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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 18, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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very best mattresses chance at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. but hurry! the best rest event ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we given this news with breaking news until the east bay where a two-alarm fire that is burning in berkeley at the intersection of ashby and deacon between shattuck and telegraph avenues. this is video into the newsroom via chopper 5. fire that caused damage to two homes.
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no reports of injuries. crews found a body at another fire this morning. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the fire department showed up a second time because another fire broke out. they have had a lot of problems in their investigation over the last several hours. first they needed a search warrant and then they had to get by dogs in another home and now the second fire that broke out as soon as investigators re- entered the home. a lot of questions right now about what went on at that home last night. >> anytime you have an accelerant about the body, you have a suspicious circumstance. >> reporter: that means a suspicious fire and suspicious death according to investigators. the fire was reported at this home on san carlos avenue just after midnight when firefighters got here finding a woman's body inside and evidence that a fire accelerant
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had been used. they haven't said yet whether the woman died before or after the fire. >> she is by herself here. >> reporter: denise says she knows the woman who lives here and calls her barbara. she says barbara lives here with the homeowner, a retired san francisco firefighter currently on a trip to utah. this is barbara's sister who told me off camera that barbara and the homeowner were involved in a long happy relationship. >> we are going to pull out all the stops to be sure what we're doing is correct and if this was a homicide that we have the upper hand. >> reporter: now, investigators say it's also possible that what happened here overnight was a suicide. live in castro valley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. we got some more breaking news this in oakland right now. we're told holy name university's campus is on lockdown at 3500 mountain boulevard in the oakland hills. this is live footage from chopper 5. police tell us that someone called in to say they saw a person possibly armed
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with a weapon on the campus. officers are now searching the school right now. once again chopper 5 overhead showing several police cars over holy names university. right now that campus on complete lockdown. if we learn anything more we'll certainly pass it along but right now holy names university in the oakland hills on lockdown. a nasty fall for google stock this midday after what looks like an accidental press release. it happened around 9:30 this morning. google released its 3rd quarter financial numbers which included a big miss on target profits. within four minutes shares were down more than 9%, tens of billions of dollars of losses in less than five minutes. now it looks like the earnings report was actually scheduled for release at the end of the business day. jason brooks says this kind of thing is rare. >> reporter: i don't recall ever seeing this happen with a big company on wall street where their earnings are
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mistakenly released early. sometimes companies will release their earnings early if there is some rumors coming out so they released it based off of that or if they had really good news and wanted to provide it to the market earlier. something like this happening with the statement released earlier than it should, wall street hates surprises like that. >> wall street halted google trading. and stocks are down about 28 and change. new york federal appeals court has found the "defense of marriage act" unconstitutional making it the second in the nation. the 2-1 ruling finds the law violates equal protection. the "defense of marriage act" was first struck down by a federal appeals court in boston this year. the issue will probably go to the supreme court. president obama and mitt romney will be together again tonight but it will be nothing like tuesday's debate. both men are actually attending the alfred e. smith memorial foundation dinner which raises money for needy children.
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mitt romney does not have campaign appearances scheduled today. the president was campaigning up in the granite state of new hampshire. a big quake could strike anytime today and millions of californians took steps to be prepared for the next big one here in the bay area. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us the great shake-out at the california academy of science. >> reporter: experts say the bay area is due for another big one. and ready or not, we can all agree. >> earthquakes are kind of scary because like what happened when the fire started and everything so it's kind of scary. >> reporter: kinder scary is right especially living here in the bay area where you can never be too prepared. >> here in the bay area, we have several different faults, two very important ones, san andreas and hayward faults and they run right through san francisco. >> reporter: at 10:18 this morning, these third grade students from argon elementary
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school took part in the great shake-out, the largest earthquake drill in history. >> if there's an earthquake, you need to be prepared and know what to do because if you don't know what to do, it could -- you could -- it could be really harsh. >> reporter: these students also toured the california academy of science's new earthquake exhibit. >> people know what to do. they feel more safer than what happened in 1906. >> reporter: the exhibit highlighted quake history in the bay area showing families how to be prepared just in case. the san francisco department of emergency management says it's a common misconception to stand under a doorway in case of an earthquake. but what you're really supposed to do find a safe zone and then drop, cover and hold. >> go, go! >> reporter: johnson says people should go through the motions to get that muscle memory because when the moment strikes, those three words are easily forgotten. how are you going to react and who are you going to be in a
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disaster? are you going to be prepared? what does that look like for your friends, family and coworkers? she says families should also make a plan post-earthquake. know how to get in touch with each other. because f yocan't predict where you'll be, you'll know what to do. in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> well, if you saw it, consider yourself lucky. if you heard it you were probably thinking what the heck was that? a significant meteor passing over the bay area last night. this is surveillance video footage from san jose's lick observatory showing the large car sized space rock passing over us around 8 p.m. the meteor was traveling slowly compared to others indicating it was fairly large the size of a car. this was snapped by a viewer in santa cruz. the object gradually broke up as it passed through the earth's atmosphere sprinkling meteorites in the hills of north martinez.
