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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 28, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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65-million people. what experts say will be the most dest e more than a thousand miles wide. hurricane sandy threatens 65 billion people. what experts say will be the most destructive part of the storm. tonight could be the night for the giants game. the world series is under way in detroit. the much needed boost the detroit city is expected to get. >> good evening. >> fighting and the storm surge, the biggest concerns right now. >> and hurricane sandy isn't expected to make landfall until tomorrow night. it's already causing dangerous conditions along the east coast. authorities are warning new york city could be hit with an 11-foot wall of water. washington, d.c. will be closed for business tomorrow. new york city is in emergency
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mode. duarte geraldineo has the latest on hurricane sandy. we see authorities raining where you are. >> it's hard to believe the storm is about a day away because the storm is picking up. the surf is getting taller. as i speak, millions of people have been evacuated. yet, there's a still a sizable contingent, a large number of people who say they refuse to go. they are not lifting to emergency officials and they are weathering the storm in their own homes. rough surf is pounding the east coast from virginia to massachusetts as sandy marches north. >> forecasters say some 60 million people are in the path of the monster storm. >> i don't think people are as prepared of the storm as they should be. >> sandy is threatening to bring coastal flooding, high winds and snow in the 800-mile area. it's already causing flooding in virginia. because of the threat of a
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deadly storm surge, fisheses ordered tens and thousands of people along the coast to evacuate. don't be stupid. get out and go to higher safer grounds. you know, i don't know any other way to put it, i guess. >> sandy is he taking aim in new york city. new york city has shut down the mass transit system. in lower manhattan, people are packing bags and heading downtown. >> and you are putting yourself at risk and the first responders that has to assist you. >> sandy is not expected to make landfall until late monday early tuesday. conditions along the delaware coast are already deteriorating. some people are using the final hours before sandy strikes to protect the property. >> and making sure the store doesn't get damaged. >> utility crews are getting in place. the storm is expected to cause massive power outage and could lippinger for days. -- linger for days.
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in this part of delaware, what it means, if you do not leave, safety officials will not come get you if the worst is at hand. >> all right. thanks so much. and roberta gonzalez is watching the storm. has more on the path. roberta. >> reporter: we've been monitoring it for days. this storm system is not losing any kind of strength at all. in fact, the winds from the system, even though it's 500 miles offshore, the hurricane has winds that stream out 450 450 nautical miles. it's windy here in san francisco. the winds are reaching all the way towards ocean side to the south. that's a big hurricane. taking up a lot of real estate, look at the rain bans already. 60% chance of rain tonight in detroit. a better chance of rain even tomorrow. the hurricane moving in, curving in the land mass,
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making landfall around atlantic city. we know we can see a foot of rain in some locations. a very strong and high storm surge and power outages that could last for days. this is coinciding with a full moon. so lunar high tide as well. we'll continue to monitor the possibly catastrophic eventilator in the newscast. >> roberta, thank you much. this video has been taken moments ago at the united ticket counter at sfl. hundreds of people are booking because their flight were cancelled. one agent said there were four ticket agents. now there is down to 3. no word on how the problem will be rectified. >> airline stations. two flights from oakland are canceled. more are tomorrow. the flights were canceled. officials say they expect that
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number to double tomorrow. cbs 5 reporting and talking to passengers trying to reschedule. >> and we found out last night the flight to new jersey, trying to get to greensboro north carolina. >> dozens of flights from the west coast to the east are scrapped. the rescheduled process is low. >> set up my phone and put it on speaker phone and trying to get an agent. it sat there for two hours and 22 minutes. >> willing to see what we can do to make arrangement. >> in addition, many more are expected tomorrow and thursday when the storm really hits. the passengers don't know what to expect. >> and this group, at the end of the tour for young political leaders from all over the world much they have a presentation in dc tomorrow. >> trying to figure it out. we will go through through chicago and by chicago to north carolina and then to get by car to washington, d.c. >> and meantime, flights full of people who just escaped to
