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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone. >> after two weeks of testimony, the fate of thomas lynch is about to be in the hands of the jury. he stands accused of beating a retired priest, a man that he says rick him as a child. lisa washington has been
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following the case and has the very latest. >> good afternoon to you, we're told the court is in recess until 1:30 p.m.. you can see some of his supporters are still here in front of all justice and have been here every day of this trial including today when those closing arguments got under way. the deputy district attorney told jurors this morning at the evidence in this case proves that william lynch was guilty of assaulting the priest beyond a reasonable doubt. he is on trial for assaulting the priest in may of 2010. lynch claims that the father sexually abused him and his younger brother when they were children back in the 1970's. he has denied the abuse however this case is only about the assault. the deputy district attorney explained to jurors that their task with determining whether the assault was to create great bodily injury or just a simple assault. the jurors must decide if he is guilty of elder abuse, the
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priest was 65 at the time of this attack. >> the case from the district attorney's point of view is about the rule of law and they did a good job explaining that even when the victim is someone who is a despicable human being, they still need to prosecute the case. >> the deputy district attorney also showed the jurors pictures of the pri's with bruises on his face and head after the attack and told jurors that the priest was punched by a younger, bigger, stronger man, she also told them this morning that she sympathized with what happened with william lynch but that was not what the jurors would be deciding today and she says that the law applies to everyone, should close by saying that two wrongs do not make a right. the case is at recess right now but should begin to get back around 1:30 p.m. with the defense giving their closing arguments. we're live in san jose, is a washington, cbs 5. >> the widow of thomas kincaid in one corner and his girlfriend
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in the other. they are prepared to do get out over the $66 million state and san jose. he was separated from his life and living with amy walsh when he died in april. she has submitted hand written note saying that the artist left her $10 million and his mansion , a claim that his widow disputes. >> chicken scratches the best way that i can describe. it does not look like whoever wrote it was in his own mind. >> a status hearing has been set for august 13th. >> 2 years after the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno, officials warned that similar accidents could happen at hundreds of other pg&e transmission lines. the company has identified 239 at risk lines including extensions of the same type that exploded back in 2010, killing eit people. the right to mine 48 mi. along the peninsula into the east bay between signal and livermore.
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failure could come from older pipe seems or point us pressurize beyond the legal limit. pgd says that they have a plan in place to fix the faulty lines >> a fire station in vallejo back in business, reopening with 10 new recruits thanks to a two- year grant from fema. as kate) tells us, residents and city leaders see this as a reason for hope. >> can you tell me the sound of the fire truck? >> it is a sign of good times. >> i'm glad to see that. hopefully everyone can recognize that a lot of the things that take place and it looks like we are on the right track. i think that there's much to come and i think we're going in the right direction. >> we're very excited because we are on the right track, on the road to recovery. >> the a little fire station 25 is open for business thanks to help from federal grants. the city gets 1000 calls for structure fires every year, and firefighters say that this will be a big help.
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>> it was a stretch to get to some of these areas in north vallejo on time and when i say on time, i mean six or seven minutes from the time that we got the call. so, we will definitely be able to meet all those times now. >> the station was shut down two years ago after a string of bad luck for the city. in 2008 the city filed for bankruptcy and was able to recoup its losses just last year. >> the only way to go is up. let's not get too optimistic. it is one day at a time and a step at a time, a long haul, it took as a long time to get there and it will take us a long time to get all the back. >> six of the eight a little stations are back up and running. >> ultimately we may open another fire station, but it is a good sign. and it is nice to say that i perceive is behind us and we can do the right thing for the community. of good times, city leaders hope that it is a sign of good things to come. >> a different story in east
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contra costa county where response times could double. the fire district closed half of its fire stations yesterday and cut staff because of budget problems, 16 of the district's 43 firefighters have been laid off. the fire district's board made the cuts after voters turned down a partial tax to fund the agency last month. >> at least 22 people were killed in a violent storm outbreak across the country this weekend. as danielle nottingham reports, it left millions without power in the midst of a one record- setting heat wave. it >> utility crews in the washington d.c. metropolitan area are making critical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes to their first priority. more than 2 million people are facing a third day of sweltering heat and no electricity after friday night violent storms knocked out power. widespread outages stretched from indiana to new jersey. >> we're helping each other.
