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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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never leave for home owners and progress crews hope to make. not often use the cops guard of library it is the latest target for occupy activist temperatures begin to cool down will talk about that coming up towards the bay bridge we start to get busy we follow us off all on the upper deck. details coming up. it is tuesday august 14th time now 6:00 a.m. developing news from the fire lines in lake county to wildfires out of control this morning evacuation orders lifted last night two minor injuries reported three structures burned, the flames at covers 6,000 a.. the 2 fire started along state route 20 east at clear lake what is called the wi-fi or the other the walker fire.
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the 2 fires of now been combined in the call at the walker complex. when at last got off the phone at the call center the mentioned in news is that we scan with up in their homes this morning they returned last night when no crews reconvene in a couple of hours to track progress the fire is far from contained, the call center said crews are on scene they are trying to take advantage of less wind and cooler temperatures today's triple digit weather would not help them. that is been the biggest challenge for firefighters hot and dry conditions, this fire started sunday afternoon forcing residents to evacuate. it went through my vineyard my vineyard is gone my family is ok. we will rebuild. and keep going. as we mentioned the call
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center said all evacuee's allowed back the danger pass their homes crews think the residence with the defensible space around their homes. the fires only 25 percent contained the do not have a cause. it will not be fully contained until next monday. lake county has issued an air quality alerts. that means young children and elderly will be on the lookout for today. that is the latest back to you. more than 60 local firefighters dispatched to help out the california wild fires outside the bay area alameda counties and 40 people. a strike team from alameda and contra costa counties have been dispatched. would talk about hot and dry
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conditions and the winds. some rain would come in handy but not see that happening we head to the fire season in the bay area it will get more touch and go over the next couple of months. fire conditions they will see hot temperatures but not gusty winds. fires themselves can generate winds around the fire because of hot what airlifting up. the winds can be guessed the times. 95-109 degrees. hard fight fires on steep terrain in those outfits the firefighters where to take care of the fire air quality very poor. humidity very low as well. hopefully that will get heat relief, if we can get fog over there but that will help but it will not get there. 60 degrees at livermore 62 in
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san jose by the afternoon temperatures cooler but still hot inland, one hundred degrees in livermore. 63 at pacific up. right now check out roads with elisabeth towards the bay bridge they cleared that stall on the upper deck, the usual kim you know measuring light send big delays outer lanes busy but no issues. if your headed towards the bay bridge toll plaza and the macarthur maze we get word of an accident westbound 80 approaching powell street in emeryville. one line block. we do not see slowing yet. i'll let you know if that is a bigger problem a live look across the golden gate bridge. you can see the thought coming into san francisco. we have slowing still on
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highway 4 the picked up the road work, now usual bottle necks throughout antioch. to the south bay downtown san as a spots look ok. that is traffic back to you. investigators busy following a deadly de in san jose look at to shootings when federal, as well as a deadly stabbing involving a samurai sword. police are trying to figure out if the attacks are connected. san jose police were looking in the possibility one of those daytime shootings may have been gang-related you mention in addition to the shootings and stabbings that happened, at 630 near west san carlos and meridian in san jose a woman's body found on the sidewalk there was a small samurai sword next to her body she had one stab
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wound that woman pronounced dead at the scene police have not made the arrests. she was well known homeless woman in this area police did related to one of two daytime shootings happened earlier in the day. at one-thirty and man in his '30's than with a fatal gunshot wound on charles street police say he had been shot once and pronounced dead, they say daytime shootings to not happen often. any of these three incidents if they saw something or come across information due to third-party our conversation with individuals that may have been incidents would like to be contacted. police are asking for help from the public and all three cases no arrests have been made in the second shooting police don't have motives the second
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shooting happened 5 mi. away from the first shooting police cannot believe they are connected, they say this victim was the victim of a drive-by shooting getting one gunshot the person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries police but into the possibility that may have been gang-related but the deadly shooting inspire stabbing san jose is 25 and 26 homicides of the year. lisa washington cbs 5 officials from the u.s. department of justice in san jose as part of the effort to reduce youth related crime mayor chuck reed and an attorney general will be speaking this afternoon under the city hall rotunda members of the mayor's gang prevention task force on hand. 6:07 a.m. to teenagers face felony reckless driving charges
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it happened yesterday in saratoga the to drag racing through streets of saratoga they went out of control before sunup yesterday you can see the two cars sideswiping a home and slaving slamming into a living room of another house the ended up on top of each other the two teenagers are friends. no one else hurt. investigators cannot get to the site of a failed pipe connected to last week's fire at the chevron refinery in richmond. it is considered unsafe. the san francisco chronicle cite sources that inspectors determined 8 in. pipe may need to be replaced but they decided it would be good for five years. in martinez, a shell oil refinery at the scene of a small fire yesterday contra costa
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county officials say it began to in the afternoon at a processing unit the county issued a health advisory, crews put out the flames in minutes the cause under investigation. the state senate transportation and housing committee meets in sacramento to discuss safety concerns of the bay bridge new eastern spanned. allegations concrete quality tests falsified caltrans officials expected to be on hand. bacon library in east oakland now vacant after police remove squatters from the building. from oakland the very latest the raid on the people's library happened last night after a poetry reading the front building at miller and international home to squatters the former library shutdown in the 1970's last night after a 11
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police arrived and said everyone had to get out. department of public works have boarded up the building. many activists from the occupy movement it looks for now they have to find another place to occupy. vice-presidential candidate paul ryan a tough road ahead to win over american voters according to a new poll 39 percent surveyed say ryan is an excellent or good running mate for mitt romney 45% say the choice is fair or poor. the lowest numbers for vice- presidential pick since george bush chose dan quayle in 1988. so a few members of the 45 percent heckled run yesterday as a hit the campaign trail.
