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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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more updates on the production and operation here at the refinery. what we do know what this point is that before crude unit is shut down, that is where the diesel leak started. the rest of the facility will be operating as normal. employees are back to work and they don't plan on reopening that unit until it is safe. a chevron spokesperson did make note of why you might be seeing smoke in the area today >> right now there is a very all controlled burns which is insuring that more hydrocarbons are not released. this ensures that the incident continues to be maintained under control. >> that was the control bernie were talking about earlier in order to relieve pressure and make sure note toxins are released into the air. we're learning that three employees were injured but treated on site.
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the small leak quickly turned into a massive explosion with plumes of smoke that could be seen throughout the bay area sending hundreds of people to the hospital for breathing problems in several of them concern for their safety. >> first we heard the noise and then we saw the smoke and fire >> i heard rolling explosions and i looked over and it was all white smoked and you could see the flames and it started going >> we know that today chevron will be working with government agencies in order to pinpoint the cause. there's no word on what caused the leak but we know that fellowship is on the scene of along with other agencies. as for the water that was used to douse the flames, it has been isolated so viewers should not be concerned that it will leak back into the water supply.
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>> chevron is holding a community meeting tonight for people looking to ask questions about the fire and its aftermath. everyone is welcome if you have questions. this video was about 10 minutes after the fire started. glenn was a video director in l.a. for years and he says when he looked outside he just couldn't believe his eyes. >> lots of people living near the refinery experienced a variety of symptoms and dozens ended up in the emergency room. >> it was the contra costa health system that issued the automated phone message warning
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people to go inside and close their windows and doors and seal in the cracks. because there were a number of people with respiratory problems they did need to be treated at local hospitals. we hope to get an update to find out if any of those patients are still at a hospital. we know they receive more than three dozen patients last night and people were wearing masks. at doctors' medical center, more than 200 patients were treated. a spokeswoman says that as of 1130 last night they were still receiving more patients. many people in the area say the smoke just cause them some problems >> my skin is burning very bad and my throat was burning in my eyes is bernie >> i went into a panic because
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my chest got tight and my eyes were burning, my throat was the chief and dry. >> we do expect to have results later today from the bay area air quality inspectors. there were six of them who were monitoring the air in and richmond and the surrounding area. initially it was a level 3 warning which means there could be some ice in nose and respiratory irritation but we do know now that it is better this morning >> it is better, we still see a little bit of smoke in the atmosphere so you might smell that but it looks like the quality is much improved. the wind will be kicking up into the afternoon and that is what is keeping some of that smoke around. speaking of clearing out, out
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over the bay right now we do have fog. temperatures running in the '40's and '50's. we will see temperatures heating up outside again right around seasonal for this time of year but not for long. the numbers had to about 92 in livermore, 67 degrees in san francisco. in the coming days we have triple digits headed our way. >> people released from hospital were told to go home and to try to avoid going outside. coming up, lisa washington will have another update from the hospital. the fire at the refinery, where we going? the richmond refinery fire was a good test for contra
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costa county emergency system. sirens are set to sound off every half-hour when potentially hazardous smoke is in the air. people are urged to stay indoors and close anything that could let the outside air inside but last night richmond people were still seen on the streets going about their normal business. >> i tried to get back home >> polltakers are now back on the job at the richmond san rafael bridge after being told to leave their booth during the emergency. cameras reported all the license plates that went through the unman toll plaza and they will be built later. this morning cash commuters do need to stop to pay the poll >> this is not the first fire at that refinery. a fire in 2007 lasted almost 10 hours. investigators determined it was caused by a defective seal on a pump.
