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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the morning. >> we're following breaking news out of europe. dutch media is reporting that a passenger plane from spain to amsterdam was not hijack. early media reports had suggested that a plane from spain had been taken over while the carrier says the reports were due to a miscommunication between the pilot and the control tower. some people might be trapped in flooded homes in louisiana >> hurricane isaac is pounding the gulf coast. it hit shore last night as a category one hurricane. people are now being rescued from flooded homes near the mississippi river. wind is raging from 39-55 mi. per hour. rain is dumping on top of new
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orleans. >> isaac is packing winds up to 80 m.p.h., soaking coastal louisiana just south of new orleans. there was an 18 mi. stretch of a levee breach there. in new orleans, the levee system is said to be working. the system was rebuilt after hurricane katrina. now people are waiting for when isaac finally leaves the state the hurricane brought heavy rain and pounding wind to coastal louisiana overnight but so far only minor damage. >> the biggest concern is the amount of rain. it looks like it could be very heavy. >> most heeded warnings to stay home, allowing police to patrol the streets. canals are overflowing and
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strong wind knocked down trees. it is where commercial fisherman is riding out the storm on his boat >> it just has to be in your blood i guess. i always just feel safe on a boat. i water comes in you go up with a water >> sandbags have been set up as well as to levy's to prevent the high rising by you from seeping into neighborhoods nearby. new orleans has a much more sophisticated line of defense. a $14.5 billion levy system built by the army corps of engineers >> i cannot say that i have seen a lack of work here. i'm not worried about it >> isaac is not only hitting louisiana. the storm is stirring up surf in mississippi and soaking orange beach alabama. >> if it had come straight at us we would have left for sure. >> it could leave behind as much
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as a foot and a half of rain and a dangerous storm surge. isaac will likely bring some much-needed rain to arkansas but louisiana will have to bear the brunt of the storm. >> what about the pumps that remove the water from new orleans? i don't know if you can hear me but i will ask you again about the pomps, are they keeping up? >> even in a rainstorm, just an average rainstorm, new orleans officials are quick to point out that even the best system based on the infrastructure of the city would not be able to keep up. the actual pumping system is made up of 24 pomps that are all working but the city of new orleans can actually only handle
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1 in. of water the first hour of the rain event and a half inch every hour after that. there are certainly some well known low-lying areas that are prone to flooding that was not a surprise to anyone but what they are hailing as the true success is the fact that the levee system is holding the $14 billion addition since the levees failed the city seven years ago. >> a lot of residents are without power, any idea when it will be restored? >> that is a very good question. certainly there are people waking up without power but energy officials say as long as wind is higher than 30 m.p.h., their crews are not able to go out and take care of the problem. with the gusts we have been seeing this morning it might be quite some time before crews are able to get out in the city and other nearby communities to take care of the power outages.
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>> be careful out there. >> if the storm sewer systems can only handle the rain at half an inch an hour, that is just about what they could get or even more >> it will get a lot more rain and it looks like it is pounding them already. it is a slow-moving storm. it is making landfall now just to the west of new orleans. you can see all the rand paul coming down now. some very distinct bands as we take you in for a closer look. we have a tropical storm force winds at 175 mi. per hour from the center and you can see one band there and another band coming onshore. they're right near the core.
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>> whole system will slowly works its way on shore and it will be weakening here between the next 12 to 24 hours. since it is moving so slow, some place is likely to seek an excess of 20 in. of rain. >> i wanted to ask you, we have been hearing nothing but drought in the midwest. >> it will give them some relief in the midwest >> firefighters still looking for hot spots in san jose after a fast-moving fire. at one point firefighters let the fire burn itself out. >> there are a lot of toxic
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chemicals in the building behind me. right now firefighters are looking for hot spots, they will be here for another couple of hours making sure the fire does not reignite. here are some pitchers posted on youtube overnight. the main concern is the chemicals inside. fertilizers and pesticides, the guadalupe runs just behind the building so there was concern that toxic runoff would contaminate the river. firefighters decided to let it burn itself out. we spoke with the manager of the nursery who got the call at around midnight. >> i got a phone call from an employee who got a phone call from a friend of is saying the store was on fire and i did not
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believe him at all and he said, i am dead serious. i didn't know what else to say. >> the complete investigation will start at first light this morning but obviously, significant damage was done and people who live around the area, woolworth nursery, it has been around since the '60s. >> >> nobody was hurt last night after the crash and a 7- eleven's. the driver said she could not see where she was going >> a water main break leave san
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francisco still in the dark and without fresh water. >> i spoke with a pg&e crewmember who told me that basically, the big crew will come in in just a few hours to take care of this. there is a lot of cleanup that you can see for yourself. there is still lot of work to be done after yesterday's water main break. we do have pictures of the area yesterday. the pipeline broke at around 1115 and water gushed for nearly three hours. we're learning it was a new pipe that was but in about eight months ago. because quite a mess and it took crews more than 12 hours to restore power and water to several homes. yesterday's incident caused quite a scare for neighbors.
