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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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nasa aircraft to land on mars. it will search for life on the red planet. the think the $2.5 million research on mars is a good investment? we will share your answers later on the show. kansas schoolgirl clara and won the contest to name their rover. she was named out of 9000 entries. curiosity was signed by clara before he went off to space. i hope everything goes well. i really really do. clara is about to start her sophomore year in high school at
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15 years old for a link to more affirmation on curiosity, and head to our website and click on the links and numbers. later in to the day we will learn the name of the man who opened fire in and took six lives at the sink temple before his life was taken by police. the fbi is leading the investigation. the attacks are being treated as domestic terrorism when this is inside the temple save the shooter had a 911 attack to on one arm. officials would not comment on this. they said the gunman was a suspected white supremacist and
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former army veteran. makes you? he managed the in some ways the shooter arrived an hour before most worshipers. witnesses say the victims ranged in age from their late 20s to their mid '70s. the president says we are reminded our country is rich and lived by sikhs livened it news room cbs five the tragedy involving some painful memories across sikhs in
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the bay area. in else a ron tate a shooter open fired. the shooter was a another seek. members of the sikh temple in san jose's area was saddened and concerned when they heard the news. although the issuthe shooter occurred thousands of miles away from home and, they're still saddened. this really concerns me that this happened in a place of worship and this kinds of its everyone that this might be a hate crime against our community please did send unit to be
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sikh temples yesterday as a precautions on whether this might of been a crime. an intense standoff as employees were held hostage at eight store et yuba city. it was inside the big five sports store. the employees were held as hostages for hours before they were able to convince the suspect to give up. he grabbed the cashier by the throat and had begun to her it was like the fear of not knowing and that was what scared me the most. not knowing what was gonna happen to her. police are calling this a botched robbery attempt.
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now let's check with a little bit of weather here we go again. we eat have kind of a the week ahead. we have some scorching heat coming our way parade clout start to most of the be area this morning parade '50s out there that right now. we still have the fog out toward the coast line so that will keep you cool out toward the beaches. but in the valley, and we will hit '80s and '90s again. but as we head throughout the week, we're talking triple digits. elizabeth, you like that? that's right we have some areas for overnight roadwork on
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the macarthur made this morning. the connector to get toward emeryville is shed down right now parade you use them papillote avenue as your alternates. there is another dui torres you get to be told plaza. we're also sayiseeing lane close approaching sfo. he could seize the nice traffic heading into seven cisco for marin county. easy commute coming from male fetus to san jose. 438 now, dave rollercoasters
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from the open again it week after it stalled on a dozen riders. but there was a glitch on its reopening. after the reopening, the ride was stuck again, however it was easier and quicker to get the passengers off. it just dropped and broke. the brakes went on and i got locked down there on the base. the ride at which is only a few weeks old, was fixed and reopened again. adjustments have been made to keep their running smoothly. for 39 now, local state laws or looking into the special team
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uncovering questionable test data on the bay bridges. most importantly this as always been about traffic safety caltrans release a statement in response to the beat article. it said " it is irresponsible and air conclusive to draw any conclusions on the project will proceed
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without cutting out any trees in response to concerns from environmentalists. and caltrans will receive a grant of more than $3 million from the transportation of public money. the signal systems will include technologies to prevent accidents by other trains when they are detected. and the e college southwest is doing a lot it'll damage control. and some dramatic video at of china, how a little girl got to our head wedged,,,,,, ,,
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a scary brush with death for a 4 year-old girl who had been
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left alone in china. she was tinkling mid air friday after her head got stuck mi betn the balcony. they reportedly stole a truck and the armored vehicle and tried to storm the border before crashing. that is when israeli forces killed militants from gauze the parade the fire in oklahoma continues to burn this morning. it has burned more than 58,000 a.. it has destroyed at least 48 structures and forced dozens of people to evacuate.