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he and obama appeared at the iowa state fair a few hours apart. so you might want to buy more chicken when it is on sale we will stock up prices are low, farmers and ranchers need help it make sense. vice president biden stunt for votes in north carolina and will be in virginia today running campaigns in ohio after spending time in florida. 6:11 a.m. the battle in lake county another live report on the progress crews hope to make chocolate lovers listen up the tree may boost brainpower. at the top the list for a luxury but a few cars passed th,
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situations ministry said it struck 100 mi. off the coast. towns and villages felt moderate shaking fortunately no risk of the tsunami and no reports of injuries or damage. fire evacuees going home in lake county evacuation orders lifted overnight reporter john bennett in williams has been there all night long highway 20 closed because of the complex fires it as rhee open now but you need an escort. at this point the city of
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williams you contrive a but ira to go towards the mountains high way 50 and you need an escort to be guided into the areas. law enforcement wants to make sure the public is safe. it now burns on both sides of highway 20. 6,000 a. torched, many people a lot back to their homes monday after making some headway on the fire fight it burned a cross walker ridge in steep canyons dozens of acres have burned and two buildings destroyed and another one damaged, one woman said she's lived in the area nearly 50 years and is never seen anything like this the smoke trickles down into williams and sutter buttes of this stretch of northern california it will be another tricky fight for cal fire as the deal with steep terrain and rocky ridge tops and triple digit weather.
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not only hot but hot inside the fire suits. sean bin and live for us and williams near where the fires burn. 6:17 a.m. until look at the roads a pretty easy morning a lot of folks on vacation until the kids go this cool, we checked and on the bay bridge let's look at the south bay won a one traffic both directions still free and easy. the bay bridge starting to back up the added cash lines fast track users get by find no measuring light, the delays don't extend until the back of a lot we may see an arrest letter on. better news through emeryville accident was down 80 at powell street all lanes now back open. all grain on traffic centers. other bridges we have a lot of
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fog across the golden gate bridge, marin county headed towards doyle drive not impacting drive time looks good towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza for silicon valley commuters west bound to 37 we start to see some bright lights at milpitas, six minutes on the westbound lanes between 881 01 we'll show you highway 4, one of our for spots to back up bottle neck in in any doubt, the picked up road closures over night in eastbound lanes of highway 4 a live look @ highway 1 always on at trembled all lanes south bay free and clear downtown. let's go to lawrence and c when we will cool down. temperatures still hot inland high level clouds move on
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through, you can see some clouds extending out over the bay bridge. they will break up and return to the coastline sunshine in the afternoon. it will stay hot inland a huge difference in the temperatures from coastal areas too interior valleys a 43 degree spread. the high starting to break down. it will bring down temperatures a few degrees it will drop a few degrees over the next few days. around the country thunderstorms in new york, partly cloudy in chicago and denver showers in houston. around the bay still hot and the south bay 99 degrees in gilroy 85 in milpitas 64 at half moon bay. triple digits well inland.
