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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  July 29, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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jerry brown's new water plant, take it from the north and give it to the south, we will sit down with the water district representative to talk about the effect on the bay area. >> facebook took a bit of a flop after its first earnings report so we will talk about the tech startups in the bay area in the outlook as things are getting difficult. >> that whole question about park funding, will that have an effect on people's confidence in state government? we will talk with gavin newsom about that. there is a statewide amber alert out right now for a teenage girl >> in monterey county, she's 16 years old, 5 ft. 5 in., 130 lbs.. she was last seen wearing a blue and white shirt, a pink jacket eugene's and sandals. the suspect is one miguel salazar jr., 5 ft. 8 in. 150
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lbs. wearing eyeglasses and police are looking for a blue chevrolet tahoe with a license plate you see on your screen. >> there are new questions about party bus safety following a deadly accident. >> we're learning about the 25 year-old woman who fell out of the bus and was run over. the bus was heading south on highway 17. the people on board were returning to san crews from a concert in mt. view. the chp says to women were fighting when the door of the bus came open and both of them fell out. there were 12-15 people on board and officers in many were intoxicated. some of them even got out of the bus and ran away after the fatal accident. chp is investigating whether there was underage drinking. >> everyone on the bus could
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have been killed along with innocent people on the roads >> cherry hill, we heard from him on our broadcast, has proposed legislation that would put restrictions on party bosses that allow alcohol on rides to clubs. so far no charges have been filed. a bay area news group is reporting the victim was latasha noland whose parents own the popular pacific waves are shop in santa cruz. a girl and mann are recovering after a shooting in a point, they were inside a home when a car stopped in front of the house, a man fired two rounds into the house and then got back into the car and sped away. witnesses describe the car is a black honda sedan. >> san leandro police officers are searching for a gunman who fired shots inside a bart station. investigation at the station shut it down for a few hours last night and officers received reports of shooting on the
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concourse level just before 10:00. luckily no one was injured. homeless campers are making their way back to san jose park after being evicted nine days ago. the homeless camp is in kelley park and it has become what officials call a health and fire safety hazard. over 5 t of trash in the process. in the past six months neighbors had seen a steady increase in crime from homelessness and there has been more than a dozen fires with four fires in the last few days alone. some may fear that it may be in retribution. >> we have had problems with the increase crimes >> san jose police sgt adjacent wire told us that they did not victim only assist with other
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agencies come to shut down the encampment. this has neighbors feeling like that nowhere to turn >> one of san francisco's most popular medical marijuana at dispensaries will close its doors for good on tuesday. the vapor room has been a mainstay since 2004. in a letter a u.s. attorney for and seize the property with possible jail time for the owners because it is too close to a playground. the california republican party is backing off an intention to pursue a voter i.d. initiative >> a former spokeswoman person who was just laid off says the state gop simply does not have resources to undertake an expensive and controversial campaign in such as this. it would require approval from the gop board of directors. meanwhile a new voter i.d. law in pennsylvania is the subject of a legal fight. challengers say it amounts to a blatant attempt to suppress
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minority voters. hundreds of thousands of people could be affected. >> i think >> 93 year-old vivian has been brought voting in presidential election since 1944. in the 1960's she once marched for voting rights with martin luther king but under the new voter i.d. what she may not be able to vote in november. she is among the few hundred thousand register's voters according to pennsylvania officials who do not have an acceptable photo id. what about a driver's license? >> i've never driven a car >> because the name on her birth certificate is different she has been unable to get a photo i.d. and now she is the lead plaintiff in the challenging lot of challenging the pennsylnia law. she believes photo id approved
