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bulls grape turns into a fleshy infection and is bay area woman almost lost a life the special treatment in local doctor uses sabre. deepen the red a california republican party is broke. extreme measures it's been forced to stay in sacramento. we just want to show that we can do better. this bay area man is the world's oldest living of the end. one moment he will never forget aside from winning the gold. data and can have the night off. it didn't seem like a big deal when it happens but it almost cost a pencil woman her life. now she's thinking doctor
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for saving her from a flesh eating bacteria. reporter julie it could do it shows us what happens when the picture side nearly lost her arm. nests nearly lost to life. what started as a scrape after a simple fall on the asphalt to turn into something of a horror movie. j. then that is are getting really sick my arms started hurting really bad. its flesh eating bacteria was inspecting her arm. called necrotizing fasciitis. had blisters covering my entire arm. lucky to be alive laurie thanks for miracle worker dr. john crew lead womb surgeon at steed medical center in daly city. he saved my arm and my life. she is a treasure. lawyer was taken to the emergency room after a few days
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and situation calmed started getting worse. there during rounds into the contained a wed in grabbed her charred to find out what he could do. faugh to be directly to the right time. it wasn't about killing the bacteria it was about killing the toxins dr. crew used something called the interphase invented by a bay area company to flush out the deadly toxins. and it worked. denigrated as the one that's we couldn't have treated. and it's a care of the toxins up in their and didn't make a scar. lori is to me again and thankful to be a life. her family is too. there remember your deal like it was yesterday. degrees when you got your shells class in the emergency room. it was it happens. so fast. for laura and her family it's a reminder life can be fragile. and help the and never
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once jams that this happened. that less eating bacteria could lead to the body through something as minor as a paper cut and multiplied quickly initial symptoms are flu like anybody can go into shock and the toxins released we don't care about these cases very often unfortunately and because they're very rare. mcgraw-hill life's horrors of us where we can prevent this. we say what can we do even though it's rare? it is a we go back to the old adage wash your hands and if you do get is the break at once a day early. with balancing the books. the party is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
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we did spend $3 million in the june primary which is a record for. the of the party is in fine form with those expenses left his state gop nearly $300,000 in the red. is their financial difficulty? absolutely. as a paramount? but it's enough california gop executive director says to force the downsizing of party headquarters in sacramento physicians have already been cats science is no doubt that voter registration is a challenge for us in the states in part because a lot of our voters of a movie of the state. republican politicians and some of the ones moving former assemblyman chuck the board took off to texas according to washington times reports citing high taxes. today and even republican party. and on his youtube
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channel assembly in nathan fletcher announced the moves you from republicans and independents. democrats playmaking increasingly conservative national agenda. degrees this is where the grass roots efforts really needs to support them if they have no money is good to give democrats the possibility of winning two- thirds of the house. the equates where some strategists see doom he sees opportunity. democrats of seen the senate and assembly and gov. step and we had nearly 11 percent unemployment. he says it's all a matter of control in the state gop's message. and attract the more multi-cultural following but that is going to take time and money but it's unclear the state gop has. in oakland kristen air cbs five. prior colossi we prelate will assess the river california has more than $2 billion in public funds cutting red and insights the state department of finance says it's more like a billion dollars. but admits the money
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squirreled away in a 500 different accounts. nevertheless a cycling group that held charity by greece's to raise tens of thousands of dollars from a disappointing to see what a big bond unit for closure progress. only to finance the it was like cages skidding. the waves under state law all the extra money that is been discovered cannot be used to help balance the state budget because it is earmarked for specific programs. crews are working under cellphones tower and alicante. but the changes look. some people living cast a valid complaint same as our resembled a certain part of the real anatomies sell the mobile is putting in the time to make tower looks like what it is supposed to look like. a tree. it didn't help the tower is next to an elementary school and
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church on lake chabot road. tonight the bay area music students shut off there to talents to honor the memory of a young girl. this is the annual general in some ucons errors lynn is murdered 80 years ago and her home in castro valley into is only 14 years old when was a straight a student who played the viola and every year since then the foundation has given free music lessons to kids. daley's she enjoyed it movies so much. we could hear her whenever we the consulate does it still presents. and it's very important u.s.. they lend foundation results more than 3500 students over the years winds murder remains unsolved. nearly everyone is on the call out a sitting suspect in court this week wondered about his mental state or whether he was medicated. it turns out james
