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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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definition. students groped in their sleep. the arrest and the common dorm room practice that came back to haunt the victims. >> the gop hopefuls make their case in florida. the one group of voters everyone is fighting over. >> it's a dog park, but may not be good enough for the dogs. who said so? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. college students will be able to sleep a little easier tonight. >> this after the man suspected of assaulting four female classmates was arrested just hours after those attacks. kit doe with the very low tech e method that the suspect used to gain access to his victims. >> it took just 14 hours for michael escobar to go from classmate to inmate. on his way to the santa clara county jail, escobar pulled his hoody tight over his face and walked in with his head hung low. he's a 21-year-old junior
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majoring in sociology with no criminal record. >> the suspect was walking down the hall trying doors. >> university police got a call from a female student saying an intruder groped her in her dorm room. three more women came forward saying they had been groped as well. investigators say escobar snuck in. >> we will encourage our students to lock their doors. many were sleeping with unlocked doors. male 20s, black clothing, tried doors, entered room and groped victim. >> a text alert went out after an hour and a half after the first attack. with video and witness descriptions tracked escobar down and arrested him just off campus. escobar doesn't live there and not clear how he got in the building. students do need a card key. they allow tailgaters, people who walk in close behind and
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unlocked doors are common. >> doesn't sound like the smartest thing to do. >> no, it's not. >> after today? >> oh, my door will stay locked after today. it will always be locked. >> and none of the victims was physically injured. escobar will be charged with four counts of burglary with intent to commit a felony. live in san jose, cbs 5. final weekend of campaigning has begun in florida. the state's winner take all primary is this tuesday. 50 delegates are at stake. danielle nottingham. >> mitt romney used an appearance on florida to relaunch his attack on newt gingrich's call. >> politicians love the idea of coming in and saying what they are doing to do without carrying oud the analysis and gotten the data. >> but it wasn't the moon
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romney ask gingrich were shooting for friday. it was florida's more than 1 million hispanic voters. among the key issues for them, the future of relations with cuba, puerto rico. >> let's find a practical common sense local system, which enables citizens to decide yes, you aught to have residency. it's a doable, practical step. >> romney calls for employers to deny work to immigrants who would discourage staying here. >> those people who come here illegally should be able to give a temporary work permit, if you will. at the end of a temporary period, they would return home. >> puerto rico should decide if they should become the 51st state. >> i will not tell them what decision they should make. >> he is endorsing romney.
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florida's primary is a winner take all contest. ron paul has moved on and is looking for his first win in maine. rick santorum returned to his home state of pennsylvania. he says he will spend the weekend doing taxes. danielle nottingham, cbs news, jacksonville, florida. >> the latest report on the economy looks like welcome news. it shows the economy grew in the final three months of last year at an annual raid of 2.8%. anthony mason on what is driving the growth. >> much of the growth at the end of the year was due to strong auto sales. a gm dealer in illinois just had his best fourth quarter in five years. >> i can really feel the momentum coming. >> you feel like we're out of the woods? >> i don't think we're going backwards or sitting still anymore. >> darcy sells buicks and gmc
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trucks. also a hyundai and vox and volkswagen dealership. >> they aren't afraid to buy something. >> that's given darcy the chance to break ground. >> does that mean more jobs? >> we're going to add another 45 jobs and make that transition. >> overall, the economy grew at its fastest race in a year and half, but much of that was filed by businesses restocking inventories. >> this number not as strong as it was. the reality is that the economy is still struggling. >> gets chicago says the biggest head wind is the gridlock in washington. >> never had to be as much of a political strategist to forecast the economy. >> do you think politics is freezing this economy? >> i think politics is a major negative on this economy. and everyone from leaders in
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europe to leaders in the middle east to leaders in china, leaders in the u.s. are all to blame. the indecision is discouraging them. >> selling his budget plan. he told kcbs radio that cities complaining about cuts to redevelopment funding need to understand that everyone has to make sacrifices. >> it's almost like little children. daddy comes home and said hey, i lost my job, we don't have the money. we can't go to the movies, we can't have more toys. i mean, the fact is, california has been spending money that it didn't have. i am balancing the books and prudently and that means we have to cut back. that cutting, nobody likes. >> governor brown also promised california will reform its pension program while
