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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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there. >> has anyone had any communication with a person or know his intentions? >> we don't know what the intention is but it sounds like he was distraught over something and climbed up to the tower and we don't know if he is there or not. >> a parolee found herself back in custody after a run in which the east san jose police last night. police say she hit two officers with her own car after they tried to stop her for a traffic violation. the officers are recovering from those injuries. some san jose police officers are questioning the confidence in their chief. he has held that position for more than half a year now. allegations of morale down and officers resigning. the union president posted a
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weapon message on the web site. city manager's office supports his work. >> oakland's police chief thinks a curfew could decrease violent crime. he wants to get the ordinance passed before the end of the year. details are still being worked out. since jan. 419 juveniles have been arrested >> you don't need to leave your bike behind if you're headed to bart this morning. lisa washington is in oakland with new details on a policy that is bike friendly but it will be crowded this morning >> it we have seen several bikers taking their bikes onto trains this morning. we're joined live by one of the board of directors for bart. thanks for joining us. tell us why this is such a big deal with bicyclist being able to bring their bikes on board
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>> for the first time in 40 years, we have open the system during all hours to all passengers, even those with a bicycle. we have had a blackout during the peak commute hours. for a number of years we have looked at systems like new york city where bailout by exxon board to 24-7. we're doing a pilot test each friday in august to see how it works, gather the data and assess how we can get every bit of capacity out of the system to increase rider ship. >> i know you have been looking at the impact of passengers as well because people who do not want, who do not bring their bikes to want to get on without any inconvenience >> exactly, so we're asking everyone to use common sense and courtesy. one rule is that you cannot board a car with a bicycle when
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it is crowded. >> thanks so much for joining us. we certainly appreciate, common sense and courtesy but you can bring bikes on board this morning. >> lawrence was talking about the weekend whether on monday. you remember? >> yes i do >> not that i was looking forward to it or anything but happy friday. if you're headed out the door we have more low clouds and fog around the bay area and even some drizzle. if you had to route the day we will see a lot of sunshine, norway. we are seeing delays of almost one hour for arriving flights at sfo. by the afternoon we will cranked up the numbers but not as hot as yesterday afternoon. 87 degrees in concord and 65
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degrees in san francisco. more coming up on the weekend forecasts. >> we start with the bay bridge, so far so good as you work your way towards the toll plaza. the altamont pass is starting to see a few more brake lights as well. antioch stop and go conditions westbound highway 4. we're getting word of an accident at marsh creek road with an overturned vehicles. it may be blocking some lands in and around that area. the golden gate bridge, so far so good with limited visibility but an easy ride into san francisco. >> arson investigators are looking into a suspicious brush fire in moscow dose. the fire began around 6:00 last night and burned dangerously
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close to some town homes near highway 85. flames burned three cars in the shed. witnesses say they saw some people running from that area after it started. >> a scary time for people in the neighborhood hit by the san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. the construction crew forced evacuations in the area when a contractor struck a 2 in. plastic line. pg&e says crews were not using safety in practices. firefighters evacuated 14 homes within one block of the break and told other people to shelter in place. pg&e wants people in 15 mountain view homes to permanently remove everything from their backyards because the properties are on top pg&e says the backyards need to be stripped bare in case a pipeline emergency calls for aerial inspections and open space for
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themselves >> pulling the trees will not make anyone feel safer, it will not solve the problem that they think they have >> san francisco based pg&e contends it will be too expensive to move the pipeline away from those homes >> south bay real estate is under arrest accused of running a ponzi scheme. the d.a. office says that 50 year-old jill sylvia defrauded people. she allegedly took money from victims to loans to homeowners but those homeowners claim they knew nothing about the deal. investigators say she spent the money on luxury cars, furniture and personal home remodeling. wall street is going over new numbers from the labor department this morning. the nation's jobless rate rose to 8.3 percent last month. the economy added 160,000 jobs,
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the most since february and better than the average so far this year. another chapter today in the flap over chick-fil-a restaurants as same-sex advocates plan to stage a so- called case in today >> the tsa a kiss is just a kiss but i have to add in this story, a less is done in protest. it is a form of protest against the owners of chick-fil-a and their opposition to same-sex unions. this comes after a day of appreciation for the restaurant and some many people came to order food at the fairfield location that they ran out of chicken. many people came on the principle of free speech sang the chicken shop should be boycotted because dan kathy expressed his views against same-sex marriage.