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the storm were arriving. >> yeah. , we split right underneath. it's great. >> as for what he left behind. >> our families back there, hopefully they don't get much. i hope it goes out to saying. >> people in both coast wait to see what's next. >> i don't know if i'm more worried about the property from the storm or my three grandchildren who live with me? >> at sfo anne mack livenwitch cbs 5. >> from the storm to the dominant giants. we'll take you to san francisco much that's when hundreds of fans, watching game four between the giants and the detroit tigers. we just got under way, a half an hour ago. the winds tonight, you know what that means. the giants claim the second championship trophy in three years. cbs 5 reporter is where all the fans would love to be detroit. despite being in the verge of elimination, the world series is great for the motor city. right, mike? >> it is. and at a time when it really
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needs the first economically. coming in here, i saw a parking spot going for $100. and a civic boost because this city is really -- needs something special. >> the following is a tale of two cities and of how boats are trying to ride in the hiker's tale. first, some good news. real estate is up 100 percent this year. >> between 25 and 30. >> similar home like david larson's fixer upper would have brought 10,000 in the beginning of the year. >> over the last 60 years, detroit has lost the equivalent of 1 and a half san franciscos. >> he gave us a tour of the city. in fact, they had lost two- thirds of the population. too much land? not enough people. >> it's really why there's this
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vacant lots and empty buildings. >> there's entire neighborhoods of empty lots and vacant buildings. >> it's by far the most troubled city. from every point of view. >> poverty, education. it's estimated one-half of all detroiters are out of work. don't take a way friday -- away from the story all is bleak. 6,000 square feet. million dollar houses in the suburbs. the difference between the halves and have-nots is striking. general motors is humming. rt artists have turned into bleak neighborhoods. young people are throbbing to trendy bars and sports hubs. >> and i'm not optimistic. >> says bill mcgraw who. >> tigers. >> something if to unite behind. it's something that's sorely
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needed. >> and they really want their team to win. >> giants scored outside the stadium. there's not a peep. it was like they got a body punch the last couple of games and they are not feeling good about their team. one guy told me, we, stink. we have a great season but they are not feeling real good and, of course, no team has come back 3-0. we wish him well. they need something spesh. and i saw a few fans with broom walking here. i would be careful if they go to downtown detroit. >> you said last night, the tigers fans are very gracious. they do need a boost. it may not come tonight for them them. >> and whatever happens tonight. >> point well taken he. >> mike shimmerman in detroit, thank you. >> for all things giants, we've
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got it including world series gear that you could buy. head to our website, cbs 5- point com/giants. >> game momentum in the last stitch of the campaign. hour hurricane sandy is turning wrenches. >> and what happens when a police cruiser ran into a cyclist? ,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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car. this happened around . cycle. >> s is expected to be okay after a police officer hit him with his patrol car. it happened yesterday afternoon. the cyclist was in the bike lane when the officer hit him. the fire department tells us the officer didn't see the cyclist. the cyclist was up and walking after being hit and there's no damage to the cruiser or to the bike. nine days until the election and only a hurricane could slow down a presidential campaign. both president obama and mitt romney had to cancel events because of hurricane sandy. as cbs reporter drew levinson, the candidates were forced to
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the campaign aafrom sandy's path. president obama met with the emergency management team for an update on hurricane sandy. >> this is a serious and big storm. >> the president said fema will be ready to help wherever sandy hits. >> we're going to cut through red tape. we want to make sure we're anticipating. >> this is supposed to be a week of intense campaigning. the massive storm forced the president to alter his schedule. to beat the weather, he made stopings to florida and northern ohio. mitt romney also cancelled his virginia stops and rerouted himself to ohio, where he joined running mate paul ryan. >> today, when we get home, put into the prayers the people in the east coast in the wake of the big storm that's coming. >> let's not forget the fellow
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americans of ours. at a second rally in finley, romney talked about the storm. >> i know some people around the country are about to be nervous about the storm. thoughts and prayers of people who fought themselves out of harm's way. >> with the race in dead heat, most candidates plan to hit as many battle grounds as possible. the storm will determine exactly when and where they will get there. drew levinson, cbs news. >> good evening. , everybody. sure, we made it all the way to 85 degrees in brentwood. now high doppler and search of raindrops. the day the rain arrives as "eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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things will change, right, roberta? >> today, earlier at christy field, we have a high temperature of 76 degrees. if you missed it, this is what it looked like. we have nothing but blue skies. 76 degrees in sap france, when the average high is 70 to above normal temperatures. take a good look at the golden great bridge. that's barely just 90 minutes ago. now take a look at the golden gate bridge. that's how fast the low clouds, the fog have rolled on shore sat rating any kind of visiblity there. dropping the temperatures down to 65. currently at 77 in santa rosa.