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there's no electricity or light, no one is doing any cooking. >> residents have been flocking to shopping malls to stay cool and to charge telephones. many lining up at stores given away ice and with hundreds of traffic lights still not working, nonessential federal and state employees have been encouraged to work from home today. massive down the trees block after block, complicating the effort to get back to normal. a dozen homes on this street in silver spring maryland have no water and no power. it could be days before they get it back. >> 11:00 p.m. friday july the sex, that will represent restoration for the vast majority of our customers. >> the governor of maryland pressuring the utility companies to work as fast as possible but he admits the sudden storm was impossible to prepare for. >> this storm had all of the impact of a hurricane, without the warning time. >> forecasters say that there is
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a chance of more thunderstorms today and have the jurors will stay in the '90s for most of this week. danielle nottingham, cbs news, silver spring maryland. >> utility crews from canada, okla., in florida headed to the mid-atlantic to help restore power. >> a wildfire that has destroyed 350 houses near colorado springs is now 55 percent contained. some residents are being allowed to return to burned out neighborhoods, they're trying to salvage whatever belongings are still intact. some people have already seen aerial photographs that show their houses destroyed but seeing the damage a person is a different story. >> it was hard. >> you think about it and it takes your breath away. it looks as bad as it did in the picture but worse. >> forecast calls for more dry thunderstorms with winds of 40 mi. per hour but fire officials say that crews are prepared, they say the 1500 firefighters on the scene will keep the flames from spreading.
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>> the party that ruled mexico for most of last century is return to power. they have won the presidential election. their candidate got 30 percent of the vote with 92 percent of the vote now counted. he has been out of power for the past 12 years. he promised to boost economic growth and reduced organized crime. public transit in the bay area it is more expensive. >> fare hikes we just went into effect. >> mark zuckerberg in training, the special opportunity for high-school students at facebook today. >> and coffee lovers rejoice, how your morning fix could reduce your risk of skin cancer? >> i have some fog breaking up around the bay area, looking,,,,
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>> >> the u.s. commerce department announced today that one of the nation's first retail patent offices will be in san jose. no surprise because one-fourth of u.s. patents originated in silicon valley, a location for the san jose office still needs to be chosen. the first regional patent office will open in detroit. >> 10 east palo alto high school students getting a rare look at the inner workings of the social networking giant. patrick reports that they're teaming up with mentors from the company's ranks. >> facebook is all about creating an open and connected world and therefore we do need
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to be a part of the community and we want to be a part of the community. >> to back up the open their doors to 10 juniors and seniors from east palo alto in the first ever facebook academy, an internship on the campus of a popular website. >> everyone has a facebook page? that is great. >> we give them an opportunity to come to the top technology company in their backyard and expose them to technology. >> davis as good grades in order to be prepared for college, in particular the courses that involve technology. >> as a result of this experience, they will pursue a college education in science and technology, engineering or mass. we connect each student with a mentor, a facebook employee, so that they will have more contacts locally. >> won academy every summer for now and the hope is that it will expand to an after-school program. >> i do have a physical page so it will be interesting. i'm usually at home or on my phone on facebook.
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>> to this students the experience is overwhelming >> this is definitely a like. for sure. >> well, the start of july brings changes for transit systems and passengers in the bay area. bart fares are about one nickel higher for a typical one-way ride. muni passes cost $2 more for adults, golden gate transit bus and ferry ticket prices are up 5%. and a one-way ride on caltrans will cost you 25¢ more. fares for a day tickets also up 50¢. and starting today there will be more buses to carry commuters over the dumbarton bridge. the dumbarton bridge express will operate more frequently every weekday between palo alto and union city. the hope is that the expansion of bus service will ease traffic on the bridge. have you heard tiger woods is back on top? >> and robert wagner and funds
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the singing their praises, but the nation's top consumer agency warns homeowners about risky reverse mortgages. >> cloud cover breaking up in the bay area but still stubborn,
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>> >> let's check on whether with lawrence karnow. >> in knows we have a very
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tricky forecast. i just wanted to hear you articulate that. >> always gets treacherous to forecast as we head into the fourth of july but we're looking good right now as we have a lot of sunshine outside. starting out with low clouds and fog. you cannot even see mt. diablo this morning the best change. temperatures warming up nicely now. 76 in san jose. a cool 60 degrees and pettifog in san fransisco. you can see the fog and low clouds looking to the golden gate bridge. probably going to see the fog continue along the coastline, minor fluctuations in the weather over the next couple of days but they look pretty nice. high-pressure trying to build in from the four corners bumping up the ridge a little bit. that allows us to warm up a few degrees today and probably the next couple of days. the numbers this afternoon not bad at all. 70 degrees, 75 in redwood city and 72 in hayward, east bay to
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the cheers in the mid 80s in fairfield and antioch and 80 degrees in the napa valley and inside of the bay we have 71 degrees, 67 in san fransisco and 83 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple of days writes for the fourth we will dry and warm up your temperatures a few degrees and then cooling down slightly on thursday and then warming again as we head into the weekend. by day looking very seasonal for this time of year. near 90 inland on the fourth of july. but how about a fourth of july? nice. our producer, that is spectacular. looking good. i still think that we will see some low clouds sneaking into the bay. a lot people love to come into the city to watch the fireworks and that should be o.k. but pettifog almost a guarantee. >> all the fancy graphics during the week. did you drink caffeine this morning? so did die. you couldn't use less sunscreen perhaps because there's good news for researchers. caffeine may lower your risk of developing skin cancer according to harvard researchers.
