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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it onto airplanes >> is it is preparing to slam the gulf coast as a hurricane. >> starting out a little gloomy around the bay area. a warm-up is in the works. >> we're starting to get busy now at the bay bridge toll plaza. a full look at the morning commute coming up >> the time now is 6:00. baggage screeners at sfo alleged that dozens if not hundreds of bags identified by x-ray machines as high risk threats are loaded onto airplanes each day without human inspection >> lisa washington is that sfo >> this comes from the san francisco examiner and a baggage screeners say it is a clear violation of federal rules that those bags that are identified as high risk bomb threats are loaded onto planes without any
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human inspection. the san francisco examiner did an investigation for over one year. the report that the screeners who works for covenant aviation security, the company that handles baggage security, they say their managers cover up security breaches and take action against employees who complain. reports say that supervisors cleared dozens of suspicious bags rapidly with no human inspection. some of the screeners have complained to officials. the screeners allege that at first there was no response but after inquiries from the examiner, a federal agency launched an inquiry into the alleged breaches. spokesperson says security breaches do not happen that often. we will have more on this story. >> tropical storm isaac is
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forecasted to become a hurricane today and take aim at the gulf coast. a hurricane warning is in affect for a large area from louisiana to the panhandle. he joins us now with your world >> this tropical storm is picking up speed. wind could gusts up to 96 m.p.h.. mandatory evacuations were ordered for parts of alabama and louisiana. thousands of residents were told to leave ahead of the storm. business owners have prepared by boarding up shops. cnn is reporting more than 500 flights were canceled out of florida >> i was very stressed out for the past couple of days >> we were not able to leave because the airport is closed.
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>> reuters is now reporting it killed at least nine people in haiti and the dominican republic. we know the bay area red cross sent at least 15 volunteers to florida to help those affected by the storm. >> obviously a lot of people are preparing for this >> forecasters expect between louisiana and northwest florida but there is something important to note, forecasters are noting eerie similarities between katrina and tropical storm isaac. it is growing stronger and following the same path that hurricane katrina did. it is expected to hit on the eve of the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> the latest on the hurricane, it is gathering steam but there is one important difference, it
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is not nearly as strong as katrina >> it is just a tropical storm right now but we expect it will once again regain the hurricane strength. it looks like maybe a strong category one or maybe category to and that is about it. these can be very damaging storms no matter what. 89-90 degrees right over the gulf. that will give it ample fuel as it approaches the coast line. it is just beginning to put itself back together again. it looks like it will push on shore near new orleans as we get on early wednesday morning. we could see sustained wind of 90 m.p.h.. maybe 15 in. of rain along that path >> tropical storm is it is affecting the republican national convention which
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officially begins today in florida >> de 1 promises to be incredibly low key. >> it certainly is and now the weather seems to be breaking. the convention has been truncated to three days instead of four. the gavel will be coming down with very few people present when it hit but still, some festivities have gone on as planned. the party has started in tampa. thousand showed up sunday night for the republican national committee welcoming party. it was the first officially ban on the schedule, the second one will be delayed. tropical storms is it is expected to bring high wind and heavy rain to the area today. because of that, the convention will be put into session this afternoon and then adjourned minutes later >> cannot be assured on monday if you had a full of rain and could not get people out of here
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so is an obvious choice, safety first. >> most delegates agree with the decision and do not think it will hurt their momentum. >> when the convention does get under way on tuesday, republicans say they have two jobs. first to prosecute president obama for the job he has done in his first term and the second, to introduce mitt romney to the american people. telling his story will start with his wife, she is the featured speaker tuesday night. the romney spent sunday night practicing their speeches at a private school in new hampshire and while he says he is concerned about the people in the storm's path, romney also says he is looking forward to the convention. he will be nominated as his party's candidate tuesday night and will accept the nomination thursday. one person who will not be speaking here is donald trump. he was supposed to be giving a
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speech today but he has been cancelled altogether. new jersey gov. chris christie moves his keynote speech to tomorrow. >> tell us about the welcoming party last night >> there was a huge party last night that really kicked off the convention and made everyone feel good. last night the weather was really looming and we were very worried about isaac coming through but this rally, this welcoming party, thousands of delegates were already arriving and many of them got to enjoy it and it really kicked off the convention. >> we will have continuing coverage on the gop convention with live reports throughout the week. you can find up-to-date information at cbs s.f. dot com. >> let's get a check on the roads with elisabeth.
