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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 2, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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miles per hour nearby. high up in the hills wind gusts hit 80 miles per hour and broken power poles and down lines leave more than 600,000 customers without electricity through the bay area. the sunset district left 8500 people without juice and it has since been repaired. tough going for drivers in walnut creek. major ponding on roads and parking lots during the morning torrential downpour. cars were splashing and big flooding here highway 282 and march griffith road. but then the clouds began to part this morning and it's been sunny this afternoon. but there is another worry for the coming days as we dry out -- hill slides because the ground is heavy from all of the water. let's check in with paul with a look at how much rain we did get in the storm. >> almost a half foot of rainfall in many lotions.
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and what a difference today. at 7:00 or 8:00 you may have thought you were caught in a tropical storm. if you waited until 2:00, you had this, crystal clear on the radar and in the skies. high def doppler is completely dry. rainfall totals since wednesday nearly 8 inches of rain for santa rosa. san francisco had more than 4. oakland nearly that. and san jose and the south bay nearly 2.5 inches of rain. to put that in perspective, the average rail is 4.13 inches. we had more than that over the past five days. so a month's worth of rain over the span of five days. wind gusts this morning strong. napa 53 miles per hour and 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts for san francisco at the airport, novato and at travis afb. and heavy rain is done. there is no round four. clear night and areas of fog
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overnight. there is some rain in the work- week forecast. i'll detail when that will arrive and how much we'll get coming up in a few minutes but right now, the heavy rain, thankfully, is finished. >> good to hear. and you can track any storm any time with our live high def doppler raid. it isure website, the heaviest rainfall is from this area is over and communities in the north bay are breathing a sigh of relief. the waters of the napa reached flood levels some in areas but little damage. we are in napa where precautions worked. >> reporter: that's right, ann. the river behind me is cresting but it is still within the banks. predictions were missed, but not by much; especially when it
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comes to floods. folks here are not too excited. the water level came close to 3- foot of the banks. up river at saint heleno there was minor flooding, about a half foot above stage but people were concerned, like the people who emptied 50 tons of sand over this lot to protect their property. juan has been through 20 years of floods and he knows what to do. >> i used to believe sandbags didn't work, but they do. they work, flashlights and just have everything ready, food and have your cars gassed up. >> others put their faith in the not yet complete flood control project that helps when runoff is high. jeannine has seen the napa flood all her life. >> no, i wasn't concerned. i know they've had a lot of improvements on the napa river in the last few years and i knew it would be a normal storm. >> reporter: city and county officials are saying they don't think the next storm will be as dangerous as they thought but
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they will wait until they see more weather predictions before they decide what to do. live in napa, cbs 5. and along the flood river, the flood warning fourgonville is canceled. this is a look at the russian river. because of lag times between rainfall and runoff getting to the river it is still expected to swell just below flood stage. and with any major storm there were problems on the roads this morning. in one case the water caused a pothole to open up on highway 4 in pittsburgh. two dozen -- two dozen cars hit it and had to pull over. this is on the westbound side of highway 4. crews shut down the free way to make repairs. and the rain makes the roads wet and slick it was a bad scenario on highway 24 in orinda as a series of crashes tied up the eastbound labe for
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a few hours and then it got first. cbs 5 reporter ann maco vick shows us what happened to three firefighters at the accident scene. >> they never saw this suv coming at them. >> reporter: photographer glenn necessariy was shooting an accident on highway 24 when he saw another happen before his eyes. an suv clipped a fire truck, flipped over and hit six people on the side of the road. >> it looked like a bowling ball going down the free way and they were bowling pins. >> reporter: including three firefighters who ended up with various injuries, including broken bones. >> we're not going to comment on their conditions but i can tell you they were conscious and awake and talking when they left the scene. >> reporter: one person died in this accident in daly city. two cars crashed just after 5:00 a.m. near east more avenue, northbound interstate 280 was closed for two hours. and it wasn't just the rain.