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protecting funding for public education. an east bay first grader suspended from school for a game of tag. the school told his parents during that game, he sexually assaulted another student. kristen ayers on why that's not the only reason his parents accused the principle of poor judgment. >> he's a good kid and you know, this is like a serious crime. >> two months after his six- year-old son was accused of sexual battery on the playground during a game of tag, a father who wants to be known only as osland is reeling. >> we have a serks situation. your child is being detained for sexual assault. >> his son was accused of brushing his best friend's leg while they were playing. he was suspended and the sexual battery charge went on his permanent school record. >> i think it's a over
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reaction. >> parents we talked to were in disbelief. >> he's just five years old and played tag and they bump into each other. i don't see anything wrong with it. they are little kids. they don't have that intention. >> legally, there's no such thing as sexual assault. >> it took osland and his wife to get a lawyer for the school to back down. the school failed to discuss. we cannot charge a child with sexual battery. the record of that student was corrected. his son is attending another school. he only hopes no one else will have to go through what his family did. >> his child has been confused, but is adjusting to his new school. i asked the district whether they owe his child, cbs 5. >> crowd gathered in berkeley
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to pay tribute to a mother of five. 32-year-old kenneth warren was shot and killed thursday evening. he just left his uncle's barber shop. police believe the shooter or shooters deliberately targeted the victim. >> walnut creek city leaders are looking to crack down on late night bar violence. police responded to a 30 person brawl and found a man beaten inside of a downtown bar. a proposed city law would close unruly businesses earlier based on two performance standards. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the boat to cap side. three people on board are being treated. one is in critical condition. a victim told rusers that they had been in the water for fur
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hours. >> police are looking for the their that eached a bis. officers found the bus with multiple vehicles. an 18-year-old bystander was shot in the wrist, but sexfected to survive. not clear if the bus was specifically targeted. well, a turf war has erupted in one east bay city. some pet owners are on one side and town officials are on the other. karen chin on the fight over a fence. >> it's a daily date for dogs and their owners. the pets can run unleashed before 9:00 a.m. and after 4:00 or 6:00 p.m., depending on the season. but the town is proposing a dark park that has some pet owners barking. >> leave the park as it is. >> the attorney is suing to stop the dog park. he said it would be fenced off
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and the picnic area. but the trees and wide chips would stay. >> it was difficult to have the normal exercise and ball chasing and running together that we normally have. >> the town council's 3-2 vote approved of the dog vote in december. 200 people signed a petition opposing it. some site environmental concerns. >> there's a dusty footed wood rat in their rete box next hear. ? >> there is no need very an environmental view. some say they like the dog park plan. >> it would be fine. probably not a bad idea. >> dog owners say separating the dogs may be about renting out the grassy area as a new revenue source. >> if the bogs are fenced off
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here that more people will come and used turf area. >> we tried speaking to members of the town could be sill. but we can't talk to them because of the lawsuit. >> how much is it worth to terrifying choose ship grounding. what the io tall crab group is hiding. >> raveling a mistily, why dolphins are beaching themselves. >> to the moon, lego man. there he goes, launched into space and wait until you see what he brought back.
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all right, let's say you just survived a ship wreck. the cruise company offers you a settlement. do you agree to take it and how much money should they give you? passengers aboard the costa concordia are facing those very questions tonight. their cruise ship ran aground in italy two weeks ago. the company is offering them a lump sum of just over $14,000. now some said no and filed lawsuits seeking $10 million
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per plaintiff. >> along the coast of massachusetts has marine biologists stumped. nearly 100 dolphins have been stranded for no reason. the on going efforts to find an explanation. >> at the ocean institution on cape cod. >> center global is 28. >> marine biologist is trying to solve the mystery of why dozens of dolphins are stranding themselves. >> why is it happening? >> it could be -- animals could be coming closer to shore. it's hard to say. >> the mass strandings started two weeks ago. 98 dolphins in all. as many as this area usually sees in an entire year. two dozen were safe. fitted with transmitters and released back into the water.
