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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  February 11, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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how it all started with an a manhunt for robbery suspects this morning after a police standoff ends in flames. how it all started with an online ad. an overnight shooting kills one person in the east bay. what witnesses saw right after the attack. maine becomes the next battleground in the gop race for the white house. it's 7:00, saturday morning, february 11th. thanks for joining us today. >> let's take a look at your weekend weather pattern, it includes a few light rain showers out there this weekend. it's not going to amount to much and should be winding down here through midday. but we'll get a brief break for tomorrow before we look at another chance for rain. approaching the bay area, which
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we will take a look at for you, coming up in just a few minutes in your complete forecast. >> all right, thanks, jim. a house in vallejo went up in flames as police had it surrounded. the fire happened yesterday afternoon on the 1,000 block of castle wood drive. officers had to use tear gas to try to get some suspects out, but somehow they apparently escaped. officers say they saw five or six suspects in a robbery and beating get out of their green car and go inside of this house. they waited outside for nearly four hours. after no response through a pa system, police fired off flameless gas. then they heard shots and saw smoke coming from the roof. firefighters extinguished the fire and police went inside, but there was no sign of any suspects. >> there's always a possibility that the suspects fled prior to police arrival. we believe that they were inside the house at the time we set up. >> now police say earlier on
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north camino alto, several suspects robbed and beat a man for a purchase over craigslist. the victim is is in the hospital with head injuries and is expected to recover. the decade's old speed freak murder mystery is wide open after a serial killer's death row confessions to a bounty hunter. the tips led to two sets of remains. that may be just the beginning. searchers will focus on the number of wells where as many as a dozen more bodies may be buried. convicted killer, wesley shermantine committed the -- admitted to the killings to a bounty hunter. the state's caucuses are wrapping up. it's rick santorum's sweep of the midwestern caucuses this
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week that's making a strong impression with republicans here in california. in a hypothetical state primary, a new survey usa poll puts santorum in a virtual tie with frontrunner mitt romney. all three men are in washington this morning, thousands of conservative voters gathered for the cpac conference. danielle nottingham tells us it could be a make or break moment for any of them. >> the support of thousands conservative voters is up for grabs at this annual convention. some are here in washington to promote their candidates, others to settle on a favorite. >> i'm really trying to deserve the information that they present when they speak and i'll make my decision based upon that. >> reporter: conservatives delivered a big win for rick santorum tuesday. he's hoping his new found momentum will carry him to the nominations. >> as conservatives and tea party folks, that we are not
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just wings of the republican party, we are the republican party. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: mitt romney is still the gop frontrunner, but santorum is right on his heels. romney's job here is to convince conservatives he's one of the them. >> i know this president will never get it, but we, conservatives, aren't just proud to cling to our guns in our religion, we're proud to cling to our constitution. >> reporter: newt gingrich is trying to rebound from disappointing finishes in the last five contests. >> this campaign is a mortal threat to their grip on the establishment. we intend to change washington, not accommodate it. >> reporter: conservative voters here will have their say when they cast their ballot in the convention straw poll saturday. danielle nottingham, cbs news washington. >> in less than an hour, the california democratic convention gets underway in san diego.
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congresswoman nancy pelosi is restricting democrats will make gains in november. pelosi listed the five key states yesterday during that convention. they are california, florida, illinois, new york and texas. she said after those pick-ups, democrats will need just a half a does more. new this morning: shots rang out in a quiet east bay neighborhood with fatal results. the shooting happened last night in pleasant hill, just after 10:00 on devon shyer court. a group of people were standing near a house when someone opened fire. witnesses saw a blue saturn view speeding away. one man died at the scene. officers haven't ids the man who died. a pedestrian died after she was hit by a car on meridian avenue. a green acura legend was traveling northbound near san carlo street when it hit that woman around 8:30 last night. the driver stayed on the scene
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and is cooperating with police. of five students at a santa rosa middle school were treated for suspected drug poisoning after their lunch break on friday. police and medical personnel were called after the students became sick from thc, that's the chemical that's in marijuana. one student was taken to the hospital. all are expected to be okay and an investigation is ongoing. iran's president says his country will soon reveal what he calls very big new nuclear achievements. he spoke today at a rally in tehran. iranians marked the 33rd anniversary of the islamic revolution. the president will keep enriching uranium, a process for weapons and energy. wicked winter weather blanketing europe is hampering covery operations at the grounded costa concordia cruise ship on the coast. blinding snow made it too dangerous for crews to make it out to the ship in time for what was supposed to be a second search yesterday.
