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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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how much rainfall? morgan hill, palo alto, more than two inches of rain. san jose had about an inch and a quarter. let's go to the east bay moraga nearly four inches of rainfall, blackhawk nearly that much oakland at the airport two inches of rainfall. on the peninsula sfo 2." marin county in the north bay, st. helena nearly 6" of rain in 24 hours. so flood watches are still posted and there's more rain to come but right now you we are getting a break. more in the seven-day forecast coming up. more than 7" of rain fell in the santa cruz mountains and cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez has that part of our coverage and word of a death that may be linked to this storm. joe. >> reporter: dana, we have spent our time up here in the santa cruz mountains but along the coastline in the swollen sokel creek which is in the town of capitola, this morning joggers found a body that washed up in the creek. now, police are being careful about this body.
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they are saying there is no sign of foul play. they say it appears to be a man in his 30s. but coincidentally there were also signs for a missing person in the area. so they are not positive that man was a victim of the storm. that investigation continues. now, back out live here in the mountains. folks here are used to the rain perhaps a little too used to as we saw folks clearing a road in what might be a dangerous manner. the san lorenzo river is rushing fast. in fact, carol hendricks says it appears to be rising more dramatically than she has seen in years. she says 1 1/2 days ago it was tow dry you could walk across the bottom near downtown boulder creek. >> pretty outrageous and if it keeps raining it will go over the dam. >> reporter: as heavy rain keeps falling so do trees and
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eventually electrical wires. highway 9 was blocked in ben lomond for much of the morning. pg&e says they are in better shape to respond to such situation. that's because they now have these high-tech mobile command units this one in santa cruz. they are stocked with generators, laptops and satellite phones to communicate with other emergency responders. >> prepared to respond quickly and effectively to get people's power back up as soon as possible. >> reporter: but we found some folks who decided to take matters into their own hands. what happened? >> i don't know. a tree fell down. i arrived and the road was blocked by a tree. >> reporter: what did you guys do? >> we chainsawed it up. those with chainsaws. the rest of us picked up stuff. >> reporter: three men in traffic on highway 9 got out of their cars with their own chainsaws and got to work sawing await fallen tree. another guy used his wire cutters to clear the road. it was a wire down. >> that was a guy wire. no electricity.
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it was safe. >> reporter: okay. we're back live now. we're happy to report no one was hurt in the incident. folks up here very self- sufficient. several happened to have those chainsaws in the car and took care of business. i spoke to a pg&e spokesman and they said it was dangerous. he said if you see a wire, assume it is live wire and get back at least 30 feet. call 911. don't try that yourself. >> they're self-sufficient, though. thanks, joe. cbs 5 reporter da lin shows us the impact of the storm in the east bay. da. >> reporter: well, the skies here above the east bay pretty much cleared up for now. it's a much needed break. this rainstorm caused a lot of damage from oakland to pleasanton. from downed trees to flooded streets headaches were caused for commuters and maintenance workers. >> we have been busy. a lot of flooding. >> reporter: a clogged storm drain cost this pleasanton shopping center parking lot to
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flood. look at the deepest part up to this man's knees. not too far away on bernal avenue workers were keeping a close watch on the road as water started to submerge the right lane. we saw similar problems across the east bay. here in oakland, people come to see some of the sidewalks because of flooding. this man hit the curb and almost fell off his bike. things didn't get better on the freeways, either. a single car spinout on 24 in orinda. and part of a road was closed because of a tree in the road. >> the tree doesn't look diseased in my opinion. i believe it's just wet ground. and they get really top heavy and just the soil is oversaturated right now. >> a large tree also toppled over and landed on this van in
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berkeley. you can see the damage on its roof. the people inside were shaken but not hurt. quite a few the power angles across the bay area, as well. the latest numbers i'm getting from pg&e, 800 customers in the east bay still without power at this time. and across all together in the bay area, 2800 homes and business without power. dana, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. and cbs 5 reporter linda yee is in the north bay where all eyes are on the russian river right now. linda. >> dana, they are indeed. watching this river very closely thank goodness for this temporary break in the storms because you can see behind me that the river is very calm right now. but they are bracing for the worst for the next storm to hit tomorrow night. the russian river is moving fast. another big storm on the way this weekend could bring water