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an explosion in 99¢ flames more than 100 ft. in the air. more than 1200 people showed up at hospitals complaining of problems. three chevron firefighters were injured >> many of you sent us photos of the fire. this is a marin county view as you can see the big plume of smoke. this one is from mclaughlin street in richmond. we want to thank all the viewers who took the time to e- mail us and send those photos in. we will have continuing coverage. you can also view some of the photos of the fire, go to >> we were both driving on the road yesterday and i had to stop on the side of the road just take a picture. >> it was pretty scary stuff. a lot was going on yesterday. the roads in that area are no
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longer impacted. the poll takers are back in place. we do not see any residual traffic impact. in the bay bridge everything looks pretty good this morning. let's go right to the maps because we're just getting new information coming in to the news room about breaking news in the hillside neighborhood. crews are working on a two alarm fire there. 1552, actually i just heard that it grew to three alarms. 15 to 52 ocean avenue and the fire is reportedly getting bigger. this will impact roads in that area so avoid that area west of san francisco city college. heavy smoke is seen in that area. it looks like it is a business on fire starting in the attic. coming out of the altamont pass we're starting to see some delays. drive time growing to 20
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minutes towards the dublin interchange but if you're heading towards the castro valley why in san leandro things are not that bad. >> police are investigating the possibility that the suspect in the sikh shooting in wisconsin was the white supremacist. vigils were held last night for the victim of the shooting outside of milwaukee. six people five men and one woman were shot to death and two other victims remain in critical condition. >> i was told by several fbi agents that the blood trails show a battle had been sued and a knife next to his body with blood on it >> 40 year-old wade michael paid shot a police officer authorities say his social media profiles on facebook and myspace
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show him with banners bearing swastikas. >> accused mass murderer jared lee laughner is accused back into a courtroom and expected to change his plea to guilty. the shooting rampage happened in tucson last year. the u.s. district judge overseeing the plea deal of it say he must be declared mentally incompetent before you can enter that plea. >> why employees that some popular bay area museums could be going on strike. >> new signs that the president's regime it could be crumbling in syria. >> new video of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we're following breaking news out of san francisco, firefighters are working on putting out a three alarm fire that is putting out some pretty thick black smoke in the hillside neighborhood. we made this map to show you the location, 1552 ocean avenue. there are streets affected in that area and it sounds like they are setting up a staging area. once again we're getting initial reports that they will evacuate at least a small area around that neighborhood. this is also west of san francisco city college so fire crews are working on putting it out now. it sounds like it is in a business and started in the attic. elsewhere we're just getting word of this problem now on southbound 880, the great mall parkway ramp remains shut down. the main lines to the freeway
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looked ok. the golden gate bridge, a nice flow of traffic getting into san francisco. a quick check of the east bay now, you will notice the nimitz is moving at top speeds now. we put up some drive times to show you, is really only that was down 580 ride that is starting to slow. it is looking a lot better this morning and yesterday morning with a severe traffic alert in effect. overall, no severe traffic alerts in effect this morning and mass transit remains on time. >> it will be scorching as we
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head towards the next few days. temperatures will warm up a little bit. the sun is just coming up, look at that, mostly clear skies and it looks like we will see a little bit more of that smoking around. lots of sunshine coming our way with temperatures near seasonal with much hotter weather on the way and the return to some triple digits as high pressure builds back in and out of the desert southwest. it looks like a warming trend will continue as we head to the latter part of the week. by the afternoon you might smell a little bit of smoke but as we had throughout the day, the sea breeze will be kicking up and it will send some of the smoke into the atmosphere. all around the bay we're looking at temperatures not bad at all, sunshine and 81 degrees.