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not as hot as yesterday but hot enough 100 in livermore. 96 walnut creek. 73 in alameda. the numbers to drop off a few degrees the monsoonal moisture wraps around the ridge. it will cool down a little bit through the weekend may be a return to normal by then. 6:20 a.m. not all luxury vehicles make the grade when the comes to safety certain crashes developed by the insurance institute only 3/11 cars tested her in good or acceptable ratings the at around the infinity and volvo s 60 googled makes a move to get deeper into the travel business the company is buying from worst travel guide this follows the purchase of the zagging
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restaurant guide. it will provide ratings of every hotel and the world it wants to sell more travel related ads. 6:21 a.m. according to a new study by researchers in italy based on reviews of 90 elderly people with mild, that impairment funded by a candy company published in the journal hypertension so chocolate a little good thing. raiders not so good. will highlight what they did on monday night football plus play of the day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some positive signs are raiders fans and the team's first exhibition game. how about running back darren mcfadden havenot played since october last year he caught an 18 yd pass and ran for 16 yds. backup quarterback carell prior pled the bulk of the second half he is a work in progress final score dallas 3, raiders nothing. lawrence still pays attention. san francisco giants ran into a wall. the wall known as the washington nationals team with the best record in baseball one of the heroes for washington kurt suzuki recently traded by oakland a's hit a double to help the nationals beat the giants
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14-2. the teams meet again tonight. the a's are in kansas city against the royals watch the dodger pitcher he delivers a shot in makes a great catch a reflex catch saved their run the dodgers beat the pirates to move into a tie with the giants. save an injury. 6:26 a.m. burglars target the home of steve jobs' san jose please investigate to homicides including a bizarre sort attack good news and bad news in lake county fires evacuation orders lifted, bad news a lot of work to be done it will bring,,,
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good morning tuesday august 14th 2 of fires in lake county continued to burn out of control paul ryan gets tackled on the campaign trail of stories in the morning minute. five fires surrounding as at that point you could not see anything firefighters live to evacuation orders in lake county as the make progress you can see traffic backing up as it has all day from people and spring valley trying to get back home if the wind shifts it will cut the road off you can see a big chunk of
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the house redoubt give you an idea of the force of the impact investigators tried to pinpoint the cause of the refinery fire in richmond which gets the about cutting medicare medicaid education a jet skier gets passed jfk security system from across the bay, to a round the world the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. we begin developing news from lake county 2 fires still out of control this morning evacuation orders lifted to people suffered minor injuries at least three structures burned, the fire has covered 6,000 a. the 2 fires
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burn along state route 20 east of clear lake officials consider the fires and to be one the call at the white complex kate cold air and up in the north bay with the latest we hear crews reconvene the meeting again at 8:00 this morning to track progress which is not much at this point the good news he that kiwi's allowed back in their homes but today the challenge is triple digit weather. that has been the challenge for crews this entire time hot and dry conditions firefighters on the scene now looking to take advantage of cooler temperatures. all things not expected to get today. the 2 fires are now being treated as one the whole thing started sunday afternoon forcing evacuations and fear with nearby neighbors. five fires surrounding us at
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that point you could not see any think everything was black and dark you couldn't even see the yellow line on the road the danger has passed from residents' homes but still far from over the fire at this point still 25 percent contained they don't have a cause crews don't expect the fire contained until next monday, we take note because of the conditions lake county has issued an air quality alerts so people young children elderly especially those with chronic respiratory illness will need to make sure they are on alert. back to you lifer as from the north bay let's get check on weather. hot dry conditions play a part as we head into the fire
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season locally, those fires will get help today it will be hot will not see strong winds, air quality will suffer. the pollutants build up. winds are south 10 mi. per our temperature is the big problem 95-109 degrees. around the bay area with sequel fog moving in on the coast. temperatures on the mild side. 68 in concord. 62 san jose. temperatures cooler but still hot inland. touch the century mark in livermore perhaps the last day of triple digit heat. 66 in san francisco this afternoon. roadways with elisabeth we crews now with kcbs and allen brooks and mobile 5,
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headed out of castro valley headed towards castro valley why, everything moving at top speed no major problems up the nimitz as well. the bay bridge a different story lot of bright lights the meeting lights turned on at 6:19 a.m. we had stalled earlier this morning that may have back things up. at least 10 minute delay to get you on the bridge. c h p issues thought to advisory for golden gate bridge. boggy this morning across the deck headed into san francisco those headlights toward doyle drive will get checks on east bay times and mass transit back to you 6:35 a.m. a violent 24 hours in san jose to shootings and stabbings. lisa washington in san jose