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it is a southern baptist company which has long been known for operating under " biblical principles ". >> it would really be nice if chick-fil-a would get in the business of making great chicken and stay out of the business of quality, equality >> i'm here to take a stand on god's word and have a meal, that's it >> there is a page for what is called the national same-sex kiss day. right now it has more than 2500 numbers but i have not seen any new pictures come in just yet. people are being encouraged to go to the restaurant, take a picture of a kiss and focused it on facebook or twitter. the restaurants are open for breakfast so you would think we would see some pictures from the east coast sometime soon. this has turned into a profit for competing chicken restaurants as well. companies like kentucky fried
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chicken are posturing themselves as the anti chick-fil-a. >> we have been asking all morning if the protest will help or hurt the gay marriage cause? >> catherine says of course it will hurt the cause. stunts like this trivialize the true issue here. we will share more thoughts with you later in the program >> she was a long way away from home >> but now a fur seal has arrived in the bay area thanks to fedex fresh from hawaii. she was spotted near a hawaiian island thousands of miles from her home. a young female seal it was emaciated and very weak >> it was on some type of vessel possibly and got off the vessel here in hawaii or was on a map of debris or something of that nature and floated down >> she arrived at the oakland
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airport shortly after midnight this morning. the marine mammal center in the bay area will take good care of her until she is finally ready to be released probably in northern california. >> . a disturbing new find in the same well link to the speed freak killers. >> it is a family business >> a six year-old boy in a car seat pointing a real gun at a camera and police say that is just the beginning >> what is it like to spin out of control on the racetrack. ,,,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> a spectacular race car crash
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in finland alcott on tape from the inside. the white ford fiesta somersaults a few times and ends up upside-down. here it is in real time. it finally came to a stop and the driver inside will apparently be ok. >> some of the remains uncovered in san joaquin county earlier this year are still unidentified. they include a female who is probably 16-18 years old of mixed race and a fetus estimated at about 30 weeks. convicted killer wesley sherman time has written a newspaper to say he will not help locate more remains until he gets rewards he was promised. the central valley is all abuzz about a six year-old boy pointing a gun >> police say the photo of the
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boys sitting in his car seat was found on the cellphone of that the child's father. investigators got the phone during a search of his home as part of a drugs and weapons probe. >> it shows us and let people know the type of mentality that people are our officers are dealing with everyday >> it will now be up to the san lockean county district attorney's office whether to >> let's get a look at the roadways >> it has not been too bad this morning. a few hot spots to report but overall traffic is moving nicely. mobile 5 just pass through highway 24 headed towards 580. a few extra cars at the pay gates of the paint bridge. fast-track is moving pretty nicely but no metering lights
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just yet. if you are taking 880-237 this morning we're starting to see a slight delays. word of an accident northbound 8008101. we will confirm that as soon as chp arrives on the scene. 883 oakland, traffic looks pretty good in both directions. an accident at marsh creek road involving an overturn vehicle, no word on injuries but it may be bad flocking lanes. >> it looks like we have delays at sfo of almost one hour on arriving flights. temperatures will be cool towards the coast mainly in the '50s and '60s but it will still stay hot inland. we will drop the temperature's
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down and over the weekend, more monsoon moisture coming in. high-pressure is weakening somewhat finally which allows cool air to move on shore. some clouds will push through as well. delays sfo today. unfortunately we have delays of almost one hour but we should clear out in the afternoon. 90 degrees in houston, 90 in new york. adm partly cloudy in chicago. 61 and patchy fog in pacifica, east bay temperatures up in the '80s. inside the bay will find some sunshine. 83 and nice and sunny in santa rosa. not a bad weekend with
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temperatures moving back towards normal. i pressure builds back in and temperatures are warming up through the middle of next week. >> senate majority leader harry reid is adding fuel to the fire over tax returns of can it mitt romney. he said on the senate floor that there is a lot of buzz that mitt romney did not pay any taxes for 10 years. he offered no evidence and said he is not even sure if it is true but he says he believes that romney is hiding something. he has released limited tax information and there is pressure to release more. >> and nasa rover name curiosities' set to land on mars this weekend and there are a couple of local events set up for people to which enjoy the occasion. today nasa will host a social media event to preview the landing and the showboat space
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center will host a planet festival today through sunday. 620, anxiety in your dec. no pipeline blast site. >> first it was a swimming pool dueled. michael phelps wins but what is next,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> lot of sunshine around the bay area this afternoon. starting out with low clouds and fog so it will be a cool morning. >> conditions along the shore freeway, so far so good. no delays along the shore
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freeway and we will look at the bay bridge in just a few minutes >> already a little bit of history 14 usa >> world's most decorated olympian will attempt to pad his resume with another metal in a 100 m butterfly. michael phelps took on ryan lochte yesterday in the individual medley. michael phelps won the gold in he has done so in three straight olympics. if you want to get the results visit our web site time for a little baseball. >> the a's are going through a miniature two game losing streak but they pulled out of it >> josh read it ended his personal zero-20 batting slump. the a's beat up the blue jays and that puts oakland back ahead of the angels for the top of the
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wild-card spot. things are not so great on the other side of the bay as the giants fell to the mets for the third time in four games. they never came back and this one, the final score was 9-1. they lost seven out of 10 during a homestand but they're still in first place. a former san jose state spartans making the play of the day, he sucks it up, and nice catch but the national shut out the phillies 3-0 but he got play of the day. it is 626, bart is changing its rules today for bicyclist >> a word seal ends up in white. how he made it back home in just five hours. >> thousands of people are
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expected to kiss in protest today. the same-sex marriage debate heads to a fast-food,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the morning everyone. the search for a climber on the golden gate bridge held up because of all the fog. >> supporters of gay marriage fight back at chick-fil-a with a kiss.