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the snow is also making traveling a nightmare in and around cities throughout the country. and around here, boy, nothing but a few rain drops. >> not much in the way of snow for the high country, we see a few scattered showers along the shoreline, amounting to a few hundredths of an inch of precipitation. rain will taper off through the morning hours, leaving us high and dry, but cool through the weekend. i'll have your forecast coming up next. it's an emotional issue for families, young girls and abortion. the debate over a ballot proposal to notify parents about the procedure. stage for grammys night. the surgery that nearly cost ade and preview for the british siren back on stage for grammies night. the surgery that nearly cost adele her voice. fo (car horn)
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paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. vote on whether a girl's
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parents should be notified f their young daught for the fourth time in seven years, californians will likely vote on whether a girl's parents should be notified if their young daughter is going to have an abortion.
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signatures are being gathered to put that issue on the november 2012 ballot. ellen martin has a close look at a polarizing issue. >> reporter: backers of the initiative say it makes sense that girls under the -- parents of girls under the age of 18 be told. opponents counter saying when it comes to the youngest girls, a vast majority do tell their parents. usf law professor mia manion. >> parents want to know if their daughter's pregnant. i'm a mother of a daughter, i'd want to know if she was in that situation. >> reporter: voters need to think of girls who are more vulnerable than most. >> not every teenager has an ideal family. not every teenager can safely talk about this with a parent or
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have a parent in their lives to talk with. >> reporter: opponents claim a young girl's health can be at risk if being forced to notify her parents causes her to put off prenatal care. backers of the initiative say a girl's health is of concern too. she's more likely to get health care if parental notification is the law. >> they try to hide it from their parents until they start showing. then you can see it, so they go to their parents and get what treatment they get. i don't think that's a serious problem. >> as for why voters will see this issue on the ballot for the fourth time since 2005. >> it's hard to know exactly what the motives are, why this has been repeated four times. why californians keep rejecting this measure and keep pushing it. it may be just to generally draw attention to abortion care in a
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way that politicizing it and garners people out to vote. >> for me, it's the atomic bomb dropped on society. you can't give up trying. >> the deadline for gathering the required 808,000 ballot signatures is june 11th. back in 2008, what was prop 4, sarah's law was defeated by 52% to 48%. if you have a story idea, log onto send us an e-mail. allen martin, cbs 5. 12 minutes after 7:00. the more than century-old chinese new years parade will work its way through downtown san francisco this evening. the parade is going to start at 2nd and market at 5:30 and make its way into chinatown. you're looking at footage from last year's parade. as always, there'll be spectacular floats and elaborate costumes. the annual chinese new years parade has been a favorite of co-tradition since back in the times of the gold-rush.