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by a republican legislature and governor is aimed at suppressing the votes of minorities who lean democratic and turned out in record numbers for president obama in 2008 >> i am running to change washington in a fundamental way >> i don't want him in there and they're trying to get him out. if the black people don't vote for him he is crippled. >> as evidence, opponents point to recent comments by the republican leader of the state legislature >> voter i.d. which will allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done >> since 20119 other states to pass photo i.d. was aimed at stopping voter fraud but still in the past five years kansas has prosecuted only a handful of voter fraud cases. pennsylvania, none. which is why an election judge in one pennsylvania precinct is not plan on enforcing the law. you don't believe it is a problem? >> i don't believe it has ever
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been a problem >> so what is this really about? >> i think it is about suppressing votes >> vivian thought those rights were settled long ago >> and it upsets me, it really does >> the trial to stop the pennsylvania photo id what is expected to last another week but even after the judge decides, appeals could last beyond the election. >> mitt romney met with top israeli officials in jerusalem. he got a warm welcome from prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he agrees with romney stands on iran. romney says he has a zero tolerance policy towards iran obtaining the capability to build a nuclear weapon >> feel is unacceptable for iran to become a nuclear armed nation. the threat it would impose to israel, the region and the world is incomparable and
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unacceptable. >> next, he is headed to a fund- raiser with top american supporters in israel. the government of israel is denying a published report that it got a briefing on a possible attack in iran. the newspaper says national security adviser, donald and paid out the plans or laid out the plans for prime minister benjamin netanyahu but a senior israeli official says nothing in that article is correct. >> latest on mitt romney trip overseas will be the latest on face the nation coming up after us. also, penn state, can it recover? face the nation starts at 8:30 a.m. here on cbs five. >> you were talking with willie brown and gavin newsom about his trip to london earlier. >> we will talk about that as well.
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thousands of people have laced up their shoes this morning for the 35th running of the san francisco marathon. >> a live look right now at the golden gate bridge. runners are ambitiously making their way through the fog there. the largest marathon in california known for its beautiful views. it is the only race that runs on the road bed of the golden gate bridge. they will finish in front of cupid's arrow. >> hopefully by then maybe the sun will be shining on them. >> still to come, what went wrong on mitt romney trip to london. >> wishful thinking for people who did not have the winning numbers >> a new water fight between southern california and northern california. how the plans might affect bay
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area communities. >> a typical summer day under way in the bay area. we have changes coming and we will outline,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> welcome back. it is sunday morning and it will be a great day but so far as usual, what do we start off with? >> a lot of fog and even some drizzle in oakland. a live look outside in the east bay over dublin and pleasanton. sunny skies will prevail a little bit later today. a few degrees warmer than yesterday and we are getting ready for another warm-up. current conditions in the fifties, 55 in santa rosa. >> good morning.
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we are off to a fairly typical summertime sunday for the bay area. fog and low clouds along the shoreline. a little bit of pressure in the gulf of alaska will keep things on the relatively mild side. usual low clouds to start with and then sunny in the valleys and a little bit of a warming trend. out the door this morning, clouds on the coast, some low clouds along the bay pushing inland. it will be mostly sunny today and on future cast, overnight you can see fog and low clouds forecast along the shore. they all pulled back by around noon today except along the shoreline of san mateo county and san francisco. low clouds will be pulling back
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to the short tonight and it will keep things pretty cool for the beach today but with high pressure reasserting itself, things will warm up a little bit over yesterday's highs. if you're heading out tomorrow, at the airport, 30 mi. per hour wind and 73 degrees. if you're headed to the southland it looks good. we are blessed with them depending on if you like that kind of thing. denver has some thunderstorms in the forecast and chicago and new york look ok. most locations in the '50s overnight tonight. 56 in livermore. 58 at mount view. the pinpoint forecasts for the south bay, palo alto 78 degrees. 79 in cupertino. 84 in morgan hill.