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was snarled, all of this because of major police activity. >> our heart stopped when we heard there was a break in your grounds are >> and gas pipeline rupture in the same area of the san bruno explosion >> she called the police and that was on the appreciation days so we will see how the case in ghost >> more on the july unemployment report >> is a real gun in a child's hand, it is crazy >> i love taking my bicycle on bart >> michael phelps just won gold it >> the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. >> same-sex advocates plan to
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ships stage is in across the nation today. >> is a romantic the spin on the old sit in. this comes after a day of appreciation for the restaurant on wednesday. so many people came to the fairfield location that they ran out of food and had to close for the day. many people say the chicken shop should not be boycotted just because the president expressed his views against same-sex marriage. the company and the posting record profits that day. it is a southern baptist company long known for operating under " biblical ". >> what i said was i am a kentucky fried chicken fan, that
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is where my loyalty lies >> a young man or woman at this very moment is drawn up a business plan on a chick-fil-a somewhere nearby. >> there is a facebook page for what is called the national same-sex kissing day. right now has more than 2500 members. i have not seen any new pitchers posted yet but people are encouraged to take a picture and posted on facebook or twitter. i was reporting that chick-fil- a in fairfield on wednesday and the manager was not happy with the media attention and she even called the police trying to kick us off the property and that was on appreciation day so i can't imagine they will want any of the publicity coming from this demonstration either. >> we have been asking you if the chick-fil-a kids will help or hurt the gay marriage cause.
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>> personally is no different than ace in. >> to san jose police officers are injured after being hit by suspect's car. rowley is under arrest charged with assault with a deadly weapon on police officers and other crimes. police tried to stop fernandez for a traffic violation, they say she ran into the officers in separate collisions.
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climb down and dropped a back pack down and then he climbed back up. drivers are trying to see and it caused a big traffic jam. it could be an issue for this morning's commute. the big question is, is it still foggy? >> let's go outside to lawrence to ask that questions. >> a little bit damp as you approach the coastline this morning. the fog is a little bit thicker and we see delays of almost one hour on arriving flights. it looks like we will see plenty of sunshine as we head to the afternoon. we see some of the fog pressing into the valleys. it will be hot in spots, 90 degrees in morgan hill. not as hot in the interior valleys. 80s and low 90s were yesterday we had low 90s. who the weekend, we have some
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changes coming, more clouds in worcester coming our direction. right now we want to look at the ropeways >> the roadways are getting busy this morning especially if you are traveling along 580. we're seeing some delays as you work your way out of the altamont pass. we will check the bay bridge in just a few minutes >> arson investigators are looking into suspicious brush fire in a status that burned dangerously close to town homes. the fire began about 6:00 last night near highway 85.
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the flames burned three vehicles and a shed. witnesses say they saw some people running from the area about the time the fire started. another gas leak in a neighborhood shaken by the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. a contractor struck a 2 in. plastic line near the site of the deadly explosion. pg&e says crews were not using safe business practices. firefighters told people to shelter in place >> properties on a san lucas avenue or all on top of that same natural gas pipeline that exploded in san francisco two years ago. pg&e says the backyards need to be stripped bare in case of an emergency inspection. they say they will reimburse
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the homeowners for the losses but they say that is not enough for those who have created years of open success of peace pg&e says it would be too expensive to move the pipeline away from the 50 homes. commuters have to make room for a lot more than just themselves today. re-light at macarthur park station in oakland. the new bike policy kicks off this trial run today. is a pilot program that will be held each friday this month with today being the first day. the bicyclist have rolled in normally pikes our approach headed during commute hours. it will be allowed on trains and all times today. we saw earlier that several bicyclist made their way into the bart station.