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we saw people wearing raincoats and what not. it sounds like we probably won't need that tonight, according to jim. what do you think? >> it'll be close, raincoats wouldn't hurt to have with you. we'll see showers tapering off through the day. they're hit or miss right now. it doesn't look like it'll amount to much. few hundredths of an inch of precip across the area. we see lots of clouds across the bay this morning, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s as a result of that cloud blanket out there. looking at the radar loop, we see that showers are moving south here and just some very light, widely scattered showers through the south bay, headed towards pebble beach for this morning, which will leave us with a chinese new years parade forecast. temperatures in the low 50s. partly cloudy and cool conditions, showers should be long gone by that time. once again, we take a look outside, we find lots of clouds still stretched across the bay. scattered showers this morning,
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hit or miss-type activity. partly cloudy by this afternoon with that chance of showers returning for sunday night into monday as we take a look at this pattern, we see several weak disturbances. most of the shower activity is moving south here, even south of monterey as it heads into southern california. light rainfall amounts, few hundredths of an inch of precip. will wind down through the midday hours. we'll hang onto the clouds and cool conditions with the hit or miss showers disappearing by this afternoon, leave us cloudy and cool through the weekend. as we see upper 50s at the coast, into the low 60s, in and around the bay. by sunday night, into monday, comes the next chance of showers, moving into the bay area, which once again will arrive late sunday into early monday morning, you see monday morning commute may have a few showers and wet streaks out
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there. that activity will wind down quickly, leaving us high and dry through most of the rest of the week. temperature-wise, we'll cool today into the upper 50s, to low 60s, continuing that trend into tomorrow. the week ahead, we see a few scattered light showers today. monday, early morning hours, otherwise, partly cloudy conditions through the week, temperatures on the cool side, at least relatively speaking, compared to where we have been of late. we'll look for just light shower activity with minimal rainfall amounts. there you go, ann, there's your new years parade forecast. thank you, jim. >> it was really hard. >> i sent it to you . >> british siren adele on the challenges of her throat surgery. she spoke with anderson cooper for 60 minutes. she's going to sing at the grammy's tomorrow night. that's the first time she's
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going to perform since going under the knife. amazing. it doesn't matter if you're rooting for adele, kanye west or the fu fighters, the star-studded affair promises to be an entertaining one. fernando and greg from 99.7 fm. how are you? >> good how are you? >> grammy night tomorrow, what do you make of the big event tomorrow? >> i cannot wait to see if adele will have the huge hair we just saw. >> it's fabulous. i think it would work. >> it's really amy winehouse. i seat hair is so amy winehouse. let's be honest, adele will sweep tomorrow. there's not much left up to it. >> she's nominated for six. kanye's nominated for seven, but he'll probably get one or two. >> and he'll be angry about it. >> the sad part about kanye, because he makes such a big deal and goes crazy, people forget
7:17 am
about his talent. nobody thinks about anything but the stunts he pulls. >> don't you think he learned his lesson? >> no! >> if you follow his tweets and stuff like that, he's like "i did the wrong thing." >> he's going to mess it up again. >> they say any publicity is good publicity, do you think that works for him? >> after a while, you have do something good. >> it works for kanye, it does. >> what do you think about the fact that adele had throat surgery and still has an amazing voice. we heard her sing a cappella yesterday. >> she's going to be fantastic. she's had a lot of time to rest. i think she'll be great. >> it has to be like the best year of her life and worst year of her life. she releases this album, she blew up, went on tour where they make all their money and had to cancel the tour because she couldn't sing. it has to be great for her and horrible for her at the same time. >> there has to be a town of
7:18 am
pressure on her too. it's been so long. everybody wants to see if she's healed correctly. >> how will they know. >> we'll see. >> if her voice cracks, we'll know. >> i can't wait. >> talk about the pressure for all of these people performing, you have the performance and the looks factor. everybody analyzing the fashion and how fat they are. you know how that goes. [laughter] >> it's getting to be a little too much though, they're all trying to, on the fashion, not on the fat, on the fashion. it's getting too big too much, they're all trying to out do each other and look ridiculous. nicki minaj, katy perry, lady gaga. it all started and was funny at first, but now it's like "how can we one up?" fire shooting out of your breasts, c'mon now. >> this year, maybe it'll be more subdued. i think gaga will always stick to that. she always does something
7:19 am
outrageous, she's going to go for it. >> nicki minaj will feel the red carpet with something crazy. >> so what about the actual music? of course, we're going off on tangents, other fun stuff, the music, we have big categories. what's the difference between best album and best record? >> i don't know. >> i think one goes to the writer and one goes to the musician. but i do think it was interesting, in the category best album, katy perry wasn't even nominated and she had six number one hits off of that album and i was looking at it west last night, i was floored. >> who decides who's up for this? >> old white men, who don't have any musical talent. >> do you know of any big grammy-watching parties locally? >> i'm sure everybody will be doing their own thing. you can come to my house.
7:20 am
everybody will be watching, having a good old time. >> i'm going to wear my meat dress and come to your house. >> we'll probably eat it. >> put a kabob right through it. >> fernando and greg, i appreciate it. get your grammy fix on we'll post a link to fernando and greg's morning show later on today. 99.7 now. thanks for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> the grammy's tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. on cbs 5. followed by a special edition of eyewitness news. hear from the doctor who performed that surgery on adele. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] the draw of the past is a powerful thing.
