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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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occupy oakland. city hall i think they've been treating us like a playground and i think everyone is losing patience. >> fed up with "occupy oakland," city hall opening for business today. the costs and clean-up after a weekend of chaos. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. the countdown to facebook's wall street debut, how the social network stacks up to other top companies. and we are following two injury crashes now in the south
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bay. how far traffic is stacking up. we're look at mostly cloudy skies around the bay area this morning. but we are going to see a little sunshine by the afternoon. we will talk about that in just a moment. good morning, everyone. it's monday, january 30. not sure what that was. but it's monday. we're going to try to get that fixed for you. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. we begin in oakland where in just a few hours, city hall will be open for business. that's despite a chaotic weekend with the "occupy" demonstrators. vandals broke in, shattered windows and burned an american flag. gil diaz is in oakland to show us the clean-up that needs to be done. >> reporter: good morning. a whopping 400 people were arrested over the weekend. there was a clear statement that the city was fighting back. but yeah, this morning, they have to do a lot of clean-up not only inside city hall but also outside at frank ogawa plaza. graffiti, a lot of it. this is a huge graffiti sign we found on the floor. at the top of the sign it says,
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peaceful assembly which is ironic because if you ask any official here, they will tell you that the protest was anything but peaceful. for example, they burned the american flag outside city hall on saturday night before breaking into the building. and once they broke in, they practically destroyed almost everything in their path. mayor jean quan showed us the aftermath, broken windows, an architect's model of city hall tipped over and damaged. more graffiti in there as well as debris strewn all over. prior to raiding city hall, a group tried to "occupy" the ymca at 24th and broadway. hundreds of them arrested there on the spot. they claim that the ymca staff invited them in but police said they were breaking in. now, the movement began when demonstrators tried to take over the empty and abandoned kaiser convention center near lake merritt. they began tearing down the
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fences surrounding it, antagonized the police by throwing rocks, metal pipes, bottles at them. the cops fought back with tear gas, bean bags and smoke bombs. >> it became clear that the on general electrictives of this crowd was not to -- that the objective of this crowd was to repeatedly attempt to illegally occupy buildings and confront police, and it was not peaceful. >> reporter: during the melee, three officers were hurt. one get a cut to the face. the other two got injuries to their hands. now, the cost of damages to the city and to frank ogawa plaza, mayor jean quan estimates it to be about $2 million. if you add the cost of the police force around those buildings and police and demonstrators, that cost goes up to about $5 million. back to you, grace. >> all right. with the very latest, gil diaz in oakland, thank you. police are saying that because of this weekend of action, they were not able to respond to other calls
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throughout the city. officers received more than 1700 of them for service that they had to delay or skip. more than 480 of those were 911 calls. a peeping tom has been harassing women at stanford. campus police say the suspect has struck four times this month on the first floor shower room in cr you. theres hall. also week a woman was telling people that someone was trying to take a picture of her while she was taking a shower. when the victim realized what was happening, of the peeper left. anyone with information is asked to call police. there is a status conference today regarding the domestic violence case against san francisco's sheriff. ross mirkarimi pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charges this month. he is not required to attend today's conference. it's basically for the attorneys on both sides to update the judge on how the case is proceeding. facebook is on the verge of making history. the social website is getting ready for its much-anticipated
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wall street debut. lisa washington is at the facebook headquarters in menlo park and this could be one of biggest ipos ever. lisa. >> reporter: with its initial public offering, facebook could take in more than $10 billion. this would be the largest ever ipo for a u.s. internet company. this would put facebook in the lead of companies like mcdonald's and there are more than 800 million users of the social networking site. and facebook has some 3,000 employees. the sec filing could come as early as wednesday and the company as we said could raise as much as $10 billion. that would put the value of facebook at between $75 billion and $100 billion though some analysts wonder if the company is really worth that much. because facebook is a private company, very little is known about its actual revenue and profits. filing with the sec could change that. >> i think they are going to learn about salaries how much