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80 degrees in san jose. 87 degrees in san ramon. livermore tops out at about 87. 81 in sonoma. 84 in petaluma and 79 and can field. we will look for things to warm up monday tuesday and wednesday which the low 90s. by thursday things will peak and by next weekend we will cool off a little bit. >> water in california is probably as valuable or more valuable than gold in the long term and that is why governor brown is pushing a plan to move water from north of the sacramento delta up to southern california. >> we have farmers, fish,
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environmentalists, citizens, and we need to make it all work somehow. i want to get this thing done the best i can. >> along with the fed's he is proposing a 35 mi. pair of tunnels to drop 150 ft. underground and under the delta to bring sacramento river water down to tracy. the water would then go to homes in l.a. and farmers in the central valley. plan also calls for restoration of the delta habitat which has suffered in recent years. the estimate is $23 billion. one man questioning how works is the assistant general manager of the contra costa water district. your area is probably the most impacted with this plan >> that's right, 100 percent of our water comes from the delta. >> this is not the first time,
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jerry brown had the periphery canal the first time. >> that was a 25,000 ft cubic foot per second canal that would do the same thing, take water from the north and pump it to the south. this morning the flow in the sacramento river is 21,000 cubic feet per second. this proposal is to use tunnel's instead of a canal and go under the delta at 9000 cubic feet per second so it is considerably size down but the most important thing about the plan is how it would be operated and that is unspecified. we don't know how it would be operated and we don't know what the water supply benefit is to southern california. the current plan to give them even less water than they get now which makes you wonder why they would spend millions of dollars. they don't have the certainty that they wanted when they started the planned six years ago. we don't know what the flow will be for the fish and we
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don't know where habitat restoration will be so there are a lot of unknowns. >> is it smart to be giving our water to people for their lawn and swimming pools in the south? that is what irritates people >> it does but i would like to remind people in the bay area that while the metropolitan water district in southern california takes 1.5 million a. feet out of the delta, the bay area takes the same amount so we're both doing the same thing. >> then it comes to the second part, water is so valuable in california. we do not want to give away our water. the other thing is how it will affect the delta because the delta is already having salt water flow into it. it depends on fresh water coming in from the sacramento
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river. if you start diverting that water to the south would affect that have on the delta? >> that is precisely the problem and there are studies that show it will increase the salinity in the delta. we have recently written a letter to the secretary of alerting him to the fact that preliminary documents have ignored that and we are very concerned that the environmental documents that come out fully disclose impacts on the contra costa water district and fully medicate them. what they've done so far is essentially not disclose them and proposed mitigation of more studies which is just wrong >> it was fascinating when the governor unveiled the plan this week and said we would build 2 35 mi. long tunnels and which are bigger than the caldecott tunnel. this is a massive undertaking and they do not even have it penciled out about the cost? >> no, and that's part of the
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problem. if everyone agreed on this today would take them two or three years to get going and seven years to build it so the best case scenario is 10 years away and in the meantime still love not solved any of the problems in the delta. there's finally a coalition of water users that depend on the delta working together to try to get levee protection going, projects that will help the delta today because even if this were to solve all the problems, it is 10 years away and we don't have 10 years to wait >> coupes for this? >> water users are saying they will pay for it although if you read their reactions to the governor's announcement, they say this is great that the governor did this but we want to see what we will get out of it before we sign-on so if they're going to pay they want to know what they will get. >> this is a topic we'll come back to because this is probably the biggest public works project
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in the state has ever seen. thanks for coming in. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> life of some lucky person who bought a ticket in fremont is about to change >> this is a convenience store in fremont that sold a mega millions ticket that match all six numbers. 2-3-for-8, and the jackpot is a cool $52 million. the winner has not yet claimed the jackpot and they have one year to do so. >> to get reaction we turn to lt. gov. gavin newsom and former mayor willie brown, both of them no strangers to foot and mouth disease. what did you think about mitt romney performance in london? >> which part? thinking he is not the leader, the mi meeting was not supposed to be
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mentioned, the idea that security is not where it should be, insulting, the prime minister says he did not need to do our olympics in the middle of nowhere. as bad as it gets so we're getting to enjoy the next parts, poland and israel, are still to come >> mitt romney says now he will not even watch his wife's horse performed. what you think of that? >> i assume dead he might be on his way home if he didn't. >> if you know you have a deal with your wife is involved in an olympic sport and the horse itself cost $1 million, you know it will not necessarily resonate with joe six-pack. why would you go to london anyway? >> you understand, you really
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should not conceal it. if it is there you should celebrate it and explain it >> when there is no money left. >> it was the first time the president and so this is remarkable. they said you want to go down this last time and i had been there four times. >> it would keep going on and on >> the most unique part of this is there has been no president in the history of this country and has ever gone to oakland. you heard about their little problems. he sold out everything and then
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last night when i mentioned it to a guy in l.a. he said did the checks clear? >> oakton cannot get any respect from those guys >> a rough week for facebook. what the social network needs to do to recover from a disappointing report >> london organizers want to know why they're seeing rows of empty seats in some olympic venues and >> new concerns for south bay have you ever roller-skied before? yes no when? you don't know everything that i have done. salesman: oh, well, it's wife: well really easy. tell me... [ting]
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child: ya, ya ya... [crash] child: mom! [ting] ♪
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>> the batter to syrian president regime is trying to regain control from rebels using extreme fire power. >> i'm concerned to come home at night. i'm concerned that the increased crime rate we have that >> neighbors near a south bay park, police had already solve a problem. >> tens of thousands of runners hit the streets for san francisco's marathon. welcome back to the early edition, the time is 801, july 29th. >> i had a good excuse not to run, i had to anchor and the show. that is the only reason.