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as we approach the area i made a p.a. announcement to the passengers, you know, please help us look for if you see anything. >> well, that's an odd request to hear from a pilot. but it saved a life. a very lucky yachts man was rescued by a commercial airliner coming up. >> hi i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. well, this is it. the last day of the heat wave. get out and enjoy it. we have some rain back in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. roberta gonzales in the oakland hills just east of the bay where this is exact scene 2 years ago at the oakland firestorm. the lessons learned as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems.
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updating that breaking news in oakland right now, where holy names university campus is on complete lockdown, this is on mountain boulevard up in the oakland hills. police tell us that someone called in to say they saw a person possibly armed with a weapon on the campus. officers are searching the school right now. you can't see the video but moments ago we saw police officers with guns drawn going in and out of some of the buildings. they are inspecting the entire campus. chopper 5 overhead. a number of police cars on hand, as well. if we learn any more information, we'll certainly pass it on. >> a travel isn't what it used to be, crowds, miserable seating conditions but one set of airline passengers can say they helped save a life from coach class. john hill reports on the unlikely rescue at sea. ro. >> reporter: this is a yacht with a 44-year-old queensland man the only person on board.
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its gear damaged and low on fuel. that's when a crew of an air canada jet came to the rescue the first time the captain took part in the sea search in 40 years with the airline. >> i made a p.a. announcement, please help us look for if you see anything because it's very difficult to find anything down even -- 5,000 feet is almost a mile above the water. >> reporter: the emergency beacon set off by the yachts man had so accurately plotted his position the beg jet was roaring over -- overhead last than half hour later. >> as we closed in on the area the first officer said i see what i think is the boat. so we proceeded almost exactly where they had told us it would be. >> reporter: at first there was no sign of the yachts man but the plane made a second spot and he was spotted on deck. >> we were happy when we found the boat the first time and happy when we found the guy
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alive. >> reporter: 'ry excuse aircraft dropped a liferaft and merchant ship was alongside the yacht to provide shelter from howling winds? >> of the yachtsman was picked up last night by a police vessel. >> you got no idea of the difference between standing on terra firma and being out there in massive seas not knowing where you are. you can't imagine the difference. everybody has been involved from the commercial aircraft, the planes, the water police, the central coordination, it's extraordinary. offshore winds continue to bring those warm temperatures to the bay area. but that is all about to change. and we're talking about some rain, too. we'll talk about that coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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health challenges into a soe they are twin sisters from the peninsula and they have turned their health challenges into a source of inspiration and activism. kate kelly caught one these jefferson award winners on the running track. >> reporter: they meet weekly at the palo alto high school track to run a boot camp. and like most group leaders, ana and isa set goals. >> try to make it to the preachers. -- and try to make it to the bleachers. >> reporter: and are good motivators. >> good job. >> reporter: but what makes this exercise class unique is that every one of the participants,
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including its leaders, has had an organ transplant. >> my name is isabel stenzel byrnes and i received a double lung transplant 8.5 years ago. >> my name is anabel stenzel and i received a double lung transplant in 2000 and a second double lung transplant in 2007. >> reporter: these identical twin sisters were born with cystic fibrosis a genetic pulmonary disease that used to be uniformly fatal. >> cf is a progressive disease so as we got older it became increasingly more difficult to breathe and before my transplant i could only walk a few blocks maybe. >> reporter: today they have become ambassadors for organ donation, traveling the world to bring awareness to the world about organ donation. they inspired a documentary called the power of two to spread their message around the world. >> if we can come forward, be public and show people faces and lives that have been impacted because someone said yes to organ donation, then that's our purpose. that's why we're saved. >> reporter: stanford's director
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of lung transplants dr. david weill says the stenzels regularly take time to meet and mentor other patients and that their weekly exercise class offers real medical benefits. >> the muscles actually atrophy and the only way to combat that is with regular exercise so the camp that the stenzel twins have built is perfect for what transplant recipients needs. >> reporter: it's what tiffany needed after five kidney transplants. >> it kind of counterbalances what the side effects of some of the medications are. so exercise really helps with that. >> reporter: equally important for patient anna modlin is the sense of community. >> we are all medical miracles here and it's inspiring to do this with friends who get what it's like to be living with a second chance. >> we love our camaraderie. we love this feeling of fitness. we honor our donors by exercising. >> so often i needed help and needed support, and now that i'm well, it feels really good to be able to serve others and contribute in some way. >> reporter: so for their service to the cystic fibrosis
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and transplant communities, and for inspiring others to celebrate life to the fullest this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to anabel stenzel and isabel stenzel byrnes. kate kelly, cbs 5. well, what a gorgeous day around the bay area! lots of sunshine again, courtesy of high pressure and that offshore flow all the way to the coastline. it's beautiful out there. no clouds to speak of right now. nice and clear. out over the bay, just a little hazy, otherwise, yes, looking at another very nice day outside. not going to see many more days like this. in fact, big-time changes very shortly. right now, it's 79 degrees in concord. 75 in oakland. 82 in livermore. san francisco at 80 degrees right now. that is something else. out toward the coast you can see it's nice and clear there, that's the way it will stay throughout the afternoon and then we'll notice some changes tonight. low clouds and fog likely to move back onshore late tonight.
