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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  June 10, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening i'm ann notorangelo. images of school bullies shot a bay area community. an effort to measure history does not repeat itself. these attacks caught on cellphone video of in vallejo. they brought out how brutal life can be for some students. don knapp with more. you know in many communities to vallejo included they conduct vacation bible school. you might call it at this baptist church anti bully in school. classes' in how to combat bullying. every summer, the layoffs and friendship baptist church get students together it began six years ago to combat violence. this year and it is about bullying brought to live by recent videos. she was beaten in a school
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bathroom by an eighth grader. 11 year-old girl being beaten by a 14 year-old while classmates watched. she still suffers from a concussion. over the next few days the youth summit gets across the message. conflict resolution classe'' allow them to have an opportunity to share experience including role-playing with former bullies. one of our young ladies is a notorious former bully. she has made a change. he is no longer a bully and uses a message to other young people to help them make the change. of the preaching to the choir not all archers kids someone by others from the community who did not attend church we hope to reach all the and people that everyone has been impacted by a
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bully. it will impact them for all of their lives tonight the kickoff program gets underway tomorrow morning the ceres program gets under way that continues through wednesday. the new president of the human rights campaign visit san francisco. jack griffin once adults to stand up for children who are being bullied because of sexual orientation. i grow up in arkansas and i know what it is like to be isolated and fear the next day. our job as adults to improve the lives of the lbj to young people. something harvey talked about day in and day out and he was speaking in the castro district and joined by the screenwriter of the movie
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about harvey milk. a red flag warning all over the bay area after days of dry weather. anne mackovic shows us a winter has left many areas vulnerable and brought up memories of one of the worst fire disasters in bay area history. it is hot and dry and we have a little breeze it contributes to fire behavior with red flag warnings and the fact firefighters go door to door and i danger areas to make sure homeowners have cleared defensible space around their house. it is a good break it is a defensible house there is concern after a relatively dry winter. cal fire and has responded to more than 1500 wildfires this year twice as many as this time last year. most homeowners on mt. tam applies r we'er. it seems like an ideal
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place. the brush on the east bay hills so dry it can act as an accelerant turning a spark into a huge fire. we just got an example how easily a fire can get at of control. on friday a car accident sparked this fire in oakland hills. it caused the closure of two highways before firefighters put out. a reminder of the deadly oakland hills fire of 1991 that killed 25 people and destroyed thousands of homes. the typography is similar to that that few of the disaster in oakland, houses nestled in what did areas. they have been lucky so far have been nearly 20 years and have yet to see any type of fire the dangers exists definitely a concern of ours. we want to prevent a catastrophe
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anne mackovic cbs 5 let's bring in brian hackney. another reminder is summer. and was out in mill valley it earned almost as many acres as would burned in the oakland hills fire some of valley is a big tinderbox. the conditions are in play. there are red flag warnings posted throughout the bay. the temperatures are warm. we have a cool down coming. the temperatures are warm and near 90 degrees and past 630 at night. the winds are up a little bit, mostly out of the southwest or northwest. high pressure is off the pacific northwest and create strike conditions. a lot of brush as a high oil
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content and low moisture content so that combination leads to a potential of fire. it is important because of the red flag warning to be vigilant. one of these days something could go wrong will go but is not today. we get a break in a few minutes and will cover that in a few minutes. in spite of the fire danger east contra costa county has to make you with your firefighters. a tax measure that would of get firefighters did not get the votes it needed last week. officials estimate the cuts will add about five minutes to response time. services will be reduced, response times reduced, only time will tell what effect it will have. the board of directors me to
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mom to decide which stations closed and how many firefighters to ally of. firefighters in colorado and the mexico deal with hot dry conditions. one person is missing and a massive fire that is growing in the paradise park area in colorado. firefighters are getting a handle on it. it is bred 40,000 a. by this morning. the red cross the setup an evacuation center. in new mexico hundreds of people have left their homes as flames spread through the lincoln national forest. it is forced scorched 26,000 a., no reports of injuries. investigators look what caused the gunman to store my home and go on a shooting rampage for our dead. apple and getting ready to show off a new gadget for the annual dead. apple and getting ready to show off a new gadget for the annual ,, discover british columbia.
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sacramento police investigator shooting that left four people dead last night. detectives believe the gunman allowed into the home and when
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they got their investigators found one person wounded and three dead including the couple who live there. if that person returned fire at the gunman and killed him. we're confident this is not a random act. they do not deserve this they are elderly person. friends of the couple who died have been gathering at sad that house all day. a car was towed away a reporter on the scene said it on to the gunman. search crews an unsuccessful in searching for a man who fell off a cliff at bodega bay. it was reported last night before 6:00 p.m. the 22 year-old fell off a cliff near bodega bay had. search crews searched the waters by boat and helicopter but unable to find him.