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levels within a foot of flood stage by monday morning. people living by the river are nervously watching water rise. >> it's much higher than usual. the trees are coming down the river at a rapid pace. >> reporter: they are warning residents who live nearby like yourself to be prepared to move if you have to. >> yes. we could very well be told to do that. but we haven't yet. but we're all hoping for the best, i'm sure. i came up today boom both eyes are wide open and the river is rise like crazy. >> reporter: his house sits on the river. the water is already creeping up on to his lower deck. he figures every three to five years he goes through some sleepless nights. >> when i first moved here i was watching the river like you're seeing it now. i literally saw a house floating down the river. i'll probably sleep with an eye open tonight. >> reporter: the russian river has a history of flooding. al remembers what happened 11 years ago when the river
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spilled over its banks. >> the river was probably a couple of feet higher than now and we came down here and watched furniture floating down the river, refrigerators, dresses and things of that nature. >> reporter: there's also a flood watch for small streams and tributaries all over the east bay. water levels are rising fast at the petaluma river baines. businesses and homes nearby have already sandbagged their properties. last night the water was about a foot under this drain pipe. by midday today that pipe is nearly under water. heavy rains overnight flooded roads all over sonoma county. by dawn, rohnert park expressway at stony point was under water. we're standing on the banks of the russian in guerneville and i can tell you in just the last hour during this break in the storm, we have seen this river coming up through the banks very slowly. we have had to move our live shot location just a little bit
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during that last hour. and dana, tonight that river flood watch will be going on until monday 6 p.m. >> could be a long night for a lot of people. linda yee thank you. pg&e is working to restore power to nearly 3,000 people across the bay area. the north bay is the hardest hit area. 1500 customers still in the dark. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us the storm damage in san francisco. reporter: this not the way you want to start your friday. >> just watch out for whatever you park under. >> reporter: san francisco police blocked off pine street between laguna and buchanan as the fire department got to work trimming that tree, not talking holiday style. oversaturated ground gave way causing this tree crash on a mercedes just east of san francisco's lower pacific heights neighborhood. an area neighbors say gets the brunt of bad luck during storms. >> what's the city going to do to make sure all the rest of the trees don't fall down to
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make sure everybody else is safe? >> reporter: nobody in this incident was hurt. but one neighbor told me i guess it goes to show, you can't park anywhere in the city. in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. and you can track the storm anytime with our live high-def doppler radar on our website, this is beyond shocking. >> a deadly home invasion in an unscale bay area community. why the weather is making the murder investigation a race against time. >> first anthem blue cross. tonight the other proposed rate hikes for hundreds of thousands of california's healthcare customers. >> two to four inches of rain have fallen here at the farm over the past 24 hours. and we still have light rain falling. but it is certainly not dampening the spirits of over 50,000 people who turned out to this important football game. good evening, i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,
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a p-g-and-e worker died tody after crashing his truck dug stormy weather. police say the driver a pg&e worker died today after crashing his truck during the stormy weather. police say that the driver lost control and smashed into a traffic signal pole early this morning in west sacramento. officers say roads were slick at the time of that crash. other pg&e workers say the driver had been working overtime. a break-in at a multi- million dollar home end in a murder. it happened early this morning in a gated home on withey road in monte sereno. how the weather is affecting the investigation. >> reporter: investigators spent the day gathering evidence inside and outside the sprawling hillside estate. police were called to the scene around 1:30 a.m. by a woman who reported intruders broke into her home
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beat her up an ransacked the place. >> our officers arrived at about 1:42 found the male resident the husband of the caller deceased on the floor. >> reporter: police have not identified the victim but property records show the estate on withy road belongs to a prominent businessman and owner of the mountain winery concert venue. police aren't saying if there were signs of forced entry but it's walled off and they have a security system. violent crime in this part of the bay area is rare. in fact, the last murder to happen in the los gatos monte sereno area was back in 2008. neighbors in this area of multi- million dollar homes and mansions called the murder shocking. >> great place to live, very quiet an private. >> reporter: melanie lived in this community of 3,000 people for 18 years. >> if you read the crime report people report dogs pooping on lawns. this is so odd. it's out of let field.
