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tv   CBS5 Eyewitness News Pre- Game Show  CBS  August 18, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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quakes an said given of for us we should be taking care of them supporting those who support our freedom when local maker given back to veterans a bay area marine remembered for his sacrifice one community pays its final respects to a local hero cleaning up the mess left by the chevron refinery fire or the company put its efforts to repair its image thank you for joining us for the special addition of eyewitness news at 430. a painful farewell when friends and family said goodbye to a marine captain killed in afghanistan don knapp outside st. francis high school in mountain view a memorial going
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on. a large turnout for marine captain math human again killed august 10th in afghanistan along with two marines at a police checkpoint we talk about capt. and again this turnout reflects the respect for his family and his father his father a judge at santa clara superior court is mother also a judge an associate justice at six district court of appeals. this friend of the family told the chronicle he was planning to leave the marines and go to law school and plan to become a public defender others talked of his service in afghanistan and made an effort to work with people of afghanistan and to learn the afghani language this was his third tour he was highly
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regarded and respected and comes from a respected family the whole community has turned out to wish him good bye. efforts to help veterans return from war in the wake of a record number of suicides one bay area lawmaker organized and a van cbs 5 reporter lisa washington on what is needed and offered. ricardo apps knows firsthand the importance of resources for soldiers returning from war for six or seven years i was lost in sacramento in the gulf war veteran spent 17 years and active duty and dealing with a list of physical and mental issues i'll have p. d. sd i have back injuries, i have a screw in my shoulder, i hit my head on
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something when i was at desert storm and ricardo says he spent the last seven years fighting for disability benefits from the department of veteran affairs and still waiting for an approval i submitted a clam for service connected disability seven years ago, i keep getting to my letters he is one of many veterans who attended a resource center in hayward supported by this and california legislature. nearly a dozen agencies were on hand to help veterans like ricardo including the association of disabled veterans it is understanding what you have done and where your mind is today active duty soldiers need a listening ear the u.s. army reported the number of active- duty suicides have doubled from
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june to july 12th in june and 26 in july the dow has all along trying to battle with the demons are the guys to commit suicide want to prevent that. this was the first veterans reese resource fair with the turnout their future plans for additional advance to assist veterans. lisa washington cbs 5 and escapes sex offender back behind bars derek sanders may have gotten out of the cordilleras facility in redwood city through an elevator shaft the parolee has a history of violence and was facing new charges in san mateo county for an offense against a minor he was spotted panhandling at fisherman's wharf in san francisco and taken into custody. the fired at the chevron refinery left his mark at schools today chevron schools
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spent the day cleaning a playground at cain's elementary school they are washing off possible remnants at at 40 schools in the area they expect to finish by the time the school year starts. there was concern from the community that the smoke from the fire may have put said on the outdoor playground equipment and with school starting we want to make sure students can back to a clean environment. and enjoy their equipment. chevron said it is make sure of the city parks are claimed and thousands of new students show up at the uc- berkeley campus the move and for student housing began yesterday and continues this afternoon a thousand students will live in university housing this year platt classes' at berkeley begin next thursday another day searching for missing boy at yosemite and where these search is focused.
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keeping the dream of home ownership live in east bay people line that to buy in one bay area community. on monday every year bay area parents fight to get their kids and good schools we had been assigned nine of the 14 schools we listed we look at 1 school districts frustrating admissions policy and how some parents beat the sys
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search continues and yosemite for a 6 year-old boy swept away in merced river it's near the vernal falls footbridge where two boys drowned on wednesday. more than a dozen park workers watch a mile-long stretch of the river where they believe the boy's body might be stuck there on a hike with their mother when they were swept away the mother was injured trying to save her sons. shoppers in san ramon c. a new and new home division open up and this morning. some slept in their cars to be among the first to qualify them as are investing in a desirable school district with new construction. we're expecting houses to
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grow that much with this economy it will take awhile for the economy to get back and will never get back to where it was in the last decade more than one dozen homes went on sale today others are still under construction ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back an interesting 9 in the bay area lightning strikes and napa and sonoma and monterey county the thunderstorms have now exited they won't be a factor look at the time lapse you can see the storms have triggered showers over eastern sierra will left behind a few high clouds. 90 at concord 67 at oakland livermore upper 80's. the california coastline and clouds now lift up. we're looking for a cooling trend but when not be dramatic. forecast lows for tonight mostly in the '50s in the bay area mostly clear skies back to the shoreline. for tomorrow and south bay pretty much a repeat performance