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jose sharks get a win on the strength of three power play today's tip of the day is one of my favorite leaf greens of all. between the green leaf and red leaf, i love the romaine. it's still such a main stay to make the caesar salad. usually this time of year, it's very expensive. the crop is very good. the prices are coming down. last year at this time there are about twice as much. let's talk about selection and storage. look how beautiful this is. nice and green. all the way through. you could feel it, squeeze it, it's going feel crispy, crunchy, right here in the bottom, that's what it's gotta look like.
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nice and clear. what's important, you want to check it here and make sure there's no yellowing or flowering coming in from the inside. when you bring them home, crisp the romaine. fill my sink up with water, cold water, put the romain in there, not too long. take it out, shake off the excess water, put a paper towel around it and put it in a refrigerator. if you leave it in a plastic bag, it will wilt and decay. chop it up, it's clean and beautiful. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. a great caesar salad grilled too, ooh, beautiful. in hockey action, the san jose sharks get a win on the strength of three power play goals. >> reporter: good morning everyone, charlie wee is 36 holes away from becoming the first ever cal alum to win a
7:25 am
pga event. comedian anthony anderson had to take a break from eating his lunch to play some golf. tiger woods, his approach is almost perfect. he'd tap in for birdie. tiger shoots not 68. six shots back. former cal star charlie wee began the day, ends it with a three shot lead. shooting a 69 at pebble beach. >> being here at pebble, it feels like home to me. i won my first amateur tournament way back when. to be, to win a tournament at pebble, would definitely be special to me. >> it may need a fresh batch of jeremy lynn jersey's after his latest performance. career high 38 points to lead the knicks to their fourth straight win. the sharks scored three power play goals, they beat the blackhawks 5-3. they'll begin a nine-game road
7:26 am
trip sunday in st. louis. coming up at noon, the third round of the pebble beach pro-am. we'll see you tonight at 5:30. still to come in our next half hour: the season for kittens. the human society in silicon valley joining us live with a kitty in studio, coming up. and the new 49ers stadium beating expectations, why crews are racing to open in time for the 2014 season. we'll be right back.
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killer talk. a death row inmate spills his secrets. the discovery and the deal that made the serial killer talk and the search that continues today. a house surrounded, then all of a sudden it burst into flames. it all started with an ad on craigslist. counting down to the grammy's the host says it's an honor to take center stage tomorrow night. welcome back, it's 7:29, february 11th. thanks for joining us today. >> we see a few light showers roaming around the bay this morning, not going to amount to much, just a few spritz here and there. will give way to partly cloudy skies this afternoon. should be over this evening for the chinese new years parade.
7:30 am
we'll look at all the forecast details coming up in a few minutes. now to the race for the white house, a live look, right now, at portland, maine, they're doing some caucusing today. all eyes on that state where the caucuses are just wrapping up right now. the results are expected tonight but the leading gop candidates are in washington, d.c. today. according to voters at the annual conservative political action conference. >> as conservatives and tea party folks, we are not just wings of the republican party, we are the republican party. but we conservatives aren't just proud to cling to our guns in our religion, we're also proud to cling to our constitution. >> this campaign is a mortal threat to their grip on the establishment. we intend to change washington, not accommodate it. >> ron paul skips the convention to make a last-minute campaign
7:31 am
push in maine. president obama's new budget, next year's budget shortfall will drop below a trillion dollars for the first time in five years. president is calling for tax increases and tight restraints on pentagon spending. >> closer to home, police, swat teams and firefighters surrounded a house, only to watch it go up in flames. it may have been the result of a craigslist robbery gone wrong. now this happened, right there on your map, the 1,000 block of castle wood drive in vallejo. it turns out that the house that all these authorities surrounded was empty. >> reporter: vallejo and swat team surrounded a house this afternoon. they saw five to six suspects in a robbery and beating get out of their green car and go inside. after four hours and no response to police calling through a
7:32 am
pa system, officers fired flameless tear gas inside. smoke and fire suddenly erupted the home. >> we don't know what started the fire, but we're confident it wasn't started from our non-incendiary devices. one dog was killed, another survived, but no sign of any suspects. >> there's always a possibility that the suspects fled friar police arrival. we believe they were in the house at the time we set up. >> reporter: six armed suspects robbed and beat a man outside the 1400 block of north camino alto for a purchase over craigslist. the victim is in the hospital with non-life threatening head injuries. the chaos rattled their nerves. >> i was a little nervous. typically this area is, it's very family-oriented and there's kids and schools and stuff around. so it's not, not very often that this kind of stuff you know, occurs. >> sharon chin, cbs 5.