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people maybe how much is mark zuckerberg and the chief operating officer, what are their salaries? how are the relationships between the companies that do business with facebook? who do you people get paid? how would a company get paid? >> reporter: many people compare facebook with its main rival google. there are two differences that we should point out. google had its ipo six years after it was founded. facebook would be eight years after it was founded in 2004 by mark zuckerberg, if they file. they both make their money from advertising but there are reports that google makes far more in ads than does facebook. but we could get a lot of answers and find out just how many dollars the company has if they make that filing with the sec this week. >> it will be interesting to see how much they make. there will be much more on it coming up on "cbs this morning"
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at 7 a.m. it appears mitt romney may regain momentum with the presidential primary in florida. he has a substantial lead over his fellow republicans in the sunshine state, according to polls. the top vote getter will receive all of florida's 50 delegates. newt gingrich is running in second in florida. he continues to campaign there. we'll have a live report from tampa coming up in a few minutes from now. we have two separate accidents in san jose that you might want to watch out for. elizabeth? >> thank you. our latest one is now northbound 101 before julian. we have learned this is now non- injury so they are working to clear it now. it sounds like it is in the center divide. some slowing in the northbound lanes. it involved an overturned car, southbound 880 at brokaw they have two lanes blocked. chp says they are going to have those lanes blocked for another 15 minutes or so and hope to clear it. in the meantime, we are seeing backups across the stretch all
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the way towards brokaw so again, that's two separate accidents in the south bay that could slow you down. 280, guadalupe parkway, those freeways look okay coming out of downtown san jose. those headlights are northbound traffic on 280 by the 880/17 interchange. so our other traffic story we have been following involves mass transit. capitol corridor delays train 518, police activity and there are 35-minute delays on the train 518 from richmond to martinez. more traffic in a bit. in the meantime, we're talking weather with lawrence. >> the big weather story, where's the rain? another dying cold front slipping in a lot of clouds. we are mostly cloudy out there right now. but just can't squeeze out the raindrops. la nina year keeping the jet stream to the north. we are left with 40s and 50s with mild temperatures to begin the day. through the day this cold front bringing rain to far northern california but dry by the time it gets here. clouds move out of town as we
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look toward the afternoon. that means we'll see clouds parting a bit. temperatures up into the 50s, coastside, 60s in the valleys. when might we see some rain? we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 6:09. a hack attack on our state capital. plus a catastrophic crash in the sunshine state. take a look at this. the double threat that led to a deadly pile-up. and it is being called a waste of taxpayer money. bart's pricy new fleet and why the cost isn't the only thing sparking outrage.
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welcome back. 6:12 now. florida investigators are trying to piece together events that led to a deadly freeway pile-up. there was a horrific crash involving a long line of cars and trucks yesterday on interstate 75. this is south of gainesville and you can see how much damage happened. 10 people were killed, another 18 were taken to the hospital. that stretch of freeway was closed for a time before those accidents because of fog and heavy smoke from a nearby brush fire. bart is upgrading its fleet to a sleek new look. the plan is already drawing
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criticism. the transit agency is buying 775 new cars. the first 200 will cost $5.1 million apiece. alameda county supervisor scott haggerty says that the car should be built in the bay area or at least in the u.s. bart officials say none of the five companies that bid for the job are in the country. but most of the parts made will be u.s.-made. 6:13. thousands of health workers walking off the job. how a major hospital is bracing for tomorrow's strike. plus this. >> get out and vote! vote, vote on tuesday! >> the fight for florida. a live report on how the attacks are heating up just a day before the crucial primary. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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florida. susan mcginnis is in t tomorrow could be the biggest day so far in the presidential primary season. the winner takes all in a contest in florida susan mcginnis reports from tampa on the last full day of campaigning. >> reporter: it's been a fierce past few days for the florida campaign. negative ads flying back and forth. romney is outspending grim by a factor of 5 to 1 and that's
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what's being pinned as the reason that gingrich so far as at least conventional wisdom says he is about to get clobbered here tomorrow. >> reporter: mitt romney is trying to pump up florida voters ahead of tuesday' critical primary. >> get out and vote! vote on tuesday! >> reporter: at a packed rally in pompano beach last night, he kept up his attacks on rival newt gingrich. >> his record was one of failed leadership. we don't need someone who can speak well perhaps or who can say the things we agree with but does not have the experience of being an effective leader. >> reporter: romney leads the gop pack in florida but gingrich insists the race is actually closer than polls show. the former house speaker greeted voters sunday and said he is willing to keep up his fight well past tuesday. >> the clearer we are about a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase massachusetts moderate, the less likely it is that he is going to win a majority anywhere. >> reporter: as gingrich and romney battle it out for first place here in floridaings the
