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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 30, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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cleaning up after another round good afternoon. i'm grace lee. we begin in the city of oakland. it is cleaning up after another round of violent and destructive occupy protests. gil diaz shows that the clashes couldn't have come at a worst time for the cash- strapped city.
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>> reporter: once again, oakland's public works is cleaning up after occupy oakland protesters. >> there is no great way to do this. just like martin luther king, he didn't find his battles with a bunch of violence. >> inside city hall, christina plum from sacramento was nearly in tears, as she described her wrongful arrest. >> she says she kept telling police she was part of the press and worked for sac >> they refused to recognize me as the press and told me to put my hands behind my back and i had a backpack and they said i was resisting. >> she was one of 400 people arrested over the weekend. most of it happening outside of the ymca. >> it became clear that the objections of this crowd, not to peacefully assemble and march but to seek an opportunity to further criminal acts, confront police, and repeatedly attempt to illegally occupy buildings. >> reporter: protesters stormed
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not only the christmasa and kaiser convention center and also city hall with extensive damage and breaking windows and topping an architect's model of city hall. >> reporter: the department received over 1700 calls for service. of those call, nearly 500 were emergency calls. >> we tried contacting oakland police to ask them about those emergency calls. but we were told chief jordan was in a meeting this morning. mayor jean quan says the occupy movement has caused about $2 million worth of damages to her city. since the protests began last year. and she says it is an expensive bruise for a city already in financial distress. reporting from oakland, gill diaz cbs 5. another occupy turf war is brewing in washington, d.c. park police plan to enforce a no camping site where
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protesters have been living for nearly four months. the move follows complaints about trash and rat problems. occupies are vowing to defend their encampments. and a man walking near the airport was hit by a car at dolittle drive and haggenberger road. the victim has not been identified and was pronounced dead at the scene. the car driver did stop. no one else was injured. and an oakland teen has confessed to killing his adoptive parents. police found the couple's bodies friday in their car outside their home in lake merit. investigators have not released a motive but according to the chronicle, co-workers say that the couple have been having arguments with their son about him spending too much time in the occupy oakland encampment. a man at stanford university has been harassing women for months now. the peeping tom has been patrolling a dorm shower. lisa washington with more on the warning that is now going out to all students living on
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campus. >> reporter: after the first incident of a peeping tom was reported to stanford police last week, three more students came forward telling police someone tried to take pictures of them while they were showering. the victims reported someone reaching his or her hand under the shower door. >> it is pretty weird that people in our student body would do that. hopefully it is not in the student body. either way it is a bad situation. >> they happened in a gender neutral shower on the first floor of this hall. and students say after hearing the news, they will be more careful when showering. >> i personally have -- i use an all girls rest room so i don't feel that worried but it is definitely making me uncomfortable. >> reporter: university officials declined an oncamp interview. but on the school's public safety web site, they encourage students to lock their windows and doors. reporting at stanford, lisa washington, cbs 5. on to walnut creek, police have made nine arrests in under an hour after a wild night at
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the bar scene there. marcos and mario bustamanty are accused of badly beating a man in a parking garage on locust early sunday morning. minutes later, officers were called to break up a bral at the nearby cinco de mayo restaurant and a restaurant down the street. tomorrow is a decision day in florida. when voters will head to the polls to cast ballots in the presidential primary. mitt romney leads the pack. but as danielle nottingham shows us, newt gingrich insists the race is actually closer than the polls show. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage in jacksonville and wasted no time attacking rival newt gingrich. he says florida voters paid attention to their debate. >> they learned, for instance, that he was paid $1.6 million to be a lobbyist for freddie mac and they said that is not what we want in the white house. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor needs a win in florida, after losing big to gingrich in south
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carolina. the latest poll shows romney has regained a double digit lead. >> in south carolina, the crowds were good but we can sense it wasn't going our way and here we have a sense it is going our way. >> reporter: the former house speak ser not conceding anything. >> i think it is closing here in florida. i think the next 24 hours is going to make a big difference. >> reporter: gingrich came to florida last week, with the momentum, but after two debates, and millions of dollars in negative ads, he quickly lost his spot at the top of the polls. but gingrich keeps insisting he is the only candidate mo who can beat president obama. >> let me be clear. every time we nominate a moderate, we lose. >> reporter: gingrich has suggested he could beat romney if fellow conservative rick santorum dropped out but after spending time with his sick daughter over the weekend, the former pennsylvania senator is expected back on the campaign trail today. danielle nottingham, cbs news, tampa, florida. after president obama, he
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is planning another fundraising trip to the bay area, february 16, attending a dinner at a private home in san francisco. the price to attend? almost $36,000 per person. 50 are expected there. and a larger cheaper reception will be held the same day, but that venue has not yet been determined. you can also catch the president in a few hours on google. he is going to take part in a google+ hangout. it is a chat room-like feature that allows users to connect with each other via video. the president will answer questions submitted through youtube last week. some questioners will be invited to participate. in a live conversation. with mr. obama. that hangout is set for 2:30 this afternoon. and the oakland raiders new head coach is meeting with the media. it is happening right now. this is for his official introduction. dennis allen replaces hugh jackson who was fired at the end of the season. he spent last season as defensive coordinator for the denver broncos. we are looking at live pictures
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of this going on right now. we're also streaming the press conference live on our web site. if you would like to listen in, there is the new coach now. all right. teaming up to fight spam. the new effort by tech companies to keep your inbox clean. plus, bart, ordering a new fleet of cars. why taxpayers are upset over where the vehicles are coming from. and a massive warehouse fire breaks out in southern california. what firefighters say was feeding the flames. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. a dying cold front slipping across the bay area skies right now. a lot of clouds out there. not much rain. we will talk about that and the rest of the forecast coming up.
