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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> a fierce northern california wild fire that is dangerously close to homes. >> to warm up to america's cup starts today. >> today it cooled down for the bay area weather. more fog and low cloud on the way. >> good morning everyone.
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>> we begin with breaking news in nevada >> all lanes are open northbound 101 following a fatal accident. >> they just reopened all the lands within the last few minutes. and " close the right waned since 4:00 this morning. no. down 101 at african avenue is where a car hit a power pole. one person in that vehicle did die so they are on the scene on the right shoulder. the reopened all lanes in the northbound direction. we saw slowing southbound but no longer the case. fortunately there was never really need for an alternate. whenever release on any big backups. big news, all lands are now open in the bottle. >> things are believed to be behind a lot of the violence
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hitting san jose recently. >> the city is dealing with five murders in one week. lisa washington is in san jose were the latest killing happened 12 hours ago >> actually there were two shootings last night. in one instance the victim died. that happened about an hour apart, actually less than an hour apart. both victims were men. the first shooting was reported around 630 this morning. the victim was a 24 old man who was taken to the regional medical center by his friends and pronounced dead. police believe the shooting is gang-related. officers say the shooting left the vehicle and remains at large. police say a 20 year-old man was shot near jackson and lose ave. he was also taken to hospital
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but his injuries are not life- threatening. the shootings are the latest in an eight day shooting violence brief. at this time last year there have only been 27 homicides in this year there are 29. there have also been five non fatal shootings in the same time frame. last night a vigil was held for a homeless woman who was stabbed to death in midtown san jose. a suspect has been arrested in that murder. officers say the man was wielding a small samurai sword. police are working to identify her. she was very well known in that area. a lot of people knew her but did not know her name. >> the mystery behind troubles with the oakland police department's radio system might finally be solved. at&t and the city are working
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on ways to fix the problems. >> it will take some time and seeing the system work consistently over a long period of time to make sure it is actually working >> the radius system had numerous failures over the past year or so but most notably back in july. at&t has temporarily suspended the 850 mhz network on the affected sites that could affect phone service. to city leaders. robert warsaw is appointed court monitor and now the deputy city attorney says his office is reviewing allegations that are " potentially damaging ". all of this comes as the oakland faces a potential
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federal takeover of police department >> people from three small towns are hoping for the best as a northern wild fire is threatening a few homes. the ponderosa fire is threatening 3500 homes. it has already destroyed at least seven homes and burned more than 60,000 a.. the encouraging news is that it is 30 percent contained. >> a lot of the homes are really old, over 100 years old, would that just went up so quickly. >> we will have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. >> it looks like we will see a stronger on shore push. more low clouds and fog with
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higher humidity. in the bay area we see cloudy skies are early on today and some attempt conditions. the temperatures now running in the fifties outside. sunshine in most spots in the afternoon. some places on '90s yesterday but back in the '80s in the interior valleys. >> new this morning, crews in maryland flipped 21 cars on their side. these are live pictures from eight chopper in maryland. two people were killed. they were on the tracks but not railroad employees. the train fell from the bridge just before midnight and investigators are looking into
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what may have caused that crash. in the 81 year-old driver accused of chasing a bicyclist on to the oakmont golf course survived and picked the suspect terry smith out of a photo lineup. police say the attack was the case of road rage. it is the third he has been tied to. >> the u.s. chemical safety board released photographs of the vapor cloud at the refinery that develop on august 6th. these were taken from across the bay. investigators say they're focusing on my an 8 in. pipe failed and why it should of been replaced sooner. underground video has prompted the federal government to shut down a slaughterhouse in the san joaquin valley. the department of agriculture's suspended operations at the central valley meet company.
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plant slaughters cows that are no longer valuable as milk producers. it says it received videos of cows being shot and shocked before being killed. company managers were not officially comment because they say they have not seen the video. militants fired two rockets into a u.s. base in afghanistan today damaging the plant of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the attorney general was not near the plane at the time of the attack, he left the country on another plane, but to maintenance workers were near the plane and were slightly injured by shrapnel. >> republican congressman todd aitken has a deadline today to decide whether to stay in the missouri senate race against democratic incumbent. there have been calls for him to pull out of the race because of his recent claim that rape victims can physically reject pregnancy.