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please try to determine if any attacks are gang related. they think when shooting may have been gang-related let's take a look at video, this was a deadly stabbing happened at 6:30 p.m. monday evening a woman's body on a sidewalk with once dabble in a small sword the next of her body she was a well known homeless woman. police to none known at the deadly stabbing related to a deadly shooting that happened near here in the day and at @ one-thirty a favorite gunshot wound in the car on charles street police say he was shot once and pronounced dead, they ask for the public for help. generally things like this happen at night under dark when it happens in broad daylight is concerning because that is a bold suspect it is not care a cruces him or her, no arrests
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made in the shooting police don't have motives a second shooting happened at 4:00 at 5 mi. away from the first shooting the victim may have been a victim of gang-related, he was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. lisa washington cbs 5 more than $60,000 worth of computers and personal items stolen from the palo alto home of the late steve jobs' a man from alan needed charged with residential burglary. jobs home surrounded by temporary construction barrier when broken into last month. a drab gray skies to cars to crash into a home in south bay that happened at prospect road in saratoga before sunup yesterday to 19 year-old friends drag racing they went out of control the two cars ripped out
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a guard rail sideswiped a house and slammed into the living room of another. they ended up one on top of the other. both drivers intoxicated and going up to 80 mi. an hour they were injured and no one inside the house west. 6:38 a.m. investigators cannot get to the failed plot the trek last week's fire at the chevron refinery. that area still considered unsafe. remains off limits. san francisco chronicle court sources investigators determined the pipe needed to be replaced but they decided it would be good for another five years. poetry readings come to an and at a long closed oakland library where squatters have been forced out of the library. a raid on the people's
6:39 am
library happened last night after a late night poetry reading that a fund building in miller and international home to squatters before the library with shutdown in the 1970's more than 1000 books donated but police arrived and said everybody had to get out. department of public works has boarded up the building many of the activists were from occupy oakland it looks like they have to find another place to occupy patrick's the deal cbs 5 a new poll suggests paul ryan has worked ahead of him to win over american public, 39 percent of voters surveyed said ryan is a good or excellent running mate for mitt romney 45% told usa today the choice is fair to pour. the lowest numbers for vice- presidential pick since george
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bush chose dan quayle in 1988. if a few members heckled bryant yesterday and as a hit the campaign trail. he and president obama appeared at the iowa state fair a few hours apart president obama has given us for years of a trillion dollar deficit, making matters worse and spending our children to a diminished future vice-president biden stunt for votes in north carolina and will be in virginia today, romney in ohio after spending time in florida. 6:40 a.m. new york to dublin in one hour of flight tests could make that possible a jet skier able to bypass a $100 million airport security system in the market opens up 10
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minutes ago a quick check on the early numbers. we get an update from cbs money watch reporter. ,,
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temperatures begin to cool down a little bit today with high numbers expected inland outside patches of fog, some clouds crews by it looks like changes in the coming days to watch the temperatures drop a huge difference in the numbers between the coast and valleys of 40 degrees bread. gradual cooling expected. high pressure weekends and slides east that lays off the heat a little bit to watch the temperatures come down a few
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degrees over the next few days sfo no delays, sunny skies this afternoon and 69 degrees. a few showers in houston, 97 degrees, thunderstorms in new york party cloudy skies in denver and chicago. around the de temperatures upper '90s and morgan hill 85 in milpitas. 81 palo alto. this should be the last day of the triple digit heat and temperatures back off. 66 in san francisco. next couple of days temperatures drop off but you degrees clause headed our way toward friday and saturday. cooler temperatures throughout the weekend. let's check out traffic. a new accident coming through this and cruz mountains
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highway 17 approaching glenwood drive. multi vehicle crash. three vehicles involved and blocks of land. we will see slowing on sensors. the golden gate bridge, foggy across the deck c h p issues a fog advisory. it is not impacting travel times. the visibility and issued this morning. on the peninsula as candlestick towards bay shore a camera looks pretty good headed towards downtown san francisco to the south bay all downtown san jose exits in the clear. san mateo bridge not too bad, that can be a direction still a 13-14 minute drive from hayward. to foster city. you can see both directions look pretty good. the bay bridge it is busy much
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busier today than yesterday, the metering lights are turned on at 620 this morning we have delays backing up beyond the first over crossing towards 880 over crossing 10-15 minutes to get on the bridge. 6:47 a.m. if you do not know where you are you're smart phone does as well as twitter and facebook. social sites could be giving away your location without you knowing it. c-net editor joins us with what you know. an app lotus something to facebook and it says you're somewhere near grove len california and you may not want the world to know that. you must be aware social media has location services turned on that means the device has gps technology and can tell where