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a two alarm fire that sent flames shooting through the roof of a los angeles area packaging materials warehouse is still smoldering at this hour. more than 100 firefighters were called in to battle this blaze, which broke out just before 8:00 this morning. now, they did have it under control. in an hour. but about half the building was gutted. no words yet though on what sparked those flames. pg&e is facing millions in fines. the california public utilities commission is ordering the company to pay $16.8 million for failure to conduct pipeline leak surveys. the fine comes under the commission's new sigh tration program. last year, pg&e self reported that it failed to check pipelines in several locations, including eastern contra costa county. sharp new designs. clean seats. and more doors. the new sleek look of bart. but the plans to replace old trains is running into some
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criticism. the transit agency is buying 775 cars, with the first 200 costing about $5.1 million, a piece. the almeda county supervisor scott hagerty says the cars should be built in the bay area or at least the u.s. none of the five companies that bid the job are in the country. governor jerry brown says the high speed rail project will cost much less than $100 billion. that's the current estimate of the project. the governor says environmental fees paid by carbon producers will be the source of funding. and he made those comments to an l.a. news station while campaigning for his ballot initiative to raise taxes. thousands of kaiser permanente workers will be hitting the picket lines tomorrow. this is over contract disputes involving the hmo's mental health and optical employees. and the one day strike would involve about 4,000 workers in the group but thousands of nurs and other employees have agreed to join the strike in sympathy. kaiser plans to cover staffing shortages with temporary
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replacement workers. the domestic violence case against san francisco sheriff is heading back to court again today. but ross mirkarimi will not be there. the status conference is simply a forum for attorneys on both sides to update the judge on how the case is proceeding. mirkarimi pleaded not guilty earlier this month to three misdemeanor charges. changing the way you shop. the cell phone software that is helping you ditch the cash register receipts. every time you click on a like button, it goes to facebook. >> and facebook is about to go public. the biggest hurdle the company faces while raising billions of dollars. thinking fast, an officer on routine patrol, makes a life- saving water rescue. why he had to act so quickly. we have a cold front moving through. we've got the clouds. what about the rain? we will talk about that coming up next. ,,,,
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action after a car crashes into a lake... trapping two women inside. the dash cam video catches a deputy jumping into action after a car crashes into a lake, trapping two women inside. the texas deputy was on patrol and goes into the water. while the car was sinking quickly. the two women inside were screaming for help. >> their heads were like -- i can't show you but pressed against the roof trying to get breath and screaming help us, help us, hurry, everything they
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could, you know. and as i'm breaking the window, they are telling me we can't swim. >> he managed to get them out safely. apparently the woman were lost when they took a wrong turn, drove down a boat ramp. but they were mistaking that for a road and they did say that they didn't see the water until they had driven off the end. can you imagine? lawrence? >> no, can't imagine that one. glad they are safe. folks around the bay area today, we have a weak cold front sliding by right now. that is bringing with it some clouds. unfortunately, no rain outside. let's take you live over the bay bridge right now. you can see all of the clouds continuing to cruise on by. the mid to high level clouds. we just can't squeeze the raindrops out this year. we're in a la ninna condition and it looks like we are going to keep things dry for the foreseeable future. temperatures right now beginning to warm up. 58 in san jose. and 58 in san francisco and 56 degrees in concord. and as we head in toward the afternoon hours, still plenty of clouds outside. the temperatures will be cooler of course, but that cold front is sliding on by and plan on 50s out toward the coastline and low 60s in the bay and mid
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60s in some of the interior valleys. and tonight, likely going to see a stronger surge of some low clouds and some fog. making its way into the interior valleys. overnight lows in the 30s. and the 40s. and so the next few days, likely to keep the temperatures down just a bit. here is the cold front, moving on by beyond that, a few clouds continuing to move through in the afternoon hours. and that will help to keep the temperatures down just a bit and keep a couple of clouds moving on by. so yes, the low pressure passing to the north of us. and that is just enough to bring us the clouds. but not enough to bring us the rain. that is going to stay to the north of us, so we're going to stay dry for today. in fact, it looks like in the long-term forecast, we are staying dry for some time now. the computer model showing the clouds moving on by. as we head to the evening hours, you start to see a surge of low clouds and fog and some of that in the bay and possibly into the delta and as i think as we het through the day tomorrow, we will part clouds a little more early and then more sunshine coming your way. temperatures 64 degrees in morgan hill. 62 in palo alto. and about 57 degrees in pacifica. and east bay temperatures, up in the 60s this afternoon.