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upper 70s in redwood city. this is a live look at mount diablo, 82 degrees in woodland. your forecast, the clouds are obviously rolling in. monday, big time pattern change as far as the weather is concerned. the extended forecast, no trick. we have halloween rain. this is the area of low pressure. this is flattening the ridge of high pressure that's been the key components taking the temperatures anywhere from 6-14 degrees above normal at this time of year. we will be in the cloudy side much according to future cast. they have the clouds rolling in. patchy dense fog anticipated and through the morning commute tomorrow. clouds try to wipe away during the afternoon hours. that will be shortly lived. tomorrow's highs going down. 67 at the beaches. 73 and sunnyvale.
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slightly warmer than that. and as far as averages are concerned, in san jose, winds are rotating to more of the onshore push. saying good-bye to the onshore flow. we will reach 81 degrees in brentwood. today's high was 83 degrees. we'll have highs in the mid-70s in sant rosa. that's 5 degrees cooler than what we thought about today. take a good look at the extended forecast for what we are serving up to you is another sunny day inland on tuesday before we cloud up on tuesday night. wednesday, timing could be off. we're look at rain in the north bay in the afternoon. rain everywhere for trick or treating in the evening. rain continues on thursday. if there is a game five in detroit tomorrow, boy, there's a good shot of rain showers associated with hurricane sandy as the bans reach all the way to the northwest. >> thank you so much, aurora.
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five straight games at arrod stadium, tryin' to make it d close in on first place in e afc west... tanford routt resurging raiders won five
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straight games. closing in first place in the afc west. didn't take long to get reacquainted. first play, he ticked off carson palmer. and he gets the second interception. and the chiefs didn't put any points on the board as a result of that turnover. raiders up '-0. braidies win on the back. and that's the safety's first interception of the year. and palmer drives the raiders into the red zone, where he does a nice job. ap this is the touchdown pass right through his hand. raiders settled for another field goal. the raiders defense, and knocked him out of the game. he took a beating. he left the game with a head injury and he didn't return. and remember, it was castle who was booed by the home crowd when he was injured earlier this month. they cheered him. nice pass in the middle. number one receiver, down in
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the raiders 13. six unanswered points. to tie the game at 6. under two minutes left in the half. raiders catch a break. and arenas in the -- long snapper. hustledled and recovers some football. raiders have it. and this time, the raiders cash in. palmer, to moore. this time he caught it. third straight game with the touchdown. the last raiders to do that, johnny lee higin. palmer comeback route. and he gets by stanford routes. there he goes. 32-yard raiders touchdown. raiders is up. and mcfaden had his better games. for yard -- four yards. and this one for 29 yards much and the fastest game for the kansas city offense. castle lobbed it up. and that's his first of the
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season. an he hasn't led a single time in any point this year. 26-16 is the final. >> we executed better. and that's part of the way in the national football league. you don't play, you know, the same every week. the key, you could overcome when you don't play well. i think this week, we came out and executed well in the beginning of the game. >> we come to a difficult environment. they are a great fans. they are almost as goods as ours. they are great fans and they make it difficult. we've done a really good job. a lot of times you're coming, there's awkward weather conversation. taking to the game plan?
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>> fired to the chargers. first quarter, edwards richardson, avoids some san diego defenders. 46 yards. and late 4th quarter. san diego down 7-6. and up and full. that's good news to san diego, loses in the afc west. aren't those the ugliest uniform you've seen. ben roth listberger scrambling. pittsburgh over washington. roth listberger threw for three touchdowns. one yard scored to will johnson. and they approved to 4-3. 30 miles an hour gusts to philadelphia. eagles, falcons game. falcons matt ryan to drew davis in the back of the end zone. davis gets both feet down. 2nd quarter, 14-7 falcons.
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lions connects to julio jones. beats -- and that's the 63-yard touchdown. falcons win 30-17. they are still unbeatenned at 7- 0. the nascar for you, dale earn hart, jr., down to martin dale. and later, jimmy johnson wrecked after hitting casey mayors. shots an recovers and staged in the league. 16 laps to go. they were the top two in points entering today. johnson able to take the lead and hold off kyle busch to win the race. >> with the race, moves to the point standing. two points ahead with three chaseses, chase races to go. 49ers on cbs 5 tomorrow night. >> exciting and we're going to -- we're routing for the giant. >> and this is halloween. >> the giants. >> and i could combine the team's name. that's "eyewitness news" at 5:30. see you in a half hour hour
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