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other contenders are already looking ahead to the next big contest. rick santorum is expected to campaign in missouri and minnesota today. the former pennsylvania senator cancelled stops in florida sunday to be with his 3-year- old daughter who is hospitalized with pneumonia. his oldest daughter elizabeth stood in his place. >> i know he's missing talking to you and -- but thank you all for coming out. it's just so encouraging to see all of you here. >> reporter: as for texas congressman ron paul, he's bypassing florida altogether, focusing instead on caucus states like nevada. and there is a new poll out that's talking about a potential -- it was a poll of 12 swing states plus nationally, it says that in a contest between president obama and mitt romney, voters are split and in a contest between president obama and newt gingrich, they prefer the president. >> susan, it seems that newt
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gingrich is saying he is a legitimate heir to president reagan? what kind of reaction is that getting in florida,. >> reporter: it is getting reaction. there is an ad run from romney showing somehow gingrich exaggerates his ties to president reagan and so gingrich came out and said that today he is going to be campaigning throughout florida with the son of president reagan, michael reagan. that's going to prove, he says, that he is the heir to the reagan movement, he says. >> we'll see what happens next. susan mcginnis live for us down in florida, thank you. the main website for the city of sacramento remains down today. the site was apparently hacked during the weekend. two other sites run by the city were taken down just as a precaution. the city says no personal data was compromised. and it is still working to get those sites up and running again. all right. getting busy on the traffic front. elizabeth? >> we are following a couple of different accidents in the south bay one on 101 and julian is now gone but we're still
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following this one southbound 880 at brokaw road where at last check they have two lanes blocked off. it was an overturned injury crash and they updated us about 15 minutes ago hoping to reopen lanes shortly right around now. but so far, we are still seeing backups. looks like it's slowing into milpitas in those southbound lanes so again we'll let you know when that accident clears. the rest of the south bay now actually looks okay including one more live look at 280 traffic out of downtown san jose. so there was some earlier police activity on a capitol corridor line train 518. so right now there were reseddual delays from richmond to martinez. all other mass transit including bart, ace, muni, caltrain, your ferry, everything else is on time. so at the bay bridge, still no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza so some slight delays in some cash lanes. and you can see across the deck, this is actually on the san francisco side of the span, so far everything looks great and lower deck traffic is fine. they did pick up some earlier roadwork about 15 or 20 minutes ago. that is your traffic.
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one more look at your forecast, your monday morning back-to- work forecast. >> it was a fantastic weekend weather-wise but seeing clouds until the skies now mostly cloudy, as a weak cold front slides through. we have some cloudy conditions and some fog toward the beaches. overcast though inside the bay with mid- to high-level clouds the same with the valleys and temperatures mild in the 40s and 50s. this afternoon that cold front will swing by leaving mostly sunny skies inside the bay. it will be sunny skies in many. entire yor valleys but cooler temperatures highs in the 50s to mid-60s in the warmest spots so we just cannot get the rain going this season. we had one outbreak of good rainfall but now dry weather will stick around for some time. that rain staying to the north again and no there of rain in the near future. looks like -- no threat of rain in the near future. looks like high pressure builds in, in the middle of the week. front moves by today, patchy fog developing along the coast, some of that surging back onshore overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. so gray start to the day for tomorrow. so we'll keep those temperatures down over the next few days. high today plan about 64 in
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morgan hill, 60 in san mateo. east bay 63 in livermore, 62 vallejo. inside the bay temperatures up into the 60s in oakland probably low 60s into san francisco, 50s at the coastline. next few days going to keep those temperatures down but by thursday, high pressure really begins to build in. those offshore winds kicking in will warm your temperatures up as we head toward thursday, friday and next weekend looks like we're going to stay dry for the next five to seven days. >> hard to get back to work today. >> it is. >> it was beautiful. >> surprised you're here. >> exactly. 6:22. the road to oscar gold. the big win for women at the screen actors guild awards. an coffee drinkers beware. we're going to tell you how caffeine can actually impact women's health.
