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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> flames burning three cars in north bay parking garage. quick actions that save the family. >> you're looking at dozens of people who have camped overnight in order to get free chicken at a controversial fast food chain. we have a live report coming up. >> low clouds and fog surging on shore. overnight drizzle as you approached the coast line. >> good morning everyone. it is thursday august 23rd. >> the time now is 6:00. we begin with breaking news out of san francisco. we're getting word of a broken water main affecting unique service >> we're talking about the el line in the park side neighborhood so muni is
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affected. the water main break is between 32nd and 33rd so apparently the line can get through and there are no need for bus shuttles but it is just a heads up. we will get a better idea of how bad the water main break is in a few minutes but in the meantime is slow going. everything else looks like it is on time. we've not seen too many incidents this morning. a quick check of the east bay, the nimitz is moving fine between downtown oakland and hayward. we have more traffic coming up including an update on the water main break. >> in marin county a family escapes into the backyard when the parking garage goes up in flames. >> patrick is live where a fire
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burned several cars >> look at that damage. you can see a fire has gutted the parking garage. the house also sustained some damage but no one was hurt the captain says what the family did to survive >> the family took refuge in the backyard. they were trapped back there due to the intense heat on the left side of the house. they had several animals with them as well. a couple of dogs, a large bird and i believe it was a husband wife and child >> luckily they were all alright. adjacent homes were evacuated. at this time is not being reported as suspicious. >> it is opening time for a brand new restaurant in the south bay.
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>> and is right in the thick of things as chick-fil-a opened a new restaurant. >> we haven't seen any protesters yet and we are told they will come later on today. everyone is excited because they're getting coupons for free chicken right now. they just opened the door on the chick-fil-a location in san jose on headquarters drive. people camped out all night since yesterday. people from around the bay area, from around the country even. this is the first location in the bay area besides fairfield which have been open for a little over a year. the chain has been in the headlines since its president expressed his disapproval of same-sex marriage. the people lined up here said that is all right with them >> i can't tell you that his
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views were to put down any group of people. his views are just his views and as long as he is defending my family i'm good with it >> here are pictures from some of the major protest that occurred nationwide. location is officially open right now. they say it will take a little while for them to ramp up their drive through. there is another location planned in walnut creek this october. >> we have been asking all morning, what would you be willing to camp out all my 4? find us on facebook or twitter or e-mail us >> first it was in and out and now mcdonald's and costco have cut ties with the major meat
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supplier. the central valley meat companies at the center of a cruelty investigation after undercover video showed cows being abused. mcdonald's says it took immediate action when it found out the usda quit buying the meat from the company for school lunches and other nutrition programs. vector control will be spring for mosquitos amid growing fear of the west nile virus. helicopters will be over the south bay. the species there has not been shown to transmit the disease but they can bite viciously. two groups of mosquitos have tested positive for the virus in the area and residents are urged to report any breeding grounds and to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts during this time. the cdc reports more than 1100 cases of the virus have been reported so far this year, three times the normal average. the suspect the mild winter, early spring in very hot summer
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is to blame. >> we get excited for the weekend on thursday. >> around the bay area today we're looking at low clouds and fog. an hour delay on arriving flights so it will be awhile before your friends come back. clouds and drizzle over the bay. it looks like throughout the day the clouds will be slow to break up. temperature's mainly in the fifties outside right now. by the afternoon will not be much warmer by the coastline but overall, below average for this time of year. when you get to livermore, 85 degrees but still below average.