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>> we have a couple of new problems coming in including the e short freeway. westbound interstate 80 looks great. it gets busy as you had towards emeryville but the problem is going against the commute. the multi vehicle crash at ashley avenue. chp is heading to the scene now. we'll not see any slowing on the sensors but we will let you know if that changes. still pretty heavy out through livermore because of this problem not helping things on westbound 580 approaching grant line road. it is still causing pretty slow traffic sensors in that area. westbound 237 still looks really good heading out toward san jose. coming up we will get a check of the south bay. >> to more american soldiers
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have been shot by an afghan soldier. officials say it was an accident. also, 17 civilians were beheaded in a taliban controlled area for taking part in a music event and an attack on a checkpoint killed 10 afghan soldiers. anti-government activists estimate the number of people killed is between 300-600. they claimed government troops went door to door killing families. a government broadcast blames the death on terrorists. >> two people are dead, three people are hospitalized for in weekend violence in oakland. a 21 year-old woman was shot to death in an apartment complex on 18th avenue. a boy was wounded in that
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shooting. friday night a 17 year-old boy was grazed in a shooting that killed a man and saturday morning a 12 year-old girl was wounded in east oakland. there are no arrest reported in any of the shootings. >> this morning chevron will have an update on the refinery fire from three weeks ago. officials will have a briefing at city hall at 10:00. about 18,000 claims were filed. chevron will still continue to maintain and 1800 #. starting today federal agencies will take aerial surveys in the bay area to check for naturally occurring radiation. it is a joint venture between department of homeland security and the national nuclear security administration. petaluma little leaguers who captured the attention of the bay area are coming home as winners
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>> they beat the team from panama in the consolation game. this morning the boys will be greeted as heroes as they come back to the bay area. it will be picked up in a limousine at san francisco airport. it will get a police escort to petaluma. >> the whole story was out of left field and the fact they did so well really is a victory. they played their hearts out. good for them. the area police chief probably makes more money than you. he makes more money than the vice president, for sure. >> a fiery plane crash in lake tahoe kills several on board. what went wrong shortly after takeoff. >> the san andreas fault has >> the san andreas fault has awakened,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> that is how it looked over the weekend as the san andreas fault sprang to life. there are still shaking in southern california this morning. >> they have had more than 300 earthquakes in the area of the salton sea in the last 20 hours or so. the strongest was 5.3 and some minor damage was reported. some people even lost power but no injuries have been reported. a tsunami warning has been lifted after a strong earthquake struck off of a bellsouth the
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door. it was 7.3 with an epicenter southwest of san miguel. it happened 1030 last night local time. so far there are no reports of damage or injuries >> it could take some time to determine how many people were killed after a small plane crash in south lake tahoe. it went down saturday night shortly after takeoff from the top zero airport. eldorado county sheriff's department says because of the fire is difficult to identify and determine the number of victims but investigators are sure that nobody on board survived >> there is not a lot left from it >> witnesses say it appeared the airplane had engine problems and dipped down words while attempting a turn. the fda says it was registered to a fresno man and it says that it was previously involved in a non injury crash shelf i mention
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the accident in berkeley and it turns out it is in the commute direction. it is westbound 80 now. an unknown number of lanes are blocked but the camera looks like it died on us. westbound is backed up through the ashes be area and continuing down. traffic pretty heavy coming through the altamont pass and livermore. it was never blocking lanes, speeds are still really heavy in that area. just a heads up as he passed those turbines heading out towards the dublin interchange. let's go out to the bay bridge, this is usually the
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pattern heading toward san francisco so there are no big delays yet. if you are coming off a high rise in the other direction, about a 14 minute drive time across the bridge in both directions. >> temperatures running a little bit below average for this time of year but comfortable in most spots. a couple of patches of fog early on. as we head throughout the day today, we will see a lot of sunshine. this afternoon we are enjoying some sunshine with temperatures
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in the '80s in the valleys. 97 degrees in fresno, 88 in sacramento. 93 in yosemite. a trough is sitting along the west coast. it is slowly going to work its way on short for the next few days which will keep temperatures down and reenforce blow clouds and fog. today will be a nice day although temperatures will be down. 73 in san mateo. the east bay temperatures in the 80s except by the delta. '50s and '60s out towards the coast. another low pressure system will drop into the bay area towards friday to cool the temperature's down once again.