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the one-day strike is over contract disputes... involving h and optical 6:5. :25. thousands of kaiser permanente are going on a one-day strike. it's mental health and optical health employees. they will staff the facilities for the day with replacement workers. ladies love the morning coffee. it could change your estrogen levels. that's the finding of a study in the american journal of clinical nutrition. researchers say that in the long term, caffeine can change estrogen levels which in turn can play a part in end meet
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quotes, osteoporosis, endometrial breast and ovarian cancer and endometriosis. it affects white and asian women in different ways. two cups a day increased estrogen levels in asian women. the same amount lowered estrogen levels for white women. 6:26. it was a big night for the women of the help at the screen actors guild award. the film won three of the five film awards. the big one includes best cast. they got the best actress and supporting as tress awards. it's about african-american women in the south during the civil rights era. saving california's largest park. how a san jose gem is staying open despite a terrible budget crisis. and preparing for america's cup. why sailing boats may not be the only thing hitting the water. the city of oakland
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cleaning up this morning after "occupy oakland's" melee. find out coming up how many of people were arrested and what they had to say about the police. and just how many millions is facebook worth is this we could soon find out as the company's expected to file paperwork with the securities and exchange commission for an ipo.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. time is 6-- good monday morning. it's january 30th. frank has the morning off. i'm grace lee. we begin with weekend clashes between police and "occupy" protestors t brought more than 400 arrests. gil diaz is in oakland, where the protestors are gone but the damage remains. good morning to you, gil. >> reporter: grace, good morning. well, it was supposed to be a two-day movement but the city put a stop to it saturday night arresting 400 people. the clean-up continues this morning. for example, crews have to go inside city hall check the fire alarms because protestors cut the wires. here's what also proceeds did over the weekend. they burned an american flag outside city hall before raiding it. and once inside, they caused a lot of damage. mayor jean quan gave a tour of
6:31 am
the damages the day after such as broken windows. an architect model of city hall was tipped all and there is debris everywhere, not a pretty sight. earlier on saturday, they tried to "occupy" the ymca at 24th and broadway. that's where most of the arrests occurred. protestors claim that the ymca invited them into the building but police said they were trespassing. they also tried to "occupy" an abandoned building. the kaiser convention center near lake merritt. they tore down the fencing surrounding it and attacked the cops with bottles, rocks, metal pipes. police fought back with smoke bombs, tear gas and bean bags. here's what some protestors said about the cops actions. >> everything was peaceful until the peace officers got into their defense mode so we ended up going back the way they came from and they wouldn't let us leave which
6:32 am
they arrested everybody. >> reporter: and some of the clean-up this morning also involves cleaning off graffiti outside frank ogawa plaza. here's one huge graffiti we found on the floor. it says peaceful assembly. if you ask any city official they say this weekend could be anything but peaceful. just how much in damages have been incurred since the beginning of the movement? jean quan estimates it to be about $5 million. >> gil, that big one that you showed us of the graffiti is that paint or chalk? >> reporter: it is chalk. it looks like it's chalk. we went on it, it looks like chalk. we found some remnants of the chalk laying around. it's a huge chalk representation of what happened over the weekend. back to you. >> gil diaz, thank you. because of the activity police say they one able to respond to other calls. officers received more than 1700 calls for service that
6:33 am
they had to delay or skip altogether. more than 480 of those were 911 calls. and a 15-year-old boy is under arrest after he confessed to murdering his parents in oakland. police found the couple's bodies on friday in their car just outside their home in lake merritt. this according to the "chronicle." coworkers say that the couple had been having some arguments with their son about him spending too much time in the "occupy" oakland encampment. the clock is ticking for "occupy" protestors in washington, d.c. to pack up. police posted notices telling protestors that they have until noon to leave. they have been camping in mcpherson square for nearly four months now. but there are growing concerns about trash and rats. so now there's a ban on camping and it will be enforced. lawyers for san francisco's sheriff are back in court today. they are attending what's called a status conference in regards to the domestic