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in cooling trend continues into the weekend. >> a 17 month old boy has become san jose's latest homicide victim. the boy actually died at his babysitters house in april. the sitters boyfriend was arrested for murder. benitez was the boyfriend of the child's baby sitter. there have now been 32 homicides so far this year in san jose. this is the last day of probation for casey anthony, a florida woman acquitted of killing her daughter. she has been investigated for check fraud charges. she will no longer need to report it to her probation officer and will be able to leave the state without permission >> a new poll shows some swing state battlegrounds are getting closer in the race for the white house. >> with the republican national
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convention in just a few days, you can bet mitt romney hopes that this will help him get higher in the polls. the latest cbs new york times poll of swing states shows that romney has moved into a virtual tie with president obama in florida and wisconsin but that the president maintains a healthy margin in ohio. both candidates are pushing forward with new strategies >> 23 million americans are out of work, is inexcusable >> mitt romney will travel to mexico this morning trying to refocus his campaign after controversial comments congressman taken made regarding a " legitimate rate ". president obama has plans of his own >> is part of the jobs bill that i sent to the new congress would have helped states like nevada prevent further layoffs, would have allowed them to rehire
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teachers who lost their jobs, but, republicans in congress, don't boo, vote. >> today president obama travels to new york. our poll shows that more voters trust from the to do a better job with the economy then president obama but with medicare, the voters' trust president obama by at least an eight point margin in all the battleground states. >> there are growing concerns about dangerous weather at the republican national convention in tampa next week. the state of florida is in the tone of uncertainty as tropical storm isaac heads to the dominican republic today. forecasters say it could develop into a hurricane and has
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a good chance of hitting the tampa bay rays area next week. >> the oakland tribune is reporting seagate technology has a tentative deal in the works to buy a building in fremont has been empty since cylinder filed for bankruptcy last year. bartolo colon will not pitch for the a's for the rest of the season. yesterday he was suspended for 50 games after testing positive for high levels of testosterone, the same thing that led to the suspension of milky cabrera. he will also miss potential playoff games and possibly games at the beginning of next season. >> it may be one of the strangest things anyone has seen in contra costa county. >> he looks at you and wiggles his mouth that you >> what a camel is doing
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wandering around bay area backyards >> it might be back to school but we have many great reasons why you should get,,,,,,,,
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. >> before you buy a new car you should always give it a test drive and that is exactly what nasa did with curiosity on mars yesterday. animation shows the rover taking a 10 ft. test drive. it is on a two-year mission to test the plant for signs of life that once may have existed there and they're making some progress >> scientists were really excited because they saw the tracks >> should we get a check of the
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traffic? >> we shall. >> we're still dealing with muni delays and we're getting our first live pictures of what it looks like near terre vilma and 32nd, affecting l line service right now. crews are working on the scene of what sounds like a significant water main break in the area. no water is actually gushing into the roadway. a muni spokesperson tells us that light rail is able to get through the area but the break is relatively significant. it was first reported around 330 this morning impacting the l line like real meaning service between 32nd and 33rd. in the park side neighborhood. light rail is moving through
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right now. let's go out to some of the maps and a live traffic camera. no metering lights yet but will likely turn them on here in a minute. not too bad this morning heading into san francisco. across the san mateo bridge, we're really not seeing too many big incident so far. primetime is still only about 13-14 minutes heading out of hayward. coming up we will get a look at the south bay and other bay area roadways. temperatures will be running below average again today >> it will likely stay that way for a while. numbers outside in the '50s. we see drizzle and some missed as you make your way through the coastline. clouds will still linger towards the beaches. temperatures in the '60s and '70s in the day and still some
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eighties in the valleys. low pressure to meet people in a little bit into the weekend so temperatures are likely to cool a few more degrees toward saturday and sunday. 66 degrees this afternoon. across the country, possible thunderstorms in houston and denver. temperatures, not too bad in the south bay. 85 degrees in morgan hill, 75 and sunny in palo alto. east bay temperatures moving up in '80s. a cooler breeze flowing through the delta. as you get inside the day will see temperatures inside the '60s. out towards the coastline, fifties in daly city with low clouds and fog. temperatures will continue to drop saturday and sunday and then slowly warm-up monday and