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>> my grandmother is 87. just getting her out of the house was my concern. >> one nearby school already canceled classism until september 10th for repairs. we're told the investigation could take a long time and they still don't know how long it will take to repair. power was not still fully restored to homes but they were able to get it within an hour to a half-hour. live in san francisco, cbs five. >> i would say it is time for a bent metal update. >> i like how you say that. >> we do have problems in oakland, we're following a traffic alert affecting the
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area. it was a fatal crash was down 580. both of those remain closed. if you are in that area, the main lines of the freeway are not impacted. you can travel throughout the man is without any major delays this morning. the on and off ramps could be an issue for a while longer while the investigation continues. once again, west down 24 heading towards 580, everything is pretty much looking good as far as the main lines co. nice and quiet through the stretch in the south bay. at the bay bridge we were following an accident on westbound 80. chp says is out of lanes and so it is not affecting freeway traffic.
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>> a computer glitch affecting unemployed californians. why thousands didn't get their payment from the state. >> an angry employee got revenge on his boss >> in this week's high 5, the training to play. how bay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> don't mess with this texas man. he was not happy at work so he returned overnight with a half- million dollar bulldozer and parked it in the front lobby. the houston office was badly damaged. luckily nobody was hurt.
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>> thousands of unemployed californians didn't get their benefits on time because of a state computer problem. the department posted a message on its web site let people know was having technical problems. for those on unemployment it met that their government issued cards had an error message instead of cash. >> is no surprise but it is at least official. republicans have nominated the romney ryan ticket. it was mitt romney wife who got all the attention last night on the first full day of the convention >> no one will move heaven and earth like mitt romney to make this country a better place to live >> mitt romney showed his approval in a brief appearance. gov. chris christie took some swipes at president obama in his keynote speech. we will have a live report from
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tampa in 30 minutes. we have real-time updates on and coming in at 645 as we just said, we will check in with melissa. >> elizabeth has been busy monitoring the roads. >> this was a fatal accident and crews are out there now in a continuing their investigation. they went ahead and close that on ramp, was down 580 at macarthur. they just closed the off ramp to east bound 580. the main lines of the freeway are not impacted but you need to find some alternates to get around. coming around the bend, very
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slow speeds through antioch and once you get past those exits' the speeds increase greatly. the bay bridge metering lights were just turned on so we're starting to stack up be on that first over crossing. that is a look at your time saver traffic >> >> around the bay area today we're looking at a lot of sunshine. a couple of patches of fog at the immediate coast. this afternoon will be hot in spots. '70s and '80s around the bay.