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there may be victims because of the fires broadcast. major fires, lots of small fires. that has really taxed the resources people are returning to the home of luther to look at burned out robert that used to be their homes. lightning is blame for the deaths of two people after a nascar race in pennsylvania. the other died later at the hospital and the first victim was at the nascar racetracks. psychiatrist is expected to
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testify that lather is competent to face and entered a plea. deferreds and 12 others were wounded in that incident. mitt romney is reluctant to release more of his tax returns. mitt romney once the american people to trust him with the presidency, but he does not trust us with his tax returns the taxes are going to be increases under rock obama. romney says his critics would distort the information and use it against him parade, and delays of rice will be among the speakers for the republican
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national convention. the commission is set to begin three weeks from today in the tampa bay area. it is time to get some weather throughout the bay area and linh is here to tell us about the wonderful monday it will be a wonderful monday. it will be a hot to in the interior valley. low clouds are outside with numbers are running into the fifties at this hour parade by the afternoon we will snake back up to the 80s and low 90s. high pressure is beginning to build back in and that is going to start to crank up the temperatures starting today just a little bit. returning to triple digit temperatures in the bay area. if you're traveling across the country, it thunderstorms out
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and houston. and a nice 77 degrees in chicago 82 degrees in san jose. 90 in morgan hill. you will see some eighties and low 90s begin to show up around the valley as you head inland parade next couple of days temperatures will start to warm up and then by thursday, a triple digits thursday, friday and right into the weekend. we will get back to traffic with the elizabeth thank key lawrence pr. here is some live look of our bay bridge is. so far we're off to a not so bad start. if your heading toward the bay
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bridge toll plaza, no delay at all across the upper deck. but if your heading toward the bay bridge we have this ramp closure in effect. it is the connector to get on to the east shore freeway parad. it looks like there in the process of picking up some overnight roadwork along the peninsula. we are no longer seeing slowing on our sensors, the road work was scheduled to do just about 5:00. hopefully that will not be an issue any longer. all of our bridges, no major issues so far. coming out of the altamont pass,
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40 minutes taking you out of the dublin interchange. mass-transit reporting no delays. back to you guys. southwest airlines is given back refunds after a promotion into the billing customers but several times. the airline is making good on all the charges including bank charges associated with the big mistake. a new report finds the agency failed to report to fraudulent
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tax returns in been reported last year. when you retire, you may not pa receive more as much money as you pay into the social security system. the epic batman trilogy has now pulled in $355 million domestically. the remake of on arnold schwarzenegger's total recall came in second place. and the watch it rounded out
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your top five at the box office this weekend. sunday marked the 10th annual celebration of the grateful dead's guitar player. he would of been 70 years old today. it is 452, is it safe to ride be superman rollercoasters? it sells again at six flags. the possible new oakland a's stadium. that and much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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low clouds stretched onshore this morning. we have some more on that coming no major issues across the bay bridges or the dublin interchange. we still have overnight road work on the macarthur way, we will talk about alternative routes coming up they held a separate meeting
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a new baseball park location is at the port of oakland. key question on whether san jose's redevelopment agency properly spent money 8 even after the governor ordered such agencies disbanded parade second fastest time in history, he is now the second ever to win the medal from his country. just before the race, the police arrested a man for throwing a beer bottle onto the track.
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it is 456, house for the homeless. the controversial pancaking off today. it's a success of the mars rover curiosity lands on the red planet, we will have an update ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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searching for a motive, seven are dead including the gunman. a deadly shooting at the sikh
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temple parade on time and on target, a curiosity lance on mars. it is a cloudy start this monday no major hot spots, but we do have some overnight roadwork on the bay bridge more on that coming up machel has the day off. nine people including two children are all in the hospital as dave suvs overturned in pittsburg. it happen before 1:00 on east bay highway 4 just north of see's p tells us that the family is from antioch. there are heading home at the time of the accident. a fire burning in the
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warehouse, it happened at richards boulevard that happened just after 2:00 this morning. flames could be seen miles away as it tore through the roof of the building. no word on his condition this morning. something being stored in the building could've caused the fire to spread. no word on the cause yet. both victims in the shooting in san as they are expected to survive. the two suspvictims are expected to survive. today we may find out the identity of the man who shot and killed several at a seek temple. he has


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