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tuesday but no major he went on the horizon. >> camels are not common in the bay area which is why people in pittsburgh are saying, what? >> this camera, campbell has been spotted several times. it tends to show up around the time the sun goes down and makes for good conversation >> he looked at me, he was grazing and it was surprising >> one of the workers says that the camel belongs to the developer that owns the land. animal control officers say it is popular but not illegal. >> of eye on the bay and liam is on >> the giants are catching on, literally. our play of the day is nex,,,,,
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>> of the oakland a's begin a series on the road in tampa bay today after finishing their latest home stand on a winning note >> coco crisp had three more hits at the coliseum including a home run and help the a's to a 5-1 victory over the twins. oakland is in sole possession of the second american league wild-card spot. the giants had some big hits, the giants beat the dodgers again for a suite in l.a.. 8-4 was the final score. san francisco has a 2.5 game lead. we hope justin christian is ok
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after making the play of the day. he runs full speed robbing the batter of extra bases. what a great catch but it hurt him. he has his left wrist wrapped up after the game. >> summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school but that does not mean the fund have to stop >> liam is live at the oakland zoo with some great ideas for weekend spots to take the family. >> over here, mr. photographer. a very good morning to you. i know a lot of kids are back to school but there are some many things in our backyards to enjoy. i talked to a lot of mothers and parents and ask them what they love most and the thing that kept coming up at the top
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of the zoo was the oakland zoo. with me, some friends. who'd you have with you? >> this is stella, one of our domestic ferrets. we did wake the animals up a little bit early this morning so they are all wondering what is going on. >> the oakland zoo, 45 glorious acres of fun to be enjoyed. there is a lot to discover >> there is, everything from elephants at the top of the hill to the climbing structures down here, it is a great time for families >> a big part of your program is education. people can come and bring the kids and explore at the zoo. they can learn about conservation but you actually bring the zoo to schools as well >> stella and jenny are to
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animals in our education collection so we bring them out to visit schools and senior centers and even your child's birthday party if you live in the east bay. stella is the domestic ferret over here, and she was a rescue animal. you are actually not allowed to have them as pets in california so she was rescued and came to live here. we use her to teach kids about caring for pets. she has a wild counterpart, the black footed ferret and they're one of the endangered species in the u.s.. she is the educational ambassador for the weasel family. >> so people, get out there this weekend. come here and enjoy a 45 glorious acres. here are some things you can enjoy it with your kids over the bay area this weekend. in san jose i recommend happy
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hollow, in san jose, coyote. in livermore, shadow cliffs. we have the full list at from oakland zoo, bring the kids and the family out here this weekend. >> it is so much fun, you and i were there together and we have a lot of fun >> they throw some great party is that the zoo end if the kids want to jump on the australian outback train, they will recognize a familiar voice. i am the voice of the train so is another great reason to come and enjoy the oakland zoo. >> it is 626, coming up, another baseball player suspended. with the oakland a's are saying about a failed blood test for one of their pictures >> how family was able to escape
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a fire safely >> this morning, a controversial chicken chain opened stores in san,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> good morning everyone. >> the time now is six and 30. some breaking traffic news, crews are repairing a water main affecting any service in san francisco >> it looks like they're wrapping up those repairs right now so we're talking about service on the l line. that is where they were working to repair a water main break.
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whenever really saw any water gushing into the roadway but they had to make a whole to fix the repairs. it looks like they have a whole pretty much filled right now. they never had to use bus shuttles or anything like that. let's go out to the bay bridge because it is a pretty busy morning already. we actually have a stall reported at treasure island. one lane is blocked so you can see it is really jamming up the works. back up almost to the mcarthur maze. metering lights were turned on at 615 as well. one more live look at some of the traffic sensors. getting word of this accident in the south bay heading to cupertino northbound 85. the ramp to northbound 280 is partially blocked on a blind
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curve. >> a brand new restaurant in the south bay is getting plenty of buzz today. >> this particular restaurant comes with a side of controversy. >> we have been talking about this for weeks, a big controversy over the same-sex marriage. they just opened the doors, take a look at the ribbon cutting that occurred a couple of minutes after 6:00 this morning. about 100 people had been lined up all night, actually about 120. the first people in line got free chicken for one year. there was a coupon book given to them with 50 coupons worth of free meals. people had camped out overnight all over the country, from all over the country. we met a guy from florida.