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we wish those people very well. we will have a look at the san francisco marathon coming up. is a qualifier for the boston marathon. >> is the bubble will bring? might it burst? we will take a look at the numbers and we will take a look at the scandal at the state park system, $50 million, was a hidden or what is going on? developing news, a statewide amber alert for a teenage girl >> c is 16 years old, 5 ft. 5 in., 130 lbs., last seen wearing a blue and white shirt, a pink jacket, blue jeans and sandals. the suspect is one miguel salazar jr., 5 ft. 8 in. 150 lbs. usually wearing eyeglasses with a license plate on your screen.
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>> former state parks official at the center of a vacation buyout scandal is also being accused of sexual harassment. >> the chronicle is reporting that man will lopez is named in a lawsuit, a former employee, audrey velasquez claimed he sexually harassed her after she complained about the treatment of two other women. lopez resigned after an investigation found out he spearheaded an. homeless campers are making their way back to a park after being evicted. a homeless camp had become a health and fire hazard and neighbors complained but it did not take long for some of the former campers to come back. >> camp sites like this are illegal but for the homeless they have proven irresistible in nearby neighbors say, dangerous.
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>> we have had more than one dozen fires in the past six months out in the field and we have had problems with the increase crime from the homeless, stealing things and breaking into things >> the latest fires came early in the day. his neighbors are worried >> this is right against the front of the house is and i'm concerned come home at night, i'm concerned that the increased crime rate. >> recently workers offered temporary housing, job help and home treatment, drug treatment to the homeless but then evicted people who did not leave and remove 5.5 t of trash >> that was on a thursday and the following monday the homeless began moving in again because police refused to patrol the area >> san jose sergeant told us that police do not take a leading role in evicting homeless but only assist one another agency shut down an encampment. he says that when the homeless
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were out of here things did calm down and now that some of them are back the things are heating up. with two fires in one day in fear that those evict are allegedly setting them for retribution, he and his neighbors feel they have nowhere to turn. >> in other news, state treasurer bill lockyer is trying to line up votes to become the next chancellor of the california state university system. the 71 year-old former state senate leader and former attorney general and former assemblyman is lobbying the system's 25 member board of trustees which will eventually make that call. >> government troops are trying to regain control of syria is a commercial hub and largest city. the rebels started a push to take over the city from being routed from the capital of damascus. an unmanned russian cargo
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spaceship has docked with the international space station after an aborted attempt. the progress cargo ship had separated from the station about one week ago to try a new docking system but there were technical problems. progress is loading up garbage from the space station and will burn up upon reentry into the earth's atmosphere. >> police in london say they arrested more than 180 people on bicycles who tried to breach the olympic park security during the opening ceremony. they defied police by crossing the river came. >> olympic organizers say they're working to find out why so many seats are empty. they say most of the no-shows' were guests of corporate sponsors. michael phelps came in a surprising fourth in the 400 individual medley. about 24,000 people lacing up
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their shoes for the san francisco marathon going on as we speak. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. hundreds of runners are making their way through the san francisco fog. the marathon is known for its scenic views. you can see one of them right there. you can expect many traffic delays until about 10:00 this morning. a bad week for wall street on facebook >> still to come, more fallout from the state park surplus scandal >> we will show you how oakland throws down for the town. >> good morning to you. we're getting off to a typical summer start but things will be changing. we have coastal drizzle with a warming trend under way.
