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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  July 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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you think that is significant? >> that is incredible. i didn't know that many but i heard a lot of people were gone >> the burnout family has been known around for decades including people of all ages with the origin of the name is still unclear >> i heard they have the name because that's what they do, they burned out, they smoke weed >> they say the gang members don't only hang out >> it is a criminal enterprise and they're looking for ways to make money not only with the sales of firearms but narcotics trafficking and credit card fraud, we have seen some prostitution and an auto theft ring >> police say they are violent. four men in their 30's have been indicted for conspiracy to commit murder. the secret service and the dea were called in.
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more than five dozen people were arrested and more than two dozen weapons were seized. since the gain didn't keep bankers' hours it was a 24-7 investigation. >> i think something that we learned during this investigation is how deep the game went. when we began to identify the gang members there were more than we learned about >> police say they're not sure just how many are involved in the gang and we can expect more arrests in the coming days and weeks. >> 10 people lost their homes to a huge fire that destroyed a street three story building in the silver terrace neighborhood. kate tells us fire investigators say this one is no accident. >> police now have two people in custody in connection with this morning's fire.
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a 65 year-old man and woman was taken into handcuffs. take a look at the aftermath, it was once three stories tall. investigators have been teaming up with police to figure out what happened. carter around 3:00 this morning and took more than 100 firefighters and 44 units to get it under control. the concern was how close the buildings were and there was a fallen power lines but they were able to manage the fire in under one hour. 10 people were displaced but there were no injuries. >> a southwest airlines jet declared an emergency before landing in san jose this morning. flight 2433 from las vegas was about 25 mi. from san jose when passenger smelled something burning. the pilot radioed ahead and pass that crews be on standby. it landed safely at about 1030. no smoke was visible but
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firefighters also noticed the smell. >> cyclists usually need to keep an eye open for drivers and pedestrians but now cyclists in one area are keeping an eye out for gunmen. 3:00 friday afternoon a man pulled a gun and robbed him. ken bastida has more on why that man was targeted >> we are all on that lonely section of redwood road on the east side of the east bay hills and it is a very very popular area for bicycle riders. it is a loop that goes between miners and redwood and it is a great place for bicycle riders to go. last friday cyclist was coming down this road and there was a guy standing in the road waving him down and then he noticed he had a gun in his hand so he kept
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going. one moment later that same night in a van passed a bicycle rider and some how cut him off with another vehicle that both fox demand. they got out of the cars with guns drawn and took his bicycle and they also took a gold chain that was around his neck. he had to walk all the way to a firehouse to summon the police. we talked to one bicycle rider who says he is taking precautions now >> i carry mace or pepper spray, a knife if i can. you need to have a permit for an armed weapons but you don't care, don't be afraid to use it >> it might be a surprise if they pull you over >> i'm not afraid to use it. >> the vehicles themselves
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windows in the back and then a red nissan sentra, not a new one, those two vehicles with at least three people inside pulled over this bicyclist and took his most prized possession. >> a trio of would-be robbers who shot a union city woman during a botched invasion are on believes. police say they confronted the victim outside her home last night and then forced her back inside at gunpoint. one of the men started shooting when another resident fought back. >> police ended a 17 day protest at an oakland school. officers kicked out the campers this morning from lake view elementary. but they arrested two people who refuse to leave. people have actually return now
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to stage a rally. the city and started last month after the district announced plans to shut down all five of the schools. >> the jury in the priest beating case has gone home for the night. this trial has touched a deep nerf. the suspect attack the priest to be said molested him years ago. len ramirez tells us this case will be significant no matter what the verdict is >> legal analysts say that this case will be studied not only by law school students but also by seasoned prosecutors and defense attorneys as well for the many legal issues involved and the moral questions william lynch is a hero to some and vigilante to others. he admitted to beating his former priest father gerald winner in may of 2010 at a retirement home in moscow rose
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but he tried to justify the assault by telling the jury that the priest brutally molested him and his brother when they were seven and four years old >> this case resonated with community and across the u.s. because of a general frustration with child sex abusers not being brought to justice and that mr. lynch was willing to stand up and go to jail for what he believed in >> the case has shed light on the statute of limitations which had run out by the time lynch and his brother were adults and ready to confront their accuser. it also shows the trials troubled show the struggle between but it may be a moral justification for the crime and the letter of the law >> you cannot allow vigilante is and to be the rule of law and at the end of the day, what will happen is the jury will make the final decision as to the community standard in a case like this. the jury is doing the hard work
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>> that jury is doing the hard work and they will take the fourth of july holiday off and be at it again after the holiday. >> it is called the god particle >> is a human quest to know more about the world and i did to wet days ago >> how the discovery could unlock the mysteries of our world. >> it is a major milestone for the technology that changed how babies are made. >> we all know that tune and its place in,,,,,,,,
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>> crews have put out a couple of grass fires believed to have been started by a bird. they broke out less than an hour ago in pleasanton.