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holmes was under the care of a psychiatrist before the attack cbs reporter in a warner with this morning the doctor was treating him. in those and filed by james holmes public defender reveals that helms was under the care of psychiatrist lynn benson dr. fenton is the medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado denver into medical campus homes is a graduate student at the school. earlier this week school officials said students were monitored by mental health specialists. the faculty in program leadership knies of a regular basis to discuss how the students doing this dies in a difficult students. and pakistan buy homes to dr. denton was recovered by police in the school mailroom on monday. sources said the package contained a letter written by homes that describes shooting people. it is unclear what when he said the package holmeses lawyers said the discovery of the letter should never have
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been made public. it has a contained communications from mr. holmes a doctor fenton that mr. holmes asserts of privilege. holmes is expected to be formally charged on monday. dirichlet's we tended to restock descendant of run successful the university says it cannot comment tuesday ongoing gag order. will we do know is that the doctor did obtain grants to study schizophrenia. and warner cbs news centennial colorado. a famous comedian paula does for a joking about the shootings here's the dinka said in los angeles. harry in a dozen of hitler for
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of party in england for a halloween and people us all met we're not crime-fighter's we're just a sustained. private investigators solving a case faster than the police? also many people and hiring the zero detectives to do the dirty word. did waves face
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of stocks hitting new low howl adults could be contributing to the sides downward spiral? experts did lead to an 98 his the world's oldest living libyan the one thing is bay area man remembers most about the games aside,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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playing field cbs reporter tony lopez shows us how the game plan is changing for some crime victims. net of this said the keys and work the phones busier than ever. all because of what is happening on sacramento area streets. the back side of this business. which explains why this guy is choosing to remain in the shadows. his name is lou and what to do? who his a private investigator. but this company is opening eyes by taking out radio ads of from services to crime victims fed up with police budget cuts. dirichlet's because of massive
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cutbacks the victim of crime there sometimes able to respond. the addison running for a couple months in business is up. the take on all sorts of cases. everything from fraud to a family law. to domestic. from property crimes to spousal shenanigans the man behind the mask is making his move. to or not crime-fighter's but we're assisting. they declined an interview for the story of a stable welcome any interview from a private investigator budd wouldn't go out of the way to share information. more citizens are going and the way says the company to break open that the bank to help break the case. there are people out there who are willing to a few dollars to the results. the airwaves so far the results of their radio blitz. on more than just a little eye opening. in sacramento tony lopez for cbs five. it appears they
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spoke is floundering. the stock dropped nearly 12 percent today to a new low. mudsucker bergen fact loss $1.6 billion in the past day alone. since going public in may and suburbs bankroll has dropped drops more than $7 billion but not to worry today he's still with 12.1 billion. this was with some faced with users might not like. when this book went public two months ago little the marks of a bird no the his hacker company would be the one being high. o auto as italy is to use it anymore is only 19 but may back up the points made raley's one analyst wrote to clients that this book's main problem is and ad revenue in global strategy is the young people don't think it does cool as they used to. it's a fad. like it its dying down.
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and wires that? in a word parents. i definitely has a bigger adult presence on the was before that can be really awkward. dear grades in the sons is not just your friends looking at what you're putting on line but also your family members. and oftentimes parents don't like what they see. some of the things they see on them as desolate with some of my children and other people's children is really felt the. many other teams had to find their parents to go on facebook and a certain age kids don't want to hang with the heads up. add the that the could affect seven players received a round face book and it adds up to questions about how much phase but can keep growing. new speaker we have a spoke a sort of over kids aren't intuitive more but the numbers are so huge and the engagement his lies in this whole lot of people to use all the time that's always a risk but it will take a lot of
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affection to rlly bring but those numbers down. right now the numbers that matter most for faced with an all streets aren't going the right direction in menlo park and enemy is serious five. dirichlet's a spectacular fireworks display marked the end of the opening ceremony for the olympics in london 60,000 lost inside the stadium 1 billion was on tv among those watching here in the bay the oldest living gold medalists. deadweight allosteric dealer banks of more than two and a half weeks of competition. the quakes we just want to show that we can do better. the we stronger, faster, higher to achieve something which is within reach of everybody. and above the body would be doing that while aetna there would be no war a third one believed in the olympics. 76 years ago he won gold and water polo for his native
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country of hungary he was known for being an ambidextrous shooter. did we ever is very effective in scoring. now 98 years old he remembers the way of hitler used the berlin games to promote the area and superiority. next to winning his gold medal this is the moment he will never forget. jesse owens a black man won four gold medals. and jesse owens single-handedly destroyed this not the doctor in. he lives in del the bentonites the bill that a tennis club hosted an opening salmon is being party in his honor. the equates he envisions the human spirit and uses the of the bags as a way to teach all of us about how to compete and not be good human beings. in a few days will fly to london to watch the games. and helps to bonilla to the hon kerrey and water polo team.