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meanwhile his campaign is running an apologetic that >> rate is an evil act. i use the wrong words in the wrong way and i apologize >> so far he says he has every intention of staying in the race. if he leaves the race after today's deadline it would be very difficult for republicans to replace him on the upcoming november ballot. we have been asking you if you think he should resign from the race. doris says yes and then spend one month at a rate clinic to educate himself. you can, and also, go to facebook or twitter or e-mail us. >> closing arguments are set today in the federal court case between apple and samsung. the case is expected to go to the jury this afternoon or tomorrow. apple claims that samsung copied its technology. it wants to $0.5 billion for that but samsung has countersued claiming much of the
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technology was developed by others. >> today at the america's cup series gets underway in san francisco bay. it is a preview for the main event. >> kate is at the pier where the boats are docked right now. the sun is starting to come up and we might be able to see them soon >> there is still good news, we did get footage from yesterday. these are what those beautiful boats look like. there will be a lot going on, the events will be kicking off later this afternoon. we will see eight teams in this grand multi all high-tech boats. it will mean free practice for all the teams and will be kicking off at 1:00 this afternoon. the rest of the week will be qualifying races. >> it's great to be at the home of oracle team usa >> among the teams represented include the u.s., england,
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china, south korea, italy and china. these practice runs won't be easy. it takes a look at this youtube video from the weekend. two boats capsized after a combination of strong tide and gusty wind hit the new zealand team. all in all three boats capsize but the crews were not hurt. the conditions make it a rough sport but it is worth watching. christie field, irina green, and what part, america's cup village at pier 27 and various other public appears along the waterfront or where you can watch. we're getting a preview of the boats right there and hopefully the sum will come up. an interesting bit, this will be the first major sporting event in san francisco to ban the sale a of a single use plastic bags and water bottles so they hope it will be a green
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and then as well as fun. >> it sounds like it will be a lot of fun. >> jet blue slapped with a major fine for violating passenger's rights. >> some day care workers accused of running a toddler fight club. >> the bully us monitor is giving back. how she,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> elizabeth has been busy monitoring all kinds of accidents >> this is a new one just coming into the news room in the commute direction southbound 101 approaching the dump. for car accident in the center
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divider. no big delays yet but all lanes are back open in marin county north down 101 approaching african ave. they blocked plans for a while overnight but right around 6:00 this morning they were able to reopen the freeway. they're still activity to the right-hand shoulder and they're waiting for the tow truck to get there. not picking up in huge delays and all the drive times are pretty much green across that stretch. northbound highway 85 approaching union avenue in the south bay, that accident approaching. no major issues through san jose coming through downtown. let's take to outside to a couple of bridges in the area. so far no metering lights and we see the similar traffic pattern forming. fast track users are still
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getting by fine. this is that the new direction of west down 92. >> a little bit of drizzle out there this morning. a cool down is under way across the western half of the united states. plenty of low cloud stretching across the area now. this afternoon the fog will continue at the beach with ties only in the '50s and '60s. mostly sunny skies inside debate. it'll be another day or so before we cool things down in the central valley. high pressure now is making its
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way east and as it does the area of low pressure will help carve itself out along the west coast. higher humidity is good news for the firefighters in northern california. low clouds and fog will surge into the bay overnight and probably into the valleys also. temperatures will be cooler today, 81 in san jose, 89 in morgan hill. 75 in a word. we will continue to cool things down over the next couple of days. mostly sunny in oakland. 64 in breezy in san francisco. the next couple of days we will watch those temperatures dropping off. then we start to warm backed up for the weekend. >> it is a tense week in california as a destructive fire threatens more homes >> koula gianulias is in the redding area where a lot of the
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evacuees are waiting things out. >> you can take a look behind me and see some of them camping out. they're choosing to sleep outside because they want to stay with their pets. they have been through a lot, they have been here for three days. there is another 30 or so inside the sports complex and there is another camp that is set up closer to the fire lines or people are refusing to leave the distance from their homes. they are camping out outdoors. so far seven homes have been destroyed and another 3000 homes are threatened. the fire has burned about 16,000 a.. cal fire officials i spoke with say the concern will be the wind. they expect 14 m.p.h., gusts of up to 22 m.p.h.. the say they have their containment lines secured and they hope to make progress to date. the big concern for people