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>> san francisco police chief greg sir is the highest paid police chief in the country and he is about to get a raise. his salary will be bumped up to $307,000. he will make more money than mayor ed lee, governor jerry brown, and even vice president joe biden >> an architect has been mixed elected to expand facebook headquarters. the facility will be the work space for 3400 of the best and brightest engineers. the daily mail says the plans include a huge open room that will be the largest open space in the office world. sailing is off for now, thrills and spills from the america's cup final day. >>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> patchy fog has returned to the bay area once again. >> checking the bridges across the bay area, things are getting busy at the brae bridge. so far things are great across the golden gate and through the dublin and pleasanton area. >> the america's cup series yacht race in san francisco bay is now over. yesterday was a and all oracle team usa match.
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round two is scheduled to begin october 2nd. the finals are in september next year. >> the 49ers and the broncos, peyton manning looked pretty sharp throwing his first couple of touchdowns. san francisco trailed 17-0. the 49ers win 29-24. chipper jones hit in his final game at at&t park before he retires at the end of this season. francisco hit a towering home run off of tim lincecum. atlantic beats the giants but the giants still lead the division by two games. the play of the day happened during a high-school football game in tennessee. the receiver drove to make the
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catch and you can see in slow motion he was able to get his knee down just in time for the touchdown. pretty nice. coming up, low-flying helicopters will be spotted around the bay area. what they're measuring for this week. >> what is the price tag for ripping off apple's design. >> floor live sfo where some baggage screeners year tell the examiner that their supervisors are violating federal rules when it comes to holding bags ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it is monday august 27th. >> this morning, a tropical storm is it is moving towards the northern gulf coast. forecasters now expect potential strength has been downgraded a bit, officials are still urging people to be prepared. >> right now, hurricane isaac wind is blowing north in the gulf coast and it could hit between louisiana and northwest florida. you're looking at live pictures
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from miami with dark clouds in the area. a state of emergency has been declared. mandatory evacuations were ordered for parts of alabama and louisiana. 53,000 residents of st. charles parish near new orleans were told to leave. state leaders are urging residents to take precautions. >> i would recommend to our people, let's hope and pray for the best even as we prepare for the worst. now is the time to make sure they have an evacuation plan >> the storm killed eight people in haiti on saturday. we do know there is support from home, the bay area sent volunteers to florida. >> with isaac crashing the party is not exactly the grand old-that the republicans' hoped- for >> but they will convene today
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before quickly adjourning until tomorrow afternoon. tell me first, how is the weather right now? >> the weather actually has been improving. the rain is sporadic and light and we actually saw some glimpses of the sun. some are talking about the storm having bypassed tampa. some say may be the gop jumped the gun and should not have postponed it but most agree that they did the right thing for safety reasons >> >> all the events and speakers are being crammed into three. donald trump was supposed to speak today by has been cancelled altogether.
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gov. chris christie was supposed to give the keynote speech today but that is being moved to tomorrow. the gop is saying if the storm makes a turn and impacts tampa more than expected there could be more changes and if it conflicts damage on the other areas they might tone things down because it is so celebratory and they might not find that appropriate. >> there are actually stronger wind in the bay area this morning bend there is in tampa. as this affected protest? >> the protests have pretty much gone on as planned. there was one yesterday where several hundred turned out to protest. they say they will continue to hold the protest as scheduled and only one arrest so far. the protesters are being corralled about two blocks from here so they are not interfering with the convention itself.
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>> remember we will have continuing coverage on the gop convention with live reports throughout the week. >> obviously zero more to talk about the fog in the morning in clearing in the afternoon. >> things are getting a little bit exciting on last storm is headed your way. it looks like it will make its way into the new orleans area earlier than forecasted. you can see our bands from the storm system moved in across the peninsula. otherwise the system is making its way back out to where it is a strong tropical storm. likely to become a hurricane possibly in the next 12 hours or so. a strong category one,
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possibly a week category two. around the bay area we're talking about low clouds and fog clearing out for the afternoon. '60s and '70s around the bay plenty of eighties in the valley. >> we're checking in on traffic at the bridge. chp says the metering lights are now on. it is busy in all lanes. at least 10-15 minutes now to get you onto the bridge. mobile 5 with ac transit, it looks like they may have just gotten off the freeway through the richmond area. let's go to the maps because it looks like a westbound 80 connection, we're seeing a slowdown from berkeley all the way down into richmond. it is because of an accident westbound 80 approaching ashley avenue.