7:33 am
>> police haven't released descriptions of the suspects. they're working on getting information from the get-a-way car left outside of the house. shots fired on an east bay street leaving one man dead. that happened just after 10:00. a group of people were standing in front of a house when someone opened fire. moments later, witnesses saw a blue saturn view speeding away. one man died at the scene. officers haven't identified that man yet. some closure for the families of victims of the infamous speed freak killings. the man convicted of the murders is speaking out and revealing where he dumped more than a dozen bodies. today searchers near the town of linden will focus on a number of wells that could hold more bodies. convicted killer wesley shermantine, along with a now-dead accomplice committed
7:34 am
the murders high on speed in the 1980s. >> now they're starting to pay attention to the information we've given them. up until then, they thought shermantine was lying about all of this. >> it doesn't appear he's revealing the information to free his con she conscience, he wants more cigarettes and candy behind bars. city leaders are vowing to have a new 49ers stadium ready in time for next season. if the team doesn't kick off in santa clara in 2014, the main construction firm working on the project would face millions of dollars in penalties. san francisco police are asking for your help after someone beat two dogs and stole newborn puppies. on tuesday, someone broke into a
7:35 am
home on the 100 block of cameracon way. two adult dogs were found beaten, the puppies were stolen. san francisco police are hoping for more tips in this case. it is 7:35 and boy the fog sure made a big return yesterday. >> bit of moisture in areas, light shower activity, generally just a few hundredths of an inch of precip. light showers out there. winding down now. fog will give way to partly cloudy skies as we see conditions drying out for the weekend. i'll have details coming up next. and drama the the grammies. can you believe it? chris brown set to perform tomorrow night years after the preshow party that nearly ended his career. ll cool j on what fans should watch out for. meet the officer who made a difference in many kids lives.
7:36 am
the roles she played to many kids in the community.
7:37 am
native who married her high cloudy and cool across the bay this morning. we'll look at the rest of your weekend coming up in just a few minutes.
7:38 am
7:39 am
native who married her high school sweetheart, is a mot, and a police it is 7:39 and an oakland native who married her high school sweetheart is a mother, grandmother and a police officer. kate kelly had to run to catch up with her. >> reporter: it hasn't always been a straight and easy road for kids who participate in the police activities league, track program in oakland. but for the past 26 years, coach margaret dixon has been with them every step of the way. >> i don't just coach them on the track, i coach them through their life. i know they need me all the way through their life, many of them. they call me for advice. >> reporter: they listen because they know she's been in their shoes. margaret dixon worked 25 years as an oakland police officer. she's always taken the time to
7:40 am
help the kids in her community. >> i wanted young people to know that yes, law enforcement can also be part of your family. so i wanted to be that extended family to them. >> that's what she's been for willy griffin. willy started running when he was 4. there were times when he was rough on coach dixon, but she never gave up on him. >> i always think about the support she gave me, the sacrifices she made. i think about the time when she was telling me to go home, leave practice, played a part in keeping me on a straight road. she taught me discipline away from home. >> as a police officer, margaret was recognized for developing numerous community programs. adopt a family, hoops for education. read and run. she retired from the department seven years ago and started teaching a class in clinical justice at merit college, challenging her students to serve their community. >> what do you see yourself
7:41 am
doing to make a difference? >> reporter: and as she does on the track, she asks each student to finish what they start. >> i expect you to put your heart in it, finish this class. those students on that track, whether you win or lose, i still love you. if you can tell me you've done your best, that's all i need hear. >> willy's proud to tell the younger runners about how he's down his best. he just graduated from college. >> this is a community right now, it takes a community to raise a child, that's what she's doing. >> i always tell you i'm proud of you. >> i appreciate that. >> it takes a village. it's always been my passion to give back. >> so for giving young people solid footing on the path to success, this week's award goes to margaret dixon. little moist out there this morning, we have a big chinese