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here and all the hotels in town which are booked at this time is the status of the property and many of them left there pets are very concerned about that as well. we will be chatting with some of these people as they wake up this morning. they've been here for three days now. many of them don't know the exact status of their property. >> jet blue will pay the first fine for violating a provision of the passenger bill of rights. >> is a $90,000 penalty related from a flight from new york to san francisco. ordered on time on march 3rd but departed two and half hours late. the plane did not notify the passengers' every 30 minutes that they had the right to leave the plane if it wanted to >> aid bullied bus monitor is using her fame to make a difference >> she received money from donations from all around the
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world after a video went to buy a roll. she says she is using $75,000 of that money to launch an anti bullying foundation >> that video was heartbreaking to watch what she's doing some good with all that money. >> free day care workers in delaware are facing charges after they encouraged 3 year-old to fight one another >> the rest happened yesterday after police obtained a cellphone video of one incident in march that shows three employees watching and encouraging to children to fight each other. it also shows the children in distress >> one of the kids was crying and obviously did not want to partake. he was basically urged to continue on. it is sickening to see this and it is unfortunate >> police believe the three women made the video for their
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own entertainment and the faces charges of assault and second degree and endangering the welfare of a child >> the giants and dodgers, the rivalry heats up and we will highlight what happened last night >> how condoleeza rice is breaking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> already a pioneer in politics, condoleeza rice is now a pioneer on the golf course. she is now among the first two women admitted into a augusta national, home of the masters. the 80 year-old club has been all male up until yesterday. agusta did not admit that
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african-american member until 1990. rice was invited to come along with a finance shira barlow more >> the giants are facing off against the dodgers and they want. pablo sandoval will hit a little blooper to make it a 2-0 game. l.a. did score but they only got one run. the giants win 2-1 and lead the division by a half-game. play of the game comes from that game, long coats tries to lay down a bunt. look at the stretch, what a great grab for the all-star pitcher for the dodgers but it doesn't matter because the giants won the game. the a's lost to the twin 7-2. coming up, the pressure is on. well, they can withdraw from
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the missouri senate race. it >> a wild fire edge is dangerously close to homes. >> the violent streak in san jose continues with two more shootings last night and one more person killed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it is tuesday august 21st. >> an uphill battle for hundreds of firefighters in shasta county >> the cause behind oakland's glitch the radio system >> devastating. very sad >> thousands of homes have been
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evacuated as the ponderosa fire grows larger >> inside the fire zone they're battling several enemies. it would area surrounded by thick brush >> we don't know what to do because this is all we have >> all i want no such thing >> to views expressed were offensive. rape is rape >> the world of comedy has lost a legend. >> serve the food clear the table and bury the dead >> and outlandish phyllis diller has died. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on the eyewitness news is morning. >> san jose police are adding
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yet another murder to a streak of violence in their city. >> lisa washington is in san jose where police are pointing to gains >> we're at the san jose police department and police are looking into one of those two shootings last night are related. the happened less than an hour apart, both in east san jose and both of the victims are men. it happened on the 1900 block of talk away. the victim was a 24 year-old man taken to the regional medical center by his friends- that hospital. police believe that shooting is gang-related. officers say the shooter left the scene in a vehicle and remains at large. the second shooting was reported 30 minutes after the first one. police say 20 year-old man was shot. he was also taken to hospital but his injuries are not life-
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threatening. >> the shootings are the latest in an eight day music streak, a violent streak in san jose. there have been 29 homicides this year, 27 by this time last year. we're live this morning in san jose, lisa washington cbs five >> the city of oakland is about to give operation cease-fire a second chance at getting the violence in the city. under the program, known offenders are told they need to stop the violence or prosecutors will throw the book at them. >> the city of oakland officials believe they have found the source of all the trouble plaguing the city's police radio system. this a poor reception and other audio problems are caused from
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at&t cell phones towers. the city and at&t are working on ways to solve the problem. >> it will take some time and seeing the system more consistently over a longer amount of time to ensure that it is actually working. >> that radius system has had numerous failures over the past year or so. most notably back in july as the president was at the fox theater with 100 protesters nearby. at&t has temporarily suspended service on some sites that affect the area >> and wild fire is approaching the edges of three small towns. it is threatening 3500 homes in the areas of manhattan, >> town, and viola. it has already destroyed at least seven homes. it is now 30 percent contained, up from just 5% yesterday.
