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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i can see them treating us like a playground and i think everyone is losing patience. >> oakland's mayor saying enough is enough. how the "occupy" protest hurt those most in need. >> far behind in the polls, newt gingrich slams mitt romney in florida. i'm susan mcginnis in tampa. coming up, a barrage of attacks on the eve of the florida rye mayor. and good monday morning. january 30, frank has the morning off, lucky guy. i'm grace lee. >> he does. >> did the weekend go like that or what? >> it did go really quick. >> it was beautiful, though, huh? >> it was gorgeous.
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>> spring-like. >> we have you to thank for that. >> thank you very much. >> good job. let's have a look at traffic. >> it's quiet. it's monday morning, people usually take a little time. the "timesaver traffic" camera across the golden gate bridge, there was a stall record north of the span northbound 101 near vista point but it looks like bridge crews are working to clear that now. it's free-flowing across the span. we'll get a check of roadwork coming up. we're looking for clear dry weather? >> it looks dry. mostly cloudy skies around the bay area now, temperatures fairly mild. 40s and 50s at this hour. probably a little cooler around the bay area today. we'll have more on that coming up. >> thank you. it's now 4:31. the damage to oakland city hall is still being assessed following the "occupy" demonstrations over the weekend. protestors broke windows, sprayed graffiti and overturned exhibit. gil diaz is in oakland to explain how it all happened. good morning, gil.
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>> reporter: hi, grace. good morning. the clean-up continues this morning. for example, repair crews will come into city hall and fix damaged fire sprinklers that protestors damaged over the weekend and also councilmembers will return to work this morning to assess all the destruction. it's safe to say that most city officials are probably fed up with the "occupy oakland" movement. now, here's something that you might find un-american. protestors burning the american flag. this was done in front of city hall just before they broke into the building. now, yesterday, mayor quan showed the damage. historic model in city hall damaged, public works staff worked vigorously yesterday to remove graffiti. demonstrators trashed city hall with debris everywhere and this was done saturday night. earlier in the day, a group tried to take over the ymca at
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24th and broadway. police blocked their access. protestors claimed that ymca staff invited them in but police say they were breaking in. hundreds of protestors arrested there on the spot as you can see right there. the movement began saturday afternoon when they tried to occupy the abandoned kaiser convention center near lake merritt. protestors began tearing down fences and allegedly pelted the cops with bottles rocks and metal pipes but police fought back with smoke bombs, tear gas and beanbags. as you can imagine, mayor quan was not happy at all. >> i think they have been treating us like a playground and i think everyone is losing patience. i think they're hurting the movement. oakland "occupy" is one of the national -- the national policy of "occupy" is to be nonviolent. "occupy oakland" has refused to
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be nonviolent. >> reporter: mayor quan estimate damages to city hall and frank ogawa plaza since the movement began to be about $2 million. but if you add all the policing of the demonstrations, then the price tag goes up to $5 million. mayor quan is also trying to get a court order to get those repeat offenders of the movement to stay away from her city. back to you, grace. >> getting pricy when we can least afford it. thank you, gil. oakland police say demonstrators built a shield to protect themselves from officers. >> this was the front line of the protest coming towards the police, this particular shield was used against the officers to move or to shield themselves from any type of reaction that we would have when officers were assaulted. these are markings from our beanbag deployment. >> the back of the shield is designed so several people can
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maneuver it and move it as a group toward officers. during the weekend of action police said they were unable to respond to other calls throughout the city. officers received more than 1700 calls for service that they had to delay or skip altogether. more than 480 of those calls were 911 calls. in the nation's capital, "occupy" protestors have only hours to fold up their tents and roll up their sleeping bags. park police put up notices giving the protestors until noon today to pack up their gear. those notices wind up after a congressional hearing last week questioned whether it's legal for protestors to sleep overnight on city grounds. and a peeping tom has been harassing women at stanford university. campus police say that the suspect has struck four times this month at the first floor shower room this out of crew they are's hall. last week women told officers someone tried to take a picture of her in the shower. when she realized it the peeper
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left. anyone with information is urged to call the police. a status conference is planned today regarding the domestic violence case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. he pled not guilty to the charges early this month. he is not required to attend today's conference. it's basically for attorneys on both sides to update the judge on just how that case is proceeding. on to campaign 2012. republicans in florida are heading to the polls tomorrow. this is the year's biggest presidential primary so far. the latest nbc marist survey shows mitt romney has a 42 to 27 edge over newt gingrich with rick santorum and ron paul both below 20%. as susan mcginnis reports, romney has learned not to take such leads for grand. >> reporter: -- for granted. reporter: mitt romney is trying to pump up florida voters ahead of tuesday's critical primary. >> get out and vote, folks! vote on tuesday!
