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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it became apparent how bad the situation was. chevron was on fire. stewing black smoke parade many people went to the hospital complaining of side effects. it bottoming and headache many people are lining up at all local lawyer's office to file legal claims. at this point no estimate on the damage monetarily or when it will be repaired at the richmond refinery prayed chevron says of the flames
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from the secondary fire were out within three minutes praye. the refinery fire is blamed for jumping the gas prices. the average price in san francisco is over $4. the average is up to 393 a gallon and oakland. all those prices are at 6¢ higher than where they were yesterday. time now is 443, a summer sizzler, a temperatures topping 100 deglazrees not just today bt
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for the next several days. it looks like a high pressure is sitting ahead head. '50s and '60s at this hour break the bridge is very dominant right now and building back over the west coast. it will bring up the numbers. spare the air for the today parad. i our cigarettes as fast as a cellphone squash marred the fighting over cellphone stakes center stage in san francisco today.
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how a court decision could have national implications. if the city with some courts it could pave the way for similar governments to pass similar laws. the board of supervisors approved legislation requiring the cellphone companies to post a hazard signs on a cellphone spurred today the seats cia is appealing this. arguments on this case will begin in just a few hours.
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this battle comes on the heels of the government accountability office asking the fcc to update its cellphone radiation standards. they want to raise the limits by 22 percent, which is the eat international standards. ithe gao does not reflect curret standards. do you think such loans it should come with a warning label? share your answers with us of this book, twitter and our website prepared a flight from ontario to
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seattle landed safely prayed the problem caused the boeing to lose cabin pressure which some passengers bound disturbing. if pulled away from my leg, it just expanded inside no one was seriously injured parade they were ready to deal with it mass casualty because the emergency called ireceived sounded much more serious. a ceremony is planned for 11. hundreds here in the bay area plan to hold visuals in honor of the lives lost at bat the temple
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must occur. during this time of morning we offer the same support in return the first funeral for the victims and wisconsin will be held tomorrow. burble jobs be treatment romney and obama. a new tv ad is drawing criticism from that sector spirifact chec when it comes to a woman's right to make her own health care choices, they want to take us back on policies more suited for the 1950's
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and the cornfields of iowa, romney also focus on health care. president obama is publicly embracing the term obamacare parad. i don't think mitt romney understands what romney has done by closing the plant. a short time after that my wife became ill romney's spokesperson andrea says the ad is despicable. the obama campaign says they had nothing to do with a commercial parad.
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it is 440, target is holding a eight job there the next few days. the company has 300 positions to fill. it is at san francisco's of montreal mall. the address is 135 fort street job-seekers are encouraged to apply online in the advance. the job fair is in the building at 4 on campus on atlantic avenue on webster street in
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alameda. the link it bond between a high rate of breast cancer and vitamin d. i would pick a darker washed a high-tech dressing room that's against your body and tells you what to buy. first, the fast-food palin caug,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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move over ham burglar. surveillance shows a man breaking into the mcdonald's and try to ripped it the register off of the counter. he is caught the next state-run to attempt the same crime and is now facing several charges. authorities are keeping tight lip it on his medical condition.
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these scientists was blown to new zealand. an american it played was not available for the mission so the australians flew him out. let's get a check with weather. it is smoking hopped around the bay area. we got close to the triple digits with some nineties inland in some spots. right now we have some '50s and '60s and a couple patches of fog. most of that will be gone as we head into the afternoon. you will see '70s and '80s are around the bay area. with plenty of sunshine. the high pressure is going to camp out over the next five or
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seven day i. also some stormy weather in to chicago and new york. all of that may cause some delays. 83 degrees in mountain view. about 67 degrees in pacifica. 100 degrees in walnut creek. and 102 degrees in livermore. there is not enough sea breeze to keep the temperatures down. we are going to see huge spread in temperatures. it is going to be smoking hot in the ballets over the next few days. that is a look on weather, let's check with traffic with gianna here's a live look at a
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situation where a car hit a power poll. hundreds of customers are without of power. it streets are closed in and around the area of 81st avenue parade is not too far from the coliseum. this this 910, 81st ave. southbound is a looking good as you work your way toward here ihayward. in that is ride as he headed to san francisco on the golden gate bridge. roadwork also on southbound 280,
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that is completely shut down, in effect until 6:00 this morning not causing too much problems along 88280 itself. the rest of the south bay looks like this. northbound looking good along guadalupe parkway. checking conditions along a 8237 milpitas, traffic is clear around that area. of course the east shore freeway, 80 minutes from the craftiness bridge. it is a spur the air day parade ahead of department of the fish and game stripped of his presidency.
