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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 27, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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to watch the giants play in the world series and that means traveling to detroit. hear from one fan who likely traveled the farthest. halfway around the world. and good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a name fit for halloween week. frankenstorm. aka hurricane sandy is barreling its way toward the east coast. now this storm is expected to slam into two others creating widespread destruction. cbs reporter randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: sandy kicked up rough waves for a para surfer off north carolina's coast as the slow moving storm threatens some 60 million people. officials are urging them to stock up on supplies and hunker down. in new jersey, residents are boarding up their homes and businesses. preparing for the storm's high winds and flooding. >> i'm feeling these -- buckets with sand and then i'm going to transfer them to the store. to make sandbags. and i'll pile them up right in front of the door.
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>> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie -- governor chris christie ordered casinos in atlantic city to close down afternoon sunday afternoon. >> we should not underestimate the impact of this storm and we shouldn't assume the predictions will be wrong. >> reporter: forecasters predict sandy could merge with winter weather systems to become a superstorm. causing massive power outages and flooding in major cities along the east coast. here in new york city, people are still enjoying a typical fall day on coknee island but -- coney island but by this time sunday the wind and rain will be here. the family dressed up to celebrate halloween on the boardwalk just in case sandy washes out the holiday. >> on wednesdays -- the least chance of rain and hopefully it will hold out and let them go trick-or-treating. >> reporter: but the national hurricane center says it could linger over the week. rankle pinkston, cbs news, coney island, new york. >> in the caribbean, at least
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58 people are now dead. thousands of homes were destroyed or heavily damage. . jamaica, cuba and the bahamas took direct hits from the storm but the majority of the deaths is in haiti. also impacting the race for the white house. republican nominee mitt romney and vice president joe biden scrapped political appearances in virginia beach. the storm is interrupting some schedules at a critical point in the campaign with less than two weeks until election day. the candidates say they plan to reschedule their east coast appearances after the storm has passed. more than 10 million votes have already been cast in early voting states for the november 6th election and as drew levinson shows us mitt romney held a rally in the biggest battleground state florida, which begins early voting today. president obama was in another swing state, new hampshire. >> reporter: mitt romney traveled to florida, the biggest battlegrounds state to lock down its 29 electoral
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votes. >> i need your help, we need to win this. we're taking back america. >> reporter: early voting started in the state saturday. and the romney campaign is pushing supporters to cast their ballots now. with polls showing a tight race, romney hopes to keep his momentum going to election day. >> the supporters of the president have this chance, they do four more years, i like ten more days a lot better you know what? [ laughter ] >> reporter: in new hampshire, president barack obama once again heard the four more years. [ people chanting ] and he too talked about ten more days. >> ten days and you'll be stepping into a voting booth, and making is defining choice about the future of our country. >> reporter: new hampshire is the smallest battleground state with just four electoral votes with the way the race is shaping up, those votes could make a difference. >> new hampshire, i still believe in you. i need you to keep believing in me. >> reporter: with hurricane