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the location in fairfield has been open for a little bit over year. it has been in the headlines since the president expressed his disapproval of same-sex marriage but people here say that is all right with them >> it doesn't bother me at all, what he wants to do is up to him but i know he has the best and which is in the world >> it doesn't affect me. i'm here for the food. >> here is video of some of the protest that we saw several weeks ago. same-sex advocates calling for people to boycott chick-fil-a. they even held a nationwide case in a few weeks back. the next location is set to open in walnut creek in october and as far as the restaurant, the drive through is not open yet and it will take them a few minutes to get that going. >> new fallout over shocking animal cruelty video.
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mcdonald's and costco are falling in and out and cutting ties with a major meat suppliers at the center of a federal cruelty and food safety investigation. mcdonald's says it took immediate action when it found out the usda quit buying meat from the company for school lunch programs and other nutrition programs >> patrick is live in santa benicia right now where the investigation into a fire is under way lot of damage >> lucky indeed, you can see the fire has burned the parking garage destroying the cars inside and a jeep outside. the house also sustained some damage but nobody was hurt. the captain says what the family did to survive >> the family took refuge in the backyard. they were trapped back there due to the intense heat on the
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house side of the house. there were several animals with them as well, a couple of dogs and a large bird, it has been wife and child. >> this fire is under investigation but is not being reported at this time as suspicious. >> hundreds of homes are still threaten this morning in the path of the ponderosa fire. it is centered southeast of the town of mantis. more than 24,000 a. have been destroyed so far as call fire gains the upper hand. it has destroyed 64 homes and is 55 percent contained. people in the town of mineral are being warned to evacuate. evacuations have been lifted in >> town and viola. stretches of highway finally
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reopened yesterday >> let's get a quick look at the weather >> >> we will continue to cool things down. low clouds and fog over the bay right now with some drizzle. hard to see the bay bridge because of the low clouds and fog. it looks like that will begin to lift as we head through the middle of the morning. temperatures are running in the fifties outside right now. clear skies in some of the interior valleys. sunshine in morgan hill. 76 and mild in san jose for this time of year. numbers below average all the way around the bay area. inside the bay you will feel the sea breeze, only 61 degrees with partly cloudy skies in san francisco. 63 degrees in sausalito. more on the weekend forecast coming up >> mitt romney is hoping the
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excitement of next week's republican national convention will help him get a bump in the polls but he may be getting an earlier bomb. >> it is clear the economy is still a top issue in the election and this morning mitt romney will travel to new mexico to promote energy proposals aimed at creating new jobs as president obama releases a new campaign ads and fund- raising strategy. the latest poll of swing states shows that romney has moved into a virtual tie with president obama in florida and wisconsin. president obama maintains a healthy margin in ohio. >> we are a better country than one that pulls the rug from out from under young people working so hard to make it. just to give more to people who already have a lot. that is not who we are >> what we all fear the most is
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a week america. american strength strengthens our principles and commitment to freedom. american's strength in our homes and our schools. american strengthen our economy >> a study looked at middle- class americans and found 42 percent of people said their financial situation is worse now than before the great recession. the obama campaign announced today they will accept small donations viet text messages. most carriers will allow supporters to donate as much as $50 per bill. >> there are growing concerns about dangerous weather at the republican national convention. tropical storm isaac is heading towards the dominican republic today, forecasters say it could develop into a hurricane and has a chance of hitting florida next week. tampa officials are making emergency plans as a precaution
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>> an eyewitness account bound to be a best seller. in navy seal has written a book about in which she helped kill osama bin laden's. she's no longer do be and is not using her name in the book but the special operations command wants to see a copy to make sure no classified information is included. the book will be released on september 11th >> picture bartolo colon will not take the mound for the rest of the season. yesterday he was suspended for 50 games after testing positive for high levels of testosterone, the same thing that led to the suspension of a giants player. he will also miss potential playoff games and possibly games at the beginning of next season >> another star accused of using performance enhancing drugs is making a comeback of sorts. at age 50 roger clemens will pitch for a minor league team in
6:40 am
texas. he was interviewed on cbs this morning >> i might not look too good out there but i will go out there and a lot of people will be excited and some people have never seen me throw before. it won't be like five years ago, we're not kidding anybody, but i will go out there and try to get guys out and there are few guys on the team want to help >> he insists he has no plans to work his way back into the majors. he was acquitted of perjury charges related to steroids allegations. i guess he is up around '88 or '89 m.p.h. even at age 50. i think he wants to get back. why would he do this if you didn't want to come back? we will find out. a theme park larger than disneyland coming to our area. >> don't go into the water, the feeding frenzy caught on camera.