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but i guess it does happen everywhere and it's sad. >> there's concern that, you know, the weather is going to, you know, change evidence. you know, so we're working hard to collect evidence that's there if there is evidence outside the home. >> reporter: police say the female victim was taken to a nearby hospital are nonlife- threatening injuries and is cooperating with investigators. len ramirez, cbs 5. other bay area headlines. two men charged with murder in the drive-by shooting death of a toddler in east oakland are facing new allegations tonight. 27-year-old lawrence denard and 23-year-old willie torrence now face gang charges in addition to murder charges. 3-year-old carlos nava was shot and killed last year. a rapper from the bay area is under arrest facing drug trafficking charges. michael lott of vallejo who performed under the name miami the most was arrested by federal marshals yesterday in las vegas. he is part of a group of rappers doubling as drug
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dealers, according to official. he will be brought to california after a court appearance in las vegas. in san francisco, people evacuated this home in the sunset district after it caught fire early this morning. firefighters searched the due phlox make sure no one else was inside. no injuries were reported and no word how the fire started. anthem blue cross was first. and now several other health insurers jumping on board with their own proposed double-digit rate hikes. critics tell cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts the move is a preemptive strike to raise rates before healthcare reform kicks in. >> a 25% increase. i felt like i had been kicked in the stomach. >> reporter: this pediatrician feels helpless. her individual blue cross health insurance premium is going up $300 a month. >> this could never get away with a 25% increase on a group
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plan. but we're the little guys and we have no power. >> i think that's right. >> reporter: group plans have political power so individuals and small businesses take the hit year after year and this year many believe insurers are padding their pocketbooks with higher premiums because they can't once the healthcare reform takes effect. >> if this 25% rate hike went into effect after the federal mandate to buy health insurance was in effect, there would be congressional hearings overnight. >> reporter: they are trying to get in under the ray car while unregulated. anthem propose 17.5% increase, aetna 19%, kaiser by 8% and united healthcare by 10%. jan's insurer says, "the rate adjustment is necessary to cover increasing medical cost." but he disagrees. >> we are seeing health insurance rates going up 10 times faster than the raid of
6:17 pm
medical inflation. >> reporter: the rate hike proposals are now in the insurance commissioner's desk but he can't stop it. but legislation on the 2014 ballot could change that and force insurers to retro actively refund these rate hikes if they are deemed excessive. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. >> the weekend is upon us. paul deanno, batten down the hatches. >> we are requesting to see a lot of action later on this weekend. weiner now and then we have 24 hours of just scattered showers. not banner weather to get out but you will be able to get to point a to point b better than this morning. cloudy in livermore. san francisco 60. traffic looking good on the bay bridge toward san francisco. not so good this morning. we had a lot of water out
6:18 pm
there. can't get on that flooded road. alemany looking at flooding there in san francisco. yes. we had flooded roads there, as well. what happens is, the water piles up quickly. we turn to the strongest radar in the bay area to cbs 5 hi-def doppler. seeing scattered showers not wide spread but watch out richmond, watch out hercules, watch out the i-80 corridor the other side of the bay bridge seeing showers also for san rafael for berkeley and for oakland. here's the setup. the big low pressure area steering these storms hasn't moved and we are watching mother nature reload with all this moisture over here out in the pacific heading in our direction once again. if anything, this next storm will be wetter than the one we just went through so a couple of more inches of rainfall coming up starting tomorrow night. so we get a break for most of the day tomorrow.
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expect on-and-off showers tomorrow. rain north to south once again. heavy rainfall for much of the day on sunday but good news is we don't have that big morning commute because it's the weekend. speaking of commutes, next week they will be much drier weather moving in starting next monday. mid-60s tomorrow. it will be milder than normal but with the breeze and clouds, it's not going to feel that much different from a typical late november day. concord 64. san jose 65 tomorrow. heavy rain moves in tomorrow night. sunday is another washout including for the raiders game at home. monday though we begin to dry out then scattered showers tuesday and wednesday. mainly dry on thursday and friday. so one more round, round 3, before we say good boy to all this tropical moisture. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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the morning, well, the damage was done. delays as long as three hours. a total of 60 flights were canceled. and drivers found themselves in the dark on the bay bridge this morning. doesn't that look odd? caltrans says the storm knocked out power on both decks. the lights came back on before 7:00. power outages also affected the richmond/san rafael bridge as well as the san mateo bridge. and coming up in our next half hour, the u.s. supreme court could soon step into the gay marriage battle. when it's expected to decide if it will review the case of prop 8 and when same-sex couples just might be able to get married. why congress is considering getting rid of the dollar bill. i called my husband, i said, i think i'm having a heart attack. >> how the powerball jackpot is a huge reversal of fortune for the nation's newest millionaires. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your health and the health of your family depend on it. will they, or won't they run same sex marriage? waiting for word from the u.s. supreme court. will they or won't they rule on same-sex marriage? some sort of announcement had been expected today.