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violence case against ross mirkarimi. he has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charges earlier this month. he is not required to attend today's conference. it's basically for attorneys on both sides to update the judge on how this case is proceeding. facebook is about to make "friends" on wall street. lisa washington is at the company's headquarters in menlo park on what could be the biggest ipo ever by a tech giant. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about possibly the company raising $10 billion. yes, that's billion with a b with their initial public offering. this could put facebook in the league of companies like mcdonald's and now, facebook has 3,000 employees and more than 800 million people use the social networking site. the sec filing could come as early as wednesday and the company could raise as much as $10 billion. that would put the value of facebook between 75 and $100 billion.
6:35 am
so some analysts wonder if the company is actually worth that much. because facebook is private, very little is known about its revenue and profits. filing with the sec, however, would change that. i think they're going to learn about salaries, how much people make, how much do the owner and cfo make, what are their salaries? how are the relationships between the companies that do business with facebook? what do those look like? how do people get paid? how does proctor and gamble, a company, for instance, how would they get paid? >> reporter: mark zuckerberg is the founder of facebook, 27 years old. we don't know how much he makes but his estimated worth is about 17.5 billion dollars. depending how much facebook is actually worth and how much they make in the ipo, that could go to $20 billion. >> everyone is on facebook i think for my parents and lawrence karnow, lisa. >> and my mom. [ laughter ] >> much more on facebook's ip
6:36 am
on the and what it means for the company coming up at 7 a.m. on "cbs this morning." the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. >> it's getting busy. metering lights were turned on a little while ago so crowded. they just turned them on in the last 10 minutes. live look at the bay bridge on the upper deck, everything is moving fine this morning. southbound 880 they just cleared an accidentful i didn't have time to change this but two lanes were blocked for a while. coming out of downtown, in those northbound lanes of 280,
6:37 am
it's sluggish. altamont pass, we have brake lights from the wind turbines through livermore and the dublin-pleasanton area. it's 23-minute drive time in those westbound lanes of 580 from the altamont pass to pleasanton. that's traffic. for an update on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. a lot of clouds in our skies this morning and a weak cold front making its way through. unfortunately not going to bring us any rainfall. so another dry day it looks like outside but some changes in the works as we're going to see cooler temperatures toward the afternoon. starting out on the mild side, 40s and 50s because of that cloud cover out there. and a sea breeze will keep temperatures down. numbers in the 60s this afternoon with sunshine by this afternoon in morgan hill and santa clara. you will see a mix of sun and clouds into antioch, 64 degrees walnut creek. inside the bay, 60 degrees in san francisco. about 62 in oakland. and 62 degrees in alameda. that's a look at weather. back to you >> thank you. in campaign 2012, mitt
6:38 am
romney has a comfortable lead ahead of tomorrow's primary in florida. polls show romney has a substantial lead there. it's a winner-take-all contest in florida so the top vote- getter will receive all of florida's 50 delegates. it's a big win. newt gingrich is running in second place and continues to campaign in florida. rick santorum plans to resume his campaign today saying the condition of his hospitalized daughter has improved. another daughter of his though spoke at a campaign event in his place yesterday. >> i know he's missing talking to you and -- but thank you all for coming out. it's so encouraging to see all of you here. >> ron paul has pretty much conceded florida and is instead focusing on caucus states where he does better. gingrich spoke today on "cbs this morning." >> the washington and new york establishments together want somebody that they can trust, somebody, for example, like romney, who praised secretary
6:39 am
of the treasury geithner, somebody comfortable with his biggest donor getting $20 billion in taxpayer money. they will say or do virtually anything to keep the system alive and i think they recognize i'm a genuine outsider, i know a lot about washington, having served as speaker but i have none of the establishment ties and i will shake the system up. >> and you can see that entire interview on "cbs this morning" at 7 a.m. there's a new move to have water taxis run on the bay possibly in time for the america's cup race in august. the port of san francisco is now reaching out to companies that might be interested. officials are envisioning boats that could carry up to 50 passengers at a time on an on call basis between the north bay and san francisco. and the biggest skate park in california will keep operating through the end of the year. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us by phone from san jose to explain what saved lake
6:40 am