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sandy barreling towards the east coast, both have been forced to change their travel schedules. romney scrapped a sunday trip to virginia. and will instead join running mate ryan in ohio. the president has planned to leave monday for florida. that's been moved up to sunday night to beat the storm. drew levinson, cbs news. here in the bay area the california democratic party kicked off a statewide day of action with a phone bank effort. they're calling voters urging them to vote yes on proposition 30 and no on proposition 32. proposition 30 is governor brown's tax plan. if it different pass it will trigger automatic budget cuts that supporters of prop 30 say will hurt education. proposition 32 is seen by appoints as an antiby opponented -- by opponents as an anti-gaming proposal. how dedicates are giant -- dedicated are giants' fans? cbs 5 reporter mike sugarman
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joined them on the journey. mike? >> reporter: well, i can tell you they're cold. it is mid 40s here. not used to that kind of weather in san francisco. but as you say, they have come from the bay area. from california, but this is the world series. and we've got giants' fans from well, all over the world. in a sea of blue and orange, a stripe of a different color. orange and black. >> where am i? i feel like i'm on second and king. >> reporter: nope, woodward and adams, detroit, michigan. >> you came from south carolina? >> we drove from minneapolis last night. >> actually from texas. >> minneapolis. >> detroit. >> reporter: all part of giant nation on tour. >> cheese! >> reporter: so far the orange and blue aren't turning the orange and black black and blue. >> i got booed four times by the time i got off the airplane. but every person has been real
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friendly. booing me but friendly. >> reporter: giant nation making its presence known. and if it's a giants' win tonight -- you might consider sara stumble from santa cruz a lucky charm. she won a contest and got tickets to the game. she took her friend kathleen burn and things got even better after the airline messed up. >> amazing. >> amazing. she also got first class tickets on her plane for the first time she got to ride in first class on the way here, that was pretty cool. >> reporter: the winner who's come the farthest? >> born and raised in san francisco, california and now i work in afghanistan. >> reporter: a pria butler who works with the uso. >> i flew to bagrams to kandahar and then dubai to washington, d.c. and then to detroit with a small helicopter thrown in. >> reporter: she calls herself a fanatical giants' fan. you think? >> the weekend the going to cost me about $4,000. >> worth it? >> absolutely, 100%. if they sweep. it would be worth twice that.
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>> reporter: that is dedication. and of course there's still a chance that there will be that broom coming out tomorrow night if they win tonight. and tomorrow. ann? >> are we supposed to say that though? i feel like that might be some sort of a jinx. are people pretty confident? >> reporter: i'm the guy, all right, blame me. if we don't do it. but i think we can talk about it. >> all right. the phone kales -- >> unlikely but who knows? >> mike with giants in detroit. thanks some. also is with mike andwell hear from him in sports. thanks again mike. the water is back on but the people living on treasure island, they can't use it. what left them without water for nearly 12 hours and what they have to do now to keep from getting sick. >> lance armstrong stripped of the cycling titles. he may now have to give back millions of dollars in cash.
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>> good evening everybody. certainly warm today. above average. but even warmer for your sunday. then, the rain. and the day to expect it as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. closed capti brought to you by sleep train, wishing you a fun and safe halloween. [ train whistle blows ]
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the tap. well people who live on treasure island have running water again today but they can't use it out of the tap. a water main broke yesterday evening cutting off water to the entire island. cbs reporter anne makovec shows us people are being told to boil it even though it's back on. >> this water situation that has really inconvenienced us. >> reporter: this water main split open near the entrance to treasure island at around 5:00 friday evening. it's the only source of water to the 2,000 people who live here. the san francisco public utilities commission plugged hole but the water was out for 12 hours. >> we go to the tub and there's no water. >> i went to sleep with halloween makeup on. >> reporter: the water came back on saturday morning. >> it was just colored. it smelled off. >> reporter: a boil water order is now in effect because the city doesn't know if the water is safe to drink.