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they track health data from more than 100,000 people for 20 years, their study found people consume decaffeinated coffee, tea, and chocolate or less likely to develop carcinoma, most commonly diagnosed skin cancer in the united states. >> i like all three so that is good. chocolate and tea and coffee. >> i am making a note now. a warning for older americans on the rest of reverse mortgages. >> an increasing number of americans are turning to them earlier in life as a source of income. julie watts explains that these loans can be risky. >> they were sold a reverse mortgage that they did not need, while my dad was in the last month of his life. >> she says that her father thought a reverse mortgage would provide for her ailing mother after his death but she did not realize that he had to live in the home to keep them is a one month after his death when his mother got sick, his beloved wife lost everything.
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>> it stole his dying wish for my mother to be cared for. and, excuse me ... >> her parents are not alone. a new report by the consumer financial protection bureau says that many consumers do not understand these deals until it is too late. >> they are relatively complex product. >> she says that there really loans that should be considered a last resort. >> it has to be paid back, you're taking out a loan against the value of your home and it is actually a very expensive way to borrow money. >> she points out that what her father did not realize was that there were many conditions. >> what happens to everyone else in the home when the reverse mortgage borrower dies? >> if they cannot repay the have to leave. >> it can give you the retirement that you deserve .. >> and while the countless celebrity endorsements tout the requirements, homeowners must continue to buy insurance, pay property taxes, and have to live
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in the home. >> the cash that you received in the lump-sum. >> they also cite concerns that three out of for borrowers take the money in a lump sum leaving them with fewer resources later in life. all things that sandwiches her father had understood and hopes to inform others in his memory. >> my dad was my hero. >> the consumer protection bureau has the authority to write rules for mortgages and is now starting the process. they have come up with an easy to understand explanation of what a reverse mortgage is and how their work. you can find that information on our website watch. >> you can learn more about reverse mortgages and how they work on our website, now, turning to golf. >> tiger woods on a bit of a role. >> another victory for tiger! >> he won his third title of the year yesterday in a back nine battle at the at&t national tournament in maryland. he now has 74 wins on the pga
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tour, moving past jack nicklaus into second place on the all- time list. tiger woods still trails sam snead, the top winner with 8200 titles. >> what were they thinking? ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the date is going to be yellow peppers. one time red peppers were very popular and still are, and less expensive than hot house peppers which can be two or three times more but the yellow peppers are now coming into the market which is great because the price is low and the nutritional value is their answer was the flavor. they're just not as pretty. when you buy that you want to make sure that they are nice and yellow. a little bit of green like this is ok, but free from any trouble whatsoever and the stem needs to be attached in green and free from decay. when you bring them home, it is important to store them in the refrigerator right away. to not leave them at room temperature. yellow peppers, agree on the grill, great to look at. combine them with red and green and orange and that is a beautiful thing. i'm your fresh grocer, remember to eat fresh and stay healthy.
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>> two young boys apparently wanted in on the action in the u.k. and tried to take the olympic flame. >> the torchbearer is among five people running this morning when two boys dressed in black got past security to try and grab the torch. police were able to get the boys out of the way, they seemed very polite about a whole thing. no punishment has been handed out yet. >> how old you think they are? ,
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