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78 in palo alto and east bay is still getting hot. inside the day you will find as temperatures in the '60s and '70s but much water temperature is on the way. hotter on friday and maybe a few low clouds heading our way throughout the weekend that is a look at the weather, back to you. >> syrian government forces are stepping up attacks on rebel troops despite signs that the regime is falling apart. the two week offensive has yet to break the rebels, giving them hope they could eventually win the civil war and overthrow a sod. the regime suffered a big blow when the prime minister and his family defected. the white house believes it is a sign that his days as syria's president our number >> if he cannot maintain cohesion within his own inner
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circle is reflects on his inability to maintain any following among the syrian people >> secretary of state hillary clinton is scheduled to be in turkey later this week for talks about the syrian crisis. >> people might be seeing a picket line had two of san francisco's fine arts museum. workers at the de young museum and the legion of honor museum authorize the strike last week. their concerns are reducing wages and health care costs. >> nasa is providing new images of the rovers final descent on to mars. it shows the protective heat shield falling away as the rover plummet's through the planet's atmosphere. the dust is kicked up as the rover was lowered by cables into a crater. the rover arrived on mars
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sunday night. it has a full array of sophisticated tools including 17 cameras, a laser, and instruments to analyze soil samples. 352 million mi. it was to get there. >> we show a lot of video but we are all watching this and it is so amazing to take a look at that >> a 3 alarm fire ripped through a chevron refinery in richmond. how this could affect gas prices locally >> a last minute thriller, the move that helped the women's ,,,,
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>> we continue to fall a breaking news out of san francisco where there are street closures because of a three alarm fire reported in the
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hillside neighborhood. we understand they are evacuating the area around 1500 block of ocean avenue and at least one is impacted. >> temperatures heating up around the day today, '80s and even low 90s inland. it is just the beginning of some much warmer weather and we will have more coming up >> the u.s. soccer team is in the gold medal match after defeating canada in an epic semifinal match. alex morgan scored a goal in the 123rd minute. this is the penalty kick that i did that. she converted a perfect cross from heather o'reilly just under the crossbar. >> the final score, usa for in canada 3. the americans will now play japan for the gold. >> a tough night for bay area
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baseball teams in oakland. the l.a. angels rookie phenom, that is all they need because jeered weaver was on the money, shutting out the a's for- nothing. the giants open a road trip in st. louis. buster posey continues his pace with a home run. matt cain, the big daddy could not hold on. he has the bases loaded with the cardinals and that is a basic right there that will bring home the couple of runs. the cardinals win 8-2. the play of the day, it was supposed to be an ordinary bunt and he will lay down but cory hart is coming in, he will die of and he will grab a bunt in foul territory. the brewers went on to win 6-3 and they get the play of the
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day. coming up, breaking news out of san francisco, a fire burning in the end will side district. >> a newborn taken by a stranger at a hospital. what police believe this is not the suspects first kidnapping attempt >> the refinery fire is still out but there is a chance you could still see smoke today. could still see this isoday. an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it.
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>> good morning everyone. is tuesday august 7th. >> breaking news right here in san francisco, several buildings are on fire in the cities and will side district >> the fire at the chevron
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refinery in richmond is contained but not out. >> i heard rolling explosions and i looked over and it was all white smoke. >> more than 160,000 people order to shelter in place following a huge fire at the refinery in richmond. >> we have heard the fire is contained and officials tell us it all began with a small diesel leak within the refinery. >> i thought we actually got bombed >> we're seeing what the fire look like when it first broke out. >> nearly every single car here was filled with people suffering from the effects of the refinery fire. >> police are investigating the possibility that the suspect in the shooting was a white supremacist >> i would not have known that was wade, what changed him, i have no idea >> the stories that matter on
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the eyewitness news this morning. >> we begin with breaking news out of san francisco, we're getting reports that several buildings are on fire right now in the city's single side district. the muni k line is disrupted. let's go right to elizabeth in the traffic center for the very latest >> to just a bump up the fire to four alarms in we know that several businesses are impacted. initial reports tell us they are evacuating the 1500 block of ocean avenue. we spoke to a gas station attendant who tells us at least 10 crews are on the scene. the cable side new light rail is blocked so they're having to use some bus shuttles in place instead. we made this map of the area west of san francisco business
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college, city college. apparently a lot of heavy smoke and flames are seen in that area. it is starting to get back up if you are trying to exit onto the ocean avenue of ram. use monterey boulevard instead in we will have much more on this coming up. >> 633 now, across the bay large-scale investigation is beginning into the huge fire at the chevron refinery in richmond. >> the fire sent a huge plume of smoke over the bay area. there were explosions and then fire shortly after 6 yesterday evening. a shelter in place for thousands of people was lifted before midnight. the richmond bart station reopened after that happened and caltrans put toll takers back on the richmond center fell bridge. chevron will keep the fire burning to prevent more serious problems. >> that is exactly right.