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>> we'll do sampling throughout the system of bacteriology to make sure that water is safe to drink. that process takes about 48 hours. >> reporter: people who live here seau tilt issues -- say utility issues are common and the infrastructure is old. it can't upgrade things until the property is officially transferred to the city from the navy which still owns the land. it's been an issue and that lack of accountability has neighbors concerned. >> given the fact that the our -- our ground is subject to liquefaction and given the fact that no one is -- as far as i know -- maintaining them properly. >> you're the person that people turn to when things like that happen. >> yes it is frustrating. knowing that you have to operate from that you know -- you're not able to really manage completely because you don't own it. >> reporter: the earliest the water is safe to drink is monday afternoon. on treasure island, anne
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makovec, cbs 5. it just got a little bit easier to get your hands on the newest apple products. a look at the bay area apple store that just opened and where there's another one on the way. >> we have lots of sunshine today from the seashore all the way to our inland areas. but now we're tracking rain. and the day you should expect it as eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. ,,,, (car horn)
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arms new fallout from lance armstrong's doping scandal. a company that once paid armstrong millions for winning the tour de france is now demanding he return the prize money. dallas based sca promotions is reportedly asking armstrong to
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pay back up to $12 million after having his seven tour de france titles revoked. the antidoping agency stripped him of the titles two weeks ago following reports showing he used performance-enhancing drugs. well, today apple opened the doors to a brand new retail store in downtown palo alto. the flagship store drew large crowds for its 10:00 a.m. grand opening and the first 1,000 customers got commemorative t-shirts. the store on university avenue has 15,000 square feet of retail space along with apple's signature glass facade. and even larger apple store is currently under construction just a mile away at the stanford shopping center. the ipad mini appears to be a winner at least on day one. preorders of the white version soldout in 20 minutes. shipping has now been pushed back another two weeks. but if you just want to get your hands on one regardless of the color, the black version is still available. all right, as you heard
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reporters say, rain in her forecast but today was a beautiful day for her to play racket ball outdoors. >> actually going on outdoors and then took it on indoors because we have the world's professional racketball tour taking place in the bay area. so i took on this guy, he's from manitoba. you know he is so good he decided the play with the clipboard and he still beat me and it was really great but he was telling me in manitoba this time of the year the current air temperature is 32 degrees, they can't play outdoors at all. but look at these outdoor conditions right now in san jose. seamless skies and unlimited visibility and current air temperature downtown san jose, sporting 74 degrees. but notice livermore is at 80 and santa rosa at 82. it's currently in the low 70s from oakland back in through emery vail. it's 80 it's really warm this evening. gradual cooldown and northeast winds are pretty flat at 4 minute. tonight we will see a few --
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will miles per hour. tonight we'll call it partly cloudy and cutting out to be additionally warmer for your sunday. and the extended forecast calls for a spooky halloween. what it mean, but first off tonight's lows into the 50s across the board. this right here, this is an area of low pressure that's banging up against the pacific northwest being diverted well to the north off that huge ridge of high pressure that continues to remain in control. and keeping us on the dry side with that warm offshore flow all the way through sunday. but watch futurecast, because we do see the clouds building offshore. sure enough on sunday, during the afternoon hours, invertness gets a little socked in. otherwise clouds we main off the coast with that pretty predominant offshore condition but after 5:00 on sunday we will see the clouds move back on shore. meanwhile for the latter side of the weekend, sunday low 08s from redding through sacramento and fresno. but we're going to be just as warm as these temperatures there in our eastern portion of our bay area.
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81 in ewe kia. 63 on the south shore and partly cloudy each day in the high sierra all the way through tuesday. your pinpoint forecast temperatures are going up. 60s at the beaches. mid and high 60s around the peninsula. then we jump up into the low 80s across the santa clara valley. we swing around the central bay head due east 85 in brentwood for the outside number. all the way through discovery bay. into rio vista, mid 70s in napa to the north. 80 sonoma. central bay in the low and mid- 70s. your extended forecast here you have a temperature goes down on monday gradually. additional cooldown takes place on tuesday and the timing may be off. computer models hinting rain could begin as soon as tuesday night. more than likely in the north bay on wednesday morning and across the central bay by wednesday evening. also that will have an impact for baseball if there's a game here for wednesday. meantime the forecast tomorrow in the 40s again as the giants