6:26 pm
the justices did meet but they were not ready to announce how and when they will deal with this issue. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee with what happens next for proposition 8 in california. grace. >> reporter: well, dana, this could be it. monday morning we could know if same-sex marriages will resume within days here in california. or it could mean more waiting for thousands of couples who have not been allowed legal marriage status for years now. but knowing that the highest court in the country could be making that landmark decision soon has a lot of people waiting anxiously. >> reporter: music brought them together five years ago the same year california allowed same-sex marriages from june until prop 8 the ban on same- sex marriage passed with 52% of the vote in november of 2008. >> we thought we shouldn't rush into it a few months into our relationship so we waited.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: are you ready now? >> very much. very much. in fact, we have been hoping that we could do it this week. >> reporter: legally, they are not allowed this week. but on monday, the u.s. supreme court could take two paths. it could deny to review prop 8. that would be a victory because it means a lower court ruling stands. and same-sex couples could get legally married as soon as next week according to the state attorney general. >> are we a society that's going to allow one category of people to be denied the same rights everyone else has? it's so fundamental. and for that reason, it is a very big deal. >> reporter: state attorney general kamala harris says if same-sex marriages are allowed again, she expects couples to income to city hall across the state -- to flock to city halls across the state like they did in san francisco in 2004. >> one of the challenges was the resources.
6:28 pm
people are going to come. once the thing is dealt with, the people will going to come. >> reporter: but if the supreme court decides to review prop 8, the nation's highest court would hear the case early next year and make a decision by june. john lewis the legal director of marriage equality usa believes it could be an opportunity to legalize same- sex marriage on a national level way beyond the scope of the state's prop 8. >> it's just unquestionable to me that the momentum in favor of the freedom to marry is unstoppable at this point. >> reporter: meaning that the supreme court could take on the much bigger issue, the "defense of marriage act," which denies same-sex couples federal benefits that heterosexual couples are entitled to. >> if you are a heterosexual couple as an employee of the federal government they can get health insurance for spouses. if you are a same-sex couple
6:29 pm
you can't. >> reporter: the attorney general says her office has already been getting multiple questions from counties across the state preparing themselves just in case think need to grant same-sex marriage permits starting next week. as for the counties who might be reluctant to allow them, the attorney general says that she is making sure that they comply with state law. so we're all watching on monday. >> we'll know soon. grace lee, thank you. a federal judge is considering whether to block a california law banning conversion therapy aimed at making a gay minor become straight. a u.s. district judge held an hour long meeting on that issue today in sacramento. she will issue a written ruling next week. the law takes effect january 1. opponents say the ban infringes on a parent's right to provide psychological care for their children. the second inmate released under the state's revised "three strikes" law been a former drug addict convicted of
6:30 pm
stealing a gardening tool. san diego police say sergio ayala stole a $150 leaf-blower. he was sentenced to 25 years to life because he had two prior burglary convictions. now after 17 years behind bars he has a chance to start over since voters approved prop 36. >> this is a guy who had given up hope as a lot of lifers had a long time ago. if one of these guys reoffends who gets resentenced on a prop 36 these going to be people who are going to say it's a mistake but we are going to save millions and millions of dollars. >> under prop 36, convicts can apply to have their cases reevaluated and then be resentenced. president obama is taking his fiscal fight to the public. today he visited a toy factory in pennsylvania urging the crowd to persuade congress to
6:31 pm
increase the tax cuts. >> it's not acceptable to me or you for just a handful of republicans in congress to hold middle class tax cuts hostage simply because they don't want tax rates on upper income folks to go up. >> we're willing to put revenues on the table. but revenues that -- that come from closing loopholes, getting rid of special interest deductions, and not raising rates. >> congress needs to reach an agreement in the next few weeks to avoid automatic hikes and cuts come january. they bought just five tickets and picked numbers at random. that's how a missouri family lucked into the biggest powerball lottery of all time. cbs moneywatch reporter alexis christoforous shows us the recently jobless couple now the country's newest millionaires. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the country's newest megamillionaires stepped into the spotlight. >> the hill family, come on up. >> reporter: cindy and mark hill of dearborn, missouri, bought one of the two winning
6:32 pm