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as well. with plenty of clouds continuing to move on by and a couple of slivers of sunshine. out to the coastline, let's plan on 50s at the beaches with the patchy fog. next couple of days, we will keep the temperatures down. another weak system slides through on wednesday and probably bring another round of cloud cover outside but not much in the way of rainfall. by thursday and friday, that offshore wind starts to blow and the temperatures soaring in the 60s. almost 70 degrees in some parts of the bay area. unfortunately, we can't get the rain here, grace. but boy, at least it is going to be nice. >> a weak system for this wednesday, though. >> not much coming through unfortunately. >> we will enjoy the sunshine in the meantime. >> exactly. >> thanks, lawrence. >> well a lot of people are talking about the next story, facebook put the wheels in motion for the wall street debut this week. the menlo park-based company is expected to file for an initial public offering that could raise up to $10 billion. that could make facebook one of the largest public companies in the world. going public would also give some insight into the web site's operations. >> i think they're going to learn about salary, how much
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people make, how much mark zuckerberg and cheryl sandberg, the chief operating officer, what are their salaries, and how are the relationships between the companies that do business with facebook, and what do those look like? how do people get paid? how does procter & gamble, a company, for instance, how would they get paid? >> going public will come with the fair share of challenges for mark zuckerberg and he will need to figure out how to reward his employees without putting to much emphasis on stock. and another challenge, how to keep the overnight millionaires who have been critical to facebook's success so far from leaving. do you hate the clutter and complication of searching for those receipts? on the consumer watch, julie watts says, that may soon be a thing of the past. >> we all have them. receipts. stashed in your wallet. and shoe boxes. jump drawers. and when it is time to make a return, file taxes, fill out an expense report, we go digging. but one day, we may not have to. since all those receipts will be right on our phone.
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>> we pass the data from our device, straight to your phone. >> stores like apple, gap and nordstrom already e-mail receipts but the mountain view startup proximan allows companies with nfc enabled phones to get receipts sent from the register right to their phone. and for those without nfcs, like i-phones, you can use one. these free key ring tags. receipts can then be pulled up at any time. with the app. >> will it catch on? that's something that it is too early to see. but i think it has a good chance. >> experts say the receipt technology is similar to that used by google wallet. which allows to you tap your phone to pay for purchases. >> as with any new technology, there are a lot of players who are fighting to be the first to do it and in the end i think we will only see one or two or maybe three succeed. >> right now, the digital receipts are in a dozen bay area stores including this san
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francisco t-shirt shop. but the app creators hope to expand and enable the bay area to be the first to say goodbye to paper receipts forever. outy waits -- julie watts, cbs 5. tech giants like yahoo and google are trying to change the phishing scams in your e-mail, with the masquerading of e- mails from the legitimate businesses or the government. the plan of attack will build on existing spam filtering technology. all right. coming up, a sign you should always show up for jury duty. the lesson that one man had to learn the hard way.
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punishment. straightforward. after humphreys skipped out on jury duty during the lunch break, an indiana judge gave him a choice, pay a fine, or carry a sign. humphreys chose the sign. he has to walk in front of the courthouse for two mondays in a row. >> oh, boy. >> yes. >> he will never do that aban. >> you think? >> i'm supposed go to jury duty soon. >> are you skipping out? >> no, not after seeing that. >> you might want to have a sign just in case, lawrence. >> have a great monday.
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