cunningham skate park from the budget axe. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, grace. yeah. you know, this is one of those good news stories that you love to report on. the skate park here in san jose is the largest in the state. it has half pipes and circular domes and all kinds of stuff and it's very popular among the skating crowd. but the city said we don't have the money to keep it open because it is staffed 24/7 or at least when it's open. and that led to either the closure later this year or possibly privatization. it was up in the air. so parents of skaters rallied and they basically were able to did a major fundraising effort over the last couple of months and they have done it. they have raised $30,000 that will keep the park staffed through the end of the year. really good news here in san jose. even better news is the fact that all this publicity about the skate park possibly closing boosted attendance. they are coming out to skate and that in turn is increasing revenues because they do charge
6:41 am
for admission. so according to the "mercury news" as a result of this, both bad publicity about the park closing and the fundraising, that has put the market now on a path toward self-sufficiency. so a bonus keeping the park open into the future. >> let's hope so. all right, kcbs radio's matt bigler, thank you. 6:41. coming up, why you shouldn't believe everything you read especially if it's a text message. >> and two women trapped inside a car sinking in a lake. how one deputy didn't hesitate to jump into action. >> and the market opened about 11 minutes ago. an early look at the numbers shows it's down. the dow down 96 points. we'll get a check of the numbers with jason brooks with kcbs and when we come back.
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6:44 am
action after a car crashes into a lake... trapping two women inside we have some dashcam video to show you it catches a deputy jumping into action after a car crashes into a lake trapping two women inside. the texas deputy called for backup and then he waded into the river. there he is going to the water. the car was sinking quickly and the two women inside were
6:45 am
screaming for help. >> hurry, everything they could. and then as i'm breaking the window, we can't swim. we can't swim. as you saw, he did manage to get them out safely. the women both students from vietnam apparently were lost when they took a wrong turn and drove into the lake. students found a man stuck in a river for days. they were on a field trip when they heard him calling for help. they found him feet deep in the muddy water. he said he had been there for five days! he is a homeless man wanted for a felony warrant for assault with a deadly weapon. let's check your traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, grace. our commute is starting to heat up as we get closer to 7:00 so we have a few brake lights now on westbound 237 for your silicon valley ride. you can see them right there coming around the bend out of milpitas heading towards san jose. let's see. otherwise we also got some
6:46 am
brake lights on westbound 80 from san pablo to the macarthur maze. we are seeing slower speeds so around this time at 6:14 this morning they turned on the metering lights on at the bay bridge so we are stacking up, usual monday morning back to commute behind the pay gates. westbound 92 definitely getting busy. this is the commute direction. now, in the eastbound lanes of 92 should be about a 14 minute drove time as well out of foster city and heading towards the east bay. in fact, all your bridges are moving up to speed pretty much this morning. here's a "timesaver traffic" camera showing you conditions across the golden gate bridge and really no issues this morning so far out of marin heading into san francisco. it was kind of a different story earlier in the south bay. we were following a couple of different accidents including a pretty bad one southbound 880 at brokaw an overturn injury crash out of lanes. it is still a little sluggish in the area. there was another accident
6:47 am
northbound 101 at julian. that is completely cleared. so there may be activity a little sluggish in the areas off to the shoulder but otherwise, just your usual stuff on 280 coming out of downtown san jose. that is where our camera is approaching the 880 interchange. we continue to follow mass transit as well and so far everything is on time if you want to ride bart this morning. that's your traffic. one more check of your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. plenty of clouds around the bay area this morning. a weak cold front sliding through no there of rain looks like it's going to stay dry here. unfortunately we can't get the rain cranked up so yeah looks like for the most part some passing clouds this morning and then toward the afternoon a little sunshine peeking through and well we have some changes in the week and unfortunately, that doesn't mean rain. we have some more sunshine and some above normal temperatures coming our way but we have a system sliding through this morning. that will bring with it more clouds across our skies early on but by the afternoon, things begin to clear out a bit and that rain stays well to the north and it looks like that cold front moving on by this morning bringing plenty of clouds early on. maybe a couple of patches of fog hung up at the coastline.
