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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  February 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the search for clues and the gunman. a south bay apartment come blex now a murder scene. the search for clues and the gunman. water shut off to an oakland neighborhood. the pipeline break that crews are still working on. just a few high clouds around our skies. a significant storm is headed toward the bay area. we will have more on that coming up. none of the usual road work this morning. and we will check mass transit coming up. good morning, everyone. it is monday, february 6. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 4:30. we will have lights from the super bowl. and i have to say, as a patriots fan, we're very sorry. >> bruteful. >> that is twice they've done that in the last few years. >> brutal. >> and were you rooting for the giants. >> it is what it is.
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>> and soggy problems to tell you about. in oakland's fruitdale area. >> a water main has broke therein. gil diaz is live in oakland with the impact it is having on the neighborhood. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the 2200 block of 39th avenue. you can see from beside me, east bay mud crews have dug up a hole right here. this is where the water main break erupted around midnight. the crews have been here since then. let's take a look at the video when the water main break first gushed out. the one thing that crews say, it is affecting some families in this neighbor. but not sure just how many families are affected. so some families might wake up and not be able to get their morning shower or brush their teeth, with the water main break and we're trying to find out exactly why this break even happened in the first place. and this is the 39thth avenue, 2200 block. and a live look at the hole, it
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is probably about six feet deep. and i do see a little water bursting from one of the pipes here. so it might take a while to actually patch things up. if you live in this block where you have to get through here this morning, avoid this intersection. and it is blocked off between carington here and 39th avenue. back to you guys. >> live in oakland, gil diaz, thank you. 43. a man is found mortally wounded in a parking lot in san jose. >> police are trying to find out who shot him and. why the victim was found outsite an apartment complex on the 4300 block of blackford avenue. ha is on the city's west side. lisa washington is in san jose. with the latest on the city's third homicide of the year. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. and yes, there are still a number of san jose police officers here on the scene. after that deadly shooting last night. and this is san jose's third homicide of the year. i'm going to take a -- move back to take a look and see,
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there is still a little bit of police activity. probably hard for you to see. because it is so dark. but there is an apartment complex. and apparently, that victim was found last night in the parking lot. lieutenant, thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about this shooting? >> well, right about the 22:15 hours last night, we had a report of a person down. we responded out here. we found out an adult male suffering from life-threatening injuries. and he was transported to the hospital at that point. and died shortly thereafter. >> do you have any suspects or motive in this case? how far has the investigation gone so far? >> the investigation is just starting, and still ongoing, we don't really have that information to put out yet. >> okay. and of course, we want anyone in wftion to -- anyone with
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information to contact police. >> did he live in the apartment complex? >> i believe he did not. >> have you released his name or notified next of kin, do you know? >> all of that information will be released by the homicide unit and the investigation continues, so at that point, i would have to defer to them. >> lieutenant mike king, thanks for joining us. again the city's third homicide of the year. frank and grace, and they want anyone with any information to give san jose police a call. >> okay. lisa washington, thanks, live for us in san jose. meanwhile police in oakland are holding a suspect to within a standoff of officers this morning. and the 40-year-old man allegedly shot a man outside a house on 83rd avenue. and then holed up inside. and as officers arrived, the suspect finally surrendered about two hours ago. and coming out of the house, with his hands up in the air, as you can see, the shooting victim is in surgery at this hour. and is in critical condition. seven people are recovering after being shot in oakland yesterday. the shootings came about an hour apart. one at 59th street.
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and telegraph avenue. and the other on adeline street. one left bullet holes in a woman's car. she heard the gunfire while watching the super bowl. a neighbor's window was shot out. four people were wounded. they include a woman who was holding her baby. the baby was not hurt. >> there was a gun battle. >> between. >> two different groups. my sister talked to the police. and it was explained to me that someone came between i guess one of those houses, and targeted these houses over here. >> one of the men was wounded in the shooting here. a liquor store at telegraph. and the other shooting victim was wounded. police are trying to confirm the information. 4:35. occupy oakland protesters plan more demonstrations today. this time they're upset by how police handled one of the protests last month. 400 people were arrested after
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protesters clashed with police. and vandalized city hall. today's demonstration included a protest at the whiting courthouse and a noontime rally at frank ogawa plaza. fire crews watched over a wearhouse that burned down. a four alarm fire on mirror island. a wearhouse and railroad avenue and k street, street completely destroyed. because of the smoke and strong winds, they issued a smoke alert for the area. but the smoke blew away from the city rather quickly. no injuries. and as far as they know nobody was in the building when it burned. >> some lady said it was homeless people maybe. >> it could be an unintentional fire set by homeless. it is not what we're thinking at this point but we have to -- nothing is off the table. we will look at every avenue. >> the fire chief says the good news is, the building was slated for demolition and the federal government had clean tox irks that were in the wearhouse when it was part of
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the mirror island naval shipyard. new this morning, new representation for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez has three new lawyers. one of them is paula canny part of the legal team for barry bonds personal train ner the balco case. another lawyer specializes in family law. and a third was brought in to handsel immigration issues. a place in san francisco is set to reopen, a school is reopening after a nasty stomach virus. saint ignatius college preparatory also closed down. and dozens who did attend the school, they began vomiting in trash cans an campus rest rooms. all campus extra curricular activities were canceled and classes for the rest of the week, as cleaning crews tried to san fize the campus. two teachers are accused of lewd acts with students.