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crews had them under control in minutes. investigators say bird flu into some wires, causing the fires. developing on the east coast, nearly 1.5 million people across seven states and washington d.c. and remain without power. many are sweltering in triple digit temperatures but crews are working 16 hour days to turn the lights back on >> they're getting out on the job and at 10:00 at night it is not done and we are saying you need to come back >> many neighbors could be in the dark until the end of the week. the storm has already blamed for 22 deaths >> is fans are morning in paying respect to the actor best known as sheriff andy taylor. andy griffith tied at 86 years old. alexis christoforous on how his personal life mirrored is small screen characters.
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>> who doesn't hear that whistle and remember the end of the andy griffith show. from 60-68 it was a huge hit and andy griffith played the shows proverbial straight man. >> i loved playing straight because you get to see the show and be in it at the same time >> andy griffith's life paralleled the show in many ways. he was born in a small town in north carolina much like the fictional mayberry and grew up in a poor but loving home. he was studying to be minister but changed his major to music. his breakout role was in a face in the crowd. years later he revealed sheriff andy taylor was supposed to be the funny man until his friend don not spot into the act >> called me when he saw the
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pilot and said, don't you need a deputy? >> the rest is comedy history. he turned to drama in the '80s and '90s, starring in matlock. in 2005 he was awarded the presidential medal of honor. a working actor, to the end of his life. >> his family says he passed away from an illness but did not specify what it was. he was also a director and producer and actually won a grammy as a southern gospel singer >> scientists may be on the verge of making one of the most important physics discoveries ever. how the discovery of the god particle could explain the origin of the universe
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>> in man's home is taken from him while he is in the hospital. >> on just a simple homeowner who happen to get sick >> the short reprieve this bay area man is getting >> good evening everybody, we have your fireworks,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, the farm comes to you. fresh sweet corn is an amazing 6 for a buck. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case.
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>> we know it as the god particle. whatever the name many believe it holds the key to the existence of the universe. don knapp explains the role that bay area scientists are playing >> the higgs boson is the missing link of particle physics. so important it has been called the god particle >> it is really the key to why the all the other particles and where all of them get their mass from and how they interact, it is the missing link in the standard model >> it is too small to be seen
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but physicists have develop specific experiments to look for its debris in the aftermath of collisions >> why it is so difficult is all of these half billion he vents% and that we get, one or two of those is the higgs boson >> around midnight pacific time researchers in switzerland will announce whether to separate experiments confirm the existence of a particle. >> the standard model has something to do with the dilution of the early universe so by finding it and measuring its properties we have more understanding of what happened at a very early stage of the universe >> that is where the fun begins according to him. once they understand it physicist may get a better understanding of supersymmetry, miniature black holes and dark matter >> i hope to find particles that are responsible for it and i want to be able to produce them
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>> fascinating for physicists if puzzling for the rest of us. so i am left with, so what? >> what can i say? i guess is a human question. it is really one of the things about being human, you want to know what is going on and once we found this, i know more about the world than i did two days ago. >> the search for the exit boatswain started from work that stemmed at berkeley. they call discerns collider the great great grandson of other machines still on the berkeley campus. >> a crack down on illegal immigration and more job opportunities in mexico the american farm bureau says 60
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percent of workers across the border illegally and also protects $5 billion of and will produce industry losses because of the shortages. >> i'm all for the american way and doing right, a half to get my harvest in and i will do anything i can >> california farmers are reporting labor shortages of 30-40%. >> i think we're looking for the forecast >> could you feel the difference today? a spectacular day. this is double and, looking out towards danville and black hawk and you can see that we have a slight as out there overall. temperatures are from 66 in oakland to 87 in santa rosa.