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brian sharp of the international fun for animal welfare is following their signals. these lines show three survivors have made it up to maine. >> this means they're alive and thriving. >> that's correct. the animal is alive. >> there are a few theories about what is behind the strandings. dolphins are social animals and could be following an order. their food supply may be too close to shore or p something to do with the unusually mild winter. four dead dolphins so far and look at four tomorrow. >> we would like to see every animal that comes in live to go back out live. >> although 200 more dolphins have been spotted. no scientists hope they'll find some more answers.
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jim axlerod, abc news. >> one very small step for mankind, one giant leap for lego man. two canadian teams sent a lego man into space and turned on four cameras to watch what happened next. little loga reached into his book, then the balloon popped. they used cell phone gps to locate lego man. the crazy crash at the winter x games could have killed the rider. he went to the hospital. no, he went on to take gold during the free style snowmobile event. colton moore lost control of his snowmobile and crashed to the frond.
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he went on to the finals and beat his own brother to take the top spot. and their parents could not be more prouder. >> they were watching like this the whole time. all right, we're going to take ouries this we could. because we have one day that are see temperatures. the warmest day this weekend as eyewitness news on 5.
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a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to? welcome back to eyewitness news. we are minutes away from your weekend. today i was taking a look at some of the data that was coming in. we are 15 degrees above normal in santa rosa today. average high is 58. we topped off at 73 degrees. this is our live camera. today we topped off at 65. average high of 58. we dropped all the way dune to the upper 30s to the north of the bay bridge and also to the santa rosa area north of the golden gate bridge. san francisco now 50 degrees. overnight tonight, it will be breezing and many of our inland locations back into napa, 32
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degrees throughout the trivalley, lifting up towards fair dispelled vacville, discovery bay. a clear and chilly night, and then we have a big change on sunday with increasing cloud cover and sprinkles are possible in the far reaches of north bay. all because of this right here. this is a vigorous area of low pressure. it will take an inside slider track to drag to the south under cutting this huge ridge of high pressure, reporting the offshore flow. but again, the clouds slip in on sunday, lowering our temperatures ever so slightly and increasing our cloud cover in the north western section of the state. clear skies and temperatures all the way into the mid 60s in the central valley. 45 and no snow over the weekend. roads are clear if you are heading to the high sierra. for saturday, 70 morgan hill
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and in los altos. all the way to the low 70s in brentwood. 58 at the beach. but low 70s in sai know ma while sai know ma will have a same. few sprinkles possible to the north. otherwise we clear out monday and another sweater clouding us up and partly cloudy skies. look at that number going back to seasonal letters. february 10, kim, what happens then? >> it's the at&t pebble beach proam. bring your umbrella. tiger woods moves closer to the lead and could the warriors slow down? that's next in sports.
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s need the oklahoma city thunder have the best record in the nba and after tonight's game, mark jackson said the warriors need to learn to play like them. jean is spending her friday night at oracle, texting all her friends to check out her
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seats. and nate robinson banks it in from half court. the warriors knock down 12 three's. but russell with one of his 11 assists. 20 points and 12 rebounds. and they blew it open with a 12- 1 in the fourth. oklahoma city wins 120-109. they are now 16-3. round two, he is close to getting the eye of the tiger back after struggling with the butter yesterday. tiger had the touch on the greens today. he shot a 3 under 69, leaving him two shots behind leading into the weekend. >> the giants signed ryan theriot to a one-year shortstop. and six touchdowns in the patriots playoff win gents the
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broncos. the giants know getting to brady is the key to stopping e england. >> one way to kill the snake is take off his head. you know, making sure you take care of brady. >> if that's the annal si they are taking in, then that's what it is. men's semifinals at the australian open. novak, the match lasted just under five hours. win in five sets. he'll have one day to regroup. so how will he prepare? >> it's going to be physical as well. so i need to do some pushups tonight. >> number four, the pga playing this weekend, shot of the day belonged to steve moreno. check out the back spin. moo
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>> and number three, the miami heat portion of the show, come. show. at number two, 2.6 seconds is plenty of time for drey miller. the nuggets win their fifth straight. i wonder how they would call the play. >> shut it down, let's go home. >> yeah, dirk is going to return to acts on sunday. he shut it down. he missed four games because he needed to condition his body. he admitted he didn't do much conditioning. so you know. >> juts yelling just yelling
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at each other. >> get down and give me 20. >> that's right.
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