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no lanes are blocked but it was a multi vehicle crash involving three cars, minor injuries. this is what it is doing to the drive time, 31 minutes from the cardenas bridge to the maze. the altamont pass is pretty heavy traffic as well because of a couple of problems including one westbound 580 near grant line. we're just getting word of a new stall approaching no. flan so that is a busy commute through that area towards the dublin interchange. >> lisa washington is that sfo now with a new report that details the security problem >> this comes after a yearlong inspection or investigation by the san francisco examiner.
6:37 am
sfo is one of only 17 airports across the country whose baggage screening and checkpoints security are not handled by tsa. some baggage crews have told the examiner that hundreds of bags that have been identified as high risk bomb threats are being loaded onto planes without any human inspection. against the employees who complain. during peak times supervisors clear dozens of suspicious bags rapidly with no human inspections. some of those screeners have complained to federal aviation security officials. they allege that at first there was no response to their complaints but after inquiries from the examiner a federal
6:38 am
agency launched an inquiry into those breaches. an sfo spokesman says the security breaches are a rare occurrence and he insists that sfo is safe for travelers. >> starting today, two federal agencies will take aerial surveys in the bay area checking for naturally occurring radiation. it will use a low-flying helicopter like this one to conduct the survey. it is a joint venture between the department a major construction project will now close the entrance to a san francisco train station pour six years. the inconvenience is due to the ongoing central subway project. the entrance at stockton and l streets will be shut down. signs in the area will instruct passengers where to go >> some residents in west san jose are alarmed about coyotes.
6:39 am
people who live near forestville elementary school heard coyotes howling and then a neighbor found the corpse of a cap on her front lawn. state law says that coyotes can not be relocated unless they are sick and injured up >> samsung says it will take its legal battle with apple as far as the courts will allow. a federal jury ruled that samsung copied technology from apple. one juror tells us it was samsung co. e-mail that convinced him the company was guilty >> one of the year executive says that their design first the apples design, the difference was between heaven and earth so they really wanted to make their product as much as possible to look like apple >> the panel awarded apple $1,049 million for stealing the companies' ideas.
6:40 am
>> state agencies have spent more than $400,000 in the last year to buy ipad. the chronicle says the biggest purchase was 127 units. gov. jerry brown's press secretary says some of them went to professionals who might otherwise need more expensive laptops. >> the burning man festival gets underway at black rock desert. it began in 1986 but has grown and evolved over the years. look at that video from the gathering. it is not cheap anymore. tickets go from 240-$420 and it runs through monday of next week. >> the red carpet a homecoming for the little league team of petaluma. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago.
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>> welcome back. >> it is kind of quiet outside so far, temperature's a little bit below average for this time of year. low clouds and fog at the coast line but not as much >> as we have seen. by the afternoon we will see plenty of sunshine with temperatures heating up into the '80s. '60s and '70s around the bay and '50s and '60s at the coast.
6:45 am
fresno is a good place to be today if you like the heat. 97 degrees there. beautiful in lake tahoe. it looks like the crop continues on the west coast and it will be a slow mover. temperatures will warm-up into wednesday but then cooling back down after that. overnight low clouds and fog are filling into the bay and some of the valleys by tomorrow morning. 79 degrees and very comfortable in san jose. 60 degrees in pacifica. 87 in brentwood. we will cool back down again towards next weekend. >> in oakland we're getting word
6:46 am
of what sounds like a small grass fire but it is burning close to of the broad avenue exit through the oakland hills. it sounds like the fire crews are on the scene. burning some bushes just off to the shoulder but right near the freeway. in the meantime, westbound 80, one of the problem spots this morning because of a couple of issues through berkeley. you can actually see some slower speeds as you make your way past the university avenue over crossing. nearly 40 minutes and growing because at least one stall is blocking lanes. one of the bright spots is the
6:47 am
nimitz, at 883 oakland. northbound traffic is so far moving fine. southbound 880 is problem free as well. more live traffic cameras, was bound to be, 237 is pretty clear right now. usually around this time of the morning is when we start to see delays. so far that does not appear to be the case. at the bay bridge we're starting to stacked up in all lanes but overall, not too bad. >> apple is looking at a $1 billion settlement after winning its case against samsung. >> jason brooks, were you
6:48 am
surprised by the verdict? >> i think there were a lot of questions about how this would go. the way apple portrayed the case, it may be easier for jurors to understand their story than what samsung was saying including documents in which samsung executives basically said they wanted to copy the iphone. samsung will obviously appeal and it the case will have wide ripples across the industry. samsung will need to work around basic technology now such as zooming in on a touch screen but it also impacts android devices. google says it does not think that its core operating system is affected but will need to look at it carefully. competitors like research in motion and nokia are watching stock lift because of this. apple stock is rising.