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mirammonte elementary will be closed and the closures are related to the arrested teachers. football now. 4:38. 14 people arrested in massachusetts after a crowd reacted to the pats in the super bowl, and it got a little too rowdy. >> police in riot gear and on horseback used smoke bombs to disburse the 1500 students at u- mass amherst. they reportedly were fistfights but no one was hurt badly enough to be taken to the hospital. meanwhile new york giants fans poured into times square, celebrating the team's big victory. and people spilled out of the sports bars yelling what else, giants, giants, giants. >> yes. >> killing me. >> and groups of people loitered at every street corner high fiving one another. tomorrow, the giants will be welcomed home from indianapolis with a big ticker tape parade. >> i thought you didn't put enough oompm in that story. >> it just hurts.
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the second time since '07. >> really. >> i was rooting for the giants. and the giants are the nfl champions again. >> they won super bowl xlvi. late last night. beating the patriots with a last-minute score. the decisive play was a six yard touchdown run by ahmad brad shaw. 57 seconds left. he wasn't supposed to score. they told him not to, to run down the clock but momentum was going to stop and when he went boom, in he went and quarterback eli manning, 30 for 40 and 296-yards and a touchdown. and brady had his moment. but not enough. as the giants came out on top 21-17 and nearly got gronkowski there, but not to be. >> go eli. mvp. >> okay. enough said. >> can we talk about weather now? >> he is dying to talk about weather, lawrence. >> i want to talk about football still. >> i know. >> hey, i got to be honest. that was one of the most boring super bowls that i've soon until the last part.
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>> i was getting texts from lawrence. this stinks. this is boring. >> until the very end. >> a lot of snacks. a lost food. >> and hey, folks, a lot of sunshine, headed our way today, and high clouds will be on the increase. and we're going to notice the winds picking up late in the day. with a significant storm coming in our direction. and outside right now, 39 degrees in santa rosa, and 41 in livermore and 46 degrees in san jose. and 52 in san francisco. with the high clouds i'm talking about, the system off the coastline, still a ways away, probably not until tonight before this moves onshore. as it creeps closer in the latter part of the day, southerly winds kicking up. by tonight, some of the winds, 20 to 30 miles an hour and maybe 40 to 50 mile-an-hour gusts and heavy rainfall. and the temperatures today, though, not bad. not a rainout for today. plan on about 66 degrees. in san jose, and about 65 degrees in santa rosa and about 64 degrees in san francisco. all right. let's check on the roadways with elizabeth. >> thank you. we will enjoy the dry conditions. while we have them. and there is one accident that
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we're reporting, off to the right-hand shoulder out in concord and it is going against the commute. and we will just mention it, eastbound highway 4 at solano way. in the commute direction, as you can see from the live traffic sensors, all speeds are moving at top speeds. all 40 miles per hour or more. from antioch to pittsburgh, concord and out toward 242. and the golden gate bridge, they have not seen a lane change yet but they will likely here any minute and once again, i promise a check of mass transit next in the traffic report. stay tuned for another 10 minutes or so. >> do you promise? really. >> i promise. >> all right. just checking. 4:41 now. a photographer for the sacramento bee has been fired. the photo he altered right before publication. we will show you. and wall street is off to a strong start. what is happening today for the first time in 15 years?
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welcome back. 4:43. stock futures we're following.
