >> thank you, anne makovec live for us in berkeley. new this morning, a casino under construction has collapsed in cincinnati, ohio. at least 13 people have been taken to the hospital but all with minor injuries. crews apparently pouring some concrete on the second floor when the floor just gave out. it's still unclear what caused the accident but 13 people
6:58 am
hospitalized in cincinnati. back here closer to home, the big story is fog. >> we have been talking about it all morning and we can see it in all our traffic cameras. live toward the dublin interchange there is no fog. we can actually see traffic moving fine this morning. traffic up to speed in this area and now if we go a little farther east towards livermore there is an accident just reported westbound 580 at vasco road where it usually tends to slow anyway. there is an accident there block the left lane and the center divide. but it is friday and we're seeing "friday light" traffic conditions overall because your drive time is not too bad. only 17 minutes now coming out from the altamont pass to 680. so there's the fog. we can see it on the bridges this morning. there are dense fog advisories for just about every bridge in the bay area. metering lights have been on now for about 45 minutes. so it is stacked up to the macarthur maze. that's traffic. for your weather, here's lawrence. >> because you guys like the fog so much, we have another shot for you with a little fog
6:59 am
in there. clearing skies over russian but the fog slipping in through the golden gate right now. offshore winds are clearing out the skies already in some of the valleys and by the afternoon no fog to speak of. temperatures above average near 70 in some of the warmest spots next couple of days. cooling off on sunday. more clouds cooler temperatures toward the middle of the week. a faithful viewer sent us this shot from the golden gate bridge. it's a beautiful shot. >> are you supposed to take pictures when you're driving? >> i don't know who would do that. >> frank? >> hello? [ laughter ] >> that was yesterday around 2:00 actually. >> very thick but we won't see that this afternoon. buzzer beater north carolina college hoops brown with the rebound before the buzzer into the half he has the board he launches it... boom. that is a long three-pointer and yes, it counted. north carolina state though lost the game. you know what? that's a graduate shot. >> caption colorado, llc


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