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>> reporter: at a packed rally in pompano beach last night he kept up his attacks on rival newt gingrich. >> his record is one of failed leadership. we don't need someone who can speak well perhaps or who can say the things we agree with but does not have the experience of being an effective leader. >> reporter: romney leads the gop pack in florida but gingrich insists the race is closer than polls show. the former house speaker greeted voters sunday and said he is willing to keep up his fight well past tuesday. >> the clearer we are about a pro-abortion, pro gun control, pro tax increase massachusetts moderate, the less likely it is that he is going to win a majority anywhere. >> reporter: as gingrich and romney battle it out for first place here in florida, the other contenders are already looking ahead to the next big contest. rick santorum is expected to campaign in missouri and minnesota today. the former pennsylvania senator canceled stops in florida sunday to be with his 3-year- old daughter who is hospitalized with pneumonia.
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his oldest daughter elizabeth stood in his place. >> i know he's missing talking to you and -- but thank you all for coming out. it's just so encouraging to see all of you here. >> reporter: as for texas congressman ron paul, he is bypassing florida altogether focusing instead on caucus states like nevada. susan mcginnis, cbs news, tampa, florida. the democratic incumbent president obama has plans for another fundraising trip to the bay area. february 16 he will attend a dinner at a private home in san francisco. the 50 guests will pay almost $36,000 apiece. a larger less costly reception will be held the same day but that venue hasn't been determined yet. investigators in florida are trying to determine what caused a massive freeway pile- up that killed at least 10 people. let's take a live look at interstate 75. it remains shut down this morning. police there are currently rerouteing traffic. you can see not a lot of cars out there. at least a dozen passenger
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vehicles and 7 trucks collided before sunrise yesterday morning on interstate 75. this is south of gainesville. that stretch of highway had been closed for a time before the accident because of a combination of fog and heavy smoke. it made visibility poor. >> we had crashes that actually occurred on both north- and southbound side of the interstate in that area of the road kind of dipping down. it's a low area. >> the smoke was from a nearby brush fire that may have been intentionally set. at least 18 people who survived the pile-up are being treated for injuries. authorities have identified the people killed in the collision between an suv and a light rail out of south sacramento. they are not releasing the names yet. investigators say that the suv driver ignored flashing lights and drove around the crossing arm. three people inside the suv died. a four of the person inside the suv remains hospitalized. the train was traveling around 55 miles per hour when it hit
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the vehicle on saturday. six of the passengers from the train also went to the hospital. bart is upgrading its fleet to a sleek new look but not everyone is happy about it. the transit is buying 775 cars with the first 200 costing about $5.1 million. alameda county supervisor scott haggerty says that the car should be built in the bay area or in the u.s. bart officials say none of the five companies that bid for the job is in the country. getting your monday started, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. we'll check in with bart since we're talking about it. everything so far is on time for all forms of mass transit including bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. we're off to a great start there as well as the roads. check out some of the drive times overall in the green this morning not too bad. if you are coming down the eastshore freeway, no delay on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. same thing up and down the nimitz and on 24 coming out of walnut creek through the macarthur maze. so here's a live look, one of our "timesaver traffic" camera showing you conditions right now across the san mateo
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bridge. about a 13-minute drive time in either direction. coming up a check of the south bay. in the meantime, let's talk weather. here's lawrence with that. >> what a weekend weekend it was, a lot of sunshine around the bay area would love to get some rain going here, don't see it now. another dying cold front moving overhead and that means we're left with a few clouds. we are keeping the temperatures up a few degrees, 40s and 50s. looks like we're going to stay dry today, a lot of clouds today temperatures down a few degrees. clearing in the afternoon. highs will be cooler, plan on 63 in san jose, about 60 in san francisco and about 57 degrees clouds continuing out toward the coastline. next couple of days going to keep those temperatures down a few degrees but it looks like after wednesday another offshore wind kicks in and by that time, grace, we're talking about these temperatures in some spots near 70 degrees again on thursday and friday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> something to look forward
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to. >> yeah, beautiful. >> thank you. 4:41. investors are going to like this. facebook's milestone when it goes public soon. also ahead, preparing for america's cup. why sailing boats may not only be the new thing hitting the water. five bedrooms plus a is thing room for the staff. >> and a piece of american history now for sale. the price tag to buy the california home of president gerald ford.