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you are on satellite and adds that to your post you need to look at turn off the settings. facebook is one place to look twitter another place to look both have facebook settings. you can do that on your account you do not need to do it per device. go to the account and change it and all devices used will stop writing new out. go to settings and look for locations services or location settings. your phone has zone location setting she must be concerned about other apps may use. of the ledger camera phone as gps courtney its stamp on the photos and when you share those they can be mapped and lots of sites do this and people make up load them. said you don't put it on the web someone else might put it on their facebook page and it is matt. there are security problems
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with this because there are web sites that track your locations not intended to be malicious but one called we know your house and got com, it looks up to gps stamp and makes the list of what it believes are people's addresses from twitter account even though the did a put your address on twitter and what you tell a white lie? and check out please write me look for the phrase vacation or on vacation on your tweets it infers that your gps location under guard at and you told them your thuy and they figured out from the ordinance big tech brother watches all the time tech devices to the location stamping be aware of that on your accounts and you're smart
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phone. most cameras standalone cameras to not do gps stamping and your car typically not redding out even though it as a gps system. you can find more tech what segments go to cbs s f dot com /mornings wall street goes over and the government numbers show in retail sales up in july ashton more sound of cbs money watch in for jason brooks overseas markets rallied that of economic numbers from europe tokyo's up 1/2% on wall street positive news son retail sales has stocks climbing the dow in positive territory were up by 29 points. nasdaq hire bike and. bank fees on the rise new survey
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by money rates dot com checking accounts became more expensive the first half of the year banks increased atm charges and overdraft fees, customers now pay an average of $145 a year in bank maintenance fees the requirements to avoid monthly service fees also up. nearly four to $500 this year. a big difference how much money keep in your checking account. are we seeing new signs a new iphones on the way? apple fans may want to get ready target and best buy cut the price on some models of the iphones 4 and 4 s sprint cut prices by $50, retailers have cut prices to clear inventory before new model released.
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a lot of speculation going on the word is a new iphones about to come out. the other one came out a week ago so it is about time. i'm getting used to my eye fun and now a new one. ashley morris and thank you. we had audio difficulty but got it back on. airports across the country check security because the man's personal watercraft stalled daniel castillo got stranded on his jet ski near jfk airport he swam 3 mi. toward the light of the airport he scaled a barb wire fence, walk past the $100 million motion security system and walk across runways and airline workers bought him. what is he going to swim to? a land mass, that does not make
6:53 am
sense he is now charged with criminal trespass security experts say it highlights vulnerabilities at several airports at major waterways including oakland and s f o. a key test of a hypersonic aircraft the x 51 a wave rider will race above the pacific ocean at mach 6, 3600 miles per hour the flight five minutes long double the length of a previous flight. earlier at ten 7 run into problems including one that ended up with the aircraft's skin peeling away. you can go from new york to dublin ireland in one hour. 653 a m not quite seven brides for seven brothers when families said i'd do five times over in one day wildfires continue to burn in lake county latest on
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firefighter efforts and a live report. ,,,,,, at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school,
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or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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the threat is over for hundreds of homes in lake county the complex fires still far from being contained kate cold air and joins us apparent in the fire has grown i just got off the phone with cal fire says the fire has grown to 7,000 a. crews will reconvene in one hour to come up with the game plan as the sun rises so do temperatures double- digit weather won't help crews
6:58 am
it will set them back with hot and dry conditions feeling the fire, there working overnight in the morning to take advantage of cooler temperatures the good news the danger has passed holmes cruz told me because residents had good defensive space. the fire far from being contained the look at 30 percent contained, when not be fully contained until next monday. like on issues and air quality alerts which means young children and those with respiratory conditions need to be cautious. a little bit of rain nice that might not come until october. we are saying high temperatures again around the bay at least bites and then start out on the warm side livermore 69 degrees, they may hit the century mark again.
6:59 am
over the next few days the numbers cool off but still hot inland ever body returns to normal this weekend. mobile 5 and kcbs heading toward the east shore freeway eastbound '80s from berkeley to an revell no major delays against the commute approaching glenwood drive still an accident one northbound and one southbound line block headed through santa cruz mountains golden gate bridge foggy c h p offers thought advisory five sisters got married to same-day they got hits in a separate ceremony at a mormon church everyone got together afterward the when massive reception at an airport hangar museum. the file has not


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