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no major changes, high pressure to the east of us. it looks like it will hold strong over the next couple of days. about 99 degrees in fresno. sunny skies in monterey bay. temperatures as high as 89 degrees in morgan hill. east bay temperatures are up in the '80s. a beautiful day at stinson beach at 64 degrees. the next couple of days we will hold those temperatures but by friday the numbers will cool off quite a bit. warming up on labor day. >> imagine a job where you are paid to play. >> but while you're playing your actually making a big
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difference. >> training for play, it is all part of plea works boot camp for coaches. it will soon be instructing and 33 east bay elementary schools were recess and after-school programs are about to get a big makeover >> we put full-time fully trained coaches in low-income elementary schools to transform the school climate basically. >> it is working. for 16 years these coaches have turned recessed into game time. by providing structure with sports and games, morale is up, a tension in the classroom is up. >> an environment where they
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learn better, they feel like they want to go to school in feel safer and they are not believed. >> after 170 hours of training per year these coaches are prepared for anything >> you really build a bond passed a friendship. >> to you love what you do? >> i do love what you do. >> i get to see directly, i am influenced and others and how i make a difference on a day-to- day basis >> it has spread over 22 cities in 300 schools. it is no wonder play works is this week's high fives. >> play works also trains kids in their junior coaches programs so you can add leadership to the list of many benefits. outstanding in your community
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we want to hear about it. >> an over-the-counter drug that might help fight prostate cancer >> demonstrating the fine art of teamwork. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it should be a gorgeous afternoon around the bay area. '70s and '80s around the bay and more on your weather is coming up >> police are investigating a fatal accident in oakland. it is affecting the on and off ramp at macarthur boulevard. >> if you live long enough,
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almost inevitably men will develop some form of prostate cancer but now it seems that aspirin might help. a new study published found that patients who took aspirin after surgery for radiation treatment did have a higher survival rate. prostate cancer is the most common cancer that occurs in men >> the rays hang on to assure their wild-card after their fourth straight win. the indians were shut out 7-0 and the a's have not given up a run in 22 innings. the play of the day comes from the giants' game in houston. a pop-up those foul and pablo sandoval juggles it just long enough for the shortstop to sweep in with a diving catch. the giants beat the astros 3-2. coming up, major flooding and
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hundreds of thousands without power. >> coming up, a live report from new orleans >> firefighters call if volatile, fast-moving, and toxic. fire,,,,,,,,,,
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>> good morning everyone. hurricane isaacs slammed into louisiana overnight >> hazardous material concerns following a nursery fire in san jose.
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>> we are in the heart of this fight >> the be easy is whipped by hurricane isaac >> the effects of the storm is being found all over from florida to louisiana. >> crews respond to a huge fire at a san jose nursery >> my grandmother is 87 and just getting her out of the house was my biggest concern >> a water main break that flooded dozens of homes and created a massive sinkhole >> mitt romney gets the gop nomination but his wife steals the night. >> what mitt romney and i have is a real marriage >> thousands of unemployed californians did not get their benefits on time because of a computer problem >> that which was far from a simple inconvenience.
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they should have it fixed today >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. >> forecasters have just issued a warning. >> they say the danger storm surge in flood threat from hurricane is it will continue through the night. we have team coverage but first we go to northlands. >> the first question is the rain and wind, is it letting up at all? >> log on so sorry, you cut out. >> the wind and rain, is it lighting up or is it still strong? >> i can tell you that we are feeling some of the strength right now, wind up to 80 m.p.h.
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and it is really drenching the coast. here in this city, the 24 pumping stations are on officials in new orleans have feared that even with that capacity at its very high as parts of the city, low-lying areas will still likely flood. the system can handle about 1 in. of rain for the first hour of the storm and then half an inch every hour after that so they say even the best system in the world, based on the top biography of new orleans, it would likely still flood low- lying areas. in one area south of new orleans, less than about one hour drive from the crescent city, we actually did hear of a levy being overtop the there, about an 18 mi. stretch.
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this was the low-lying community that was under an evacuation. sheriff's deputies began going door to door seeing if anyone needed to be rescued because there is water beginning to go into many of the home. >> thank you for being out there giving us the live updates >> this form was updated to a hurricane that 930 pacific time yesterday. >> we will need to wait another 24-36 hours to see widespread devastation but it will be devastating. the storm surge is 6-12 ft.. it began to back up into mississippi which is why we saw the levee breach. it is moving very slowly at six m.p.h., just wandering in a holding on to hurricane strength even though it is moving on shore. the problem is that it is a
6:35 am
slow mover. it will take until friday morning before it moves out of town so we are likely to see some places with maybe 20 in. of rain. widespread flooding is likely. >> firefighters in san jose are still on the scene of a massive fire at a garden center. has matt crews were able to keep the chemicals out of the river >> risky business when you deal with these kind of chemicals, you can see the damage left behind to the building here behind me. firefighters are still on scene to make sure the fire does not reignite. obviously the damage has been done. here is video posted on youtube overnight. the main concern is the chemicals.