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>> let's take a look at the traffic and weather. >> it looks like we're done with a hot weather at least for a while. as high pressure slides to the east we have a trough that is bringing in more low cloud and fogs this morning. damp on the roadways as you head towards the coast line. temperatures are mainly in the '50s and as we head to the afternoon we will sneak in some sunshine. east bay temperatures into the upper 80s in the hottest spots. inside the day you will see a stronger sea breeze. temperature's mainly in the '60s and '70s. >> nevada has definitely been a
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our problem spot. this traffic alert was actually just canceled in the last minute. we were following an injury accident southbound 101 close to atherton ave. again, and traffic alert is no longer a problem, this is the scene of the fatal accident that happened right around 4:00 this morning. it was northbound 101 approaching atherton ave. the car struck a power pole and someone inside that vehicle was killed. for a while the investigation was going on and it looks like there may still be some activity on the right-hand shoulder but all the lanes are back open so we do not see delays. let's get a quick look at the bay bridge where they just turned the metering lights on.
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>> 637, a big deadline looming in missouri that could be crucial to the makeup of the u.s. senate. republican congressman todd taken needs to decide whether to stay in the race. there have been calls for him to pull out of the race even from fellow republicans because of his recent claim that rape victims can physically reject getting pregnant >> i found those comments unacceptable. really outrageous and i have asked him to step down. >> if he leaves the race after today's deadline in would be very difficult for republicans to replace his name on the ballot but he is showing no signs of dropping out. he actually apologize for using " the wrong words in the wrong way ". we have been asking you this morning, should he step down after making those comments?
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steve says who cares, unconcerned about the economy. you can comment by going to facebook or twitter or e-mail us >> the event of the america's cup world series is essentially a warm-up for the main event on the bay next year. >> just as we promised, the sun came up and now you can get a good look at the boats which will be a part of today's preview. one week of events going on. in the kickoff it will be a free practice for all of them that will start at 1:00 this afternoon and in the rest of the week will be qualifying races. >> we are super excited.
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it's great to be at the home of oracle teen usa >> among the countries represented will include the united states, england, china, south korea, italy and sweden. this will not be easy for the sailors and some of them have learned that the hard way. this is from the weekend after two boats capsized. three boats have capsized but thankfully, none of the crew was hurt. the conditions to make this a rough sport but one worth watching. we have a list of where you can get the best seats in town. christie field, marina green, aquatic park, america's cup village and other peers along the waterfront. we want to make note that this year the event is trying to go green. it will be the first major
6:40 am
sporting event in san francisco to ban the sale of single use plastic bags and water bottles. we want to note that if you do miss the practice rounds you can still meet the skipper's or the sailors, there will be an event at the marina green main stage. i will do my best to try to save a seat for you but it will be a high demand the event. >> the world of comedy has lost a legend. phyllis diller has died. >> she certainly had a laugh. she was known for the electrifying hairdo, self- deprecating jokes and that unforgettable laugh. her first performance was at
6:41 am
the purple onion in san francisco. phyllis diller was 95 years old. it is back to school, coming up, the tip that is worth your time and money. >> know the 49ers are on the move to santa clara but what about the food? >> let's take a look at the early numbers, so far so good. everything is heading in the northern direction. we,,,,,,,,
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces,
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what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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>> if they have not started yet your kids are about to go back to school which can be an exciting time but very expensive. cnet editor at large bryan
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cooley joins us with five tips. >> now is about technology products. you were doing shopping the other day. i have the tech products that are actually affordable. we compiled a list of the most affordable back-to-school technology. these are not gimmicks or silly things, they are useful products. let's take a look at some of the products. the basic kindle is only $80. they run higher than that but that one on the right without a keyboard is very simple and is our favorite right now and also the cheapest. you can get electronic text books now and you can save up to 80% depending on the kit needs. there are no textbooks to buy,
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they are cheaper and there's nothing to carry around. another one, we have the list of products, here is a blue to audio adapter 4 $30. you connect this to any audio component with an auxiliary input and it lets them streaming music from their phone to any stereo or any hi fi set up. it is a bridge between their smart phone and any powered speakers. this is so cool and so cheap because all their phones have blue tooth and music. let's take a look at one more, and others will be on the post, this is a clips your buds. you might as well get them a pair that sound good because the ones that came with their ipod or iphone sound terrible. these are really nice in the