6:49 am
right now apple shares are gaining about 2%. that puts their market cap of around $635 billion, $12 billion more than the record they set last week. mixed action right now with worries over europe. the dow is losing 22 points but nasdaq is up thanks to apple. samsung took a shellacking in the hang seng. >> no surprise there. >> time now for a look at what is coming up later. >> charlie rose joins us from tampa. >> from the site of the republican national convention, we will show you what the romneys are doing for their big week.
6:50 am
last-minute changes due to a tropical storm isaac and how it could impact the campaign. we will also look back at some of the big convention moments in history, all that and more at 7:00. >> we will be right back. ,, at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. >> one of our morning regulars is not in the house this week >> that is because she is that the republican national convention. listen griffin will still stet spend some time with us this
6:54 am
morning. >> good morning everyone. >> we understand you have been getting some lovely gifts >> i'm sorry? >> can you hear us? we were talking about the gifts you have been getting their >> i am so excited to report they have the greatest tough, i got flip-flops', a beer cozy from the tampa bay lightning and a copy of the constitution. that is america, ladies and gentlemen. i am all set. >> the weather looks like it is not a problem at all and second, ron paul being disrespected to a certain extent. >> the seating chart came out yesterday and ron paul got a little bit shafted, let's say.
6:55 am
the people running the convention are very sick concerned about security and delegates going off and they have put them all the way back in the cheap seats behind even warm and american samoa, neither of which have an electoral votes. >> can you tell us what is on the agenda for today? >> they're going to call the meeting to order and adjourn about 10 minutes later so the delegations who wish to move forward into their convention duties can do that without worrying about whether the convention is officially started. >> great we will be checking in with you all week >> absolutely, tomorrow the action will get started and we will have a lot more to report. today we have a gorgeous day to
6:56 am
enjoy it to ourselves. >> if only we could travel faster than the speed of light we would not have that annoying satellite delay. right now, a tropical storm isaac is moving in the northwest direction. forecasters now expect it to make landfall late tomorrow. it is now downgraded as a category one hurricane. warnings are in affect from louisiana out to the florida panhandle. >> richmond city and county officials will have a briefing at 7:00. chevron has officially closed the claim centers that opened after the fire. chevron will still continue to maintain an 800 number. the petaluma little league team that captured the attention of the bay area are coming home as winners >> they lost the big game but
6:57 am
they did beat the team from panama in the consolation game. they will be picked up in a limousine at sfo and it they will get a police escort back to petaluma. >> they deserve it, right? >> absolutely. >> things are getting interesting in the gulf. we're getting to the time of year where things get very active in and we have hurricane isaac, now moving into the central gulf where it looks like it will pick up more speed. right now is just a tropical storm at 60 m.p.h.. look at the latest track as it goes right about new orleans. coming on shore as a strong category one and almost a
6:58 am
category two. very heavy rainfall, in some places, 13-15 in. of rain. a around the bay area we are looking at patchy fog early on this morning. it looks like by the afternoon, what of 80 showing up inland. '60s and '70s around the bay. the next couple of days we might warm things up just a little bit through the middle of the week and then more low pressure will cool us down as we set sail towards next weekend. >> we just got an update from our friends about the grass fire we have been following in the oakland hills. that fire is now out. hit westbound 80, it definitely
6:59 am
been a busy spot. 43 minutes from the cardenas bridge to the maze because of a couple of earlier problems in berkeley. pretty heavy traffic, we had a stall and a minor fender bender. oakland is still looking good >> brian is really excited about this story because it the jersey shore is welcoming its new edition >> reality tv star snooki just became the newest celebrity mother >> the note too that is? >> i have never heard of her in my life. she gave birth to a sign and congratulations to the mother. sheikh tweeted i'm so in love with my son. healthy at 6 lbs., he is my world.


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