6:36 am
it is a nursery so we're talking about fertilizers, pesticides, so there was concern that toxic runoff would contaminate the river. that's why firefighters decided to let the fire burned out itself. we spoke with the manager of the nursery who've got a call around midnight >> we will be back, that's all i have to say. we have a great base of loyal customers who will hopefully shop at other locations but we do want to open again back here for sure. >> firefighters do not know yet how this fire started. an investigator should be here any minute. it back out here live, you can see there is a big water pumping truck that the city has brought in because they want to make sure they take care of the pools of water that have formed in the
6:37 am
parking lot. even the water has chemicals in it right now and they don't want any of it to get into the river but they say only negligible amounts have gone into the river and they are patting themselves on the back. >> guadalupe river flooded spectacularly in the flood of 97 and we had one of our own this morning but it was man-made. a water main break created a sinkhole and kate shows us the damage and explains more >> pg&e tells me crews will be here in a couple of hours to start work on this. there is a lot of work here that they will have to do. some people are out of their homes but we have video of what it looked like yesterday, a
6:38 am
stark difference. the pipeline broke at around 1115 in the morning and water gushed for about three hours. we're learning that it was a new pipe. the burst caused quite a mess and flooded the areas and it took crews more than 12 hours to restore power and water to several homes. if fully restored power to the homes just this morning but it was quite a scare for neighbors >> i'm worried about my mom, my grandmother is 87. >> water also damage several businesses, a church and a school. one nearby school already canceled class's until september 10th. we're told the investigation could take a very long time. as for the kids, i guess they can think of it as an extended vacation. people are still out of homes
6:39 am
and it will take awhile before they can secure the area. >> of course we still have police action going on in oakland, still shutting down various on and off ramps. it is really impacting the westbound 580 macarthur boulevard on ram. eastbound 580, the macarthur boulevard of france is also closed. it is not impacting the main lines of the freeway. five media itself heading through the maze, no delay there. where we are seeing slow conditions is westbound 583 the altamont pass. we were following an accident approaching no. plan enacted not help the drive time. out towards the south bay we
6:40 am
have a photographer this morning at the mckee exit. some improvement as you head closer to santa clara. look at the bay bridge, jammed solid almost to the foot of the may is already. no major problems spots, it is just the back-to-school pattern we have seen for the past couple of days. >> a grand theft mystery at the lawrence hall of science adds up to more than $13,000 of lost items. investigators say someone stole 29 ipad before the start of the uc-berkeley school year. police told the daily cal fed these electronics were most likely campus property. last month officers track down 39 campus computers stolen. another error has been found in the wording of measure b, a
6:41 am
ballot proposition. it says the parcel tax would be collected for 15 years between 2013-2029 but if you do the math that it does not add up so they quickly changed the date. previously the summary had two more words than the 75 word limit. a taxpayers association is threatening legal action because changes were made after the deadline. >> republican convention chaos. >> why a group of delegates -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed.
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we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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>> a lot going on in the weather
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apartment. >> we have been talking about hurricane is it. a lot of sunshine coming our way. a couple of patches of fog a especially towards the immediate coast line. it looked like as we head to route the day, lots of sunshine. mostly clear start with patchy fog at the coast. it will be hot again in some of the interior valleys. there is a short cooling trend not that far away. no major movement so we will hold on to another great day. sfo is looking good, no delays reported yet. still a chance of showers as you make your way towards the houston area. temperatures around the bay at 84 degrees in san jose.
6:46 am
77 in hayward. the state temperatures in the '80s. 70 in san francisco. as high as 80 degrees in oakland. cooling down for the holiday weekend that keating back up on labor day >> we still have a traffic alert in effect in oakland. a couple of off ramps are closed around macarthur boulevard. it is not impacting the main lines of the freeway but the macarthur boulevard on ramp and off ramps are closed. no big delays heading through the mcarthur maze. elsewhere, southdown 101 at candlestick, just getting word of an accident with at least one
6:47 am
lane blocked on southbound 101. we have brake lights right now on highway 4 in the westbound lanes. all the way out towards the pittsburgh area it continues. elsewhere, westbound 80 is just part in to slow from the cardenas bridge to the maze. 580 has been the trouble spot this morning. coming up we will get a check of the bay bridge toll plaza >> the economy looked a little bit better than early estimates in the latest quarter. here now is jason brooks to give us some more on that. we did see the economy picked up just a little bit more than expected. this is still far too feeble to
6:48 am
do much about the high rates of unemployment which is currently at 8.3%. we need to see the economy grow much more than where it is now to do anything about that. one company in focus is it yelp. the company's post ipo lockup expiration occurred today meaning insiders can start selling their shares. we have seen massive selloffs in other companies including facebook but that is not happening so far with the help. its stock is heading higher, up over 7 percent at 19. yelp has given wall street a better business model to work with and its revenue is up in the recent quarter. economy numbers are not really driving wall street today, it is
6:49 am
all about what ben bernanke says on friday. wall street is looking for further hints. nasdaq is gaining 4 and s&p is up by one point. >> the sea what is ahead on cbs this morning >> we are obviously in tampa of but we have reporters on the ground in new orleans and mississippi. in tampa will talk to former secretary of state condoleeza rice before her convention speech tonight and we will talk to her about how prepared mitt romney is when it comes to foreign policy. a new book by a former navy seal raises questions about how osama bin laden died. a correspondent who once interviewed osama bin laden is here with a new account of what happened.