7:42 am
new year parade in san francisco tonight and jim, you're saying people should bring an umbrella. >> it's always a good idea this time of year, but we've been spoiled with this lovely spring weather we've had the last several months. we're taking a turn to the cloudy, cool and wet this weekend. although the wet is going to be minimal as we see the showers tapering off, even as we speak. taking a look outside right now. we find temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s under mostly cloudy skies. and we'll look for those overnight lows to stay in that mid- to upper 40s range for most of the north and east bay as we hang onto the clouds through the weekend. again, the rain shower activity is winding down as we speak. you see taking a look at radar, moving into the south bay and down towards pebble beach where they're trying to play some golf today. they will see a few scattered showers down there with temperatures in the mid- to
7:43 am
upper 50s. those showers taper off by midday. not a washout by any means. rainfall amounts have been light across the areas. few sprinkles here and there. more clouds than rain for most of the bay area. looking for scattered showers winding down through the afternoon. the chance of showers returns late sunday nearly monday morning. it, too, is looking on the light side. we see several systems lining up here out into the pacific. none of them are big rain makers for us, they look to be pretty light in nature. so again, we'll see more clouds than ran as these weak systems cross the coast. hit or miss showers early this morning. that'll disappear quickly as we see partly cloudy and cooler through the rest of the weekend. again, we are breaking that spring pattern that we've enjoyed for the last several weeks here, with temperatures in the upper 60s. we'll be in the upper 50s to low 60s today with that threat of rain returning to the area. early monday morning, it'll thereby for your monday morning commute. rainfall amounts should be on
7:44 am
the light side. conditions will clear out through the day. we hang onto cloud cover into next weekend. upper 50s to low 60s today, around the bay. close to that for tomorrow. maybe a degree or two cooler. for the chinese new year, we can expect cloudy skies and low 50s in the city with dry conditions expected. you might want to take the raincoat just in case. once again, those showers will be tapering off only to return late sunday into early monday morning. but they are, again, anticipated to be very light shower activity and into next weekend, we'll hang onto cloudy conditions with the temperatures remaining on the cool side here as we see mid- to low 60s through the week. down to the low 70s where we have been. that will leave us with partly cloudy conditions for val i don't day on tuesday and that will not affect your valentine's
7:45 am
day activities, i'm sure. >> love will prevail. >> it always will prevail and the weather will change. amazing music, glitz and glamour on top for the grammy awards. mutation and actor ll cool j is going to host the star studded event tomorrow night. we talked to him about his hosting duties. >> hosting the grammy's is never old hat at all. i'm definitely looking forward to it. you know, it is definitely a huge challenge. i don't claim to be the new billy crystal. i gotta get out there, have a good time, be myself, get out of the way, make it about the artists in the room and make sure they feel comfortable so they can all do their best and give their best on that day, on that night. >> let's talk about the artists performing this year. adele, she's performing live
7:46 am
since her surgery, also rihanna, coldplay, chris brown, that's interesting with everything that played out with chris brown and rihanna. >> it's going to be a lot of you know, people who have lives and history outside of the music, but the one thing about the grammy's that's special, on that nugget -- night, it's about the music and talent. we're going judge them based on the music they create and what they do as artists. >> greetings, the 54th grammy awards from the staple center los angeles are tomorrow. it's music's big night. leading the pack with seven nominations, performer and producer, kanye west. the sometimes out-spoken music maker could take home awards in
7:47 am
almost every rap category, but he's also up for the big one, for the song of the year with jay-z. vocals and album of the year, perform with british pop darling coldplay. great performance at tomorrow night's show. british siren adele, her voice is back, check it out. you gotta love it. she's up for six trophies. she's been sitting in silence for five months after undergoing surgery on her vocal cords. she's going to sound great tomorrow night, making a return to the grammy stage. and, american rockers, the fu fighters, they're among the ranks with six grammy nods . know this song?