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the high winds caused problems on all bay area bridges. this big rig flipped over this morning on the richmond san rafael bridge. it took crews six hours to get it out of there. the chp said they were driving too fast and needed to wait for the winds to die down to get the rig out. and cars were fish tailing on flooded roadways. rain came down so quickly, storm drains were no match for the deluge of water. >> it was pretty hairy. >> reporter: it wasn't a week day morning commute and rain cleared late morning to give drivers a reprieve. in the east bay, cbs 5. thousands of homes and businesses remain without power as a result of the storm. in the north bay, more than 2,000 are still in the dark. the east bay was the hardest hit but the number of oustages is down to -- number of outages is down to 2470. in san francisco 310 are
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without power. just over 1700 on the peninsula. and in the south bay it is now down to under 1,000. pg&e said all customers should be back on online by time. in pacifica, a power line landed on two cars and we are reminded if this happens to you, do not touch the lines, call the utility. more problems on the peninsula. patrick said illa shows us the destruction that toppled frees left behind. >> reporter: it is the day after the third and strongest storm pounding the bay area, putting this family in danger. this tree knocked this power line down and the family behind me has been kept inside for safety reasons. they can't even more their car. >> at first i thought it was live. >> larry lives next door and is without power and has to wait it out. >> when the fire department was
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here, i'm assuming pg&e came out and cut the power so there wasn't a hazard. >> these power lines were knocked down and have skyline shut down for the morning and afternoon. >> i haven't seen very many tree this is morning. >> they hoped to sell christmas trees today but the rain kept that from happening and hoping it is over. >> with the roads closed, not a lot of people can make it up. >> reporter: reporting from the peninsula, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. but that little rain wasn't going to keep business owners from losing out on cash. the extreme measures some took in flood prone areas to keep the customers coming in. look, if you have copd like me,
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bad weather usually means bad news for businesses but some in the north bay were determined to keep the money coming in. we have two records, elizabeth wanger and elizabeth harrington show us the business owner's perseverance. >> reporter: nerves on edge as the creek that runs through the center of town got dangerously high. >> i think everybody is on pins and needles and there are
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people watching to see what will happen. >> reporter: the creek is close to 13 feet, almost to flood stage. quickly lowered once the pounding rain let up. >> when we woke up this morning we were shocked by how hard it was raining. >> reporter: business owners have been through this before and this time they weren't taking any chances. artist michael feldman's gallery is steps away from the creek. the sign outside of his door from -- from 2050 is a reminder how high the water can go. he put out sandbags like everybody else. >> it looked like christmas here. there were so many people walking around to see the flood. >> reporter: and kids looking at the rushing muddy streets. >> it looks like hot chocolate. >> we have some storms. >> the chairs at this cafe were put up high just in case. but once the coast was clear, it was back to business as
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usual, sort of. >> since we were barricaded in, we thought why not make our business a little more mobile. >> reporter: elizabeth wanger, cbs 5. shriners in sonoma county walk up a plank to get in the front door because the restaurant sits feet away from floodwaters at highway 121. the grill stays open even when the roads are closed. >> as long as the water doesn't come in, i'm happy. >> reporter: the owner said this area is prone to flooding. he keeps pictures from past floods on the walls of the restaurant. back in 2005 the shellville grill filled with 2 feet of water. >> when you have this much rain, with back to back storms, there is nothing to do except wait it out and that's what we're doing now. >> reporter: diners seemed happy to wait it out with him. >> we're braving the floods for locals nearby.
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>> reporter: they screwed wood on the doors just in case and have had to fix a lot of damage from flooding in the past but call it's part of the character of the place. so just what will it take for him to close? >> i will wait until it comes in the doors. then we exit the people out the back door through the kitchen. but i'll wait until the bitter end. >> in shellville, cbs 5. good news there. most areas did dodge a bullet. very wet and windy this morning but look at the radar right now. it is dry. high def doppler doesn't show one drop of rain on it. one day in the forecast where the rain does come back. find out when it is, next. ix w. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a son that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options,
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tim geithner gets tough during the sunday morning talk show. he has drawn a hard line saying the obama administration will refuse any fiscal cliff deep that does not include a tax hike on the richest americans. geithner remains optimistic despite harsh words from republicans. >> reporter: with the clock ticking in washington and the fiscal cliff moving closer every day, tim geithner said they will only approve a plan with tax rates. >> if they are going to force higher rates on virtually all americans, because they are unwilling to let tax rates go up on 2% of americans, then that's the choice they're going to have to make. >> reporter: geithner presented his plan to republicans, calling for $1.6 trillion in revenue and cuts in stimulus
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spending. he suggested the bush era tax cuts must expire for the wealthiest americans. >> we put forward a very comprehensive, carefully designed mix of savings and tax reforms to help us put us back on a path to stabilizing our debt and living within our means. >> reporter: republicans did not welcome the proposal. >> i was disappointed by the president's proposal. i think it is a rerun of his budget proposal. the revenue proposals are $1.6 trillion in revenue and tax increases. >> reporter: and many are expressing frustration with the lack of progress. >> i would say we are nowhere, period. we are nowhere. >> reporter: geithner disagrees saying the administration did offer $600 billion in cuts to health care and other mandatory programs. he remains optimistic a deal will be made. i'm elizabeth coreidin reporting. the flood threat for the truckee river is over. flooding that was expected never happened because the storm turned out to be colder
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than predicted. there was more snow and less rain near the nevada border. snow levels dropped from 10,000 to 7,000 feet. the truckee river is now expected to crest below flood stage. and wasn't it nice to see clear skies this afternoon? >> what a quick recore -- recovery. we went from the insanity of 7:00 or 8:00 this morning to nice and calm. that's why we live here. northern california weather is often very sunny. we had it and we are mainly clear outside. here is a look at south bay. the santa clara bay valley. and another view, the bay bridge from on top of our building here, cbs 5. it is a nice evening outside. oakland sitting at 60. livermore 56. no rain in san jose, 58 in santa rosa down to 53. here is where we are going tonight. dropping down to the 40s. fairfield 46. concord 46. redwood city and fremont 47.
