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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 17, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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[meow] [laughter] craig: we've got to go because we're ba, ba, ba, bad. geoff: ba, b, a, ba, bad. craig: bad where? geoff: bone. craig: good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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written and i step closer to a vaccine the newly approved drug that can keep people from contracting hiv. break-in's wealth was in maledictions the south bay city stepping in to pick did they grins out of a park. people started to drop hours by a and put them in his lap or coins sometimes or oranges and apples and pears. but as buddha was not entirely welcome with open arms the push by some to move the mouse. leaving and can best yet. today
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could go down as a milestone in the fight against aids. to reduce the risk is to be infection reporter elizabeth cook tells us the advocates telesis decision to open new doors for prevention. it's always on tariffs minds. from atomic amount this is that theme your family worries about my family is very supportive but it's among friday entebbe were really scared. said that was sort of in my head. his behavior is often risky. i have many partners said on top one consistent monogamous primary partner and i am out about that. but as an aide said the nurse he is adamant about using protection over a year- and-a-half ago he added another tool to keep them hiv negative a daily pill called true by four pratt. some the we can use to combat the infection and
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decrease rates. eteocles today the fda gave the drug is official stamp of approval. today was a big moment for us james leica at dec. disco aids foundation things the fda's approval of the first drug to prevent hiv and aids will lead to more testing and access to hiv prevention. it is not lend and a chevy by itself and we can and hiv without its and the one we combined to vie for prop with all the other prevention technologies to this vision of an aids regeneration it's not for everybody the drug that drug is only recommended to people who are confirmed to be hiv negative and are considered part of a high-risk groups and it's meant to be used and other preventive measures according to the san francisco aids foundation nearly a quarter of the men in san francisco are
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hiv-positive for derek the better and this is a step in the right direction. the fda's approval of your vie for prop is just the beginning for getting this job ought to the people needed the most right now year's supply the drug costs between 14 and $16,000 a year that's over $1,000 a month. education is so very important for reducing aids infection so risky behavior might increase without the educational component. they're really trying to advertise that this drug was part of all package irresponsible behavior and actually went into the clinical trial they said that the use of condoms that are responsible sexual activity ashley went up there comparing it to kind of like an airbag whereas it doesn't necessarily lead to more risky driving but it's just an added protection. great news as it thank you.
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today squatters' so taken over as senate park are being kicked out eviction notices this morning after months of complaints by people who lived in that neighborhood reporter kit so is live at kelley park where so they're wondering where they will go next. dealers are hoping police beef up patrols of the cleanup to keep the squatters from coming right back here this afternoon all the people out here got this notice saying that in a couple of days dump trucks are coming. deep in the woods at kelley park is the beginning of the end for one neighborhood's nightmare. today city workers posted and then handed out written warnings to as many as 16 squatters they behind the bushes that was a note this one was in guarded by pit-bull. the police escort the
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scores were warned there illegally camping and have 72 hours to get out the city will also offer temporary housing and more importantly trespassing will be subject to criminal prosecution if your main. john to steal a veteran left homeless by divorce knew he had to do something he didn't know how. to equate the this is the one thing that will turn your life around? they before the city finally took action. do things citizens can make a difference in their government? the way to absolutely. it's more difficult that probably should be. says a has been a pioneer the pilot program of workers by law must catalog and store all the labels for 90 days before tossing out to but they say is a decades-
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long problem made worse by a down economy. it's as complicated that's when i could pick today were not allowed to visit tomorrow but we are working and are hopeful all plovers hundred find better solutions. clinton starts at 9:00 a.m. on thursday and it could stretch through next monday. can still live in the south bay. cool damp weather help and firefighters in placer county finally get control of that robbers fired the fire which began on wednesday is now about 45 percent contained as the were some hot spots for sure the fire has not grown significantly in the past 24 hours of live trees in a shelter in forest hill reassured by cal fire one family that is seven got behind the fire fighters to give accurate with a little less stress that's over here for. fizzles and not letting people return to their homes because
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there's still a chance the wind could shift is awesome the evacuation orders remain in effect they're suppose to be caretaker's instead they're accused of abusing disabled adults and keeping them in deplorable conditions today the family face a judge csi river land ramirez was in the courtroom. to equate outside the hall of justice marguerite's hitter facing the cameras choose one of five family members accused of running an abusive and filled the home for a dozen mentally ill adults at this luxury house in the seats and as a foothills. hallowing inside the courtroom stood before a judge to answer the charges of a are you and neglecting and adults. when she couldn't bang rebels said $50,000 the judge ordered a deputy to and take her off to jail.