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he posed with the picture posing with a mom linmountain lion he d and killed purred richard said he did nothing wrong and is being defended by hunting groups. in management mixup upped the it susan g. coleman under nancy will step down as chief executive and take on a new management role prayed thompson will lead the organize stations next month. in some other executives are
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also resigning. the scientists and it was marin found women who had breast cancer had beat sell to activate marin county wants to expand the smaller study to include more women. the next time you reach for that nice battered flavored popcorn at the there, that better flavor may trigger alzheimer's disease. the flavor in it cannot stop the body's natural mechanism in clearing the disease. from getting the right size to
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the thick, shopping can't really be an ordeal parade a futuristic dressing room promised to find the perfect pair. jean shopping can be an all- day event. but today she is taking a more scientific approach with the help of body metrics. it uses 3-d mapping technology to find the perfect fit she strips down and gets stand, within minutes the machine analyzes her shape and measurement and then picks out over a dozen prepares. " we do is we masher
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measurements that information to be an affirmation of the government. he shows the vacation at the bloomingdale's. but he says it is the first of this kind used mapping technology prayed he hopes to offered it from the text of connect and from the comforts of your own home. to try on one side is and have them fit, but yasir, it saves a lot of time. if successful, they hope to
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eventually expand to new locations and other stores. i love that a pension. i'm totally in. genes are the hardest things for me to buy, so hey, love it. apple is keeping up security after a breach of security parade how could this mixup happen. what one man received from amazon a set of his flat screen tv. and the latest images beamed,,,,
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what does fall smell like? head north, to someplace pristine like acadia national park. there is nothing like the parks this time of year. the falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick.
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temperatures. they will be sticking around for a while in the valley. we will talk more about that coming up. we are following it in an accident along 680 net asset is releasing more images from mars. astronauts are saying they are awesome. it shows the desert like landscape. it also it reveals guns marks from the rovers rockets. apple is promising to strengthen security after a tax
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supporter was targeted. amazon has also stopped allowing users add e-mail addresses by a bone. idown. , with like to know how this type of mixup could take place especially with what's going on recently. i don't to be in a situation where this type of weapon could just show up on someone's doorstep accidentally pricked i would like to see more
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precautions taken. which retailer is looking for 300 new employees and seven cisco today parade cell phones, at a hazardous to your health. the legal battle over warning labels for them. chevron keeps increasing, today they are announcing a new way to do so. and also we will be taking a first look at the 911 calls from monday night. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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some confusion on the line,
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of the non one called raising questions about the response to these chevron refinery fire. you want summer heat, and here comes third triple digits on its way. we have traffic and oakland as well as 680 in the south bay predict we will have a look at your commute and just a few minutes. some power lines are down and oakland. cbs bought as patrick is joining us from 81st avenue it looks like a car vs. a poll accident. it looks like a car wind.
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you could see this car going right underneath those are lines. more than 60 companies arcustome affected at this time. tony was on his way to work when he saw the minds walking the streets. i just came through and seen the pull down and i don't know exactly what happened we are 91st avenue between mothers cookies and be sunshine bakery, or is it restored now let's go over to gianna for traffic it they are starting to allow vehicles through the area. things are starting to clear of just a bit. this is south of the big timber and south of the colis


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