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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 11, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: good night, everybody.
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a house surrounded, then all of a sudden it burst into flames. how it all started with an ad on craigslist. >> a death row inmate spills his secrets, the discoveries and the deal that made the serial killer talk. >> and, the bay area is crawling with imposters. the clever ways they fool you. how to spot a fake. >> good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. police, s.w.a.t. teams, and firefighters surround the house only to watch it go up in flames. >> it may have been the result of a craigslist robbery gone wrong. this happened in the 1,000
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block of castlewood drive in vallejo. sharon chin explains how it ended. >> for four hours, police thought that they were in a standoff with several robbery suspects in the house, but in the end, there was no one inside. >> vallejo police and the s.w.a.t. team surrounded a house on the 1,000 block of castlewood drive after 1:30 this afternoon. officers say they saw five to six suspects in the robbery and beating, get out of their green car and go inside. after four hours and no response to police calling through a pa system, officers thought they heard gunfire. then smoke and fire erupted from the home. >> we don't know exactly what started the fire, but we are confident the fire was not started by our devices. >> one dog was killed, another survived, but no sign of any suspects. >> there's always a possibility that the suspects fled prior to police arrival. we believe that they were
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inside the house at the time we set up. >> six armed suspects robbed and beat a man outside the 1400 block of north camino for a purchase arranged over craigslist. the victim is in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the afternoon chaos rattled their nerves. >> i was a little nervous. typically this area is very family oriented and there's kids and schools and stuff around. so it's not very often that this kind of stuff, you know, occurs. >> police have not released any information about suspects, but they say about a month ago, there was another craigslist related robbery and beating that happened a block away. no word on whether there's any connection between those suspects and the ones from today. live in vallejo, cbs 5. >> a decades old murder mystery is breaking wide open. a convicted serial killer's death row confessions to a bounty hunter led to two sets
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of remains. but that may be just the beginning. the searches now expanded to the tiny town of lyndon where up to a dozen more bodies may be waiting. robert lyles is there. >> we have uncovered a partial skull as well as some bones that we believe are also human remains. >> mccob, it's the only description for two consecutive days of unearthing body parts in this poison oak section of san andreas. the san joaquin court believes they found the skull and teeth of cynthia ann vanderheden yesterday, she may be among the scattered remains found today. >> been in contact with the wheeler family. we are stressing we have not made any identification as of yet. >> investigators were led here by san quinton death row inmate. he is one-half of the murderous duo dubbed the speed free killers. the partner in crime, lauren
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herzog, he hanged himself just last month. not out of guilt, but it's believed that herzog learned that he was confessing to leanard padilla. >> he spent me a map saying there are 12 bodies in this well. >> based on his jail cell map, san joaquin sheriff investigate torse raced heavy digging equipment to lyndon today. >> there are three different maps that lead us to wells. >> padilla claims they may have dumped 12 bodies into nine wells on land that surrounds where herzog once lived. >> the entrance to what is being called herzog's bone yard is blocked and protected at the crime scene tonight, but a private eye has come forward saying investigators are looking in the wrong well. >> the maps that they are working off of shows 150 feet from the road. that's probably 15 feet from the road. >> he claims they are searching a well that has been cemented over, but when they
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tried to correct searchers -- >> you got a second? >> i do in just a minute here. >> i can tell you where the right well is. >> he claimed sheriff investigators are refusing to listen. >> we are 25 feet down, like i said, large equipment and we have to move an enormous amount. >> now they are starting to pay attention to the information. up until then, they thought that he was lying about all this. >> in san joaquin county, robert lyles, cbs 5. now it does not appear shermantine is revealing burial sites to free his conscious. the bounty hunter offered money in exchange for this information. shermantine wants to buy cigarettes and candy behind bars. a move by president obama to solve an election year political fire storm over religion, health insurance, and birth control. women working at faith based institutions can get free birth control. but it will be paid for by their health insurance plan. not the religious institutions.