7:48 am
finally, here are my grammy picks. album, lady gaga. big record of the year, bruno mars. i think adele will get song of the year and nicki minaj will get the new artist trophy. the grammy's are here tomorrow. find out all about the nominees, the host, performances and more. finally, i will be tweeting live throughout the broadcast. 8:00 sunday night. okay...rock on. cheers. >> we will be following you. we are just weeks away from spring, which is also the season for kittens. we're going to meet misty coming up next. the kitty. we're going to talk about cat hell with dr. julia lewis, coming up next.
7:49 am
7:50 am
this spring in silicon vall. february is national spay ad neuter month. for more, doctor julia lewis, from the
7:51 am
humane society of silicon valley joins us now. good morning! dr. julia louis from the hue main society joining us live now with misty. tell us about this kitty. >> misty is a 6-month-old female, himalayan kitten. she and her mother were surrendered to the shelter because the owner couldn't afford to take care of them anymore. she's definitely an indicator that kitten season is coming on us. >> what is up with that? >> always happens this time of year. birds and bee stings that it always happens at this point? >> cats are seasonal breeders. the increasing days and warmer weather helps them come into heat. boys seek them out. >> we know what happens next. >> two months later, we get kittens. >> kittens, kind of an exciting thing, but really not, you guys don't have room to take care of
7:52 am
all of them. >> exactly, there are, unfortunately, kitten season, during the height of kitten season, we get about 300 kittens into the shelter a week, not a week, a month. and as you can imagine, trying to find homes for all of them throughout the summer is very, very difficult. >> spaying and neutering, very important. tell us about that, it helps prevent behavior issues as well. >> exactly. without the productive tract, they don't show a lot of the reproductive behaviors. a cat in heat, they definitely know it, there's no question. also, with males, when they hear the females in heat, if they're intact, they're going out looking for them, so they roam and tend to fight each other for access to the females so you get a lot of cat fights and then you
7:53 am
get a lot of yelling and growling. the boys will spray and urinate and it's a pungent odor. >> spaying and neutering will help with all of that. >> if you see feral cats around. you'll take care of them as far as getting them spayed and neutered? >> exactly, feral cats, we have a special program for them, it's called trap, neuter and return. so we don't find homes for them, because obviously you know, they're very hard to handle, two feral cats can't be handled. so people can rent traps from us, we also have classes, once a month to show people how to find and trap feral cats and they can bring them to us and we will spay and neuter them at a much reduced fee. and then, the trapper, ideally, should be returning them to
7:54 am
wherever they were trapped so that they can you know, form the, or live in the colony that very often will have somebody taking care of it. >> very good. >> we're going to post a link with more information on later this morning. thanks for being here. >> you're welcome. >> we'll be right back. out in san carlos.
7:55 am
on the northbound lanes of 1 at the whipple avenue exit. it there's an overturned big rig on the northbound lanes of 101 at the whiple avenue exit. blocking several lanes and backing up traffic for miles right now. a house in vallejo caught fire, police have it surrounded last night. suspects were able to elude authorities earlier. police say these people committed an armed robbery and beating. the man behind the infamous
7:56 am
speed freak murders of the 1980s and 90s is revealing where he put the remains of a dozen victims. remains of two victims have already been recovered. san francisco's chinese new years parade happens tonight. it starts at 2nd and market at 5:30 then move into chinatown and around union square. colorful floats and giant dragon. >> i'm confident they'll get more entries on it. i have a dragon boat sitting at city hall. i'm going enter that. >> closer look at the birth control debate on capitol hill. that is on weekend early edition tomorrow morning starting at
7:57 am
7:30 a.m. on cbs 5. time for a last look at the weather today. umbrella-weather. >> this morning at least. put them away by this afternoon. for the chinese new years parade. we'll be cloudy and cool. we should remain dry. you see lots of clouds around the bay this morning. even as those scattered showers taper off. that trend will continue through the weekend with again, expected dry conditions by tonight and this afternoon, down at pebble beach as well. >> just in time for valentine's day, a cheesy way to say i love you. you can add this romantic package onto pizza hut's $10 dinner box. you get a limo, fireworks and a red ruby ring. there's a photographer to document your proposal. the price tag is $10,000. there are only ten packages available. >> that's weird. >> thanks for joining us today. enjoy the rest of your saturday. we'll be back here tomorrow
7:58 am
morning at 7:30 a.m.
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