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apple unveils the latest much it must have technology. the conference begins tomorrow at mosconi center, tim cook the ceo expected to show off new software for the iphones ipad and ipods. not your ordinary day at the beach, the beach clean up means so much on this day. a nice place to be today it warm weather in the bay, and a red flag warnings, in the distant horizon of relief is coming. details after a break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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diskette from alcatraz this morning. a grueling triathlon. they swam a mile and half from alcatraz and road 18 mi. and ended with a run through golden gate park. the winner finished in about two hours. volunteers' cleanups and francisco's most popular beaches aquatic park near cured elsewhere. it gets a lot of foot traffic. plenty of trash to clean up. among the items picked up a kitchen sink, and a shopping cart. as long as people using use disposable products there will be trashed. it is about helping out and cleaning up the beach and what
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you do after that. think about the things to use every day. the cleanup part of world ocean stay that is the planet's biggest celebration of the ocean. volunteers receive free passes to the aquarium. a beautiful day on the beach. if you're in the east bay you want to get to a pool. it was warm. the temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 80's, inland, and close to the shoreline for it cool. as a look at the shoreline ocean beach in san francisco the temperature is 66 degrees. go to dublin the temperature is 85. you go 30 mi. and pick up 25 degrees. relief is always in sight, from
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the top of mount diabolo q look at there. concord is 89 degrees. 77 and oakland, 78 for san francisco. 84 in san jose. a hot august night in june. usually we still have the influence of june gloom but not tonight. it will be brisk close to the ocean. for radar is what you cannot see that affects us. a dome of high pressure over the ocean and gives us a little kick of and onshore breeze. santa rosa gets' winds from the southwest santo san jose gets winds from the northwest. not doing much to cool us off. tomorrow morning lots of sunshine temperatures in the '60s.
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redding, 96 degrees tomorrow. 73 at lake tahoe. 72 at yosemite village. for the south bay readings in the low 90s. 98 at los altos. 94 @ morgan hill. pleasanton will be warm. 93 at antioch. 924 san ramon. in the north bake not quite as warm. 90 degrees for santa rosa. 69 at bodega bay. low clouds coming to the shoreline by tuesday wednesday and thursday. but then high pressure again next weekend. temperatures will warm for next saturday and sunday. after a fairly decent week for the bay area.
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nice, sunny, warm for the bay area. not bad weather for golf. and it looks like it will be nice. everybody hopes for lower scores. what about rory mcelroy he is everybody hopes for lower scores. what about rory mcelroy he is coming here to san francisco
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were lucky in another exciting sports week in bay area. the question about tim lincecum like a broken record. it dominates the airwaves. it is a problem. the giants are winless in the last 78 games and has started. the giants against texas. at the at&t, his counterpart has not started a game all season. lincecum walked three in the first. in the second he struck out the side. the rangers had a 3-0 lead through three innings. he lays down a bunt. a defensive breakdown and everybody safe. he tweaks is growing running down to first and added the game. the next batter hit doubles
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deadline to run score and the rangers take a 3-0 lead. judge emington reps one of lincecum and two more runs scored. the rangers up 5-0. the giants did not have a hit until the sixth. brandon crawford grounds into a double play. the giants fall and 5-0. lincecum falls to 2-7 on the season. chisholm i talk about getting back to your confidence and trust your stuff. that is all i can do. execute my pitches. this of tossing lefty tries to complete a sweep over the case. the a's squandered a chance that runs. brandon inge pops up to end inning. erin hill brings home to with an rbi single.
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3-0 arizona. the a's and around. said smith post one into center field. oakland could not complete the rally. he grunts out against the close there. the a's and out hit the diamond backs but lose 4-3. kohl's biggest names in town this week practicing at the olympic club. the rest of the torque at the st. jude classic. rory mcelroy is chances at winning sink after he double bogeys the 18. dustin johnson takes the lead on back-to-back birdies. he needs to get the dirty to force a playoff. dustin johnson wins in only his
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second tournament after returning from a three month layoff after surgery. pollock tremor in the hunt for the lpga is first major. not enough today. the pleasanton neda finished ninth. a landmark when for the 22 year- old to goes by jennie shoes the lowest round a bogey 367 the only player from mainland china on the torque and windsor first tournament by two strokes. the first-ever win for a golfer from mainland china. french open is up for grabs. roughly on the doll: for his seventh title. he has a 4-3 lead in the second. he did rally to win the third set. in the fourth he goes up 2-0.
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the skies and started to rain. they cover the clay and suspended the match until tomorrow morning. nascar, joseph begun on anxious to get back onto the track. he tries to pass mark hartman and pumps him. he takes the lead for good. he wins his second career sprint cup race. on game day, i go one-on-one with luke donald, the number one ranked golfer in the world. he has yet to win a major. one of the sped loop donald to win the u.s. open. you'll find and who. if that does not hold our '60 minutes' audience ... foodies a listen, if you are
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tired of having to shout at dinner when bay area bistro has heard the complaint. it can control the volume to create an ideal dining experience. that story after the town the awards. 60 minutes next. latest news and weather on cbs s f dot com have a good night. ,,,,
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