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>> the market opened 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick look at the early numbers on thursday. everything is down today. we will crunched the,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> you know the republicans will be in tampa next week for the, the tension and there will be a hurricane or they're worried a hurricane might hit tampa the same week republicans are in town. they think it will be hurt and isaac and i say the republicans a been pretty good at handling hurricanes so i wouldn't worry >> letterman always keeps it funny >> the obama's administration is considering expansion of the moderate bay marine sanctuary as far north as the marin county coast. >> the sanctuary was established
6:45 am
during the george h. w. bush administration to ban offshore oil drilling in the area. the change could bring new rules for everything from fireworks to personal watercraft. it is a good day for a photographer who has regularly taken pictures of the jersey shore. you can see what at first looks like splashing but it is actually a shark feeding frenzy. the shark started their meal 1.5 mi. out within minutes they swam close to the beach and attacked a group of fish. >> that is why i like lakes so much. there are no critters in there that eat you. >> you haven't heard of fresh water sharks. we have low clouds and fog around the bay area. in the valleys it will still be
6:46 am
warm. sunny skies right now from the mount vaca camera. below average temperatures across the board today. it looks like not only today but right through the weekend the temperatures will be staying unseasonably cool. more fog for us and delays sfo this morning, they should clear out by the afternoon with partly cloudy skies. troublespots mainly into houston and denver. cloudy in chicago and new york but looking pretty good. 70 in san mateo, east bay is staying warm.
6:47 am
about 67 degrees in oakland. 57 degrees with clouds into daly city. it looks like we will slowly warm things up and no heat wave on the horizon >> we're still following the stall in the upper deck approaching treasure island and look at what it is doing to the morning commute. it is already jamming up towards the mcarthur maze, 20 minutes to get on to the bridge and then it will be pretty clouded because at least one lane might be blocked because of the stalled car. let's go out towards the san mateo bridge. it is fine in west down 92. if your coming the other direction off a high rise and you can see it looks pretty good
6:48 am
out towards the east bay. in the last 10 minutes or so we have been getting a word of a number of different fender benders. this one we're already seeing quite a bit of slowing on the sensors, southbound 880. that accident is blocking one lane so very slow right now passed highway 92. we have another one reported in fairfield. >> video from a traffic camera in china captures a stomach turning moment for any parent >> once the light turned green, the video shows the little girl falling from the bike and tumbling down. she narrowly escapes from underneath the wheels of a car and she only suffered a few scrapes and bruises. >> new jobless claims are up for the second week in a row >> in silicon valley giant is
6:49 am
coming off of a terrible quarter. here to talk with us about it is jason brooks >> not a lot to get wall street excited this morning. a slight rise in weekly unemployment claims. the four week average is up around 68,000. those numbers are still barely in the area suggesting mild job growth. we're getting word that ram bus will lay off 15% of its work force which could mean about 60-70 jobs. hewlett-packard already told us that its fiscal third quarter would be brutal one due to the $8 billion write-down of a firm that it purchased four years ago. it lost $8.9 billion. more concerned that revenue missed expectations by about half a billion dollars. hewlett-packard shares are down quite a bit. meg whitman said the turnaround
6:50 am
is making progress but we are talking about an aircraft carrier turning in to see. james bolger told cnbc this morning that he is not concerned about the economy and held jobs claims head above 400,000, taking the shine off of yesterday's fed. the market is opening lower this morning. the dow is off by 68 points. lots of pressure from hewlett- packard, shares are down by 6%. >> move over disneyland, there is a plan to build a massive theme park on the other side of the altamont pass dubbed the spirit of california and would be built on a 628 a. plot of land in tracy. a lot status developer has been given exclusive rights to negotiate the project which would be four times the size of