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the crisis drags on in greece. and the stock market is off to the best start in 15 years. so far this year, the dow has gained 4%. it is up to its highest level since before the financial collapse in 2008. the nasdaq is sitting at an 11- year high. and if you're planning travel abroad, the cost of a passport is going up. the application fee is going up from $55 to $70. and then there is the security charge. that is doubling from $20 to $40. and on top of that, there is an execution fee of $25. so the total? $135. and if you want to add any pages to your old passport, that's going to cost you, too. it used to be free but they will now charge for extra pages. fresh off the win by mitt romney in the mev da caucuses the republican -- nevada caucuses, the republican caucuses continue in missouri and colorado, and maine, and missouri has a nonbinding
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primary. rick santorum was the only one of the four candidates on the campaign trail yesterday. with events in minnesota. he and others hit the sunday talk shows though. here they are. >> i got energized because there are a lot of people looking for another option. >> i think we will show improvement. this race is a long way from being over. >> my goal is with governor perry's help from others to have the delegate by the time we get to texas. >> they are hoping to gain much- needed ground in the contest. and a central valley photographer is out of a job after he digitally altered photos he took for the sacramento bee. take a look. this is a picture showing an egret grabbing for a frog. well the second photo was taken moments later. and the paper ultimately published what it admits is a combination of the first two photos. and the bee published a correction. and an apology to its readers. well, today, the deadline
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for activists hoping to keep san francisco's coit tower free, they have a short amount of time to get an initiative on the ballot. it would limit the amount of parties and commercial event at coyote tower. and the parks department is trying to get approval to rent out the viewing area once a month. it is facing a $14 million short fall. like much of everything this year. the thrilling finish and the controversy this morning about the half time super bowl show. >> and tell you about. it plus a plane barrels into a home. the scary moment, seconds before this accident. and a family stranded in the mountains for six days. how they survived without any food, water, or warm clothing. we will tell you, coming up. and it is calm outside right now. that is all about to change. we have a significant storm coming our way. we will talk about that next.
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shovels to try to dig out ds back at 4:48. rescuers in the central philippines are using picks an shovels to try to dig out dozens of people trapped under homes collapsed by a 6.9 magnitude quake. that also set off landslides. food and medicine are waiting to be delivered to those who need that, but the aid want reach villages because of damaged roads and bridges in the philippines. 4:49. 43 foreigners including 19 americans will go on trial in egypt for allegedly using illegal foreign funds to support banned activities. some of the americans worked at the international republican institute raided by government troops recently. among them is sam la hood, the son of u.s. transportation secretary ray la hood. most of the foreigners were involved in pro democracy groups and in egypt to monitor elections. president obama says the u.s. will work with israel to prevent iran from becoming a new york power and says that he hopes the crisis will be
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resolved diplomatically. >> they, like us, believe that iran has to stand out on its nuclear weapons program. and we have mobilized the international community in a way that is unprecedented. and they are feeling the pinch. >> the president told nbc in an interview, from the white house yesterday, that israel is rightly concerned about iran's nuclear program. and last week, the defense secretary leon panetta wa into the dispute a report that he believes israel may attack iran this spring in an attempt to set back iran's nuclear program. 4:50 now. a devastating story making national headlines this morning. two young boys are dead after their father intentionally blew up their home in western washington. and it happened yesterday, in the community of graham. here is the video. social worker who brought the boys there, for a supervised visit, says josh powell brought his sons inside, pushed her back, and then locked the door. the explosion happened shortly afterwards. powell had long been a suspect in the disappearance of his
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wife. who was last seen more than two years ago. in west valley city, utah. >> first, the wife. the mother of those two boys. and then him and his two sons. you know, it is one thing to have him get charged or not charged and deal with it. but it is evil. >> investigators say just before yesterday's explosion, powell sent a brief e-mail to his attorney and he simply said i'm sorry and goodbye. a story of survival, for a montana family, after a plane crashed into their home. the homeowner was inside the house when the plane smacked through it, up side down. the plane started sputtering out before the accident, witnesses say. >> we started to dig into the side of the plane and there some dogs coming out and heard muscling noises and a passenger in there hanging upside down and he said get me out of here. and that's what we did. >> that is what they did. the homeowner was not hurt.
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he helped the passengers escape. all three aboard that plane managed to walk away from that accident. >> unbelievable. well, family of three, rescued in oregon after lost in the mountains for six days. >> the u.s. coast guard rescued the family by helicopter, in curry county. the group spent six days, lost on the edge of a forest. and they got lost after picking mushrooms. the married couple and their adult son had no food or warm clothing or water and managed to survive by drinking from streams and taking shelter from a hollowed out tree. 4:52. over to lawrence, and find out what is cook can in the weather world. >> -- cooking in the weather world. >> a cold start to the day. hardly think this there is a big storm off the coastline. a significant storm headed our way now. and outside, we have high clouds moving overhead and the winds are very calm at the moment. that is all going to change, as we head into later tonight. and this afternoon, we may see the breezy winds kicking up. especially out toward the coastline. and partly cloudy skies, and the clouds will be on the increase.