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if you do see smoke in the area, do not be alarmed. it is to relieve pressure and to make sure that no toxins are released into the atmosphere. it will be taking place in the refineries for crude unit which is where the diesel leak started. the rest of the refinery is operating as normal. the containment yesterday took the work of 20 response vehicles and 80 firefighters. >> we apologize to our neighbors and the community for the fire and the concern that we have caused them. we're now working to determine the cause so that we can prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. >> we're learning that was three employees injured, not one but they were all treated on site. the plume of smoke could be seen throughout the bay area sending hundreds of people to hospital >> i thought that we were
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actually bombed. >> there was a big bold mushroom cloud before it started spreading everywhere >> chevron says they will be working with government and local agencies to pinpoint the cause. we know investigators are on the scene and there is a lot of work to be done in the investigation. as for the water used to contain the explosion we know it was isolated so will not be re- entering and water systems in the bay area. >> the heavy smoke sent dozens of people to hospital. last night the parking lot at kaiser hospital in richmond was completely full of people coming in and suffering the effects of the fire. inside the emergency room it was standing room only. people we spoke with were experiencing similar symptoms. >> my skin was burning and my throat and eyes were burning >> i went into a panic because i started feeling like my chest
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was tight and my eyes were burning in my throat was itchy and dry. >> people released from hospital were told to go home and avoid going outside and were also told to keep a mask over their nose and mouth to protect their throat. >> i imagine a lot of people are wondering if the air is clear today. the wind plays a big part in that >> we would like more wind to help mix up the atmosphere. the bay area air quality management is reporting that air quality is good right now. as we head towards the afternoon i think we will see more of the sea breeze kicking in. by the afternoon, about 14-20 m.p.h.. that is good news for us. patchy fog around the bay area. some of the smoke is still in the air but as we head to the latter part of the day things are looking good. we will see hotter weather on
6:35 am
the way, usually averaging the '80s. even some triple digits on the way, back to you. >> the fire at the refinery could cause a spike in gasoline prices depending on whether the facility is disrupted for extended amount of time. we have continuing coverage and photographs of the fire on cbs s.f. dot com. >> back to the breaking news where crews are battling a for a warm fire. right now patrick is just arriving on the scene. what can you tell us? >> i just got here on ocean avenue and you can see it is still dark which means the flames of are still active.
6:36 am
there are about 100 firefighters as far as the eye can see. right now they're working on it to an attacking it from the top and nobody is inside. the smoke is dripping out all the way over into the neighborhood. once again at this fire on ocean avenue, i will have more information as i get it right now the buildings have been evacuated. >> before alarm fire still burning, we will have more coming up later with patrick. it could be clearer later today whether a san jose police officers will get a chance to vote confidence or no
6:37 am
confidence on chief chris more. the board could decide today whether to move ahead with the vote. one board member has called for a vote but it is not clear how many of the other 14 support it. morale has been low in the wake of budget cuts. it woman disguised in scrubs was caught trying to steal a newborn girl from a hospital in southern california. surveillance video shows her coming in to the hospital. she had a visitor's pass. when the mother turned her back the suspect put the baby in a coat back and tried to get away but she did not get very far >> when the suspect tried to leave the hospital it sounded an alarm and automatically lock the doors. she is trying to open the door to get out when she was confronted by staff >> the baby was not hurt and was reunited with a mother shortly after.