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in the last olympics the hon kerrey won the gold this time and now this to be the fourth one. and you can find all of the olympics news plus the schedule and metal counts on our web site at cbs sf that come. and from the weather center dave the of the body we had put 78 degrees in san as a is a day and that is down from an average hike to the mid-80s buds in the silicon valley will tell you the [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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today averaging three degrees below normal but meanwhile was 84 in livermore and we should be around some 90 good evening everybody this is the scene looking up with the transamerica building they'll go bloat rains in plaque inside the cloud decks with some localized along the coast into the bay as well and by lunchtimes moral we should have the clouds retreating back to the coast butler came very close it if you had out to at&t
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part for that one of cloud gamy sure you dress in layers. we will have some sunshine tomorrow and we will have some warmer conditions due to this area of low pressure find the object think in an easterly direction of the strata of cool air mass has been slipping into the bay and it will be history in with the interior into the heading into saturday low 90s in the upper 70's on the north and south shore and 90 in ukiah. sure we had the overcast skies tonight morning jolt tomorrow and then warmer conditions in mines we do have a stagnant weather pattern kick starting with this weekend's temptress nights a blanket of clouds into the fifties otherwise was a size 5686 degrees morgan hill '80 in bread with low 80s and not of the warmer the maddens no one knows sunshine in stinson beach. the west wins at 10 to 20
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extended forecast back into the 90s by monday hanging thais all weekend long. here's jim in sports. decreasing to roberta. the dodgers make their move now the giants answer with a treat of their own ends more late in the magic from the sweeping days.,,,, happy birthday! thank you, nana
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trade deadline for days the way the giants acquired veteran infielder marcus good girl from the rockies in exchange for minor leaguer charlie culbertson. ramirez was ready to see what the giants dodgers rivalry is all about. bottom of the eighth dodgers up 3 to one brand and bell had saved broken bat single to center maliki the scored tied at parting in three had nice rebels but in the top of the tent ramirez shows why the dodgers got vicious hits a three run shot off. lynn's five to three and is now two games behind giants. the a's have not lost back- to-back games since the end of june but that streak was in jeopardy after they blew a five run lead. brian cox architects
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did saved by a swinging is struck again with the late in the magic seven straight batters reached base in the ninth of their norris tightest and small leaks gave them the lead and sat smith the deliveries the knockout terrell and he's had a career high with five runs batted in the a's scored six runs in the ninth simi derails 14 to 9 they're now a game and a half of the the tigers for the final wild-card spots. the 49ers' held their first practice of training camp this afternoon and after sitting out last season randy moss is embracing his role as one of the team's veteran leaders. did least my philosophy is i do not see like what the nfl does for me i want to know what i can do to make the nfl better. the release the new leader on and
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off the field this is what i want to do because i think if we get that type of mine said it would make it better leak. the jets' head coach rex ryan remains confident in himself and the team despite the playoffs last season he begins the top five. did waves if there was a spelling bee i would bet against him. that anything else a fight, coaching football and betting on me. and number for the red sox had carl crawford did is i sex and i know why. he nearly missed places fly ball in the yankees and red sox no. 3 somebody forgot to tell robert carrel and celtic the finest minds. and never to giants quarterback shows off his new hairdo. good thing he wears a helmet. and that number one back to baltimore the final out in the game jos' traffic crashes into the wall and will be taken off the field like parts fear not is fans he only got the not is fans he only got the winds knocked out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, discover british columbia.
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visit: not is fans he only got the winds knocked out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs and now, nominated for an academy award as "the iron lady," david letterman!


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