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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  January 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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arrests tonight after hoursf chaos on the streets of oakland. havoc wreaked e of occupy oakland. hundreds of arrests tonight after hours of chaos on the streets of oakland. havoc wreaked in the name of occupy oakland. three people killed when a train collided with an suv. how investigators say the driver of the car caused the wreck that killed them. and the catholic church selling uncle sam he's wrong. why the church is taking a stance on immigration. good evening.
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the number of occupy protesters arrested tonight in oakland has jumped to 200. it's been a violent day and it's not over yet. we've been following the story all night and we are here to tell you what it was like on the streets and it was wild. >> tension from the start today but some occupy protesters writing on line that they intended to provoke police. riot gear police were ready to respond. three officers and one demonstrator were injured. by evening occupy oakland demonstrators left city hall for a second protest and they wanted to take over the empty kaiser center for a base of operations. they marched to 19th and telegraph. police moved in and backed them in. as tensions mounted the group pushed through the fence and ran over the empty lot, around police, and headed for the
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street. moving at will through the city with police behind them they made their way to 24th and broadway, forced the doors and ran inside the ymca. police caught up, rounded up 30 that were inside and 40 that were outside and made arrests. >> we got about total, a rough estimate, 100 people that are being detained and possibly going to be arrested. >> meanwhile back at city hall other demonstrators went through the front door and trashed the building as they went. officers arrived and held the door while protesters milled in the plaza. police said enough is enough. >> the occupy oakland has got to stop using oakland as its playground and that people in the community and people in the occupy movement have to stop making excuses for this behavior. >> it's not a lawful protest but any means. these people gathered with the intent of unlawfully entering a building that does not belong to them and assaulting the police.
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>> news trucks and police were targeted this evening. a television van was hit and rocks and bottles were thrown. >> crazy night. take a look outside right now. a live look overoakland. only a few occupy protesters remain. 200 people have been arrested in the protest, that lasted over ten hours. there have been clashes between officers and protesters. we'll follow this developing story throughout the night and we'll have updates for you tomorrow morning at 7:30. new at 11 tonight, an arrest in the murders after oakland couple. police -- of an oakland couple. police discovered their bodies last night mere merit lake. they were found in their home outside their home. the couple's son, 15-year-old moses kamin, killed his parents. police had been to the home earlier in the day after a call
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from one of their co-workers. at that time officers say nothing appeared out of the ordinary. police went back after a second call, and found the bodies. police are asking for your help in finding the man who they say stabbed and killed a teenage girl. it happened last night on pacific avenue near castor street. the girl died at the scene; she was 15 years old. she and the 19-year-old suspect have a child together. the suspect is identified as henry leon, he drives a dark blue cadillac escalade with black rims. if you know about his whereabouts, call police. a deadly crash this afternoon in the central valley. it involved a light rail train and an suv. the accident occurred in south sacramento. we have more on how it happened. >> reporter: this south sacramento crossing looks more like a war zone. 17 light rail passengers injured
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and some being treated on the ground while a black crumpled suv was on the ground. >> i was sick to my stomach. >> reporter: the light rail train slammed into the nissan pathfinder around 4 this afternoon. >> it was severe. it was like you felt the driver really hit on the brake, and then really hit on them. we all lurched forward. >> reporter: a passenger next to him was thrown into the seat ahead but it wasn't until passengers looked outside the window that they realized what happened. >> a bunch of kids looked outed window and said there was a car, there was a car. >> reporter: passengers and nearby neighbors raced to the damaged suv trying to help the victims, man and two women, and a 18 months old baby. >> we got the baby out, and that was one of our priorities.
