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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 31, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. the voters now having their say in florida. >> the state's republican primary is under way. mitt romney hoping that his lead pans out in the actual battling. susan mcginnis is live in tampa
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with the latest. >> reporter: the polls are open, another four hours here in florida. and the momentum is still behind romney. newt gingrich is trying to close the gap. he is talking about a longer protracted battle. today the attention is on the tampa convention center where mitt romney is already planning a celebration. florida voters are casting lal lots for the republican they want to see challenge president obama. >> i am a mitt romney fan. i like what he stands for. >> reporter: mitt romney has a big lead in most polls. and newt gingrich is trying to prevent a landslide. while volunteers work the phones -- >> we would like to know if newt can count on your vote. >> reporter: -- gingrich signed autographs and posed for pictures. he told reporters this race won't be decided until june or july unless romney drops out
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earlier. the former massachusetts governor also stopped by one of his campaign offices. he thank his volunteers and made a few calls of his own. republican party leaders expect a record turnout. more than 2 million voters. early and absentee voters have already cast more than 600,000 ballots. [ applause ] >> reporter: after florida, romney is expected to do well in the next five contests. nevada, maine, colorado and minnesota all have caucuses coming up. and they are states where romney is more organized. missouri holds a primary next week and gingrich is not on the ballot. >> but gingrich is pointing to national polls where it's still a close contest with romney. >> good luck, and god bless you. >> reporter: he vows to be back in tampa for the republican national convention as the party's nominee. and rick santorum and ron paul are nowhere near florida today. they are both campaigning in
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nevada, which holds its caucuses on saturday. in tampa, susan mcginnis, cbs news. back to you. the state controller says that california will run out of cash in just a matter of weeks if it doesn't act fast to scrape up some cash. john chiang says $3.3 is needed by the beginning of march to maintain the state's cash cushion. lawmakers thought there was enough to make it through the fiscal year but tax revenues fell short of expectations while spending has exceeded them. if you have an appointment at kaiser today, call ahead. employees across the state are staging a massive strike over an ongoing contract dispute. the negotiations actually involve only a few thousand workers but as lisa washington shows us, they got plenty of company on the picket lines. >> reporter: we have been here since this protest began at 7 a.m. and i can tell you that the crowd has certainly grown. what's happening right now is a rally. it was scheduled to begin at noon but it actually started a
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little early. there are a number of speakers that are lined up with the nuhw. they want better patient care and a new contract. >> we are the union! >> reporter: carrying picket signs and walking together, nurses and other workers protested outside oakland's kaiser permanente hospital this morning. >> they have strayed from their values as a healthcare concern. [ chanting ] >> we're here for patient rights. we are not able to see our patients as frequently as they need to be seen. we need more staff. we needless to go to corporate wealth. >> reporter: statewide, more than 17,000 nurses from the california nurses association
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and more than 650 engineers have joined the mental health workers on the picket lines to show their support. >> that's just the way we do things. we stand up for our union workers. >> reporter: as many as 22,000 casesser employees could be off the job during the the 24-hour strike, although all of the kaiser health facilities in northern california are open and fully staffed with replacement workers. >> so although we have a substantial number of travelers, there are a number of our nurses and managers and supervisors who are overseeing that work and providing care today. >> reporter: this is the fourth time they struck since the contract bargaining began in 2010. one striker says until kaiser does more for these employees and their patients, they will continue to march. >> we believe in the union. everybody including the manager is here. they should sacrifice not just the workers. >> reporter: in addition to the workers who are here at the job, there are some patients who say they support the
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workers and they also want the union to get a contract. it's estimated that this 24- hour work stoppage costs kaiser about $14 million. but, of course, that's money that these workers say they would like to see going to patient care and more staff. >> lisa, did you talk to the patients? were they staying away or irritated by the fact that these workers were striking today? >> actually no. the hospital was pretty strict about us speaking with the patients. i can tell you that i saw several of them coming in in fact just as we were in the package i had a patient come up to me to say i'm a patient and i support this strike. >> veried goo. kaiser a busy -- very good. kaiser a busy place and even more busy today. thank you, lisa washington live in oakland. those strikes are happening at kaiser facilities all over the state. this is what it looks like in vallejo this morning. workers are striking at kaiser hospitals in sacramento, modesto and in stockton, as
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well. today there are new allegations that san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi kept his wife confined to their home on new year's eve. the "chronicle" reports that eliana lopez finally left their home and went to a neighbor's house when mirkarimi took a shower. that was 18 hours after he allegedly caused a bruise on her arm. prosecutors now want to use video taken by the neighbor in the domestic violence case against sheriff mirkarimi and they are seeking exceptions to the hearsay rule. a federal judge has ruled that an oakland police officer violated court-approved standards when he covered up his name plate. now, this happened during an "occupy oakland" protest in early november. officer john hargraves was captured on video with tape over his name. it's called a serious crime. he may face contempt proceedings along with the supervisor who failed to report him. oakland's mayor is talking about a new idea to prevent