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all the details coming up when,
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>> several hundred volunteers have been in action this weekend in oakland. there are now numerals on walls of emerson elementary known as rode down for the town. this is its second year, this time they are performing more than 30 service projects at a time when education funding is cut to the bone. >> is important that we give back and that we are paying attention to how we respect and make sure our communities are functioning for everybody. >> another project going on, victory community garden, all the food is given away for free and it is a really wonderful place. i had a chance to check out some of those service projects and met some very wonderful volunteers. >> now we turn to the weather
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and we have patchy fog around the bay area. >> fog all around the bay area but it will be dissipating. frizzling as far in as oakland this morning. highs later on will be in the '70s or '80s around the bay area with a warm-up in store. current temperatures in the fifties around the area. >> good morning everybody, we're off to a fairly typical summertime sunday for the bay area. some fog and low clouds in the shoreline. low pressure in the gulf of alaska will keep things on the relatively mild side. a little bit of a warming trend for the bay area. out the door, clouds along the coast with some clouds along the
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bay. those will dissipate first and it will take longer at the beach. overnight you can see fauns and low clouds forecast along the shore. they all pulled back by around noon today except the shoreline of san mateo county and san francisco city and county. things will be pretty cool at the beach for most of the day today but with high pressure reasserting itself, things will increase. upper seventies around the bay and upper 80s in the interior spots. morning clouds and afternoon sun. if you're headed to the south lax has low clouds as well. denver has some thunderstorms in the forecast. chicago and new york look ok.
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overnight lows, most locations in the fifties tonight. 56 in livermore. 58 at mount view. palo alto 78 degrees, 79 in cupertino. 84 in morgan hill. in the east bay, getting warm in antioch and pittsburgh. 87 in livermore. 81 in sonoma. 84 in santa rosa. we look for things to warm up monday tuesday and wednesday in the low 90s. by thursday things will peak and then by next week, we will cool off a degree or two.
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>> it look like another flop for facebook after its stock price took a hit after this week's earnings report. tell us about your thoughts after the second quarter earnings report came out >> it was disappointing, they made money and they gained a bigger share of the audience with 955 million people around the world, but there are certain trends that have happened. it looks like there is some indication that the growth that they use to have, exponential growth, is not happening. >> only so many people will sign up for facebook >> right in there is some indication that there is facebook fatigued. people are not going on as much as they used to and there is a big shift in people going to mobile devices which is a big problem for facebook. >> it sounds like it is a big
8:15 am
problem because of a lack of advertisements. i have a mobile application and you do not see the advertisements >> 85% of their revenue comes from advertising and that mainly comes from the ads that you see on the side of your facebook wall. they cannot put that on a mobile phone because there'sso they are trying sponsored stories where sponsor items that you normally put on yourself, and are sponsored by corporations or businesses. they say there is an indication that they are effective and people look at them but they have had that in limited numbers so far. >> the entire, we call it tech but your original visions were wires and then it became chips
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in but what we're talking about here are ideas or products we're cellphone to come flashing on and it seems like that is a lot faster treadmill to try to keep up with >> more fundamental than that, what people used to do is sell products. here, the newer companies like facebook are selling of us, we are the product. they're trying to sell our behaviors and we have to be on there all the time post what we like and things that we talk about, that is what they can sell advertising against. if they change behavior then they change their whole advertising model >> and we will change our behavior is. this stuff goes in and out like general fads. people are getting off of facebook in moving to twitter >> is also the way we're doing it, we've gone from computers to mobile devices. netflix was trying to bridge some gaps, it sent out videos