6:51 am
disneyland. it would include a casino, convention center and racetrack. >> everything that they propose to put there would be good for tracy and would be fun for people >> i don't think it would be nice of them to put it where it will keep us awake >> the developer must prove by next month that he has the money to back the project >> a recall for can be made right here in the bay area, read the minds black licorice. testing showed that levels of lead work twice the recommended daily limit for kids. the recall affects 1 lb. bags of candy marked best before february 4, 2013. it is only the black red wines, not the red ones. there is a new developer in research, fathers could raise the risk for alzheimer's development in children. a study it says that father's
6:52 am
age can account for but some researchers morning is just too soon to definitely say their father's age is a top factor >> i think it is fair to say that increasing father's age does increase the of instance of optimism but the effect is still relatively small >> the center for disease control says that autism affects one out of every eight kids. one experts suggest that if the findings to hold up young men should collect and store their sperm for later use. >> prince harry has flown home after his controversial vacation and it is hard to tell if you will face more from the queen or the military. the royal family is trying to make sure the pictures do not appear in british newspapers but the military still may reprimand the prince for failing to maintain high standards of professionalism.
6:53 am
>> can you imagine the queen? it is 653. a new restaurant in san jose opens this morning >> but not without controversy >> protesters are expected later today but the grand opening for chick-fil-a was moved. ,,,,,,,,
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. >> a marine family escaped the fire that for several other homes to be evacuated. flames swept through the parking garage of this house overnight.
6:57 am
it destroyed cars inside and wrecked another car outside. also new this morning, a used appliance store is damaged by fire in east oakland. the store on international boulevard caught fire about 1:00 this morning. the flames were out about a half-hour later. we have no reports of any injuries. you had to be there all night to get free food from a new south bay restaurant. >> we are expecting protesters to join us a little bit later this morning. the new chick-fil-a in the bay area here on headquarters drive open the doors at 6:00 a.m.. about 100 people filed the end directly after they opened to get their free food. by camping out all night long they were entitled to 52 free
6:58 am
meals, one every week for the next year. the chain has been in the headlines since its president expressed his disapproval of same-sex marriage. we saw protests nationwide. there was a same-sex kiss in, a lot of organized protests and these are the folks we are expected to show up at this location a little bit later today. the next location to open in the bay area is walnut creek in october >> they have pretty good waffle fries, i must say >> we have a lot of clouds around the bay area if you're headed out this morning. they should break up but right now, fifties and a couple of 60s. below average temperatures into the 80s in the valleys.
6:59 am
'50s and '60s out towards the coastline. temperatures continue to cool off below average saturday and sunday and slight warming next week >> we're still trying to confirm if a stall is blocking one lane but it is back up for about a 25 minute wait to get you onto the bridge. a very heavy traffic right now southbound 880. slow traffic centers from be on highway 92, so very slow going heading towards union city. the muni l line is back on time. >> the pride of petaluma is taking on texas and if they win that, they hado the finals. >> thanks for watching this morning. our next local update is at 725. >> have a great thursday and tomorrow is


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