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we do have bay area air quality for the fourth of july will be good and i suspect that is because we will have a late day breeze. fog and low clouds are still offshore. we will see some patchy fog develop in the overnight hours with officials sundown at 835 tomorrow beginning with patchy coastal clouds. the summer weather pattern will continue. the oakland a's are playing host to the boston red sox. members will be tumbling into the low 60s by the end of the game. stratus clouds will push back on shore overnight and tried to make its way into the eastern portion of the district and then by tomorrow, toward sundown,
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here come the clouds, they lurk offshore. high pressure is still in command as this area of low pressure remains to the north so there are no big changes in store for the holidays. low 80s if you're going camping or hiking on the south shore and 70 degrees in monterey bay. >> '50s and '60s at the coast, '70s and '80s at the peninsula. north and numbers are stacking up into the '60s and '70s. the extended forecast, 87 degrees cooler on thursday and then we're talking about temperatures easily into the 80s next week as well.
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plenty of fireworks, make sure you stay away from the coast. >> to change the way families were made. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the fda has approved the first rapid results home testing kits for hiv. the test can detect the aids causing virus within 20 minutes using a mouth swab. other kids need to be completed in the lab. testing is one of the chief means of slowing the spread. it is estimated one out of five carriers in the u.s. do not know they are infected. in vitro fertilization has brought 5 million babies into the world. the major milestone was announced earlier this week. the first test-tube baby was
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born in 1978. since then technology has improved greatly to increase pregnancy rates. with 350,000 babies born through the process >> and east bay man who lost his home while he was in hospital is given a short reprieve. he has a few extra days to figure out his next move. we have received several calls and e-mail from viewers asking how they can help them. julie has more on how they got there and what is next. >> ivory and cocoa or more than dogs to dr. chase, they're all he has left. his house is boxed up but he will only be able to take the dogs and the contents of this room. at this point, you will be in a car? millions of americans are just one illness away from losing their homes and for dr.
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chase, that illness began with congestive heart failure. after he was admitted here, his medication lead to kidney failure and even though he applied for a modification before he was admitted, by the time he got out of the hospital, wells fargo had sold his home >> i'm just a simple homeowners who happened to get sick. >> he spent his savings and his pension trying to save his comb and the disability claim he filed months ago is still pending. shelters will not allow him to keep as pets and without disability he cannot afford to pay for a place that will so they're moving into their car. how will you refrigerate your medication? >> that will be a challenge >> doctors say he needs a stable of the environment to recuperate but for now, he is relying on the healing power of
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puppy love. he would rather live in the car with and then try to survive without them. we contacted the social security administration to find out why his disability claim has been delayed for so long but representatives can only tell us that these things take anywhere from three-six months. dr. chase was supposed to be out of his home on sunday and it is not clear how much longer the new owner will allow him to stay. we have posted his contact information on our website. you will find it at cbs s.f. dot com. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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>> here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. as budgets get/, cities are finding themselves without money for things like fireworks. the bay area community stepping up to make sure it happens this fourth of july >> we think brett is smiling down and would be very supportive >> he was killed in a crash just hours after drinking on a party bus. the family behind new legislation in honor of their 19 year-old. >> the cbs evening news with scott kelley is


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