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of today 81 at milpitas 65 pacifica. east bay will 1990's at pittsburgh, antioch and brentwood. 87 vallejo. 63 bodega bay. the cooling trend as we look at will be in the '90s and then as we head to tuesday wednesday thursday a sigh of relief for east bay. low clouds along the coast line. we get back to a little bit below to where we should be for late august. we are ready for a break. it is back to school and football. the time for a special report preseason sports report with kim coyle and vern glenn,,,,,,,,,,,, by now we know the answer to
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that one. but what can we expect from 49ers this year? will randy moss be the offense is missing piece? can we expect another big year from the defense? last one, are you ready for pre-season football? it you're looking live at houston's reliance stadium minutes away from kickoff from the 49ers second preseason camp allow ion a kim coyle will check and from houston with the two men: tonight's game dennis o'donnell and tim ryan we are at riance stadium
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this is a big game such a tough test minnesota last week two playoff games harbaugh will get a better gauge from last week the thing jim wants to do is stay healthy and keep his guys healthy and get ready for what i call real football that is obvious when we talk about three starters staying back in santa clara and not coming out here and a perfect world gym like to win the game very little gain planning but it is a tough test with houston texans he would love to see situational football, opportunities in the red zone opportunities to improve on third-down opportunities to drive down the field he's looking for data to really have that a wet. greg rahman and excited along with carbajal about the 49ers nail offense here is on
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his starting quarterback alex smith urban meyer said something about alex that rings true with me when she figures out the pieces and components and gets it, that is when he really feels comfortable alex smith is now ota's he said a full of season with jim harbaugh and coming into his own. watching his growth and development he has taken full ownership of the offense and is no. when skills that is intelligence everything they asked him to do in terms of pot of hot a blank and if a line of scrimmage he was 3/3 last week i'm curious to see how much he plays tonight. you know a ten story em subjects helgoland forever back to you. were getting started on
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with all 11 starters on defense returning that many spots up for grabs after getting a scholarship offers from berlin get high-school and undrafted from college this linebacker is used to having nothing handed to him. san diego san francisco back to san diego camp in the sea san francisco, miami, kansas city and cleveland, back to kansas city johnny cash as nothing on eric back the ariane, who was made 11 stops in his four year career.
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a phone has never stopped ringing, pet i feel like i have something left you know, maybe i'm crazy who do we have to think for him continuing to pursue his dream? start with this coach at university of san diego, jim harbaugh. after the spring he had a one-on-one with everybody 90 kids he would talk to you from 15 minutes to an hour i remember this he said in now we don't think you can be a good player here we think you can be a great one i've always remembered that one thing he does not remember is his nfl debut in 2009 i had so much adrenaline i barely remember and then i got a concussion and knocked out all our nothing this preseason for him he was out of practice squad eligibility the
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boarding gate native help his case with two sacks against the vikings. i call in the hometown hero, he got those sacks that meant a lot to him. i think a lot of him as a football player a person and a guy, very talented hard-working guy, who you can caps you can town on his account on me that. it's a special place to be an honor i appreciate the years of service i've had here and fortunate. the alter ego that alex smith mean story about tonight what is the one thing brendan jacobs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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defending champions biggest issue during training camp has been their mattresses, that is right five players sidelined with back injuries the beds in the dorm rooms are too small. we are big humans every bed a small you can put a dinosaur in the twin size bed. i do know about the mattresses they are ours. i don't know my rent is a about halfway off. former giants running back brandon jacobs's sleeping find he was rarely at a loss for words for his time in the big apple he was a key part of two super bowl teams and no sympathy for is new teammates and coaches for the outcome of last year's nfc championship
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i don't feel bad for you coach that is what i say that is hell i leave that and go on with practice because it hurts, friend talked about that in meetings, you can hear it in his voice, i was angry and i would of been angry as well no question, he did not want to talk to me after the game he talk to me anyway. the 49ers begin the season as one of the favorites to win the super bowl alex smith is not put stock in predictions the experts said the 49ers finishing last in 2011 we have higher expectations and our own expectations which don't pay attention i don't really pay to what is going on, to people what they are guessing and what they think we will finish when know what they thought we would finish last
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year and how right they were about fat no different this year. last year that texans made the playoffs for first time in franchise history houston has to adjust with plan with a bull's eye on their back. their defense among the league's best in addition to worrying about these mans alex smith must be on the lookout for antonio's smith's out your ego. you have not seen than in jet assassin no telling when you will see him is a parents he you don't even know. that is all the time we have a on kim coyle kicked off from houston coming up next enjoy the game.
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