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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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could be seen throughout the bay area. the hundreds of residents flocked to local hospitals complaining of breathing problems. chevron is confirming that the explosions started with a small lake. when they got to be bleak, it increased. we know the fire started at the refinery. all employes were accounted for. one suffered minor burns. right now they're working with other agencies to pinpoint how it started. it was isolated so it will not be in anyone's water supply. they also planned to hold a community meeting tonight at 6:00 at their local memorial.
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take a look at that the fire when i first started. glenn, shot this video. glenn was a video director in l.a. for years. he says when he looked outside he could not believe his eyes. he also stated that it looked like a part of a movie. lawrence is tracking the current conditions. winds could play a part of this. right now we're not seeing a lot of ones out there. commons out of the southwest at about 5 mi. per hour right now. right now it looks like the air quality is okay.
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however, you may still smell the smoke. likely those winds will pick up later into the afternoon. a nice the recent wall soaked cake and sending the smell away. heavy smoke sent dozens of people to the hospital. inside the emergency room it was really only standing room only. we will have an update from a hospital in richmond. the refinery fire was a good test for the contra costa of emergency system. people in the affected areas are
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urged to stay indoors parade yesterday, people will still seen on streets going about their business parade we can report that the main fire has now been extinguished. safety officials are allowing a small controlled burn as a safety measure to help reduce pressure parade this is helping to ensure that more hydrocarbons do not escape. this is a similar concept and how refineries use the players. the refinery all soualso ended f
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shelter emplace by 11:00 p.m.. for employees didsuffer minor injuries, but they are now treated. the source of the fire is still under investigation parade 20 response bill calls and 80 firefighters were on scene to but respond to the incident, including chevron's emergency response team. teams from other contra kosti response teams. we would like to once again thank them for their efforts last night. finally we would like to close by saying we would like to apologize to our neighbors and
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for the concern we may have caused them. we will work to prevent such occurrences in the future my first name is heather and might last name is calulp that is standard procedure when they do have a fire. i guess the shelter in place were lifted by 1149. the employees suffering from minor injuries were treated on scene. the source, is still under investigation.
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the show iran plante penn processed to under 40,000 bar. per day. it is a crucial refinery process for all of the bay area. the facility open 110 years ago. it was open before the city of richmond was founded. the first oil flowed into the refinery of july 19th 02 parade a lot of folks said 10 of those of the fire from their vantage point. james snacked this one from the coughlin's street spurred we
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have more photos and continuing coverage, just add to our website for it let's check in with elizabeth and see how our roads are looking. the roads look good. your drive time is 14 minutes out of hayward heading toward foster city. of roadworks are wrapped up. no longer detours in place. pretty much everything is moving at top speeds if your heading toward the bay bridge is toll plaza praye.
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elsewhere, a silicon valley is having a nice start. a quick check at the nimitz pass the coliseum is looking good as well praye. a quick look at mass-transit, all reporting no delays. it is unclear whether san jose police are going to vote confidence are no confidence. they decided today on whether or not to move forward with the votes. morale in the department is low
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in wake of check leads budget cuts. it was saturday that police wounded suspect on dakota streak. the meeting is set for 10 a.m. at a downtown high-school on vermont streets. oakland sought a 33% high. some as a 39%. cash strapped police department had to make burglaries' a low prairie. there are rumors that crime circles near homes are easy targets. it is confirmed that the shooting suspect and oakland of sikh temples was a wise to
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promote missis prepareby the s' it is blunt evidence that shows a battle ensued. 4 year-old wade michael page shot a police officer then fatally shot by a another police officer. he was a army veteran. but rose on his page shows him waving she washed the gust. 512 now, and gerald lee lofton
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there is due back in eight arizona court room today. he is expected to change his plea. he is accused of fkilling six people and wounded several others including congresswoman giffords. he was beat declared confid, but tend to before entering the plea. and connconn, obama shut referred to the safeway club card just got a little bit valuable
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parade ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was a typical family reunion except for one little thing. the family from north dakota and
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gathered for their family reunion in minnesota prayed he could see their 90 year-old grandmother jumping that of an airplane for of her granddaughter's also joined, and mother for a boy memory they will never forgets. 517, let's go to elizabeth. let's go out towards 1 01 n. san as a prayed everything looks good toward the tremble accept. we ought to be it now stored in the south bay. a lot of bark rover night road work is picked up parad.