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was very happy. and this big and waiting for this moment for the past month. until about the case alive she had two uncles of the house on forked tongue drive after one of them died in may she got suspicious when she was not allowed to visit her other uncle luisetti was kept in a virtual prisoner and abuse every tenure. . said she didn't agree to some credit to high season them members and now custody besides 15 counts of abuse there also charged the animal abuse the district attorney says the family kept and mr. 25 dogs live with human patients in horrible conditions for both. the didn't have running water inside the house. then of toilet paper ms. dodd exit dog year and brought the house some of the victims just wearing clothes that it and urinated on a dog's and even
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some less now because discuss the case. providing adequate investigations to look into all the allegations have been made. but the tax holiday. a family member has not yet been charged that that is expected to happen soon in the meantime the four other defendants are expected to be back in court on august refers limit as cbs five. in san francisco protesters disrupted many service today to mark the shooting of a man they say was wrongly killed by police. reporter mark serra on the message they want everyone to hear. did we its heyday of action wrapped up just before 6:00 as a woman wants to separate light rail vehicles on the t third street fund san francisco police are ready escorted the woman from the middle-of-the-road and allowing commuters to get on their way. the lead in the community for
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supporting the foundation to shut down unit today. just a few minutes earlier than at the chapman late rally in honor of her son 19 year-old can harding harding died at the spa one year ago after a confrontation with police. it's happening more rampantly continuing to kill our children and we're standing up for speaking out are fighting back and not taking any more. while a family still maintains he was killed by police investigators say that he was shot by himself by accident as he was running from police. cell phone video shows appears to be a gun on the ground before was allegedly removed from the scene but it was recovered by investigators a few days later i came here to show his support. did ways we knew could and me. and then add your dish or support. and they'll work
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between 645 this morning in this as a substitute buses for less than an hour for protesters blocking the n.j. chirrs light rail vehicles from entering and exiting the tunnel system later in the day the 83rd light rail was stopped from about 230 am and more buses were used their just a matter of minutes copper and san francisco mark sayers cbs five. but a lot of people when they need to search yech who went to go to find a new leader. this afternoon former google executive for some iron was officially announced as of this new ceo. miner who is 37 starts work tomorrow at the struggling sutterville company now hopes that she can bring some stability to a company that has had five ceos in as many years but experts say mires experience launching some approval's most popular features where the last 13 years
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separating her from past leaders. chris meyer is a lot of cachet of a job of u.s. policy rosebud nobody who has these silicon valley brand appeal as she does. their hopes to make the company more sick accessible to software engineers and developers. the promises for protection of the global games but the contractor cannot deliver their response to being short staffed at the olympics. did ways if you thousand dollars online and pick his pitch to stop the program that airs kneepads with the people. typically to distill the results timon primarily matches is mtv's since there would system stuff every night. that was,,,,,,,,,,
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filed for divorce from his wife not to on friday and the same day that she crashed her car with the israel reports she ran her many kuprin to a power pole near the couples who were home luckier when suv hospital was not seriously hurt of all was not a factor. he resigned from the alameda county board of supervisors after a meeting to personal problems including which he called an assault by an ex-boyfriend she met in rehab. to be overrun by thousands of athletes millions of spectators
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the lead in games are just 11 days away. reporter elizabeth, gives us a peak of the massive security efforts. the first wave of the olympic athletes stream through heathrow airport today and for most users move run later the u.s. champion hurdler can clemens got stuck on a bus the losses way. the silly been lost on the road for four hours he tweeted not a good first impression and london. but a bigger scandal over olympics security is leaving an even worse impression the british army will be the foundation a game security provided by a contractor. g four s. the company promised to provide six and a half thousand of them to guide the games and suddenly with only two weeks ago chief torres announced they couldn't deliver. so to reach the main
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announced plan be. the we have a finest military personnel in the world. troops were willing ready and able to step in the country calls. in other words send in another 3500 soldiers then today emerged that some venues would still be short of security guards so there was a clancy reassigned local police. no one thinks these last-minute changes will compromise olympics security just the credibility of the organizers. as with, cbs news london. pena is giving a thumbs down to a new program in san francisco group says the city's proposal to repair a sheltered dogs with local panhandlers is a bad idea of the plan would pay people living in public housing to care for dogs that might otherwise be put to sleep pin issue a statement saying that the city is expected amity with the lives of homeless people and animals putting both at risk the program director