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violence and vandalism by protestors. repeat offenders might be ordered to stay away from certain areas of the city. mayor quan says oakland is going for stay-away orders against 100 protestors. but some critics are staying that those orders would be a lot like gang injunctions that mayor quan had recently opposed. witnesses say a park ranger who stun gunned a bay area man walking his dogs off leash had been arguing with him over a park rules violation when he began taunting her allegedly. they say he also gave a phony name when he was stopped sunday in the park. witnesses say he took a stun gunshot to the back after shouting at the ranger and refusing to stay at the scene. hesterberg was later arrested on several minor charges. the national park service is investigating the incident. state regulators investigating an accident in milpitas that killed a carpenter. a 39-year-old died saturday when an avalanche of soil fell
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on him. city inspectors had ordered work to stop three days earlier because of problems with the foundation hole made worse by all the rain but building activity continued anyway. cal-osha says a 12-foot-deep ditch caved in. a salami plant in south san francisco has agreed to pay a penalty and over haul it's refrigeration system after an ammonia leak. several people were sickened after a pipe burst in 2009. they will spend about $6 million converting the system to a safer technology. an oakland teen accused of killing his adoptive parents will be arraigned today. 15-year-old moses common is expected to be tried as an adult in the deaths of 50-year- old susan and 55-year-old robert common. the two one found dead in a car outside their lake merritt home on friday. demolition of the old bay bridge may take longer than
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expected. what's behind the new delay. >> some people watch the super bowl for the game. some watch for the commercials. we get a sneak peek at some of the best ads just released. caltrans is calling it a monumental day inside devil's slide tunnel. coming up we'll show you what happened inside today and when you can expect to start driving through it. and talking about a sticky mess. 43,000 pounds mess that snarled traffic in the valley. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. skies are parting but there is a cold front heading our way. will we see rain? we'll talk about that coming up.
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sacramento. a big rig overturned last night spilli crews spent the morning cleaning up a mess east of
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sacramento. big rig overturned last night spilling 43,000 pounds of frozen strawberry puree all over the roadway. the chp says the big rig driver was going more than twice the speed limit when he lost control and crashed. nobody was hurt. quite the mess. i'd say so. all right. we have a big step forward today in the construction of the devil's slide tunnel in pacifica. crews are pouring is hement for a major portion of the roadway. that's where we find gil diaz at the construction site to show us what's going on. gil. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah. caltrans is calling today monumental. as you said they are starting to pour cement in the tunnel. last week it was the southbound lanes. today it was the northbound lanes. take a look. this is what caltrans has been looking forward to since the project began. but the cement pour comes a couple of months behind schedule and the tunnel really should have been opened by this time around. nevertheless, one pacifica resident who was happy that
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something is still being done. >> my son just moved over there and my biggest concern is that he can't get to work over here. and he has to go all the way around on 92. >> reporter: how long does that take? >> about a hour. >> reporter: an hour more? >> and this takes 15 minutes. >> reporter: now, other residents say they have been fortunate this season. it hasn't rained much so that keeps the mud slides away as well as highway 1 open. the cement will dry within the next 24 hours. the next big step installing some electrical work and some traffic systems and they say, guys, that caltrans says that the tunnel should be open by this december. back to you. >> good news for those out in pacifica. all right, gil diaz live. thank you. >> they will lose the view a bit but heck of a lot safer to be sure. demolition of the eastern portion of the bay bridge will take longer than expected. the "san francisco examiner" says it's going to cost $244 million and take five to seven years to remove the 75-year-old span. caltrans says the original two-
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year timeline was only a preliminary estimate but the project turned out to be a lot more complex than expected. work is slated to begin sometime late next year. >> those engineers are amazing to be able to do that. >> yeah, to bring it down, move it out. guess they can't just leave it there. >> quite project. coming up, we have a breakthrough in the fight against skin cancer the treatment just approved by the fda. >> plus get almost anything supersized at costco. the super ticket items you can get for thousands of dollars. coming up. and the sun now just breaking through around parts of the bay area. we have more clouds on the way. could we see a little rain? we'll talk about that next. ,,
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lawrence. in your healthwatch you ever seen lawrence do a rain dance? >> you want toes that! [ laughter ] >> we can't crank up the showers. there is a chance we could see some rain in the next 24 hours. the skies just beginning to break up. a lot of low clouds and fog, some drizzle this morning around the bay area early on. but yeah, no rain just yet. there's another storm system headed our way outside right now the temperatures still chilly in santa rosa. 49 degrees. 57 in concord. and 51 degrees in oakland.