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it was some 580 is looking good. out toward 680, things are looking a whole lot better across the stretch and dublin. we saw a big backup, we saw a mile long delays because of an accident in stanley astro. san leandro. more traffic in a bed. but for now, let's check with lawrence on weather. temperatures are cooking outside right now. temperatures mainly in the '50s. for the afternoon, we are going the heat things up with some eighties and nineties inland.
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high pressure is building back in. it will get temperatures crane stecranked up. a lot of people in the richmond area will be smelling the smoke this morning. it we should be given to clear things out to. east bay numbers up to the 80s and low 90s. inside the bay, looking good as well parade 67 degrees in san francisco parade triple digits a possibility as we head toward thursday, friday and right toward the weekend. that is a look at weather, back
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to you guys. first it was checked l.a., and now a another american company is facing boycotts for the same sex issue parade the the nation was made three years ago parad. the same sex activists are heading toward starbucks parade they want to support businesses that are supportive of marriage she quality prayed more than thousands of people signed up to participate on same se august 7
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she was driving topless. we've we're not talking about to a convertible. a showdown in the american league playoff race. were these days it will to hold onto their wild-card spot? i,,,,
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a tough night for the bay area baseball teams. they had trouble scoring runs. ellis' the a's did. angels take eight to nothing leave. angels shut out the a's 4-0. they pump d.a.'s out of the wild card race. mack came was not his big daddy south parade he will bring it
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home to a of the single to left field. eight-two was your final their purre. here comes the bunch, it watch the diving catch. it nice grab. the brewers when it 6-3. that was your play of the day parade alex morgan, a former cal player scored in the 133rd minute. the final score, of usa for and canada 3 per i.
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it is 525, the seven minutes of terror parade nasa's curiosity sends back more fauteuils parade will give you an update on,,,,,,,,
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dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. good morning everyone. it is tuesday august 7th parade chevron answering some questions about the huge refinery fire
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parade of the shelter in place is lifted but equality concerns remain. i just heard all of the explosions. i looked at her and it was all white smoke. more than people to shelter in place. what we heard moments ago that this fire has been contained. chevron officials say it all began with a small diesel leak within the refinery. we are seeing what the refinery looks like when it first broke out. it hit my skin was burning really bad. police are investigating the possibility of the heat suspect in the seek shooting was a white supremacist.
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from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. the morning everyone. the investigation is beginning on the huge fire in richmond. officials told us there will be a controlled burn at the side. it left a huge plume over the area. the it explosion happened at 6 yesterday evening. the richmond bart station reopened after that happened parade and caltrans but toll takers back on the rich man, a san raphael bridge. if you do see smoke today in the state and in this direction of the refinery, i do not be
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alarmed. it is part of a controlled burn. it is to relieve the pressure and to make sure that more harmful toxins to not enter the air. officials at chevron are apologizing to the residence. she is also giving more details on the incident the refinery is right now said down until it is okay to open. because of the lead is being investigated. she noted 14 response vehicles and 80 firefighters. the fiwe are now working to determine the cause so that we could avoid such incident in the
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future. a huge plume of smoke could be seen throughout the bay area. several residents were concerned of their residensafety. three people suffered minor injuries. i thought we got bombed. that is what i thought. we know the cause is still under investigation. we ask what would be happening moving forward. the chevron spokesperson says they will be working with government agencies in order to pinpoint the cause of the fire parade leave refinery has been shut down. we asked her why that happened. she says it is part of
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standard operating procedure. they also will be addressing the richmond community tonight at the richmond memorial auditorium. we are seeing what the fire looks like when it first broke out. glenn foster who lived above the refinery shot this video. this is 10 minutes into the fire starting. he has a video director. he said when he looked outside, he cannot believe his eyes. it looks like a movie. right now winds are fairly common. it looks like the air quality has improved. but as far as the air quality is
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concerned, you may smell some of the smoke. winds will pickup to 14 mi. per hour later this afternoon. looking pretty good out in the bay area right now. we have mostly clear skies. otherwise, temperatures running mainly in the '50s outside. later into the afternoon we are expecting some pretty nice weather. they will warm up seasonal for now. in many spots inland today, of it will remain in the '80s. it will be 87 degrees in concord much hotter weather is on its way. we will have that in a couple minutes. back to you. many residents complained of a similar complaints.