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today. the site was apparent the main website for the city of sacramento remains down today. the site was apparently hacked during the weekend. two other sites run by the city were taken down as a precaution. the city says no personal data was compromised and that it is working to get those sites up and running again. and millions of people who use websites run by megaupload will have their data deleted from that system as soon as thursday according to federal prosecutors who have blocked access to it and filed charges
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against seven men. prosecutors accuse them pfaff sill todaying millions of -- them of facilitating illegal downloads. facebook will go public this week. it is the most hotly anticipate tech ipo in a decade. the company is expected to raise as much as $10 billion in its ipo. it would value the company at 75 to $100 billion. facebook's ipo would place it among the top ranks of the largest public companies in the world including mcdonald's and bank of america. let's check other bay area headlines. south san francisco police plan to beef up patrols. the department just got a $120,000 grant. it plans to use that money for extra patrols and officer overtime over the next nine months. specifically, they will look for speeders, red light runners and drunk drivers. and there is a new move to have water taxis run on the bay
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possibly in time for the america's cup race this august. the port of san francisco is reaching out to companies that might be interested. officials envision boats that would carry up to 50 passengers at a time on an on call basis between the north bay and san francisco. after a three-week hiatus, the oakland as fanfest was back in full force. more than 7,000 people showed up to oracle arena yesterday. a good portion of the team's roster was in attendance so fans were able to get autographs and meet up with some of the new guys including petaluma native johnnie gomes. >> don't get the opportunity to play with everybody, you know? alls you get to know is what you read about or what you see on tv. then you meet someone, you know, i mean -- i get it all the time. people think i just, you know, ride motorcycle and fight all day long and then they meet me and hear me talk and they're surpriseed. >> may have having to do with the mohawk. pitchers and catchers report for spring training in just
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under three weeks. 4:46. coming up, why you shouldn't believe everything you read especially in those text messages. plus, baby on board. the 13-pound newborn who is setting records at a hospital. and stealing the show. who took top honors at the screen actors guild award. what do you think, grace? i'd probably look good with a mohawk. around the bay area today clouds moving through no rain though. just how warm will it get by the afternoon? we'll talk about that next.
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earthquake... shaking up peru. there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. it struck just a few miles away from a city that was badly damaged during a major quake back in 2007. this morning a magnet magnitude 6.3 earthquake shook up peru. no damage or injuries report yet. hearings continue this morning to determine whether would-be presidential assassin john hinkley, jr., should gain more freedom. hinkley has been held in a washington, d.c. mental
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hospital sense his failed 1981 attempt to kill president reagan. authorities are considering hinkley's request for longer periods to visit his mother's home in virginia. his lawyers are also asking for a possible permanent release. federal prosecutors say hinkley still poses a threat. the riverside county home where president gerald ford lived in his post-white house years is now up for sale. the estate in rancho mirage is a 5 bedroom house on 1 1/2 acres of land over looking a fairway of a country club. the asking price $1.7 million. >> when a former president used to come home, this is where he would unwind in this very comfortable leather chair. he would sit down, put his feet up, grab the remote and watch his favorite newschannel right over here. >> looks comfy. president ford and his wife moved into the home in 1978.