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nora o'donnell explains. >> the healthcare reform law that i signed. >> calling himself a citizen and a christian, the president today announced a compromise. >> after the many genuine concerns that have been raised over the last few weeks as well as frankly the more cynical desire on the part of some to make this into a political football. it became clear that spending months hammering out a solution was not going to be an option. >> the new policy would not require religious institutions like catholic hospitals or universities to provide free contraception for their employees. instead, the institution's health insurance providers would have to offer and pay for birth control. a solution, mr. obama hopes works for everyone. >> the liberty will be protected and a law that requires free preventive care will not dediscriminate against women. >> settles months of debate inside the white house with the president's closest advisers
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divided along gender lines. senior adviser and health secretary, kathleen, urged the president to expand contraceptive coverage for women. while vice president joe biden and former white house chief of staff, bill daly, both catholics, warned about the political fallout. even inviting cardinal designate to the oval office in november to speak directly to the president. today in a statement, a cautious dolan called the president's announcement a first step in the right direction. planned parenthood president said the move will provide new access for millions of american women. >> women will be able to get birth control now for no expensive copay or deductible regardless of where they work. >> with this new compromise, the white house is hoping that both sides can claim victory with this new policy women will have access to contraception without a copay and this will also address some of the important concerns that have been raised by religious
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institutions. nora o'donnell, cbs news, the white house. no safe place inside syria tonight as the regime tries to crush an 11 month uprising. the city is surrounded on all sides by tanks and soldiers, rockets and morters have been raining since saturday since russia and china vetoed a peace proposal. with the rebels in northern syria where protesters are pushing back. >> the rebels have managed to carve out this small on clave so people of this city can come out here without fear and celebrate what this uprising is really all about. freedom. >> today, twin suicide bombings killed 28 people in the city of alapo. the rebels and the government are blaming each other. bay area headlines, oakland's attempt to close a haven for prostitution got
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underway today. neighbors testify that they recently seen more prostitutes and violence at the national lodge motel on international boulevard. the city attorney is hoping to close the motel for up to a year under a state law that requires motels to prevent prostitution. >> the state has put a stop to construction at santa clara medical center. it was halted after the city changed building plans with approval from the state. work could resume next week after state and hospital officials meet on tuesday. in 2008, voters approved $840 million in bonds to upgrade the medical center to meet seismic safety requirements. >> just days before music's biggest night, a local musician is singing the blues. a recent break in netted thieves more than just a vintage instrument. elizabeth cook shows us the item that made not just music, but a lot of memories.
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>> world renowned rock band has sold out venues. won grammy's and produced several chart stopping songs. the most valuable possession of the band's base, tom mccord is this. >> it's a a family heirloom. >> on tuesday night, his girlfriend, ashley dunlap came home to find their modest apartment in shambles. >> i walked in and started seeing all of our belongings everywhere. >> police think the thieves climbed through this bathroom window and came through the apartment like a tornado. taking everything that could easily be sold at pawnshop, including the vintage bass guitar that was given to him by his dad. >> it was given to me in my father's will when he died. ever since i was born and raised and child through early adulthood.
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>> he is now on tour in japan and is unable to come back home to help ashley try to find the guitar. >> absolutely terrible to be on the other side of the planet and having my home violated. >> for now, all ashley can do is scour pawnshop, ebay, and craigslist and put up fliers around the neighborhood. >> if you have half of a heart at all, please return this to me. i'm not looking for restitution or punishment or anything of the sort. i just want this back because to me, it's irreplaceable. >> in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. and the grammy's are this sunday night at 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs 5. followed by special edition of eyewitness news at 11:30 and you'll also hear from the doctor who performed surgery on singer, adele. almost half the time fertility trouble is because of the man. now there is a simple way men
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can check at home. >> sending your valentine flowers. the key to sending the perfect bouquet. >> friday night, it's a game of passion roulette. because the bay area is crawling with it. the clever way they fool you. >> is this the taxi you want to get in
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so, how much is your
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sweetheart worth? how about $80? that's the cost of the average valentine bouquet. >> and many of us will order those flowers online. julie watts puts the top online florist to the test. >> nationwide, florists expect nearly half of all their valentine orders will come from flower ordering websites and wire services. but how can you be certain the quality you see on the screen is what your valentine actually gets? >> there's a whole line of things that have to happen for your flowers to perform. >> flower experts say with online order variables ranging from who fills the order to how it's handled in transit, there's no way to ensure the quality. so, he's agreed to help us compare quality. we ordered four comparable bouquets for $49.99 ich 99 each. >> we are starting off with the most well known. this is what it's supposed to look like, this is what we
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received. >> it will not mature consistently. you'll have some flowers dying off before the rest come to a full bloom. >> he says in addition to poor flower quality and bouquet design, it doesn't live up to the picture, the order wasn't properly fulfilled. it's missing the picture frame. >> how about std? >> it ranged quite a bit smaller than the rest of the arrangements. >> flower quality and bouquet design are good and the order is fully fulfilled. up next, teleflora that has the freshest and fullest bouquet. >> i would say teleflora is giving you the best for your money. >> the only company to charge extra for a vase. proflowers arrived in a box and while good flower quality and order fulfillment, when it comes it arrangement. >> not so good, because it wasn't arranged by a