6:48 am
overnight tonight low clouds and fog surging back inside the bay and some of the valleys, too. a include start this morning. temperatures down over the next few days, warmer weather in the latter part of the week. plan on 64 degrees in morgan hill today. 60 and sunshine in san mateo. 50s with patchy fog into the coastal areas and into the east bay some sunshine this afternoon, 63 in livermore, 63 in concord and about 62 degrees in valero. temperatures into the 60s inside the bay. some 50s at the coastline. and the next couple of days going to keep the temperatures down. on thursday and friday the offshore winds blow and that's going to send temperatures well above average. some places near 70 degrees as we head toward thursday and friday, grace. back to you. >> thank you. good news, lawrence. >> bring it on! >> bringing it on. some better news for our paychecks. we have jason brooks with kcbs and more money always a good way to start the week. right? >> certainly is, grace. most of us need a little more. the commerce department says that in december, personal incomes did rise by a .5%. that was the biggest gain sense last march.
6:49 am
as far as spending is concerned, people didn't really spend a lot more in december. it was flat from the prior month but the incomes rising is a trend that follows along with the fact that weekly jobless claims have been falling back over the past weeks. we also need those incomes to keep up with inflation. it's been increasing on food and gas and although gas prices have moderated of late, food prices are still rising quite a bit up more than 4% in december. and now "usa today" reports that beef prices could increase another 5 to 10% this year after a 10% gain last year. agriculture department reports that there are 91 million head of cattle in the u.s. this month. that's down 2% from last year. the lowest level in 60 years. more greek debt jitters. dow down 97. nasdaq down 25. s&p down 13. >> thank you, jason brooks with
6:50 am
kcbs and so apparently people are more likely to lie via text message. this is according to a new study conducted by wichita state university and the university of british columbia. now, they are saying that it's probably easier for people to lie in a text because they don't feel as scrutinized as they normally would if they were telling something this in person. let's check what's coming up on "cbs this morning." we have erica hill in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i love your pictures that you sent me after the giants win. >> we're so glad. >> they were fantastic. >> the package is on the way. we're still working on it. [ laughter ] >> i look forward to. i was not pushing for that a all. thank you to frank for sending them. coming up, we'll ask newt gingrich about the personal attacks we're seeing in the presidential campaign. we'll also ask about the concerns of his fellow republicans and how he intends to get back the momentum with just one day before the florida
6:51 am
primary. a story from your neck of the woods. facebook expected to announce its ipo this week expected to file for it. we'll look at how the social networking powerhouse could change when it goes push. filmmaker actor ed burns is with us in studio 57 so we'll see you at 7 hopefully on "cbs this morning." >> love ed burns. looking forward that right? >> i know. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" begins at just a few minutes at 7 a.m. oakland raiders are holding what seems to be an annual event the introduction of their new head coach. dennis allen meets the media today at a noontime news conference the he replace hue jackson who was fired at the and of the season. he spent last season as the defensive coordinator for the denver broncos. a record long match in the men's australian open tennis final. nadal and djokovic went at it for nearly six hours. djokovic had a chance to serve
6:52 am
for the match but nadal fought back and won the tie-breaker and then in the fifth set djokovic tried to avoid another tie-breaker and got nadal to hit weakly out of bounds and then it was over. the 24-year-old novak djokovic won the decisive set 7-5. it was the longest singles final in the history of professional tennis. well, i guess he just wanted to rip his shirt off. don't expect a baby anytime soon from prince william and kate. they are putting off having a family at least until next year. right now they say that their focus is the diamond jubilee. the queen's 60th anniversary as well as the london olympics. according to a source close to the royals, there is no urgent "need" for an heir. hopefully she won't have to deliver a 13-pound baby. that's what happened to 24-year- old kendall stewartson of iowa. her baby boy asher weighed in at 13 pounds, 12 ounces and