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does not agree. and there is a tremendous amount of compassion and humanity and the part of individuals or hummus and i'm disappointed that pitted can't have been kids tap into the community. he has offered to give the city $10,000 mansion the grant used to launch the program if the program is halted. officials refuse the offer. in spiritual symbol change the spirits of oakland's never had. but bureaucrat's friend what had become an oasis kristen years on how the new neighborhood spirit funny prevailed. on the block where a life had taken over it was filled with garbage all the time. the rally mattresses into these people just dumb stuff every night. in citizen who is live in adams points for 25 years had an idea. so when i decided that maybe we can change the attitude of putting an end
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little buddha. the change happened slowly first the mattresses and trash disappeared and quite unexpectedly the 11th avenue put us started to bloom people started to drop flowers by and put them in his lap borer some coins sometimes our oranges and apples and pears. someone said to give to the buddha with a fresh coat of paint and building small sanctuary around him but with the surprise spiritual oasis came unwanted attention. one of the neighbors called and said city was out front and wanted to remove the buddha. this is the problem with the buddha is its location in order to look at it or place to cut the stance on elin street. typically the city got a complaint from residents who didn't like being there. the case of bureaucracy versus the buddha from this tranquillity the 11th avenue but i would not go quietly. they started writing letters and within weeks a save the the facebook page he even has some 20 ft.. and got an e-mail from some
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guy in france about is. that represents what he could do with your block if you care end people here to care about this. so much that this council member says the city has backed away from plans to break down buddha. we always talk about how we make our neighborhoods better had we get our neighborhood neighbors to talk to each other and here was a really surprising way that all those good things happen. and that brings stevenson a self-described cynic a peace of mind. the waves with dozens anything he just sits there collectivity he's just sitting it's very heartwarming. and oakland's cbs five. in december fell today we dropped 20 degrees in comparison to yesterday. but the cold weather did not keep people from being on about tonight,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and as a
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degree in the year and that that is to look like for marsyas fund with a camera this is how it looks like from the satellite to the marine their hazards and a good 60 mi. already we see these but the green that is some very heavy drizzle also see with a deepening marine layer sautoir morning's commuters will be a wet one you need to use your windchill lepers especially around the avenue is to say no. in the air cooled everybody down of the ties in san francisco 6686 in livermore but instead we're anywhere between five and 18 degrees below average 81 yesterday and senate fell to a 61 even the high pressure is still in command is this right here this area of low pressure that enhances pretty much a carbon copy tomorrow again except a little bit more sunshine along coast and into the base so overall tonight's and tomorrow morning and then
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the the ninth good sleeping weather and the 40's and '50's the winds are finally beginning to file back again in a sea breeze mar what the last 10 to 20 number wise to discuss side low seventies across the santa clara valley we're talking 60 bayside to the low seventies to the north the extended forecast are savvy about 90s by the end of,,,, i'm here to prove that mini babybel cheese packs a whole lotta something special inside this little wax package.
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1992 olympic dream team it is widely considered to be the best ever assembled kobe bryant roughly few fathers when he said the current u.s. sale of a basketball team could couldn't be the 92 team that day was put to rest tonight. i was the bulls fans i've got to go the original dream team gecko is a competitor see expect him to do little trash talking whenever the opportunity arises. obama's watching usa taking on brazil brazilians led by sen the first quarter but u.s. tell them to just two baskets in the second the brunt james of the steel stars and stripes won by lebanon's they're leaving for england tomorrow. the bay area just one girl in the entire field is under par after around one livermore's casey catherine was wasn't one of them is a big rebound tomorrow and he resented by
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masters champion ben crenshaw and is committed to the local misstates. the father is confident it will bounce back. so is your prediction for tomorrow? toeshoes 70 tomorrow. not when it is says am going to college. drivers and her sister angela went pro in 201010 became the first set of twins to start in nascar series race. she race in her second nationwide race on saturday. to cut off batter and struck a veteran driver kevin hart in his comments about the incident revs up the top five. it somebody who should be on the racetrack and has no clue what they're doing a race car. to once again to pass the record secant older helmet so i didn't do that is to say the truth. san is it giants this is an
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exclusive. japan was rounded base in entrusting he did catch it the giants won no. 3 dealt by new laker steve nash speeding down the freeway these guys and then a can of beer what you put that on youtube on never know. the twins paul revere had his trident benazir how this cats on his horse to make the full extension twins when 97 but he didn't do it at midnight. no. when brocken michelle put on the kids can in the second quarter but brock would do whatever they booed sinking back later in the fourth and then did the president to m,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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