tickets for the $588 million powerball. >> i was thinking, is that the right numbers? is that the right numbers? and i was shaking. and i called my husband, and i said, i think i'm having a heart attack. >> reporter: it's a giant reversal of fortune for the hills. high school sweethearts who not long ago were both out of work. they will share the jackpot with a lucky winner who bought a ticket thank you 4 sons food store in arizona. >> we were obviously dreaming that somebody from this store would have won. >> reporter: that winner hasn't come forward but surveillance video from a maryland gas station shows a man who may be holding the lucky ticket. he shows it to the clerk, then rushes from the store. back in missouri, mark hill says the reality hasn't quite sunk in. >> had to get like a toothpaste and stuff like that so i found myself in the store still looking at the prices of stuff. [ laughter ] >> reporter: their lump sum payment comes to $192 million. they are planning to set up college funds for their relatives and to give to
6:33 pm
charity. and they want to kept their four children grounded. their youngest has big dreams for christmas. >> jayden, what did you want tore christmas? >> a pony. >> reporter: the hills adopted her from china five years ago and say with their new fortune they are considering a second adoption. alexis christoforous, cbs 5. well, the rain here in the bay area is having an impact in the world of sports. crews scrambled to get stanford stadium tonight ready for tonight's pac-12 championship football game. roberta gonzales is there. >> reporter: dana, i think i have been soaked to the bone for the past three days. but we have a little bit of a reprieve, some very light rain falling at this very important football game tonight. as we look out towards the stadium where we occasionally hear a cheer or two you can see that the light rain continues to fall. what we're now noticing are the flags are on the fly. the winds have died down but now picking up a little bit as the skies are gradually breaking up. earlier today, we sent chopper 5 high in the sky so we could
6:34 pm
see the stanford field crew trying to mop up the field and get it prepared for tonight pac- 12 championship game. it's the stanford cardinal playing host to the ucla bruins. this is a big game which the winner of tonight's game takes it all and heads to the rose bowl. earlier today i walked around the crowd because i thought the weather was going to deter and dampen their spirits. oh, no, it was tailgating at its best. i haven't seen this kind of formal tailgating as well in many, many years an talked to people and they said they were just embracing the weather even though two to four inches of rain did accumulate right here at the farm over the past 24 hours. so again we are live here at stanford stadium outside of foster field. the people continue to walk in and out. i talked to them about the conditions of the field. they say what conditions? they are totally oblivious to the weather at this particular time as the stanford cardinal play host to the ucla bruins. reporting live outside of
6:35 pm
foster field. we want to go inside here shortly, okay? roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >> they are going to play a mud bowl. some of the food on that tables looked like thanksgiving all over again! >> reporter: right. i think we should do a story just going stadium to stadium and comparing the tailgate food because, okay, i know bears fans will be mad but stanford has one time big over them as far as tailgating is concerned. >> looked good. have fun. thank you. >> i think that was prime rib! coming up, could this type of currency be for the -- for the dollar be gone? why congress might kill the bill. >> you get stress at work. so you may run to food to comfort yourself. >> and it's easy to gain weight when that food is free! now how a bay area tech giant is helping employees shed those pounds. ,,,,
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governemnt accountability oe thinks so. okay. is it time to say good-bye to the $1 bill? the government accountability office thinks so. it says switching from the paper dollar to coins could save serious money. here's how. coins last an average of 3 decades. the paper bills last about five years. so switching to a coin could mean saving $4.4 billion over the next 30 years. hostess may be ready for its big bake sale. the maker of twinkies, wonder bread and other products says more than 100 companies are interesting in buying its brand. hostess is going out of business after it couldn't settle a strike with its bakers union. 18,000 jobs were lost. the company's top executives will get bonus totaling almost $2 million as the company liquidates. scientists in the east bay
6:39 pm
are now part of a national effort to develop advanced low cost batteries that can make electric cars more affordable. the lawrence berkeley lab will be backed up by up to $120 million in federal funding over the next five years. >> you have to be in this game. if you say no, there is a chance i'm going to fail, therefore we'll let japan, korea, germany, china, you name it, own this space, then we will have failed. >> this new effort is part of president obama's energy strategy to reduce america's reliance on foreign oil. well, you have heard about the freshman 15. how about the google 15? >> they were putting on weight from the access to the foods, the free food and all of or cafes and microkitchens. >> tonight how tech workers are losing weight with a traffic light system. >> meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center. we had fat rainfall totals in the bay area over the past 24 hours.