6:53 am
23.5" long. >> when he came out, we all thought he was smaller and then we put him on the scale. we were very surprised. but he is 3" longer. >> well, big babies run in the family. asher's brother right there, 12 pounds when he was born. and both parents were over 10 pounds when they were born. asher does set a record at the hospital but falls short of the state record. coming up, an american flag burned. city hall has been vandalized this morning. the clean-up in oakland after "occupy's" weekend of action. i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip.
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[ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. no mess. windows... 6:56. the clean-up is under way at oakland city hall. demonstrators broke in over the weekend. they sprayed graffiti and shattered windows. gil diaz has more. >> reporter: grace, good morning. occupied protestors tried to make it a two-day movement. but the city and police officers basically put a stop to it on the first day. some of the things they did over the weekend, they burned an american flag outside city hall before raiding the building. once inside city hall, it was a feast for destruction. they broke windows, sprayed graffiti inside. they even tipped over the architect model of city hall. you name it. it was also quite violent out
6:57 am
on the streets. protestors tried to "occupy" the empty kaiser convention center. they tried to scare the cops away by throwing bottles and rocks at them but cops fought back with bean bags, tear gas and smoke bombs. 400 people were arrested over the weekend, three officers hurt. because of all the activity at city hall and frank ogawa plaza, officers were distracted from responding to about 1700 service calls. 500 of those calls were 911 emergency calls. back to you, grace. >> thank you, gil. 6:57 now. stanford university police are on the hunt. they are looking for a peeping tom. officers say the suspect has struck four times this month on the first floor shower room in crothers hall. a woman told police someone tried to take a picture of her in the shower. when the victim realized what was happening, the peeper left. mitt romney and newt gingrich are holding rallies
6:58 am
today in florida. it's a final push a day before the primary. polls show romney has a substantial lead in the sunshine state. the top vote-getter will receive all of florida's 50 delegates. newt gingrich is running in second place. he still is campaigning in florida. rick santorum is planning to resume his campaign today saying that the condition of his hospitalized daughter has improved. ron paul's focusing on caucus states where he tends to do better. lots of politics going on right now. >> no politicking in traffic. >> it's been quite the. we had a couple of earlier accidents in san jose but we're free and clear now. it's been quiet. but it is getting busy. the golden gate bridge is not one of those areas. everything is smooths across the deck this morning from marin into san francisco. san mateo bridge, we may have had a stall reported on westbound 92 blocking one lane. so right now it's not causing
6:59 am
any delays but again looks like a tow crew is trying to work to clear something. let's check the bay bridge. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's stacking up there as well as highway 4. slow sensors including some speeds under 15 miles per hour through antioch. >> almost as slow as your clicker. >> almost as slow as the clicker. >> lawrence? >> next christmas i'm buying you batteries. >> i don't think it's a battery thing. >> maybe a new clicker. [ laughter ] outside today, we have a lot of clouds making their way across our skies. by the afternoon that should break up a bit. going to see cooler temperatures outside. plan on 63 degrees in san jose, 60 in san francisco, 50s at the coastline with patchy fog there. the next few days we'll keep the temperatures down but those offshore winds are blowing on thursday. that's right. unfortunately, no rain but it will be sunny and nice


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