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professional. it was arranged by us. >> only company that doesn't use a local florist to fulfill orders. some florists say that's not necessarily a good thing. >> you're basically giving a lot of money to an entity that doesn't touch your flowers. >> harold suggests to better insure quality and price. use online reviews to find a florist in the city you're sending to and order directly from them. >> you'll get a better value. you'll have a chance to know exactly what they have in stock. they'll know how it's delivered. >> on the consumer watch, cbs 5. >> after placing our order online, we asked each company for the name of the florist who would fulfill it. tel eflora allows you to choose your florist. to read the responses, head to
1:57 am for a long time, the bird in the fertility has fallen on women. but a new product will soon make reproductive responsibility a little more balanced. the sperm check male fertility test is set to shut the shelves of wail walgreen's. despite the manufactures 98% accuracy guaranteed, doctor, remain skeptical. >> my advice is to not waste time and money with home see men analysis. >> it's good. i think it's about time for the men to start get involved with that. >> the one time use test is already being sold on the wall green's website for $40. >> you've been there, it's late, you're tired. all you want to do a grab a
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taxi and get home. and finally you see a roof headed your way, but is it really a taxi? cabs are not always what they seem and there are plenty of reasons to make sure you step inside the real deal. it's friday night and a will the of people need a taxi. more than 1500 licensed cabs hit the streets, so do eric and chris. their job is to make sure you don't get taken for a ride. >> it's a mercury grand marquis. >> it doesn't take long to find them. thieves are banded from taxis. on patrol at the mta. quickly learned that just before a cab is yellow, it doesn't mean it's a yellow cab and they're everywhere. >> we went along for the city's new crackdown. >> you're being sited for operating without a permit. >> here's another one, parking
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on the side of the road. >> what we have here is your basic fake taxi. this sticker is where the airport sticker should be, but this one says in memory of your fallen heros. there's a phone number here. it should stay san francisco taxi cab on the back and on the side. >> this vehicle does not have any ma daleon on the front. >> i saw the same car. a $5 fare and a $5,000 fine. >> the citation for operating without a permit. >> real taxi drivers have done a few things, like get insurance and driver's license, pass some safety training. no medallion, no guarantees. ask yourself. >> is this the taxi you want to get into in the middle of the night when you're trying to get home safely? >> along with criminal backgrounds, i've seen some
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meters. >> it doesn't end with illegal taxis. there are limb limmos and town cars that don't bother having a license plate. >> so he drove in tonight. >> it's a little wild west out here and once group in particular couldn't be happier about seeing law enforced. >> close to $1700 a year and license fees just to operate this taxi. they pay nothing. you don't know where they are from, what their background is. it's a matter of time until sming bad happens. >> farm night, the hunt will resume. cbs 5. >> yeah, so a number of the real cab drivers pass along fake horror stories for you, like women find themselves getting propositions by unanimous drivers. another thing to consider, if your in a serious crash and that bandit driver is not
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insured, you are pretty much on your ow
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good evening and welcome back. a pesky cold front producing rain and check out what's been going on in the past, just 15 minutes. we have precipitation, some measurable rain fall as far as up to .5 of rain in vallejo and bam, it's out of here. and now leaving us with the mostly cloudy sky, temperature wise overnight, dipping down to 38 in santa rosa. mid 40s across the central bay and the peninsula to 44 degrees in willow glen and san jose. your weather headlines, we could see a stray shower overnight tonight and then tomorrow morning perhaps maybe a little bit of left over drizzle. but then, mostly cloudy skies turning partly cloudy. we do have rain returning to the bay area sunday night. the extended forecast calls for cooler temperatures. look at the area of low pressure. precipitation to the north of
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us and it splits, leaving us with the tail end of this system and just more of a nuisance of a rain fall if anything at all. statewide tomorrow, 64 cloud cover in sacramento. sunshine in fresno. 30% of flakes in the high sierra. we will have snowfall on monday. if you're heading there, grab the chains. 50s and 60s. otherwise, again, really not a bad looking weekend. rain by sunday night, then showers on monday. another system rolls in by late friday night. meanwhile, if you're heading to pebble beach, bundle up. some cloud cover and also temperatures in the mid 50s. and kim, you have lots to talk about with that. >> we certainly do. the top of the leader board and kobe bryant knows all about
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with all eyes on the former stanford star. two rounds of the pebble beach proam. dennis has more. >> bing used to call @ crosby weather. a late rain and mist led to higher scores at all three courses. plenty of time for a snack for anthony anderson. but i have been willing to bet it's better if it's still open. phil mickelson playing monterey peninsula. pushed him to 5 under. he finished with a 5 under 65. tiger woods also on the monterey peninsula course, his
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approach is on a string. a foot away, setting up a birdie. six back of the lead. charlie wee, backed up his 61 and at round 1, he is 12 under. i spoke with the surprise leader after his round at pebble beach. >> being here at pebble feels like home to me. i won my first tournament here way back when and to win a tournament here would be special to me. >> we'll see you tomorrow on the par 5 post game show right after the third round of the at&t. kim. >> sharks and blackhawks duking it out at the tank. san jose scored throw power play goals tonight. jamie gives the sharks some breathing room. they beat chicago 5-3 and will begin a nine-game road trip on sunday in st. louis. >> jeremy lin lynn has been
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the most talked about player, but not everyone bought into the lynn sanity. >> i don't know what he has done. i have no idea what you guys are talking about. i'll take a look at it tonight though. >> the star is front page news in new york these days. it continues tonight and this was his most incredible performance yet. he finishes with a career high 38 and is now averaging 28 points per game during the next four game winning streak. >> up or down the stretch, comes up short. >> i don't know. maybe he helped me up during the game. he might know who i am. >> i know he


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