6:40 pm
some of you got up to 4" of rain. look at the radar right now and show you what's going on. not that much. we'll talk about when that rain will return and how much you will get on the weekend coming up. >> ahead we know the bowl game assignment for san jose state football. and not to be ignored is the volleyball power which has been flying under the radar in the public eye until now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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companies and workers gettig smarter about their health. dr. kim mulvhill reports: te strategy works, because it't just good for health. it's o high-tech company and workers are getting smarter about their health. dr. kim mulvihill reports the strategy works because it's not just good for health, it's good for the bottom line. >> reporter: step on google's sprawling campus in mountain view and you might think you're back in college. eat here and your body might think so, too. >> so people were reporting they were putting on weight from the access to the food, the free food and all of our cafes and microkitchens. >> reporter: it's called the
6:44 pm
google 15. the food here is so good, plentiful and free, you gain weight. just ask dorothy nelson. >> you're at work. you have all kinds of temptations about food and you get stress at work so you may run to food to comfort yourself. i know i'm one of those emotional kinds of eaters. >> reporter: she has been heavy all her life but in 2009 she was 340 pounds, sciatica, diabetes, high blood pressure. >> it just all this stuff started happening. and i got to the point where i was like, you know what? i have to do something. >> reporter: and do something she did. nelson lost 70 pounds and counting. how? she didn't look far. >> there's just so much here, i started seeing healthier choices, see opportunities to move more. >> reporter: famous for its search algorithms, google
6:45 pm
searched itself and found compelling evidence on how diet, exercise, sleep, even the state of being unplugged was actually good for business. >> we want healthy happy employees. right? just because that's the right thing to do. we also think that people who are healthy and happy are more productive. >> reporter: with food and drink google use a traffic light system where choices are color-coded. green anytime. yellow once in a while. red not very often. >> the traffic light system that we use here at google really kind of is a quick brief glance a way to eat smart. >> reporter: locally grown fresh fruit is found everywhere. as are smaller plates. the healthiest choices the green lights are at eye level and easy to grab. red light foods like chips and candy are harder to reach or in jars with lids. no one is told what to eat. >> it's all up to them. if you said you must do this, you know, nobody would do this. >> reporter: as for exercise, once again, google found strong evidence sitting at a desk for
6:46 pm
hours is bad for the brain, heart and health. >> so we have to find creative fun ways to get them away from their desks. >> reporter: in mountain view there are 7 fitness gyms as well as more than 100 group exercise classes many held outdoors. >> roller hockey, soccer, ultimate frisbee, boot camp classes, flag football, a huge variety of sports leagues. >> i really like the kickboxing classes because there's nothing like after a really stressful day just being able to -- mmm! just get it out there. >> reporter: nelson says she's happier, thinks more clearly, sleeps better and is far more productive at work as well as at home. >> those things have become part of our lives not just my life but my husband's life. >> reporter: subtle changes that can make a big difference. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5. seven gyms at google. i have lived in cities without seven gyms. a lot of cities around here got a lot of rainfall over the past
6:47 pm
24 hours. we have more rain coming but it's coming over the weekend so commute won't be as much of an issue. hi-def doppler is picking up showers, light rain showers light to moderate rain showers. along i-80 north and east out of hercules towards vallejo napa your next, petaluma getting showers and showers from mill valley, san rafael and light showers around the pac-12 championship game going on now in palo alto and fremont union city and hayward getting light showers, as well. the russian river will see a significant water level rise this weekend. almost the flood stage. it's under a flood watch but right now the latest forecast from the weather service is calling for the 1.6 feet below flood stage. the one area under a flood watch, the russian river. there is a flash flood watch all week for the north bay and coastal mountains. the ground is saturated and there's a lot more rainfall coming. there is a flash flood watch all weekend for the area. there is a large area of low pressure to the north and west
6:48 pm
guiding all this tropical moisture all the way from hawaii to san francisco and the bay area. now we have the next batch of moisture their will move around the bottom or the base of this trough of low pressure right into the bay area about this time tomorrow. so tomorrow night and most of the day on sunday, is going to be a soaker but that's the last batch moving through. we have been numbering them and that will be round three. how much rainfall? you're probably wondering because it's a lot of puddles outside your house. there will be a lot more after sunday evening. all of the areas colored in purple will likely get an additional 2" of rainfall. not purple, it's red and yellow to the north. north bay mountains and north bay itself. solano, marin county you could see 2 to 4" or more of additional rainfall coming up saturday night into sunday. so the next 24 hours, not completely dry. but just some scattered showers out there. so we'll call it on-and-off showers through the day on saturday. saturday night, here comes the final round of heavy rainfall
6:49 pm
most of sunday soggy. we finally get a prolonged break coming up next week. mid-60s for highs tomorrow which is above average. we should be at 60 in san francisco instead tomorrow 64. oakland's topping out at 66. fremont 64. san jose 56 degrees. extended forecast here comes that final wave of rain tomorrow night through sunday. sunday is going to be soggy. then we get more of a break. monday we're dry, scattered showers on tuesday and wednesday. and then mainly dry and mainly sunny for next thursday annex friday. one thing to point out here is we are going to get to our ski report the snow level right now is 9,000 feet. that means most ski resorts are not receiving snow although some are. here are some that may see snow. heavenly one to three inches of new snow over the past six hours or so with a 24" base. squaw valley will get significant snowfall over the weekend 22" base and a 36" base at kirkwood with one to three inches of new snow just this afternoon. that is your cbs 5 snow report. we'll be right back.