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take on another game in detroit. >> i know. and i think dennis probably wants to talk about that little game in detroit right now. >> might be talking about weather for a parade sooner than later. >> let's hope so. >> you and mike, i'm just a little hesitant to go that far yet. >> but old tigers' stadium. relived tonight, we are live in detroit and could ufc pull off a miracle to avoid another upset? we're up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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exactly wher 41 of the 52 teams that have taken a 2-0 world series lead have gone on to win it. that is exactly where the giants sit as game three of the world series gets underway in detroit. sanding by in a -- standing by in a frigid city right now. vern? >> reporter: that's okay, i am layered occupy in downtown -- up in downtown detroit dennis. this morning i took an hour and a half tour of the fine, fine city and i will give it up to the fans, they are certainly proud of the team. but dennis two miles from here there's a former home of the tigers for 89 years, it a group leading the charge to make sure that place is not ignored. the spirit is free flowing in downtown detroit. a lot riding on world series games three, four and five. but before there was a rocking comerica park, there was tigers stadium. here it is now, the tigers left
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in '99. the stadium was demolished in 2009. home plate's still here. for guys like ty cobb, ted williams and babe ruth hit his 700th home run from here. those who appreciate the park's 87 year history come back to take pictures and even toss one in the strike zone. but according to david mercy, the city doesn't want them to do even that. mercy's group, the field grounds crew comes in to keep the field from becoming a field of weeds. >> a group of us decided we hated to see it in that condition. and so we took hadders into our own hand and started to come on to the field and cut the grass and pick up the garbage and do our best to restore it to -- to the field of dreams we remember it as. >> reporter: this is a picture of mercy at home plate last year. flanked by tall weeds. they are getting no help from the city. it's neighborhoods and
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buildings in disarray with little budget to spend, to raise awareness, major league baseball endorsed a billboard sized screen to be placed in center field to show tonight's game. the city pulled the project. >> we're just glad the field is here for people to come here and play ball on and to run the bases and pay homage to detroit's rich baseball history. >> reporter: all right, and they will enjoy baseball over there for as long as they can dennis. there may be plans for a future site on that location to be a possible home of the detroit red wings if the order cannot get a new stadium in this area. comerica park and ford field, home of the detroit lions about a block away. coming up dennis, next hour, his jersey is retired number 21 by the detroit pistons, he is the mayor of this fine city of detroit. dave bing will join us and give us his memories of the battles
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against the golden state warriors, back to you in studio. stay warm out there. stanford hosting washington state as we speak. right now in the fourth quarter, stanford is up 24-10. cal plays at utah a little bit later tonight. usc against arizona in the desert: down two in the fourth to dean carry puts arizona in front. you're smelling upset right? last ditch effort for sc. a hail mary by matt barkley and -- and? oh -- incomplete. we got an upset. 39-36. it's the first time arizona has beaten the trojans in tucson since 1999. ucl a and arizona state. the bruins not on the field in time for the pre-game coin flip and the punter had to handle the duties out there. ucla blew an 11 point fourth quarter lead but the true freshman fairbarn with the 33- year-old field goal to win it. -- 33-yard field goal to win it. ucla bowl-eligible for the first time since 2005.
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makes you happy there doesn't it ann? a goal away from tying the record for goals in a season. he did just that. on a penalty kick in the first, corner pocket, number 27 on the year for wondo and the earthquakes and timbers tie 1- 1. according to brother rex, cowboys' defensive coordinator rob ryan was crying when he learned of the news that his linebacker sean lee was out for the season. rob denied that claim. >> i wasn't crying tears. actual tears you know i save that for the movies i watch with my wife you know. lifetime i mean my god. you guys ever watch lifetime? jeez. god almighty. don't. >> that must be why i don't watch it. tomorrow on cbs 5 1:00 1 raiders and the chiefs followed by the fifth quarter: you know raiders have only one two games you know -- won two games you know but this is the big game. the raiders are only a game out of first place. it's a huge game tomorrow.
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>> huge game. we could be celebrating their first place status right? >> you're right. >> all righty. >> so watch that before you before the world series. >> absolutely, thank you much. coming up at 6:30 when you hear about drones, you probably think of something like this. over a place like afghanistan, but not for long. a look at the new tool police will be using in the skies over the bay area. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we'll see you at, good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> brennan: tonight, super er. hurricane susan bears down on the mid-atlantic coast after killing at least 58 people across the caribbean. meteorologist david bernard is tracking the storm. officials in crowded low-lying areas scramble to prepare for a projected threat from high tides. chip reid and elaine quijano are watching


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