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>> reporter: a man ejected from the car died at the scene along with another woman from the vehicle. the baby so many tried to save died at the hospital. >> i cried when i heard that, oh, no, the baby. >> reporter: tonight investigators scoured the scene for hours looking for answer noose how the crash happened. a sacramento fire official says video from the train and track shows the guard arms were working when the suv attempted to go around them and apparently beat the train. florida's winner take all primary is tuesday and tonight one candidate has additional support. why herman cain is backing newt gingrich. >> reporter: newt gingrich picked up a major endorsement in west palm beach. >> i hereby officially and
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enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich as president of the united states. >> reporter: herman cain threw his support behind gingrich saturday night. >> speaker gingrich is a patriot. speaker gingrich is not afraid of bold ideas. >> reporter: cain is a tea party favorite and may give gingrich the much needed momentum. gingrich trails by 9 points in the latest poll survey, but former speak of the house who says he can beat president obama. >> if we nominate a moderate we are in trouble. >> reporter: florida is a key state, 50 delegates are at stake and the winner takes all. >> mitt! mitt! mitt! >> reporter: romney questioned how effective gingrich will be based on his past leadership. >> he was fined for ethics
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violations. he had to resign in disgrace. he can't rewrite history. >> reporter: gingrich says his campaign won't end here if he loses. >> i will go all the way to the convention. i expect to win the nomination. >> reporter: the g.o.p. hopefuls have three more days to make impression on florida voters. . rick santorum has cancelled campaign events for tomorrow morning to be with one of his children. santorum's 3-year-old daughter is in the hospital due to a genetic condition. when it comes to illegal immigration, the catholic church is against the federal government. the humanitarian reasons behind its protest and what the church stands to gain in the process. and they made a deal not to steal from each other. now, the biggest tech names out of the bay area are being called on the carpet. antitrust violations brought against google, apple, and others. and our spring weather
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pattern will continue through the weekend. we look for a bit after cool down into the beginning of the week. clear and cool tonight. continued high and dry through the week. details, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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bay area -- have been depor. the arrests were und . more than 6,000 people found breaking the law here in the bay
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area have been deported. the air rests were under a federal program designed at securing communities. the catholic church is taking a stance against the feds. >> a climate of fear has developed among the immigrant community. >> reporter: but today at st. mary's cathedral they stood up against a federal immigration crackdown that has led to tens of thousands of deportations called secure community. >> people are afraid to go out. they think they're not going to come out. they go out of their home or their husband is not going to come back. >> justice for all our people. >> reporter: s come requires law enforcement to share information on people they arrest with the federal government. the goal is to deport cripple malls here i am legally. >> it looks -- illegally. >> it looks like the latino people have been targeted here in california. >> reporter: there is a push for a state bill that would allow government to opt out, something
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that santa clara county has been trying to do. >> we have to treat people who live here with dignity. >> reporter: these people hope the plan gets a push from a higher power. >> all human beings have a right to that dignity. >> reporter: but there is some skepticism. the federal for american immigration reform said today what the catholic church loses sight of is you can't be charitable with other people's resources. the group questions the church's motive saying the group of people here illegally are from latin america and primarily catholic. a way to have the church replenish the flock. >> people are here, they profess our faith, we need to care for them. >> reporter: the bill calls the trust act was put on hold last year after passing through the senate. there's hope that gatherings like this will push it through to the governor's desk. . one south bay city is
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retreating in its fight to regulate medical marijuana. san jose passed an ordinance that could have passed the clubs. they are required to grow marijuana on site. the law is too unclear. the city will now only target clubs that are causing trouble. an observation was as much about the mayor as it was about the year of the dragon. . [ drums ]. >> hundreds of people attended the ceremony. performers rang in the new year with traditional lion dance and drums this. is the first asian american mayor of the city. they showed their support for qwuan who is facing a reeffort
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recall effort. high pressure is setting up against across the bay area. a bit after off-shore breeze and -- of an off-shore breeze and warm temperatures through the weekend in the mid to upper 60s for most locations today. a few low 70s out there. a gradual cooldown tomorrow but nothing dramatic. a few degrees. it will have a slight off-shore breeze out there for cool, dry, clear conditions. mid to low 30s for the inland valleys. increasing clouds for a cooling trend. dry and mild for the beginning of the week. no rain in sight at this point. highs today on the warm side, mid to upper 60s for the interior, low 70 in napa. that's a couple of degrees cooler than friday. a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow than today, put us in the mid to low 60s for most locations than cooldown should continue then probably through the week. cooling again overnight as we see mid to low 30s in the cooler
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spots. very dry air mass, no fog formation for tomorrow. at the bait, upper 30s to low 40s for our overnight lows with high pressure continuing to keep the jet stream well to our north moving across the california/oregon border, a weak frontal system we'll catch the end up tomorrow night into early monday could see a few showers to the far north. not much more than an increase in clouds across the bay area here. with the cooling trend as mentioned, set up for the beginning of the week, and will continue into mid-week as several weak disturbances brush the area, a glancing blow with upper level moisture butter than the increase in cloud cover i don't think we'll see anything measurable from those systems and as they pass through the week and into next weekend, hooks to me we'll continue -- looks to me we'll continue high and dry for the foreseeable few
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ut you are. upper 60s in the lower locations. we see the mid to low 60s range continuing through the week, another week set up for wednesday night, but that will be more clouds than rain. we'll continue this pattern into if not through next weekend. no rain in sight for the foreseeable future. too early to call it spring but the dry pattern is well entrenched across the region and likely to continue into february. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> sure. silicon valley companies are known for attracting top talent but once they have it, then what? google and apple are accused of preventing the employees from leaving. >> reporter: at issue is whether some much the titans, conspired not to hire each other's employees. a probe but the u.s. justice
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development revealed that they had a list of do not call employees. now the employees involved are seeking damages. their lead attorney argues that the alleged conspiracy kept workers salaries artificially low by stifling competition. >> they're putting the interest of the company ahead of their employees and that is fundmentally wrong. >> reporter: e-mail leaked from apple's late ceo jobs to google's ceo about hiring practices. jobs says i would appreciate if this would stop and google said i will fire the employee
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involved. another document reveals that some executives felt uncomfortable with any arrangement. in an e-mail addressed to steve jobs from the then ceo of palm read your proposal that we agreed that neither of the company would hire the other's employees is not only wrong, it's likely illegal. all the companies agree the case should be dismissed and argue the grand conspiracy is implausible. damages could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. . exciting game involving local women. >> yeah, it's always nice, you know they're in the tournament but they have so many streaks on the line and it is the big game. the men will play tomorrow. the cal women sent the game to over time. and will tiger woods start his year with a win? the latest next in sports.