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san francisco dropping down to 51 degrees. this is what i wanted to show you for about five days but haven't had the chance. cbs 5 high def doppler is dry and will stay that way until wednesday. here is how much rain fell. in the north bay mountains, i can't believe this, they had 6- 14 inches of rain over five days. sonoma county had 5-9 inches of rain. on the peninsula, including san francisco, 3-6 inches of rain. inland along the 680 corridor and the east bay, you also had 3-6 inches of rain but it is done. it is finished. there is no round four. here is something interesting. the rainfall is pushing off to the east. look at what is coming up next. it looks like the -- it looks like the system is heading toward us. but here is one deflector shield, if you will. high pressure building in to the south and west that will take that moisture and shove it up to the north. so high pressure will dry us out giving us partly sunny skies tomorrow and mainly cloudy but still dry on tuesday. on tuesday night into wednesday that there is an area of low pressure that will pass by to
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the north and we'll get a glancing blow. not that direct hit or direct hits like over the past several days. so rain is in the forecast for wednesday. but it should not be heavy. and it should not exacerbate any of the flooding concerns like over the past five days. wednesday will be wet at times. pretty cloudy. on and off rainfall throughout the day but the long range outlook after wednesday is looking very dry. so we are quickly heading back to normal after five of the wettest days in about half a decade. lows to mid-60s tomorrow. oakland 64. your average high is 59. san jose 64 for a high. mountain view partly sunny skies, 64. palo alto 63. walnut creek 63. fairfield 64. vallejo high for a monday, back to work at 62. low 60s for san rafael, nevada and 62 for sonoma, and sausalito 61 and mill valley 62. a much drier extended forecast. tuesday we are cloudy and still
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dry. wednesday on and off, the wet day but nothing to worry about flood wise, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday we are mainly dry. it is so nice to get back to normal and we saw that this afternoon. >> now you can show your face at the grocery store. >> i don't have to hang behind. >> the raiders game. >> i'm not sure they want to be seen at the grocery store either. they were blacked out so we'll show you the highlights. and in overtime against the rams, we'll show you next.
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just three weeks ago the 49ers and rams played 75 minutes in the 24-24 tie. they played just as long today. jim harbaugh pumping his new guy at quarterback, kaepernick while alex smith looked on. ending with a frank gore one yard plunge. one shy of roger craigs all time san francisco record. 7-0. third quarter still 7-0, kaepernick trying to avoid the rush and throws the ball from the end zone but does not get to the line of scrimmage resulting in a safety. it is 7-2, 49ers. late fourth quarter, 10-2 san francisco, and kaepernick over the head of ted ginn and jenkins scores and they get a two-point conversion to tie the
5:55 pm
game at 10. but kap made up for it. 50-yard pickup down to the 14- yard to set up a david akers field goal and the 49ers led 13- 10. so st. louis makes it into field goal range and they boot a 53-yarder to tie the game and force overtime again. 4:16 to go in overtime, david akers brought in for a 51-yard attempt, to win it for san francisco, it is up and -- oh, wide right. and then the rams get into range. they launch from 54 yards out and it is up, and it is good. the 49ers lose 16-13 in overtime. they're lead in the nfc west down to 1.5 games. >> should have just kept it and let the clock run and let our punter get on the field and let our defense play. >> is there any question whether you'll be back in for next week? >> i'll let you know if there
5:56 pm
is a change, but right now i think the field will be the same as it was this week. >> the raiders trying to wash away the last month from their memory. second quarter, 3-0 cleveland, wheaton with a bomb to gordon. 44-yard score, 10-0 browns. they led 10-3 at the half. late third quarter, 13-3 cleveland, carson palmer pump fake, now in for a 64-yard touchdown. the raiders offense makes a play and oakland is back in it, down 13-10. and fourth quarter, it is still 13-10, the raiders driving and palmer looking for the win but it is picking off by sheldon brown. brown put it away with 3.5 left. richardson up the gut to make it 0-10. the raiders did score late, too little too late, 20-17 is the final. >> we can't turn the ball over right there. we have all of the momentum and we are moving the ball and we
5:57 pm
can't -- we can't have that self-inflicted wound right there. if it is not there, we have to get rid of it. but we can't make that mistake. >> we took a shot there and go for a touchdown quickly and didn't put the ball in the right spot. didn't give him a chance to make a play on the ball. david schaub, stanford, on game day tonight at 11:30. >> we'll see you in half an hour on eyewitness news at 6:30. good night.
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everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> jeff: tonight rising waters. the third pacific storm in less than a week pushes many northern california rivers over their banks. carter evans in is sonoma. with 30 days to the fiscal cliff anna western never washington tells us both parties are talking tough. >> rates have to go up. >> i think we're going over the cliff. >> jeff: they were helped by new york's firefighters


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