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out toward mount diablo looking good. skies parting now and yup, looking like sunshine and clouds into the afternoon with some cool temperatures. there is a chance just a slight chance of some showers tomorrow morning. and then it's back to that warm weather once again. high pressure rather flat here. a lot of clouds rolling over the top of it for today so a few passing high clouds and temperatures stay down. this cold front looks like it's going to be passing looks like early tomorrow morning. and then through about the middle of the morning making its way across the rest of the bay area, slight chance of showers in the morning and that's it. so here we go as we take you to the afternoon, passing high clouds. not bad. low clouds and fog hugging the coastline. then overnight tonight storm system drops into the bay area and falls apart again although some of the models try to bring showers even at the coast. how about rainfall totals? these impressive. look at that. that's about it. .02" of rain, that's all we can squeeze out this year so far from many. storms as they run into that ridge of high pressure and fall apart. 50s at the coast this afternoon.
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passing clouds, 50s and 60s elsewhere around the bay area. we are going to notice changes once again the next few days, back to above normal temperatures on thursday with an offshore wind blowing all the way to the coastline so we'll clear things out even at the beaches. looks like partly cloudy skies, cooler temperatures. >> you know what i love about lawrence? he amuses himself. >> i do. >> i'm glad we're back above average again. >> just a bit. >> just a little above average. >> all right, guys. on to healthwatch now. the fda just approved a new drug to treat an advanced form of skin cancer. the drug known as erivedge will treat people with basal cell carcinoma approved for patients who cannot be treated with surgery or radiation. it can also be used in cases where the disease has spread to other parts of the body. the drug will be available in the next couple of weeks. david beckham is going to be baring almost all during the super bowl. the soccer superstar and model is featured in a racy h&m commercial for his new line of
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men's body wear. if you missed him during sunday night's game, head to new york city or should i read slower? h&m is paying a beckham billboard in herald square. it will be huge. he is not the only star that you can catch super bowl commercials. ♪ [ music ] of. broderick plays himself in the >> matthew broderick is reprising his beloved ferris bueller road for honda. he plays himself in the ad for the honda crv but makes a lot of references to the movie "ferris bueller's day off." tickets to next weekend's super bowl are available from an unlikely source. costco is selling them on its website but not for a discount. the cheapest particular is $3,000 for a seat in the upper level of the end zone, nose bleed and a pre-game party for $10,000.
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>> i'm in. >> two tickets for a hotel four nights in the hotel in indianapolis. >> did beckham have any clothes on, not much. a new twist on an old tradition. how a man has become the nation's top tupperware sales woman. we'll explain coming up.
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has one police officer... in trouble wi my tony's table at your kitchen. >> very healthy dish. [ non-english language ] with pepper and arugula on top. >> very simple recipe. easy to make. you don't got to go to so many stores to buy t buy everything in one store. it's just garlic, peppers, pasta an baby arugula. the recipe is so quick and easy you want to get your pasta going before you start the sauce. and that starts with garlic and a heated pan with good olive oil. garlic and whole cloves, smash the garlic to get the oils into the oil. >> correct. >> reporter: now we add the peppers to the garlic-infused oil and let them cook. this is enough for about two portions. these are italian red peppers called calabrese peppers. >> take the seeds out or it will be too strong. >> reporter: allow 8 minutes for the pasta to cook and then it goes into the pan and it's
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all tossed together. finish with some fresh baby arugula on top. >> with parmesan on top and olive oil. simple and delicious. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. this is tony's table. now i get to try it. >> was that a drizzle or a gallon? >> a big dollop. coming up tonight at 5:00 the tweet that has one police officer in trouble with his own department. >> plus, new insight into a child's mind. how a sense of humor has developed. we'll have that and more tonight at 5:00. >> but first, a new york man is making a name for himself by becoming one of the best tupperware saleswomen. that's where we go. night after night 43-year-old bobby, that's him, transforms himself into aunt barbara stilettos and all. at 6'5", he is a daunting tupperware sales lady, making sales with flare and humor, tops in the country.
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>> you can flip a grilled cheese, flip a pancake. i was coming here tonight a little eye shadow one clean sweep. >> her enthusiasm for the product, her honesty for the product everything. it's a great seller. >> in all, aunt barbara sells about $250,000 worth of boles, spatulas, tumblers and cheese graders every year. i thought he would be more like mrs. doubtfire but no. >> a little more happening. >> a lot of money 250 grand in tupperware. enjoy your day. >> caption colorado, llc
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