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mid $70 range. this will be a solid upgrade they will lose, they will use a lot. if you look at the blog from the morning show you will find inexpensive multi functional printer. $80, print, scan, copy, and it is compact for a dorm room. >> i have the ipod earphones. >> you need to take care of the kids first >> i guess so. you can find more of the technology what segments on >> the most valuable company in the history of the world is based in the bay area. jason brooks is here from money watch and it is all about ample >> the news keeps getting better for shareholders. yesterday's stock closed at an
6:48 am
all-time high end in the process absolutely obliterated the prior record for a public company that was held by microsoft. apple closed at $623 billion in change, about $7 billion more than it was worth in 1999. usually apple stock does get a huge bump before a big product rollout. we expect to see the iphone 5 sometime next month. facebook, a different story. one of its key earlier investors revealed yesterday that he sold 20.5 million shares of its private stock in the first expiration of the lockup from the ipo and that netted him $400 million after his $500,000 investment several years ago. some are worried about the timing of this with facebook
6:49 am
stop falling. this is something he worked out prior to the ipo and facebook had expected that most of the shares will be bought by other investors on the retail level. the stock market is off to a positive start. apple shares are heading higher up another 1%. the market cap is now worth $632 billion. the dow gained 12 points, nasdaq is up by 13. facebook stock heading lower this morning, just over $19 per share. >> 400 million on a half million investment. >> time now for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning >> as you just reported,
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facebook shares are falling once again after hitting an all-time low on monday. we will ask an internet entrepreneur who says he saw this coming from the very beginning. jim cook has been brewing sam adams for more than 25 years and has watched the craft brewing industry explode. joan rivers will be in studio 57 to remember phyllis diller who died yesterday at the age of 95. those stories and more at 7:00. >> it is 650, let's get a quick look at the weather. >> more delays at sfo. low clouds and fog out there. delays of over one hour for arriving flights. temperatures around the bay area are mainly in the fifties right now.
6:51 am
low clouds extending into the bay and partly cloudy skies at the valleys. plenty of sunshine away from the immediate coast line. '50s and '60s out towards the beaches. temperatures are beginning to cool down. high pressure sliding east and the temperatures will be below average through thursday and friday. probably some more and drizzle as well. 75 in san mateo and 75 in a word. inside the day you will see a slow breakup of the clouds. the next few days we watch those numbers drop. let's look at the roadways with elisabeth >> we have gridlock in nevada,
6:52 am
the second accident of the morning in the same area of southbound 101 approaching atherton ave. they were able to clear that one land they had blocked after a four car crashed but look at the delays, 23 mi. per hour. it is very slow in the southbound lanes. jam from highway 12 towards highway 37. we had an overnight fatal crash in the northbound lanes. it is a pretty quick trip all the way down towards the golden gate bridge. fog is an issue. let's get a look at mobile 5 cruising down 880. it heading into milpitas and downtown san jose. san mateo bridge we have not seen any delays at all.
6:53 am
15 minutes out of a word towards the other side. >> the third time was not the charm and apparently neither was the fourth. a woman trying to swim from cuba to florida has said she had enough and pulled out of the water. after a night of it being stung by jellyfishes and electrical storms. she was trying to become the first person to swim across in without a shark cage and she looks pretty tired. the 49ers move to their new santa clara stadium a few years from now but they have taken care of one important thing, the food. the team and the city had reached an agreement with center play to sell food drinks and souvenirs. they currently sell contestants at san francisco's to major stadiums. that means we will have garlic french fries. how about petaluma? they are
6:54 am
still playing in the little league world series in pennsylvania. >> game over, calif. wins! >> so exciting. it was an oakland a's style walk off victory with an eighth inning home run that gave petaluma a 5-4 victory over new jersey. the next game is against newcastle indiana at 5:00 this afternoon pacific time. >> that was a great game. i left before it ended but people were packing the area with a big game. it looked at your top stories and much more right after the break.
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>> all lanes are now open on 101 in marin county after a fatal accident this morning. one person killed when a car hit a power pole. that accident is now clear that there is a fender bender on the southbound side so he could still be slow going. >> america's cup events get under way on san francisco bay. practice sessions are at 1:00 this afternoon to be followed by qualifying races later in the week. eight teams from over the world are taking part in this. you can see the events from
6:59 am
various spots along the waterfront. >> that is so exciting, i cannot wait to see those boats. it will be a fabulous race. there will be plenty of wind to fill those sales. >> we should see a lot of sunshine this afternoon. lots of fog and low clouds with temperatures in the fifties. we will start cooling things down with '60s and '70s around the bay. the next couple of days we will watch as temperatures drop but we should start to keep back up next weekend. >> this is the accident southbound 101 and atherton avenue. the traffic alert is still in effect because it is pretty jammed from highway 12 downpour's 37.


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