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and then some cooling as we head into tomorrow. and yes, there's a chance of some rain on the way. high pressure holding on for today but you already see this system beginning to dig into the back side of this ridge. makes for some much cooler weather on the way toward the next couple of days. computer models showing you nice and clear conditions through the rest of the afternoon but then late tonight, you see that southerly surge of low clouds and fog making its way onshore that's going to change the weather big time over the next few days. so enjoy this while we have it. nice in san jose today 85 degrees there, 79 and gorgeous in pacifica 81 in hayward. east bay temperatures up in the 80s. even some low 90s. inside the bay looking good. about 84 in oakland. about 80 holding in san francisco. and about 86 in petaluma. next couple of days, we are going to see some cooler weather partly cloudy skies over the weekend, and then a series of storms moves in as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. looks like things could get a little wet. much cooler too so some big changes in the works. by the way, don't forget, a big
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game tonight. that's right, the 9ers and seahawks. if you are headed out, lots of sunshine, temperatures on the warm side about 75 degrees. >> nothing like thursday night football, huh? >> beautiful. >> and i think there's a baseball game tonight too. in saturday is the 21st anniversary of the oakland hills fire. long-time residents can't help but recall the destruction brought on by the massive blaze. roberta gonzales is up in the hills with a little more on prevention. >> reporter: this is gateway gardens pavilion a staging area built for families, neighbors, in the event of an emergency situation so they could all find each other and gather. and that certainly was the case 21 years ago when a wind driven firestorm killed 25 people and destroyed over 3500 homes. so we invited battalion chief robert lipp along today to tell us with today's unseasonably warm conditions, what kind of concerns do you have? >> well, of course the heat is
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a concern to us. the wind conditions right now are a little lighter which is great compared to yesterday. the humidity is up which is a relief a little bit. but again, our concern is with the high heat. any fires that start could get into the fuels that are dried from a long summer. and it could create fire conditions. >> reporter: can you talk mibach to october 20th, 1991, that horrific day? >> as most people know the fire started on saturday. it was out and then on sunday, we were conducting overhaul operations to try and put the fire completely out. some of the embers got up into the very dry brush. it was extremely windy, extremely hot and the humidity levels were epic proportion. >> reporter: so we had a recipe for disaster because of the fire we had an electrical power failure that shut down five water stations, as well. what kind of lessons have we learned from this? >> well, the biggest lesson really is in prevention. the voters approved a wildfire protection assessment district which has been a huge help in prevention for us in creating a
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defensible space and in being aware and developing plans for fires. >> reporter: that said, we could jump up and down every day and say protect your home and be aware like earthquake preparedness as well as fire preparedness. october 21, 1991, 21, the anniversary of the oakland fire. >> i remember watching it on tv from boston. my mom grew up in the hills so know those hills well. thank you, roberta. we'll be right back. 888 5 - he u. volunteers are there right now. a k >> if you have a consumer problem question, call our hot like, 1-888-5-helps-u. volunteers standing by right now. ,, thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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holy names university campus on lockd we're updating that breaking news in oakland right now where holy names university campus is on a lockdown. it's up in the berkeley hills. police tell us someone called in to say they saw a person possibly armed with a weapon on the campus. officers are searching the school right now and after what happened at oikos university in march they don't take any threats lightly. they are just searching right now. we'll haveore information coming up tonight at 5:00. >>also at 5:00, a deadly rise
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in or cancer and it's targeting younger women. in tonight's healthwatch dr. kim explores a new culprit in this rare form of the disease. and, of course, we have game 4, mr. lincecum on the mound at st. louis. no weather woes in st. louis? >> not like yesterday. they have a storm moving through they shou get the game in and hopefully lincecum will be pitching like usually. >> they have to win one out ere if they want to come home and the 9ers tonight too. joy. the weather will be great. see you at 5:00. captions by: caption colorado
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