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many flock to the hospital. respiratory problems was the biggest concern for those living near the refinery they say they received as much as three dozen patients in the emergency room is today. many of arrived could be seen and wearing masks. they were receiving more patience and additional staff had to be called in parad. shelter in place was lifted at about 1130 last night. my nose started burning and i started getting irritated this
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was with all of the smoke passing overhead it depends on what is in the smoke, i mean it is crude oil crude oil is a mixture of asphalt and tartr to kerosene in itself. it could cause i and skin irritation to respiratory problems. we are expected to get results from them later today. the fire at the richmond refinery could cause a spike in gasoline prices. it depends on whether not be this salary is distracted for a period of time.
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it is crucial processing location for the entire state of california we will have continuing coverage and photos from the incident to, just go to our website. so far everything is looking good. the bay bridge is reporting no problems right now no delays heading toward san francisco. this is a live look at 101 and bayshore. it looks like one no one looks good all the way through parad. a lot of roadwork has been lifted by this time prayed to 70
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minutes is your drive time to take you out toward fixed 80 and the double an interchange. so far everything is looking pretty good in the castro valley. it could be clear later today on whether not police officers is that as it will confidence are no confidence on their police chief. morale and the department has been low in the wake of merit check reed's budget cuts. it was saturday police wanted a suspect on dakota street.
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the suspect pointed a gun at a police officer. vigils were held last night for the victims of the shooting in the oak creek just outside of milwaukee. six people were shot to death on sunday parade to people remain in critical condition the suspect is among the dead. i was told fbi agents in his 40 year-old wade michael page shot a police officer then was fatally shot by another police officer. he was a army veteran. photos on his face but it shows
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him wearing banners with swastikas on it. the man accused of shooting but congressman gabrielle giffords is due back into court today. he is accused of killing six people and wounding dozens other. the suspect must beabe declared mentally competent before entering a plea. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> some new video from nasa showing the final descent of the curiosity rover towards mars. the low resolution video shows the protective heat shield fallen away and it dust is kicked up as the rover is lowered by cables into the crater. incredible stuff.
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nasa has also released a first color photographs. the rover arrived on mars late sunday night and has a full array of sophisticated tools including 17 cameras, a laser, and instruments to analyze samples of soil. it's hard to read because all want to do is look at the pictures. stock futures are higher this morning ahead of the opening bell >> ashley joins us now from cbs money watch. >> overseas stocks rallied on signs of new action against the european debt crisis. the nikkei gained nearly 1% while the hang seng added a fraction. stocks were quiet on wall street after last week's turbulence. shares of the british bank standard chartered have pledged as much as, plunged as much as 24% this morning, accused of laundering money for the iranian
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government. regulators say they concealed and lied about transactions with iranian officials. authorities say the transactions threaten the financial system. standard chartered says it strongly rejects the allegations. shares of best buy soared as much as 20% after the store's founder has offered to take the chain private. richard schulze offered between 24-$26 per share. best buy is trying to avoid the fate of rival electronics retailer circuit city which wt bankrupt in 2009. only time will tell. >> >> on to the race for the white house, the two major candidates trade barbs on the economy. president obama continues to criticize the proposals of mitt romney saying they lead to higher taxes for the middle- class and lower taxes for the
5:45 am
wealthy. at a fund-raiser the president referred to the republican plan as romney hood, like robin hood in reverse. >> how about a little bit of weather and i hope you like it or not because we have triple digits across the board. >> probably the hottest streak this summer. you will be able to find cool air at the coastline and we still have a sea breeze of maybe even some fog at the beaches. temperatures will be heating up by the afternoon. sunshine and up into the '90s we go. a lot of seventies and eighties around the bay. to the coastline, becoming mostly sunny with temperatures in the '60s. a triple digits are on the way right until thursday and probably hang around for awhile. wind is light this morning but
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by the afternoon it should begin to pick up so you should smells and smoke by the morning but the air quality is ok. hot temperatures showing up around the bay area, mid-80s towards morgan hill. for the morning commute. if you are crossing the richmond san rafael bridge, yesterday the toll takers had to be evacuated from the area.