6:38 am
she may have attempted kidnappings at other hospitals according to the police >> we will have the latest on the fire burning in san francisco single side district. >> futures were good and so far so good,
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>> we continue to follow breaking news out of san francisco. look at these live pictures from the hillside neighborhood, thick black smoke still pouring out of the building. initial reports were on the 1500 block of ocean avenue but we hear the fire is making a run along the roofs of several buildings in the area. streets are blocked off at ocean avenue with closures that
6:42 am
capital and miramar. it is affecting the k anglesite unique light rail is blocked so shuttles will be in place. this area is west of san francisco city college. we're hearing about restaurants, a beauty salon, a print shop, and they market. it is usually a busy area so avoid the area, heavy smoke and flames are even visible possibly from 280. we're starting to see delays on ocean avenue getting off of 280. monterey boulevard is your best alternate in the meantime. more on this in just a little bit. let's talk about other freeways. metering lights are on so we're starting to see some delays. it looks like it is getting closer to the end of the parking lot pushing towards that first over crossing so we see it maybe
6:43 am
five or 10 minute delays. no big incidents and across the san the tail bridge we're doing great with a 14 or 15 minute drive time between hayward and foster city. if your coming off a high rise, everything looks pretty good in the eastbound lanes as well. the golden gate bridge, and nice flow of traffic through the waldegrave. westbound 237, not too bad and this is usually the time it starts to back up. so far it is nice and easy out of milpitas. >> it will get really hot the next few days. the hottest stretch so far this summer is coming our way today. lots of sunshine in the valley is in just a couple of patches of fog. we will clear out today and even at the coast we should see sunshine.
6:44 am
temperatures holding around seasonal but heating up in the coming days. high pressure is building and out of the desert southwest. a warming trend is in the works and it will get, especially on thursday. we've been talking about fires and concern with the air quality. white win by this morning and by the afternoon you might still smell some smoke. wind out of the west at 14-20 m.p.h. should help disperse some of the smoke from the fires. eighties in the south bay, 85 in morgan hill. 74 in union city. starting to crank the numbers up again. inside the bay, 67 with sunshine. 74 degrees in oakland. the next couple of days the temperature's really start to warm up. still a couple of patches of
6:45 am
fog out towards the coastline but the heat will be on and it continues right towards the weekend. >> we are used to seeing them on our phones but now get ready to see more of them in your car, we're talking about applications. applications in the car? >> >> it seems like such a distraction >> this is the big reaction people have, the latest news are that chrysler and sprint are working together to put applications in the dodge ram and viper. this means you will be able to go to an application store and select from a basket of applications that you want to show up on the lcd screen of the vehicle. it is not unheard of but this is a major push to get it into a popularly priced vehicle. i have tested them in a mercedes and bmw.
6:46 am
here we have things like facebook and google street view. >> why the need facebook in your car? >> the twitter and facebook part does kind of bothered me. to me that seems irrelevant to driving. car makers see that there's a lot of pressure for people to carry on their social behavior everywhere. if you were to take them out of the vehicle, or people just going to pick up their phone? that is the issue. this is a far more dangerous distraction because it is not optimized for automobiles. at least one car makers do it is big and centered on the dashboard and it is very simplified but i still take issue with social networks on the dashboard. >> we have become a constant
6:47 am
nugget of information culture and if we are not getting in put all the time we start to go nuts. i think a lot of us feel that way. >> do you think there is a real demand? >> there is and i think people are both interested and afraid of it. once the type things into the screen, that is really scary. with great voice command that can alleviate a lot of these concerns but we will watch this carefully. toyota and forge a started doing this but this is a major automaker jumping and >> >> you can find more of brian stowe segments on cbs sf got com/mornings. >> is a long walk across the bay bridge. a san francisco company has a
6:48 am
new owner, turner broadcasting is adding it to its stable. jason brooks is here to talk about it. >> the markets are off to a good start. good news for the bleacher reports, a very popular sports fan site being brought by turner broadcasting. it started four years ago from for the menlo school graduates that allows fans to do the writings for their favorite teams. in june it was the ninth most popular on-line sports site with more than 10 million unique monthly visitors. the stock market getting off to a good start this morning. a lot of that is coming from comments by the fed presidents saying that more quantitative should be and should be open- ended. the dow is up by 62 points and nasdaq his client been higher by 14.