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bennett broke his thumb thuy after a clipboard fell on id the best medicine righ . st. mary's head coach randy bennett broke his thumb after a clip board fell on it and tt best he medicine is watching his girls play. steven hopes drives and kicks for the corner three. steino had four, threes in the first half. second half, great ball movement by st. mare yis leads to a wide open three. the dells go up by 21. and finding waldo isn't a problem. dells beat byu 80-66 for their
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11th straight win. usf taking on san diego. second half, angelo polaris, touchdown, they win 84-70 to get back to .500. stanford hosting cal and the bears ended on a 9-4 run to force overtime but they had no answer for ogulahe, final seconds, a shot from the corner, hits the side of the backboard, and the cardinals hang on to beat the bears, 74-71. stanford has won 66 straight conference games. the folks are getting their money's worth on the $1.5
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million appearance fee they paid tiger woods. he continues his move up the leader board and for the second time in three days he played a bogey-free round. laynce looking good. lands a few feet from the hole setting up an easy birdie. much better with the putter last two days. tiger shoots a 66 and is tied for the lead at 11 under. pga tour, stanley is at 18 under. ties tiger woods with the lowest score at san diego course. stanley takes a five-shot lead in the final round.
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doing a dance before the match, sharapova in search of her fourth grand slam, but azar azarenko out played her and may have out grunted her. she took the first set 6-3 and made quick work of sharapova in the second set winning it 6-0. the match lasted just over an hour. azarenko won her first career grand slam. >> all the volunteers and the drivers, i hope you guys enjoyed my doughnuts i've been feeding you forever. the two weeks, i know you gained weight but i know it makes you smile every time. >> figure skating championships
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and superman takes the ice for all-star saturday night. more sports next.
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[people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. rookie was arrested for drig under the influence this moi . aldon smith's off season isn't off to the best start. he was arrested for driving under the influence this morning in miami. mike shanahan coaching the
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south team down in mobile. marvin jones gets the touchdown. only catch of the game for the cal wide receiver who reportedly had a very impressive week of practice. the north beat the south 23-13. u.s. figure skating championship at hp pavilion. ashley wagner was in third after the short program but she was nearly perfect tonight and the rest of the field struggled vaulting edwards to the first for her first ever gold medal. nhl all-star tonight. cane put on the superman cape and he had enough strength to make the puck explode. check out the focus from canadian carry price, watches the reflection in the glass and makes the save. think these guys are having fun? carry drops the gloves and pulls
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out the mini stick. chara had a shot under 109 miles an hour. how would you like to be the goalie in the net facing that. no wonder they don't have any teeth. you could lose a few chicklets. >> thank you. we'll be right back. h is hard enough.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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medication, takes a lot of . . finally, giving birth is hard enough. delivering a 13 pound buddle of joy without medication takes guts. kendel stuartson gave birth to ashton this week. he's 13 pounds and 12 ounces, 23 and a half inches long. big babies run in their family. asher does set a record at the hospital but falls a pound short of the state record. >> that's a toddler. >> i know. maybe it had break all national records. >> it's not a baby. >> that is eyewitness news at 11. thanks for watching. we are keeping an eye on occupy oakland. we'll have the latest for you tomorrow morning at 7:30. until then our updates are on c good night.
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