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no major delays westbound 580 heading into iran and everything is good to go. here is a live look at other bridges, no major problems right now traveling all the way through marin county. we see mostly green on the traffic censors all the way down towards doyle drive heading into san francisco. northbound 880 is not that bad this morning pass the coliseum. continues to move well towards a word. we're starting to see some brake lights through antioch. once you get past the typical bottleneck in that area everything looks pretty good. for a while for the morning
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commute and anyway everything is pretty much kind of your typical stuff towards castro valley and oakland. >> safeway shoppers who like to fill up their tank are missing the 3¢ per gallon club card discount out. a preliminary injunction filed in alameda county court was filed by smaller gas station. safeway says it was a business decision and had nothing to do with the judge's ruling. safeway will still discount gas based on grocery spending. >> another american company is
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facing boycott related to the same-sex marriage issue. and when president supports it organization that donated money to a group that opposes gay marriage. it was made three years ago. amway said he made the donation as a private citizen. same-sex activists are planning to head to starbucks and other brick and mortar stores in droves today. an online magazine dreaming up the event. it selected august 7th to be national marriage equality day and so far thousands of people have signed up. the woman accused of trying to sneak a newborn out of a hospital. what stop her from getting away with it >> some surprise houseguests. some bears tried to beat the heat in a california swimming pool. [ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it.
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>> temperatures heating up around the bay area today, '80s and '90s and the valleys with plenty of sunshine in the day. even some sunshine towards the coast. >> the mobile 5 ac transit camera is up and running in their commuting down the east shore freeway. >> it woman disguised in scrubs caught trying to steal a newborn girl from a hospital in southern california. we have surveillance video of her walking into the garden grove hospital with a visitor's pass. when the mother turned her back a suspect with the baby in a bag and tried to get away but she did not get very far. >> when the suspect tried to
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leave the hospital it sounded an alarm that automatically locks the doors. she tried to open the door to get out and that is when she was confronted by staff >> the baby was not hurt and was reunited with a mother. the suspect gave police several different names and have attempted kidnappings before >> tonight is the annual national night out, an event to try to get neighbors to know each other and law-enforcement to mingle with the community. the first tuesday of august every year, the movement began back in 1984. >> apparently a homeowner saw bear cubs taking a dip in their backyard and they started pate playing with the pool vacuum. he swam for 15 minutes and then
5:54 am
he took off. he climbed up a tree and spent the night after a nice dip in the swimming pool. >> that's a little scary when you look outside and you see that. in the next half-hour, our coverage continues, the aftermath to that chevron refinery fire. >> morinformation on a controlled burn and why you should not be alarmed if you see smoke in the day. >> spreading hate through,,,,,,,
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>> i just heard rolling
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explosions at >> the investigation began news into the refinery fire that left a cloud of smoke across the bay area. the response from chevron this morning. >> all of the smoke sent hundreds to hospitals. >> smoke continuing to linger around out. we will talk about it coming up. >> good morning everyone. >> the time now is 6:00, more on the chevron fire in just a moment a we're following breaking news in san francisco where there is i of large fire burning. we're going to go to elizabeth now you is tracking it >> it sounds like it is the hillside neighborhood of san francisco. the exact address is 1552 ocean avenue, just west of san francisco city college. fire crews just arrived on the scene. we think it was started in the attic of that business.
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if you see heavy smoke in the area, that is what is going on. ocean avenue in the hillside neighborhood, that is the latest from here. >> a major refinery fire in the east bay is contained but not extinguished until the morning. >> the flames could be seen for miles. loom of black smoke rising from a refinery fire, explosions and fire shortly after 6:00 yesterday evening. a shelter in place for thousands of people was lifted before midnight. the bart station reopened after that happened. kate is in richmond right now where chevron is keeping a small fire burning this morning >> that is exactly right, we also want to make note that chevron spokesman person says she could be back herth


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