6:49 am
s and p cross 1400 for the first time since early may. >> jason brooks, thank you. time now for a look at what is coming up a little bit later on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us from new york. >> only on cbs this morning, king abdullah talks about the on the scenarios that could play out in syria. i just returned from jordan cry passed the kane about the syrian president, the concern about chemical weapons and an international solution to the crisis. we also look at the tail of the tape, the colorful bands that olympians are wearing and asked if he gives them an edge. >> cbs this morning starts at 7:00 >> crews are battling a large fire in san francisco's in will side district >> several businesses have been
6:50 am
evacuated. we will have a live report from the scene right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. >> back to the breaking story in san francisco where crews are working on it for alarm fire. lisa washington joins us from the scene >> we just got here and i will move out of the way so you can see what is happening. the firefighters are still here and you concede they are using the water to douse the flames and the smoke. we are told from an eyewitness
6:54 am
this is kings coffee. the gym and i spoke with said he was walking down ocean avenue and saw that the roof was on fire. he says the inside was filled with flames. several firefighters are here and patrick savio was the first on the scene. it is not far from the san francisco city college. ocean avenue at miramar is blocked because of the fire trucks in the activity. we're unable to tell right now just how far ocean avenue is blocked but certainly this is where people will go for their commute in the will need to find an alternate route. there is lots of smoke in the area and we are told this is about a three alarm fire which means there are many firefighters on the scene. kings coffee 1552 ocean avenue in san francisco. we will continue to be on the scene here and get you more information.
6:55 am
>> live in san francisco, lisa washington. >> we hear this could have started in a bakery and may have spread to other businesses. >> eyewitnesses i spoke with says it was a coffee shop and he says he comes you're pretty often. he was walking by this morning hoping to get that coffee but unable to do so because it was on fire >> there are a number of businesses, a print shop and a beauty salon, it looks like a number of houses are there. give us a feel for the neighborhood >> your right, there are certainly a number of businesses here on ocean avenue and it appears just beyond, there are houses so is primarily a residential neighborhood. there is lots of smoke in the
6:56 am
area. when we were driving here we could see the smoke long before we even got to ocean avenue. we will continue to stay here and monitor it to bring you the very latest. >> investigators will try to find because the refinery fire that caused three minor injuries. thick black smoke pouring out of the refinery for several hours yesterday evening. witnesses heard a number of explosions. there was a shelter in place alert for most of the night but dozens of people went to east bay hospitals with respiratory problems and they are trying to find out the cause of that. >> let's check the air quality. a lot of people will be concerned about that >> thinks he will smell the smoke but it looks like the air quality will improve throughout the day. fifties and a few 60s showing
6:57 am
up in the south bay. 80s and 90s in the south bay and the breeze will be kicking in in the bay. the next couple of days it will get hot. thursday we're talking triple digits. toasty right through the weekend. we're starting to heat up with the traffic out. the center lane is blocked and if you're traveling westbound 580 we're starting to see some heavy delays coming out of the altamont pass. breaking news this morning, expect street closures around ocean avenue because of the far alarm fires still out of control in the area. the cable side shuttle is blocked with bus service in place. >> you can stay updated on thanks for watching this morning. the next local update is at 725.
6:58 am
>> have a great day everybody and we will see you at noon. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, august 7, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. police follow white supremacist links to the gunman who killed six in wisconsin. and syria's regime is crumbling from within. president obama falls further behind mitt romney in campaign fundraising. and a dramatic victory for the u.s. women's soccer team in london. but first, as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. we are looking at ties to white supremacy groups. >> more details about the sikh temple shooter.
6:59 am
>> identified him as a neonaz oh. >> he would often mention the racial holy war, it was coming. >> he was gentle and a happy child. and what happened, god only knows, because i don't. ask the middle class to pay more in taxes. it's like robin hood in reverse. it's romney hood. >> romney has outearned president obama for the third straight month. romney's campaign raised $101 million in july. >> today in arizona, a plea deal could be finalized for accused tucson shooter jared loughner, sparing him the death penalty. >> an assault to destroy the rebel forces. >> they are masing in aleppo as we speak. would they use, in your judgment, chemical weapons? in california, a raking oil refinery fire is contained. >> black smoke could b


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