6:50 am
that and more at 7:00. >> we no longer have to say presumptive. mitt romney and paul ryan are now officially the nominees. >> melissa griffin from the examiner joins us live from tampa. first of all, everyone is talking about mrs. romney and her speech last night, basically stealing the show. >> she is obviously well loved by the people here, particularly the women in the audience. she came off as bright and articulate and somebody who's very well equipped to be the first lady. there were signs in people were very enthusiastic. her job was to humanize mitt romney and i don't know how she could have done a better job >> what about new jersey gov. chris christie. he was talking about love?
6:51 am
>> he was talking about all sorts of things but mostly about himself. in his speech he was almost 15 minutes in before he even mentioned mitt romney and after that speech by mrs. romney, chris christie came up and said we need a strong leader who will drive the polls and not just respond to them and it seemed as if he was really referring to himself but at the end he did get around to discussing mitt romney although there was a very big difference between mitt romney is live speech which is that he is sensitive and kind and sensitive but chris christie said we need somebody who is rough and tumble and can get in there and tell the truth to the american people. i'm not sure how one can did it is supposed to fulfill all those requirements >> the outcomes did not always
6:52 am
used to be known. it there used to be surprises. now you can pretty much predict what will happen except for one thing that happened yesterday. tell us about ron paul. >> the main delegation had about 20 paul delegates that were elected and the republican party came in and basically did an investigation of that election and decided they would take away 10 of those delegates and replace them with romney delegates. there were 24 ron paul down to four delegates to from 8 to 14 delegates for mitt romney and 104 rahm paul. those can't ron paul delegates were here and demanded to be sat when the chairman refused to even acknowledge the presence of them, first they chanted vigorously and tried hard to raise a point of order which was never acknowledged and
6:53 am
ultimately they walked out. the delegates i spoke to said they were prepared to nominate ron paul and after that loss they were prepared to go out and stump for mitt romney but after yesterday's actions by the party they say they will either boycott the election were vote for a libertarian. they have thrown their hands up with regards to the republican party after their treatment yesterday. having said that i have only spoken with a few delegates and that is not some sort of uniform stance but they're well known for being independent. >> thank you so much for your coverage there. you can follow her twitter feed on cbs s.f. dot com. >> a big fire ripped through a san jose nursery. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it.
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but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> hurricane isaac has come ashore in new orleans with wind at 39-59 mi. per hour. forecasters say that a dangerous storm surge will follow. flood threats will continue through the weekend. they could get as much rain in 48 hours as san francisco gets in one year. south of new orleans several people have been rescued and others might still be trapped in their homes. a story we will be following for you all morning. >> a fire erupted at a garden supply store filled with pesticides >> at one point firefighters let it burn. >> the call the fire toxic and
6:58 am
fast-moving. you can see some of the workers for you at the summer wind nursery arriving on scene. it is a total loss. the danger appears to be over but the investigation into what caused the fire is only just beginning. here are some pitchers posted on youtube overnight. the chemicals inside, this is a nursery so we have fertilizer and pesticides and the guadalupe runs behind the building so there was concern that toxic runoff would contaminate the river. firefighters decided to let it burn itself out. the fire did cause a large plume of smoke but firefighters say the lesser of the evil was just to let it burn itself out. the city will be here this morning cleaning puddles of water out of the parking lot
6:59 am
because they could include chemicals as well. >> one last look at the weather >> our weather is looking great with lots of sunshine outside in mostly clear skies but with patchy fog at the coast. '70s and '80s inside the day, maybe a few lingering clouds at the coast. temperature's cooling off into the weekend >> at the bay bridge is once again a busy morning, stacked up for a 20 minute wait. a traffic alert is still in affect kind of near the oakland emeryville border. raps at macarthur remain closed. police are conducting a death investigation. we will let you know when they reopened during the chitin's >> i have good news, at the end of the day today we will be more than halfway to the weekend. >> i like it.


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