6:37 am
did their bikes here on a bike racks and a bike lockers. all the bike rules still remain in effect including no bikes on a crowded trains or in the first car of the train. the bikes not block the trial or doors. the bicyclist much field seats and space to elderly and disabled passengers. no bikes are allowed on the escalators. we talked to one of the bart directors about progress about getting the pilot program started i certainly do not expected to be a huge inconvenience. we're trying to work to educate everyone to get along together. what i would like to urge is that courtesy can go along way. part of the know how long the pilot program is working. you're offering a survey on their website or passengers were bicyclist and non bicycle passengers can offer their feedback on this pilot program. it could lead to permanent bike
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usage or people bring their bicycles on bart during commute hours. we're life this morning. if the america's cup could be a flop when it comes to bring race teams to san francisco. organizers say the prod the only five teams in the competition on the painter. earlier, census officials said they expected 15 sailing teams and $1.4 billion in revenue. with your racers that revenue number is also expected to be down. a seal has been delivered to the bay area. shoes found near hawaii earlier this week. its earlier and four other wafer ship and. she was in a seated and here's a picture of her. the normally live in waters near alaska and near california. she rides in the oakland airport after midnight. the marine mammal center will take care of the seal until she's released back
6:39 am
into the wild. backward belongs. when the police found case swiped statue from a bay area church. it is a vermont style than data. how he took out some police cruisers we take a quick check of the early numbers on this friday. it is a terrific friday so far. we will see what it means with jason brooks right after the break.,,
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>> a man allegedly in angry about multiple charges crushes
6:43 am
police cruisers with his farm tractor. the sheriff's department wants more than half its fleet of cruisers. deputies did not hear anything going on and they were inside. they actually found out from a 911 caller told them their cars were being completely ruined by a guy in a tractor. the total damage was $250,000. a statue stolen from the campbell church is finally back where it belongs. >> someone took the statue of st. bernadette one week ago from the catholic church right across from the campbell police department. today police got a tip and found wrapped up a statue in a parking lot a few blocks away. the church says that if the thief is caught they will not press charges but will install surveillance cameras to keep the shrine safe. >> a brainy new role for the terminator.
6:44 am
>> cbs by political insider filmic year with the former mayor and after mr. but willie brown. what you think of the governor's new role as professor schwarzenegger? >> what did you think? >> it is incredible but it is what you can do when you have $20 million, you can open your own institution. $20 million is really impressive and the contests sequel he will be able to attract, the real thinkers, all of whom need no compensation and it is at southern california and it is really a step up >> but is it he rebuilding himself? he was bounced out of office and his personal life was a complete mess. he had the child out of wedlock, up, his movie, and now
6:45 am
he is coming back with usc and movies. >> arnold has never been out of the limelight as you so eloquently put it. he has always been a part of the scene to the extent that he wishes to be a part of the scene. he is topical, opinionated, he has produced product during the time he served as governor and almost every time anybody says anything about what is happening in the state they reference arnold schwarzenegger >> it is not exactly the ball of the public eye for the past year. do you usually take a break after you get out of office or what? what about the timing? >> i don't think this is a comeback. this is a man doing the job that he is capable of doing at 65 years old. he cannot go back to doing muscles at 65 and he can't do
6:46 am
anymore terminator movies >> does he get back together with maria? >> i don't know about that, i got a note from maria who wanted to make sure that i show up at an event and believe me, that family is as active as it has ever been >> in king of comebacks, your own time in hollywood. do you know about the mayor's acting history? >> fill us in >> we have a clip, how many movies? >> at least 5 with speaking parts. >> one of them was godfather three where he plays the role of a politician who is selling a judgeship. >> well. some method acting. >> legend has it that when they gave me the script took a look
6:47 am
at the winds about you cutting the deal with the family and you took one look at it and said no, this is not how it is done, let me write it with you >> absolutely, he stopped the production and told the guy doing the script to listen to him, let him tell you how politics works and i did and after maybe a half day they came back with a more consistent script with how you make the arrangements >> very nice. you are a renaissance man. >> in more ways than one. >> nice job guys >> we have the third report on jobs this week >> this is the biggest one, the july unemployment record. jason brooks is here now, tell us all about it.