6:50 pm
[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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state spartan fans... ...aru ready for the military bowl? ...thats what a 10-2 seasont you... ...a trip t college football at the top. san jose state spartan fans, are you ready for the military bowl? that's what 10-2 season gets
6:53 pm
you a trip to the nation's capital. spartans currently ranged 25th in the country in the polls. the military bowl will be televised nationally as it's scheduled for thursday december 27 at rfk stadium washington, d.c. the spartans are making their first bowl appearance since 2006. their opponent is not yet determined. we'll have the pac-12 championship story coming up on the late show. nfl raiders linebacker rolando mcclain has been told to stay away from the team facility in alameda since wednesday and today we still don't know exactly why. we do know that the head coach dennis allen today said that he has suspended him for two games. the suspension will end december 10. here's allen today. >> i met with rolando this morning informed him that i decided to us is spend him for two games conduct detrimental to the team. i'm not going to get into any of the specifics of anything
6:54 pm
that happened that went into this decision. that's team-related matters. we are going to keep that within the family. 49ers special teams dobbs celebrated a little too hard on his 25th birthday last night. he was arrested this morning following a single car accident. he may have been under the influence of alcohol and was arrested for possession of marijuana. the team announced that he won't be going to st. louis. it is championship weekend for a lot of college football conference. high school football state title games. overlooked is this team from a school of 300. let's take it out town of ross marin county. tucked away in a pocket of marin county is the branson school which develops and builds scholars. while inside this gym, branson has built a girls volleyball dynasty.
6:55 pm
saturday, the lady vols go for not one, two, three, but its fourth straight division five state championship. that's right. a four-peat. like the saying, it's deja vu all over again. as they will face tricity christian of san diego which has tasted defeat to branson each of the last three years. >> it's our mentality because we want it so bad. sometimes you can have the talent but not quite mentally there all the time but i think this team, we want it more than anything. >> reporter: hard to believe just a few years ago, this program was in relative obscurity. >> yeah, you could get p.e. credit but that was about it. >> reporter: then michelle brazil showed up and everything changed. three years, three state titles. record of 103-13. >> we know that teams are definitely gunning for us but at the same time, it's such a privilege to be in the position. not a lot of teams get to be in
6:56 pm
the position. >> reporter: every match is like a play-off as they measure up. the vols record this season 41- 3. >> if you come in with a decent amount of talent, then i think you're good because honestly, in shell is a great coach and -- michelle is a great coach and she can whip you into shape. >> reporter: tricity tried and failed. friday in irvine branson will again attempt to send a mess an, don't mess with the lady vols. >> that will be a 10 a.m. game tomorrow at irvine. and not to be overlooked, archbishop midi the second ranked team in the nation out of san jose will be playing in the division 2 final tomorrow against martin luther king out of riverside. >> wow. >> the bay area could be very, very well represented. like that. >> i'm partial to the bols my
6:57 pm
daughter's alma mater. >> they are tall but really athletic. >> now the word has gotten around if you want to be part of a program, go there. >> and it's not just you know soccer. it's basketball, everything. >> imagine the college recruiters. >> and academically it's fabulous. thanks. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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