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and said we would rent one video per month and then they took a hit >> they saw the future, they see that people want to watch video online but the problem is they are not gaining a enough on-line viewers or subscribers as they are losing the home video subscribers. that is why they took a hit this week >> overall, are these technology stocks and a future in the bay area, does it look as good as it did a year ago? >> i think it is very confusing for investors to try to figure that out. i hesitate to say there is a bubble about to burst but there are some troubling signs ahead for these companies and i think there will be a lot of pressure on them, particularly facebook and zinga since they have gone public they need to answer to investors and will be under pressure to make money somehow
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>> that is a difficult line they're riding because in the meantime they have not upset their customers >> who are used to getting it for free >> that is the thing, we're all used to getting those services for free. >> we will talk with you in the next half-hour on the c.w.. thanks for being here and we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a budget surplus for state parks has some nonprofit groups fuming. one cycling group that raised $55,000 to save a state park says it feels betrayed. >> we are profoundly disappointed that some much
8:21 am
effort would be gone through a closure process over a couple of years. only to find that it was like, we're just kidding. >> the group is working on filing a request to get the money back. now they want to give the money to the sonoma county regional parks instead which is taking control of anna belle park. the manner brown's administration has taken a hit from the scandal >> they say they want to raise taxes and then they turn around and find their is $50 million sitting in a reserve fund. former mayor willie brown and lieutenant governor and gavin newsom, it leads to questions about the entire situation of the state's finances and its credibility with voters. >> keep in mind that in spite of the fact that you had that kind of thing surface, you did not see a quote from jerry brown
8:22 am
anywhere. we were talking about all the kind of surrogate seeing the whole thing and now we the public reference jerry brown but believe me, in terms of the delivery system, jerry brown is up with us criticizes >> but when you know you have money out there >> but the difference is the money was not spent, is saved. it is a counter narrative at a time when we were asking the private sector to step up and step in to save the sparks were closed. nobody stole any money. >> it was squirreled away with people out there contributing their money and then i'm not saying it was criminal but it is a pr nightmare >> question is, is every special fund similarly audited and
8:23 am
recorded? let me just say this and the mayor understands, there are special funds that exist in government. i know this and i know mayor brown knows this, when you put budgets together there are special funds there when you need them that the executive branch is quite familiar with at times when you need them the most. >> as mayor he turnaround in say you did not tell me about it? >> it happened to my homeless fund near the end of my administration. willie's guy comes in >> my guy! >> at that moment he was your guy. those are the kind of people will leap in i'm just saying, it is just the facts >> the difference in my administration is that i never required accountability. operate under the assumption
8:24 am
that it was there. >> that is hilarious but i really can't get over his laugh. that is what makes me laugh. coming up, a look at today's top stories. >>,,,,,,,,
8:25 am
>> let's take a look at this morning's top stories >> anne state why am roller in effect for a teenage girl out of monterey county. she's 16 years old, 5 ft. 5 in., 135 lbs. last seen wearing a blue and white shirt, a pink jacket, blue jeans and sandals. >> homeless campers are making their way back to san jose park after being evicted nine days ago and it has the neighborhood
8:26 am
worried. the camp has become a health and fire hazard >> mitt romney met with top israeli officials in jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu says he agrees with mitt romney stance on iran, is zero tolerance of nuclear weapon capability >> face the nation takes a look at the penn state child sex abuse scandal coming up next >> we are jumping over to c.w. network with the search is on corbeil areas zombies. why people are being asked to hunt for bizarre behavior. >> let's take one last look at the weather. >> a little bit foggy out there. a live look at the golden gate bridge where you can see some of the stragglers are making their way across the bridge right now. temperatures in the '50s all around the area. we have a big warmup in store later on this week. >> face the nation is next
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>> we are headed over,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> schieffer: today on "face the nation"" did romney give israel the green light to bomb iran? >> i look forward to chatting with you about further actions that we can take to dissuade iran from their nuclear folly. >> schieffer: as romney was talking tough about iran, back home ""newsweek"" was accusing him of being a wimp, in an issue that includes a surprising assessment of his foreign policy congressionals from his fellow republican john mccain. our jan crawford is with romney and will ask him. debbie wasserman schultz will offer her party's side. we'll also talk about the scandal at penn state and the harsh sanctions imposed by the ncaa. i'll tal a


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