6:48 am
>> it is hard to top willie and the godfather trilogy put the job market is looking a little bit better this morning. the labor department is reporting a net gain of 163,000 jobs in july, far better than expected. also doubling the monthly gains we saw over the previous few months. earlier this year we had solid gains of around a quarter million over the winter so the average gains this year about 150,000 per month. still not enough to chew into the higher ranks of the unemployed. unemployment actually increased little bit higher. despite the travails of social media companies like facebook, seeing stocks hit record lows, there are some firms that are doing very well. yelp proved that with strong earnings, its shares jumped 17%
6:49 am
higher. linked in is doing well and it san francisco reservation specialist open table is also pleasing wall street. also on word that spain may actually ask for some bailout money. the dow is up 187 points back over 13,000. nasdaq is up 40 and s and p is up. link in is up almost 14 percent now. open table is gaining 17%. facebook is just over $20. >> let's get a quick look at the traffic and weather. >> you kick me out of the studio earlier today. more low clouds and fog this morning. delays at sfo almost one hour on arriving flights with a little bit of drizzle towards the coastline.
6:50 am
it'll be a very nice day in the afternoon except for at the coast where the clouds will continue. a few more clouds and it will feel a little bit money, especially on saturday. a little bit more of a southerly flow with a wind throughout the weekend so that will cranked up some of the moisture and it looks like it will be mild. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. not a bad travel day. 97 in houston. 98 in chicago and 90 degrees in new york. hot in gilroy and morgan hill, 61 in pacifica. 80s and 90s in the valleys and inside the bay temperatures generally in the '50s and '60s. upper 60s in oakland. the next couple of days the temperatures comedown but then we warm backed up tuesday and wednesday.
6:51 am
>> traffic is getting very busy, a handful of problems along 580. first one is located on grant a line in east bound 580. spectator slowing may be a problem. westbound 580 near flint road, we have a disabled tractor- trailer in lanes. there is debris in the roadway so lots is going on through the altamont pass. traffic is sluggish so give yourself some extra time. the rest of the east bay is not showing any problems. >> get ready to lock lips today >> how same-sex couples planned to protest chick-fil-a anti-gay stance.
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>> 657 on friday, the world's of same-sex marriages and chicken sandwiches are colliding once again today. pictures into the newsroom from torrance, someone spray-painted the words it tastes like hate on the side of the building. gay-rights activists have cared kids in at all the restaurants today. a lot of people are showing support for the company this week, either agreeing or disagreeing >> we're keeping an eye on the golden gate bridge as are the coast guard and police. it has been too dark and foggy
6:56 am
overnight for them to find a man who climbed up the south tower during the evening commute. he left a backpack on the sidewalk which was closed for a few hours a bridge is completely open this morning. a new bicycles on bart trains policy kicked off a few moments ago. riders can bring bikes on the train's on fridays during august. and they will still be not allowed from the first cart and escalators. san francisco giants fans are waking up from a dream come true >> after the mets beat the giants yesterday, people pitched tents on the field, enjoyed some pizza and midnight snacks, movies on the big screen and other activities. the team's annual slumber party was a sellout. $200 per person not including the cost.
6:57 am
i'm sure the grounds crew guys are like, oh great. >> was a windy out there? >> around the bay area today, low clouds and fog have surged further on shore. michelle is pointing at my hair. the sea breeze is kicking and which will help track down the temperature is just a little bit. it will be a little bit cooler and a little bit muggy outside. temperatures coming down through sunday and warming up on monday. >> here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge, same story. over to the maps, the bad news, we have a couple of accidents to report. the first one is north down 101 at whipple. also a couple of accidents in the south bay. very busy this morning
6:58 am
morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, august 3, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm jeff glor. charlie rose is on assignment. it's a golden day for the u.s. teenage sensation gabby douglas wins the all-around gymnastics title, while michael phelps stakes his claim as the greatest olympic athlete of all time. and i'm gayle king. the nation's unemployment rate goes up as the july jobs report is released this morning. plus a controversy over new video showing workers how to survive a mass shooting. but first, as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. gabby douglas and her million dollar smile, the
6:59 am
all-around gold medalist. gabby douglas shines as america's new golden girl. >> it means so much. all the hard work and dedication and effort put in the gym. you push through the hard days, you can get through anything. >> and michael phelps is going to win gold over lochte with a silver! >> three in a row. >> in the 200 im. >> i was getting a little tired at the end, but i can't complain with the gold medal. senate majority leader harry reid doubling down about mitt romney and taxes. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years. let him prove that he paid taxes because he hasn't. >> an unnamed source in kenya says obama was born in kenya. the big jobs report for july. the u.s. economy added 163,000 jobs. that's much more than was expected.


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