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they have lived there until their deaths both at the age of 93. president ford died in 2006 and mrs. ford died last year. if you are a frugal traveler, you might want to avoid the following destinations. u.s. news has compiled an updated list of the world's most expensive cities. at the top, oslo, norway, for the 7th year in a row. it's followed by zurich and geneva, switzerland where salaries are high and the swiss franc is robust. new york city came in at number 14. elizabeth, got to avoid those cities. i don't know if we can afford it. >> i'm surprised san francisco wasn't in the topp 15. everything looks great on the golden gate bridge. the stall on the span, they couldn't locate it so everything is good between marin and san francisco. no delays there and no major roadwork to slow you down so here's a live look across the
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south bay. coming out of downtown san jose on 280 a few headlights. the guadalupe parkway looks great. 101 so far no delay heading into downtown san francisco. kind of a similar story everywhere you go. we're off to a quiet start on this monday morning. here's live look at your conditions. these are live traffic sensors and you can see from this color- coded guide that speeds are over 40 miles per hour right now through livermore towards the dublin-pleasanton area. and for silicon valley computers we have a camera year the 880/237 interchange. not too bad down north- and southbound 880. 880 closer towards the coliseum a quick ride towards downtown. if you want to hit roads, so far everything is off to a nice start for mass transit. let's talk weather. here's lawrence with your monday morning forecast.
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another dying cold front in fact bay area. cloudy right now. fog at the coast. overcast with mid- to high- level clouds over the bay and mostly cloudy in some of the interior valleys. temperatures staying mild because of that cloud cover. by the afternoon, the skies going to break just a bit. we'll still see a couple of clouds but mostly sunny inside the bay. mid-60s inside the interior valleys and at the coast. couple of patches of fog and temperatures there in the 50s. low pressure is once again making a pass but not close enough. high pressure bumping the jet stream up enough to keep the system from holding together enough to bring us rain. most of the rain is going to stay north. clouds sweep through this morning breaking this afternoon. there goes the cold front. behind that maybe a couple of low clouds and fog at the coast. then overnight low clouds and fog onshore filling inside the bay and into some of the delta. today nice, cool, 64 morgan hill, 63 santa clara and 57
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degrees in pacifica. 60s in the east bay with clouds. next few days temperatures down through the middle. week and then an offshore wind kicks in. you know what that means? >> yeah, i do! >> temperatures warm up, high pressure builds in and clouds blow away on thursday and friday. people talk about traveling to these different places throughout the world? how about the bay area at this time of the year? it's fantastic. >> it's been really dry. >> it's been unusually dry. we would like to get the rain, but right now more sun coming. >> thank you. 4:54. giving birth is hard enough. delivering a 13-pound bundle of joy without medication, yeah, takes a lot of guts. i don't think she had a choice though. 24-year-old kendall stewartson of iowa recently gave birth to baby asher. there he is. a healthy guy.
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13 pounds and 12 ounces. 23.5" long. >> when he came out, we all thought he was smaller and then we put him on the scale. we were very surprised. but he is 3" longer. >> oh. big babies apparently run in the family. asher's brother was 12 pounds and both his parents were more than 10 pounds. asher sets a record at the hospital but falls a pound short of the state record. people are much more likely to lie when they are text messaging according to a new study conducted by wichita state university and the university of british columbia. the researchers say that it's probably easier to lie in a text message than in person or even via video because you don't feel as scrutinized. a film won three of the five big awards including best cast. octavia spencer best supporting
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actress, viola davis best actor. it's about popular novel about african-american maids in the civil rights era. >> such great expectations were already there for this book that was so beloved and it's been such a labor of love. >> french actor jean dujardin took best actor honors for his performance as a silent screen star. and christopher plummer won for his role in beginners. the grey brought in plenty of green at the box office. the alaskan survivalist thriller starring liam neeson did better than expected earning $20 million as well as a first place spot. last last week's number one dropped to second with more than 12 million. one for the money, red tails and men on a ledge rounded out the top five over the weekend. coming up, it is the final
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push in florida. why some candidates have already conceded the top spot. >> and the search for a peeping tom at stanford. how the suspect preys on the victims. the city of oakland still cleaning up from "occupy" oakland movement from this weekend. a very expensive task. coming up we'll tell you what else needs to be fixed and just how much in damages these protestors have already put on the city. there's buzz that facebook could be filing papers this week to take the company public. hear how much the estimate ipo is when we come back.
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occupy movement. the blame i think they've been treating us like a playground and i think everyone is losing patience. >> oakland's mayor fed up with the "occupy" movement. the blame game. it is the hottest tech ipo in years. how facebook measures up against other big companies. >> we are doing great in oakland up and down the nimitz freeway. coming up a check. brs.


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