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and the temperatures are rather mild with southerly winds to help bring the temperatures up just a bit. and dry weather for today. but then the rain, and the system, carrying with it some tropical moisture, making its way toward the coastline and it will bring some strong gusty winds overnight tonight and in toward tomorrow. some of the gusts may be 40, 50 miles an hour near the coastline and over the mountain tops. computer models trying to pick up on this. and the computer model may be just a little bit fast but toward the evening hours, it begins to bring a few showers in. a little bit early. but overnight, i think tonight. the bulk of the storm system will move onshore and bring with it very heavy rainfall tonight and in to tomorrow morning. the morning commute tomorrow could be a bit wild around the bay area with some significant rainfall. and the temperatures for today, though, not bad at all. 67 degrees, in morgan hill. it should stay dry. and 66 in sunnyvale. and 63 in half moon bay. east bay temperatures in the 60s. and the warmest spots written land. inside the bay, the temperatures are in the 60s this afternoon. and as high as 64 degrees in san francisco. and 65 degrees in san rosa. so it looks like a better part of today, okay. and later on tonight, a chance
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of rain developing and rain likely overnight tonight with strong gusty winds and rain turning to showers for tomorrow and it looks like a return to dry weather on wednesday, thursday, and into next weekend. that's a look at weather. here is elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. if we're predicting a wild commute tomorrow. kind of the exact opposite out there right now. pretty quiet. usually it kind of takes a while to get going sometimes on a monday morning. people may be sleeping in. a little late. and the super bowl-watt last night. maybe they're sleeping in later than typical. and overall not bad. westbound 580 traffics with the headlights. and the maps, a drive time across the stretch, 13 minutes from the altamont pass. no delay out of tracey. all the way through livermore. and out towards the dublin pleasanton area. no sign of any brake lights. similar story on the bridges. a live look at the san mateo bridge. this is the commute direction westbound 92. if you're headed to the east bay coming off of the highrise, both directions right now, it is early, it is still about 13 minutes in either direction
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across the span. and bay bridge, we're not seeing the usual road work heading into san francisco this morning. so right now there should be nothing to slow you down. all the way across the s curve, heading to treasure island and the san francisco side of the span we're seeing top speeds as well. and one more time saver traffic camera, the nimitz, 880 to oakland and a nice smooth ride and all the way to downtown oakland. and these are your drive times for the east bay. check these out in. the green. and westbound 80. and 18 minutes. and from the carquinez bridge to the maze and so far, no delays from walnut creek all the way to the macarthur maze. and mass transit as promised and so far everything is on time. and bart and ace and muni and caltrans and ferries. >> the queen of england. she is celebrating her diamond jubilee today. queen elizabeth ii ascended the throne on this day 60 years ago. there will be celebrations throughout the year. both in england and internationally. later today the queen is scheduled to tour a nursery school and meet with students
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there. then she is going to watch a play about her six decades on the throne. >> do you think the queen watched the super bowl? >> probably not. >> you never know. >> well, if she did, she probably didn't like this. a little bit of controversy, during the half time show. >> it happened during madonna's show. the pop singer said that she would keep her half time show family friendly but the fellow performer mia flipped off the camera and cursed during the give me all you loving song. >> and no word what trouble it could cause performers and if you noticed the screen went haywire for a second and it was because of there. >> there is a time delay on it. >> and anyway, it is the super bowl. and it is not just about the football, right? >> a lot of viewers tuned in for the $3.5 million per 30 seconds ads and what was your favorite? the doritos was i had
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hilarious and the audi vampire. and the cheetah were pretty funny. this guy watched them all. >> apparently so. >> and kevin kennedy says sketcher shoes, that's a dog racing on the track. that was cute and the infinity commercial. the houses racing against each other with people inside was good. coming up we will take a look at. so top-rated commercials by viewers nationwide. i think the bark side of the volkswagen commercial when the dog loses weight, that is pretty cute. >> the day of action. planned for occupy oakland. we will have the latest. and a huge fire burned down a warehouse. and why fire crews are forced to stay into the morning. san jose police are investigating the city's third homicide of the year. we are live in san jose. with the details.
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co a murder investigation. a south bay apartment complex. the evidence gathered and the search for a gunman this morning. and part of the street turned into a stream. the water main break shutting off water to an east ba


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